Feb. 5th, 2017

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I don't know why, I was certain I'd updated my LJ earlier this month (well, earlier in January, that is). Turns out my last entry dates from mid-January. My bad! I should stop writing entries in my head and actually type them up ;)

So, in those entries I wrote in my head, I was telling you all about how Cookie and I have been busy rethinking our living room, moving furniture around, getting rid of some of them (well, giving them away to family members) and replacing some others... we're so happy with the result! We still have space and we now have a real table where we can sit down and eat! My Reading armchair is now right beside my bookshelves and, Idk, the whole room feels even cozier now. We're enamoured with it :) We're trying to organise our flat better than it is and so far so good.

I was also telling you how I had shame because I still hadn't caught up with Lucifer yet but as of yesterday, we're up-to-date. Speaking of, episode 13 was so good! Cookie and I were so into it, like we were into it! As it happens, the episode now has one of my new favourite scenes of the whole show, namely the Unsteady scene (if you've watched the ep, you'll know what moment I'm talking about). We had the FP over yesterday (SOs included) for a raclette and, as we're wont to do, there always comes a time when we talk about the books we're reading and the tv shows we're watching (it's our Share & Rec Moment) and we always end up talking about Lucifer at one point and fangirling (and fanboying) about it, from the actors to the plot to the music they play, which is when S. casually mentioned that Fox had made an official Spotify playlist for both seasons (don't ask me why I didn't think of it earlier, I can be dumb sometimes). After watching episode 13, I've been basically listening to their version of Unsteady in a loop.

So, anyway, episode 13 made me very happy. Although I can't believe I now have to wait till May to see the rest of the season! That is a long wait! Good thing I love you so much, show. Also, good thing I have other stuff to watch in the meantime. Like The Expanse, for instance. Welcome back, sci-fi show of awesomeness! Then again, I feel a bit like a cheater because I only found out about the show last month or so thanks to Netflix (I've bought the first book in the series since then, btw) so I didn't have to wait that long between the two seasons.

I still haven't watched The OA, btw, can you believe it? I've only been talking about it for a couple of months lol But I keep being distracted. By The Expanse. By Travelers. By Dix pour cent (the French show, not to be mistaken for 3%, the Brazilian one). What can I say, I'm easy like that *sigh*


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