Feb. 17th, 2017

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Friday! What a beautiful day, always so full of promises ♥ Work is going very well today, I'm getting All the Things Done but in a relaxed way and I appreciate it a lot. As for the weekend, we have a nice one ahead of us; we're having my parents over for lunch tomorrow and Sunday is totally free of any plans so Cookie and I might go to the cinema or take a walk or go to a coffee shop and enjoy some nice drinks and being very chill... the possibilities are endless ;)

Also, the past week, two trips abroad have been booked (a four-day weekend each time): the first one to Dublin with my sister, the second one to Stockholm with Cookie. I'm so excited! I've already been to Dublin but I love that city and the area, I'm really looking forward to going again. As for Stockholm, it'll be our first time so that's another level of excitement right there :) As a result, I've been in a very "travelly" mood recently. I've been watching many YT videos about Trip Hacks and How To Pack tips and so on, and having a lot of fun in the process :) I'm also taking notes for longer flights as Cookie and I are planning on going to our honeymoon sometime next year and we're thinking of going to Japan, so, yeah. A lot of exciting projects!

Oh. Speaking of trips (admire the segue, you guys), so I've watched the premiere of Legion yesterday and what a trippy premiere (ha!)! But it piqued my interest enough that I watched the second episode and by then I was sold. Welcome, new show! I basically know nothing about the character and the comics (I mean apart from one major element and only because of a couple of fic that I've read in which David appeared - and wasn't that funny, btw, I was all "Hey, that's funny, he has the same name as this character from that XM fic I read. So does it mean that he was actually canon and hey, is there a connection between- OHWAIT!" Cue revelation.)

What makes me happy is that I'm back to having a couple of shows to download every week. Obviously, Lucifer is being uncooperative but at least I have The Expanse and Legion to keep me occupied. And Iron First should start around mid-March, right?


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