Mar. 8th, 2017

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(If you happen to be learning French, be aware that this is not a grammatically correct sentence... so plz not to be using it lol) Aforementioned grammatically incorrect sentence is brought to you by Legion. Because it never fails to confuse the hell out of me and because I come back each week, craving a new episode all the while knowing they'll keep on messing with my mind! Legion, you bastards! But don't stop! As long as you deliver in the end, mind. I do hope the writers know exactly where they're going with all of this. Because it could be quite disappointing if they're just stringing us along.

And oh, do they mess with our minds! Case in point with last week episode when we are entering spoilery territory now )

Hee, new Legion tonight+1. Can't wait to download the new episode tomorrow \o/

Possibly, I'm a little excited lol It might also be because of work. Today has been quite hectic (I'm actually taking a little break, which is why I'm writing this from work) due to the organisation of tomorrow's event. We're doing a little Open House event to present our new learning space and to talk about what we intend to do with it. Speaking of, [ profile] turps33, behind the cut, one of the cookie cutters we designed and printed in 3D and the sablés (biscuits?) that my boss baked and shaped thanks to it. Because, well, that's what it's for, right? lol Our Cookie Cutter Made From Thin Air )

And I don't have a picture of it but a co-worker also printed a door wedge. Which we're currently using to block our office door. I swear we'll be using the printer for educational projects. But we need to train first, ok? lol


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