Jun. 25th, 2017

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Hello, flist. How was your week? Did you go through a heatwave too? Did you spend aforementioned week ranting over the weather? In addition, did you also rant over public transport apparently unable to handle a little heatwave? Did you use some of your spare time to think about and hate a little on all those people who have AC at work/at home? Because that was basically how we spent our week. That and sweating a lot. And feeling like we were going to die in our offices. We were not happy bunnies. I mean *points to screencap*

34°C at almost 11.00PM. Wtf?

Ok, useless weather rant over ;) Besides, the temperatures finally started to go down a little on Friday, which was perfect timing because Pride was on Saturday and I'm not sure our "Pride crew" would have participated if the weather hadn't cooled down a bit. But it did, and we went, and it was awesome as usual, albeit shorter than usual as Cookie and I had to attend my niece's Emma rhythmic gymnastics end of the year show (2h45 spent in an overheated gymnasium surrounded by noisy families, you guys. What you wouldn't do for your kids!).

Changing the subject now. I've seen this meme over at Twitter and I thought it was pretty fun. So it's a variation of Bingo, where people create their own Bingo cards so that people can see how many boxes they can check themselves. Even without playing the game, just creating the cards is a lot of fun as it generates a sort of ID card that sums you up *points below*

When going to new places where we don't know anyone, we should totally distribute those bingo cards so that people can learn some little things about you right away ;)


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