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Hello flist. I thought I'd have the opportunity to update earlier but what do you know, time flies! Especially this time of year :) I can't even blame work as I've been on holiday for the past four days (and won't be back there before the 3rd of January. Bliss!) Even though I meant to take it easy and rest, there's always some more shopping to do, isn't there? I'm not complaining, though, I love Christmas shopping, I don't even mind the crowds, it's part of the "game". Basically, there's nothing about Christmas I dislike, I think ;) I'm in a perpetual good mood these days. Except for this cold and the cough that won't end. That is no fun at all and I'm ready for it to be over (two weeks of coughing is two weeks too many, really). Oh, and I did have some work to do as I needed to grade my students' exams, which took some time.

I've done some Christmassy activities not pertaining to shopping or work, though; we had three assorted nieces and nephew home last weekend and we brought them to the Christmas Market on the Champs Elysées. Then on Monday, Cookie and I went to see Rogue One (which we loved and plan on seeing again. As a matter of fact, I'll go a second time tomorrow as I'm taking one of my best friends' son to see it).

Then Saturday we'll all gather at my godfather and aunt's to celebrate Christmas. I'm so impatient :) Especially as this year we have two new family members with us! After my nephew Nolan (born in September), we welcomed our brand new niece Eloïse - she's ten days old today so, brand new, indeed ;) Our first Christmas with our five nieces and nephews :)

We'll stay the whole weekend, enjoy the family (and fresh air as they live away from Paris). It's going to be a blast!

Speaking of Christmas, though, we'll have an early Christmas thanks to Lana Wachowski and Netflix as tomorrow we'll be able to sit down and watch the Sense8 Christmas special. The trailer filled me with glee, I cannot wait! And it'll be two-hour long! What a treat :)

I only needed a Class Christmas special to make my life complete but I suppose one mustn't be too greedy ;)
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