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As I keep saying every year, French tradition (that is, I have no idea whether it's actually the same everywhere, just that it's how it works here) says that you have the whole month of January to wish people a Happy New Year so I don't feel like I'm late wishing you all a happy new year now and not on the 1st ;) So Happy New Year to you, flist! Hope 2017 brings you whatever your heart desires.

The beginning of the year has been a good one for me. Cookie and I spent New Year's Eve at my parents' with the usual suspects (sister, nieces, godfather, aunt, cousins and a whole bunch of family friends). It was festive and a lot of fun. We slept over and had ourselves a very mellow 1st of January. If you're familiar with the term - I actually found out its existence last month - it was a very "hygge" day ;)

Then it was back to work and, again, this weekend was very family oriented as we celebrated my cousin Rémi's 30th birthday as well as the Galette des Rois, another January tradition. Because the weather was quite dreadful (it wasn't so much cold as grey and wet - quite a contrast to the freezing but sunny weather we've had otherwise) we had a very chill weekend and mostly stayed indoors and played Risk (a game my cousins and I loved when we were kids). Hot drinks and boarding games... pretty sweet way to spend your weekend if you ask me <3
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