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How I wish I had played hookie this morning! The weather was so inviting; pretty cold (minus temperature) but so sunny. So perfectly crisp ♥ (Still no snow in Paris, though, sorry to disappoint you [ profile] snailbones). I could imagine myself all bundled up, sipping a warm caramel macchiato in my tumblr as I strolled along the Seine. And then rushing home to warm up again :)

Alas, I'm an adult and had to be all reasonable and go to work and shit. (Damn adulthood!)

Although, speaking about being reasonable. So I've been meaning to try The OA (a Netflix original series) for awhile but as of yet I haven't found myself in the mood for it (I might be mistaken but I feel like this show demands a certain mood to be appreciated) and I was looking for something else to watch. Cue my reading an io9 article about Travelers, yet another of Netflix original series. The article was talking about the show's complicated morality and how "ethically messed-up" it was and it piqued my interest. So I gave it a try. Verdict: technically it might not be an all-consuming kind of love but I definitely enjoy it enough to have forsaken bullet point #3 on my NY Resolution list the past few days, namely "Go to be before 1.00AM. Hey, why not go to bed before midnight, even. Let's be crazy!" Bye-bye resolution #3! It was nice meeting you.

Travelers is a sci-fi show dealing with time travel. In the distant future, humanity is on its last leg and their only solution is to send back in time different teams of "travelers" (each member having a specialty) to try and rectify whatever they think went wrong. Obviously, nothing particularly crazy about the premise. The way they do the time traveling might be a bit unusual, though: TPTB don't physically send back their agents, they send back their "conscience" into hosts just before aforementioned hosts die. Think Quantum Leap, if you will. Only here the hosts are dead and there's no "leaping" from one host to the other (or so it appears, I haven't finished the show). Meaning our travelers find themselves in a new environment, trying a) to complete the missions they're being given by the mysterious Director (if we're going by the Quantum Leap comparison, think a sort of Ziggy-type character) while b) trying to fit in their new lives. Cue the characters trying to deal with a life they've only read about (they gather information pertaining to the hosts' lives through social media and records and whatnot) and trying to acclimate themselves to life in the 21st century and all its wonders (real meat and vegetables! blue sky! living animals! etc.) It's actually pretty sweet.

I can see the show's flaws (then again, I don't think it's trying to be anything but an entertaining series) but it never distracts me from the story and I do like the characters very much (story of my life). If I had to pick a favourite, I'd pick Carly and Trevor (I know, that's two, ush). But they're all fine, really. I also really like the tone of Travelers... there's a sort of, idk, languid quality to it? I don't know, I just like the pace of it and how it focuses as much on the missions as on the characters' everyday lives. I like the grey area everyone seems to be living in once they make it to the 21st century. I also like the fact we don't really know much about the world they come from, only catch glimpses whenever one of the characters mentions something from their pasts (well, future? Future past? You see what I mean!).

Anyway. You know how it is, you watch a show, you enjoy the show, you lose sleep over it, you go to your LJ to talk about it ;)

Date: 2017-01-19 09:52 am (UTC)
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Damn adulthood, indeed! Stupid work. *g*

I keep meaning to try Travelers too.


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