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This post is dedicated to [ profile] snailbones: I'm posting a quick little entry to prove to you that I am still here ;)

I'm in a very good mood today. I got some wonderful news yesterday, the sun was shining this morning (a bit less now but it's not raining so there's that) and work is a lot of fun as my coworkers and I have doing a little training in 3D printing today. This morning it was all about the theory and how the software we'll be using works, this afternoon we'll start sketching our own designs (think small, tiny, unassuming objects, let's be humble lol) and then printing them out and see if we didn't mess it up ;) Tonight I have my Italian class, which, admittedly has been a bit of a disaster this year (we're all pretty disappointed by our teacher and his "teaching" method... basically he talks all the time and tends to forget we're here to, you know, learn new things such as grammar and tenses and whatnot. The two times when he really got to teach us something we didn't already know, it was because we insisted we learnt something new. I'm not even kidding) but at least I'll get to see my pals there so... also, tonight I'll get to download the new Legion ♥ Omg, I'm so smitten with the show! It's confusing as hell, you never know what's real and what's not, you follow the most unreliable character that ever was but it's so much fun! And the acting is great. And! Tomorrow is Friday, the weekend is near! This is what I enjoy the most about Thursdays... they're full of promises ;)

I also feel good because last night I went to church for Ash Wednesday with Cookie and a family friend and going to church never fails to bring me peace and joy. It also means Lent started, a period of the year I enjoy a lot; it's a time to take a step back from certain things, to regroup a little, to think about faith in a way I usually don't do and, idk, I just love the introspective part of it, as much as I like the sense of community that it brings.

Anyway! It's been a lovely couple of days, is what I'm saying :) Hope you're having a great time too *hugs*


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