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I have this massive entry in the making, which I started typing on Sunday but all I have to show for it is, well, the idea of it lol See, I wanted to post something that had nothing to do with Legion so that I could pretend, even for a little while, that the show hadn't completely ruined my life and I wanted something "quick and fun" to make sure I didn't wait too long between two updates.

The result is far from satisfying because a) I'm still in the process of typing aforementioned entry (spoilers: we went for a walk around the Marais in Paris on Sunday and I thought it could interest some of you to follow me around, so I took pictures as we walked around - as a sort of vlog kind of thing, if you will, only not in a video format) and b) here I am about to squee about the latest news about Legion *ahem*

But first, something that made me happy today (the "neuf" part of my subject): Cookie and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. We treated ourselves with dinner in a "fancy but relaxed" Italian restaurant and it was delicious. (Half of my family being Italian, I've grown up with my grand-parents' amazing Italian meals and all those tasty dishes that my aunts always made whenever we had a family gathering - as they still do, I mean - which made me very picky when it comes to Italian restaurants, but this one came with recommendation and it didn't disappoint). So that was an absolutely lovely evening; and the owners were sweet enough to put a candle on each of our desserts because they knew we were celebrating our anniversary <3

And! Cherry on top, I came home to the news that Legion has been renewed for a second season. I'm so happy! It's so frustrating to know that we only have three episodes to go, at least I'll know we'll get more next year. I'm a very happy fan right now :)

Date: 2017-03-17 06:38 am (UTC)
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Oh, dear, and LOL @ me!

When I lived in Bermuda, French was a required language; I had 3 years of classes. (Can't speak it now -- well, couldn't really then -- but at least I can usually puzzle out a close approximation when reading.)

I've lived in New Mexico for *counts on fingers* 50 years this coming July-ish. (Don't remember exactly when we rolled into town.) New Mexico is officially a bilingual state -- all of our state documents are available in English and Spanish, and the schools must provide an interpreter for meetings if the parents haven't yet learned enough English to feel comfortable.

I took two semesters of Spanish at the local Junior college, and tried the Rosetta Stone DVD series... but I still can't speak it. (I'm so deeply entrenched in English that neither French nor Spanish could burrow into my thick skull.) It was marginally useful in that, if one of my students says, "I don't know the word in English," I can tell them, "Well, tell me in Spanish, maybe I know it." Fairly often, I do; I can tell them, "Right! And the English word is xxx."

But I've just realized that my iffy knowledge of Spanish is now subverting my iffy knowledge of French. As I automatically started to translate your title, I wasn't sure if that was "Nine and Two", so I started counting. "Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez." AAHHH! And I couldn't remember the French vs. Spanish til I checked Google translate!

*sigh* Oh, well... at least not-learning French and Spanish taught me what a real bear English is to learn for a non-native speaker, so I can sympathize and explain when they trip over one of the more obscure usages. It also lets me avoid telling students they're 'wrong'. I can tell them, "You made that sentence in the Spanish way. Now let's make it in the English way."

(This blather brought to you by staying up too late.) Good-night.

PS -- should have started with this -- Congratulations to you and Cookie! Hope you have many wonderful years ahead.
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Date: 2017-03-20 02:57 pm (UTC)
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Happy anniversary! 👭


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