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You know how you sometimes have a specific entry in mind and you can't really make yourself write another entry because you feel like you need to be "disciplined" and do that one first? Alas, said entry is super long, meaning it takes you forever to type it down and then a hundred years have passed and you still haven't completed it and you feel like you never will and it's ok, seriously, do yourself a favour and post something else already, you know you want to squee about Legion!

So that was me the past weeks. Plus, I've been "plagued" by something annoying health-wise that is 100% non-threatening and non serious at this stage but about 150% painful. I'm in my third week of daily almost constant pain and seeing I'm someone who's fortunate enough never to have been through a serious illness, someone fortunate enough not to ever have faced chronic pain, this is starting to Get Very Old Indeed. I've started my treatment on Monday and cannot wait for it to start kicking for real. I'm always grateful that I'm in good health but never more so than those past couple of weeks when I've been thinking of those people who are in pain constantly!

Anyway. As David would say, it's ok. I'm pretty. I'm loved. I'm in good health otherwise, it'll pass. Let's talk about things that I've been enjoying lately. Namely Legion. David Haller. Dan Stevens.

In case it wasn't clear enough from my last entries, I've been in a Legion mood ever since the show premiered (incidentally, if you want to talk about the last two episodes with me, be my guest! I enjoyed the season finale immensely but episode 1x07 has a very special place in my heart. It did things we rarely see in shows and I was!). With each new episode, my love for Dan Stevens has grown exponentially. And, you know, I always loved Matthew in Downton Abbey but I never really thought about what Stevens had done after he'd left the show. Until I discovered Legion and spent way too much time on YT watching interviews and clips and whatnot. Now, I'm like, wow, that man did all the things!

I'm at the stage where I want to consume everything that has to do with this actor. Among other things, I've downloaded The Guest and A Walk Among the Tombstones (because why not, right?) and am downloading Sense and Sensibility. I haven't seen Beauty and the Beast yet but I plan to (I was supposed to go see it tonight with my nieces but I felt too rubbish to, so I had to cancel although, when you think about it it wouldn't really have counted because the girls don't speak English yet and therefore we would have seen the dubbed version, so) and I'm currently moaning over the fact that we haven't a release date for The Ticket. I downloaded (and listened too many times, although is there even such a thing?) Evermore. As I was going through one YT video after another, I found out he'd narrated Murder on the Orient Express and Frankenstein (among other books) so I had to purchase those audiobooks, didn't I? (I mean, how could I even resist? Two of my Most Favourite Books read by The Dude I'm Obsessed With At the Moment? Please). What else? Oh, yes, I have a Legion sticker (ok, two) on its way and I might have asked for a certain t-shirt worn by David in Legion for my birthday. Just, you know, maybe. And I've changed my desktop. As you do :)

In conclusion, Dan Stevens.
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