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Today I was very bold; I decided that the level of pain I was in was low enough that I could risk an outing and so we went out! It had been a while. We'd tentatively planned on going to the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 so that's what we did \o/ The movie was so much fun! And quite touching too. (The first one got me teary, this one made me cry. Admittedly, I'm known for crying easily when I'm watching something so...). Baby!Groot is almost too adorable to bear, seriously *__*

(Also, re: the subject of this entry: I wonder if we're the only ones who have this variation of Groot's original phrase? I mean, I think in most languages, the translation is still "I am Groot" but in French it's a bit different...).

This whole adventure tired me out though, so I'll take it easy tonight and chill. Plus, the weather is turning grey and windy, meaning it's the perfect weather for blanket and tea and a bit of reading (I think I'll pick The Raven King which has been sitting on my bookshelves for ages) and fic and the latest episode of The Originals (now that I'm back to watching the show every week).

Speaking of shows, it's a great week for me: American Gods premieres tonight, Lucifer is coming back tomorrow and Sense8 season 2 is released on May, 5th! So many shows to look forward to in such a short amount of time! ♥

Hope you're having a pleasant Sunday too, flist!


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