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Happy First of May to you, flist - last year, our May bank holidays happened mostly over the weekends, which is always a source of crankiness for us, but we're back to having long weekends this year around so I'm hoping it's a sign that the month will be a pleasant one ;)

This is my annual and traditional offering of lilies of the valley for good luck for the remaining of the year, dear flist.

Also, whenever I do this post, I have a thought for Maaaaa, and it's always sweet to think of old friends :)

I'm having a very chill day, which started off with American Gods, which made me very happy. Even though I know it's never a good idea, I couldn't help but have high expectations for the tv adaptation. First because American Gods is one of my Most Favourite Novels of All Time and I've been waiting for so long for the series to exist, second because I trust Bryan Fuller quite a lot and had high hopes that he wouldn't mess it up - or allow others to mess it up.

And the premiere didn't disappoint. The actors are on point, the visual is exquisite (then again, it's Bryan Fuller we're talking about here) and I feel like the tone of the novel is well respected. So far, things are purposely made to be confusing, which is par for the course with these mythical and whimsical creatures, and it does make it easy to relate to poor Shadow who's definitely not having a good week. (I'm happy with him, btw. Shadow is also one of my Favourite Characters and I really wanted to like the tv!version and so far so good. He's not "my" Shadow, but I'm already liking him). I'm really curious to see where this is leading, how they're going to deal with the whole story (there are a couple of scenes from the novel that I'm dying to see) and even more impatient to meet all the other gods. I'm thinking we're in for a treat ♥

Oh, and completely unrelated but I totally forgot to mention it in my last post: they showed the trailer for King Arthur: Lord of the Sword at the GotG2 showing yesterday and, obviously, I knew that Charlie Hunnam played Arthur but I had no idea Aidan Gillen played in the movie as well. Imagine my surprise when I saw him appear on screen. You guys! Stuart Alan Jones and Nathan, together again!
Wow ;)
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