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Another three-day weekend begins \o/ I'm finally feeling better than I've felt for a whole month and a half and it feels so good! I'm still taking it easy and staying home, though - except for voting tomorrow, that is. I got a an umpteenth new treatment last Wednesday and I've been promised that in two weeks time, I should feel good as new. I'm hoping this time around, it'll actually work ;) Thank you for all the lovely messages lately, flist *hugs*

In addition to my health finally getting with the program, the week has been pretty exciting as far as Fandom is concerned. They released the trailer for The Dark Tower and for The Defenders on the same day. That was almost too much excitement for me to handle. And then on Thursday, they gave us a new Sense8 s2 trailer and it gave me chills!

Then, obviously, the new season was released yesterday and my excitement was off the charts! Sense8 is one of those shows Cookie and I watch together and we decided to (try and) make it last so we only watched the first two (I mean, 2x02 and 2x03). It was tough but we stuck to the plan. Also we still hadn't watched the latest Lucifer episode so that helped, we watched it afterwards.

Those two episodes were so good! So different from the beginning of season 1 in terms of pacing but still 100% Sense8 in the beautiful messages of love and acceptance and unity that it never fails to convey. Also, obviously, the Cluster has reached a new stage in the way they interact and it showed perfectly. Those two episodes were fast paced and clever and always so touching and, oh, those characters... words cannot describe how much I love those characters. Also, the directing is always spot on. They way they go from one character to the other, it always flows. The last time, they gave us Creating the World, a Behind-the-scene featurette showing us how they managed the whole Cluster deal and I'm hoping we will get one for this season as well because I feel like it could be even better than the last one. Anyway, all that to say, I have the feeling this season is going to be even more epic and intense and beautiful than the previous one ♥

PS: I don't do politics on my LJ but wish us luck for Sunday, guys! Second and final round in the presidential elections and I can't help but be worried. I can't imagine if Marine Le Pen were to win, it seems out of the realm of possibility that we would let this happen but then... Brexit seemed impossible and Trump seemed impossible and see what happened. It's not so much that we're afraid people will vote en masse for Le Pen, it's more that many people are so angry and disappointed with the remaining candidates that they declared they will either won't vote or will cast a blank ballot. Which, you know, it is tiring to feel like you're voting against someone instead of for someone - this isn't how elections should work - but, sadly, this can only help Le Pen. Let's just hope it won't come to that and people will vote and stop her from reaching that last step. Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a long day!
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