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How I wish I had played hookie this morning! The weather was so inviting; pretty cold (minus temperature) but so sunny. So perfectly crisp ♥ (Still no snow in Paris, though, sorry to disappoint you [ profile] snailbones). I could imagine myself all bundled up, sipping a warm caramel macchiato in my tumblr as I strolled along the Seine. And then rushing home to warm up again :)

Alas, I'm an adult and had to be all reasonable and go to work and shit. (Damn adulthood!)

Although, speaking about being reasonable. So I've been meaning to try The OA (a Netflix original series) for awhile but as of yet I haven't found myself in the mood for it (I might be mistaken but I feel like this show demands a certain mood to be appreciated) and I was looking for something else to watch. Cue my reading an io9 article about Travelers, yet another of Netflix original series. The article was talking about the show's complicated morality and how "ethically messed-up" it was and it piqued my interest. So I gave it a try. Verdict: technically it might not be an all-consuming kind of love but I definitely enjoy it enough to have forsaken bullet point #3 on my NY Resolution list the past few days, namely "Go to be before 1.00AM. Hey, why not go to bed before midnight, even. Let's be crazy!" Bye-bye resolution #3! It was nice meeting you.

Travelers is a sci-fi show dealing with time travel. In the distant future, humanity is on its last leg and their only solution is to send back in time different teams of "travelers" (each member having a specialty) to try and rectify whatever they think went wrong. Obviously, nothing particularly crazy about the premise. The way they do the time traveling might be a bit unusual, though: TPTB don't physically send back their agents, they send back their "conscience" into hosts just before aforementioned hosts die. Think Quantum Leap, if you will. Only here the hosts are dead and there's no "leaping" from one host to the other (or so it appears, I haven't finished the show). Meaning our travelers find themselves in a new environment, trying a) to complete the missions they're being given by the mysterious Director (if we're going by the Quantum Leap comparison, think a sort of Ziggy-type character) while b) trying to fit in their new lives. Cue the characters trying to deal with a life they've only read about (they gather information pertaining to the hosts' lives through social media and records and whatnot) and trying to acclimate themselves to life in the 21st century and all its wonders (real meat and vegetables! blue sky! living animals! etc.) It's actually pretty sweet.

I can see the show's flaws (then again, I don't think it's trying to be anything but an entertaining series) but it never distracts me from the story and I do like the characters very much (story of my life). If I had to pick a favourite, I'd pick Carly and Trevor (I know, that's two, ush). But they're all fine, really. I also really like the tone of Travelers... there's a sort of, idk, languid quality to it? I don't know, I just like the pace of it and how it focuses as much on the missions as on the characters' everyday lives. I like the grey area everyone seems to be living in once they make it to the 21st century. I also like the fact we don't really know much about the world they come from, only catch glimpses whenever one of the characters mentions something from their pasts (well, future? Future past? You see what I mean!).

Anyway. You know how it is, you watch a show, you enjoy the show, you lose sleep over it, you go to your LJ to talk about it ;)
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As I keep saying every year, French tradition (that is, I have no idea whether it's actually the same everywhere, just that it's how it works here) says that you have the whole month of January to wish people a Happy New Year so I don't feel like I'm late wishing you all a happy new year now and not on the 1st ;) So Happy New Year to you, flist! Hope 2017 brings you whatever your heart desires.

The beginning of the year has been a good one for me. Cookie and I spent New Year's Eve at my parents' with the usual suspects (sister, nieces, godfather, aunt, cousins and a whole bunch of family friends). It was festive and a lot of fun. We slept over and had ourselves a very mellow 1st of January. If you're familiar with the term - I actually found out its existence last month - it was a very "hygge" day ;)

Then it was back to work and, again, this weekend was very family oriented as we celebrated my cousin Rémi's 30th birthday as well as the Galette des Rois, another January tradition. Because the weather was quite dreadful (it wasn't so much cold as grey and wet - quite a contrast to the freezing but sunny weather we've had otherwise) we had a very chill weekend and mostly stayed indoors and played Risk (a game my cousins and I loved when we were kids). Hot drinks and boarding games... pretty sweet way to spend your weekend if you ask me <3
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Christmas came and went, and it does so so fast, doesn't it? I hope everyone who celebrates did enjoy every moment of it and had a lovely time with friends or family... or on their own!

I had the most excellent weekend myself and came back with lovely new memories (there was so much baby holding time omg ♥). Also a stomach filled to full capacity and some lovely presents ;)

We've always been a family in love with Christmas (my sister, cousins and I are fortunate enough to have wonderful memories of our childhood Christmases) and we've always enjoyed celebrating it even after we lost the last of our grandparents and before Chiara was born (the eldest of my nieces and nephews) but, admittedly, ever since the kids came to our lives, we've had so much fun teaching them the traditions we grew up with... and so much fun re-creating the magic surrounding this time of the year. With five young children with us now (well, Nolan and Eloïse are obviously too little to even know there's something happening but you know what I mean) we're having the time of our life ;)

Which, look what one of my cousins found for the assorted nieces and nephews )

Aren't those bags the cutest? We were pretty jealous and are thinking of asking the same for the adult members of the family lol

Anyway. I had a lot of fun, is what I'm saying. And could fast for the remaining of the week, really ;)

I meant to post this last night but I was so mellow and chill that this was almost too much effort for me lol I could only snuggle on the couch and watch the Sense8 Christmas special. Again. Oh, I enjoyed that episode so much! Two minutes hadn't passed that I was already smitten. And I basically never stopped. So many awesome, moving, hotter than hot, beautiful, sweet, funny moments in one single episode! Sense8 is one of the best shows to have ever graced our digital screens, imho. It is such an ode to human connection, to love and friendship, to resilience, to kindness, strength, tolerance, it's such a beautiful exemple of diversity and representation. The action scenes are all kinds of awesome, the plot is pretty cool and original. As for the sex scenes, you guys? There are no words to express how gorgeous (and hot) they are. No words ♥

Netflix does have some brilliant original series. Next in line, The OA, which sounds extremely intriguing.
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Hello flist. I thought I'd have the opportunity to update earlier but what do you know, time flies! Especially this time of year :) I can't even blame work as I've been on holiday for the past four days (and won't be back there before the 3rd of January. Bliss!) Even though I meant to take it easy and rest, there's always some more shopping to do, isn't there? I'm not complaining, though, I love Christmas shopping, I don't even mind the crowds, it's part of the "game". Basically, there's nothing about Christmas I dislike, I think ;) I'm in a perpetual good mood these days. Except for this cold and the cough that won't end. That is no fun at all and I'm ready for it to be over (two weeks of coughing is two weeks too many, really). Oh, and I did have some work to do as I needed to grade my students' exams, which took some time.

I've done some Christmassy activities not pertaining to shopping or work, though; we had three assorted nieces and nephew home last weekend and we brought them to the Christmas Market on the Champs Elysées. Then on Monday, Cookie and I went to see Rogue One (which we loved and plan on seeing again. As a matter of fact, I'll go a second time tomorrow as I'm taking one of my best friends' son to see it).

Then Saturday we'll all gather at my godfather and aunt's to celebrate Christmas. I'm so impatient :) Especially as this year we have two new family members with us! After my nephew Nolan (born in September), we welcomed our brand new niece Eloïse - she's ten days old today so, brand new, indeed ;) Our first Christmas with our five nieces and nephews :)

We'll stay the whole weekend, enjoy the family (and fresh air as they live away from Paris). It's going to be a blast!

Speaking of Christmas, though, we'll have an early Christmas thanks to Lana Wachowski and Netflix as tomorrow we'll be able to sit down and watch the Sense8 Christmas special. The trailer filled me with glee, I cannot wait! And it'll be two-hour long! What a treat :)

I only needed a Class Christmas special to make my life complete but I suppose one mustn't be too greedy ;)
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Comfortably seated in my Reading armchair, plaid firmly in place, looking at my Christmas tree all lit up and oh so beautiful (as well as the other ornaments in the living room)... I'm chilling and totally ready to stay here for as long as I can ;)

Listening to my Class soundtrack (which is actually just a couple of songs from the show) I realised I hadn't even mentioned the season finale! [ profile] _profiterole, [ profile] spikedluv (Anyone who watched, really), what did you think of it? Did your feelings had feelings had feelings had feelings like mine did? Spoilers behind the cut )

So many questions! We need answers! We need a second series. Dear PTB, don't be ridiculous, give it to us, ok?

Ah la la. I'm going to miss the show and the characters so much! I'm on vacation in a week (it's past midnight so it's officially one week to the day \o/) and I'm so going to binge the whole series and proceed to fall in love with all of them all over again ♥
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We've been having such a beautiful wintery weather this week! Sunny and cold. Just as I like it. Crisp weather is my favourite. I've been walking with a big smile on my face, snuggled up in my winter coat (although I need to buy a warmer one), with my big scarf around my neck, my mittens and my woolly hat with its cute pompom. Winter is coming and it always makes me so happy ♥ (I'm hoping it won't get warmer now, especially not when Winter officially arrives. Last year we had an exceptionnally uncold winter, which made me real sad, so we're due some cold... and snow!).

Also, today is the first of December! Meaning we've opened the first "door" to our Advent Calendar, wheee! It also means some of my favourite YouTubers will start Vlogmas. I've started my Christmas shopping. My own Christmas list has been shared with the family. Next week Cookie and I will get our tree... oh, yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas already :)

Moving on. In my last entry, I mentioned that I was going to celebrate my very first Thanksgiving with the FP over the weekend. Well, we did and it was as fantastic as I thought it'd be :) It was chill and cozy and omg, the food. You know the French and their relationship with food, right? Well, everything was delicious! Nicely exotic to our French palates but so good. Super rich, too, but so good. E, GD's partner, did you Americans proud, let me tell you ;) She basically handled all the cooking on her own; I mean, we helped as much as we could, but she pretty much did everything. She rocked :) And she totally spoiled us.

Also, we have the funniest (and cutest) story to go with this first Thanksgiving (or Frenchgiving, as E. coined it, which, so cute!) and the turkey. There was a little mishap with the conversion (pounds > kilos) and we ended up with a turkey that was five times bigger than it should have been. For reals! It weighted 12kg and could have fed around 30 people. In case you're wondering, there were six of us lol We laughed our asses off when we saw the monster. But as I told E. this was just the perfect story to go with our first Thanksgiving :)

Pics of My Very First Thanksgiving under the cut )

To make a long story short, Thanksgiving was a success, we had a blast. New tradition officially approved, we'll do it again next year! :)
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Hope everyone who celebrates had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. Ever since I fell for Class I've been on Tumblr pretty much everyday and I've seen so many posts over there about How to Deal with Post-Elections Meal Conversation Topics. So hopefully things weren't too painful for you!

As far as I'm concerned, Thanksgiving is something quite foreign, a celebration I only know through American fiction (sorry, Canada, I think all my Thanksgiving knowledge pertains to America) but tomorrow, for the first time in my life, I'll get to celebrate it! [ profile] greedy_dancer's partner is American and they've invited the FP to celebrate with them. I'm so excited! E. and GD are cooking All the Traditional Dishes, we have a list of things to bring too, we'll play Cards Against Humanity, watch Thanksgiving episodes of some tv shows (like The West Wing, for instance which, timing-wise, sounds absolutely perfect) and just chill together. It's gonna be amazing :) So I'll report back to you and tell you all about my Very First Thanksgiving soon ♥

Speaking of things to be excited about, the new Gilmore Girls season is out! Also, new Class tomorrow (and omg, next week is the season finale already! How did this happen? How am I going to cope without new Class every Saturday? Am I even going to survive that finale? I miss the show and those characters already and we still have two episodes to go!).

So many things to enjoy this weekend :) It should help with my mood, I'm quite tired these days (aren't we all, though?).
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I've been waiting for this weekend for a whole month. First weekend completely free in four weeks. Utter bliss. Yesterday we went to see Fantastic Beasts for the second time (first time was on Wednesday when it was released) then... then, ok, we had to be very domestic and catch up with all the chores that had been put aside during our busy month but after that it was lazy time all the way. Meaning, some reading and some tv watching.

A coworker of mine has fallen for Narcos recently and has been actively trying to make us watch it as well (it's actually really cute). Because I know how it feels like to be obsessing over a show on your lonesome, I promised her I'd give it a try over the weekend then report back to her. So I sat down with Netflix and she was right, the series is pretty awesome. I'm only five episodes into the first season but it's been a lot of fun whatsapp'ing with her as I watched. I already know what topic we'll talk about tomorrow morning ;) I just need to make her watch Class now, so that I have one more person to squee over it with.

Speaking of, obviously I watched the newest Class too and, wow, what an episode *__* Another favourite I'm trying to see whether I liked it better than episode 3 or as much just in a different way and for different reasons. In any case ALL THE LOVE for episode 6 and basically ALL THE FEELINGS TOO. Actually, I'm wondering whether I'll have any feelings left for the finale? I'm not sure I have enough left in stock!

I know it's different for everybody but my entry into a show (or a book or a film) is the characters. I can forgive many things, can overlook many flaws, as long as the characters speak to me. Most of the time, it'll be one character in particular and, when I'm extra lucky, more than one. With Class, it's like I've basically won the jackpot in that I love the whole cast. (Although since this episode was about truth, I'll have to be truthful with you and say that I can't help but have a preference for Charlie, Miss Quill and Tanya. There, this is my confession).

So imagine how much I enjoyed this episode, 100% dedicated to all those characters I love - ok, one was missing, but next week episode should remedy that. It was like Christmas! It took me quite a long time to actually finish watching because I kept rewinding some scenes. Just, Charlie. I mean, everyone, really, but CHARLIE OK?

The timing is funny though; CS Pacat asked people over at twitter about characters that appealed the most to us, that gave us the most feels, were the iddiest and in my response (which she actually replied to omg!! I actually had a six-tweet conversation with CS Pacat #FangirlingMoment) I mentioned Charlie. And then this episode happened and yes. Yes to all that.

I'll stop now or I never will. All that to say, that was my Saturday.

Today is a whole ball of lazy too. Lazy morning with more reading again. We'll go over my parents' for lunch later on, then we'll just chill together all afternoon, then home we go for a second watching of Class and yet some more reading, I think. Also, more Narcos, I'm pretty sure.

Hope your Sunday is going well too, flist!
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I'm absolutely knackered today. Angélique and I have been taking care of some business for my mother-in-law lately and we haven't had a proper weekend for a whole month. Yesterday we finally finished everything we had to do and this morning we're quite satisfied but also dead on our feet. So we're going to take it easy today. First, it's lazy time at la Casa di Mouse & Cookie, then this afternoon we'll probably go to the cinema and see The Accountant, followed with some lovely afternoon tea. Then we'll go back home for some more lazy times.

Mind you, my being knackered last night didn't prevent me from watching the new Class (especially as it was the highlight of my day and a reward of sorts for all the hard work). Episode 5 did not disappoint. Quite the opposite. I just love how each new episode seems better than the last. "Brave-ish Heart" even had some season finale feel to it.

Spoilers for 1x05 )

To make a long story short, there's a ton of good reasons for me to enjoy the episode (the whole show, really) plus scenes like this one, for instance )

Seriously... how could anyone watch this and not melt? I mean, even without context it's a gorgeous moment so when you happen to know the background story, there's just no way I could not be utterly in love with that show :)
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Just a quick post to send massive hugs to the Americans on my flist. I couldn't believe the news when I heard this morning. It's all everyone has been talking about all day and no-one really can understand how this happened. I can only imagine how you feel.

First Brexit, now this... there seems to be something really wrong with the world as of late.

It'll be our turn to choose our next president soon and I do hope we won't follow the same path.

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I've been in such a tv mood recently. Having two days off at the beginning of the week (Tuesday being All Saints Day and thus a holiday and me being oh so clever and taking Monday off too) might have helped.

Let's see.

I'm still obsessively watching Class. I have no clear explanation as to why I'm so taken with the show. I mean, I do think it's a very cool show, it's refreshing in terms of diversity and representation, I absolutely love the characters, the plot has some pretty interesting elements, the tone is just how I like it, it can be so moving, it's a great Doctor Who spin-off, overall it's a lot of fun to watch... just to name a few of the many good reasons to be into Class, admittedly, but why am I so in love with it? Sometimes you don't really know. It just clicks. (Although, it's as if some of those characters were written for me, specifically, so there is that).

So I'm watching Class a lot and having zero control over my expectations, which are quite high. Never a good thing, this seasoned tv fan knows, but there you have it, sometimes you can't do anything but surrender, right? And then, the bastards released this new trailer revealing what we can expect from the rest of the series and er, how to best describe how I felt when watching it? Oh, I know, my feelings had feelings. This is how I felt ;) I had zero control over my expectations, I have less than zero now. Well done, BBC, well done *caps slowly* Discussing one thing in aforementioned trailer )

I'm up-to-date with Lucifer. Anyone else watching? This week episode was something. And that ending! Can't wait for the follow-up.

Angélique and I have finally started watching season 5 of POI (I know, we're so late!). We've watched five episodes in a row then had to take a little break. Now waiting to watch the rest. POI remains one of my most favourite shows. I'm sad to bid it farewell but I've heard good things about this last season, so I'm hoping I'll enjoy it too. I'm stressed out but I have hopes that the ending is satisfying... if it can't be happy.

Watching Class made me crave some good Doctor Who episodes so I've paid a little visit to Netflix (France) and lo, they have season 5 to season 9, so that took care of it. And speaking of Matt Smith, The Crown has been released today so I need to schedule that one as well.
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[ profile] admiralandrea, this post is for you ;) And anyone else interested, obviously!

Behind the cut some pictures from the wedding )

There. Andi, hope it was worth the wait ;)
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Before you scold me, [ profile] admiralandrea, I have been selecting pics from the wedding to post around here and I actually meant to post them tonight but episode 3 of Class happened and I felt compelled to come here and pretend this is 2008 and LJ is filled with squee over the latest episodes of the newest shows ;)

I was so enamoured with the episode that I actually posted somethings over at Tumblr. I don't mean reblog something, I mean make my own post. Come on, ask me about the last time I did that... actually, don't. I have no idea when that was. Maybe a lifetime ago? More or less.

It's almost 2.00AM and we're getting up early tomorrow so I'm not going into details but the cold open made me tear up and hooked me right from the start. And those really were just the first of many feelings. I thought the episode was beautiful in its treatment of grief and love. It was in times creepy, touching, sweet and hot. Actually, sometimes at the same time ;) All in all, it was quite emotional.

Not an actual review, just a quick bullet list of things I enjoyed )

So those are the many things I enjoyed with the episode. Also, the size difference between Charlie and Matteusz. Obviously it was already there right from the pilot but their scenes in tonight's episode made me notice even more and that made me happy. Very happy, indeed.

[ profile] _profiterole_, je ne sais pas si tu as déjà vu l'épisode mais j'ai hâte de lire ce que tu en auras pensé. En espérant que tu l'auras apprécié autant que moi ;)
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Ok. Let's try and see if I still remember how to use this thing. Er. Hello, flist? It has been quite some time, yeah? I could tell you I've had some busy months but the truth is I'm not sure how it came to this, me not only not updating my LJ for ages but me not even really reading my flist. Cause I used to always check it out and see what you were all up to, no matter how long it had been since my last entry. But there you go... Oddly enough, the past week, I've missed coming here and I've been thinking of visiting LJ again although, as per usual, I never really got around to it. Then something fannish happened over the weekend that made me crave some good ole LJ interaction so I decided I needed to grab this opportunity and come and say hello.

So before I get into the fannish part of this entry, I'll make a quick review of what happened the past months so that those who're interested are up-to-date. Let's see:
  • I got married at the end of September (24th) - [ profile] admiralandrea, I know you've asked for some pictures and I will post a couple around here, promise. I'm just in a hurry as I type this so I'm trying not to delay the whole process too much for fear of, once again, letting this post go into the ether. But I haven't forgotten about your request :) The wedding was simple and just amazing. The whole weekend was magical, really. Angélique and I had no idea it would give us so many feelings, would you believe it? lol I mean, we expected to spend a wonderful time, obviously, as we were celebrating our union and being surrounded with family and friends but still, it took us by surprised how emotional and gorgeous it was. Anyway, it was wonderful ♥

  • the family issues I've mentioned in an entry back in the day haven't been solved yet but they're on their way so that's a relief;

  • I didn't defend my thesis (it was supposed to be on the 26th, too! Talk about timing). I've aced all my classes, which is awesome, but I decided that I'd rather take another year to complete said thesis properly;

  • I'm still taking Italian classes and still enjoying the hell out of it;

  • I'm supposed to get driving lessons soon which... I'm just scared of the whole "being on the road as a driver" thing but it has become such a necessity, so I can't delay it too long (technically I meant to enroll last year so).

There, I think that will do as far as a general RL overview goes ;)

Onto the fannish now. Ok, so is anyone else watching Class, DW newest spin-off? If you're not, why don't you be a dear and give it a go for me, will you? I know [ profile] _profiterole_ does so that's at least one person I can talk to about it but I was hoping to come back to a flist enthusiastically writing about the show and waxing poetry about those awesome and loveable characters but, alas, there's definitely been a lack of Class squee around here. That won't do! That won't do at all. Here's a little list of reasons to watch BBC Class. Doesn't it make you want to watch? So come on, give it a try and then come back here to let me know how much you enjoyed it ;)

PS: argh, I keep forgetting I've lost my paid account and then mourning my icons.
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Well, not really but that's what everyone is talking about at the moment. Basically (and historically), everyone has been "waiting" for the next catastrophic flood to hit Paris. It's supposed to happen once every hundred years and the last one (the Big one) was the infamous 1910 flood. So it's technically overdue and, admittedly, this time around, the level is quite impressive: they've closed the quays (well, you could swim there, anyway), some metro and train lines (including mine, as it happens, ô joie) some museums etc. It's quite the event.

Some pictures here or here.

Plus two pics that my sister took while driving back home from Paris )

And because everyone has been taking pictures of the banks of the Seine, here are a couple taken on our way home, in Choisy )

Things have been a bit eventful but, in reality, we're lucky, we've been spared from a serious flood here, which isn't the case of everyone.

I'm going to Lausanne (Switzerland) for work next week, I'm hoping the weather will be more pleasant there ;)

Before I post this, if you're curious, you can see photos of the infamous 1910 flood in Paris.
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Taking advantage of a very slow morning at work and being on my lonesome in the office at the moment to be sneaky and post a little something.

Hope everyone's doing well. I'm having a nice week meself. It's a week of celebrations: goddaughter's birthday, my birthday, Mother's Day. Many occasions to see family and have a good time :) That is, we're supposed to gather for Chiara's birthday on Saturday with everyone, except that what with the fuel strike and the fuel shortage in some parts of France, the family members living an hour away might not be able to come. They're thinking they'll have to stock for work as they're being rationed. So let's hope it won't come to that.

Fannish wise, we've seen X-Men: Apocalypse over the weekend and even though XMFC remains my favourite, I enjoyed that new installment. One of the things I appreciated the most was the fact that the Cherik is still strong with this one. Erik/Charles 4ever ♥ Then again, I'm totally biased, so.

We've also seen CA:CW again and I'm still trying to find the Steve/Bucky fic of my heart (or T'Challa/Bucky, I would love some T'Challa/Bucky. Or Tony/Bucky. Basically, Bucky is this fandom little black dress for me) but it's proving rather difficult.

I've started watching GoT! I've read the first four books and always thought I'd join the bandwagon and watch the adaptation then never came around to do it. But after hearing what happened at the end of season 5, I had to see for myself and I kept watching, I'm now up-to-date with season 6. I do understand why everyone's raving about the tv show, I'll admit. I mean, I love the books but the tv show is gripping too.

What else? I've downloaded the POI episodes that aired so far but haven't watched them yet so I have to get on that. Same thing with 12 Monkeys. I'm also behind on Penny Dreadful. And there's Preacher that I'd like to try.

Also, does anyone know what's happening with the new series of The Musketeers? It's been airing over at Netflix in some countries, on tv in some others and still no appearance on British screens? I don't get how it's working.

As usual, so many shows to watch, so few free hours in a day to watch them!
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So last night was one of our major European music events of the year, namely Eurovision. Sadly, I actually missed all the singing part and basically only arrived for the geopolitics course, meaning the moment in the competition when countries give away the points. To be fair, this part is actually a lot of fun and is definitely a huge part of the show (I mean, literally, it is as entertaining as the rest of it). Besides, this year they introduced a new voting system with the popular vote that someone on Twitter likened to that moment "when Dumbledore just gives out a bunch of random last-minute points and the winner changes" and that's a good way to describe it lol

Speaking of points, this was our entry and we ended up 6th \o/ That is a victory in and of itself, you guys. Last year we received four points. Four. I think the last time we ranked so high was in 2002. And if you want to know when we actually won the Eurovision, it was in 1977. I wasn't even born yet!

I'm always curious as to what people who didn't grow up with that competition think of it when they watch it for the first time. I mean, it's such a particular brand of entertainment.

Actually, as of now, whenever someone who's not familiar with the concept asks me what the Eurovision is about, I think I'll point them to the Love Love Peace Peace song performed by the two Swedish hosts, Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede. It's a parody number that integrates as many cheesy and quirky ingredients as possible in one song and encapsulates the spirit of the Eurovision perfectly ;)

Funny that, I wasn't expecting to write a whole entry about the Eurovision, I wanted to talk about CA:CW lol Oh, well, in my next entry.
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Since I updated twice the past week, I feel less guilty about posting this now ;) Here's the April edition of my not!BookTube monthly post.

Wrap-up (books I read this month):
Carry on by Rainbow Rowell. I had a blast reading that novel. I absolutely loved Baz and Simon's relationship and thought it was beautifully and interestingly written. The whole world building was quite well done, actually, and the magic system pretty cute.
Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman. As I was saying in my last n!BT post, shorts stories aren't my first choice when looking for a book but there are some authors I can't resist and Neil Gaiman is definitely one of them. It was a lot of fun reading about Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes. And then, there's the American Gods short story that he included and oh, how I love that universe! Incidentally, I can't wait for his next novel about it and I'm so excited about the tv show coming up. I have high hopes for it - I know it's always smarter not to expect too much so that you don't set yourself up for disappointment, but with Bryan Fuller at the helm, I'm thinking it bodes well for us :)
Red Rising (book 1 in the Red Rising series) by Pierce Brown. Sci fi story set on Mars. I enjoyed that first novel but I'm really impatient to read the next one and see a more grown-up version of Darrow and follow him in his next adventure.
The Dream Thieves (book 2 in the Raven Boys series) by Maggie Stiefvater. This series, you guys, this series. I love it so much! I love the writing, it's haunting at times, I love the magic involved, I love the characters; they could have been your typical YA stereotypes but they're so much more than that, they're endearing and complex and solid. Oh, and the way they relate to each other is a thing of beauty. This series gives me all the feelings ♥

Book haul (books purchased of offered):
Golden Son (book #2 in the Red Rising series) by Pierce Brown. See above. Btw, aren't those covers awesome? I love this edition!

Reading (well, you know):
The Final Empire (book 1 in the Mistborn series) by Brandon Sanderson. Actually this is the first book of May that I've finished so technically I'm not reading it anymore. Guess I'll wax poetry about this one in my wrap-up next month ;) But I highly recommend it if you're into (high) fantasy, love a good heist story and are looking for a magic that is rather unique.
I finished Final Empire yesterday but I haven't really picked my next book to read, as a matter of fact. I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for:
Blue Lily, Lily Blue (book 3 in the Raven Cycle series) by Maggie Stiefvater because the 4th and final installment, namely The Raven King, has been released last week and I'm dying to read it... except for how I don't like to read the books in a series back-to-back because it's over too quickly and I like to take my time. I mean, once the series is over, it's over. Obviously you can re-read it but you'll never be able to read it for the first time again and. Hmm. Yeah, maybe I'll wait a little longer, after all ;)
A Feast for Crows by GRR Martin. No, I haven't finished the series yet (I mean, read all the books that have been published yet). As I said, I like to take my time when reading a series. Plus, I don't think I could really read them back-to-back, they're a bit too heavy...
Or maybe a John Irving? I haven't read one in quite some time...

Decision, decision.

1er mai

May. 1st, 2016 10:17 pm
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Today was (well, still is) First of May so as per tradition in France and, by extension, in my LJ, here's some lillies of the valley for good luck.

I've had a lovely weekend; we had my nieces over on Friday night and we spent the day with them yesterday. As for today, it was a day for Cookie and me. If yesterday was cold and grey today was the complete opposite, so warm and sunny! It finally felt like Spring (Summer, even). We meant to have a stroll at the Coulée verte but turns out it was closed! So we just had a little stroll down the streets of Paris till we found our way to St Michel where we ate ice cream on the banks, waving at tourists cruising along the Seine, as you do ;) Afterwards we went back to Choisy and took advantage of my parents' garden to sunbath a little.

Such a relaxing day <3

Once home Cookie (finally!) caught up with the last two episodes of season 4 of POI. It was high time. I watched with her to refresh my memory and be ready for the season premiere next week. I'm really excited! Also quite worried about how this is going to end but, in any case, I have no doubt it'll be epic and brilliant as ever.

We've also watched the Lucifer season finale and oh it was absolutely delightful! That show was such a pleasant surprise, really. We had so much fun watching it. I'm quite curious about what the writers will do with season 2.

Anyway, nothing exciting to report. I've just had a nice weekend :) Hope you did too.

Coucou ?

Apr. 25th, 2016 10:57 pm
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There're few things that are more pleasant in life than a Sunday night preceding a Monday off. Not having to get up tomorrow morning is such a joy. I'd rather have a Monday off than a Friday off, I enjoy those more somehow :) -> It's now Monday morning and I'm writing this entry from my bed, yes, it feels as good as it sounds ;)

So, hey, hi there *waves* Long time no see. I was adding the new book I'm reading to my GoodReads page and I realised that if I didn't post anything to my LJ soon, my next entry would just be another Book post, meaning that I wouldn't have posted a single entry in a whole month. This didn't sit well with me, so here I am.

I've been quite preoccupied with RL issues the past months (the past year, to be exact - the past two years to be even more precise) and it's kinda robbed a lot of my energy, especially recently when, I think, I just got really tired about it all: I've been worried, stressed out and quite a lot angry and I think it kinda caught up with me. Things are finally looking up though (and I'll certainly talk about it at one point instead of being annoyingly cryptic, sorry about that) so I'm hoping we're on the right track.

Anyway, to look on the positive side of things. I've been off for the past week and Cookie and I went away for a couple of days. It did us a world of good. My sister and I have booked our yearly weekend away, we're going to Copenhagen this year, I can't wait. I've aced the exams I took in February. I'm going to be an aunt again (my cousin Julien and his partner are expecting). Many, many positive things to be happy about :)

Fannish wise, I've finished Daredevil some time ago (absolutely loved this new season, and cannot wait for the news that we'll get a third. Come on, we cannot not get a third season, right?) and I've (finally) started watching House of Cards; I'm on season 2 right now. I have no idea why it took me so long, I do get why people kept raving about it. I'm up-to-date with Lucifer (quite curious about the season finale), I'm pretty happy to have 12 Monkeys back and I'm so impatient for Person of Interest new season to premiere; I've watched the extended trailer and omg, it's going to be epic, more of a clusterfuck than usual. I need to brace myself before diving in, I think.

Ok, I think that's it for now. Hope you're doing well, flist. And for those I know are going through difficult times, some massive *hugs*


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