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So Adam Lambert and his band have arrived in Paris! From what Adam said on his twitter, today he visited Notre Dame, went to the Louvre and ended the evening... at the Crazy Horse! Of course he did lol

Heee omg, I can't believe I'll get to see him (and Tommy!) tomorrow night! Not being able to believe it doesn't mean it's stopping me from being extremely excited, though! I wish I had a [ profile] crazybutsound with me because it'd mean we'd get some killer pictures at the end of the night but, well, we'll have do to without. Next time I'm totally offering her a ticket so that she can be my very own event photographer!

Oh and it doesn't have anything to do with the above but I need some help. To my utter delight, I found out tonight that someone had turned An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels into a podfic. This is a big deal because that story is the story that really made me fall for the MCR fandom. I'm not sure I could pinpoint every fic that got me into each of my fandoms but that one was it for MCR. So I was delighted to see it had a podfic. Alas, it'd seem the author had deleted her LJ? In any case, I can't find aforementioned podfic anywhere and I was wondering if one of you had it and was willing to share? Please? And thank you if you can help.

Now that I think of it, I can name the fic that got me into PATD. And I remember the first TS fic I've read, as well as the first HL fic - which was like, more than ten years ago? But you never forget your first, right? lol
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So Miss G and I had planned on doing a little stroll in Paris today before meeting with my sister and BIL this evening to go to a mutual friend's housewarming party (we'll be eating a raclette omg, cannot wait! *salivates already*) but the weather is so grey that it kinda stole all our energy and motivation so, instead, we've been mainlining several of our shows. We're now officially up-to-date with Merlin, The Vampire Diaries and Community.

And, omg, Community 2x06 ("Epidemiology 206") was pure genius! That show is so brilliant and plays with tv-code and film-genre in such a clever and hilarious way. And the way it plays around and mocks and uses PC-ness is brilliant as well. Such a refreshing way of doing it. I'm totally in love with it ♥

Also, I thought I might stop downloading the new songs MyChem keep releasing so I wouldn't be "spoiled" entirely and be able to make some discoveries when receiving the CD but, well, the lure of new MyChem was too strong, meaning I caved in and downloaded Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back last night. I think I loved it - I say 'think' because some of those most recent songs haven't become immediately favourites, I've needed to listen them several times but I think Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back might be a new favourite in the new album.
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Guys, guys, I'm so fucking in love with MyChem's new song!! I was already smitten with the bit we'd gotten with the trailer but the whole song is L.O.V.E!!! Just, I've been listening to it in a loop since I got home (too late to listen to the BBC1 show, sadly).

Omg! Can you imagine this song live? We're gonna rock the hell ouf of it, it's gonna be epic!! I'm totally rocking the hell out of it on my couch so just think what it's gonna be with the guys on stage and we in the mosh pit - even though I don't like being in the mosh pit as such. WHATEVER. Heeee *is in bandom-heaven just thinking about it*

Oh, and Miss G and I have tomorrow off and, seriously, tonight is a night of J.O.Y. The End.

PS: or not really the end yet. Has someone written down the lyrics already? Cause I just know I'm missing some stuff and it's a very sad state of affairs!!
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Going to bed before midnight during the week is nice but not being in bed after midnight on fridays is pretty cool, especially this friday because I found this on the flist and HELL YEAH! Finally a new MCR song/video and it's so good getting new material! That trailer is l.o.v.e! [And this post with those - still coming - caps is as well!]

Awesome music day today, as a matter of fact, because I scored a ticket for the Parisian part of the Glam Nation Tour in November! Together with [ profile] moimoietmoi, we'll be seeing ADAM LAMBERT IN THE FLESH in two months! And the venue is really small, too, so it means we'll see him from up close! It's kinda surreal, to be honest, I still can't believe I'll get to see Adam Lambert perform for real *so excited*

Completely unrelated but I was flipping through channels earlier and apparently they've married two candidates in the French tv reality show Secret Story, like inside the House, in front of camera and everything. Forget marrying your partner if you're gay, no matter if you've been together for a decade, but it's no problem at all for two (straight) candidates in a tv reality show that met, like, two months ago. What the fuck? Oh hell, I'd have found the whole thing insane even if the couple had been gay - it looked like such a big farce. Talk about the 'sanctity of marriage'...

And still on the subject of tv reality; on the 26th (september, I mean) Sister Wives will premiere... I'll admit to being curious about it and I might even download the first episode. I blame the Boy Wives' verse for my interest, it's not even my fault. I'm also curious as to what kind of welcome the show will have. Both within the LDS Church and outside of it. I've read some stuff about the protests against Big Love but at least it was a "show"... Sister Wives is 100% real. Or, well, as real as something showing on tv can be, I guess...
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You learn something new everyday! So the huge embarrassment squick GD and I share? Is also called the motts! And! We share the squick with Gerard. He explains it all wonderfully here. We were reading and going "yes, yes, that's it exactly!"

I always thought it was funny that one of my kinks is sexual humiliation but one of my squicks is "the motts". It's one of the reasons why I usually can't watch many programs on tv; I too often become so embarrassed by and for the contestants and/or people being interviewed that I can't watch it!

Also, I was thinking about Twilight some more today - it's the FP's fault, in the mails we exchanged all day, Twilight featured a lot - and I think my embarrassment squick might be one of the - many - reasons why I didn't like it? Ok, so the pseudo-plot and the acting were just awful, but what if it made me sorry for the actors? Like, my subconscious was certainly very busy cringing and cringing some more at the idea of actors having to play in the film and having to try and deal with the crappy roles they were given and the clichéd dialogues and everything?

I don't know. I'm just trying to rationalise the whole thing... Please someone tell [ profile] crazybutsound to stop traumatising us with Twilight? lol Hey, Jem, I mock because I love. You, I mean, not Twilight ;-p

Quiet evening at home tonight. [ profile] greedy_dancer and I are watching Bones and going "ewwww" and "yuuuk" every now and then. It's a little gross at times. But pretty cool, I think I'm definitely getting into the show. And ohhh but I love Angela! She's so hot and just awesome all around *approves* I also really enjoy the dialogues; they crack me up. I'm glad I got the DVDs :-)
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The Good: pretty much the whole weekend?

We spent all of Friday night watching MCR media. If it had MyChem in it? It was good for us! Interviews, video clips, the infamous Life on the Murder Scene, whatever was MCR related - even from afar, like the episode of LA Ink with Frank.

We basically basked in MCR's awesomeness from around 8.45 PM to 3.00 AM. Rosie was a warrior - you can ask her whatever you want about MyChem, she'll probably know the answer, even though she didn't know a thing about them before Friday afternoon.

Saturday was pretty much dedicated to shopping and strolling all around Lyon. The weather was so nice! Sunny and warm - hot, even. In the evening we went to the yummiest Japanese restaurant I've ever been to. From the decor to the food, it was pretty much perfect.

Sunday meant the market in the morning followed with the lazying around at Starbucks.

The Bad: the painful trauma that was Twilight.

After the restaurant, we headed to Rosie's, and Jem made us watch Twilight. As it goes, she'd been talking about it for ever and we wanted to be good friends and watch it with her... I think we all learnt a valuable lesson that night; wanting to please your friends? Is not always a good idea!

Most.Awful.Film.Ever. I'm not even joking. Some films are so bad they turn out good, right? This one was just... bad. Look, I don't even have the words, ok? Jem kept telling us that we'd feel differently if we'd seen it in the right setting, ie in a theater on the big screen and, yeah, I guess we would - I'd be even more upset to have paid for it! The only redeemable thing about the film is that it ends at one point? And even that, it certainly takes its time! Nothing happens in Twilight! Even Bella's sentences never finish! No, wait, there is something; a lot of sighing and a lot of cringe-worthy bad acting.

We came to the conclusion that the only way to watch that film is with your mates, because you can make up your own dialogues and run your own commentary all along. Otherwise, the badness would kill you. Dead.
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Crazy work is crazy! It's trying to kill us d.e.d! At 4.59 PM I got a msn message from Cookie along the lines of 'WE NEED TO GO NAO OR THEY WILL STOP US!' which prompted me to switch everything off and all but run to Cookie's office, only to find that one of our co-workers had managed to catch her before she could leave and the poor girl was typing down some stuff. Trying to leave that department on time is like trying to avoid the slash in Merlin. It's just not possible!

But, anyway, we did leave and I made it home and [ profile] turps33 sent me some wonderful links and omg! There's no way to textually render my love for My Chemical Romance! How adorable are those guys? To think some people think they're, like, the antichrist or something: have they ever watched vids of the guys? With the giggling and the hugging and the carebear and unicorn talks? No, really, I'm asking!

There're those A Look Back vids which I've been watching over and over and I think my favourites are part 4 and part 5; part 4 because there's Gerard talking about MikeyWay's French pirate period - and it's not just because of the French pirate thing but because there's never a time when I don't adore it when Gerard calls his brother MikeyWay - and also because of Frank's laugh - which I'm totally addicted to - and Frank's adorable and heartfelt 'oh, Mikey'. And part 5 because - dude, is anyone even following this paragraph? I'm lost and I'm the one writing it! Wait, I'm gonna put some space here...

So, yeah, part 5 is also a favourite because of this little gem : and because I'm not totally cruel, I'll cut this - but it hurts me because I wish everyone in the world could be witness to Frank and Gerard's adorableness! )

Aww, seriously! How adorable is that scene? *loves on Gerard and Frank. And Mikey and Ray and Bob, too, of course!*

Between MyChem and Panic, the adorablemeter and the dorkmeter are going off the charts! I chose so well when I fell for those bands! Not that I 'chose' to, but whatever, I love loving them! ♥ ♥
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Whenever I listen to Folie à Deux - which is quite often these days what with my mp3 and the CD I bought last week and then the copy on my HD - I'm struck by the thought that I'll see them live in March and I'm in awe each time. It's gonna be glorious!

Speaking of bandom. Last night I was on-line doing all kinds of thing and I had Les incroyables secrets de la magie enfin dévoilés on the telly, as a background sound. The show where they reveal how some magical tricks are made? As I was watching the magician's assistants do their stuff I had an idea for a Panic AU where Brendon would be one of those assistants. I know they're always women, well, in this AU Brendon would be one of the rare male assistants that exist in the milieu.

Anyway, he'd be all serious and focused and professional on stage, and then as soon as the trick would be done, he would totally spazz about it off stage and be like 'Omg did you see? The knife was this close to my heart! It could have killed me dead!' And Spencer would roll his eyes and be all 'Brendon, he doesn't throw any knives, ok? You know that' Making Bden goes 'but imagine it'd been real, Spencer Smith, imagine then!' And because Spencer knows when it's best to indulge him he would say that yes it was so incredibly scary to watch Ryan - Ryan would be the magician and Jon would be one of the techies behind the scene, I think - throw the scary knives at Brendon. And Bden would be all happy and satisfied that Spencer had acknowledged the seriousness of the situation and he would then go see Jon and demand a piggy-back ride because he'd almost died out there!

Because as much as I love unsecuresadlonely!Brendon, I also have an insane amount of love for dorkybouncycute!Brendon. Not that one automatically excludes the other, mind! Some of my most favourite stories have both...

And this has nothing to do with bandom but I can't wait to be tonight cause [ profile] angeliksmall and I will be christening the raclette machine I got for Christmas. Mine is different from the big one you see on the pic, though, it's called Toi et Moi/You and Me and is made for two persons, meaning it's cute and tiny and shiny.

I kept being invited to Raclette Parties the past month except with Big Tops I could never go, which a) made me very sad and b) made me crave a good raclette like you wouldn't believe, but tonight I'll finally get my wish \o/
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Big news of the day is that I'M GOING TO SEE FALL OUT BOY IN PARIS IN MARCH! The tickets have been bought today \o/ Thanks go to [ profile] jedicathy for being the best concert news spy ever and to [ profile] crazybutsound for being super fast with the ticket purchase. I gave [ profile] angeliksmall the Infinity on High CD so that she can listen to it and decide whether she wants to join the three of us to the concert.

First bandom concert ever! So exciting! *bouncebounce*

I'm full of bandom love these days. I mean, more than usual. But what with MCR twittering and blogging - oh, MCR, how so awesome? Gerard writes tv reviews! Frank fanboys Gerard! And googles him to find a pic to use in his entry! Bless ♥ ♥ - and the Panic Live in Chicago DVD teasers we get here and there, plus all the gazillion stories and picspams that graced my flist the past few days, it's like Christmas really started early this year!

And speaking of awesome things one finds on LJ, like everyone and their flists, I've watched the Prop 8 Musical and it was genius!

When I think about it, I've seen some hilarious videos today! [ profile] gillyp linked me to some extracts from the latest IT Crowd episode and Cookie and I took advantage of people still not being back from lunchbreak to watch them in her office. Let me tell you it was a very, very good thing no-one was back yet, because we were laughing so hard! I'm gonna download - then buy - the three seasons asap! Moss and Roy and Jen are l.o.v.e! I'm especially smitten with Moss ♥ ♥
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They aired the last two episodes of the fourth season of Numb3rs last night, and on second viewing I can confirm that "When Worlds Collide" is one of my favourite N3 episodes. It's still behind "Uncertainty Principle" or "Sniper Zero" - then again, there's no universe for me where those two episodes wouldn't be at the top of the list - but WWC is still in the Favourite N3 Episodes list.

I'm more than ready for S5 to start now. I was before, sure, but I'm a getting a bit more impatient. Especially as I read about a nice spoiler for 5x01 - when I'm itching to click on the SPN spoilers that call my name all over the flist, I click on N3 spoilers instead. It makes the wait bearable :-)

But as usual around this time of the year, it seems like 99,99% of my excitement is focused on Supernatural. I always have the feeling it might be a bit ridiculous how excited I am at the prospect of the season premiere but I can't help it. It's SPN! Dean and Sam and Bobby and, obviously, with the way S3 ended, there's no way I'm not dying to see what happens next *bounces*

To keep with the fannish glee; I finally saw all the MCR pics that had the flist sing from joy and I'm most certainly seconding everyone's opinion; they were all kinds of awesome. And it made me smile to see Mikey playing with his Sidekick on so many of the shoots, even in the middle of practice with the guys. I do understand better why that detail always finds its way in fics. It's not even a detail fanon-wise, at this point, but you know what I mean. Oh, Mikeyway! Then there's FOB Mixtape of Love, of course.

And I've found a sequel to Stuck on Delete (J2), as well as two updates in 'verses I adore, namely Sex Corps 'verse (the 'verse is Jeff/Jensen but the prequel has Jensen being fucked by many people) and Kept 'verse (Jeff/Jensen).

Sometimes fandom? Is a bit like Christmas :-)
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Today was a pretty typical autumnal day; grey clouds, rain and storms. I've been told we were still in August but I call bullshit.

Because I didn't want to face the bad weather and risk making my cold even worse, I cancelled my plan and stayed home and indulged in some heavy Me time. I read a lot of fics - I almost have no fic!tabs left... which is weird, I'm so used to having multiple windows with multiple tabs open all the time - and sorta OD'ed on Panic at the Disco videos. Those two in particular, showing a close-up of Spencer Smith playing drums, were watched over and over again.

Spencer Smith, How So Awesome? )

No, seriously, I'm asking! )

Drummers are all kinda impressive; they put so much energy into their performance, which isn't easy if you consider they're sitting and thus don't exactly have room to move.

And because everything leads you to MCR, watching Spencer Smith do his thing made me think of Bob Bryar so I watched some of The Black Parade is Dead too. Finally! There's just no words for how much I love those guys; what I wouldn't do to see them live! *pines*

Bandom is ruling my fannish life lately. Not that I'm complaining, it's pretty fun :-) I just need to find some Spencer slash and I'll be able to officially include PATD as one of my new fandoms. Well, bandoms, you know what I mean. Oh, and I also need to find some icons... preferably of Spencer drumming *nods*
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First things first, I want to wish the happiest of Happy Birthday to [ profile] ninjetti75. Hope you're having a fantastic day, Josh! As usual for your birthday I tried to get Jensen for you, but it'd seem the guy is way too busy, I couldn't get a hold of him. Next year, mate! And if I'm not mistaken, today is also [ profile] thelana's birthday so Happy Birthday to you too!

Another reason to celebrate is that I'm now on weekend, yay! I made it! It also started in the most delicious way because a) on my way home I made a detour to Glups, which is basically paradise on earth, of the candy variety and b) my The Black Parade is Dead arrived! It was waiting for me in my mailbox ♥ ♥

Oh and unrelated but today at work I found a pretty amusing file: "Cover letters and CV sent by prags". That cracked me up. I, of course, had to explain the reference because Talks a Lot didn't understand why I found so hilarious a file with the short version of professeur agrégés on it, but it was worth it. Seriously, I could see the original mail asking "all prags to send application to find a job at the uni" :-p

Anyway *cough* Hey, [ profile] greedy_dancer shared the trailer for Watchmen and it was so fun seeing JDM in it! Also, the FP has sorta made an appointment for when the film is released. Next year. Ha, we can plan ahead sometimes, see? \o/

And now, I think I'll go and read my flist, read a couple of fics and then tonight! I'll bask in MCR goodness :-)
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I'm filled with glee tonight! I have some awesome recs for you guys.

Okay so yesterday was my birthday - had an awesome evening - and I got some fannish pressies in the form of fics, which, it always makes me feel all tingly inside when someone wrote something with me in mind *is egomaniac sometimes*

So I got two of them written for me in two of my favourite fandoms; [ profile] maaaaa wrote me TS with Take a Cha-Cha-Cha-Chance and [ profile] turps33 wrote me MCR with A Foggy Phantom.

And what happens when two of your friends write stories just for you? Angels sing and kittens are born. That's what. It's like I got the best of two worlds; Maaaaa's fic is delicious kinky - spanking, you can't go wrong with that, I have such an insane amount of love for that particular kink, especially when it's done well and Maaaaa is a pro at it - and Terri's is deliciously sweet, and I'm in love with her MCR voices.

Go on and read if you feel so inclined. I'm totally not being a mean person and keeping those fics for myself. I'm spreading the love; because we're all worth it!

And OMG something else that filled me with glee tonight? Frank/Mikey Manifesto of Awesomeness and L.O.V.E!. Seriously! Like I was telling the genius that wrote it, I almost wanted not to be madly in love with Frank/Mikey already so that I could read that manifesto and see the light and change my mind! Oh it was so glee-inducing!

Also! [ profile] crazybutsound, remember when I was talking about the guys on stage and Frank making Mikey fall over and then grabbing his legs and spinning him? The vid is in the manifesto! Well, it seems like everything is in it, really ♥ ♥

There were some extracts from interviews and there's one that I had to re-read a couple of times because omg the adorableness and dorkiness of it!! Which of the band mates is most likely to accidentally stick a fork in a toaster... )

I mean, I remember reading a fic like that - except IIRC, it was Gerard giving advice to Brian about how to take care of Mikey and how Brian promised not to let Mikey 'electrocute himself, set himself on fire, strangle himself on his hoodie strings, or otherwise injure and maim himself in any way during the course of their cohabitation'... and now it's actually canon. Oh, Mikeyway!

Actually, all the interviews were love; like the one where Frank explains how much he missed Mikey when he wasn't there... hee guys! ♥

And this has nothing to do with the rest but it made me happy too so I'll include it here; I've downloaded the audiobook of His Majesty's Dragon so, now, I can listen to it whenever I want, wherever I am! Technology is such a beautiful thing :-)
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Just watched the new SPN. From what I could gather from my flist, this was a 'hate it' or 'love it' episode. I can't say I 'hated' it but I was underwhelmed, I guess, and really not into the episode, which, admittedly was a new feeling. Oh, it definitely had its moments and let's say this could be seen as spoilery even though I actually don't make a review of the episode. ) Maybe I'll watch the episode again when s4 starts and I know there's a full season waiting for me :-)

I also watched the premiere of Junjou Romantica and it was pretty cute and funny. It's been ages since I downloaded/watched anime - yaoi or otherwise - and I think I'll keep an eye on that series.

I was also reminded - it's not yaoi but it's about supernatural themes so the combo of SPN + anime made me think of it - Night Head Genesis. I watched the first two or three episodes Back Then and now I have a craving for it, except the torrents I found for the series were all inactive so if someone could help me here, please? My anime human source, namely [ profile] katikat, isn't here at the moment so I'm hoping someone else will know what I'm talking about :-)

And lastly, because I'm still at a stage where I need a little MCR ref a day; I watched the second DVD of Life on the Murder Scene, with the making of several videos, and ohh making ofs are l.o.v.e! I love the very ending 'scene' of the Helena making of when Frank is trying to get into the coffin; the way Ray just holds him back by his waist as if the guy weights nothing was cute as hell. And Mikey being all 'Hi, today I'm gonna die!' during the Ghost of You video was very fun as well.

I just love those guys to pieces hee ♥ ♥
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I saw my mom today and she got me a pressie; some Home Stickers for my kitchen [damn link doesn't want to cooperate, my stickers are letters] I saw those stickers last week or so but was going to wait to buy them and, sneaky mommy that she is, she got them for me :-)

She made me laugh the first time she saw the stickers - we were together - because she was like 'you're not going to put 'ass' on your wall, are you?' Which I promised I wouldn't. My slashy fridge is enough, the rest of the kitchen will stay 'clean' ;-)

I can't write 'ass' anyway, there's no 'a' or 's'. I could write 'cock', though. Just an observation, is all.

Speaking of... okay, speaking of nothing, I'm not even sure why I thought about that, but I'm rethinking going to Asylum. I have some expenses that weren't planned for the flat - basically the sum I have to pay has sorta tripled - so I'm thinking I could try and save the money I haven't paid yet for the hotel room... Not that I wouldn't love to meet with the Wincon girls again or see some of my LJ buddies - technically that'd be the main event of the con right for me now - but I'm just trying to see how to proceed, exactly. I'll see.

On non-RL news, now; not that you'd know but this entry is basically a GIP in disguise. Because [ profile] crazybutsound had made me tons of MCR icons and if I could I'd spam you with a list of what is in my fridge just so that I could show off my brand new icons :-)

Also, between the 600 MCR pics she gave me plus the 32 I found here and there, including at [ profile] turps33's - from 0 to 632 in a couple of days, that's dedication - I've had the best of time ogling them. Some I love for obvious reasons. Well, obvious to me, at least )

And then there's pics like this one which I absolutely love too but couldn't exactly tell you why. I just do. Oh, Mikeyway! )

Which reminds me. I usually develop a new kink with each new fandom I fall in love with - the whole 'sniffing' with TS, car!sex with SPN - and MCR is all about Mikey's hips. Just one of those things *shrugs*
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Tonight is My Chemical Romance Night. Okay, so what else is new this week, you'll wonder. Or not, but I like to pretend you do. Well, what's new is that instead of squeeing on my lonesome, I have [ profile] crazybutsound to squee with, and talking about MCR with someone 'live' is all kinds of awesome!

Also! She brought with her the much awaited Life on the Murder Scene DVD, which was LOVE! I've been waiting all week to see it - I know, it doesn't sound very long but still, she kept teasing me about the awesomeness of it, so I was quite impatient to see it and oh, it was so great!

I was already a little bit in love with MCR but er, now? The love, it can't be rendered into words, really.

They all looked so... I don't know, candid? Genuine? Oh, adorable will do, anyway. The part about Gerard hitting rock bottom was painful to see, though the way he talks about it is absolutely fantastic and impressive, but the rest was so much fun! Like, Bob and his camera-trigger, show a camera to the guy and he'll hit it! It's a thing. And Frank being the energiser bunny I knew he was but really got to appreciate this time. Mikey being all kind of cute and dorky. They're all so dorky and geeky, anyway. I was squeeing so much during the MCR Secret Santa. Oh, be still my heart! Cutest thing ever! And there was Gerard and his drawings. And Brian! I was like 'Hi, Brian, nice to meet you! I heard a lot about you in fics! Also? You're awesome!'

Oh and the bus! And the bunks! I was giggling when I saw them because I was like, wow, those bunks are so close to one another... to think of all those times when I read about two of the guys having sex in them, there's just no way the others wouldn't be awaken by the noise. Even if Frank forbade Mikey to make a sound.

That was an interesting bit of information, really :-)

And now Jem is mailing me pictures of the guys. From the living room. I initiated her to the joy of sending an email to someone who's in the next room. It's so exciting! Babycakes and I do it all the time when she comes at my place. My MCR pic collection is growing with each passing minute ♥

She's also in charge of finding me information about the Summer of Like. Which, btw, see? I'm learning the lingo and everything \o/
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Sentence of the day 'don't twizzler me', which combined with the actual scene might have to be the cutest thing ever! And let's not forget about the dorkiness of it all, too. Oh J2, you make my heart sing! Never stop being so cute and funny and dorky together, all right? *clings*

Today I checked the first item off my French Posse Weekend To Do list, namely the groceries. I can now feed people! And I'm hoping you girls weren't expecting any kind of healthy food this weekend because I have M&Ms! And Nutella! And Haagen Dazs! And pasta, but that goes without saying because there's never a time where there is no pasta in this house. That is just unthinkable.

Also! After fighting for a couple of hours against the couch in my living room, I can officially say that every single member of the French Posse will have a real mattress to sleep on. That is, I would have found another solution but I bought that couch because of the matress thing so it was pissing me off a little that I couldn't make it work. But I did! With the help of my mother. And without putting the bloody couch apart. Too much \o/

My life, it's so exciting? That sometimes I almost pass out from the excitement!

And because if I don't make a MCR reference I feel a little bereft these days. So, I? Love gritty fics, the one that are painful and raw and that make you hurt. I love them. I read Scenes from a Bus the other day and it was so angsty and so good! I actually paced my reading because I wanted to make it last.

Having said that, I'm a big ole sap inside and so I can't resist fics the likes of Breathless for Blindsides. Bob/Mikey and insanely cute and sweet ♥ ♥

Something else I adore with MCR? Is that I apparently don't have an OTP, my pairings are all over the place: Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, Gerard/Mikey, Bob/Mikey, Bob/Gerard, Bob/Frank and there were also some Ray/Mikey and Pete/Mikey for good measures. And then you have the threesomes, obviously. Or the moresome. Because the more, the merrier *nods*
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] charli_macboyd! ♥ ♥

Oh, noes! W9 is airing Charmed! Which means I won't be able not to watch it whenever I'm home at the right time. It really is like a compulsion. And those evil tv persons decided to air it from the very beginning so I'm in for weeks and weeks of losing cool points because of my watching the show. Damn you, Charmed, damn you *fist of rage*

Well, hopefully the whole bandom thing will make up for the Charmed thing? *fingers crossed*

Speaking of which, omg [ profile] crazybutsound? I can't wait for you to be here on Thursday so that we can watch your Life on the Murder Scene DVD because I've seen icons and stills of it and now I want it! Though I promise those were just a couple of pics, so I'm pretty much 99,99% 'unspoiled' for the real thing. Please be arriving soon, Thursday? *begs*

Oh and why can't I find the video clips of The Sharpest Lives on YT? What I got was a mash up or just the song without the actual clip. So okay I could just try with different keywords or just look elsewhere but, well, why not use your flist when you have one, right? So if you have links, be my guest. The Sharpest Lives and/or Famous Last Words and/or House of Wolves, too. Tia!

And this morning, while I was waiting for the Plumber Who Never Came - my life, it's so exciting sometimes! - I watched the latest Numb3rs and that episode was really cute and funny. I'm trying to convince my muse that we need to write a fic where Don is turned on by something that is spoilery - and incesty, too, incidentally ) and goes to town, so to speak. Also, how cute were Don and David again with the spoilery bit, I guess ). Very cute *nods*

PS: I meant to ask. Do the MCR guys have a habit of sitting on each other's lap? Or is it just one of those things that have been adopted by the fandom and hence will happen on a regular basis in fics? I mean, is that canon or fanon? This is a serious question, btw! Enquiring minds want to know.
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I wouldn't want people to think that I can only talk bandom this week... except for how those past few days, when I wasn't busy with RL, I was reading as many MCR fics as possible and then maybe watching some video clips and cruising the net for some MCR backstories - I had no idea the Paramour Mansion thing was actually canon! Audra's excellent One Night at the Paramour didn't read the same way when I realised. I was like 'oh' - and, I don't know, looking for pics. And stuff.

But you know how it is when you get into a new fandom. You need to inhale it for a little while... until you sorta absorb it in your system and then things calm down a little. The early stage, always so exciting :-)

Something else I love is finding that some of my favourite people on the flist have been into MCR for some time, even writing fics... seeing familiar faces in a new fandom of yours is always very cool. It's a bit like deciding to join a club IRL and discovering some of your friends have been members for some time. Makes things even more friendly your first days there; you don't feel alone and you know who to talk to. Awesome :-)

But. Okay. Because I can talk about something else. I finished my latest Night fic! I have an official new installment to be posted as soon as my miracle worker beta [ profile] starwatcher307 does her magic with it :-) To think that I wrote around 9,000 words of that fic in a couple of days and then the last 1,500+ in a couple of months? Well, my muse, he's not called Little Shit for nothing. Still, it's done \o/

I didn't have time to watch the new Numb3rs and I never mentioned last week's episode, did I? I quite liked it - especially some scenes between the characters, like the David-Charlie scene, or the David-Colby ones. And then there was that ending which was l.o.v.e. That show has some of my favourite endings ever ♥ ♥

There, see? I can talk about something other than MikeyWay and Gerard and Frank and Ray and Bob \o/

Except for a last minute mention... did you know there was a bandom version of my beloved SPN Big Bang? Don't answer that, I know you do. Except I, Mousey Mouse, didn't. And now I'm like 'omg!' Bandom! Big! Bang! In May!

Of course, between the bandom big bang and the spn big bang, I might have to stop having a social and familial life. Oh, well, a fangirl gotta do what a fangirl gotta do, right? I'm sure my family and my friends will understand!

PS: I've uploaded 2 MCR icons, neither of which has Mikey in it. This pains me. It really does.
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Dude! I spent a good part of last night and quite a good portion of today reading MCR slash - I had to be strong and leave the boys to meet with a friend in the afternoon but it was difficult.

I've read some fantastic fics. Like, I was completely hooked and couldn't stop reading. And the Ways are apparently part of my Sluttish Characters clan because I've read them in many different combinations... and I've enjoyed the ride each time.

So far my favourites are An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels by Stele3, Tints of Rainbow Hue by [ profile] turps33 and A Place to Rest by [ profile] arsenicjade. They're my favourites, though till now I've loved pretty much everything I read. Awesome foray into the fandom \o/

Seriously, so much fun! So many pairings! Gerard/Mikey! Frank/Mikey! Frank/Gerard! Bob/Mikey! So many genres! Wingfic! Wingfic that is supposed to be pure crack but which turns out to be absolutely gorgeous and just ♥ ♥ Broken!Gerard who loves Mikey more than anything! Damaged!Mikey who loves Gerard more than anything! And not even in a slashy way sometimes! Threesome! Matchmaking! Spanking! Prison AU! Kid!fic!

Did I mention the fun? :-) And I have still a gazillion fics to read. Hail to the Geek Who Invented Tabs for I would be lost without them *worships*

Also, what's the name of that bandom newsletter comm? Because there will come a time when I'll have read all the fics I was recc'ed yesterday and I'll need more. So I think I'll need that newsletter to keep up *nods*

And this has nothing to do with anything but this is one of my favourite ads at the moment; each time I see it, I melt. Melt! I want a Wofty! I wants! )

*melts* See? Each and every time!


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