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First week back at work has been a success in that a) I survived it and b) it was actually only three days instead of five. I started on Tuesday so that I was spared the trauma of going back Monday - I'm clever like that - and then I was given today off to work on my thesis (you're allowed two days off in case of competitive exams to revise and I was given one. I consider myself happy, technically this isn't a competitive exam so another boss could have told me it had nothing to do with my job and not given me anything).

I'm taking a break and since it feels like an age since I last posted, I thought I'd come and say hi. So, hi :-)

The week has been a good week, work-wise and fannish-wise. Work-wise because, as I said, I survived my going back and also because things haven't been as quiet as I previously thought - I honestly thought I'd almost get bored those first three days - which means my days have been interesting and nicely busy and I didn't get bored at all, which is always a good thing in my book.

Fannish-wise because my Tumblr - it's on LJ now too but I saw it at Tumblr first - has been in an XMFC frenzy - even more so than usual, that is - thanks to the Behind the Scenes footage of awesomeness that has circulated lately. Those BtS were great but to me, and ok it might sound a bit blasphemous, BtS!Charles seemed a bit all over the place in terms of characterisation. There was also new pictures, like this one - just gorgeous! ♥ Then there was Panic! being even more awesome than usual on stage - or was that Brendon being even more flirty and on fire than usual? Whatever it was, I approve lol

And! Cherry on the top of a delicious fannish cake, a friend of Cookie's texted us yesterday to let us know that he had two spare tickets for the WWE World Tour on Sunday night, heee! The last time we saw each other we talked about the WWE and how jealous of him I was because last year he went to the US to inteview pretty much all the WWE dudes? And then how I was jealous that he had free tickets for the show and all that. And yesterday, surprise! Two of his colleagues had to bail and he immediately thought of us so we'll be at the show on Sunday night with him. I can't wait!

I really need an icon that embodies the idea of "I'm a fan and I love it YAY"
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I've had a bit of Lunch Fail today as I couldn't eat anything that was on my plate - but the bright side of the thing was that I was back in my office earlier and had me some time to write this entry. And then I couldn't post it till now. Of course.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm this close to getting my fangirl card back! I bought Adam Lambert's Glamnation Live yesterday and I also got my hands on Panic's album! So, I'll confess that I haven't paid for it yet but I will give them my money later on, promise - I always do, after all, don't I? Now, I just need to get my ticket to Eddie Izzard's show.

So, the album. I've been listening to it in a loop since Sunday and I can (and I'm happy to) say I'm enjoying it immensely. Even more than I hoped I would. The more I listen to it, the more I love The Calendar and Let's Kill Tonight - that is, I enjoyed them the first time around but they're both becoming new favourites: they do something to me whenever I listen to them and I usually have to do a little repeat each time. Then again the whole album is put on repeat, so. I still love The Ballad of Mona Lisa, no surprise here. I'm quite enamoured with Sarah Smiles (it was funny to hear Panic's version after listening to [ profile] greedy_dancer hum and sing the chorus and seeing the lyrics pop up on my TL). Ready to Go is another favourite too. Let's just say I love it all ♥

I also got the lil documentary and oh, be still my heart! Incidentally, what with the bottling, the throwing up and the being forbidden to pee when he really has to omg, it's a wonder Brendon still wants to go on stage! lol

Unrelated but still on fannish news, I've been in a Sherlock mood the past few days and I've been scavenging comms to find new fics to read. I'm also trying to find the Sherlock comm to have for all my Sherlock/John needs. Speaking of, is there a newsletter for that fandom? I'd swear I read an entry on my flist where someone was talking about coding the latest newsletter as part of their to do list for the day... Is that one of you guys? And sorry if I didn't pay attention to who you were #MeaCulpa

Still about Sherlock, believe it or not but so far I'd never seen the pilot - or pre-pilot, if you want to be precise. There's something wrong with the world when your mother, who became fan of the show after you pimped it to her, tell you all about it and is all "you haven't seen it yet? And you call yourself a fan?" Thank you, Mom, that wasn't painful to hear at all! But anyway, we decided this wouldn't do and finally sat down and watched it. There are differences between the two "first" episodes, obviously, but I think the one thing I do regret the most is the flat. It was so cozy in that first version! Too bad they changed it. The chemistry and insta!love between Sherlock and John were still there thoug, and still a joy to see. It's like a constant... as it should be :-)
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There are some bad fics written in fandom, right? And I don't mind. I mean, usually I'll avoid them. Some other times, I'll want to read them, even knowing they're bad. Sometimes I'll even wait impatiently for a new chapter - while totally keeping my craving for that fic sekrit because, wow, it's so bad and so OTT and so cliched and just badly written. But I'll still want it. Also, how many times do you scroll down the gazillion comments of what you consider a bad!fic, only to see people commenting on how 'amazing' said fic is? Without sarcasm! Some people will read what I consider an omgsobadithurts!fic and apparently genuinely see an amazing!fic. This is how the universe is made and it's ok.

But, wow, something that drives me up the wall is writers who don't even know how to spell the character's name right. I mean. How is that even possible? How can you write a fic and spell the - main - character's name wrong? And I'm not talking about a typo, I'm talking about basically making up a new name (JensOn, JarOd, JeffERY etc.) That is beyond me, I swear. And it makes me crazy. I don't have that many pet peeves but that one, right there, is definitely at the top of the list. Another good one is writers posting a new chapter in one of their series and not linking to the rest. No link to previous chapters in the same entry, no tags, no nothing.

Ok. Well. I just needed to take this off my chest *cough*

But don't think I'm in a bad mood or anything 'cause I'm not - a) because I'm just not b) because it's Friday! c) because it's Friday and it's already past 11.00 AM and d) because even if I were in a bad mood? I'd just have to watch Spencer and Brendon's Weekend At Pete's Rose video and I'd feel all cheery and smiley again because hee! I'm fan of the dorkiest boys that ever lived! I just love how they don't take themselves seriously ♥ ♥Thank you, Shane!

Technically, I should have the motts and be unable to watch the video because I usually have the motts when people try to act and are just bad at it? But apparently not when people act and aren't really expected to be good at it and are just basically goofing around. If it's all for fun, it's bearable. Not that I'm motts-free but it's bearable. Having the motts is more complicated than it appears, there are all kinds of rules and sub-rules and exceptions.


Aug. 14th, 2009 07:34 pm
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Hello from Galway *waves* We arrived on Wednesday and will be leaving tomorrow for Dublin again. I enjoyed Kilkenny just fine, but my favourites places are definitely Dublin and Galway; both for different reasons as they're pretty different cities/areas.

We spent the day on Inis Mor yesterday, one of the Aran islands, and had a blast! The island is gorgeous! I wanted to see and touch the famous Irish stone walls? I sure got my wish! And it was so sunny, too! Which was a good thing as Sandra and I biked around the island in the morning, and walked in the afternoon (we saw seals!). It was so quiet there; living in the city, one tends to forget how quiet and peaceful the world can be sometimes. Inis Mor reminded us yesterday :-)

Today was a whole day in the Connemara including Kylemore Abbey and the Unagh Valley. We also had a coffee break in the Leenage village where they shot The Field, with Sean Bean. We went in the pub that featured in the film. That was fun :-) Incidentally we also saw where they shot The Quiet Man - I love that kind of trivia.

All of that was done under the rain, this time - it's still raining, as a matter of fact - but it gave a lot of charm to the places - also, it finally gave me a reason to use my waterproof coat \o/ Real first time since we got here :-)

I wanted to share some of my photos but I'm having trouble with my LJ scrapbook so it'll have to wait.

Changing the subject, having free wi-fi in our room is l.o.v.e! I was able to really appreciate some of the latest Panic videos that have been going around and hee Brendon singing Don't Stop Believing! Be still my heart! With some sneaky!Pete thrown in the mix, what's not to love?
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Unexpected 'actor sighting' happened yesterday! Jem and I were at Shakespeare & Co, browsing for a new book to buy, and I did a double-take when I realised Ethan Hawke was standing next to me! If you've been to Shakespeare & Co or if you've ever watched Highlander, you'll know that the shop is small and everyone is always standing close to everyone else, so it was funny (and quite the surprise) to see him like that. Ethan Hawke in the flesh. Nice! As it turns out, we found out that one of the books on the shelves was his. I had no idea the guy was also a writer! You learn something new everyday.

While at St Michel, we also spent some time in one of those little 'postcards/posters' shops and I was reminded of how much I enjoy it when people on my flist offer to send postcards, so I bought four, meaning that if you want a postcard from me/France, you have to let me know in this entry and I'll send them your way. First come, first served, as they say.

Today is so sloooow! There're only four of us left in the department, the whole university is deserted, and I can't help but wonder what the hell I'm still doing here *sigh* I cannot wait for Friday to come. VACATIONOMG! *longs for Friday*

'What the hell are we doing here' was a leitmotiv this weekend, actually. Jem and I kept reading all those comic con reports, watching all the comic con pictures, and weeping because omg, why couldn't we be in San Diego too?! From tv shows to bands, it felt like my favourite fandoms were represented there. Damn, it almost hurt to read the reports. Except I couldn't keep away because I love reports. And pictures. And reports with pictures. And let's not forget the vids.

I've been also quite excited because we've been getting so many new stuff about Panic! From the little show they did to the video they've been shooting. And I love that when it's not Spencer who's busy pictwitting pictures of Brendon, it's Shane and Zach doing it - with pictures of Spencer as a bonus. Which we don't get when he's the one taking pics, obviously. So it's awesome that Shane and Zach join in the fun :-) They're the best fanboys ever &hearts ♥ Please to never be stopping posting pictures, ok? Thxbai.
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How typical is it that I fell for the WWE world just before the WWE Smackdown tour in Paris was sold out? Very.

The more I watch those WWE "episodes" (I'm not sure how I'm supposed to call them?), the more I want to cry at the idea of not being at the event. Especially as I didn't buy tickets because I was supposed to be in the UK for [ profile] connotations that weekend and turns out I won't be able to go /o\ Or it doesn't look like I will, at least. It's just not fair *pout*

If I appear to be immune to the Jonas Brothers, [ profile] crazybutsound is 100% immune to wrestling, so while I was busy having the time of my life watching last night's episode, she was gently mocking me in her room while doing her own things on the computer. But it was! Seth Green was General Manager! He looked so tiny next to those guys! At the beginning he was standing between Triple H and Randy Orton and omg you just wanted to pet him and coo at him. And tell him to get the hell away from the ring lol


We had the Most Unproductive Day today. Ever. Except for how I went to the hairdresser this morning (which might sound mundane to some but is a Big Thing in my life) and how Jem knitted a lot and how we plotted some bandom fics. All our Panic (and Panic!) talks combined with my watching her knit gave me this idea for a fic where Brendon would be a mad lil knitter (maybe because of a bet at first but then he realised he loved it!) and knitting all the time, like, scarves for Ryan (duh!), cozies for Spencer's drumsticks! Toe-less-socks for Jon! And Jem added her two cents with the idea that Spencer would send him all those links to crazy patterns like the one for a uterus or knitted boobies or this chapstick cozy in the shape of a penis. I even found the title: K3, YO, Slip1, K2tog, PSSO, YO, K to End.

Yes. Well. You can't always control what happens in your mind, can you?
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I did mention yesterday that concentrating on my work was a bit difficult, right? So it won't come as a surprise that I'm busy outlining my Panic fic instead of working : chapter 1 and chapter 2 [and 3 and 4 \o/] all outlined, now. Me happy. I decided to try this method this time... I need all the help I can get if I want to actually write the thing *nod* Since outlining the story seems to be working for many people, I thought I'd give it a try. It is fun, admittedly. It'll be even more fun if I manage to outline the whole thing. That, in itself, will be a first victory over writer's block *fingers crossed*

I'm having a nice Panic! morning, actually, as Jem - who's not with me at work, obviously, I wouldn't do that to her - relays the latest news as she reads them. So I know that Brendon and Spencer are looking for extras for the video shoot of New Perspective - omg I wish I were nineteen. And American. And living in Hollywood - and I also have the lyrics for said song now. Which I love. Both the song and the lyrics, I mean - yeah, better that way, I know. Can't wait to hear the whole thing *bouncebounce*

Hey, random comment : one of my new hobbies when I walk in the street and/or wait for my train? Count how many people are wearing Converse around me. It's a lot of fun! And sometimes I don't even have to look very far ; just this morning, the two girls standing close to me were wearing them. So that made three girls (I'm wearing my maroon pair today) in a very, very small perimeter. And Cookie - who wants to join in the game, apparently - texted me the photo of a guy in her bus who was wearing a pair, so that's one more on my Dudes and Dudettes Who Wear Converse list.

I did say 'random comment', you can't say I didn't warn you!
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I had a very quiet weekend, in total opposite to what was planned as I was supposed to go away with a couple of my friends. But I had a nasty cold since Wednesday and had to bail out.

I felt much better this afternoon so left the confine of the flat to visit the parental unit, where I found The Esu + Chiara. Sweet :-)

Apart from that, I did nothing. I rested. A lot. And played around LJ and read fic. A lot. The whole prompt claiming over at [ profile] bandom_hc gave me some excitement on Saturday - when I last checked, three of my prompts had been claimed [hee it's five of them now! *bounces*]. I can't wait to see what the writers will do with them. And, well, I might have claimed a prompt myself? I know, I know, why the hell did I do that? Bite me! But there was Brendon and rough sex and misunderstanding mentioned and just, I thought this could be fun. Let's just forget I haven't writen a single word since I posted my Merlin fic in... well, whenever it was that I posted my Merlin fic *cough* It was said in the instructions that one could drop out without "penalty or stigmata" and that part appealed to the fic-abandoner that I can be sometimes. I'm hoping it'll work out this time though *fingers crossed*

Speaking of bandom. Why Do I Love Twitter So Much? Because of little exchanges like these :

zachdft@brendonuriesays present from my mom to you arrived today. Weird there's nothing in it for me. Not even a hello.
brendonuriesays@zackdft well, then let me be the one to say "hello." hello. and be sure to tell your mother i said thank you

Aww ♥ ♥

And now, let's start my program for the evening? Read all the Merlin fics that I tabbed yesterday. I've been in a Merlin mood something fierce since yesterday and I have a tons of stories to read tonight \o/
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So. I had a great Monday at work yesterday; it didn't feel like a Monday at all. We started with a staff meeting, which basically means a whole morning spent not doing work but talking about work. Then at 6.00 PM we had a little after-work party in Boss Man's honour because the man is retiring at the end of July - that is, semi-retiring, we'll see him again in September for a little while, but we'll get a new boss - and we had a couple of presents for him, one of them homemade so, instead of doing the work we hadn't done in the morning, we finished our little project. Manual activities for the win \o/ Then it was the party and I had such a great time! Boss Man was really happy and touched and it showed - it made us happy in return :-)

The cocktail lasted till 10.00 PM, I was home at 11.00 PM without a single glance at either LJ or Twitter the whole day. Some of you might guess where I'm going with this is? Man. I had quite a shock when I checked my LJ, I have to say. The whole flist was exploding with the news of Panic splitting up and it felt so unexpected to me that I had to read several entries and twitters to believe it.

At 30, I had a new experience; feeling sad at the thought of a band splitting up. Panic and MyChem are the very first bands in my whole life that I've been so invested in. And I guess I'd put Panic on top because of all the fics I read. It's been the first time in my life I've felt this way towards a band so the whole feeling-sad-because-my-band-is-no-more is brand new. I was like 'wow, that's how it feels?' And it sucks, let me tell you.

I mean, obviously, I'd rather have them split up than keep going and be miserable. As for the friendship thing, well, it's really not my business, though I do hope they'll keep being friends because I don't think anyone can wish differently. And they'll still be doing music, apparently, which is the main thing, but I lost the opportunity to ever see "my" band all together now and it just sucks. Still, I'll keep following those guys anyway and see how it goes - and miss original!Panic *misses*
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On Friday, a quiet evening was had at home with Cookie, where baking was done for her not!birthday on Saturday. I refuse to call the little party we had at my place her birthday party because the actual date of her birth is on the 29th, which is not the 27th by any means, and since celebrating a birthday early is Wrong, I cannot, in good conscience, call it a bday party. Except she didn't care, apparently? And went as far as laughing in the face of my superstitions. Oh, Cookie, why so cruel?!

Saturday morning was quite domestic too as more cooking was done, as well as some heavy cleaning - windows opened to let the warmth of outside get in the flat and Panic singing in the background, and, I don't know, sometimes, domesticity makes me feel so good inside.

The whole day was pretty fantastic - then again, what time spent with fanpeople isn't? I knew half the guests and got to meet Cookie's other group of friends and they're a funny and witty and lovely crowd. Twas awesome finally meeting them :-)

They all left early evening and Cookie and I were left with enough to feed an army - I'm not even kidding. I don't think I've ever seen so much food in my kitchen. My poor fridge must have been a bit freaked out, it's not exactly used to being filled like that.

Which, btw, how come you always cook, bake and bring too much food in events like that? Is there a law somewhere that states that when you organise that kind of festivities you have to have triple the food you'd actually need? I'm baffled. Our poor, uneaten compound salad! It made me so sad, dude. But it was, like, epic? Even after begging bribing forcing asking the girls (+1 boy) to try it and them being nice enough to humour us, there was just too much of it left.

As for today, I spent the afternoon at the parental unit's and lazed around and sunbathed and it was all quiet and nice ♥ ♥ Even got to see The Esu and Chiara on my way home as they were paying their own little visit to the parents.

And now, I've just (re)watched Panic's Live in Chicago and I feel all squeeful because that's just what those guys do to me. Fill me with glee :-) There're many parts I love but there's this one with Zach that never fails to make me laugh: when he's all "Does anyone know where Brendon is?" right before their first show. I suppose losing one Brendon Urie right before a show would be a bit of problem. Oh, Zach
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The Big Project that I'd been slaving over at work for the past month came to a conclusion yesterday, and everything worked out just perfectly. I was so relieved. And proud! As well as insanely happy to finally be able to bid it goodbye \o/ Farewell Seminar From Hell, I do hope to never see your face again!

I was so ready for a nice and relaxing evening last night and I certainly got my wish. Cookie and I had some Chinese take-out and then we finally set up my - brand new - wii. And proceeded to 'try it out'. Like for three hours straight? Without even noticing. That thing is so addictive! And so much fun too. We started with Les Lapins Crétins (Raving Rabbids, I think?) and just laughed our assess off. This game is insanely stupid but in the most crackilicious way. Mind you, sometimes you laugh so hard you can't play correctly and I think it's really unfair to lose points like that. They should totally give us some 'I-was-too-busy-laughing-because-this-is-all-so-silly-so-it-wasn't-really-my-fault-I-missed' bonus points. Or something.

And since I had a Fnac voucher, today I bought a second wiimote so that I can play against someone else *bounces*

Oh, and I finally had the time to sit down and read my very first BBB this afternoon \o/ And what a gorgeous fic I picked, too! Let Each Who Is Worthy. I'd been dreaming of reading that kind of mormon!Brendon fic forever. And it was even better than I thought as the story is GSF and that's like the best thing in that fandom because sometimes I just can't choose which pairing I like best? But with GSF it doesn't matter because you don't have to choose! You have all your favourite pairings gathered in one Super Hot and Most Amazing Mass Pairing, woot! I still haven't let her a feedback, so this rec might be a bit premature on my part but I felt compelled to rec it and I promise I'll comment later on.

Changing the subject now but it's something I've meant to ask for ages and never got around to; does anyone know/like the show K-Ville? They've been airing it lately and I really enjoy Boulet and Cobb's dynamics. Trouble is a) I missed the first episodes and b) I'd love to see the show in English, but I have a hard time finding torrents. Could one of you help me, please? Tia.
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Some people might think a typical 'girls' night' is all about watching chick flicks while eating chocolate and gossiping about boys - well, around the FP, a typical girls' night is apparently watching WWE while drinking beer (without getting drunk, thank you very much) with a side of gay porn. Or, ok, not gay porn as such, more like gay romance. Though the eating chocolate - and other candies - is definitely true.

That was pretty much our night. [ profile] moimoietmoi sorta pimped us into WWE, which we had a lot of fun watching. Well, Sam and me, we did. [ profile] greedy_dancer was a tad skeptical... After that, I proposed that we watch Shelter - people have been telling me I needed to watch that film for about ever, so I thought watching it during a FP Night was the perfect time. Ok, to all those people who recc'ed the film to me? You were so right! I should have watched it sooner. Except it was awesome seeing it for the first time with the FP, so maybe not; we kept sighing and melting and angsting and then cooing and just squeeing all around. It's such a sweet, feel-good story!

Also, [ profile] spikedluv, if you're reading this? You'll be happy to know that your name was mentioned as I kept thinking of you and your fics. Should I want to read about Zach and Shaun, I'll know where to go :-)

Oh and MCR was pimped too. Even better, GD and I didn't have to do anything, Sam actually asked to see a clip for our MCR guys. Of course, we translated the 'a' clip into 'five' but, hey, she should have known better! And because a pimping is never done, GD is busy showing more clips and interviews at the moment as I speak. Mind you, I think Sam is more interested in the tattoo aspect of the thing... we've been showing her the MTV LA Ink thing? Yes. But she's been pimped other stuff, 100% MCR related, so it's all good.

As for SPN, we thought we'd watch it together but we can't because GD is still about a hundred years behind...

PS: Hee, I loved Brendon's latest twitt!offering and Zach's reaction to it lol Also ♥ ♥
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Brendon twitters the lyrics to the Frosted flakes/Tony the Tiger commercial! Zach offers to watch Brendon surf and fight off sharks for him! So cute!

I never thought I could have so much with twitter ♥ ♥

I have 157 unbundled tags over at my account... why do I do this to myself? I know all about my tag tendencies over there, I know I'm always finding new categories to add to the list when I link to a new fic, I know I should go and bundle things up on a regular basis, but do I do it? Of course not! *smites self* Then again, I'm a RL procrastinator, I suppose it's only fair I'm a cyber-one too?

Reading the Australia SPN Con reports, I'm thinking Asylum is gonna be epic - please, please, no cancellation *fingers still crossed* Misha Collins is insane, dude! I thought J2 liked to mess with the fangirls' heads? Ha! Sometimes, they're almost amateurs compared to this guy. In any case, they do make one hell of a team, the three of them - Misha does fit wonderfully.
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Because I can be incredibly easy - and easily entertained - I still can't believe that I get to hear Brendon singing in my telly whenever the Coca Cola ad is on! I had no idea Open Happiness was for the commercial, so imagine my surprise when I realised this was Brendon singing on my telly the first time I saw the ad!

Well, technically, I didn't see the ad that first time - not really. I was readind a fic with the tv on in the living room. Even though I was pretty focused on the story, the part of my brain that is apparently connected to Patd 24/7 realised Brendon was singing on aforementioned telly, so I sprang from my chair, slid to the living room and squeed at the screen, even though aforementioned ad was over. I almost gave Cookie a heart attack in the process. I am sorry for that, but I explained the commotion and she totally got it. Plus, she almost gives me a heart attack whenever she catches something Batman and/or Joker related, so.

Oh, so interesting story brought to you because the ad was on not five seconds ago :-p

I had a lovely day with tbf!Sandrine, her boyfriend and my nephew today. We brought him to a kid show which omg, was rubbish! But it was the kind of bad that turns hilarious, so we had a good time - just not the way we expected. Then again, Lucas had a blast so that's the only thing that counts. After the show we had a little stroll at the Buttes Chaumont park - it was such a gorgeous day, sunny and just gorgeous - before stopping at a little café. If that's not a great day, I don't know what is :-)

Unrelated, I'm reading Duma Key at the moment and I absolutely love it but man, it stresses the hell ouf of me! Which, yes, it's supposed to and I'm happy it does, but still... if I listened to myself I'd just go and read the last pages so that I knew how it's gonna end stop stressing out.

Hey, I just did the math and I've been a fan of King's for the last 17 years - or 18 if you consider I'll turn 30 in May. That's nice :-)
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Oh, Winter, how you spoil me this year! I was greeted by a lot of snow when I opened my shutters this morning. Snow! Twice this year! Unbelievable.

Alas, and ironically enough, even though it snowed more than it did last month, it didn't last at all. Silly weather decided to rise early in the morning so it all melted away fairly quickly. Last month it lasted a whole week, this time, not even a day. Still, snow will never not make me insanely happy so YAY! SNOW! Of course, it screwed with public transport but, whatever. Besides, it's not as if we weren't used to it. Not the snow, I mean, but the messedup!public transport.

Changing the subject; I had a busy weekend and thus still haven't watched the new SPN. Can you believe it? So I need to remedy it and watch it. That and the new Being Human, which is downloading as I type.

Then, I'll need to make a choice; new tv or new chapters of Assassin's Apprentice? Tough decision! I hear Fitz and the Fool calling me and it is compelling.

I just don't know what I want with that novel; either rush through it and finish the last half of it or just pace the reading and make it last. Mind you, I have the other two volumes sitting on my To Read bookshelf - plus the first volume of the Tawny Man series that I bought yesterday - but it's just, you only have one chance at reading a book for the first time, know what I mean?

So, anyway, I'm torn.

Oh, and omg! Countdown officially started this morning: D-5 before London+Avenue Q with the French Posse! It's gonna be such a blast! *bounces*

PS: Icon doesn't have anything to do with this post but after seeing Panic's latest performance (Florida concert), I've been completely FILLED WITH LOVE FOR BDEN! Yes, even more than usual. Yes, it is possible! I have an endless supply of love for my favourite guys, I surprise even myself sometimes! Oh, Brendon! Oh, Panic! ♥ ♥
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My program for the night? Watch that video of Brendon dancing and flailing and being, you know, Brendon, so many times that I'll have the images imprinted on my cornea! Or something. Oh, Brendon, how so awesome?

And I totally deserved some Panic related present because today was hard! So I was back at work and it was a bit of a long day. I'd forgotten how tired the flu made you. I mean, obviously it's not mono (or How Mouse Has Been Reading [ profile] audrarose's Latest Awesome J2 Fic) or anything serious, but still, very tiring.

Also, there was an accident in St Michel, so the C line was shut down. Problem is, that's the one and only line that goes to Choisy. I had to take a gazillion connections then a bus to make it home. But I travelled with a young woman who - when she heard I was heading to Choisy - asked if she could stay with me because that's where she was going as well and she wasn't sure how to make it there, and we ended up talking about books and anime and it was a lot of fun.

Hey, I saw that Slumdog Millionaire has been released? That is the film inspired by the - oh, so wonderful - novel by Vikas Swarup, right? I ask because it does look like it, except I was pretty sure the main character was named Ram Mohammad Thomas in the novel and I see that he doesn't have the same name in the film? I don't know why but it confuses the hell out of me. Also, I wonder what else has been changed, and will I enjoy the adaptation?
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Whenever I listen to Folie à Deux - which is quite often these days what with my mp3 and the CD I bought last week and then the copy on my HD - I'm struck by the thought that I'll see them live in March and I'm in awe each time. It's gonna be glorious!

Speaking of bandom. Last night I was on-line doing all kinds of thing and I had Les incroyables secrets de la magie enfin dévoilés on the telly, as a background sound. The show where they reveal how some magical tricks are made? As I was watching the magician's assistants do their stuff I had an idea for a Panic AU where Brendon would be one of those assistants. I know they're always women, well, in this AU Brendon would be one of the rare male assistants that exist in the milieu.

Anyway, he'd be all serious and focused and professional on stage, and then as soon as the trick would be done, he would totally spazz about it off stage and be like 'Omg did you see? The knife was this close to my heart! It could have killed me dead!' And Spencer would roll his eyes and be all 'Brendon, he doesn't throw any knives, ok? You know that' Making Bden goes 'but imagine it'd been real, Spencer Smith, imagine then!' And because Spencer knows when it's best to indulge him he would say that yes it was so incredibly scary to watch Ryan - Ryan would be the magician and Jon would be one of the techies behind the scene, I think - throw the scary knives at Brendon. And Bden would be all happy and satisfied that Spencer had acknowledged the seriousness of the situation and he would then go see Jon and demand a piggy-back ride because he'd almost died out there!

Because as much as I love unsecuresadlonely!Brendon, I also have an insane amount of love for dorkybouncycute!Brendon. Not that one automatically excludes the other, mind! Some of my most favourite stories have both...

And this has nothing to do with bandom but I can't wait to be tonight cause [ profile] angeliksmall and I will be christening the raclette machine I got for Christmas. Mine is different from the big one you see on the pic, though, it's called Toi et Moi/You and Me and is made for two persons, meaning it's cute and tiny and shiny.

I kept being invited to Raclette Parties the past month except with Big Tops I could never go, which a) made me very sad and b) made me crave a good raclette like you wouldn't believe, but tonight I'll finally get my wish \o/
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[ profile] angeliksmall has abandoned me to go frolicking in London and she won't be back till Tuesday *pout* It's very sad when one of your favourite fangirls isn't working with you anymore. Un seul être vous manque et tout (votre service) est dépeuplé [/de Lamartine quote] Is it Tuesday yet?

I finally have Panic Live in Chicago in my possession!!! I went and bought it during lunch-break yesterday. I planned on watching it last night but alas it wasn't meant to be. I also wanted to write my Christmas cards but that didn't work out really well either. I only wrote four of them before my eyelids started to droop and there was no stopping them. Still, four is better than none so yay Christmas cards!

Another yay is for Twitter. Because, yes, I have a twitter account now. I promise I won't be twittering from my mobile to my LJ, though. I didn't really plan on getting a twitter account, not even when people on my flist were falling in love with it, but then MCR decided to be unbearably adorable over there and I had to know what they were saying, so I joined. And it is fun. Not just to stalk follow your favourite bands but overall. I don't know if I'll use it regularly - I have a Facebook account and I haven't been there for ages - but at the moment I'm visiting the site everyday.

And this has nothing to do with anything but apparently I fucked up my left arm; not only does it hurt but I can't really move it. I have no idea what I did - it started hurting yesterday so it can't be last weekend's Big Top, can it? - but it sure is annoying. And of course it had to be my left arm, so I have to try and pretend to be right-handed for awhile.

Now, back to editing lessons on insurance law, which is as boring as it sounds. Except for how it's actually fun because I'm basically doing beta work for university teachers. Which is a load of fun in and of itself. I get to correct mistakes made by teachers! I bet many students would love to do that, talk about revenge lol
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Omg, you guys, I'd forgotten the sheer joy of writing a fic! Forgotten the pleasure of turning words into sentences into scenes into paragraphs into chapters! The flow of words on the screen, the scenes taking a life of their own as they start to fill the page, I'd forgotten how wonderful it all was! But thanks to Merlin, I've been reminded and it is good :-)

I decided to close the file and take a break, though, when I wrote 'kink' instead of 'king' one time too many, as well as "boyband" instead of "boyhood". I think my subconscious was trying to tell me I was starting to tire a bit. Or it was trying to tell me it wants me to read maybe bandom and/or under-age kinky fics. I'm still not sure.

And look at the reward I got for writing one more chapter to my fic: Panic at the Disco Live in Chicago DVD trailer! Heee boys! Heee documentary! *wants* *that is, even more than before* I still haven't ordered it, btw, would you believe it? It's just that I can't decide - limited edition or regular edition? I know it sounds like it's a no brainer but sometimes I create dilemmas even though there should be none. I need help!

Oh and speaking of DVD of Awesomeness and, in this case, of Merlin'ness - someone posted some teasers for the DVD extras and I cannot wait for the complete 1st series box set to be released! They are going to release the whole series in one box set, right? I don't want the two volumes! I want one shiny box set to gather them all! Except in order to have that, it means the first series has to be over and I refuse to think of that time when we won't have brand new Merlin on our tv every week!

Unrelated now. My brand new favourite thing to do atm? Wait to go from 11.59PM to midnight and watch the universe change right before my eyes. Or, if you want to be un-poetic, wait for gmail to change my 'planets theme' picture to the new one. I'm totally smitten with my theme, it's so gorgeous!
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Tonight is a wonderful night! First because it's Thursday, meaning tomorrow is Friday meaning it's the weekend and SPN Day! Second because I have [ profile] crazybutsound at home with me this week meaning Starbucks after work and fannish talks in the evenings and SPN With Another Fangirl Tomorrow and many other fun things. And third! Oh, third because we just watched Panic's new video for Northern Downpour and just - the love, flist, the L.O.V.E! It's gorgeous! Simple and poetic and just gorgeous. And it doesn't hurt that Northern Downpour is one of my most favourite of their songs :-)

Speaking of gorgeous, btw? Hee but how gorgeous is Brendon in that video! I was like 'wow'! And Ryan and his classy clothes and Jon and Spencer and I LOVE PANIC AT THE DISCO! \o/

That was a thing of beauty. Even though the quality of the video was sort of crappy. I mean, we couldn't watch it from the MTV site because we're outside of the US - oppression! - so we watched it at YT instead and that's the one we found but whatever, it was fantastic anyway ♥ ♥

We'll watch it a couple more times... then I'll try to pimp Merlin to [ profile] crazybutsound. Wish me luck!

And speaking of Merlin, there's a fancon in the making over at [ profile] merlinmeet. If you think you'd like to spend a weekend in the UK surrounded by fangirls around that particular show, then you might be interested. I know I am :-) Then again, I'm addicted to cons; if I could I'd attend every one of them! That is, the ones about my favourite shows/fandoms/bands. Which, admittedly, would still make for many of them :-)


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