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Jan. 30th, 2014 10:58 pm
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I've skimmed through my entries of January and omg I sound like a broken record! I keep ranting about work and whining about how tired and busy I've been. And you still stuck with me? You're all stars ;) If I had to write a conclusion to those entries, it'd be that I'm more than ready for January to be over. Good thing, too, as tomorrow night we'll bid January goodbye. Good riddance!

Though, ok, to be honest, January did bring some very positive things. First, I discovered One Direction and fell for a new fandom. Always a reason to celebrate. Then I was able to offer some concrete help to my parents re: their jobs and that has filled me with joy! It also gave me the opportunity to help a friend. Add to that the new skills I learnt in the process (that I'm still learning, as a matter of fact) and, in a way, it's like the gift that keeps on giving everyone ;)

One thing I'm a bit sad about is that I wanted to keep up with my reading but alas it wasn't meant to be. I still haven't read more than 150 pages of The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood; I am enjoying it but I'm afraid I haven't been in the right frame of mind to really commit to it. So instead of reading it in a week like I meant to it's been dragging. I'm sure GoodReads is eager for me to come visit so that it can explain to me in great details how far behind I am on my challenge and how I should be ashamed! Or maybe I'm just reading a bit too much in the whole thing? Ahem.

Ok, so I actually thought this would be the right time to have a look and I'm not behind! I'm actually one book ahead. Guess it's too early in the year to be behind. I approve \o/ Let's just try to keep it that way for as long as possible ;)
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I don't know what's been happening those past two weeks but I've been efficient, reasonable and disciplined. The ultimate proof that everything can happen ;-)

I'm - so far - sticking to the resolution to go to the library 2-3 times a week after work for, at least, 2 hours. The feeling of satisfaction once I'm back home is, idk, indescribable? ;-) Basically I can spend the whole evening reading fic, reading a book, cruising LJ, watching my shows without feeling the slightest bit of guilt because I've kept the good work earlier. So I can do all those things, meaning I can do absolutely nothing and be happy about it \o/ Somehow, I can appreciate it even more because I know I'm not wasting time I should be using to study. Win-win situation.

I've also decided to do something about the lack of actual-books!reading that has been going on last year. Complaining about the fact that I'm not reading anymore isn't exactly helpful so I thought of doing something new, ie stop complaining and actually do something about it. So. When I'm back home, I'm now putting the laptop away after I've had a bit of fun and picking up A Book. And, more incredible yet, I try to go to bed before midnight, sans aforementioned laptop, and read some more. I can't believe I'm proud of that "accomplishment" but sad truth is, it is an accomplishment since, up until recently, I spent hours reading fic and going to bed/sleep late because I was, you guessed it, reading fics. I needed to find more time to read books and since I couldn't exactly cut in my studying or my social/familial life, I picked teh internet. I told myself, "self, it's just a matter of balancing things out. I'm not forbidding you from going on-line and enjoying your time there, I'm just demanding you make more room for all those books you've been complaining of abandoning." And so I did.

So far so good \o/

Having said that - and contrary to the subject I picked for this entry - some things are still my top priorities and tonight I'll be watching White Collar before I even look at my book (I'm re-reading American Gods) because WhiCo is back, did you know? ♥ ♥ This will be the second episode I download since Megaupload's demise. It's just not the same without it - except for how it is. I will miss MU, though, it was my primary source of tv downloads and, even though I have other means to get my hands on them, it's just another sign that things are a-changing and I don't like changes :-/ Besides, I hate the idea that websites like that can disappear overnight. Let's just hope that MediaFire, RapidShare & al won't follow. I need to download my weekly dose of tv shows in order to be able to dole out some nice amount of money to get the actual DVDs of aforementioned downloaded shows and maybe some merch (mugs, tshirts) and, if I'm lucky - or they are - a ticket for an expensive convention... maybe abroad - so that I can spend even more money as a tourist!

Anyway, that's neither here nor there ;-) Though wait, I have to share something hilarious and brilliant: When LOTR meets SOPA
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I've resurrected my GoodReads account. Wait, that sounds a bit dramatic; I never deleted it but it has been seriously neglected the past year: case in point, I'd failed to add a "2010-reading" bookshelf! I'm full of shame these days, really #TheStateOfMe

Upon deciding to start using it again, I decided to add more books from my (real, physical) bookshelves because, so far, I was only adding novels that I'd been reading since I opened aforementioned GR account, nothing prior. And it made me feel jealous to see people with hundreds of books on their profile. So I decided to remedy it and change my 'policy'. I don't know if it's annoying for people to have a whole bunch of updates popping up every day when they check their contact lists but I'm afraid I can't get around it. And I won't add all the books I own, anyway...

Speaking of GoodReads, does it traumatise anyone else when you want to add a new book and the edition of your own copy doesn't come up in the suggested list? It always pains me to click on the "wrong" cover!

It's nothing compared to the pain of finding out that the edition you have of one of your favourite author has changed its covers and the next novels you'll buy won't have the same look as the others you already own. I lived through that difficult situation just a couple of days ago when I went searching for new John Irving books to buy and realised the books at the store were from the same edition, yes, but of different style. Which is even more traitorous, if you ask me. Then I felt traitorous because I kinda liked the new look better.

Ok, moving on! *cough* I'm Mouse over at GoodReads. If you want to add me, be my guest :-)

Unrelated, you know how there are some commercials that just too damn cute? The most recent Oreo commercial is among them - the one I'm talking about is in French but they're basically the same all over the world, apparently? This the version with a little a little girl explaining to her dad how to eat Oreos ("you don't have to say 'yummy' but me? I can't help it") and forbidding him to give it a try at the end because she "doesn't think he's ready for it". Just love her little voice and that lisp of hers, which is adorable. Said commercial behind the cut )
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Oh, Winter, how you spoil me this year! I was greeted by a lot of snow when I opened my shutters this morning. Snow! Twice this year! Unbelievable.

Alas, and ironically enough, even though it snowed more than it did last month, it didn't last at all. Silly weather decided to rise early in the morning so it all melted away fairly quickly. Last month it lasted a whole week, this time, not even a day. Still, snow will never not make me insanely happy so YAY! SNOW! Of course, it screwed with public transport but, whatever. Besides, it's not as if we weren't used to it. Not the snow, I mean, but the messedup!public transport.

Changing the subject; I had a busy weekend and thus still haven't watched the new SPN. Can you believe it? So I need to remedy it and watch it. That and the new Being Human, which is downloading as I type.

Then, I'll need to make a choice; new tv or new chapters of Assassin's Apprentice? Tough decision! I hear Fitz and the Fool calling me and it is compelling.

I just don't know what I want with that novel; either rush through it and finish the last half of it or just pace the reading and make it last. Mind you, I have the other two volumes sitting on my To Read bookshelf - plus the first volume of the Tawny Man series that I bought yesterday - but it's just, you only have one chance at reading a book for the first time, know what I mean?

So, anyway, I'm torn.

Oh, and omg! Countdown officially started this morning: D-5 before London+Avenue Q with the French Posse! It's gonna be such a blast! *bounces*

PS: Icon doesn't have anything to do with this post but after seeing Panic's latest performance (Florida concert), I've been completely FILLED WITH LOVE FOR BDEN! Yes, even more than usual. Yes, it is possible! I have an endless supply of love for my favourite guys, I surprise even myself sometimes! Oh, Brendon! Oh, Panic! ♥ ♥
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Badly Written, OTT Romance Novel of Doom has been read! God, the first one was a bit eye-roll inducing but at least it was well written - that is, I read fics written a hundred times better pretty much every day on the flist but it was readable - but the second one was a nightmare! But I defeated it and finished it and now it's behind me and it is a happy time indeed \o/ Just need to finish writing the blurb now.

Also, did you know that after knowing a man for one single week, it's apparently okay to say 'yes' when he tells asks you to marry him in six months time? I mean, that's totally appropriate behaviour. And, when you think of it, yes, why would you want to, you know, actually know someone before accepting to marry them? Imagine the time you'd save if you just got engaged after a single week!

But, okay, I said the novel was behind me now so shutting up *zips it*

My reward for persevering till the bitter end was new Bandom Big Bang fic. I picked the Bob/Mikey/Frank Mafia AU because a) hi, have you seen the pairing? and b) I can't resist mafia stories... I think it's the Italian in me. It's like The Godfather; I was such a fan of those films when I was a kid. It totally reminded me of my family. Minus the head-bashing, killing people part, that is. But, yeah, mafia stories with the family loyalty thing always get to me. So when I saw the synopsis, I was totally there! And I was inspired because the fic is all kinds of awesome ♥ ♥

Oh, and I'm eating chocolate while reading the fic, isn't that just the best way of reading a fic? Or the best way of eating chocolate, depending. I'd originally bought said chocolate to welcome the Romanian delegation of one that will arrive at my place on Saturday, except I can resist everything but temptation so the chocolate has been, let's say, sampled. I'll totally buy some more before you arrive, [ profile] enigel, though, promise :-)
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You'd think working in the family business - minus the saving people and hunting things part; as far as we're concerned, it'd be more like 'calling people, selling things', slightly less exciting maybe, though much safer - so you'd thinking working here would allow me a day off on a Certain Day, right? Well, no! How outrageous! And I won't even have the permission to leaver earlier than 6.00 PM either! Such a cruel world I live in, really!

Cruel but also fun, let's be honest. This morning, one of the estimates I sent included the renting of a camel. A real, living, breathing camel. And we received earlier a box containing many candies and other assorted chocolates as a sample for when we'll propose them to our clients. In case you were wondering, they're yummy :-)

And this has nothing to do with candies, except that the characters were extremely sweet and interesting and all kinds of awesome but the Temeraire fans among you will be happy to know that I totally share the love. The past month I've gone through a phase where I just stopped reading - and for no reason because I absolutely adored His Majesty's Dragon as soon as I started it - but I went back to it yesterday and just devoured it.

I have so much love for Laurence and Temeraire! And not just them but also for Harcourt and Lily and Berkley and Maximus and little Roland and many others... Also spoilers )

I'll get my hands on the rest of the series asap! The book I'm reading now is a book I very recently purchased and what made me smile is that I apparently managed to find the only queer book in the whole bookshop, completely by accident, too: the owner was impressed. I was as well :-) Though I told him I had a sort of gaydar for books so it wasn't that surprising.

Okay now, break over, let's go back to the grid.

Though, wait. Anyone noticed how I didn't mention Chiara once in my entry? And how I didn't talk about the fact that my sister and her went back home this morning? I won't even say that my BIL sounded so extremely moved at having her in the house, in her bedroom... he said that the room really became alive when they introduced her to it, that it all made sense somehow, now. Man, he says the loveliest things ♥
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Okay. So. On the question of Ugly Betty; [ profile] rosengirl, you'll be happy to know that I think I could get into it. Once you focus on the crack and accept that the whole OTT and stereotypical thing is part of it, it get easier to go with the flow. It's crack and funny and it can be quite touching too.

Also, I really do like many of the characters: Betty is all kinds of awesome - though, boy, does she make me cringe sometimes! - the whole Suarez clan is very dear to my heart - I adore Justin! And I adore that his character is the way he is - and I really like Christina. Daniel has daddy issue and big brother issue and confidence issue and that's of the good. Oh and I'm happy because Christopher Gorham's character came in the picture and I can't wait to see more of him.

And speaking of shows that recently made it to France. I watched the first two episodes of Friday Night Lights on Sunday. I liked it. It wasn't Love at First Sight or anything but I watched both episodes from start to finish. Which surprises me a bit because I don't give a damn about American football. I tried to watch a match once - from the Superbowl - and it made me laugh. But apparently FNL caught my interest.

Though, wow, the religious theme is so heavy! No wonder so many things are screwed up in our world; God is apparently way too busy dealing with American football! QED.

Anyway, this is another show I'll try. See if I wanna follow it every week. Technically it's not my kind of show but you never know...

On the book front now. I'm halfway through Liquor by Poppy Z Brite and I'm having a blast. If you enjoy queer lit - which, dude, I didn't forget who I'm talking to, I'm just sayin', is all - and food? This book is for you. Food porn, guys, food porn. And friendship and love. With a serving of mystery - this is Brite, after all. What's not to love?
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Couldn't go to work yesterday; it took me, like, ten minutes just to get out of bed thanks to my back being all screwed up and hurting like a bitch - I think I must have looked more like a turtle on its back than a mouse at that moment. And the pain didn't abate in the slightest afterwards. I decided it was maybe time to go to the doctor. Which I did, at 7.30 pm. Apparently there's a virus in Choisy and everyone is sick so he didn't have a single free time slot before. I'm still happy he gave me an appointment at all but it does mean that I hurt all Wednesday too because, of course, the meds I had weren't appropriate.

My mom drove me there - ♥ ♥ - and then to the pharmacy and when I finally took the right meds, oh boy, was it a beautiful moment! lol

He took me off work today and tomorrow - which was a pleasant surprise - and I also have to wear a collar thingie to hold my neck still? To help with the pressure put on it.

So I'm home, kicking back and chilling today. And keeping still. It means there will be no going to Sandrine tonight and no going to work after work tomorrow night, which, well it's a pity for the money but I really hate that job so it's not that sad.

I read pretty much all afternoon yesterday and finished The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall; I'd definitely rec it to people who want something a bit different. I really enjoyed the book and couldn't take it down. As for today, I think I'm gonna read The Little Death by Michael Nava. Amazon finally sent it my way so this will do for today. It's a pretty thin book so it shouldn't take long. I might regret not having bought the next novel in the series but, well, I wanted to make sure I'd get into said series in the first place. Next in line might be Drawing Blood by Poppy Z Brite which I've also received earlier this week.

[ETA: The Little Death has been read and I really enjoyed it. I'll definitely get the rest of the series!]

And I'll also watch Pushing Daisies again because I have this sudden craving for the Pie Maker and the Secret Keeper's adventures. And Chuck's too *g*
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So. I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Obviously, there will be spoilers behind the cut. For the past few days, I was the one who had to be strong and not click, it's actually a wonderful feeling being able to make my very own cut about HP on this day )

Well, now that it's done, I'll be able to catch up with the rest of my reading and also all the shows I've downloaded but haven't watched yet. I apparently also downloaded the premiere of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I'm not sure I'll follow it but I couldn't resist seeing Heroes!Zach as John Connor. And also, Summer Glau is always a joy to see *g*

Though first, I'll hunt down some HP fics *nods*
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I've been feeling lousy all of yesterday. Am feeling slightly better today but I sure wish I wasn't at work. And that I could look forward to a whole weekend of sleeping and resting. Except we're leaving Very Early Tomorrow Morning to Bretagne for one of my cousins' wedding. Don't know when we'll get back. Sunday evening, I guess, something like that. I asked for my Monday - that is, I asked if I could have Monday off - but I don't know if I'll get it. [ETA: I did, wheee!]

Tv makes you smart; I'm sure everyone agrees? And Numb3rs even more so, dude. So I've started reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - which, is awesome, btw - and at the beginning of the book, I'm like 'hey, the chapter numbers are prime numbers.' And they were! I mean, before N3 I swear I wouldn't even have noticed lol And then Christopher - who's such a fascinating character - starts talking about the Monty Hall problem and I was like 'hee dude! That's the problem with the car and the goats and the probabilities!' and just - N3, I love you for making me recognise math stuff ♥ ♥

Speaking of Numb3rs and books. I want that one, I waaaant! *makes grabby hands* Thanks go to [ profile] admiralandrea for drawing it to my attention :-)

Changing the subject now. Can you believe [ profile] sentinel_thurs is at its 200th challenge this week? 200, dude! I still remember that day when Terri and I decided that LJ needed a TS comm and we went at it. I don't remember how many mails we exchanged that day but, man, we must have set a new record, even for us lol

Can you imagine SenThurs was actually, like, the first active TS community on LJ at the time? Or one of the very first... there were practically no TS comm then. It was bloody sad. And I almost didn't have any TS people on my flist either. Did I mention twas sad? Things do change, though, eh? :-)

Oh and I've watched the new Kyle XY and I'm enjoying that new season so much! Okay so nothing new under the sun but still... Cutting this as it might get spoilery fast. ) So anyway, still having a lot of fun with that one :-)
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1. I'm seriously behind in my reading-actual-novels but since I moved in the flat I've picked up aforementioned reading so I might catch up, eventually \o/ Atm I'm reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel and if you're looking for something a bit different, I'd definitely rec that book. I'm halfway through it and I don't know whether I want to rush til the end or make it last as much as possible. All I know is that I absolutely adore it and now I want to read more of Martel's work. I think I'll pick Self next.

Though before that I need to give Michael Nava a try *nods* Hee so many novels to read!

2. This is the time of the year when I'm - again - contemplating joining challenges even though I know - me and the rest of the universe, maybe - how bad I am with them. But! The last challenge I tried was a success since I finished the fic I was supposed to write and I'd love to turn that success into an actual trend. Of course, I'm also running the risk of actually cancelling said success and going back to my usual response which is, well, not to write any.

I think I need to see if I can write the SPN fic for [ profile] turps33 first. If I do win at that friendly meme/challenge, then maybe I'll be able to play in a bigger playground.

Possibly I'm thinking too much about the whole writing thing. And possibly I should shut up, open Word and just write something, anything... twould be freeing, that's for sure.

3. I'm up-to-date with both Kyle XY and The 4400 \o/ Incidentally, I think the amount of love I have for Kyle XY is a bit on the ridiculous side... the sad thing is, I don't even care and keep mentally clapping my hands and bouncing each time I watch a new episode. Kyle XY is the deceptive new girl at school. You see her and you think she's very cute and nice but maybe a bit, how to say it, lame. Still, you do befriend her because did I mention she was cute and nice? And then one day you realise there's more to her than meets the eyes and she actually has some depth and also she's a bit kinky and, wow, you never thought you'd have so much fun with her! And you keep going to her because as 'lame' as she might look, there's just something in her that keeps calling to you, that keeps pushing your buttons. And boy do you love it!
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Wow, finding a real download for SPN was a nightmare today! But I was not defeated and finally found a not!corrupted! not!cut file and heee how awesome was that episode? No, I'm asking you! Spoilers for 2x19 - Folsom Prison Blues )

So anyway, that was an episode of love! And since I've been spoiled for next week's episode - dude, if it happens again for the big finale? I will cry - I can safely say that I might never recover from the end of the season. But I'll die happy :-)

Unrelated now. I've finally succeeding in catching a second episode of House on the telly Wednesday night and there was Sela Ward! I knew she played in the show but since I kept missing the episodes I kept missing her too - pretty logical so far - and it's done, I've seen her! Objectively speaking, I can acknowledge the fact that there are women who are even more gorgeous than she is but it's like I don't care. I completely lust after her; each time I see her again in a new show, it's like I'm falling in love all over again. To give you an idea, if Jensen Ackles sometimes makes me doubt my lesbianism? Sela Ward is the one who puts me back on the right track :-)

In other unrelated news; new Brodie Farrell novel coming out in May! One day after my birthday too, if that's not fate, I don't know what is :-) I'm still completely smitten with that series and I was looking around to see whether a new book was going to be released and lo, there is! It always amuses me to see the series labelled a 'mystery' though because it's just one of those books where you usually find who's the culprit fairly on in the story but it's not the reason why I'm into it, anyway. It's all about Daniel and Brodie and Jack. Heee I can't wait to meet them again! *bounces*
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Yesterday was a complete waste of time - if I'd known how it'd go, I'd have gone to the signing at Album and get autographs from Jeph Loeb, Mark Miller and Zachary Quinto, believe me! - but today made up for it. The Dad, The BIL, Teacher Boy and I all went and retrieved the furniture for the living room, so now it's at the flat \o/ We followed with some more errands, all necessary but it was like running a marathon this morning.

After that they dropped me at the polling station where I voted. The rest of the family - except for my dad who can't vote - went to their own polling station - which happens to be my sister's and my former primary school, ah sweet trip down memory lane - et voilà.

Now I'm home and I have every intention of not leaving the house again; it's lazying around time!

Last night's SPN was "Home" and "Asylum". Those two episodes won't ever not be brilliant - they give me the same thrill even after the 4512th viewing. I was bouncing quietly on my bed right before The Phone Scene because it's one of my Most Favourite Scenes in SPN. I still prefer the original version but the French one didn't disappoint, and poor Dean did sound choked up too so I could use my 'oh, Dean' without problem. And then I squeed again with the last scene except that I had to cut this because it's a spoilery comment about Home, in case some of you don't actually know s1 )

And I truly am falling in love with s1!Sam. I don't know if the reason is that I've found a new appreciation for s2!Sam and therefore am seeing Sam under a different light now or if it's because of the dubbing *blink* In any case, I'm enjoying him a lot more than I did the first time around. I haven't changed my mind regarding a lot of his behaviour towards John or Dean, but still...

Okay and now, off to read in the garden. I finally finished Le 5ème Règne by Maxime Chattam - which read like a badfic to me, the kind where you have no idea why you keep reading, except maybe you'd like to know how it ends so you keep going, even though it kinda sucks - and am starting Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie. I'm definitely behind in my novel reading but I'm still reading so it's okay, I guess...
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Friday! It's Friday. God, I loved that day before, what with it being Supernatural Friday and all, but now that I have this new job, I'm finding a whole new appreciation for the end of the week :-)

Have finally watched The Black Donnellys last night; will wonders ever cease, eh? "Lies" was all kinds of awesome, as per usual with TBD. It's weird to think that four episodes ago, I didn't know Kevin or Tommy or Jimmy or, well, you get the picture.

Am still madly in love with Kevin; among other things it's in the way he keeps doing what Tommy or Jimmy tell him to even when he doesn't want to or is scared shitless or is being pressured by his mother or whatnot. And I love the way he holds his hands each time he's upset about something. Tommy is still love as well and Jimmy is still the dumbest person alive but he's good with bringing teh angst and I love that. Mama Donnelly is grating on my nerves more and more, though. As for Kate and Nicky and Dockey, I love them too because they contribute to bringing the angst and creepiness and omgsowrong factor to a whole new level. Joey Ice Cream cracks me up; I swear sometimes it feels like he'll put a Keyser Söze on us by the end of the series. It would really make me laugh. I know there's no reason for it - I mean it's not that kind of show - but it just amuses me the way he tells the story and all.

Incidentally, I also have mucho love for the Black Donnellys' site, their interactive preview in particular. If you've seen it, I quite enjoyed the last clip.

I'm still behind N3 and SPN, though. Mind you, today being Friday - whee again! - it means that I'll have a double dose of the Winchester boys Whenever I'll Get to Watch the Episodes. Double dose, yay \o/

Unrelated now, the past days on my way to work - I go to work alone but I come back home with two colleague/buddies so I can't read by then - I've been reading The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13.3/4 and I've laughed my ass off; I love it! I couldn't resist so bought the next three novels in the series. Will buy the rest asap.

Okay now, break over, let's go back to work.

PS: Tomorrow, if everything goes according to plan - *fingers crossed* - I'll get to see NEIL GAIMAN with Sam and GD omg!
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Okay first a question. Does anyone have Street Time sitting somewhere and would be willing to share? And before you all think 'dude the Mouse is doing it again, falling for a new show and pestering us with it' I'll say that no, it's not even for me, you meanies! Give me some credit, I can stay, like, two weeks without falling for a new show. No, I can! Oh anyway, as I was saying it's not for me but for a member of the French Posse Bis, the poor girl is in Rob Morrow withdrawal and she's been looking for that show but without any luck so I though of asking you... can someone help her?

And in case you don't know the show and would like some motivation to look for it, I'll give you the following combo: Rob Morrow + parolee + intense and apparently somewhat fucked up relationship with brother. Nuff said.

Second. I've spent a brilliant afternoon with The Mum and The Sis today. We surprised her with a little outing. We brought her to the Trésors Engloutis d'Egypte exhibition - Egypt's Sunken Treasures - held at the Grand Palais [in Paris]. I know I've mentioned it here before but Mum has been interested in everything having to do with Egyptian history since she's twelve, so when I saw there would be a new exhibition, I knew she'd love it. I've been waiting for the day where we'd be all free and we decided on today. It was awesome seeing her all excited and trying to guess where we were going... The exhibition was pretty amazing, I'm so glad we got to go! Then afterwards we had a drink in Saint Michel. I might have tried to bring them to Starbucks but alas they were packed so we retreated to Paul - which was a perfect second best, mind.

Third, and this will be for the FP² more than anything; I've received the last book I ordered, Pomme Q which I picked because I thought it had been written for me: it's a 1st POV from... a laptop. Like a cyberautobiography. How could I resist that kind of novel, right? The first paragraph cracked me up, in French, sorry: "Je n'ai pas de nom. Juste un très long numéro de série. D'origine modeste et numérique, je suis né dans la tête d'un ingénieur américain protestant sous antidépresseurs et les mains d'une assembleuse taïwanaise confucéenne nettement moins bien payée. J'ai été conçu pour qu'un bobo urbain d'une capitale quelconque me tape sur le système, tant qu'il voudra." I have the feeling it'll read pretty quickly so if anyone wants to give it a try after I'm done with it?

Four. New SPN D-1(+1) omg \o/
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I'm looking for an SPN RPS fic that I read very recently - I should be able to find it but I can't so I'm asking you, guys, because now I really need to read it again. So. It's JDM/JA/JP. It's pretty short. It has Jensen being awake in the middle of the night and thinking of a lot of things about him being with Jeffrey and Jared... and it ends with Jeffrey and Jared telling Jensen he's theirs. Rings a bell?

Also, does anyone have an Hem album? I've discovered Half Acre this weekend and fell in love with the song and I wouldn't mind listening to more... Tia.

I've spent a very lazy Sunday yesterday, which was brilliant. I didn't set a foot outside and I basically spent my day reading. Reading - fic and novel. FP? I've finished Le Maudit. I really liked it, it was a lot of fun and I just love slashy tales :-) I mentioned the story to Teacher Girl and she was interested so she's reading it... [ profile] greedy_dancer, I hope you won't mind waiting a bit for it? Anyway, by the time we find a date to meet, I'm hoping she'll have finished it. I don't know who had the idea to pass the book around the FP, but it was a good one *g*

And I've read a gazillion SPN RPS fics. It's weird because I think it kinda became my second reading fandom... TS is still at the top of the list, and for the longest time SG was number two - even though I rarely talked about it - but the last months in particular a shift occurred and I think SPN RPS took that place. And when I say 'I think', I mean that I know. I also have the feeling that I read more Jared/Jensen than Sam/Dean... though it's certainly a tie because I read a lot SPN, of course, but, yes, maybe a bit more of RPS? Funny that.

Anyway. Today's plan. I'll take care of the Christmas tree and decorations first - the Epiphany being behind us, it's now time. For the record, I still hate the galette des Rois with a passion, I think I ate too much in too short a time when I was a kid. Now I can't even eat one piece of it. Of course I never get the fève either but that's a price I'm willing to pay.

Okay digressing again! I think I'd love to start my [ profile] j2_otpathon too... since I'm blissfully alone in the house -The Teachers are back to work - I might take advantage of it to start writing it. Twould be cool *nods*

And, I'll watch the new Numb3rs, of course :-) The episode is sitting on my HD... all pretty and new, yes!
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Am watching Domino Day even though I know how it'll end. I was all excited at first because I thought that it might be a new 'episode' but then it just didn't make sense. Still, Domino Day is of the good so I had to watch again. I know [ profile] sockich will second that. Also, YouTube agrees with us *points* Domino Day 2006 - part 1 and part 2 [/domino geekiness]

Oh, I've been bad, flist. I've watched the new Heroes promos. Worse yet, I didn't even feel shame - on the contrary, I squeed and totally rejoiced! Wanna be weak bad too? Be my guest: let's start with Hour 2 and then let's go to Hour 3.

So my plans for yesterday as well as for today didn't exactly work out. To compensate, I read Storm Front, the first book in the Dresden Files. So did I like it? Well, I finished it, for a start, and then, right in the middle of it, I made a detour to Amazon to order the next two books, so you tell me :-) Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden rules! I love him. And I'm quite interested in Murphy. And Bob cracks me up. I'm really glad I decided to give that series a go *g* First book of the year was a success \o/

A last random comment for the day - I haven't officially started my fic for the [ profile] j2_otpathon but I've started writing down pieces of dialogues and it makes me happy because there's something there. Admittedly, I've had the two scenes that constitute the story in my mind for sometime now so it's not as if I was starting from scratch, but still. I just hope I'll be able to write it all down without wanting to kill someone :-)

Te pardi !

Aug. 27th, 2006 08:38 pm
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Hello flist, I'm back from Duras. Back to Choisy, back to the city, back to the concrete and the buildings, and it fills me with glee. I'm just the kind of city girl that does love being in the country, but only if she knows, for a fact, that she'll come back to civilisation the grey and pollution that makes her home soon-ish. Or else, she just wants to cry. Being in the country is fine and dandy, it's all green as if the whole world was made of pastures and trees and valleys and there are cows and sheeps and horses and the sky has stars all over and you can even see the milky way and it's so very gorgeous but it's also freaky because dude! The nights? Are too dark! They're dark, without-any-light dark *wide eyes*

Since everything is numbers, during that second week we met with eighteen cousins, went to two markets, drove to one city and cruised a dozen villages. We also admired a dozen churches and one castle - Henry IV's in Nerac - and eighty-two 163 pictures were taken, some of which I'll share as soon as I have time to play with my bugbitten account.

Oh and I love the way they talk too; not just the accent which is so charming but the vocabulary; it's 'te' and 'pardi' and 'drole' all the time. They say 'drole' for 'enfants/kids' a lot. Some of them say 'force fois' for 'souvent/often' etc... I just love that :-)

Also, six books were read. No wait, the six books were read over the course of the two weeks as I could only read two books the second week since we were always somewhere else: Here is the eclectic list if you're curious. )

Anyway, I had a wonderful time during my holidays, though I'm always glad to be back home because, you know, it's home :-)

Okay now, off to watch my first download - Kyle XY whee! - and then Clark will have to be a good boy and download everything else I missed. You go, Clark!
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Godfather and aunt came over yesterday and though three member of the family were missing, our evening still felt like all those times when we were on vacation all together - it felt like summer; the weather was warm, we were all lazying around in the garden, then we did a little BBQ and dude, it smelt of vacation, you know? Also, moxa was done again and it makes me laugh that every three weeks, for twenty minutes, the house smells like a coffee shop in Amsterdam lol

I'm all mellow today - I'm having a busy day but I don't mind. It's a good kind of busy, I guess, and there's something in the air... it just makes me all calm and relaxed and stuff. More than usual, I mean :-)

Changing the subject. I have many ways of finding a new book to read but one that I always find funny is the Fate one. When it feels that fate wanted me to read a particular book. It happens when someone mentions a book I've never heard about before and right after that someone else does. It's like I've ignored the existence of that book for twenty-six years and in the course of ten minutes - or sometimes a day, whatever, a relatively short period of time - I hear about it in two different places. I usually think it's fate so I check it out at least and then decide whether I want to cooperate.

That's what happened with As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann. Last night, I was friendfriends surfing and someone talked about that book - I didn't exactly think anything of it except that less than an hour later, I was poking around [ profile] highwaymiles and bam! Someone else mentioned it in their story notes and, okay, fate was at play, see? So I checked it out and it does sounds intriguing. Though from the reviews, should I read it, I'll have to remember to have a light and fluffy book in handy once I'm done *takes notes*

And speaking of lit and stuff, it reminds me that I totally forgot to mention something that amused me in Smoke and Mirrors - the fact that two of the stories are titled "Mouse" and "Babycakes". Though dude, while the former was disturbing enough, it was nothing compared to the latter. It's incredibly short but so very powerful and disturbing beyond words *shudder*

PS: Can't believe that tomorrow at the same time, SPN S1 will be over and done with *sobs*
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And dude, look at how porny even the most innocent sentences can sound sometimes!

Well it's official, I'm finally completely seeing the Neil Gaiman love. And okay, I never doubted his genius or anything but I wasn't there yet with the fangirling. Back when I decided to try his Sandman series, I did enjoy it but not as much as I would have if it had been a novel as opposed to a comic. See, it's not that I need the words without the graphic since hi, I'm a huge fan of manga but like I said back then, comics just don't do it for me as a rule and it's like I knew I had the potential for becoming a true Neil Gaiman fan but I needed the right material in the form of his novels - and dude, I knew it would click!

American Gods is amazing, it's like poetry in motion or something; haunting and compelling and mystical and witty and so smart and just, wow! I started it last night and I'm already 145 pages into it - couldn't keep my eyes open after a while - because I was so completely engrossed in it that I didn't want to put it down *kisses [ profile] french_hobbit again for the wonderful pressie* I'm truly, completely hooked and I love the way Neil Gaiman writes, the way he thinks and yeah okay, I'm starting a Gaiman collection NOW!

Next in line is Good Omens - I also started reading Terry Pratchett so it's like the best timing ever - and Neverwhere, as well as Anansi Boys, I think. After that, well we'll see :-) I'll go to Paris and see whether I can find the books, otherwise, I'll go in an purchase frenzy over at amazon *bounces*

I was going to keep with my reading the book today but I was hit with a Numb3rs bunny so I had to take care of that. I'm 1000+ words into it and hopefully it'll turn into an actual fic. Midway through the story, it started becoming different from what I thought it would be when I wrote the first sentence so we'll see how it turns out. In any case, I'm writing something and it feels good *g*

Finally, my SPN download is kinda crawling - though it's going faster than the first torrent I picked - and man! I don't know whether I want to click on the cuts on my flist or not. Spoil myself silly or not spoil myself silly, that is the question, hee!


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