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Back from Asylum and from the UK, where I had the most amazing time! After talking with some girls at the con and scanning the flist when I was at [ profile] yami_tai's I know that for many it was a bit of a/complete nightmare, but Tai and I were lucky to have a complete different experience so as far as I'm concerned, I had the best of time :-)

Registration on Friday took all of ten minutes for us and our packages were as they were supposed to be. Then again, we only had the autographs so it might have helped. Speaking of, overall I think we queued for a grand total of 1h30? Like, for both sessions. And because we didn't spend all our lives in the - endless - queues, we basically saw all the panels, minus one - and it was repeated on Sunday so technically we didn't miss it at all. We were also lucky to always have good seats in the panel's room, without ever queuing to get in. Seriously, everything ran smoothly for us ♥ ♥

And the panels! Omg, so good! I remember having a great time at Asylum1? But it doesn't even compare. Every single panel we went to was fantastic. Like, the one with Jared and Jensen was just perfect - I swear it was like watching all those con vids on YT! I was squeeing inside (and ok outside) the whole time. Misha was insane and insanely good (god that man is CRAZY! But in such a funny way). Fredric Lehne started his own panel with a folk song turned SPN song which set the tone, it was a delight. Richard Speight Jr was a lot of fun. Samantha Smith, Amy Gumenick and Matthew Cohen were adorable and so passionate about working on SPN.

And then! Omg, and then there was (Charles) Malik Whitfield and Gabriel Tigerman, who are my new favourite guests at Asylum! Ok, after J2 and Misha but they were so fantastic. If you ever have the opportunity to see them at a con? Run, do not walk, and buy the tickets! A) They have wonderful chemistry and b) they're absolutely hilarious. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I'm not exaggerating at all, btw. I had no idea what to expect with those two guys but that was the most delightful surprise of the con ♥ ♥

So, in conclusion, Asylum made me insanely happy. I still cannot believe I actually saw Jared and Jensen live! At the same time! And Misha! And now I can also say 'hee omg I saw Malik and Gabriel in the flesh too' *bounces*

Ok, I'll try to write a report later - though this time I'm not promising anything - but in the meantime, here're some pictures: ASYLUM YAY! aka How I Managed to Make a Selection of a Dozen Pics. )
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Wanna know what happens when you don't check your flist every single day? They announce JARED PADALECKI as a bonus guest at Asylum 3 and you totally miss the memo! *dies a little*

Jared! At Asylum! With Jensen! And Misha! O.M.G! So, ok, I know that, for all that I love the guy, he has the tendency to cancel at the last minute - not even his fault, but it's just a fact - and, just like with the others, I'll have to maybe brace myself for a cancellation before D-Day and shouldn't get my hopes up but - too late! I'm totally high from the news :-)

So I was already crossing all of my fingers for a 100% non-cancellation from both Jensen and Misha, now I'll have to find people around me to cross their own fingers for Jared too. I can't believe that I might possibly see our beloved J2 for reals! *gasp* Dude!

Exclamation marks are my friends ♥ ♥

Apart from that, work is a bit crazy atm, RL is busy as always, and I'm still in my phase where I choose to read instead of watching my shows, which explains why I'm still behind everything. Though I'll make an exception for SPN - whenever I find the time - because, well, SPN, right? ♥ ♥ Then again, it's enough to know that the show is back. It makes my heart sing :-) That and the knowledge that season 5 is a go - I mean, it's official... right? Missing important memos really suck, I tell you that.

Ok, now, off to have lunch *waves*

Asylum 2

Mar. 20th, 2008 04:20 pm
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Okay so I was told it wasn't too late to decide to go to Asylum - it's not, right? - so I'm, well, I'm thinking about it now. Like, I've looked at my finances, I've looked at flights and stuff... and I'm thinking, ok, it might not be too late yet, but I still need to make up my mind once and for all, so I'm gonna ask some questions first and see where this leads me.

Like. Who exactly is going to Asylum? Just to have an idea - I already know about some of you but I also know I might be mixing up names so... since, should I decide to go, I'll be on my own, I'd like to know for sure that I won't spend the whole weekend on my lonesome...

Speaking of, is anyone else looking for a roommate, by any chance? I guess I could go and ask at the comm but I thought it might be better to start on my own flist, so... let's see.

Also, what about the confirmation letter? I know they usually take, oh, nine months before eventually deciding they might think of sending them out, so if I do buy my ticket and stuff, I guess there's zero chance of me having it by then? What's the plan, then?

I'm giving myself till Sunday to decide one way or the other... but, anyway, if you're reading this - hopefully you haven't all gone on strike already - and if you're going and you want to help me a little? I'm all ears. Tia!
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I wrote my report last night. Will it surprise anyone if I say it got a bit long? Well, if you're new on the flist, it might, mind you, but that was supposed to be a rhetorical question.

So, anyway, I'm on my lunch break so I'm sneaking in and posting this...

Day 1: Friday )

Day 2: Saturday )

Day 3: Sunday )

In conclusion, our weekend was love. I'm completely addicted to conventions and I need to do as many of them as possible. The End.

No, wait, not exactly 'the end'; I so want to go to Asylum now. I mean, more than I did before. Oh, well, maybe next year if we get a 3rd one?
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Omg my internet is back! But I was told by Internet Girl that until the Official Repair Was Made This Afternoon, it could go away at any time, like in two seconds it could die on me again! So stressful omg!

The connection died on me Thursday morning - which as timing goes, really sucked - but it's back now. Oh Little Light On the Livebox, don't start flickering, ok? Just stay lit up all the time and we'll be fine.

Anyway. Hi! Am back from Milton Keynes, back from WinconUk 2.0 and hee that was so awesome! It was [ profile] yami_tai's and my first fancon and we liked it so much that we decided to go to another one asap, so we're already thinking of signing up for Connotations in October. Conventions... they're so addictive *g*

Back to WinconUK; I'll post a report but I guess I have to kinda, you know, work today, so it'll have to wait.

Let's just say that this weekend was a) awesome, as I said and b) pure crack! The stuff fangirls can come up with when they're together... it might be a bit scary, really. But the best kind of course... fangirls always do everything in the best kind of way. Not that I'm biased or anything :-)

There was crack in the form of, I don't know, Jared/Jesus slash, Unicorn/Rainbow fic, naughty hangman with a scary sketch that was supposed to be a sort of J2 69, serious questions about the logistics of zombie sex, RPS in the form of, say, Bartender Guy/Breakfast Boy. The usual, you know? Oh, and Marmite tastes like crap, btw, I don't care that it's supposedly better on bread. No, just no!

Oh and now, thanks to [ profile] charli_macboyd, if there's a zombie invasion, I'll know what to do to try and save my life! Seeing that I'm really afraid of three things, namely 1. sharks 2. clowns and 3. zombies, this is good news.

Another consequence of being at a SPN con all weekend is that I have this insane craving for the show - I mean, more than usual - so I think I need to do a little SPN marathon in order to quash my hunger. Starting tonight, if possible *nods*
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[ profile] french_hobbit sent me a text message telling me it's snowing in Lyon - I mean, you are in Lyon right now, right? And [ profile] sockich is talking about having snow too. Why, oh why is there no snow in Choisy ? *cries*

I don't know why but I have the feeling it'll snow here when I'll be in England. And then it'll snow in London - or Milton Keynes - when I'll be back in France. Because sometimes Irony wants to marry me.

Anyway, let's change the subject and let's talk about a couple of things that are making me Really Happy.

First, of course, the news about Supernatural being - apparently - renewed for a fourth season \o/ [ profile] katikat was the very first one to spread the good news last night and oh, it filled me with joy! My beloved show will come back to us next Fall! ♥ ♥

I couldn't imagine saying goodbye to the boys forever because a) I'm always in total denial re: an eventual cancellation of SPN and b) I thought s3 rocked like a rocking thing and I'm always in denial re: an eventual cancellation of SPN. Do you detect a pattern here?

A fourth season of SPN... it has a wonderful ring to it :-)

And speaking of: as [ profile] turps33 would say 'only three sleeps till Wincon!' In three days I'll attend my very first fancon. Being surrounded with fangirls is the best, I can't wait! And I can't wait to see [ profile] yami_tai again. Or [ profile] morgan32 *bounces*

If someone had told me, all those years ago, that I would one day meet IRL people I met on-line... and that I'd get to meet with them not once but twice or several times; I would have laughed my ass off. And thought they were crazy. Life sure is funny sometimes :-)

And it's not fannish at all, but it does make me happy, anyway: this is where I talk about work and how happy it makes me that Mr Boss is happy with the job I'm doing. )

I just love being able to take pride in my job, it's such a good feeling :-)

And finally, something that will make me happy, I'm sure, the season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chornicles. Well, it'll either make me happy or kill me. Wait, or both. Especially as if it turns out we never get anything more, ever.
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Before I start with my rambling; let me wish the Happiest and Best Birthday to a beloved member of the French Posse, [ profile] french_hobbit! Hope you'll have a fantastic day, girl *kisses* I wish we could see more of each other because GD, Sam and I really miss you when you're not around but c'est la vie, I guess? *kisses some more*

Today is bank holiday so no work for us, whee! I'm seeing tbf!Rissy and if everything goes according to plan, we'll go and see Zodiac. I say 'if everything goes according to plan' because a) we usually have the worst luck as far as going to the cinema and seeing the film we originally wanted go and b) today is the day Zodiac comes out so I'm pretty sure it'll be packed. We'll see *fingers crossed*

Oh hey, have you seen those pics from the different Q&A at Asylum? I don't know what kind of camera [ profile] patsie had and where she was sitting exactly but I don't think I've seen better - and more gorgeous - pictures of Jensen Ackles & Co, wow ♥ ♥ [ profile] ninjetti75, if you haven't seen those entries, run, don't walk, and fall even more in love with your the man! And when I said Allison Mack is gorgeous? You'll see for yourself that I wasn't kidding. Not that it'll be anything new per se but still...

I watched Heroes yesterday. I liked it well enough, I just love how the show messes with our heads but I wasn't, like, killed ded by the thing. Still, I can't wait for the finale. And also, is that a sort of spoiler? I think it might be. ) I adore them together ♥ Speaking of Heroes, I've heard about the spin-off and the voting and I guess I'll watch it too because I'm curious about it. And if non-Americans can vote, I'll certainly try because chances are I will find at least one character to root for and wouldn't it be nice if they did join the original cast? Could be fun. Well, I guess so, we'll see how it turns out, anyway.

And speaking of Renewal of Love, SPN s3 is a go, woohoo! I couldn't wait for it to go official. Oh, boys, never leave us omg! *clings* I can't believe tomorrow will be the last episode before months. But I so cannot wait for it because the last episode was pure hell! Oh, Kripke, you magnificent bastard! *worships* Hey, since apparently Asylum 2 will be all about SPN - hee A2! All SPN! - wouldn't it be awesome if Eric Kripke and/or Kim Manners were there too? Well, if we get either/both Jared and Jensen, I mean. Or! Papa as well! Dude, a fangirl can dream, right?
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Okay. So. I'll try doing my Asylum report now. And try not to digress too much... which is just not possible so what I'm gonna do is specify which day I'm talking about so that you can skip whatever you want :-) I'm sure I'll forget things but still...

Day One - Friday )

Day Two - Saturday, ie Jensen Day )

Still Day Two - Jensen Ackles' Q&A )

Day Three - Sunday )

Man that was such an amazing weekend! I have to go back, have to, you hear? It's official, I'm addicted to conventions. It's thrilling and exciting and you see your favourite actors and you meet so many new people and it's like you're living on a different planet for awhile, except it's a world you know by heart and just - it was amazing, really. I can't wait to do that again *beams*

Oh and next time, I'll totally have my own fannish shirt too *nods* Also, I'm totally going to have one made that says 'oh, Dean!'

ETA: [ profile] moimoietmoi's own Asylum report, with pictures.
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I'm back, flist! Or let's say I'm physically back but my mind is still in Coventry. I'm still completely high from the whole weekend and I just don't know when I'm coming down! It's a good thing I took tomorrow off because I'm pretty sure I'd have been good for nothing *has a thought for poor and unlucky [ profile] moimoietmoi who couldn't take one* *and has another thought for [ profile] angeliksmall and [ profile] jedicathy who are still there*

I'll try to do a real report - I even started writing down some stuff right after Jensen's Q&A session - but just the thought of tackling the thing tonight is making me even more knackered that I already am, which is saying something!

But as a first not!report let me say that I can die happy cause it's done! I SAW JENSEN ACKLES OMG! He was as pretty as ever - yes, even with the little beard and I'm not even into facial hair usually - and so much fun! He's funny - a girl asked for the bee story and the way he told it cracked me up! - and sweet and hot and did I say funny? Also, hearing him talk about Jared and JDM is pure love! You think I was already in love with him before? It's nothing compared to now ♥ ♥ Another moment of love was getting his autograph; can you imagine he was twenty centimeters away from me? Seeing him for real this weekend was a bit surreal, I have to say :-)

Also, the poor guy was a bit shaken up after a crazy fangirl threw herself on him and refused to let go. Dude!

I also might have fallen in love with Allison Mack - I got her autograph too - who's so incredibly gorgeous and adorable and just so very open and friendly and funny; she tells some great stories about her work in SV and Tom Welling & co. Incidentlly, the girls and I actually found ourselves face to face with her at one point when we were waiting in front of the lifts. Twas cute.

Justin Hartley is incredibly funny and so very much high maintenance, wow! lol Man, I don't know what crack he was on but he cracked me up!

And then there were Alona Tal and Nicki Aycox and Alan Ritchson and Jason Manns who performed Saturday night and I just knew Jensen would come and he did join his buddy and - GOD!

Oh, also? This afternoon? The whole gang - like pretty much all the actors, yes including Jensen omg! - passed, like, twenty centimeters from Cathy, Cookie and I when we were randomly waiting in the main hall. We weren't expecting them at all except we suddenly saw Mr Bodyguard and I was like oh oh! Jensen has to be around here! And he was! Even better yet, everyone was as well and just - yay! actors! Life is made of small pleasures like that *nods*

And and! I've met up with [ profile] admiralandrea and [ profile] morgan32 - *kisses both* - and I've found [ profile] rhianne at one point and then recognised and introduced myself to [ profile] mrscutedean and I've also met another French fangirl [ profile] darkfan and a friend of hers - in a whole 'biggest coincidence in the history of ever' thing - and I'm so sorry I couldn't see more, like [ profile] frayen or [ profile] jacqui_hw but, man, it was crazy over there and it feels like it should have lasted a whole week, you know? Except that I'm not sure we'd have survived.

And I've also seen the last episode in a room filled with fangirls on a big screen and, man, watching SPN with 70+ slashers? Is such an amazing experience! No comment on the episode apart from the state I was in aftewards )

And that's it for now. In conclusion? *squeeandflail* I did mention I was still a bit high, right?


May. 11th, 2007 06:55 am
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I have no reason to be up so early, except, well, D-Day will do that to you? Gets you so excited that you actually wake up at 6.00 am with a big smile on your face and ready to face the day much earlier than planned *bounces*

Who would have thought that going to a con abroad to meet one of your favourite actors as well as some other fangirls would be so exciting, uh?

Hee who am I kidding? lol I can't believe it's today!

So anyway, this is the prerequisite 'last pre-con' post... Have a good week-end, guys, I definitely will myself :-)

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On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being HeeSPNFriday! and 10 being OmgI'mDyingHere! my excitement about any new episodes is about, say, 15. On a normal, average day. But, today, due to massive flist scanning all day long - work was kicking my ass, I needed the distraction - said excitement was completely off! the! scale!

I didn't read any spoilers, and I didn't need to. Just the post-ep reactions were enough to make me want to go home and watch the episode so bad that it was pure torture! I was this close to go and see my boss and tell her that, sod it, I was just going to leave work early and go home to watch my beloved show, thank you very much.

The first thing I did when I did get home was to start my download and then I snuggled in bed and watched it and OH GOD! Much flailing inside, but I'm cutting this in case a spoiler slips. Which is my way of saying this will be full of spoilers for 2x20. )

That episode is the prime example of why, even though I acknowledge its faults and flaws, Supernatural will always be one of my most favourite shows ever. Few series make me feel so deeply and I'm a sucker for emotional reactions when I'm watching something... Oh, SPN, I love you so much ♥ ♥

Now I need to go and hunt for some WIAWSNB - man, that's a mouthful - icons. I swear I need a hundred icons just for SPN lol

Speaking of which, next week, at this time - if everything goes according to plan - [ profile] moimoietmoi, [ profile] angeliksmall, [ profile] jedicathy and I should be on our way to a room full of 50+ fangirls to watch the first part of the finale! *can't wait*
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So. I read the news last night and Jared Padalecki isn't attending Asylum, after all. To say that I'm disappointed would be quite the understatement but what can you do, right? That's the problem with conventions, til the last minute you don't know whether you'll be disappointed or elated. We'll only get one half of the infamous J2 *sigh* And even that, we'll have to wait and see if we do...

Nicki Aycox is taking Padalecki's place but I can't say I care, no offense meant. I didn't even care about her character so... As recurring characters go, I'd have much preferred to see Jim Beaver, if you want to know. But still, she'll make some fangirls happy, in the end, as long as someone is happy... Admittedly, what would have made it all better would be if JDM had taken JP's place but I guess that's just not possible.

As for the SV part of the con, man, I so don't care about it that when they announced the other two cancellations, I was like 'who's that?' Yeah, I can't say I paid attention to the SV cast. Ooops? The only reason Eric Johnson kinda rang a bell is that I read a fic yesterday - Re-Cast by [ profile] ladyjanelly - where he played Dean in SPN instead of Jensen Ackles.

But anyway back to JP - I guess it was too good to be true so the cancellation had to happen *sigh* There's even a part of my brain that never really believed it, you know? This was so big, man! Jared and Jensen together? The universe wasn't ready for that much hotness on our side of the pond, it seems *pout* It sucks because it's not as if conventions happen that often around here. I mean, more in the UK than in France, that's for sure - where they're sorta non-existent here - but it's nothing like in the US so that was a one time in a lifetime great opportunity. I'm just - I'm not mad at JP or anything, but I'm just disappointed.

But, okay dude, shutting up now.

Am still completely behind in my tv watching. Didn't have the time to watch anything last night. I won't say I'll catch up tonight, though, that way I won't jinx myself *nods*

Oh and I worked at the flat yesterday afternoon! I peeled off the wallpaper in my bedroom. Well I didn't finish but there's only one wall left. I'll go back today and work on the rest. I felt quite accomplished after that :-)
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This is it! Birmingham and Coventry, here we come! We have the confirmation for Asylum and I just took care of the plane tickets, so bar any catastrophe, [ profile] moimoietmoi and I are set for the con *knocks wood & crosses fingers* Hey, [ profile] angeliksmall, [ profile] jedicathy, when do your plane take off? Ours does at 12h50 (Paris, CDG). Just out of curiosity :-) I wonder how many SPN fangirls will wander in that airport that Friday *g*

I've been suffering from acute lazyitis today; I had to accompany my mother on some errands and therefore couldn't just laze around all day like I would have loved to but I really felt all kinds of mellow. Even now it's taking me forever to finish this entry. I started it during The 4400 and it's the second episode of The Dead Zone now.

Speaking of the former, oh but the season finale was great! It always feels like there're a gazillion things happening in the last minutes of the finale - it makes my head spin. And I love when characters speak to the camera, as if speaking to us, the audience. It always makes what is being said quite intense. And now I'm like 'would I take the shot? It's a 50-50 chance. Would I be brave enough to do it? Or maybe insane enough?' I can't wait for the new season. No wait, there is a new season coming, isn't there?

Still haven't watched the new SPN. Nor the latest Numb3rs, if you believe it. And let's not talk about the Very Last SG-1, of course. Will try to do it tomorrow when I get home *nods*

And unrelated now, does anyone have All the same by Sick puppies and would be willing to upload it for me? I've just found that it's the title of the song of the Free Hugs add and since I'm completely in love with the whole thing... Tia.

And some French song sharing of my own, then; Christophe Maé's brand new song, On S'Attache |YSI link.
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OH MY GOD! OHMYGOD! So I'm at the station this morning, waiting for my RER - which wouldn't arrive since it's the 548215th strike of the month - under a heavy rain and I'm a bit tired because, well, early in the morning, off to work instead of being a) asleep or b) snuggled up in bed reading fics and everything, right?

And that's when something beautiful happens! I receive a text message from [ profile] moimoietmoi telling me that my dream has been fulfilled ! JENSEN ACKLES IS THE LATEST GUEST AT ASYLUM! *dies* I might have squeed out loud and done a little bounce but - Jensen Ackles! At the con! Where I'll be too! And just - ever since I booked my tickets and everything with Sam, I've been dreaming of him joining the guest list. I've been keeping faith and making up all kind of scenarii where he would join his buddies and it finally happened! There is a God/Goddess and they love us! It makes me so giddy there's no words for it!

Now I'll keep lighting candles so that no change occurs - me wants my Jsquared in front of me! Live! *dies*

Thanks for the heads up, Sam, that was a lovely way to start the day :-)

Speaking of the FP - I broke some kind of record yesterday for in the course of, what, four hours I visited two differents Starbucks in a row. First one after work where I met with [ profile] greedy_dancer and then the second one where I saw [ profile] moimoietmoi. A little disjointed as FP meetings go, but as delightful as ever *g*
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Man, we've had busy days in the past weeks at work - as it turns out, my Update From Work entry was one of a kind - but today beat it all. As a result the day flew by, which is always of the good :-)

Unrelated - is it true that Jensen Ackles will go to the Starfury convention in May in the UK? Because okay so the Asylum convention that I'm going to? You know that JP is listed as one of the guest stars, don't you? Which is Just Fine with me because Jared Padalecki! But even though The Ackles wasn't on the list, I couldn't help but think that maybe if I believed hard enough, he would join his buddy, see? Except if there's another con in the UK just a week after the Asylum one or something and The Ackles is going there, does it mean that they, say, split up? One took the Asylum con and the other the Starfury one? Or does it mean that maybe they'll kill two birds with one stone and actually surprise people as each will make an appearance to the other's convention? Cause, dude, JENSEN ACKLES! And also Prison Break is the second show represented at the Other Con.

It's pretty bad as a matter of fact because if it's the former, I'm sorta thinking something along the line of 'can I, like, afford to go to both conventions?' Would that be in the realm of possibilities? Wouldn't that be Seriously Unreasonable - Insane even? But...JENSEN ACKLES, okay? It blows my mind to know he might be there... it's like a one time opportunity to see him, maybe. And did you know that I kinda like the guy? Because I kinda do.

Still haven't watched PB 1x04, it's a curse, I tell you. And now I also have the GA season 2 finale sitting on my HD because I couldn't wait anymore and had to see it. There's no talking to me when in I'm that kind of mood *shakes head*

On a last note, I'm always asking for songs from my flist so I'm giving back a little instead of always taking: different songs, different styles, starting with my latest infatuation, How to Save a Life - The Fray. Then One song that makes me dreamy Brothers on a Hotel Bed - Death Cab for Cutie. Two songs that always put me in a good mood, Put Your Records On - Corinne Belay Rae and Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield. And one that always makes me want to dance, No Tomorrow - Orson.
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I had an entry all typed up but something new came up just now and this totally comes first... so, does anyone go to the Asylum Convention held in the UK in May? Because, guess what? Apparently I'M GOING TOO! God! [ profile] moimoietmoi and I talked about it on Tuesday and instead of being reasonable and shit we did it! We registered and all and just - OHMYGOD! I can't believe it.

Okay, I'm calm *takes deep breath* Onto the original entry now:

A Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] spikedluv, slash fellow extraordinaire *kiss kiss*

So. I'll still be here tomorrow. There's been a slight change of plan re: date of departure. There was a contretemps so we'll leave on Sunday instead of Friday. It wasn't 100% sure yesterday so I still, well okay, not packed as such but made sure I could eventually pack on Thursday night for Friday but turns out it wasn't needed, after all. I have burnt all my DVDs though, so that's still a good thing in my book :-)

Oh hey, spam is sometimes a bit freaky - I mean, usually, it's just your natural pr0n spam and it's nothing specifics but this time? I received some concerning Starbucks! Freaky, I tell you. One spam I miss, though? The vibrating cock ring one. I loved getting that one - I didn't even mind that it went through my spam blocker, it was just too much fun to see it pop up every now and then *pervie sigh*

Still unrelated; I love me some sweet coincidences. This morning, [ profile] sockich mentions two BBM fics that she loves and I'm thinking, hey I never really tried BBM fics so I might keep them for later, which I do. Then I meet up with a friend and when I get home, I see that The Mum bought me a little something, just like that, just because, and it was the DVD of Brokeback Mountain! Maman is the best! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ So I think I'll watch the film and then I'll read that fix it and I'll be happy and stop crying. Perfect!

PS: I'M GOING TO THE SPN CON IN MAY OMG! Dude, if something comes up to ruin it? I wont die, but I'll kill someone! *is all solemn*

PS2: Oh and btw? No comment on the SV part of the con, is that clear?


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