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Well what do you know, I think I just found my Lost love back - s2 has been airing the past two/three weeks and I've finally managed to watch two episodes without interruption and while doing so I was reminded of a time when I was completely addicted to the series - when I watched every episode glued to the screen, squeeing and gasping at the new turns of event.

I don't know whether I'm going to lose interest again or not but at least I had a lot of fun watching "... and Found" and "Abandoned", which I'm not going to review btw but I do have a couple of quick thoughts, of the bullet point persuasion. )

So anyway, it was great and I can't wait to watch next week's episodes.

On other news, I'm not going to make a recap of the past three days but suffice to say that if you need new carpeting? I'm your girl. And also I helped break a wall today - it was fun :-) Renovating my grandparents' place has been a bit weird at first but we're getting into it. As for the gardening... I still dislike it but I survive. The whole thing is a lot of work though and it's just The Esu and I doing the work atm.

It makes me smile though because at the end of the day I'm flushed, sweaty, sticky, I'm sore in all kind of places and covered in bruises and tiny cuts; you'd think I've just had a bout of very satisfying rough sex - but no ;-) I do have a sprained ankle to add to the list though; The Esu and I aren't just graduates from Clumsy College, you could say our families actually funded it...

Okay now, some flisting - kinda not the moment to make a typo *cough* - and then new Stargate, yay! Lovely way to end the day *nods*
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No white city for me this morning but snowflakes have been falling ever since I woke up so it's okay. Although when I say that 'I woke up', I should say 'when I was woken up' but I forgave the whole thing immediately as it was my Babycakes! Calling me from Oz, yay! And I don't think I'll ever get tired of the whole different hemispheres thing: we're getting frostbites and she's getting sunburns lol

Back to the snow thing - I went to Paris with Sandra yesterday and I so wish I'd taken my camera with me! Paris by night and white - it was just gorgeous. Oh also, I bought the real Narnia soundtrack. Me happy. I still have one version I don't care about though. Someone wants it? Just let me know and I'll send it your way.

Changing the subject now - I was watching the seventh disc of my Lost boxset, namely the extra one and dude, how much did I love those extras? Yes, a lot, thanks. I already knew about how Jack was supposed to die in the pilot and how Charlie was supposed to be an older guy and all but I didn't know about the other characters' births. Also it was pretty fun seeing Yoon-jin Kim doing a reading for Kate - or Jorge Garcia doing one for Sawyer! As well as Dominic Monaghan, for that matter. That seemed so wrong, you know? lol I had no idea so many characters were created only because the crew fell in love with the actors and decided they needed them in the show and all. That was sweet :-) I also watched the deleted scenes and I was sure there were more. I'm thinking of a particular scene between Jack and Charlie so I'm wondering, is that an easter egg? Or did I dream the scene altogether - I think it was mentioned on my flist and I think I saw it, except I'm not 100% sure so er, help?

Unrelated now. WHAT? I'll have to wait til January 17th to watch "Faith"? "Scarecrow" comes first and only then will I get to see "Faith"? DUDE! I've been dreaming of that episode for ages, they can't do that to me, can they? So is that right? Good thing I'm getting Numb3rs next week, that's something at least... [ETA: I'm changing my mind re the pouting thing at having "Scarecrow" before "Faith". From what I've just heard about it, it should be a blast too!]

Finally, one more reason to worship Kaamelott, they did a Stargate reference! As in, the title of the episode was "Stargate" and they had a stargate inside the castle! Man, that cracked me up so, so much *has much love for Kaamelott*
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I watched the huggable!Dean episode! And now I understand why it was the huggable!Dean episode *nods*

Supernatural 1x04 - Phantom Traveler in bullet points because I love bullet points as much as I Love Random Capitalisation. )

That show is so shiny!

Speaking of shiny shows - though that one is definitely not a PWP kinda show - I just found the torrent for Lost - then again, I just came back from the uni - and hey, torrentspy went through some changes, pfew.

Unrelated now - well, not so much considering I mentioned the show not five seconds ago, but whatever - I have a serious question. Since the first episode, I've been calling Lost, Lost - case in point. But see, some people write it LOST. So. I know some people indicate they're talking about a tv series by writing the title in caps and I've seen aforementioned title written both ways enough times that I don't know which one is correct now. I mean, technically, when it appears on the screen, it's "LOST" but I always thought it was because it looked better than "Lost" - which I'll admit, as explanation goes? Was kinda lame. So now I'm asking - I'm asking because a) I'm a detail whore and knowing I might have been writing it wrong all that time might drive me crazy but at least I'll rectify it immediately and b) imagine it's actually uber important? The acronym thing, I mean. Imagine it's actually part of the solution we're all obsessing about? Say it does mean something? And I? Would have been messing it up for a whole year? Dude! I feel so bad.

Finally, am currently watching SG "Fragile Balance" and I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing Daniel Sg-1 in civvies :-)
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Had a pretty busy day: went to school, ran some errands - most of them school related - got some news - bad and good, and speaking of the good, congratulations again [ profile] moimoietmoi! I received your text message and might have bounced after reading it *g* - and oh! I also watched the eclipse this morning - lovely :-)

On the fannish front: I finally watched Lost 2x02 and er, well, can't say I was impressed. I mean, you know how sometimes an episode works - admittedly regarding Lost it's kinda the norm - and sometimes it doesn't? That one didn't. I might have started tidying my room while watching it at one point, even *cough*

Two things though - which actually don't even really matter plot wise )

Yeah, that's all - I mean, I'm not saying nothing happened or anything, it just - I don't know, it didn't speak to me that much this time *shrug* Though wait, the last ten seconds or so? Ie the very last scene? Definitely woke me up - holy shit! Is it next week yet, is it? *bounces*

I'm now waiting for my Desperate Housewives download to complete - 95% woohoo. I'm quite impatient to watch because Richard Burgi is in that one. And I'm so very glad because apparently he'll come back several times throughout the season and you can't ever have too much RB :-)

Oh and another woohoo to the release of the Desperate Housewives DVDs in December! I know what I'll ask le Père Noël, yay! *starts her Christmas list*

Finally, Kaamelott Quote of the Day:

Karadoc et Perceval : *à Arthur*
On en a gros!

Which actually is kinda mean of me cause without the proper context and all - doesn't really mean a lot. But Henry and I have been saying that quote to each other all of yesterday and I couldn't resist.

ETA: 'tain, Alexandre Astier m'éclate même quand il est pas en Arthur! En parlant de Kaamelott: "J’aime casser les genoux aux préjugés historiques. Dans Kaamelott, Arthur est sans noblesse et sa quête est réduite à une formalité administrative et poussive. Kaamelott, ça aurait dû être Le Seigneur Des Anneaux, mais finalement bah... finalement, non." Trop fort lol
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LOST BLEW MY MIND! Like, Supernatural is supposed to be freaky? You have no idea what freaky means until you've seen that season premiere!

Spoilers for Lost 2x01 )

Dude! That was so good that I want to cry *gasp*

But I'm still not forgetting that omg Numb3rs is tomorrow!
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I did a ton of things today, was out of the house for a good part of the morning and afternoon and I still managed to OD on my beloved series. Man, I'm good!

So what did I watch?

Stargate SG-1:
Okay so I was excited about the idea of this new SG-1 and I've been impatient for S9 to premiere for months now, right? Well holy shit Batman, I was not disappointed! I loved it! Avalon aka Squee of the Holy Order of Squee )

So wheeeeeee! Am a happy camper *g* Can't wait for the rest of the season *bounces some more* Will watch the ep again before going to bed, too.

Battlestar Galactica:
Man, I love that series so much! There's such an intensity to it, I'm always impressed by it. It's dark, it's gritty - I mean, it's not Oz-dark but it has its own type of darkness and I can't get enough of it. There's not so many series that have me holding my breath without even realising I'm doing it. It's all because of the pace - it doesn't give you a break. It's so fast your head is spinning - oh and the drums? Still perfect. I don't have anything specific to say about "Scattered" except that I kept falling in love with my favourite characters all over again and it felt good. I'm impatient for "Valley of Darkness" to air now because from the preview, it seems it'll be a crazy ride too *is impatient already*

Tonight was "Raised by Another", "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" and "Whatever the Case May Be" and it's just wild how much I'm falling for that series all over again *blink* I'm also discovering a new love for some aspects of the show. Will contain spoilers at one point )

QAF 511:
The file was pretty bad so it was a little difficult to follow at times but there's still this moment that I adored )

Oh and this has nothing to do with the rest but I got my copy of HBP today. The Mom offered it to me, actually, which was the sweetest thing ever *g* I'll read it when I'll read it though, no rush for me. I'm a fan of the books in the sense that I have all of them and enjoyed them a lot, but nothing more, so I'll let the flist go crazy over it... as well as go crazy about the spoilers too. Just from a distance, is all *g*
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Since the show premiered in France, I've been in a Lost mood again - you could say I found my Lost love, as trite as it sounds - so I decided to finally watch the season finale and WOW! It was awesome! I really got into it, which was a relief because it means that 1x21 was an anomaly. No seriously, after "The Greater Good" - or "Born to Run" for that matter - I wasn't a happy camper. I'm not used to lose interest in a series, and certainly not from one episode to another, but everything is back to normal now [/crazy tv junkie] So yeah, 1x21 = anomaly and 1x21 + anomaly = of the good.

I'll be quick but it will contain spoilers: so clickety click )

That was good *clings to Lost*

I think [ profile] greedy_dancer posted some S2 links so I know where I'm heading right after I post this! And I'll also go and read the article [ profile] aswanargent sent me now that I can read it without being spoiled *g*
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After I heard the keywords "whore", "my property" and "over-protective" one too many time on my flist re:the mini series that premiered not so long ago it seems, Empire, I decided to give it a shot and went on a hunt to find a torrent link - which I did. Sorta. I downloaded the third episode but I had a problem with the first two, so couldn't retrieve the files. Would someone - by any chance - be willing to share with me? Via YSI or MegaUpload etc... Or even by CDs. I'd be willing to trade. I'm really curious about the series now *g*

Speaking of series, when does BSG S2 premiere? Is it next week? Cause in my mind it is, so I need to brace myself if it's not. And what about SG S9? Dude! I'm mixing all the dates... when is what?

Now allow me to squee a moment cause tonight first episode of Lost is "The Moth" and I love that episode so much! It's as good now as it was then *happy sigh* Also, a little observation: "rends moi ma putain de drogue", "bordel de merde" - they do cuss a lot, don't they? It didn't register that much when I watched it in English, but it does now - it sounds cruder in French somehow, which is one of those topics that will never get old, it seems - how it usually sounds more "hardcore" in your own language. But it sounds real, so I can't say I dislike it *g*

Oh and changing the subject here, but [ profile] maaaaa posted the TS fic she wrote for my bday over at her LJ, bday fic that happens to be the sequel to The Stripper and is a little gem - no surprise here, mind *g* It's hot and sensual and kinky and just so very perfect. You need to go and read it. Now. Or you'll regret it. I'm just sayin'.

"The Moth" is over and it's "Confidence Man", now... this is going to be painful *cringe*

Oh hey, Kate and Sawyer still use "vous" between them, but Jack and Sawyer don't and they turned to "tu". Totally useless piece of information, I'll give you that, but this is a topic dear to my heart, so there *g*

ETA: Ah ah! Sawyer just said "tu" to her! And er okay shutting up now.
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DUDE! I was right, I was right! Okay so I watched Lost, right? US and French version. And I was impatient about two things a) their voices and b) Danielle's Spoilers ) Seriously that was cool *g*

Their voices now.. I quite like them. Babycakes? They did keep Merry's voice. Sawyer is dubbed by the same guy who dubs Julian McMahon. I'm having some trouble with Jack's but I think I'll get used to it - apparently it's the same guy dubbing Michael Weatherly and I liked Logan's voice, so I don't know... I'm having some problem with Kate's too but maybe it's more Kate's fault *cough* And of course, we still have the original voices of Jin and Sun's...

Also I was waiting for the vouvoiement v tutoiement issue because god knows it sometimes drives me crazy [Jack and Daniel still saying 'vous' to each other after so many years and after everything they went through? ARGH! But that's neither here nor there *cough*] but they dealt with it well enough that I didn't want to kill anybody *g* So some characters start with 'vous' and turn to 'tu' fairly quickly: Jack and Kate, Charlie and Kate, Charlie and Jack, some start with 'tu' immediately: Sayid and Charlie, Claire and Charlie, and some still say 'vous' at the third episode like Sawyer and Jack etc... the 'tu' thing doesn't come easily for everyone and they don't know each other after all. Plus, someone like Sawyer... doesn't exactly encourage you to be friendly. But anyway, that was cool, mehappy.

Which brings me - don't ask - to the insult thing... You know, seeing a series in French is just so relaxing. It just sounds so familiar, for er obvious reasons lol And I'm always curious to see who will say what - who will use slang the most etc... and I also always wait to see if the characters are going to cuss - and they did okay. So. Wanna learn some French insults? Not the worst, btw, but nice enough - in a unpolite kind of way, obviously.

- Connard.
- Va te faire voir, pauvre mec! [Sayid to Sawyer]
- Tu vas fermer ta gueule! [Sayid to Sawyer or vice versa, I already don't remember]
- Toi la grosse, ferme ta gueule! [Sawyer to Hurley, which really, wasn't just rude but fucking mean]
- Le fumeur de clope est un vrai con [Hurley re: Sawyer]

And specially for Babycakes, the translations of some lines I was waiting for and you might be curious about:

Remember when... )

I'm falling in love all over again *happy sigh* And my mom's first impression after catching some glimpses of the episodes [she couldn't watch so she taped them - which made me so proud of her btw]: "Ca a vraiment l'air passionnant." My mom is apparently hooked on what she saw already \o/
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Holy shit, I can't believe it! So I'm not watching the news, right? Like I er, don't do every day and suddenly The Mom calls me and tells me to put TF1 on immediately and when I do... I'm like blinking at the screen because they're doing a review on Lost! In the news! I mean, that's totally surreal. They're talking about a series in the news *blink*

What? Yes, I trained the whole family to react when a mention of my favourite shows is being made, why do you ask? And believe me for Lost? I briefed them like you wouldn't believe!

Anyway back to the news things... wow. TF1 is definitely expecting a lot out of their purchase. Well, they should, really but this is wild!
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[ profile] aswanargent, I want to thank you again for a) the thing and b) your dS recs. I started with Hawks and Hands last night... and went to bed at 4.00 am because leaving the story was sheer torture! It was so fucking good it hurt, you know? I mean in a good way, but it did break my heart all over the place and I had this knot in my stomach and I ached so much for Fraser - I just can't resist damaged!Fraser, but that's hardly surprising - and Ray? Was so fucking incredible, I couldn't get enough of him either. And Dief... Dief broke the pieces of my heart that Fraser had already broken and just... wow! Then I realised the author, namely [ profile] dsudis, actually belonged to my flist and seriously, I have the best flist ever! I'm still flying, I swear *g*

And still on the dS front - it seems I ordered Due South the Complete First Season from But dude! How come no one told me how cheap the items were over there? I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Even with the shipping, it's still cheaper than, well, pretty much anywhere else - it was almost ridiculous! But in such a wonderful way that I couldn't resist, so there. Canada, je t'adore! More than usual, that is *g*

Oh the "dude" thing reminds me of something. I finally saw the French trailer for Lost! I squeed quite loud, but you're all fangirls - and fanboys - so you know the feeling. Their voices are quite nice - and Babycakes, you'll be happy to know that apparently they kept Merry's voice for DM - it just lasted a few seconds and I never really watched LotR in French so I'm not saying I'm sure... but when I heard Charlie's line, that's the dubbing that popped in my head, so... I mean, I know you won't watch it, obviously, but didn't you tell me you hoped they would give him the same voice? I think they did. Anyway, I'll tell you for sure after I watch it *bounces*
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I'd like to put an APB on my lost!obsession. It disappeared - I have no idea where it went, but one thing is sure, I - excuse the lame pun - lost it.

It was so sad, here I was - finally - watching a new episode in that series that I've literally worshipped for twenty episodes... and nothing! Or well, not 100% nothing, but mostly nothing. It was so wrong, I didn't like it at all - the feeling, I mean, cause the episode? I didn't care.

I started feeling something when Spoilers. Obviously. ) So even then, it didn't last. If I had to sum up my feelings for the major storyline, it would be: blah. I'm not even saying the episode sucked, btw, just... I wasn't really there with it *shrug* Oh except I was right back then ) So thanks. I suppose?

I did find something of interest though - can someone guess? *g* So. The only thing that totally had me squeeing and bouncing was? ) Oh and no wait, I enjoyed two others things too: thing the first ) and thing the second. )

I'll download the next episodes because there's no way I'm going to stop now and I just hope I'll get into it by then, but man... there's something wrong going on right now *narrows eyes*

Speaking of download... Firefly? Is still frozen. I'm sorta kinda starting to lose hope, I'm just sayin'.

Changing the subject now. I mean, completely. So I was watching CSI last night and ohh in the first episode there was Skaara Alexis Cruz and in the second one Jake Foley Christopher Gorham - I love it so much when shows collide. It also reminded me of how much I love Jake 2.0 and it made me all nostalgic - when is M6 going to do a rerun, man? I'd really like my geeky show back *sigh*
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Well well, a second post today. I'm not spamming you, really, I'm just... well, two posts isn't really spamming, is it? Because I just watched Lost 1x20, so you know what it means:

Lost 1x20 - Do No Harm )

SMILWTS, wow. And I can't wait for next episode because I just saw the trailer and huh... yeah.

On a final note, this has nothing to do with anything, but Fullmetal Alchemist is getting more and more disturbing. And brilliant, of course, that's not the point.

I may have some time to hunt the Lost reviews on my flist before leaving again so off to read now *waves*
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Lost Thursday is back! And as usual after a hiatus, I'm struck by how much I love that show. As in, there's no way I could forget how much I love Lost, but after a hiatus and right when the first seconds of the episode start running, it's like I'm falling in love all over again *happy sigh*

So. Let's play the review game again *g* Lost 1x19 - Deus ex Machina )


To change the subject, though it's still fannish talk, I watched BSG S1 in its entirety [and damn, is that a real word? It looks ugly] yesterday and I love that show beyond the telling of it. I'll have to post something about it later, if only to share with [ profile] catiadoodle, but suffice to say for now that those DVDs are a purchase I'm not going to regret anytime soon, ie N.E.V.E.R *g*

And a last thing, because I just checked my mail and found a new treasure inside. [ profile] aswanargent? I received your parcel. Wow... thank you so much! The mouse pad is really beautiful and as for the mouse rug, well it's the first time I see one, would you believe that? lol It's so classy! Clark is saying thanks. Man, that cracks me up when people address their pressies to Clark lol And I'm so glad that you thought of sending something just for me *cough* The chocolate won't last long, believe you me *smacks lips* In particular since I still can't move too much today, so I think I'll do another round of BSG while stuffing myself with savouring yummy chocolate. Thank you! *beams*
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First things first, since we just went from Thursday to Friday around here, let me wish a Happy Birthday to a very special person and wonderful friend, namely my beloved [ profile] turps33! So.

Happy Birthday! )

You already know that I love you, right? *kisses* And you already know that you'll receive card and pressie late, right? *pulls the Cute Look in order to be forgiven for usual lateness*

Second, not to go cryptic on some of you, but I decided that as of today, my new motto will be Hello, my name is Carlos. You make me so hot, which okay, isn't even a real motto, like at all, but I don't care! And when I'll get tired of this one, I'll choose Maybe he wanted to go camping because that line? Cracked me up like you wouldn't believe. So there. And maybe, I'll just use both! *is semi-cryptic but 100% silly*

Third, I watched Lost 1x16 - Outlaws )

So it was an okay episode but nothing more for me. Though next week's episode? Wow, looks so fucking good - I should go back to a SMILWTS state of mind soon enough lol
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Just a quick note. I'm so gonna miss my free Thursday of yore. Or, you know, of last semester. Yes, I will *nodnod*

Before I start, [ profile] crazybutsound? I received the CD! Yes, I did lol And thank you so fucking much because WOW it was full of pretties and goodness, it was so worth the wait - I just... this is awesome, thanks! I can't wait to watch the CDs *bounce* And the Carnivale one? Had me laugh cause just last week, when I went in my download frenzy, I downloaded the first episode but it didn't grab me. That is, not enough to take 15 hours to download the second one, ya know? But [ profile] aswanagent, good fan that she is, told me that I should try more than just the pilot cause I would see the beauty of that series later on. Since I trust fans to know their business I agreed that should I have the opportunity I'd give it another try, but as far as opportunity goes, I didn't know when that would happen because I don't have cable and I don't see that series airing on my regular networks, you know? But I have the episodes now! So this CD? Was a streak of genius, girl! As for the rest, well I'm quite impatient to watch everything *eg*

Now, and because even this new schedule at the uni won't defeat me - here my weekly ritual:

1x15 - Homecoming )

So? SMILWTS, thank you very much *g* Also, 1x16 looks good as well, can't wait! *bounce*

Finally, sekrit message to [ profile] lornelover: My 5b is still good and strong, you go 5b! And I now have one name crossed on my YouKnowWhat List, yay!

Now, off to a) read the flist and b) click on the Lost cut-tagged-reviews I saw here and there and finally satisfy my curiosity *g*
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Lost Thursday I love you so much!

Special - 1x14 )

Oh guys, please? I have a question about a line I didn't understand, if you could help me with it? I sometimes have problems understanding Sawyer, I'll admit - so when ) Thanks in advance.

So I? Am stillmadlyinlovewiththatshow, yes, why do you ask? *g*

And this doesn't have anything to do with Lost, though it has, so [ profile] greedy_dancer? I received your card today and eeeeeeek it was too cute! I love your possessive kangaroo!Jack holding kangaroo!Charlie lol Thank you, girl, that was really cute *g*

Now, off to read the flist - I stopped when my download was complete and I have some reviews to read for both Lost and Point Pleasant btw *g*

ETA: I just remembered something I meant to ask people who live in London or who know that city enough to answer: is London easily accessible for someone who would be on a wheelchair? My friend Manu and I are thinking of spending a weekend over there but we need some info first, and I know we'll just make some research on our own before going anyway, but when you have an International flist near... well, you know? *g*

Lost 1x13

Jan. 13th, 2005 04:47 pm
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Ah Lost Thursday, always a wonderful day *g*

Hearts and Minds spoilers )

Hmm so yeah stillmadlyinlovewiththatshow but somehow this episode was just okay to me. But it feels like it's a sort of calm before the storm, or something like that.

And I watched something else today - a yaoi that I was able to download thanks to [ profile] reppu. My my was it smutty!! Pretty graphic, but then not because they sorta blurred the naughty bits - then again, there's absolutely no doubt about what is happening and blur or no blur you still see pretty much everything, you know? And even if you didn't? Believe me when I say that the sound effects definitely would make up for it, oh boy! lol

Sensitive Pornograph lives up to its name *g* The first story is already smutty enough but the other one actually has some nice BDSM theme going on, so yeah *eg* As for the plots? What about them? Yeah, there's a sort of underline story but huh... that's not exactly the main focus, but I'll admit it's always nice to know what is going on, as unrealistic as it might be - and I was curious about the Master/slave storyline in particular.

On a Smut-o-meter of 10... this anime would be a 12 or something. Wanna see a little sample? Be my guest - oh and do I need to warn you that it's not exactly works afe? Because it's not.

I sure wish I spoke Japanese, man *sigh* Or could I put an ad?


Japanese/French or Japanese/English translator

PS: Who's into pr0n.

Lost 1x12

Jan. 6th, 2005 04:48 pm
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Lost is back, Lost is back! Oh be still my heart.

1x12 - Whatever the Case may be )

*frowns* Oookay so it wasn't that quickly done, after all. Sorry, I thought I may have done it this time *shrug*

Soooo? Stillmadlyinlovewiththatshow, thankverymuch.

ETA: Eeeeek! The Esu came over tonight and gave me a second sekrit Christmas present - and what is it?? Récré Télé! This is a board game I've been coveting for some months now, since La Gloubibulga Night to be precise but when I checked in nov/dec there was no game left in the shops, so I forgot about getting it. As it happens, The Esu wanted me to have it and they hunted the game on-line and a found this site where the creators sold it - seems like lots of people wanted it but couldn't find it either - and it came today! Talk about a great surprise *beams*
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Lost 1x11 )


And dammit but don't tell me we're at the mid-season hiatus and we'll have to wait forever until January to see the rest? *gasp*

ETA: There's something really really fucked up with those people.


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