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Irony at its finest: of the many shows that I watch I decided to spoil myself for the season finale of one. Or, say, I asked about one particular spoiler about the s3 finale of Numb3rs, just one little fact. Guess what? As it turns out, it wasn't a real spoiler, it didn't happen!

So I decided to take that as a valuable lesson. I hereby declare that, from now on, I'll go spoiler-free for just about every show I follow, no exception *nods*

Of course it means that when the real spoiler did happen, well, dude, I now enter the realm of spoiler, so I'll cut this )

I also have the premiere of Traveler sitting on my HD - finally! - but I'm waiting a little bit before watching it. I'll do that after the season finale of Heroes airs, I think. Between SPN, now Numb3rs, and without a doubt Heroes, I'll need to take a little time before getting into a new show. Like, I'll need to compose myself and say goodbye to all my beloved characters for a while. Before meeting again/meeting for the first time a new bunch, know what I mean? Still, I'm quite impatient to see what will come out of Traveler as I've been quite curious about that show ever since I heard about it... and then I can't wait to start watching my summer shows.

Summer hiatus is only made bearable thanks to those shows that pop out of nowhere *clings to Kyle XY, just to name one*

Okay now, off to order a pizza then watch "All Hell Breaks Loose" again before switching to the French SPN later tonight. Ce soir sera Supernatural ou ne sera pas !

PS: Je viens de voir les extraits de 99 Francs qui sort en Septembre et faut trop que j'aille le voir, ça a l'air génial ! Ce qui est assez amusant vu que le bouquin m'avait pas franchement attirée. Je vais peut-être re-considérer la chose maintenant *nods*
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... and will be responsible for any potential rotten teeth.

Saw the French Posse this afternoon. Since it was such a beautiful sunny day we wandered along the Seine though not before paying a visit to Starbucks, of course and you know how it is when it's bright and sunny - or not but if you're French, you'll know what I mean, at least - there were those little candy stalls here and there being all colorful and delicious looking and so very tempting. We didn't make a stop at the first one because Sam - who's such a willful person - dragged GD away, who in turn dragged me away and so we couldn't buy anything. In Summer, when we'll wear only tank tops and no coat or anything, it'll be much more difficult to pull us by the sleeves, but alas it's not the right time yet *pout*

So anyway, no candies for us, right? Except, Sam was the first to leave and then it was just GD and me and, well, as it happens we found another candy stall. We weren't going to stop. Really. We just slowed down to have a look, right? But that's when GD - note how I'm slowly putting the blame on someone else - said the magic words. She pointed at one particular candy - which is a favourite of mine - and was like 'They remind me of the candies Jared stuffed himself with in the DVD extra.' And that's when I said 'Omg! We can't not buy some now! We can't!' So we did. Buy some. And stuffed ourselves with the yummy candies *smacks lips*

Actually... [ profile] greedy_dancer? I'm thinking on putting the blame on Jared Padalecki instead of you, after all. So I hereby declare that you've been un-blamed by the present entry, 'kay?

How I love inane rambling, dude! ♥ ♥

And just before meeting with the girls, I watched Numb3rs 3x19 - let me cut this RIGHT NOW so that I can squee without delay )

Unrelated now, though still telly-wise. If I'm not mistaken and if TF1 doesn't screw with the programming, tonight's episodes of L&O:CI should be "In The Wee Small Hours" which means a) an episode I've been dying to see for a long time and b) Billy Lush on my telly!

Ohhh and I was going to forget omg! I need to pay a little visit to Ann Summers' site for some er, research, since Sam is going to London next week and offered to buy some stuff for us *smiles prettily* I think I've already made up my mind, but you never know...
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From the Mouse to the Snail, a Wonderful and Happy Birthday to you! And because good things sometimes go in pair, a Happy Birthday to [ profile] cain1999 too! Hope you both have a fantastic day *hugs*

Quick recap of what I've been up to this weekend. )

As for today, well, I had to call in sick this morning. After one week, I'm so good! *cringe* But trust me, I just couldn't go there *shivers* So I've stayed in bed and OD'ed on my beloved shows.

I started with Numb3rs. Which was quite the inspired idea because the episode absolutely rocked! Spoilers for N3 3x17 - One Hour )

Then I followed with Heroes. Short review for 1x16 - Unexpected ) And since I was so late, I won't even have to wait that long to get the new episode, so it's of the good *g*

After that I carried on with Life on Mars 2x03 - that second series is absolutely brilliant!

I started watching Psych but couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep - which should tell you how bad I felt if I couldn't stay awake for that show. Poor Shaw and Gus and Lassiter, victims of my bug! I'll remedy that asap, promise, guys.

Oh and I've been in a L&O:CI mood like you wouldn't believe the past few days. I wasn't feeling well last night already so could only watch, like, the first five minutes of the show on the telly and so today I've been in a bit of withdrawal. And sadly I'm having the hardest time finding torrents for season six. Or any other season. I have no idea why. Thank God [ profile] babycakesin is coming to my rescue with some of those. In the meantime I'm watching a gazillion clips over at YouTube. And I might have caved in and ordered the first season box set. Hee Bobby and Alex in my home forever!
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Back still hurting like a bitch, I had to cancel my plan with tbf!Rissy, I wasn't a happy camper blah blah blah.

Moving on though because I! Wrote a fic today \o/ So. Did I write my [ profile] j2_otpathon fic, you may wonder? It would have been the smart thing to do, right? What with the challenge and the deadline thing. But, no, because that would have been too easy. Instead I wrote a fic for a fandom that, well, has no real fandom to speak of. I committed fic... of the Jeremiah persuasion! No, I'm not even kidding *sigh*

Thing is... okay, does anyone remember me saying - around a week ago - something along the line of 'I can stay, like, two weeks without falling for a new show'? I'm so funny! Or delusional, I'm not sure which. Because apparently I fell for Jeremiah this weekend and if I go back in my entries, well, my falling for Torchwood doesn't go that far back. Like, time elapsed between my falling for Torchwood and Jeremiah? About seven days.

I'm just too easy, what can I say! And Jeremiah... well, see, I liked the first season well enough but then the second one happened and I was just completely into it - you just need to forget about some of the plot holes and stuff, after that it's all good. My favourite character? Mister Smith. Yes, God says, sometimes you have to wait a whole season before your favourite character shows up. Second favourite... man, it's a tie between Kurdy and Markus. Jeremiah is cool, don't get me wrong, but it's Kurdy and Markus! I also really like Erin and Theo, in all her OTT and psychopathic at first glory.

I wanted to read some slash - Kurdy/Smith, Kurdy/Markus or Jeremiah/Markus, even - but it wasn't a success. And then, before I knew it, I'd written my own! Yeah, boggles the mind, I know.

Though writing a fic that has no fandom isn't the only thing I did today. I also watched the new Numb3rs, which I really enjoyed! Spoilers for 3x13 - Finders Keepers )
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Each time I think I'll be able to resist the call of Charmed, I have to accept the fact that it's still one of my biggest weaknesses. So last night they aired the last three episodes. During the first one I was busy watching Numb3rs so I couldn't care less but then I made the mistake of going on-line and, as I'm wont to do, when others usually put music as a background sound, I usually put the telly on and it was the penultimate episode and I'm afraid I watched it. And then because I'm sad like that I just couldn't not watch the show finale - especially as I'd already seen it when it aired in the US back then and knew what was in store for me - and so once more, the Halliwells managed to kidnap me *sigh* It's a compulsion, what can I say?

I won't talk about Charmed though, promise - just Numb3rs. Spoilers for 3x10 - Brutus )

Oh and I still haven't watched Heroes, btw. I do have a good reason though. So I didn't have time on Friday - The Esu and I treated ourselves with a raclette night. Yesterday I was out all day - tbf!R and I ate at a diner, btw, so cool :-) and then we went to the Val d'Europe mall and oohhhh so fucking huge and all decorated, too - and then I got home and watched Numb3rs and then Charmed and then I was going to watch those two episode except I made the mistake of checking a J² story that someone had recc'ed, namely The Jared Padalecki Untitled Project and before I knew it I'd read all five parts and it was a bit late and I was tired and had to go to bed because I had to wake up rather early. So, see, it was totally not my fault!

PS: Yes, I'm already home today - Big Top is being weird this week. Don't ask. I'll be off again soon enough, anyway *sigh* Am just taking advantage of all the net time I can before going back to the slaving :-)
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Had a lovely Saturday - just the kind that the doctor would have ordered. So I did see The Prestige with [ profile] moimoietmoi and [ profile] greedy_dancer and oh my, the film was brilliant! I'd love to see it again, and I caved in and ordered the novel sooner than planned. Can't wait to receive it! Then we went to Starbucks, as we're wont to to. All in all, a great day was had :-)

Then today I did some work, lazed around and watched Numb3rs - spoilers for 3x09 Waste Not inside )

And since I mentioned Charlie's expressions - here are five caps of some of those )

No Don picspam, sorry, guys, it was about all Charlie this time *g*

PS: Oh yeah and I forgot, thanks to the lovely [ profile] sockich I'm now in possession of Dead Like Me and so I watched the first three episodes and that show rocks/rocked! I'm going to enjoy watching the whole thing :-)
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Dante's Cove has been all over my flist lately which fills me with glee - and makes me want to get my hands on that show even more than before - and today someone shared a lovely vid with us. If you're looking for a good reason to ever get your own hands on that series? Just go there... and enjoy! A warning though, it's not worksafe. Unless seeing two naked boys being all over each other is part of your job, which, if it is? Man, can I send my CV, please?

Speaking of Dante's Cove, [ profile] spikedluv has made a lot of entries about it with yummy picspams, you might wanna take a look there too *g*

Then. My weekend. Went to see Le Roi Soleil Friday night and it was utterly brilliant! We had so much fun! *bounces just thinking about it* The decors, the costumes, the choregraphy and the cast, man, I just loved everything! Also, I thought about you guys a lot with Monsieur - Louis XIV's brother - because he was queer in all the senses of the words. I'm sure you would have liked him :-) He had outrageous outfits, he was always surrounded by his mignons - pretty men in sorta corsets that arrive mid-chest - and he got to kiss a boy and then had one another stimulate a quick fellatio on him. Might sound a bit crude said like this but it was done in such way that it was just amusing... We were enchanted. About the whole performance, I mean lol

Then yesterday two of The Best Friends and I did a little escapade to Moret-sur-Loing followed with a quick trip to Nemours [here are some pics of its castle] - twas nice getting fresh air away from the Parisian suburb... As for today, well, I kinda slept all day long. I'm so tired these days it's not even funny. I'm kinda dreading Big Top time because it's gonna kill me if I'm already tired now. But hey, more money is always good, especially before Christmas, right? *g*

I'm behind with Supernatural - oh and Brothers & Sisters, now that I think of it, but I still managed to catch up with Numb3rs today. Uber!quick thoughts about 1x08 - Hardball )
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Update on The Mouse: a) still sick. Was woken up this morning at 7.00 by Coughing from Hell. I want to say of course I was woken up so early because today being la Toussaint, it means it's bank holiday and so I could have slept in. But no - because that would have been too nice, right? Whatever man, I enjoyed the peace and quiet while everyone was still sleeping because b) the house is still under siege. No primal screaming session needed as of yet but I did have a moment of, let's say, doubt, when Future Cousin In Law invited herself for a whole week at home. Whatever happened to 'asking first'? *blink* She's real sweet so it's not a problem as such but still. Juju - Cousin in Blood - joined us last night because he's on leave - well for the day - but I could never see him too much so it's 150% okay :-) We did have a lovely evening yesterday anyway, the seven of us - The Esu was there - because we ordered pizzas and sprawled wherever we could to watch Lotr:TTT on the telly. As it turns out Teacher Girl is a huge fan of the trilogy. So twas nice *g*

Also awww but I have the best flist ever! [ profile] aswanargent, I've received the card, thank you *kisses* And [ profile] ithiliana decided to shared the Halloween love and so I also have a little carved pumpkin on my info page, so cute! Thank you, mate *hugs*

On the show front; I've sorta OD'ed on them the past few days: Five episodes of Brothers & Sisters were watched - that show is corny and over-dramatical and yet I enjoy it. It's a lot of fun and also a bit snarky. I mean I'm all for fucked-up relationships but sometimes I just want 'normal' relationship, right? Besides, they do have issues too :-) - three episodes of Jack & Bobby were discovered. Plus the regular, ie Numb3rs which was all kinds of awesome - I'm in a hurry cause the whole gang is calling me from downstairs so just two things )

As for today, I'll spend time with The Merry Gang and then tonight I'll catch up with Heroes and Dexter. Nice program for a bank holiday if you ask me *g*
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I had a family oriented weekend. In addition to The Teachers, The Famous Five came over yesterday - as well as The Esu - for my father's birthday. We always celebrate one of our birthdays together but this time we really wanted to make it good for my dad because last year, my grandfather's funeral fell on his birthday and, as you can imagine, no one felt like celebrating anything. Actually, I always felt a little twinge in my heart when I think of Dad and his birthday because his own father died just four days before it and it's like he can never really forget. But anyway, onto nice things; we were all together and we had a blast and my little papa was spoilt and it was of the good.

As for today, the four parents were invited at a family friends' while my three cousins joined The Esu at my grandparents' house. I actually bailed out and stayed home because I had stuff to do, including... finish my Numb3rs fic! Hee omg you heard right, I.wrote.fic! The first prompt I received the other day definitely inspired the muse. I started writing the story yesterday morning and could only finish it today but it's done! It's also 4000+ words which, wow, I almost thought I'd never wrote another fic in ALL MY LIFE and here I just wrote something that is NOT a drabble \o/ Life is good. Seriously, writing that story? Made me high... when you haven't written a single line for months going back to the writing is pure heaven! The story went in a direction I hadn't planned but this is also something I'm used to so hey, see if I care! I WROTE A FIC! That's really the one thing that is of importance here *g*

Oh and speaking of Numb3rs, I watched "Traffic" and I'm digging that third season so much. It's like season 1 all over again, really.

Spoilers for 3X05 - Traffic in bullet points because I don't have too much time around Clark tonight )

Oh and would anyone have the song that was played at the beginning of the episode, please?

Lastly, new Dexter tonight, woohoo!
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Took a day off work yesterday because I was sick as a dog the whole morning - even went to the doctor and everything. I caught a bug that is harassing a lot of people at the moment. Thanks *sigh* If I could have stayed home today again I totally would have but time is money apparently and time off work is money off my bank account - little bugger! - so I'll be brave and shit and work all day... It'll be fine though because I think we're gonna have a slow day; at least, we're having a slow morning, which is why I'm posting this even though I was going to wait tonight to do so ;-)

Hey I haven't commented on Numb3rs yet, have I? Quick thoughts because am a tad too tired to do the rambling thing but I liked the episode and it was pretty slashy too. )

Oh sweet, I've just registered a British girl who lives in Choisy-le-Roi and was born in Winchester - anyone having that kind of link with SPN has to be a great person, right? In the crazy world of a fangirl, at least, which is just fine as this is my world, yay \o/

ETA: And I've just registered someone with the same last name as mine! Except his is Breton instead of Italian, still, that was funny - I was wondering when/if I'd 'meet' someone with the same last name. It's done *g*
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I'm enjoying my Lazying Around icon so much! I don't need a subject when I have that *pets*

Spent the afternoon with one of the best friends yesterday and among other things we saw Little Miss Sunshine at Bercy Village - in Paris - and oh! What a gorgeous and sweet and so very funny film that was, wow! Can't wait for the DVD to come out because I need to watch it many times!

I'm debating going to see Le Parfum now because even though I loved the book when I read it - first year of high school, takes me back! - I really wonder how they dealt with it, considering it was all about smells, scents and odours.

Then today far niente - well, almost, but at least I got to do it inside the house. And I also found the time to do some not!tv watching, namely Numb3rs was watched and Robin Hood - new version - was discovered.

So okay Robin Hood? Didn't exactly make a strong impression. As in, I don't think I'll download the rest, though I know one should always give new shows a second chance and sometimes you do need a couple of episodes before being hooked but, well, sometimes you just don't feel like you want to bother, right? So I suppose I'll give it a miss. It's not as if I didn't have a ton of tv shows to follow already anyway *cough* In particular as I also downloaded the premiere of Dexter and you never know what might come out of that one.

Numb3rs made up for the RH mini fiasco though :-) Spoilers for 3x03 Provenance )

Unrelated now - dude! I thought that the SPN Complete S1 box set R2 came out tomorrow but apparently it was last week omg! I can now get my pretties, hee!
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I was so knackered last night - or was that this morning - when I got home that I didn't do anything that I'd planned: no N3 no SPN and no J&B, nothing. Just me and my bed. And since the house has been full once again - third week in a row that we have a batch of cousins spending the night - I couldn't exactly lock myself in my room to watch it all. But since half of the batch has left and the two left are busy doing their own things, I thought of treating myself with some nice Eppes watching.

No long-ass review this time. Not because I didn't like the episode but okay see the icon? This is my brand new Lazying Around icon - courtesy of [ profile] babycakesin - and I feel so lazy right now that I just can't even ramble like I'm used to. Which, I'm thinking, might not be such a bad thing for you. So anyway, some quick thoughts about Numb3rs 3x02 )

On the subject of the last scene of "Two Daughters" - I'm gonna show you why I love the Eppes boys so much and why theirs is one of the best families you can find around! And if you still don't see why I love them the way I do even after watching that scene? Then you're dead inside!

Clip from "Two Daughters" | YSI. 9.04MB

Also dude, consider the tag as spoilery if you don't want to know anything about the third season, okay? Also also, I've been dreaming of getting a flashback in Numb3rs and so far nothing but I'm thinking 'hmm, maybe the Show Me Why Don't You Just Show Me scene could do' :-)

Oh and I've finally downloaded the 'new' pilot of Heroes and ohhhh is it Monday yet, IS IT? *dies*
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[ profile] katikat! Happy Birthday, luv! Hope you'll have a wonderful time today filled with lots of bishies doing all kind of naughty things to each other and giving you the show of your life *hugs*

And so Numb3rs 3x01 has been watched. Twice. Once last night and once this morning - which is also my way of saying that I loved the episode. Just in case you disliked it and don't want to bother with a positive review, you know?

That episode really made me happy. In particular as I remember the season two premiere and the sense of... not disappointment as such but I remember feeling something was off and I didn't like it. I don't suffer from Fan Entitlement where I think TPTB should cater to my whim and write the show exactly how I see it, but when their way of writing an episode does coincide with my perception of the characters and how I like things to happen, well, it's quite a lovely feeling :-)

So anyway onto the spoilery review of Numb3rs 3x01 )

Can't wait for next week's episode!

I also watched Criminal Minds 2x01 but I just have one thing to say. Oh, Reid! And also, I'm madly in love with the characters and that season premiere confirmed that. No wait, there's something else. )

Okay good. Now I'll prepare for a whole day of laziness. I'm not setting a foot outside. Today is a Me Day and I'm gonna catch up with some of my shows and read and did I mention the lazying around? Good, then. And I have a sudden craving for chouchou so I'm gonna raid the kitchen because I know The Mum bought some the other day.
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It's done; the last of my beloved show - bar one - has gone on hiatus. It's a difficult fangirl time that begins, let me tell you *wipes eyes*

Numb3rs season finale )

Onto something different: when you see this, post a quote from Supernatural in your Livejournal. Pass it on.

Okay so when I saw this, I got all torn up inside because I didn't know what to pick. I was able to shorten the list to three quotes and then to two, including the following:

Dean: I need you, Dad.

But since we we can only pick one quote, I'll go with the other, namely:

Dean: (to Sam) For you or Dad, the things I'm willing to do or kill, it scares me sometimes...

There :-)
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Today was a Great Day! Why? Because I got to meet one of my favourite authors *bounces* A couple of days ago I was cruising Bernard Werber's official site which told me that he was going to do a signing this Saturday in Paris; Sandra and I being huge fans of him - I'm proud to say that I was the one who converted her, btw - there was no way we would miss it, right?

So that's how Sandra and I found ourselves waiting in front of Les Deux Magots café at 3.00 pm this afternoon to meet with the guy. And okay, about Les Deux Magots? It's a very famous Parisian café - it's what we call a literary café? - where people like Paul Verlaine, Mallarmé, Oscar Wilde, Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir or Hemingway - just to name a few - used to hang out in their times. Neat, uh? Not exactly a practical place for a signing but classy all the same.

There was another author with BW, but I have no idea who the guy was - I actually felt sorry for him because people kept coming for Bernard Werber... but, dude, it's Bernard Werber, of course he wins at popularity *loves*

So anyway, we were there and he was there and I'm now the proud owner of a signed book! Les Thanatonautes - one of my favourite books ever, maybe the favourite of my books, is now signed! This is huge, people! He also drew a little picture for each book and I got a little angel. *cherishes her book even more than before* Oh and I have four little pics )

I also want to say that if I get pneumonia, it'll be because of Bernard Werber; I left the house and it started raining so hard that my clothes got soaked; I spent the whole afternoon freezing my ass off but, well, it was for a very good cause, right?

And then I came home, put on some comfy, warm and dry clothes and planted myself in front of Numb3rs. And, well, I don't have a lot to say about the episode. )

Actually I'm more interested in the season finale. I've heard some stuff that definitely interested me. Can't wait for CBS to give us the preview *waits*

Unrelated now: I've downloaded a song that I adore and thought I'd share with you because it's actually a slashy and pretty funny song. It's in French though, so you'll have to take my word for it :-) Hey French Posse, do you remember Benoît and his Tourne Toi song? Man, Sandrine and I kept singing it at one another back in the day. It always cracked us up.

For the non-French speakers among you; it's a dialogue between Benoît and a friend of his. She asks him about the previous night, he answers: and his little story is quite funny and pretty hot if you picture the whole thing in your mind ) Cute, don't you think? lol

Benoît - Tourne Toi There're two versions of the song but this one is the best since it's a bit more explicit :-)
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Dude, I don't know what is wrong with me these days. I went to sleep with the headache from hell last night and today I feel fine, not sick or anything, but I have this knot in my stomach and I don't know why.

Anyway, okay, so. Yesterday I did some reading - mostly fics - and I found a wonderful story, namely Under a Haystack by [ profile] janissa11. It's a kid!fic, ie Dean has been turned to his seven-year old self and Sam has to take care of him while trying to find a way to break the curse. Janissa labels the fic as crack!fic but I think it's much more than that. It's in turn touching, sweet, sad and it's just very well written. I know kid!fics - as in one of the characters has been turned into a kid as opposed to OTP adopts a kid - are one of my kinks and I truly enjoyed that one. Actually, I'd rec her other stories, I started The Cup of Silence and it was quite intriguing and, again, really well written. I need to comment actually, I'll do that later.

Changing the subject now. Numb3rs has been watched, too. I'll be honest with you, after the SPN season 1 finale I was ready to be completely underwhelmed by the episode - but I needn't worry because it was great, I loved it :-) Also, it redeemed "Rampage" in many places.

Numb3rs 2x22 - Backscatter )

Anyway, long story short: I really enjoyed that episode *beams*

Now, it's past noon and maybe I should, you know, get dressed? Yeah. Oh and incroyable mais vrai, I might finally go and see L'Age de Glace 2! Tbf!Rissy and I have been trying to go for three weeks but failed each time. Today might be the day *fingers crossed*
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First things first: a Happy Birthday to both [ profile] wistful_fever and [ profile] stone_princess *hugs*

So how was your Saturday, flist? Mine was cool and relaxing. I didn't go to the GLBT meeting, btw. Thing is, my cousin Rémi came over and between an afternoon spent with a bunch of strangers - minus Manu, obviously - and an afternoon with my cous', the choice was easy so I stayed with him. We chilled and kicked back and it was lovely.

Then I watched Numb3rs, which is always of the good, of course :-)

Numb3rs 2x21 - Rampage )

As per usual, I'm waiting for sucky CBS to put the trailer for the next episode *is impatient*

And totally unrelated now: reason why I don't like football. Ranting about a sport that makes people behave like jerks )

PS: Oh putain mais c'est pas vrai ça ! Tous les samedis soir y a des abrutis qui font du rodéo sauvage dans ma rue avec leur scooters modifiés à la con ! Ca me rend dingue ! Faut vraiment RIEN avoir à foutre dans la vie, hein. En plus c'est super dangereux, ils vont en contre-sens... dans une rue à sens unique ! Si j'update pas mon lj dans les jours qui viennent c'est que j'en ai tué un et que a) ses potes l'ont vengé ou b) les flics m'ont arrêtée.
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My my, there're many birthdays this month it seems: Happy Birthday [ profile] ninkasa, a good and fun day to you!

Yesterday was the last day of spring break - around 5.00 pm it also felt as if it was the end of spring, period. I was considering building my own ark, I swear. Today is still grey but I don't even mind because a) it's not cold and b) there's this wonderful smell outside - this, I don't know, earthly smell? The one we sometimes get after a good rain.

The following doesn't have anything to do with the above but I'm thinking I might buy The Sentinel DVD sooner than planned, after all. I mean, I've been coveting the box set since the day it was announced of course but I thought I would wait a little before caving in. Except I'm seeing all those posts about people on my flist receiving their DVDs, watching their DVDs and squeeing about how incredibly good Jim and Blair look on their DVDs and omg! *has envy* Still, I'm trying to convince myself to wait for after my birthday. But dude, it's torture!

On the subject of tv show. Numb3rs 2x20 was watched )

I also watched the new episode of Doctor Who and I'm SO enjoying that new series! I enjoyed the second episode even more than the first one - so much fun! And some wonderful Torchwood shout out. I so can't wait for that one!

Oh and did you see the trailer for next week's episode? )
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Spent a lovely afternoon with the French Posse, as per usual. I love me some slasher talk in Paris - tis so classy :-) I also want it to be said that the Starbucks fix we had? Wasn't initiated by me. I merely asked where they wanted to go and they said Starbucks. So, like, I can totally not force people to go and have a drink there, see? Thanks. SAM and I came bearing gifts of the Supernatural and Prison Break variety for GD so now she'll be able to join us all in the squee, yay!

And before leaving I watched Numb3rs - my life is so hard, wow! - and it was another regular-and-cool episode. Nothing outstanding happened per se, but it was still cool for a lot of reasons, which I'm going to tell you about because... this is me we're talking about? Yes.

Numb3rs 2x19 - Dark Matter )

Unrelated now. So my muses aren't working atm - my [ profile] ts_ficathons has completely stalled and just - well, I can't seem to be able to write when I have to. Writing a fic because I want to is one thing, writing one because I have to meet a deadline? Doesn't work. I wish I was one of those writers who can just tell themselves 'okay, today I'll sit down and write' but so far that's not how it's done with me, so seriously, if - by some miracle - I do finish the bloody story? I hope it'll teach me a valuable lesson; ie never sign up for a challenge ever again! *dies*

Still, remember when I mentioned editing my Even Trade fic, how I added a couple of scenes? Well the story came back from my beta this morning - thank you again! - so I still have a little TS in store... even if it's not new new.
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Supernatural and Numb3rs have been watched yesterday so, of course, I'll ramble about them.

SPN 1x17 - Hell House. Shortest review in the history of show reviews. Also, towel free commentary. Just so that you don't feel like crying if you do click here and expect a comment on that scene, cause you won't find it here. )

Numb3rs now... 1x18 - All's Fair, which I loved. Rob Morrow can direct another episode whenever he wants! )

Still on the subject of Numb3rs, lookit! "Pour résoudre les énigmes criminelles, on peut maintenant compter sur les héros de Numb3rs. Don (Rob Morrow), agent du FBI, s'est laissé convaincre par les théories de son petit frère Charlie (David Krumholtz), génie en maths, selon lesquelles les formules mathématiques peuvent expliquer et résoudre tous les mystères de l'univers. Y compris aider le FBI à débusquer les criminels [...]"

Numb3rs has been officially introduced, yay! Télé7Jours has a nice two-page article on the show. Smart move, guys!

Now, this has nothing to do with anything, it's actually RL related. So, I did mention that my sister was getting married this summer, didn't I? We're in the middle of the preparations and it's moving and great and fun but one thing I hate? Is when people ask me "So hey, you sister is getting married, when is your turn?" And I always feel like telling them that "Hi! I'm not ALLOWED to get married in my country, all right? So I don't know when I'll do that, but thanks for asking." Except I always just answer something like "it's not the in cards right now" and I don't develop because those people don't know I'm a lesbian and I don't feel like telling them, and it's silly but after a while it's frustrating, so there *feels better already*


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