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Played Wii all afternoon yesterday with Mom and Sis, it was awesome! So much fun, but also? Tiring! After a couple of hours it felt as if I'd gone through an intensive session at the gym - well, intensive for me, maybe, I don't know :-p And today, my left arm hurts like hell, that thing is dangerous! My sister warned me this would happen but as it was my very first time playing with a wii, I thought she was just joking. Guess she wasn't? I really can't wait to get my own wii, now *bounces*

I had a very lazy morning today and watched the new Supernatural, which I really enjoyed! My one complaint though? Spoilers for 4x12, obviously - of the kinky kind )

Oh, I also liked how TPTB were all another spoiler ) Sometimes TPTB are funny in the way they deal with things.

Having said that, I did enjoy - with no sarcasm involved - that spoilery moment ) As well as the ending )

I feel so incredibly lazy, you guys! I think I'm gonna have a Me day. Feels like it's been forever since I had one of those. So I might stay home all day and just catch up with the flist, read fics and keep on reading Assassin's Apprentice, which I finally started the other day. I understand [ profile] greedy_dancer and [ profile] moimoietmoi's love for it now, it's a compelling read!

ETA: Cravings are so awful! So I'm watching Sex and the City, the movie, and Carrie keeps going to Starbucks and suddenly I have this craving for a slice of cheesecake + grande white mocha! And I'm just way too lazy today to go there on my own *sadface*
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Nothing worked out as it was supposed to today. Some days, it's just best if you stay in bed. Which I did. Couldn't move anyway - it's the Return of the Messed Up Back - but I just finished watching Supernatural and the awesomeness that was the episode helped alleviate the pain!

Some people would say it's just the painkillers talking; some people obviously don't know how I feel about SPN :-p

In other words, yes, yet another episode I loved with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. Redundant much? Who cares omg?

Spoilers for SPN 4x10 )

And now they want me us to wait till mid-January to get a new episode? This is our own version of hell. See, Dean? We're suffering too! Not as prettily as you do, though, I'm sure!

I'll be watching the ep again tonight, I think. And squee at the thought that if everything goes according to plan, I'll get to see Misha Collins in the flesh in May! Hee!

One awesome episode down, one to go. I can't wait for tonight's Merlin! *iz impatient*

Oh, and completely unrelated now. Bronx Mowgli? Bronx Mowgli? I thought it was an hoax at first... turns out it's the official, actual name of the kid? What is it with celebrities and their kids' names?
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So, hey, that's it, they changed the new profile page, didn't they? I don't hate it - though I just wish they'd let all the info at the bottom of the page. I honestly don't care to know how many entries I wrote and when I last updated and how many comments I sent and received. And I don't really understand why everyone else would be interested to know that. I think it just looks clustered.

But apart from that, I'm okay with it. Besides, it's not as if I 'lived' on my profile page, anyway. And the only times I visit one is when I want to friend someone and I'm usually only interested in what their entries have to say, I don't care about what appears on their profile page, so.

Changing the subject to something more interesting - at least, I think it is: the new SPN.

I don't even know how it's possible for a new season to reach that level of rockness. I'm more in love with SPN than ever. And since I love loving stuff, this is definitely making me a very, very happy fangirl :-) Oh, SPN, never change! Unless you want to get even better, if that's even possible ♥ ♥

4x08 - spoilery spoilers for that will spoil you - obviously. )

Now, I'd better skedaddle if I don't want to be late to my little rendez-vous: Starbucks + shopping = not a bad program for a Saturday :-) And tomorrow is Quantum of Solace. I love me some awesome weekends \o/
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OMFG! I have so much love for season 4 of SPN that I need a whole new dictionary to express the love! Words fail me!

Spoilers galore for 4x06 - with a little disclaimer of sorts at the beginning, then with the flailing following. And just never really ending. )

And let's not forget that little pressie they gave us after the episode )

I think I'll go and re-watch the episode later. Then I'll catch up with Pushing Daisies - I still can't believe my beloved show might get the axe! I mean, Pushing Daisies! It's brilliant and brilliantly done and poetic and different and so hilarious and, really, how could it be cancelled?

Oh and unrelated. I had a friend over last night and we were talking about music - thus allowing me to keep on pimping Panic at the Disco to every human being who's unfortunate enough to ask me what I'm listening to at the moment - and she was all about Cocoon. So that makes, what, the fifth time I heard about it this week? First [ profile] crazybutsound, then [ profile] moimoietmoi, then [ profile] angeliksmall and now Rissou? Ok, I cave in, I'll go and ask one of you girls to burn me the songs. See, I can take the hint!
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I'm writing this at 23h33 - 24-hour-clock speech just for you [ profile] glitterandlube - but I'll wait till it's midnight to post it so that I don't have two posts on the same day. I have issue with that. Which is very odd as a) I love it when my flist is spammy because it means I'll have more to read and b) since I like an even number of comments on my posts, you'd think that having 2 entries instead of 1 would also make me happy. But no. I can't explain it, okay?

Anyway! Why am I writing another entry so soon after the previous one? Two reasons! No, three reasons, but the first two are the important ones.

Reason #1 - this is addressed to the Merlin lovers on my flist who might have missed it, and to all those people who might be a bit curious about Merlin - because we Merlin lovers never shut up about it and, btw? We're not sorry - and need a little push. Said push could be this vid. Absolutely lovely! And spoilery, I suppose, as it obviously uses scenes from the episodes that aired so far but, well, it's a vid, so...

As for the choice of song? I'll admit I was a bit skeptical at first because, okay, there's all kinds of 'you're so oooh' and 'so aaaah' 'doodidoo' and also 'you came into the night and stole my heart' and other kind of harlequin, cheesy lyrics, but! It's pure genius. And it totally makes me want to dance. And it so works! And now I cannot.stop.listening. And watching the vid. Oh, yes. Arthur/Merlin is almost unbearably cute.

And speaking of, Merlin has the cutest facial expressions! One of my favourites is at 2:08 - not that I, like, checked or anything. It's pretty subtle but I'm smitten with it.

Reason #2 - I watched SPN 4x05 and boy! So brilliant! Spoilery flailing behind the cut )

In conclusion, I want to hug that episode and squeeze it and call it George! Oh, and I might have read next episode's summary? And I'm a little bit IMPATIENT to see it now *grabby hands*

Reason #3 - I forgot I wanted to ask something in my previous post. Would anyone have Rock'n'Roll Train by AC/DC and be willing to share with me, please? Tia!
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My first two thoughts when I woke up this morning? 'Friday!' Immediately followed with 'Supernatural!' True story, too.

Work was crazy today! Crisis! Deadline! Absent People You Need to Talk To! Bloody signatures I couldn't get and absolutely needed to make things work. I swear next time? I'll forge some fake documents. I will, Boss Man, mark my words!

But I survived and it was good. Also, I did manage to go to lunch - an hour late but I thought I would have to skip it altogether, so that was a miracle in and of itself - and I got to eat with my cousin Ludivine, who's a Starbucks addict like me so that was a lovely break. Grande Caramel Macchiato always make things better *nods* And good company too, of course!

Then got home and downloaded SPN 4x04. Which I just watched. Here some spoilery spoilers that will spoil you. )

So I did enjoy it, but after the insane L.O.V.E I had for the past three episodes, this was more of a I-love-SPN-by-default kinda appreciation.

Ok, now... I think I'll go and watch Pushing Daisies 2x02. And then maybe follow with the Lee Pace theme and watch The Fall again.
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I just watched 3x16 and here be spoilers for one of my Most Favourite Season Finale to date - don't expect this to be coherent. )

So to sum up; there's no way I could textually render my love for that show. Or that finale ♥ ♥

I'll wait for the fics to be written now - both FPS and RPS - because, well, if you watched the episode, you know why.

Oh and it was fun seeing Megan Connor/Anna Galvin in SPN :-)

And on a RL now. I had my job interview and it went really well! The head of department said he wanted to hire me but that he has to take it with the Human Resource Department and with the Dean and stuff. Apparently he's a bit at war with them because he's trying to develop his department and needs more people but they're a bit reluctant. Let's just hope he'll get the last word. Especially as the guy actually told me that he had no intention of paying me minimum wage... If he gets a say in it, I'll be paid more than what I earned before! Due to my experience and competence and diploma. I think my eyes got very wide at the comment because I thought that kind of thing didn't exist at the Sorbonne! But it does! Oh, man, this would be so great! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed now. I should get an answer by the end of the month *fingers crossed*
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One of the many reasons why I love SPN? In addition to Dean and Sam and SamnDean and Papa and Bobby and okay you get the picture? Is because some episodes really have my heart pumping like crazy. It's like I'm doing a little sport, you know? Lol

Quick spoilers for SPN 3x15 )

And now I was going to read some ep reactions but I started reading one and then without warning the review started talking about 3x16 and I'm a bit scared to try other reviews now because there's no way I wanna be spoiled! Not a little week before the finale. Life is hard sometimes *nods*

Oh and unrelated. Yesterday, I spent hours on a translation for a freelance job I'm going for - and I do mean 'hours', Babycakes could vouch for it since we were on the phone for a couple of hours and I was working on it while chatting with her - but it was borderline impossible.

Half of the terms I had to translate - they're keywords for pictures on a website, it's a database for a search engine - were made up, I swear! And the words that do exist were badly spelt, so I actually had to bloody guess what picture they were supposed to represent on the website; I mentioned buying a oui-ja board so that I'd be told what the picture associated with the fake word was supposed to be. It would have been so much easier that way.

Seriously, I had four dictionaries with me - including an Italian one because some of those so-called English words were actually in Italian ... written incorrectly, too - plus on-line dictionaries and wikipedia and google image to help me and still, some words were just non-existent. I have no idea who is the mad person who thought of that list but they're seriously deranged. I might have wanted to kick them in the head a couple of times.

I sent the document last night so it's out of my hands now. I'm not really hopeful - I'm afraid it was a tad too complex - but I still can't help hoping anyway because, you know, at least I have a better chance getting the job now that I actually did the test than if I hadn't done it, right? So I'll wait and see.

Okay, now, off to my sister's for some lazying around.
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Just watched the new SPN. From what I could gather from my flist, this was a 'hate it' or 'love it' episode. I can't say I 'hated' it but I was underwhelmed, I guess, and really not into the episode, which, admittedly was a new feeling. Oh, it definitely had its moments and let's say this could be seen as spoilery even though I actually don't make a review of the episode. ) Maybe I'll watch the episode again when s4 starts and I know there's a full season waiting for me :-)

I also watched the premiere of Junjou Romantica and it was pretty cute and funny. It's been ages since I downloaded/watched anime - yaoi or otherwise - and I think I'll keep an eye on that series.

I was also reminded - it's not yaoi but it's about supernatural themes so the combo of SPN + anime made me think of it - Night Head Genesis. I watched the first two or three episodes Back Then and now I have a craving for it, except the torrents I found for the series were all inactive so if someone could help me here, please? My anime human source, namely [ profile] katikat, isn't here at the moment so I'm hoping someone else will know what I'm talking about :-)

And lastly, because I'm still at a stage where I need a little MCR ref a day; I watched the second DVD of Life on the Murder Scene, with the making of several videos, and ohh making ofs are l.o.v.e! I love the very ending 'scene' of the Helena making of when Frank is trying to get into the coffin; the way Ray just holds him back by his waist as if the guy weights nothing was cute as hell. And Mikey being all 'Hi, today I'm gonna die!' during the Ghost of You video was very fun as well.

I just love those guys to pieces hee ♥ ♥
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I watched SPN 3x11 and just - dude! Some flailing inside )

Such a fantastic episode! I'm still all excited about it *is all excited* SPN ROCKS MY FANNISH WORLD! There, I said it. TPTB made me very happy when they announced that we'd get new episodes in April/May so now they have to make my fannish life complete and tell us that SPN has been renewed for a fourth season. Pleaseprettyplease? *begs*

Also, I'd love to see the bloopers for that episode. Should be awesome too. Especially that scene )

Omg need to re-watch it immediately! *flails*

Oh and I fell for another show, btw. jPod. I watched the premiere and got hooked right away. It's quirky and funny and cracked-up and people have a funny way of dealing with, I don't know, dead bodies? I love all the podsters but so far my favourites are Bree and John Doe.

I have 1x02 sitting on my HD atm and I'll download the rest today - I haven't planned anything constructive today so this is my plan *nods* Oh and I'll add the novel to my Books To Buy list too.

ETA: Link found at [ profile] moimoetmoi's LJ, A Writer's Prayer read by Neil Gaiman *loves*

Oh, boys!

Feb. 1st, 2008 01:59 pm
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Dude, it's the second time I delete an entry by accident. My mouse is all screwed up so it zigs instead of zagging and instead of clicking 'no DO NOT delete, kthxbai' it clicks on 'sure, it's not as if I cared about an entry I'd written' and it's gone to the ether - unless, of course, I really do care enough and just go back a few pages and find aforemetioned entry when it wasn't deleted yet, like a mini trip to the past.

Anyway, am I the only one who does that kind of stupid stuff, delete entries by accident? Come to think of it, don't answer that.

Mind you, I wanna say it's the mouse's fault. I mean, the real mouse, the mouse which functions as a pointing device by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface. Not, you know, me.

Right. Anyway!

Unemployement does have some perks! Because I could download SPN right away and not wait til tonight to watch it, which means it's been downloaded and watched \o/ So. While going through the flist - though not clicking on the cuts, of course - everyone was raving about the episode and during the first part of the ep, I couldn't see it... I mean, it was cool as SPN always is for me, but I didn't see why it was so different. Then, er, well, I totally got it :-)

Quick comments as I'm kinda supposed to be out of the door right now )

I have to say this episode was offering plot bunnies left and right. I even had one for a future!fic of sorts. A plot bunny I'm sure everyone is gonna have but, dude, a bunny is a bunny. I'm not even thinking of writing it at the moment but I'll store the idea somewhere safe. You never know.

SPN love!

Nov. 16th, 2007 05:58 pm
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Today's SPN episode - well, yesterday's if you want to be that specific - was absolutely fantastic! I loved it so much! It made me flail and squee like you wouldn't believe. Figure of speech, btw, from the reaction I've seen on my flist, I know most of you actually know what I'm talking about *g*

Weren't Sam and Dean absolutely perfect in that episode? I don't know, I love them on a good day but sometimes the love I have for those two will, like, strike me even more than usual. And that's exactly what happened during that episode.

Quick flailing bullet points for SPN 3x07 - Fresh Blood )

Oh, SPN, I will be so sad if you have to stop after 13 12 episodes for this season due to the writer's strike. I don't want to you leaaave *clings*

After mainlining Kaamelott, I'm now mainling Battlestar Galactica. I don't even remember what exactly put me in the mood for some BSG but I'm watching s1 again. I also think I'll ask for s2 fo Christmas *nods*

Unrelated again: my cousin Julien is in New-Caledonia at the moment with the rest of his unit and he decided to finally get the tattoos he'd been dreaming of for years. He got the first two on his feet, which I thought was also original - they're gorgeous but he admitted that he had to take some deep breath now and then - and next one will be on his back. I'm quite impatient to see that.
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Oh, boy, reading all the Chicago Con reports about Jared and Jensen makes me so happy! It's insane how much I love those guys, seriously. I'm usually a character!fan as opposed to an actor!fan so it's sorta new for me to be so into two actors - I mean, new as in 'ever since I fell for SPN' - but I'm definitely enjoying the experience :-)

I'm reading the reports on LJ and then reading some more over at super wiki. And the pictures! And the videos! That con is like a gift that keeps on giving.

I think that vid is my favourite so far - the Jensen Reaching Out to Jared's Face in a Public Place story.

It also makes me wonder whether I wouldn't change my mind and go to Asylum 2 if it happened that JA decided to go, after all. I mean, going on my own sounds weird but if Jensen went too and if I could be reassured that Jared wouldn't bail out and if I had the money and if there were tickets left - how many 'ifs' in that little equation? - maybe I would decide to go, anyway.

Right now, I'm concentrating on Wincon, though - which is exciting enough :-)

Something else that is exciting is s3 of Supernatural, which I absolutely love. "Red Sky at Morning" isn't a favourite episode per se but it has some moments that made me squee and flail. Aforementioned spoilery moments in bullet points. )
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I'm really, really enjoying the new arc in this season of Supernatural, wow!

Spoilers for SPN 3x04 - Sin City )

I'm sooooooooo enjoying the ride! I LOVE YOU SPN!

Incidentally, I'm waiting quite impatiently for the icons to pop up because the pretty, it was strong in that episode! Yeah okay as usual, so sue me *g*

Oh and I watched the last Prison Break as well and I think my favourite scene was spoilery bit )

Okay now, off to - finally - watch Chuck 1x01. I meant to do it but I think it's the Tango scene that made me think I should maybe hurry and try the show before the end of the century.
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Started the day with an impromptu breakfast with tbf!Sandra; pastries and cosy moment, is there a better way to start the day? I don't think so. Thank you, strikes! Actually since she's coming over tonight, it means we'll have started the day together and ended it that way too. Nice *g*

Another thing made me Really Happy, namely "Bad Day at Black Rock". Dude, dude! That episode made me squee and bounce all the way through! It filled me with glee, I'm not even kidding.

Not so much a review as a squeeing fest for SPN 3x03 )

I wasn't lying when I said that I loved the episode, eh? Lol

I foresee many BDaBR rewatching this weekend, believe you me. Between that and Pushing Daisies, it feels like I could live on just those two shows this week...
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Went to my parents' yesterday evening and stayed overnight. It was weird sleeping in my old bedroom, which looks so different now. It's like, it's mine but not anymore.

Something I miss at the flat? The fireplace. Mom lit the fire - first of the season - and it always makes the house even cosier than it is... The way it lights up the room, the sound of the logs crackling in the hearth, the smell of it, oh how I adore fireplaces!

I got home in the morning and proceeded to catch up with my shows. Can you imagine that I still hadn't watched Pushing Daisies 1x02? I'm not even kidding!

First was Prison Break, which was sitting on my HD since Tuesday. Two bullets point for PB )

Second was Pushing Daisies. No cut because this would end up in a full blown essay on how much I love, nay, adore that show and how I pretty much enjoyed every second of that brand new episode and how much I laughed and just - I'm completely enchanted by Pushing Daisies, there's no other words for it ♥ ♥

Finally, Supernatural 3x02. Okay so this won't be a favourite episode. I don't expect SPN to blow me away each and every time so I'm not complaining or anything, though. And there were moments I enjoyed, of course...

Four bullet points for SPN )

And now I'm going to watch the premiere of Moonlight. Because the download was there and, hey, why not, right? All I know is that it's about vampires. That Jason Dohring plays in it. Oh and that many people think it's a bit lame. At least I'm warned *g*
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Apparently, I made a deal with a tv demon last night: I would get sick and feel like utter crap today and in return I'd stay home and be able to download and watch SPN a day earlier than planned.

As deals go, well, it sure ain't that bad. The whole crapiness thing aside, mind *cough*

Anyway! I've watched "The Magnificent Seven" and ohhh okay so I know that I miss SPN when it's not on the air right? I know with every fiber of my being [/drama queen] but as I was watching the very first minutes of the episode, I realised how much I'd missed the show. Oh Supernatural, I love you SO MUCH!

Spoilers for SPN 3x01 )

Feels so good writing a review for new SPN! WELCOME BACK SHOW ♥ ♥

And okay so to prove that I don't only have SPN on my mind, I haven't forgotten that today is a special day for someone, so a Happy Birthday to you, [ profile] jennixen *kisses*
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I've just watched "All Hell Breaks Loose" pt 2 and there are no words for how happy Supernatural makes me. Just, no words, okay? In case it's not clear enough, I loved the episode aka spoilers for SPN 2x22 )

Yes. So much love for that show *happy sigh*

In other news: I saw Zodiac yesterday and really enjoyed it. I knew I'd like Jake Gyllenhaal and I was right but I wasn't expecting to enjoy another actor so much, namely Mark Ruffalo, whose portraying of Dave Toschi truly got to me, I thought he was awesome. So anyway, I'm glad we got to see that film :-) And also now I need to read Robert Graysmith's book *nods*

And now, off to [ profile] sentinel_thurs to do my mody job *hurries*
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On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being HeeSPNFriday! and 10 being OmgI'mDyingHere! my excitement about any new episodes is about, say, 15. On a normal, average day. But, today, due to massive flist scanning all day long - work was kicking my ass, I needed the distraction - said excitement was completely off! the! scale!

I didn't read any spoilers, and I didn't need to. Just the post-ep reactions were enough to make me want to go home and watch the episode so bad that it was pure torture! I was this close to go and see my boss and tell her that, sod it, I was just going to leave work early and go home to watch my beloved show, thank you very much.

The first thing I did when I did get home was to start my download and then I snuggled in bed and watched it and OH GOD! Much flailing inside, but I'm cutting this in case a spoiler slips. Which is my way of saying this will be full of spoilers for 2x20. )

That episode is the prime example of why, even though I acknowledge its faults and flaws, Supernatural will always be one of my most favourite shows ever. Few series make me feel so deeply and I'm a sucker for emotional reactions when I'm watching something... Oh, SPN, I love you so much ♥ ♥

Now I need to go and hunt for some WIAWSNB - man, that's a mouthful - icons. I swear I need a hundred icons just for SPN lol

Speaking of which, next week, at this time - if everything goes according to plan - [ profile] moimoietmoi, [ profile] angeliksmall, [ profile] jedicathy and I should be on our way to a room full of 50+ fangirls to watch the first part of the finale! *can't wait*
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Wow, finding a real download for SPN was a nightmare today! But I was not defeated and finally found a not!corrupted! not!cut file and heee how awesome was that episode? No, I'm asking you! Spoilers for 2x19 - Folsom Prison Blues )

So anyway, that was an episode of love! And since I've been spoiled for next week's episode - dude, if it happens again for the big finale? I will cry - I can safely say that I might never recover from the end of the season. But I'll die happy :-)

Unrelated now. I've finally succeeding in catching a second episode of House on the telly Wednesday night and there was Sela Ward! I knew she played in the show but since I kept missing the episodes I kept missing her too - pretty logical so far - and it's done, I've seen her! Objectively speaking, I can acknowledge the fact that there are women who are even more gorgeous than she is but it's like I don't care. I completely lust after her; each time I see her again in a new show, it's like I'm falling in love all over again. To give you an idea, if Jensen Ackles sometimes makes me doubt my lesbianism? Sela Ward is the one who puts me back on the right track :-)

In other unrelated news; new Brodie Farrell novel coming out in May! One day after my birthday too, if that's not fate, I don't know what is :-) I'm still completely smitten with that series and I was looking around to see whether a new book was going to be released and lo, there is! It always amuses me to see the series labelled a 'mystery' though because it's just one of those books where you usually find who's the culprit fairly on in the story but it's not the reason why I'm into it, anyway. It's all about Daniel and Brodie and Jack. Heee I can't wait to meet them again! *bounces*


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