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So today is a big event in my beloved TS fandom since it's its Tenth Anniversary. Dude, I was sixteen when it aired for the first time? Takes me back *nods* I often remember the first time I've watched a show that turned out to be one of my addictions but as it happens, I don't remember watching my first episode of TS. I remember liking it enough that on the days I would come back from school before 6.30 pm I would sprawl on the couch and watch it but it wasn't a Big Thing yet.

Still, I do remember watching the first part of SenToo and being kinda very traumatised because OMG they hadn't just killed my favourite guy, right? They hadn't! I was quite worried because a) at the time I didn't have internet - didn't have a computer actually - so I had no idea that I could even search for an episode guide and stuff and b) they had aired the HL episode where Richie dies for real a couple of days before and er, I was still traumatised by that too. Not that I ever cared for Richie that much per se, but if they could kill Richie, then they could kill just about everyone, everyone meaning Methos, and I wasn't exactly comfortable with that, kthxbai.

So anyway, I liked TS but I wasn't a Huge Fan yet. That came years later. And actually, I went back to the show after I fell in love with the fandom. And dude, I just love that story. )

So anyway, that's how I went from liking the show to loving it. Via fandom :-)

You can guess what I'll do tonight, can't you? Read all the fics that have been posted over at the Sentinel 10th Anniversary Site, of course, and have fun with all the goodies the site has to offer. It also makes me smile because I can't help but think of the lovely [ profile] starwatcher307 whose bday is today - Happy Birthday again, mate! - and who could see all those goodies as presents and all. Nice lol

Unrelated now, look at what Ashley Pharoah - one of the co-creators and co-writers of Life on Mars - has to say about series 2:

Q: Can you give us any hints at what might happen to Sam and the Gene Genie in series two of Life on Mars?
A: If I knew I would! We're only just starting the writing period now. Suffice to say there will be lots of homo-erotic bonding in grim Manchester pubs.

Ha! See? It's not just us slashers talking, man!
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Today was Dressing Up day it seems. First la casa di Mouse since I did the tree and house decorations - with my cousin Sandrine's help as I'm still not completely mobile and everything - and the timing was just perfect as right after it was finished, I was able to put the very first Christmas present under it. [ profile] french_hobbit, thank you SO MUCH! The whole parcel was so incredibly fantastic, from the CDs to the ever so beautiful card and eeek wrapped present! So it's under the tree and everything *hugs the hell out of you*

Then I did some CL decorating as well as I put up the oh so gorgeous banner [ profile] sori1773 made for [ profile] sentinel_thurs and wow, the comm looks so beautiful like that! *is proud*

It also made me think of TS presence on LJ and all. I mean, back in the early days of my journal I had no TS icon, I had, like, one TS fan on my flist - *waves at [ profile] turps33* - and the fandom seemed kinda absent from LJ. I remember that time quite well, I kept whining to Terri about the fact that I wanted - no, needed TS lovers on my flist because there was something missing there. And look at the situation today! I uploaded my seventeenth Jim/Blair TS icon, I don't count how many TS people I have on my flist and we have several Sentinel comms to play with and just - well, it made me happy, is all *sappy sigh*

Completely changing the subject now - though I'm still talking about two men in love with each other - French Posse? What would you say about going to see Brokeback Mountain together? If you haven't planned on going with someone else, obviously. Unless you think you'll see it several times, mind :-) I'm not sure any of my friends will fancy going and I just thought it would be awesome if we could go together - us being slashers and all. So just in case - and we have time til 18 January, of course - I'm asking here and all *g*

And there's Narnia of course. And I still want to go and see GoF a second time. Dude, I can't wait for Friday: first break of the year, wheee! Well of course, I took two days off the uni when I went to London but Winter Break is, you know, official and it's two weeks and I've been waiting for that break since september so YAY! The Esu and I will work through January but it'll only be for the weekends so it's still quite cool :-)

We're on!

Nov. 20th, 2005 07:08 pm
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Reason why the ole The TS Fandom Is Dead argument won't ever stop making me laugh #155412: a new J/B fan is born every day it seems *kisses [ profile] sockich* and a new TS writer emerges with a little gem as first offering all the time, in this case [ profile] princessofg with her Five Things That Never Happened to Jim Ellison story. I really liked that fic. Also it made me smile because I've been caressing the thought of trying a Five Things That Never Happened to Blair Sandburg for some time now and here is the Jim Ellison version of it. Lovely *g* Also, it always surprised me a bit that we didn't find more of this genre - until now, that is - in the TS fandom. [ETA: Mea culpa, I did forget [ profile] crazybutsound who's getting into it, too. I pimp because I love ;-)]

Or hey, if "dead" means "still alive and kicking and bringing new people in on a regular basis" then I have to agree, TS is really dead! *nods*

Changing the subject. Lookit: "Le Grand Jeu", "L’Ultime Razzia", "L’Art et la Manière", "Échec et mat", "Ce que femme veut", "Le Dernier Pari". What are those, you wonder? I'm gonna tell you. They're the French titles of the s1 episodes of Hustle. Dude! I've just found out the show aired in France. On the cable though, so no reason for me to be sad for missing it since - well okay, sadly - I don't have the cable to begin with but hey, Paris Première knows the good stuff *nods* Also, C+ airs Spooks, they should totally air Hustle as well. It also means we'd get the original version which, yay!

Speaking of Hustle, I've been re-watching it last night - didn't sleep more than two hours, believe me, I had aaaalll the time in the world to OD on Mickey and Danny and Stacie and okay you get the picture - and the love? It consumates me. But in a good way.

Some Stuff I forgot to mention about Hustle. In bullet points. I'll be short, promise. )

Also! Did you notice how I haven't - not even once - mentioned Hustle slash so far? Well now is the time. So omg! I would kill someone for some sweet and hot Mickey/Danny because just - MICKEY/DANNY! That is all, kthxbai.

That show is just too cool for words *happy sigh*

Still no "Toxin" preview over at the CBS site. Bad CSB site, no cookie!
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Since I've been accused by [ profile] ainm of neglecting my beloved TS, this post will be 100% TS. I won't even mention how I watched Hustle all night long - insomnia is kicking my ass like you wouldn't believe. I've been breaking some new records lately, ie technically I start dozing off around 5.00 am. Not good. But! At least I have good material to pass the time with. Except I'm not here to talk about my brand new favourite Con Artists. So on with the TS recs.

TS Story Recommendation Meme [gacked from [ profile] ainm]

When you see this, copy it into your own journal. Look through the list of stories and bold the ones you've read (and if you want to, aim to give the ones you haven't read a try when you can). Then, at the bottom of the list, add a story (or more than one) that you really love. Say whether it is slash or gen, write a short summary, and provide a link.

Previous Recommendations - nine fics )

My Recommendation - five new fics )

I know, I didn't rec a single dark, non-con fic. It can happen, see? Oh and on the subject of recs, the TS Storyfinders site is a Must Visit because it's a gold mine. Gen or Slash you'll find your favourite poison over there and - this is what I love about it - you'll be able to search by themes. This is the archive that goes in pair with the TSStoryfinders ML so all the requests of the members are archived over there, with the original request included.

Hey, you still have no idea who am I talking about? No problem. Well, no, it is sad, but it can easily be rectified. Go to Starfox's Mansion gallery. Oh and try [ profile] rhianne's website as well - you'll find four episodes capped. And since I'm here, she also posted a nice character review.

And what the hell, since I'm pimping [ profile] rhianne, I should do it properly and mention her vids as well - she did some of the best TS vids in the fandom.

Now you know what the guys look like and okay the vids are wonderful enough but you'd like some Jim and Blair live, ie scenes coming straight from the show? You only need to ask. Pay a little visit to Lasgalen's site and you'll find video clips of pretty much all the episodes you need. Go on, and see the Wonder that is the Jim/Blair Duo.
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The weekend is here! And it's actually a four-day weekend for me cause I have Monday and Tuesday off *loves* Oh and I also have tendinitis - on my right wrist, so it's not that bothersome - which doesn't have anything to do with the rest, but whatever, it's true. It also means I'm taking forever to type this entry but my hand is wrapped in such a way that I can still type so hi! Am typing!

And today being Friday also means that tomorrow is Sci-fi Saturday, yay! I fucking can't wait for "Avalon" pt 2 *hugs self* As well as "Valley of Darkness" *bounces*

But anyway, the entry I'm taking forever to type. I played with the Top Five meme and wound up being obsessive-compulsive about it, so apparently the answers made it to their own entry.

[ profile] moimoietmoi - Top Five Worst Series I Ever Watched )

[ profile] turps33 - Top Five Kinks )

[ profile] french_hobbit - Top Five Mysteries in Lost )

[ profile] misanthrope7842 - Top Five Sentinel Moments )

[ profile] yami_tai - Top Five Fangirly Moments )

And since I rambled quite a bit, er, maybe I'll stop now *cough*
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Alright, so I was taking a break from my books after coming back from school and I was - as I'm wont to do - reading my flist when I saw [ profile] fluterbev's query about fanfic in general and Jim/Blair in particular. Since I apparently love the sound of my fingers typing on the keyboard I decided to grant her wish and reply to her, only, well it sorta ended up being a tad long for a comment, so I thought, hey! I'm gonna turn it into a post! So you have Bev to blame for that one *nodnod*

What are the essential qualities that fanfic has, that make it so incredibly compelling, addictive and satisfying? )

Why Jim/Blair? )

Hmm, I think the prospect of not writing a Numb3rs review on Saturday, nor a Lost one before at least a week made me rambly... then again, when do I need an excuse to indulge in some heavy rambling, right? Right.

Oh and [ profile] catiadoodle? I received the CDs!! Veronica Mars S1 is now mine and I'll finally see what the fuss is about, thank you so much *hugs* Between that, Desperate Housewives and Lost, as well as all the anime I downloaded lately, once my finals and my concours will be over, I have the feeling I'll just let myself OD on tv, yay!
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Hey guys? Not to gloat or anything but I just realised that we'll get Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith a day before the majority of you, ie the 18th. It counts, right - 18th sounds even nicer than 19th somehow *cough*

Now? I have to ask either Henry or Rissy to go with me on that day so that I can come home afterwards and squeee on my LJ. Mind, chances are I won't be able to watch it then or even soon - combining our respective schedules is usually a nightmare, and sadly among The Best Friends, I don't really have anyone else interested in SW apart from those two [well, [ profile] babycakesin is a fan, but she sorta lives on the other side of the world, not exactly easy to meet up] but I'll try, believe me!

Changing the subject now - [ profile] circeoflatium sent me a tape of old school Doctor Who episodes, namely "State of Decay" and "Warrior's Gate" and hee thank you! I'll finally see Tom Baker in action and just, I've heard about him so much, I'm quite impatient to see that *bounce* You rock, Circe *g*

And finally, I was awake quite early today - again, seems it's becoming a habit these days - and I've been re-reading some of my favourite TS and just... sometimes it feels like Jim and Blair still have the power to make me fall in love with them all over again, even after all those years - you know, I'll be reading a fic, and it'll just hit me, how much I love those two. And it's so not something new, technically, it might not even be worth mentioning because of course I love them so much, they're right there at the top of the pyramid [beside J/D but I'm thinking J/B might be just a little higher, maybe] but it'll hit me anyway - I can't help it *feels the love*

And apparently the Eppes Men aren't the only ones who bring out the sap in me, but I did say aforementioned inner sap wasn't buried that deep, right?
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I know I already sent a card so it might sound a tad redundant, but the Bday post is part of the LJ tradition, so Joyeux Anniversaire to a member of the French Posse, namely the lovely [ profile] crazybutsound. Hope you had a great day, in spite of everything. You sure deserve it *hugs*

On a different note now and because I'm a TV junkie:

Damn, who would have thought that going through three discs would take such a short time *longs for other seasons of Angel* I mean, I didn't realise it the first time because when I obsessively got into the series and started with my Nightly Marathons, I actually had four box sets to watch so it felt like I always had a new disc to feed my little DVD player, but with the last development in my plan on getting the whole show on DVDs, I just bought one little box set and seriously but what was I supposed to do? Watch one episode a day? What am I? Supergirl with Super Will & Discipline? AH! It's a good thing I had a lot to do today - I have yet to watch the last episode, namely Soulless, so I'm not totally done yet. But after that... it's withdrawal time! Unless I go and treat myself with a new box set sometime this week, but I'm not sure it's reasonable - right, as if it ever stopped me before.

But whatever.

Back to the Third and Last Holy Disc, my watching Awakening sorta went in five little steps )

Can you tell I'm still having fun with that show? *g*

So I watched it last night and my love for Christian grows and grows. Sometimes I seriously can't believe I'm hearing what I'm hearing or seeing what I'm seeing, but the guy is just too fucked-up for words and look so lost and I just love it - he's definitely one hell of an interesting character *g* Makes you want to strangle him and hug him at the same time lol

Does someone remember the Upload Madness Adventure? Well, I turned to SendThisFile and uploaded the pilot for the umpteenth time over there and gave it away to those who'd requested it in the first place. I still have two links left which are yours for the taking. If someone wants it, drop me a line.

Also, even though [ profile] snurch_tv fell victim of teh TOS, I still managed to contact someone who had the second episode for grabs and she was kind enough to upload the episode for me, so I'll have a nice little Numb3rs fix soon *bounce* Now I just need to get my hands on the third episode *is hopeful*

Stargate SG1:
I want to solemnly thank [ profile] thegrrrl2002 for linking me to this post where The Prettiness and Hotness That Is Hooded Daniel was displayed for everyone to see *g* Damn, Daniel in robes is so a kink of mine... and the hood thing? *is dead* Before you click though, bear in mind that it contains pic-spoilers for It's Good to be King.

The Sentinel:
M6 already cancelled TS *sigh* I told you they had a love-hate relationship - I was so happy to have my favourite couple back on my telly, but well, fate was against us lol

The Dead Zone:
New season started tonight - whee!
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Am watching "Hear no Evil" and something amuses me in the scene where Jim is awaken by the sound of Blair's pen on paper. The sound is driving him crazy because it's so loud to him, afterwards he throws the earplugs on the table and it makes him flinch but when Blair speaks to him in a normal voice? Nothing happens - he doesn't even wince. Because hey, an earplug being thrown on a table is ten times louder than a human voice - I think I wrote a paper on that one last month *eg* Though to be fair, I missed the beginning of the episode and I don't remember whether they gave any sort of explanation about it - then again it's The Sentinel after all, so why give any kind of rational explanation, right? Yes, I'm allowed to say stuff like that because I'm a fan - it doesn't count lol

So yesterday? I didn't watch Lost over and over again, and I didn't talk about it in anyone's comments nor did I chat with Babycakes late at night about it either. Also? I didn't play with the Lost bases [ profile] babycakesin's made to make a Charlie icon - courtesy of [ profile] crumblingwalls who capped pretty much the whole episode. No, not me. Because otherwise it would mean I'm already truly and hopelessly hooked on that show, and it wouldn't be true *cough* Besides, it doesn't mean that premiere had any kind of success anyway - 18 millions viewers? So what? And it's not as if thousands more people outside the US decided to download it either, right? Ah!

So yeah *clears throat*

Oh, something [ profile] ainm said in her LJ last night about writing and the compulsion to write, even if it's not fanfic exactly made me think and I got curious about something. So on a whim, I checked how many words I'd written yesterday in my two posts - just yesterday, nothing more. Well I reached approximatively 1939 words - 1939... I wrote the equivalent of a ficlet. Without even batting an eye, without even thinking about it. Why can't I do that with a fic, huh? *pout*

I think it struck me in particular since I still haven't started my [ profile] sentinelsecrets fic. But I was hit by another idea and it seemed the images that were popping into my mind were so much clearer than the first one... so I'm thinking of trying that one instead. And if I can mix the two, well it would be just so much more perfect *g*

I have the feeling I'll try and write it today. I was supposed to go out with Sandrine and the Gang this afternoon and we were going to a restaurant and a club tonight but I'm having one of my infamous pains and I can either sit in front of my computer or in my bed, but nothing more, thanks. Just the thought of leaving the house and, you know, standing on my two legs to do things like, say, walk and dance make me hurt *cringe*

*peeks at TV* YAY, Jim and Blair just did their Clasp/Slap Hands thingie - I love this little moment, it's sweet *g* In particular compared to the scene at the bullpen when Jim doesn't even really thank him after Blair gave him the white noise generator and earplugs. I mean, Blair had just found a way to help him deal with his wacky and painful hearing and not even a 'thank you' ? That wasn't nice. So this scene when Jim is all excited and he enthusiastically thanks Blair while being his touchy feely self was really appreciated *nodnod*

On a side note - don't know why, but hearing Jim say 'connard' is weird *shrug*

ETA: Ohhhhh Peter Wingfield is playing in- man, I don't even know what movie it is, but he's here!! *bounces* Hmm? TS is over, yes - I'm not abandoning my guys for random movies all around, who do you take me for?

ETA2: Oookay seems like badmovie to me - but hey, badmovie with Peter Wingfield? Fine with me *shrug*
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Didn't go to sleep before 5.00 am last night - well, this morning, obviously. One of the reasons why I couldn't go to sleep was this really odd sound coming from my sister's bedroom that sounded like a baby crying or something. Do I need to mention that a) there is no baby in the house and b) there is no one sleeping in that room since my sister moved out a couple of months ago? It didn't stop all night and I have no idea where it came from exactly and what it was. It was disconcerting... and when I say disconcerting, what I mean is it was bloody freaky, thanks.

So even if I'd felt like going to sleep - which wasn't really the case anyway - I couldn't have because did I mention the freaky sound? Yeah okay, I just did.

What did I do, then? Because everyone knows you're dying to know *rolls eyes* Well I re-read a bit of one of my favourite TS zines ever, ie Changes and then I watched QAF - 101, 102 and 103. So okay, watching QAF isn't exactly the best way to make me sleepy, but at least it relaxed me enough that around 5.00 am I felt like I could close my eyes without the feeling that something was, you know, lurking in the shadows *cough*

This won't come out as a surprise but boy how much do I love this series, really!! And the Brian-Michael scene on the hospital roof? So.beautiful. I mean, I always say - well, to [ profile] babycakesin, I mean lol - that when I try to pick a favourite scene in that show, it's almost humanly impossible because I have so many of them - and incidentally, they usually always include Michael in the equation : my favourite scenes are usually Brian-Michael or Ben/Michael ones, maybe I sorta have a slight Michael-obsession going on lol

That being said, even while I say it, there's always this one scene that pops into my mind immediately, before any other : the scene in the hospital corridor in 218, because this scene? Has to be my favourite obviously *g* It's so powerful and so moving and so very beautiful - I'm always compelled to rewind it... several times, I love it that much.

Anyway, back to the point - I think the scene on the hospital roof in 101 comes next... maybe also because it's the very first time we really get to realise the love between those two guys (friendship or otherwise, depending on your own ship) and because when you watch the whole show, ie when you know Brian and Michael inside out and you come back to it, you also realise this scene was pretty much a perfect introduction to them as individuals and as friends. I mean, it's like this short scene sums up their relationship and their dynamics perfectly - in my eyes, I mean *g*

There are lots of scene that I love like I just established, but I guess if I had to start from the top... well, those two would come out first. Though it would definitely more difficult to chose a Third Favourite One because at this point? Lots of them would have the right to belong there and would fight for it lol

Oh! I'm watching TS right now (I'm at the second episode, which is "Blind Man's Bluff", btw *happy sigh*) and you know the whole Obfuscation scene in "Black or White"? Well the French adaptation is really sweet.

First your 'obfuscation' is our 'sublimation' and second, the exchange between Simon and Blair, when Simon says that's it's B.S to him? The English version has Blair answers that No, it's a form of male bonding and in French? He says it's masturbation lol
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Bleh - the cold turned into cold from hell as of yesterday and is getting worse apparently. My lungs seem to have decided they're fed up with their current location, and to remedy the situation they decided to pay a little visit to the outside world and are trying to leave my body without my consent, and let's not mention the ear infection that - of course - had to start as well *sigh* This morning when I went to kiss the parental unit hello, I was welcomed with a very heartfelt oh my, you look terrible.

Thank you oh beloved parents! That being said, since I actually feel pretty lousy there's a sort of logic to the comment. At least, I'm coherent with myself and there's no dissonance between how I look and how I feel, I feel so special, too lol

Anyway, I'll rest and take it easy today, I suppose *g*

Oh hey, I did some new icons. Yesterday was SG, today is TS. I'm not going to make a habit out of it, but it was fun, so yeah *g*

TS icons, aka J/B icons )

Should one of you feel inclined to snag one of them --who knows, right?-- just ask *g*

And finally - I found my brand new underground newpapers. It's called Could become a new crack, who knows *g*

ETA: Just saw [ profile] ximeria linked the same article, but it is indeed pretty well written so Gaters? Go and read the RCC vows to "deal with" Jack/Daniel friendship - fans vow to stop watching article - beware it contains some spoilers for S8 though. I confirm what I just said, this independent and unaffiliated SG website could become a new crack *g*

The Killers

Jul. 3rd, 2004 01:51 pm
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Oh man, will I ever tire of watching TS? The answer is a big fat no!

Couldn't resist - had to write some more musings about the episode, and because I can be nice sometimes, I'll hide everything : Musings about The Killers )

I feel the TS love, guys - then again, don't I always? lol

Oh also, cross-posted to [ profile] ts_talk, because you know TS talks *g*

And OMG! There's a second episode!!!
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Am watching "His Brother's Keeper" right now, and this episode has so many cute and funny moments! *schnuzzles eppy*

Love the J/B scenes, but that's hardly surprising so I'll also say that the scenes with Simon, Joel and H and Rafe (you have to know that at one point, I thought those two were actually fanon- no, seriously. I can't help laughing when I see them for real lol) were too good for words as well! *g* Beside, there's great Jim angst through the whole storyline, and angst is always a good thing. It's true that Jim does angst really well, too *g*

Anyway, there's one scene in particular I just love... Blair won a lot of money by betting on another horse than Simon and the others'- he's all excited and hyper and, well, all Blair like. So he's counting his money and talking with Jim, when Simon, Joel, Brown and Rafe suddenly approach, in a line, looking all mean and threatening - because hey, they didn't win, and they're not happy campers, and they want to know Blair's secret. Only, Blair doesn't know they just want to make a new bet, and suddenly, he's not so sure about surviving the 'confrontation' - so while the other men approach, he slowly but surely ducks around behind Jim, and doesn't budge until *Jim* sorta abandons him lol Man, Blair ducking behind Jim for protection and safety... Maybe not the first time, either, but it's always a pleasure *g*

Wanna see? Sure!

See Blair hiding behind his tough guy. Slowly sneaking up, but definitely taking position in his safe place *slasher smile* )

Oh and also, some candy eye, because we deserve it *nods*

Our boys wearing a tuxedo )

Cute, uh? Well, of course, I mean, we're talking about Jim and Blair, here!
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I looked at the last posts on my LJ - egotistical much? - and they're full of Andrew squeeage. I mean, there's Andrew everywhere. That's when I had an epiphany. I realized I'm sorta scary when I'm entering obsessive mode. I mean, once the obsession becomes the norm, you don't notice it that much -well, I think - but right at the beginning? Oh boy!

Anyway, back to some TS.

First, am watching "Dead Drop", aka alpha!Jim in action - woohoo!

Poor Jim has his lover taken hostage up in a elevator that is being dropped several floors at a time. No wonder the man is turning primal. Well, no really, that's how he's acting.

First on the father who was being stubborn and refused to even try locate the money to give the Psycho of the Week :

Jim: We're going to do everything we can to get those people out, but in the meantime, I'd locate that money.
Wilkenson: Or else what?
Jim: I drop a dime to the media and the world finds out that Mr. Newsweek hero is just an empty suit who'd let his own daughter die. *leaves*
Wilkenson: What the hell is the matter with him?
Simon: Well, Mr. Wilkenson, I'll tell you. That's his lover in there and if you cared half as much for your daughter, maybe this whole thing would be over.

Oh all right, all right! Simon didn't say "lover" but "friend", but hey, we all know the truth, don't we? Although, even with friend in the sentence, it's a pretty powerful line, IMHO. Simon is publicly mentioning Jim and Blair's bond and frienship - really love that line *g*

And of course, Jim gets primal on Psycho of the Week who's threatening Blair. He's, ya know, hunting *g*

I can't get enough of protective!Jim trying everything he can to save the man he loves [/sap]

Although, note that Blair saves the situation. I mean, he's the one who thinks about dropping the bomb out of the elevator and everything, you know? He's so smart - well, he's genius, ya hear? *g* Jim was busy kicking Psycho of the Week's ass, mind you. An alpha male has to be alphaing on someone, right? And in case you're wondering, Jim is bloody smart as well. That's beside the point.

Case in point, here's the proof that they make the perfect team *g*
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Came home, and realized they're airing ER again - only they didn't start at the beginning. Oh no, instead they're starting with "Be Still My Heart" *quivering lower lip* Why so much cruelty! Why can't I even take advantage of some alive Lucy before they kill her *wails* Noooo Lucy, don't die. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *sniffles* Cruel, cruel TV schedule.

At the same time there's TS on M6, with "Hear No Evil" tonight - and Jim, you can be such an ungrateful bastard *shakes head*

So what, you can't even thank Blair properly, uh? )

You should see Blair's face - waiting and waiting for Jim to thank him. But no, Jim won't do it, uh? You jerk! Blair just found the perfect way to help you with your senses, and you can't even give him a little Thank you, Chief or I'll give you the blow job of your dream in a few minutes, Chief or Expect the pounding of your life tonight, babe, can you?

Well anyway, don't worry, I forgive you. I know you're trying to protect your badass cop attitude in front of the guys at MC. I know you'll make it up to Blair once you'll be home *pets Blair*

Also, in French, Jim doesn't say I'll send you a card but Je t'enverrai un bouquet de fleurs, ie I'll give you flowers. Somehow, I have a preference for the French version lol

Oh and in case you're wondering, there're lots of lovely J/B scenes in that episode, that's not the point *g* Also, I think I definitely have a thing for Jim-and-Blair-in-the-loft *blink* I mean, I can't get enough of it! lol
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Oh goodie! Today was "Blind Man's Bluff". Whee! Talk about a TS reference. And talk about some lovely slashy bits *g* I mean, never mind the new BOTW involved in the episode - no, focus on all the adorable, domestic and intense J/B scenes instead, that is important *nodnod*

Want some nice imagery? I've got that *preens*

First, just because: A nice domesticity scene )

Then... well, Jim and Blair are so sexy and all, they deserve some individiual shots. Plus, I never love Blair more than when he has his hair pulled back in a tight ponytail (I don't like long hair in men - and I know, What about Blair and Faramir - yeah, exceptions make the rule, all right?)

Blair and Jim, because please, we need more pics of the guys on our LJs! )

And now.... ah now, the scene, the infamous Jim-cradles-Blair-tight-against-his-chest scene, the one with drugged-out-of-his-mind!Blair and worried-out-of-his-mind!Jim. Such an intense scene for those two. Slash at its finest. No kidding here.

Don't worry babe, I won't let you go )

And also the hospital scene, because I like the idea of a Jim who's so worried he won't leave Blair's side.

Wherein Jim can't leave his lover's bedside - and he'd better not to, anyway! It wouldn't be the right time to take off for, say, Sierra Verde right Ji-- *clears throat* Yeah, well, anyway, we're not there yet, are we? *cough* )

Love me some Blind Man's Bluff *g*
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I came back from the uni in time to see that today's TS episode was Second Chance- which means that we got to hear one of the best lines in TS - nd maybe one of the best lines ever [/drama queen] - from Jim himself:

Jim: *talking to someone who's threatening to hurt Blair* Touch him and you're dead.


"Touch him and you're dead" - I'm not making that up, it's canon, it's protective!CanonJim. Isn't it just a beautiful line? Someone is threatening his man, and he's going all alpha *glassy eyes*

It's just too good to be true *purrs*

Oh, on another unrelated note. A new show is airing atm, The Guardian. I watched some episodes, and even though I know I'm not going to obsess over it, I like it well enough, and today's episode, "The Men from the Boys", was particular good.

I love how shows aren't afraid to deal with what used to be complete taboo: here we had a young boy living in the street after he fled from different foster homes where he got raped on a regular basis, and whoring himself to survive. His only hope is to be fostered by a gay couple, but of course, prejudice being so strong, no judge (even a gay one btw) wants to accept it. In the end, it's only because Nick decides to fuck the law that Ethan can live decently and can hope for a happy future with the - very loving - couple.

Ethan's mom was particular disgusting. Her husband kicked their son out of the house when he learnt he was gay, and she never tried to have him back. Oh well, yes, she said Ethan still had a home if he forgot his bad habit. And when she finally decided to interfere in his life, it was to ask that Ethan would NOT be fostered by the gay couple because she didn't want him to live with *that* kind of people. The worse is that she claimed to love her son - and to be a good Christian as well. Really sad person.

Speaking of Nick. He seems like an interesting bloke, but he just looks so sad all the time.

Anyway, I will have to see where the other episodes lead me *g*
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Came back home in time for TS, which is always a very good thing - well, I missed the first fifteen minutes, but it's on tape now anyway...

It was "Flight". Not one of my favorite episode per se, but one with some of my favorite moments. In particular when Blair, after being offered a dream expedition to Borneo, turns it down to keep on staying with Jim, and helping him. I mean, it was the very first big sacrifice Blair made for Jim - all for friendship (translate : for love) *g*

You know, when Blair is pictured as this guy who's allergic to commitment, or prone to run away when things get a little too tough, I always wonder where the characterization comes from. I just can't see him that way, not after he keeps on proving to Jim (and to us) how much he's committed to him and tothem as well, know what I mean?

I mean, in this episode, we see Blair following Jim to the jungle to save Simon and Daryl when he doesn't even know what they're going to do, and how they're going to do it. He just decides to leave with Jim, because a) Simon and Daryl are his friends too and b) he's Jim's back up, period. And then, like I said, he turns the offer down to stay with Jim. It also looks like a prelude to his final and definitive sacrifice at the end of the show. That's Blair for you, all right *schnuzzles Blair*

Now, and because I'm addicted to quotes )

And since I decided I never post enough pics, and because I liked it when I posted some caps the two other times, here some new ones *g*

A little pic of the two of them first- because... well, because! )

I love how serious they look on those ones )

Wherein Blair always gets his way and is always there when Jim needs help )

How lovely - romantic evening around a campfire )

Alpha and Warrior!Jim )

It's about Friendship - yeah, right - can you spell L.O.V.E? )

Cute!Blair and Cute!Jim )

They're good individually, but together they're always so much more *g* )

Hail to J/B!
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Man, I'll be glad when my last exam is over and done with tomorrow. I'm done with studying today, at least. Although, it's weird thinking I'm going back to school on Monday...

What's better, after a day of reading books on medieval history - again - than surfing and watching a new episode of TS?

Nothing, that's what.

Today was "The Debt". This episode is special you know, it's when Jim decides that he can't live without Blair in his life and in his loft and makes him move with in him. Oh sure, it looks like Blair begs Jim to let him move in - but that was just in case someone was near and listening. Coming out isn't the best course of action sometimes.

Also, we really get to see them being all domestic and really at ease with each other - you know, when Blair is making breakfast? That's one hell of a cute scene, IMHO. And they just look so comfortable with and so tuned to each other. They won't ever make me believe they hadn't shared some breakfasts together before! Nah uh *shakes head* They won't fool me, baby!

Plus, we see Jim getting all worried for Blair, when Blair is at Miss Lacroix' and a worried!Jim is always a good thing - not as much as down-right-protective!Jim but almost. And speaking of the scenes in the building - Blair show us how smart and reliable he is when he 'creates' the Roosevelt Garden Safety Committee. Jim might be a bad ass cop, but Blair knows how to take of problems as well, and in a very human way, too. They make a great team, and even outside the bedroom, see?

Anyway, on to some new Quotes )

And some pics as well, because they pleased some of you, and they sure please me as well lol- so here again a small batch:

Domesticity Much? )

Okay, and some individual pics of the guys too:

Blair )

Jim and Blair in serious discussion )

Jim and his Gun )

Nerdy Blair )

Hail to TS and happily married canon m/m couple! *schnuzzles Jim/Blair*
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Niiiiiiiiice, "The Killers" was on today. I know we're always talking about "Blind Man's Bluff"> and Cypher" and "Sentinel, too" and of course TSbSB, but really "The Killers" is one of my favourite episodes as well. I love the scenes between Jim and Blair in that episode- more than usual that is *g*

Also, each time I see said episode, I'm struck by three thoughts :

1) Jim really should stop trying to convince everyone he's a) not gay and b) not screwing Blair every chance he gets, ie should stop flirting with the BOTW, because, really who the hell does he think he's fooling?

2) He should actually let Beverly Sanchez to me, because I sure find her delicious *eg*

3) Jim and Blair look so awfully cute together! So okay, nothing new here, but I can't help it. They are! And once again, let me say this : theirloveisoverycanon.

Oh and another one, since I'm here :

4) Right before Jim gets suspended and Blair's access to the department is revoked, and they're in Simon's office being dressed down by Simon? They look like naughty schoolboys being chided by a stern teacher for misbehaving. I'm having some even naughthier thoughts!

Also, some quotes because - well, because I can *g* )

But you know, you can also find some slashy quotes in that episode - never mind that they're taken out of context )

Can you tell I'm enjoying watching TS all over again on TV? *beaming*

ETA: Hey, here some screencaps. Quotes and caps, nice package *g*

First, some nice pics of Jim and Blair )

Then, some nice little Jim/Blair looks )

I put this one as well because it's a cute moment )

Finally, the schooboys being chastised scene )


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