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Isn't it weird how the format of a fic will influence you? I mean, I guess it shouldn't matter that the formatting is all 'wrong', ie spacey with a different font than the one we're used to seeing on LJ, with bold text etc... but I can't help it, as soon as I see a story which template looks odd, with weird fonts, break lines all over the place or, even worse, with different font colours, I lose all prospective interest - unless I know the author and already like their fics, I mean.

Or maybe I don't necessarily lose all interest, but I can't help being, I don't know, prejudiced? This is stupid, I know, I'm trying to get over it, promise.

Though I guess it doesn't help that when I do decide to stop being silly and anal about formatting and actually read the fic, it often ends up in the bad!fic category. Admittedly it could just be bad luck on my part, mind. As usual, bad!fic is in the eye of the beholder blah blah blah but still...

I just saw that kind of story so that's why I was thinking about that.

Anyway! Had a great weekend; I spent the whole day at my sister's today and we had a BBQ and all lazed around under the sun. Awesomeness.

And yesterday I went to Pride with [ profile] greedy_dancer and we had an fantastic time, as usual. There's so much energy in that event, it's absolutely wonderful! A bit tiring, mind, because when you reach Bastille - where the parade ends - you're kinda dead on your feet but it's so worth it! Definitely one of my favourite time of the year :-)

GD also reminded me that this year's Pride marked the fourth anniversary of our meeting which, yay, anniversary! I totally consider Pride as one of our traditions, I have to say, so I'm glad we usually manage to go together.
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Oh, Starbucks, my home away from home! Love of my life! How I missed you! Or How Mouse Went to a Starbucks and Ate a Cheesecake after a Hundred Years Going Without. Or maybe slighly less, but it certainly felt that long to me! Tbf!Rissy thought I sounded quite porny while I was drinking my beloved Caramal Macchiato and even pornier yet when I started eating my cheesecake but, dude, more than 40 days without the latter! It truly was orgasmic *blissful look*

Yeah, okay. Moving on!

Something I love about the SPN fandom? Both RPS and FPS. Among many things, mind. Is how some kinks that are usually considered really kinky in some fandoms are kinda the norm here. I'm thinking of rimming, if you want me to spell it out. In the SPN fandom, Jared and Jensen or Sam and Dean seem to really love rimming. Actually, they seem to just love putting their tongues/mouths pretty much everywhere. To my utter satisfaction, don't think I'm complaining :-) But it's so much fun. So in some fandoms the rimming will be a bit out of the ordinary whereas in SPN, it'll just be part of the smut, nothing special per se ♥ ♥

And because I love changing the subject. Part 2 of the Icon meme.

Icons for Cathybites )

Icons for fluterbev )
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Guess where I'm updating this from? Yes, Teh Flat! I've spent my first night here last night actually :-) I officially took possession of the place at 6.00 PM when the Big Move ended. Man, when the family left and I found myself alone in my new home it felt weird! A wonderful kind of weird, mind, but twas weird all the same. Still is; I wonder how long the feeling will last *ponders*

Oh, and obviously the connexion is running :-) I'm using Charlie atm, Clark is still at home but he'll join me soon *longs for her Clark*

I've already started putting away my books and DVDs - as I suspected I'll need new shelves for the latter - but I was a bit too tired last night and I was away all day today so many things are still packed but I have time now that I'm here so I'll work on that this week *g*

And hey, wanna see my fridge? It's a slashy fridge )

I mentioned being quite nostalgic of those magnetic letters months ago and how I'd love to have some for my fridge at my place and a couple of days later my sister had bought some for me ♥ ♥ When the date of the BM approached, I decided it was time for them to see the light of day.

I could have chosen many things to put there - will do as the mood strikes, I guess - but then I remembered [ profile] greedy_dancer telling me this would make a perfect tattoo for me and I couldn't resist :-)

As for some fannish things to end this, I watched a bit of Poltergeist: the Legacy last night - shut up - and I'd forgotten how young Nick looked! He was so baby-faced back then. Not that he looks old now but he's different. Also, watching the show again did bad things to me because all of a sudden I was thinking it would be a good idea to get the DVDs... even though I could never stand Derek, btw. And yes, I did use 'good idea' and 'poltergeist:the legacy dvds' in the same sentence, I'm just that wild! But I can't help it, I never missed an episode when they first aired it here...

Oh dude! I just reminded myself that this was, in fact, my very first fandom. The fandom that taught me what fanfiction was; the very first archive I ever discovered was a P:tl one, the very first - gen - story I ever read was a P:tl one *embarks on a little trip down memory lane*

*gasp* Omg! I have the urge to go and re-read the No Son of Mine trilogy! [ profile] babycakesin! Remember Beijing and that time when I told the whole story to you? I kept interrupting my storytelling for fear of boring you to tears and you kept asking for what happened next and I kept going and going and it was just so awesome!

Ok, now I feel all verklempt *is all verklempt*
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Work is being such an ass today. It was already cranky yesterday but today is even worse. It's even more frustrating that I'm this close to solve the bloody problem except it just doesn't want to cooperate and it's apparently determined to drive me a bit insane *smites*

And the flist isn't cooperating either since everything is about the latest drama. No porn of any kind, sadly.

I have to say that, as a whole, I usually don't trust Fandom as far as wanks go. I mean, you know how much I love, nay, how much I adore Fandom, but it's not exactly known for being reasonable nor is it known for its level-headness. Or, at least, that's how I see it. Not to say everyone will agree.

So I usually just wait for the drama to be over and for everyone to go back to the important things, namely write fics and speak about shows and, why, yes I do have my priorities right, why? ;-) Except that this time it seems the drama was actually justified?

Well, not to the extremes I've seen some people go - though, hey, everyone is entitled to it, just because I might not agree doesn't mean I think people are wrong in how they react to things - but I've read some of the latest news/articles that were linked on the flist, as opposed to just spread rumours, and I can't say I liked what I read here, I'll admit. I don't know, I'm waiting to see where the whole thing is going - if it's going somewhere - and hoping some of the things I read aren't going to become a trend on LJ...

But, see, I couldn't be upset over the whole thing because with fandom it's a bit like the boy who cried wolf; wanks and mass panic ensue so often for no reason that I never know whether I'm supposed to look at things with a closer look on not. And also, I guess I usually don't take certain things as seriously as some people do. So, again, I'll just wait and see how things go...

Still, I'll be impatiently waiting for the porn calm to come back.

And on other news; I finally have my very own SPN s1 box-set! It was released yesterday and I went there with my fake!bdayvoucher but very real money and treated myself with the thing. It's shiny and pretty and it's all spn all the time and it has extras and it filled me with glee :-)

ETA: I've always been curious as to how many fandom oriented journals there could be on LJ and, thanks to [ profile] fandom_counts, we can now start to have an idea. As of this minute we're at 24061 24126 24127 24166 and counting. [ profile] greedy_dancer, I can sorta understand your obsession with the refresh thing now lol It's pretty neat seeing the figure rise with each new click!
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I'm back to work tomorrow. And I can't even find it in myself to feel bad about it or anything. I think when the weather is as good as it has been the past week, just about everything looks sweeter to me, work included. Now let's just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow! *fingers crossed* I've become quite used to going out in jeans and tank top sans coat, I have to say *nods*

So. I had a lovely weekend. I saw the French Posse Bis - I guess I should find another nickname for you girls but for now you're stuck with that one - on Saturday morning. First, Starbucks - duh! - then... Miss Cookie got herself a tattoo! And between [ profile] angeliksmall who was on her way to get her tattoo and [ profile] ephyse and [ profile] daiyaa raving about theirs, I actually considered - for the very first time in my life - getting one myself.

I find tattoos insanely sexy - well, I'm not a big fan of the huge ass tattoos, admittedly, but the smaller ones, I find quite often really sexy. My favourite places for them are the nape of the neck and the small of the back. Except I always thought that if I ever got ink myself, I would want to be able to look at it, so aforementioned places would be perfect on the future new girlfriend, for instance, but not on me. And then I saw [ profile] ephyse's and [ profile] daiyaa's own tattoos, on the inside of their wrists and oh yeah they're awesome! If I ever got one, I think that's where I'd want to get it. Except I might be a wuss but it does feel like a painful area to have a tattoo - and the story those two told about the whole tattooing thing? Didn't exactly encourage me lol But. Anyway. I'll think about it *nods* I know what I'd want written btw; Wincest is the best. In small font. In Elvish.

What? I could totally want that!

Incidentally, because fanfic imitates life; someone started a new J2 AU verse which I'm quite smitten with already. It's [ profile] incompletework2's tattoo 'verse, where the boys are tattoo artists. And yes so I might like big ass tattoos in fics.

Unrelated now. Warnings in fandom is a pretty hot issue, to include them or not is a topic that seems to always pop up... But there's something that we never really talk about, it's the expectations one might have when reading them. And the other day I was pretty disappointed when an author warned about 'rough sex' because that's exactly what I was in the mood for - and okay so I'm kinda always in the mood for that - and after reading the fic, well, I'm still waiting for the 'rough sex' to happen. It kinda left me hanging *pout* Though it never fails to amuse me how someone's version of rough sex will be someone else's version of tame and sweet. Still, it totally was false advertisement omg!
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Anime fans? I'm looking for two songs, the opening themes of Sousei no Aquarion, namely Sousei no Aquarion and Go Tight! by AKINO. Does it ring a bell? Tia.

I've been tagged to do the Seven Six Songs I'm Into Right Now meme so here it is: Lifehouse - Everything | Something Corporate - Break Myself | Thirteen Senses - Into the Fire | My Chemical Romance - The Ghost of You | Assemblage 23 - Lullaby | Diam's - Big Up [a great song about women and self-respect. It's about how they're their own bosses, how it doesn't matter if they're pretty or not, if they're overweight or not, it's about their goals in life and their accomplishements and their desires. I love it.]

I always say that I try to stay away from wanks because I just find them dumb and pointless and even mentioning them is giving them an importance they don't deserve but sometimes it's just too fascinating to miss. Mind, fascinating can mean extremely fun or seriously mad and ugly and The Mrs Scribe Story was all that at the same time. Though by the end, it was just ugly, maybe.

I honestly didn't mean to read that "unauthorised fandom biography" about the whole thing but, I don't know why, I found myself trying the first chapter and just couldn't stop. To my defense I'll say that it's written in an extremely clever and compelling way, it reads like those professional True Crime stories - and resisting those is always a bit difficult. So I lost several hours of my life night going through the ten chapters. Yeah. I know.

It served to put things in perspective, though. No matter how wanky we think our fandoms are, it's really nothing, we're all amateurs. Fandom can drive people to do some crazy shit. I suppose it shouldn't be surprising but I can't help it, I always find myself surprised when I see to what extremes some people can go for fandom *blink*


Hey, I did some minor changes to my layout - well, one minor change but now things are as they should be. Also, I renewed my paid account and I now have 116 icon slots, yay!

And dude I'm torn! There's Togo v France on TF1 and Numb3rs on M6 and just - for the first time in my whole life I'm hesitating between a football match - of all things - and one of my favourite series ever. But it's the last chance France has to reach the next step! If we don't a) win and b) win with a difference of two goals, we're out! *chews lower lip* [ETA: Wait, or is that just win? In any case, it's damn stressful, is what it is!]

ETA: Argh mais j'en ai marre de ces arbitrages à la con *dies*
ETA2: HEEE OMG YES! DEUX BUTS POUR NOUS! Please, keep the good work omg! Don't let Togo score *fingers crossed*
ETA3: We're iiinnnnn! *shakes pom poms*
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Victory! I finally managed to catch Boston Legal. So okay I missed the beginning but I didn't miss it all, so yay! First impressions: cool show. Captain Kirk rocks. James Spader does as well - though I keep associating the actor with movieverse!Daniel and, dude, he looks so old different now. And there's Eddie Arlette! I don't know what to think of Blondie but Brunette Girl is hot. Which reminds me - note to self: learn the names of the characters.

I also watched DW "Love and Monsters". I have the feeling the episode might have disappointed a lot of people and that it was not, by far, a favourite? But, dude, I loved it. And I'll admit it might be because I'm a bit of a Marc Warren fan and I thought he was just brilliant in that episode but, even then, I adored the Linda group as a whole and cutting this bit as it's getting spoilery. )

So I did love the episode, though I had a bit of a problem with the ending, yes. And [ profile] sockich? I don't think you're into DW, are you? But even if you're not, I'd still rec that episode. Seriously, Marc Warren was too sweet for words, and I think the episode could work even for a non fan of DW or something. Just a thought.

Unrelated now. Fandom makes us do Bad Things. After a beautiful SV rant in [ profile] la_folle_allure's journal, mentions of the hotness that might have been Lex and Jason - or Lex/Jason - were made and [ profile] rosengirl recc'ed a vid to me. So I, Mousey Mouse, actually downloaded a Smallville songvid. Yes, I did. I even liked it. But a vid isn't the show and, seriously, it told the tale of two damaged boys and their respective incestuous parents... please, tell me how I wasn't supposed to find that interesting? But be assured that it didn't make me want to watch the show. Unless M6 decides to edit season four and only show the scenes with Jason in it. Then, I could get into it. But, somehow, I doubt it would happen.

Okay now, off to watch The 4400 before I run my errands and visit One of the Best Friends.
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Real Life Wise

1. A Happy Birthday to [ profile] simply_fly_away *hugs*

2. As is the custom on LJ, I'll keep you posted on my cold. Phase 2 - or is that 3 - has gone live last night. I think I've underestimated the cold, you know?

The Mouse: *waking herself around 5.00 am this morning* Oh my *cough* God, I have pneu*cough*monia *cough* *wince* Wait *cough* Is that my voice? *croaks*

You get the picture. I don't even recognise my own voice today, though for the bright side, it's making Henry and Rémi - my cousin is spending the month at home - laugh like mad. For the French Posse? Henry keeps asking me to sing Casser la Voix; apparently, it's really funny *glare*

3. Ha! See if I care. Today was a good day because I received my first bday card :-) I didn't open it because it's not the right time and it'll bring bad luck if I do but still bday card, yay! *kisses Tai*

3b. And today is also a nice day because tonight La Famiglia di Mouse is going to eat some very delicious food - we'll taste the meal we'll get to at The Esu's wedding. Yummy *licks lips in anticipation*

Fannish Wise

1. I found myself at [ profile] metafandom last night, reading a lot of the posts that have been linked to recently. I was a bit surprised of doing so because fandom meta isn't always my cup of tea. The thing is, it does interest me sometimes but at other times, it's like ruining the fun of it somehow - a bit as if I loved playing football with my buddies on Sunday afternoons and each time I found myself on the field someone was stopping the game and spent hours explaining the history of football, where it came from, what it meant in term of sociology, psychology and, like, sure it's interesting but I'm here to play and have fun so I don't care, all right? But some of those posts were interesting and the assumptions were kept to a minimum, which is always something I dislike with a lot of fandom meta: how people assume things.

2. Look at that; BBC 4 has picked up our French thriller Engrenages *feels all proud* Apparently, they'll air the show in French with English subtitles. Hey, [ profile] yami_tai? You might want to check it out? They're describing Spiral - the English title - as a cross between CSI and State of Play, not bad as description goes, I think :-) Dude... British TV is buying a French show, cocorico!
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Today was such a gorgeous day! It filled me with glee because I woke up feeling just fine so I could do my errands and as soon as I set a foot inside the house again, I put some shorts and planted myself in my little garden for a long sunbath: book + sun? Is heaven. Also I put some sunblock on - as white people go I'm pretty white so it's a must - and I've been smelling like summer and beach and vacation, hee I love that smell! *sniffs self again*

Unrelated now. I was over at [ profile] turps33's lj the other day and I played with the Letter meme. She gave me the letter 's' and I finally found the time to write my responses so here they are.

S is For )

If you want to play too? Comment on this entry and I'll give you a letter. Then you'll write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation as to what the word means to you and why. Ten or less, who cares about rules?

And now, off to download Prison Break 1x20. How many episodes are left, btw? God, they're going to stop airing SPN, Numb3rs and PB all at the same time, aren't they? That'll kill me for sure!
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Hey look at my new icon! So very fitting, isn't it? It's been made by [ profile] eyesthatslay and if I were you, I'd run like the wind to her journal because she made a ton of Hobbies and Interest icons and they're all gorgeous and classy. Also, look at her journal banner, it's love!

This icon also gives me the right to mention my last infatuation, namely Criminal Minds, and allows me to squee a little because there's a new episode tonight, right? And also because [ profile] iscaris is being quite generous again and spoiling her flist and I might bask in the CM love again in about.. maybe thirty minutes? Yes. I'm also quite impatient to check my mailbox tomorrow, a parcel will be waiting for me, maybe?

Speaking of downloads, SendSpace is turning against us it seems... it now has limited uploads to 300MB *isn't happy* How do they want us to illegally share our illegal copies of tv shows, man! You'd think they're trying to tell us something *rolls eyes*

Without the slightest segue, a little fandom meme. Gacked from [ profile] turps33: Fandom preferences meme. )

And now give me strength because [ profile] mrscutedean has some juicy spoilers for the season finale of SPN and it's sheer torture because I really think I want to stay spoiler-free but at the same time I would love to know *is torn* But no, okay, I'll resist and I'll stay spoiler free. Yes. Good.

PS: I knew I was forgetting something: Happy Birthday, [ profile] kimberlyfdr! Hope your day will be filled with S&H goodness :-)
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Does guilty pleasure fic mean anything to you? The stories you know are bad - well, that you see as bad, it doesn't necessarily mean it's true - but that you can't stop reading? It's like crack... or a train wreck, whatever! You read and read - and you know it's OTT and oh so very OOC but you don't care! Maybe when a new part has been posted, you tell yourself that no, this time you'll be strong, the fic is crap - you bloody know it - and you won't go back to it but you just cannot resist and, in the end, you hurry and devour it. You know, those fics? Well, there's a huge list of them in that thread - it's a post of sharing *g*

The funny thing is that I've read a lot of those that are mentioned lol I do have a certain taste for outrageous fics now and then, what can I say. I know they're bad... but I just read them. Mind you, I'm not - and don't think I'll ever be - in Terri's league as far as loving bad!fic is concerned, but still ;-)

It's not that I feel guilty about reading them, though I guess I should lol Whatever ;-) Though hey, bear in mind that crack is also in the eye of the beholder: just because someone thought a fic was pure crack doesn't mean it is - also, someone's crack!characterisation will be someone else's dreamt one, so really, it's just a matter of taste...

Unrelated now; I watched Prison Break 1x15. I thought it was a bit anti-climatic at first. I mean, I liked it well enough but I wasn't bouncing on my seat... then it got interesting. But I guess it might be because I'm a bit sick.

Prison Break 1x15 )

The file ended quite abruptly - I actually thought I had the ending missing, though it's apparently not the case - and now I'm trying to find the preview for next week's episode.

[ETA: Shiny screencaps of some of my favourite scenes in the episode over at [ profile] zsuness's lj - spoilery.]

Also let me vent about something for a moment; because of an oversight on my part, my most important project of the year might be in jeopardy and I CANNOT believe this is happening. When I found the three stamps - stamps - on my bed, the ones I knew had been included in my file, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. If the whole thing goes down because of three wee stamps I'm going to... well, lose a whole year, that's what *sigh*
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So today is a big event in my beloved TS fandom since it's its Tenth Anniversary. Dude, I was sixteen when it aired for the first time? Takes me back *nods* I often remember the first time I've watched a show that turned out to be one of my addictions but as it happens, I don't remember watching my first episode of TS. I remember liking it enough that on the days I would come back from school before 6.30 pm I would sprawl on the couch and watch it but it wasn't a Big Thing yet.

Still, I do remember watching the first part of SenToo and being kinda very traumatised because OMG they hadn't just killed my favourite guy, right? They hadn't! I was quite worried because a) at the time I didn't have internet - didn't have a computer actually - so I had no idea that I could even search for an episode guide and stuff and b) they had aired the HL episode where Richie dies for real a couple of days before and er, I was still traumatised by that too. Not that I ever cared for Richie that much per se, but if they could kill Richie, then they could kill just about everyone, everyone meaning Methos, and I wasn't exactly comfortable with that, kthxbai.

So anyway, I liked TS but I wasn't a Huge Fan yet. That came years later. And actually, I went back to the show after I fell in love with the fandom. And dude, I just love that story. )

So anyway, that's how I went from liking the show to loving it. Via fandom :-)

You can guess what I'll do tonight, can't you? Read all the fics that have been posted over at the Sentinel 10th Anniversary Site, of course, and have fun with all the goodies the site has to offer. It also makes me smile because I can't help but think of the lovely [ profile] starwatcher307 whose bday is today - Happy Birthday again, mate! - and who could see all those goodies as presents and all. Nice lol

Unrelated now, look at what Ashley Pharoah - one of the co-creators and co-writers of Life on Mars - has to say about series 2:

Q: Can you give us any hints at what might happen to Sam and the Gene Genie in series two of Life on Mars?
A: If I knew I would! We're only just starting the writing period now. Suffice to say there will be lots of homo-erotic bonding in grim Manchester pubs.

Ha! See? It's not just us slashers talking, man!
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Today is the birthday of a girl I love on my flist so let me start with this: Happy Birthday, [ profile] auster. I guess that you might have a bit of a difficult time today so I'll just hope that you'll have as peaceful and happy a day as possible *hugs*

So the second news I was expecting yesterday turn out to be kinda bad. I definitely didn't expect that so it was a bit of a shock and I didn't have the best of night, ie I kinda didn't sleep. I took advantage of this new bout of insomnia to take a little trip down memory lane and read - for the umpteenth time, though I realised it'd been a long time since I did - the Life From the Ashes series [AU extraordinaire, great mother of sci-fi XF epic] which is a favourite of mine.

And I also realised that, come to think of it, I might have a sort of guilty pleasure after all. Except okay so I don't feel guilt as such, but sometimes I'll be reading it and stop to think "wow, some people would call this fic the grand-mother of crack!fic" and it makes me cringe immediately because, seriously, I think there's so much more to that series series than just that but still; it has immortals, sorcerers, clairvoyants, aliens and seraphims, kings and princes and warlords. It has mpreg - loooooooooooooots of mpreg - and so many other things that would make it to the Fandom Kink list. It actually hits most of my kinks - so yes, btw, that would be a warning of sort, ie it contains rape. It's also a sort of comfort fic for me. Which in turns makes me smile because I tried to make a list of my comfort fics and they usually are on the darker side of the road... Go figure.

Speaking of trips down memory lane and BDSM, [ profile] alinewrites recc'ed two HL fics today, namely Hades Followed After Him and its sequel The Deep and wow, but those two stories are two of my favourite HL fics ever! The former is also one of the first fics I've read. Babycakes if you're there? Remember the line "I think your dick has a date with that sink"? That's the one *giggles at a Babycakes/Mouse souvenir regarding that fic* Yeah anyway, I love me some trips down memory lane. Also er, if you decide to click on the links and read the fics? Heed the warnings, okay?

And since I'm on the subject of the down and dirty, I'll keep with the theme. Except not. I zigged when I should have zagged yesterday when I was working on Charlie - and boy, giving names to your computers sometimes makes for very interesting sentences! - and I found myself in a folder that had a file I'd completely forgotten I had. It's a song, a parody and it's hilarious! So if you're into prison!stories and parodies, I uploaded Prison Bitch by Rodney Carrington for you. It's a dialogue between a prison bitch and his owner and man, just thinking of the song makes me laugh, which incidentally is exactly what I need today, so yay?

ETA: SPN - Shadow Promo Pic, ie Spoiler *has been killed ded by the sheer power of that pic*
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My god, someone must love me very much for They gave [ profile] isolde13 and [ profile] la_folle_allure the idea of doing a hurt!Dean challenge. That's so very shiny! I might even want to participate.

As it happens, I'm also tempted by the new round of [ profile] sentinelsecrets and thinking of participating as I didn't the last two - or is that three? I don't remember how many rounds there were.

Anyway, I'll see whether my muses finally want to cooperate as far as challenges go.

Unrelated now, [ profile] starwatcher307 shared with us what it was about fandom that drew her, and kept her coming back. And then she asked her flist to answer the same question. Which I did because like I told her, I love talking about fandom! And about myself, obviously.

And as usual when I write a long-ish comment in someone else's lj after replying to a fundamental question, I'm pulling a Jim Ellison and being all anal about it and thus, I'm pasting my answer to my own lj.

Why I love fandom )

And finally, this is for the French Posse - minus [ profile] catiadoodle and [ profile] dont_callmebabe since they're the ones who gave me the link. C'est un site où vous trouverez des parodies de chanson. Jusque là, rien de vraiment extraordinaire, ok. Sauf qu'il faut absolument que vous en essayiez quelques unes en priorité: Au Pays de Candy par les "Gypsies" and Youri, Ulysse Rasta par "Yannick Noah", Demetan par "Patrick Bruel" et Les Bisounours par "Gainsbourg".

C'est à mourir de rire ! Ils gardent les mêmes paroles... mais arrangées à leur sauce et franchement, ça vaut le détour.
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Funny moment of the evening, watching my aunt shave my godfather's chest for his surgery tomorrow and seeing him wince and fidget as if he were being tortured. Cozy moment of the evening, cooking a Chinese meal together waiting for The Mom to come back from work. Slashy moment of the evening, well, when I'll starting reading the fics over at [ profile] oz_magi :-)

Confession time: when I first heard about Nip/Tuck, I thought it was a pairing as opposed to a show. Thing is, well, sure the names kinda sounded odd but what do I know about American names, right? Also, when I saw the very first mentions of House, I thought it was a new reality tv show where people built houses. Which is the reason why I didn't get what the fuss was about but once again, I was all, hey why not? Because, seriously, hey why not. And in case you're wondering what the hell I'm rambling about, this little confession was brought to you after a discussion about how no matter how many years in fandom land you've been, your newbie status never completely disappears and you can still make silly mistakes.

Also, I was thinking of doing the Guilty Pleasure meme but I always have a problem with those because though I do have a lot of pleasure doing a lot of things, I'm rarely felling guilt about them. Like, reading/writing incest should be - well, maybe - a guilty pleasure except no, it's absolutely not. It is awfully pleasurable though *nods* I guess chocolate is a guilty pleasure because as a woman in the kind of society we live in, we're supposed to feel guilty each time we do something that omg could put weight on our bodies but dude, chocolate is so good that society's expectations can go fuck themselves! *fumes*

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, the guilty pleasure meme is damn hard to do, thanks.

No wait! Maybe reading certain RPS might be a guilty pleasure... but not every pairing in RPS so I guess that's a bit hypocritical odd. But maybe I'd feel a bit guilty about reading certain pairings yes - unless it's just because we're not used to reading them? I don't know.

Okay let's take the fandoms I'm in: so I read lotrips on a regular basis [David Wenham is LOVE] and I've also read Numb3rs RPS, Stargate RPS, as well as Supernatural RPS and I'm sure some others. Technically, the only RPS I've never read is TS - except for a crack!fic, it seems - and sometimes I wonder, would I feel comfortable reading one or not? And then I wonder why because, you know, as far as fanfic is concerned? I can say I have very few lines and should I have some, they're kinda blurred so I could miss them altogether.

Yeah anyway, I was just wondering, as you do every now and then...

ETA: Speaking of multi-fandom RPS, Pretty Lights went live.
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Today was Dressing Up day it seems. First la casa di Mouse since I did the tree and house decorations - with my cousin Sandrine's help as I'm still not completely mobile and everything - and the timing was just perfect as right after it was finished, I was able to put the very first Christmas present under it. [ profile] french_hobbit, thank you SO MUCH! The whole parcel was so incredibly fantastic, from the CDs to the ever so beautiful card and eeek wrapped present! So it's under the tree and everything *hugs the hell out of you*

Then I did some CL decorating as well as I put up the oh so gorgeous banner [ profile] sori1773 made for [ profile] sentinel_thurs and wow, the comm looks so beautiful like that! *is proud*

It also made me think of TS presence on LJ and all. I mean, back in the early days of my journal I had no TS icon, I had, like, one TS fan on my flist - *waves at [ profile] turps33* - and the fandom seemed kinda absent from LJ. I remember that time quite well, I kept whining to Terri about the fact that I wanted - no, needed TS lovers on my flist because there was something missing there. And look at the situation today! I uploaded my seventeenth Jim/Blair TS icon, I don't count how many TS people I have on my flist and we have several Sentinel comms to play with and just - well, it made me happy, is all *sappy sigh*

Completely changing the subject now - though I'm still talking about two men in love with each other - French Posse? What would you say about going to see Brokeback Mountain together? If you haven't planned on going with someone else, obviously. Unless you think you'll see it several times, mind :-) I'm not sure any of my friends will fancy going and I just thought it would be awesome if we could go together - us being slashers and all. So just in case - and we have time til 18 January, of course - I'm asking here and all *g*

And there's Narnia of course. And I still want to go and see GoF a second time. Dude, I can't wait for Friday: first break of the year, wheee! Well of course, I took two days off the uni when I went to London but Winter Break is, you know, official and it's two weeks and I've been waiting for that break since september so YAY! The Esu and I will work through January but it'll only be for the weekends so it's still quite cool :-)
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Had a busy day today which started oh so early but hear this? <...> This is the sound of an accomplished and really happy Mouse *nods*

Then I came back and two Parcels of Bliss were waiting for me. [ profile] cain1999 the CD arrived and ohhhh so many songs *bounces* Also there is the Cold Case opening theme? Omg I love that theme, thanks! You rock *kisses* And [ profile] stacy_l sent me the most wonderful SG parcel ever. As per usual, that is *g* But dude! Two comics and tons of pics. Of Vala. Of Vala/Daniel. And of Teal'c/Daniel/Cameron too. I fucking love all of them - they're so sexy and pretty! Thank you so much. As for the stargate key chain? *dies* It's simply perfect *loves* Thank you!

Without any kind of transition. I finally saw the preview for "Toxin" and it was so worth the wait. "I always have the best time with you guys" *dies* Oh this is going to be good. And when I say good, think Understatement of the Millenium *glassy eyes*

Speaking of good episodes, am watching Jake 2.0 - my favourite episode - and I wish I could find Jake 2.0 icons. I mean, I saw some at the comm but they didn't convince me. Pity *pout* And on the subject of the series? It's always fun seeing bsg2003!Boomer in there :-)

Now - because you can never repeat yourselves too many times - a fanfiction meme. Gacked from [ profile] tallisen.

Fanfiction Meme )

Awwwww this is the scene where Jake cries and just - WOOBIE! *hugs Jake*

We're on!

Nov. 20th, 2005 07:08 pm
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Reason why the ole The TS Fandom Is Dead argument won't ever stop making me laugh #155412: a new J/B fan is born every day it seems *kisses [ profile] sockich* and a new TS writer emerges with a little gem as first offering all the time, in this case [ profile] princessofg with her Five Things That Never Happened to Jim Ellison story. I really liked that fic. Also it made me smile because I've been caressing the thought of trying a Five Things That Never Happened to Blair Sandburg for some time now and here is the Jim Ellison version of it. Lovely *g* Also, it always surprised me a bit that we didn't find more of this genre - until now, that is - in the TS fandom. [ETA: Mea culpa, I did forget [ profile] crazybutsound who's getting into it, too. I pimp because I love ;-)]

Or hey, if "dead" means "still alive and kicking and bringing new people in on a regular basis" then I have to agree, TS is really dead! *nods*

Changing the subject. Lookit: "Le Grand Jeu", "L’Ultime Razzia", "L’Art et la Manière", "Échec et mat", "Ce que femme veut", "Le Dernier Pari". What are those, you wonder? I'm gonna tell you. They're the French titles of the s1 episodes of Hustle. Dude! I've just found out the show aired in France. On the cable though, so no reason for me to be sad for missing it since - well okay, sadly - I don't have the cable to begin with but hey, Paris Première knows the good stuff *nods* Also, C+ airs Spooks, they should totally air Hustle as well. It also means we'd get the original version which, yay!

Speaking of Hustle, I've been re-watching it last night - didn't sleep more than two hours, believe me, I had aaaalll the time in the world to OD on Mickey and Danny and Stacie and okay you get the picture - and the love? It consumates me. But in a good way.

Some Stuff I forgot to mention about Hustle. In bullet points. I'll be short, promise. )

Also! Did you notice how I haven't - not even once - mentioned Hustle slash so far? Well now is the time. So omg! I would kill someone for some sweet and hot Mickey/Danny because just - MICKEY/DANNY! That is all, kthxbai.

That show is just too cool for words *happy sigh*

Still no "Toxin" preview over at the CBS site. Bad CSB site, no cookie!
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First a Happy Birthday to [ profile] wisdomeagle, the girl of the gleeing fame - hope you'll have a gleeful day today *g*

Sometimes you'll be reading a fic and it'll blow you away - you'll reach a point when you're not sure whether it hurts so good or if it hurts, period but man, you're compelled to read it because you can't not stop, it's that good. Still, I had to go to the last part of the story I've been following and read the ending because I couldn't stand the pressure and I needed to know. Good thing I did too. And I'm telling you again, I wish people included some warnings on their fics *nods* Or include them at the bottom of the story so that people who hate warnings can ignore them and people who want to know what to expect may have the choice to check them out. But now that I've - willingly - spoilt myself, I can go back to the part I'd reached and read the rest - I'll just brace myself. I also know the whole Warning issue is old and in the end, if a writer doesn't want to include a warning it's obviously their right - but I have my preferences as well, so there you go :-)


Boy am I tired these days! Insomnia still hasn't left and yesterday I spent the day in a perpetual state of light-headedness. I also went through a phase of hyperactivity and er, sorry mom lol Didn't last long though. One of the best signs that tells me I really am tired - apart from the way that I'm light headed and, well, just tired - is when my sensitivity is amplified. So yesterday I was watching that documentary on people who "adopted" baby!bears whose mothers had been killed - don't know how you say baby bear in English, btw - and fed them and then freed them in a controlled environment since they couldn't return to the wild - each baby!bear then being adopted in turn by an adult bear, and there was this baby!b- wait! Would that be bear cub, then? Baby!bear sounds cuter though - so anyway there was this baby!bear - whose name was Charlie - who needed to be adopted by two mama!bears, Cassie and Louise and Cassie wanted him but Louise had problem at first and the "foster parents" had to let Charlie go but everyone worried Louise might hurt him and dude! You would have thought Charlie was my baby lol Also? The documentary was way more interesting that I make it sound, really *nods*

Oh and speaking of Charlie - yesterday's L&O: SVU episode was the one with Boone/Ian Somerhalder. So I was watching the episode which dealt with a guy raping his brother and then going on a raping and killing rampage and ending up in prison, and one of them was called Charlie and I said to myself: "Self? If you were someone else, you would take this episode as a sign that you need to stop writing incest." Fortunately, I'm not that person ;-)

And I'm thinking everyone else will be glad when I'll be able to sleep properly again, right? lol
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First - and before I kill you with my squee - GIP! Because a) Kaamelott owns me these days b) I suddenly discovered a certain love for text icons and c) that episode killed me with its awesomeness and it cracked me up like crazy.

Second SQUEE, peope, SQUEE! I? committed wrote fic today! Of the Special Hell persuasion: its original title was Special Hell Fic for I'm so clever and witty. It's not Sam/Dean though, sorry, but it's definitely Don/Charlie - boy is it ever! It's 2.390 words of Don/Charlie, even. Well, so far - I haven't sent it to the Beta Extraordinaire, yet. I need to sleep on it, then tomorrow I'll see if I still like what I wrote *fingers crossed*

But dude! I wrote a fic, wow *blink* As soon as I saw we had a new Numb3rs community, namely [ profile] numb3rsflashfic - which hi! Pimpity pimp, guys, it's a flash fic comm! With weekly challenges. For Numb3rs! Wheee - I told myself: "Self. You need to write something. Now!"

And I did *does the victory dance* The first challenge provoked an immediate response, which I didn't use in the end. Turns out too many people had the same lol But it was okay because my muses weren't put off and they gave me something else *loves Muses*

And there is smut! And Introspection and Angst. Again *shrug* See, I haven't the slightest problem with incest fics - obviously - it's not even a guilty pleasure for me, it's only pleasure. But even then, I never forget that the characters are brothers - which as incest goes? Is kinda the point - and that it's Taboo and Wrong. At least for us, now. Anyway, I don't forget and my characters don't forget either and as a result we have Angst and stuff.

Also, something funny? It's usually Don and Don only who ends up having Big Issues and who has a hard time accepting things. He's the one overtly angsting, whereas Charlie - though conflicted as well - usually goes with the flow. Maybe it's because of Don's Big Brother status? And come to think of it, isn't this a trend in the fandom? *ponders*

Anyway, I wrote a Numb3rs story this afternoon, yay! *is proud*


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