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It's past 10.00AM and I'm still in bed. Beautiful words in every language, don't you think? :-) In the end, I decided to chill all morning and work in the afternoon, I needed to sleep. Case in point, I fell asleep on the couch while watching tv last night. I always hate it when I do that but it's not as if I had any control over it, so.

Yes, just texted Cookie - who's at work, poor Cookie! - and I have "permission" to watch Suits on my own lol So I think I'll do that once I've posted this entry \o/

Oh, I got a blast from the past when I received a new Kudos for my Merlin fic yesterday - too bad I can't say 'thank you' to those who post kudos. That fic is one of those stories that I am very happy about so it's a thrill to realise that people are still reading it, even years after it was written. I'm always curious, though. Was it recc'ed somewhere? Did someone just stumble upon it when browsing AO3? In any case, it is nice to know the story still 'has a life' :-)

Speaking of things of the past. I'm thinking of changing my layout. I've been meaning to change my header for a while and then I thought, why not change the whole layout? I have an idea about the kind of header I want so it'll be a matter of, you know, working on it as opposed to just thinking about it. But, yes, a change would be nice. Maybe? I usually dislike changes so it's not easy for me lol I could have it done for my LJ anniversary, maybe. Need to check the date...

Oh, all right, I missed it! Again! lol I don't think I'll ever remember to celebrate it on the actual day. I actually thought it was in July *facepalm* Ok, so belated LJ Anniversary to me! Nine years, you guys. Next year we'll reach a milestone!

Enough rambling now, though. Time to watch Suits! Incidentally, how come I don't have a single Suits icon? o_O This is wrong!
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Because good things always come to an end, our three-day weekend is over. I had a great time ♥ I inserted a lot of studying time but still took the time to kick back and relax, therefore I count this weekend as a win \o/ Yesterday, especially, was fantastic; we spent the afternoon at my sister's and the weather was so gorgeous and we basically spent the afternoon in bathing suits, frolicking in the swimming pool and playing badminton and eating cakes. The kind of afternoon you want to bottle up :-)

Without even the slightest segue, now. [ profile] turps33 reminded me of the 852 Prospect move to AO3 and asked me whether I was going to go and claim my work. I hadn't even thought about it when the move was announced and now I'm wondering what to do. I've posted my Night 'verse over at AO3 because I still have a soft spot for that series and there are a couple of my other TS fanfic that I might add in the future as well but, I'll be honest, I never had any intention of posting all of it to A03.

It's a bit ironical, come to think of it. Up until now I saw AO3 as a way to get a clean slate as far as my fics were concerned; only post the stories that I could re-read without cringing. I'd never planned a whole archive migration ;-)

I guess I need to investigate the whole process, see what it entails precisely. Maybe I can just ask for my stories not to be imported? I'm pretty sure I don't even remember which email address I used back then but proving my identity or my ownership of those stories should be no problem, so.

I know one should never be ashamed of their own work and those older stories are part of my fandom history? But, honestly, I feel so detached from them now. Because I learnt so much since those early days. Just as an example, if I could, I'd go back and delete ALL THE EPITHETS. Omg, there are so many epithets in those older stories. I am deeply sorry, you guys. In my defence, I had no idea that a raging war had been openly declared on epithets when I wrote my fics and - yeah, no, ok, I have no excuse. I do have shame, though ;-)

ETA: Aww but I did find a fic that did not make me cringe. And that I thought was still cute and amusing. So I promptly posted it to A03. [ profile] andeincascade, it was actually written for you :-)
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Right after work, Cookie and I went to a new library that opened near our workplace and we studied there for two hours, go us! We're planning on going there on a regular basis (we'll return as soon as tomorrow, as a matter of fact) as we kinda fell in love with the place and the atmosphere. It's much more modern than Ste Geneviève (the one I picspammed some time ago) but it still manages to be cozy and when you're sitting at the big desks, you don't feel like you're sharing the place with a gazillion other students. I think we'll keep Ste Geneviève for the weekends and the new one for the week.

We got back around 8.15PM, I did a load of laundry, I cooked our dinner then tomorrow's lunch and I think I totally deserve to be relaxing in front of Castle now, Y/Y?

This weekend was very busy too but unlike last weekend (or the next) it was fun all the time: afternoon tea with [ profile] greedy_dancer at [ profile] moimoietmoi's (SAM always has yummy treats for us when we have afternoon tea at her place) followed with dinner at my parents'. Then on Saturday we had The Esu over with my nieces for our second raclette of the year (hopefully not the last) and late afternoon we went to the mall, hoping to get our hands on new clothes since it's the sales at the moment. Which I did, score!

And! In between everything - well, it was before everything as I did it on Saturday morning, to be exact - I suddenly had an idea. What if I uploaded my SPN fics over at AO3? I have no idea where the idea came from, but I realised I had very few of my fics in general and none of my SPN fics in particular (remember when I used to write fic? Back In The Day) archived there and I thought it might be a good idea to do some saving. Especially as I don't even have a single of my (own!) stories saved on my computer any longer. Or anywhere else, for that matter. I used to have them all stored on my HD when I had computer!Clark and computer!Dean then they both died, I stopped writing altogether, and I sorta forgot that I didn't have any trace of my stories anywhere but on my LJ.

So far, I've uploaded one SPN fic but I'll add more whenever I have the time/remind myself to do it. I'm also downloading and saving them all (for keeps) via the site - thank you Download button :-)

PS: it has nothing to do with anything but omg, White Collar D-1(+1)
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I did mention yesterday that concentrating on my work was a bit difficult, right? So it won't come as a surprise that I'm busy outlining my Panic fic instead of working : chapter 1 and chapter 2 [and 3 and 4 \o/] all outlined, now. Me happy. I decided to try this method this time... I need all the help I can get if I want to actually write the thing *nod* Since outlining the story seems to be working for many people, I thought I'd give it a try. It is fun, admittedly. It'll be even more fun if I manage to outline the whole thing. That, in itself, will be a first victory over writer's block *fingers crossed*

I'm having a nice Panic! morning, actually, as Jem - who's not with me at work, obviously, I wouldn't do that to her - relays the latest news as she reads them. So I know that Brendon and Spencer are looking for extras for the video shoot of New Perspective - omg I wish I were nineteen. And American. And living in Hollywood - and I also have the lyrics for said song now. Which I love. Both the song and the lyrics, I mean - yeah, better that way, I know. Can't wait to hear the whole thing *bouncebounce*

Hey, random comment : one of my new hobbies when I walk in the street and/or wait for my train? Count how many people are wearing Converse around me. It's a lot of fun! And sometimes I don't even have to look very far ; just this morning, the two girls standing close to me were wearing them. So that made three girls (I'm wearing my maroon pair today) in a very, very small perimeter. And Cookie - who wants to join in the game, apparently - texted me the photo of a guy in her bus who was wearing a pair, so that's one more on my Dudes and Dudettes Who Wear Converse list.

I did say 'random comment', you can't say I didn't warn you!
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I had a very quiet weekend, in total opposite to what was planned as I was supposed to go away with a couple of my friends. But I had a nasty cold since Wednesday and had to bail out.

I felt much better this afternoon so left the confine of the flat to visit the parental unit, where I found The Esu + Chiara. Sweet :-)

Apart from that, I did nothing. I rested. A lot. And played around LJ and read fic. A lot. The whole prompt claiming over at [ profile] bandom_hc gave me some excitement on Saturday - when I last checked, three of my prompts had been claimed [hee it's five of them now! *bounces*]. I can't wait to see what the writers will do with them. And, well, I might have claimed a prompt myself? I know, I know, why the hell did I do that? Bite me! But there was Brendon and rough sex and misunderstanding mentioned and just, I thought this could be fun. Let's just forget I haven't writen a single word since I posted my Merlin fic in... well, whenever it was that I posted my Merlin fic *cough* It was said in the instructions that one could drop out without "penalty or stigmata" and that part appealed to the fic-abandoner that I can be sometimes. I'm hoping it'll work out this time though *fingers crossed*

Speaking of bandom. Why Do I Love Twitter So Much? Because of little exchanges like these :

zachdft@brendonuriesays present from my mom to you arrived today. Weird there's nothing in it for me. Not even a hello.
brendonuriesays@zackdft well, then let me be the one to say "hello." hello. and be sure to tell your mother i said thank you

Aww ♥ ♥

And now, let's start my program for the evening? Read all the Merlin fics that I tabbed yesterday. I've been in a Merlin mood something fierce since yesterday and I have a tons of stories to read tonight \o/
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I watched Dollhouse 1x02 and my interest hasn't weaned at all, quite the contrary.

Spoilery comments )

Unrelated now; for the first time since January - which isn't that long for me, considering - I've been visited by the beginning of the shadow of a maybe potential plot bunny for a new fic.

I can't take credit, though. I received a new feedback for my Merlin story yesterday - and isn't it a lovely surprise when you get comments for one of your fics month/s after they were posted? - and at the end, it was mentioned that it could be interesting to see Merlin's side of the story, which made me go "dude, that's... a good idea! A very good idea. It would be great to see what was going on with Merlin during the fic!" I know it might sound stupid since I'm the one who wrote the fic in the first place, but I'd never really thought of Merlin's POV. Not in a way that would make me tell his story, I mean.

Like I was saying in my own comment, I have no idea whether I'll write it - or finish it if I do start it - but at least a seed has been planted and I'm thinking 'what if'? Which is nice :-)

Well. To be fair, I am visited by plot bunnies every now and then, only those would be more of the mayflies variety in that they live but for a short moment? Like, when watching today's episode of Dollhouse, I was thinking of a SPN type of AU/redux fic where Dean would be one of the actives and Sam would either be his handler or our Sam trying to get Dean back... except he'd need to find Dean's 'real memories' and imprint him with them before he could save him and everything... So it's not like I'm fic'ally idle exactly, it's just that I usually can't muster the energy to go and write the fics that go with the ideas... Just one of those things, I guess.
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[ profile] angeliksmall came back from the UK! And she brought me gifts! She's my very own Mère Noël *loves* So I now have the latest issue of the Supernatural Official Magazine in my possession! I've been dying to get those magazines ever since they were released and now I finally have one issue! Also, is there any way to order them on-line? Cause it'd seem if you don't live in the US or Canada or the UK or Eire or InsertCountryHere, it's not possible? Why so much cruelty? Or did I click on the wrong link or something?

I also have a Fall Out Boy button and - thanks to [ profile] jedicathy - a MyChem button, too! Aren't they the best? I think they are ♥ ♥

Because I'd missed her too much when she wasn't there - though I was so busy with Big Top this weekend that it was bearable? - I kidnapped her last night. We've mainlined series 2 of The IT Crowd and it only confirmed that I have an insane amount of love for that show ♥ ♥ Also, I'll have to download series 3 so that we can catch up with the rest next week. Then... well, it'll mean no new IT Crowd marathon? It'll be sad but I'll just have to buy the DVDs for myself, I guess, and re-watch them when the mood strikes *nods*

Talking about show that ended, how sad is it that Merlin is now on hiatus till we get series 2? How will I survive the wait? Omg, no new Diary Entries on the Epic Love of Arthur and Merlin! It's gonna be heartbreaking. Guess I might have to start reading fics, then. Cause, yes, I haven't read any Arthur/Merlin apart from maybe three, I think? Guess I'll remedy that when I'll need a fix somehow.

And! After watching 1x13, I finally finished my fic! Well, okay, the Very Last Line is still missing - which, wow, I just remembered that I dreamt I'd finished the fic... wish I could remember what I wrote down! - but the rest of it? Is done and over with. So I just need the beta. And a title. And the last line. Okay so I guess I'm not gonna post it tomorrow but still!

And during the holidays, after I'm done with work at the uni - this Friday! - and Big Top - this Sunday! - I'll watch "You've Got Mail" again and see if I can do something Merlin AU related with it. And if I can't, well, at least I'll have basked in the cuteness that is that film. It's a win-win situation, really :-)

PS: For the French on my flist who like Kaamelott - or the ones who understand French and know/like Kaamelott: Alexandre Astier in the latest World of Warcraft ad. And the second version, which was meant for the net, IIRC. Am not sure which one is my favourite, I have to say :-)
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Omg, you guys, I'd forgotten the sheer joy of writing a fic! Forgotten the pleasure of turning words into sentences into scenes into paragraphs into chapters! The flow of words on the screen, the scenes taking a life of their own as they start to fill the page, I'd forgotten how wonderful it all was! But thanks to Merlin, I've been reminded and it is good :-)

I decided to close the file and take a break, though, when I wrote 'kink' instead of 'king' one time too many, as well as "boyband" instead of "boyhood". I think my subconscious was trying to tell me I was starting to tire a bit. Or it was trying to tell me it wants me to read maybe bandom and/or under-age kinky fics. I'm still not sure.

And look at the reward I got for writing one more chapter to my fic: Panic at the Disco Live in Chicago DVD trailer! Heee boys! Heee documentary! *wants* *that is, even more than before* I still haven't ordered it, btw, would you believe it? It's just that I can't decide - limited edition or regular edition? I know it sounds like it's a no brainer but sometimes I create dilemmas even though there should be none. I need help!

Oh and speaking of DVD of Awesomeness and, in this case, of Merlin'ness - someone posted some teasers for the DVD extras and I cannot wait for the complete 1st series box set to be released! They are going to release the whole series in one box set, right? I don't want the two volumes! I want one shiny box set to gather them all! Except in order to have that, it means the first series has to be over and I refuse to think of that time when we won't have brand new Merlin on our tv every week!

Unrelated now. My brand new favourite thing to do atm? Wait to go from 11.59PM to midnight and watch the universe change right before my eyes. Or, if you want to be un-poetic, wait for gmail to change my 'planets theme' picture to the new one. I'm totally smitten with my theme, it's so gorgeous!
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Slow day at work today. Tomorrow is bank holiday and many people took their Monday day off so that they could have a four-day weekend. No such luck for [ profile] angeliksmall and me, but I don't mind that much. I'll admit that this morning was a bit difficult - I sorta had a problem with my alarm clock and I'm pretty sure I only started to really wake up when I was in the train on my way to work - but a) I'll sleep in and laze around tomorrow and b) seeing that so few people are here, we don't have as many stuff to do as usual. And we can take our time doing it. Which is why I'm writing this entry and Cookie is, wait a sec *asks her* ha! She's writing hers lol

I had a nice weekend and did everything I'd planned - Starbucks was visited (twice), shopping was done (I bought the cutest kilt - I just need to be in the mood to wear skirt+boots now) and Quantum of Solace was seen. I liked it. It was entertaining. And Daniel Craig rocks in that role. Then again, I'm not a James Bond purist, so that might be why I enjoyed the two new films in the franchise.

Merlin was watched, too. "The Beginning of the End" was another great episode. I'd say I'm enjoying that show immensely but it would be a bit redundant? Oh, what the hell, hee I'm enjoying that show so much! So much that it made me write a fic, remember? That's pretty remarkable. I'm 2250+ words into it, btw. Actually, the first chapter is done and if I suddenly found myself facing writer's block again, I think I'll be able to post that part. It works on its own.

As I see it, it's a bit as if I'd decided to bake a cake with several layers and only ended up doing one. The cake would still be good - that is, to my taste - and not look stupid so if I realised I had nothing left in the kitchen to do the rest, I'd still serve it. Because one layered cake can be good, too!

Well, that's my story - literally, I guess lol - and I'm sticking to it :-)

Oh, and D-4 before [ profile] yami_tai arrives in Paris! We'll be busy girls: Friday night is The Hoosiers concert, then on Saturday we're planning on going to Pierrefonds with [ profile] angeliksmall and [ profile] jedicathy for a little Merlin pilgrimage.I'm hoping we'll get some nice pictures. Let's just it won't rain! *fingers crossed*

That'll make it my third Fangirl weekend in a row. I swear my other friends are gonna think I decided to trade them for a more fannish version of them lol
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The talk this morning at work is still about Obama's victory - Americans might be happy to know that their reputation went up a notch since Tuesday/Wednesday.

We have a question, though - why is Ohio so important to win the election? A couple of co-workers turned to me and went "could you ask in your blog thing?" So that's what I'm doing, asking "in my blog thing" - hi, blog thing people!

So, back to the question, why Ohio? It's not just because of the electoral college, right? So is it because somehow people in Ohio have a knack for voting for the guy who'll end up in the White House? We could look it up on-line, mind, but in a way that's what I'm doing, right? Since I'm asking in my blog thing.

Changing the subject, would be it a bit annoying redundant if I said I was tired? Cause I am. I should manage to go to bed earlier now that [ profile] crazybutsound went back home but sleep is still eluding me. Except for last night, when I sorta crashed on my couch while watching The Simpsons. I hate doing that; I always feel like an eighy-year-old woman *pout*

Oh, and the Nano thing? I started mine. Like, I'm committing to writing two words of a fic everyday |/sarcastic] Ok so I'm not, of course, but I've been thinking of writing some Merlin fic for a week or so and I've even written down a couple of lines. And I've talked about the "plot" to a couple of mates. I haven't written anything for around a hundred years so the only pleasure left writing-wise is talking about the fics I want to write - it's still something, at least. I mean, I've gone through some periods when the muse had completed deserted the place. Now he's here and talking to me, even though he's not helping with the writing process. Small steps.

I'm strangely unmotivated today. Might be because I wasn't supposed to be at work at all, but in training. But because of the strike they cancelled the class so back to work it was. I mean, it would have been too weird if I'd stayed home, right? Problem is, my mind wasn't wired to be here today, so it has some troubles connecting. Silver lining though, due to aforementioned strike, we'll leave an hour earlier [ETA: Or not. Turns out Cookie and I even left later than usual *pout*]
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Hey, [ profile] luvmax1, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you'll find some time in your busy schedule to celebrate and have fun *hugs*

If there's a sleep virus spreading all around, I think I caught it. I've been ridiculously tired lately and I thought I was better today except I fell asleep while watching The Simpsons, meaning around 8.00 PM, and I woke up not that long ago. That was unexpected.. And bloody annoying too because now it's 10.40 PM and I don't feel tired anymore. Just headeachy. So okay I usually never go to sleep before midnight but still. Thank you so much, body!

I have reasons not to feel too grumpy, though - I just watched the Panic at the Disco Fantasy Festival interview and it filled me with glee. Oh, boys, you never fail to make me smile and want to clap my hands in delight ♥ ♥

Oh and spéciale dédicace to [ profile] moimoietmoi; I watched the True Blood premiere and you'll be happy to know that you might not be the only one who likes it. That is, I enjoyed the premiere and am downloading the second episode to see whether the interest will keep or disappear. I do have mucho love for Sookie. We'll see how it goes.

Unrelated now but I've been thinking about my writing lately - or the lack thereof - and after talking with [ profile] fiddleyoumust and telling her that as a victim of writer's block - which, admittedly, is a sort of permanent status for me - I had no WIPs waiting for me, I realised it wasn't strictly true.

I found in the drafts sections at gmail a series of WIPs. Six to be exact; two TS, two SPN, one SPNRPS and the most recent one, a PATD thingie. Which is nicely eclectic as far as fandoms go, imho. Some of those have real sentences and paragraphs, some don't - they just have the skeleton, ie just dialogues and nothing else.

So I guess I have been writing stuff. Just, very sporadically and with no real purpose but, yeah, there are words written over there.
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I watched SPN 4x02 and I'm so full of squee and glee over that show right now that I absolutely cannot concentrate and write a review. I'm so in love with those two episodes it should be declared illegal. As for my love for Dean? It can grow even more; I didn't think it was even possible! Oh, Dean! Heee, I missed saying that the past months! ♥ ♥

I just have one thing to say about this character whose name sorta looks like mine if you don't read it right, so I'll just say, something spoilery, which I'll cut )

Non-spoilery this time, but did Jared become taller or something? I swear my size-difference kink was all over the place in that episode.

Completely unrelated now. Something surreal happened today; I wrote 412 words worth of Panic fic. Not even kidding. I'm done with trying to write fics - it just never happens anymore - but writing those words down was pretty fun anyway. Also really weird because I don't write RPS, you know? Except when I do, obviously. Though technically there might be no pairing involved here. Anyway, it'd seem I'm still capable of writing something that is not LJ related. I didn't think it was possible anymore so that was delightful.
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Oh I had such a great day! First, I slept in. Till 11.00 AM! Mom was like 'yes, but did you go to sleep at 3.00 AM?' Which, Mom, do you know me well! Except this time I went to sleep at midnight, so that was early, ha!

We went to the Terracota Army exhibit in the afternoon - wow, it gave me such a rush to see the soldiers for real, and not just through my tv screen. It was absolutely fantastic! Afterwards we went back to the parental unit's place for a cup of coffee - cappuccino for me - and headed to Ikea with my dad after that; I picked stuff for my kitchen and when we got the check-out they didn't let me pay ♥ ♥ But their awesomeness doesn't stop here for they invited me to what is becoming 'our' Japanese restaurant, where we had delicious food. I love my parents so!

I just got home and I'm ending the day quietly; cruising the flist and tabbing fics. I think I'll start with that Panic kink ficlet (with art!) which is being recc'ed right and left :-) [ETA: Omg! Corset piercings! My new favourite kink *fans self*]

Oh and also, I've seen the First Line meme pretty much everywhere. I started doing it then realised that I preferred my last lines to my first lines, so I thought I'd go with those instead. Pretty much the same meme, right? Just in reverse. Sorta.

Post the first last line from your 25 of your most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

Here they are )

As for the pattern, I don't know... what about the fact that the very last line is usually a sort of conclusion to the penultimate one? It's not just the last line that is important but what comes right before it. They really go in pair.


Jun. 6th, 2008 02:39 pm
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Today is a day to celebrate! First it's my LJ-versary, my 5th. I've been here for five years, dude. It sounds like a lifetime! I mean, a lifetime on the internets, where things always seem to go so fast and not last that long. Then again, I'm not the kind of person who gets easily tired of something they like, so it's not that surprising I'm still here considering the amount of fun I have on LJ-land :-)

Second - well, it actually comes first in terms of RL importance but since I'm updating my LJ, I thought it was only fair I mentioned my LJ-versary first :-) - I got the job at the Sorbonne! And the head department did have the last word as I'll get the salary he 'promised' me I'd have. Greatness! I didn't turn venal or anything, plus I know it's still not a lot, but it was definitely music to my ears.

So, anyway, I'll keep working in the family business - I always hear Dean's voice when I say those words, which is why I always do. Say them, I mean - for the upcoming week, and then I'll start at the Sorbonne again on the 16th.

Let's just hope it won't end the same way as last time! *fingers crossed*

And! I wrote fic last night! 1000+ words - for now - of a TS fic that is not, I repeat that is not, set in my Night 'verse. I know, I almost gave myself a heart attack. It's still an AU, though, but it's not totally my fault. It started out as a response for the 'literary figures' challenge over at [ profile] sentinel_thurs and the novel I picked made my Jim/Blair AU, so it's the novel's fault. Not mine. But hey next year when I write, like, my next fic? I might actually write canon! I mean, I'm sure stranger things have happened! Or will.

I'm having a hell of a time with the tense though. Which usually doesn't happen. Most of the time I'll use past tense, except for when the fic wants to be written in present tense. If that's what it wants, it's more than fine with me. And that's how that one started right away, no conscious thought on my part, it just happened, except the rest of the story keeps going from one tense to the other and it's simply driving me insane!

Also, I know it's never a good thing to publicly mention the working title of a fic because those not!titles have the tendency to stick to the story - case in point my Night 'verse which was never meant to officially become the 'Night' 'verse - but the title of this story is - I'm warning you, it's a mouthful - They Say The Future Is Out To Get You (You Know That I Won't Let You Fall).

I told you it was a mouthful. It's just that I've been listening to that song in repeat while writing the fic and it kinda makes sense within the context of the story so, yeah.
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I wouldn't want people to think that I can only talk bandom this week... except for how those past few days, when I wasn't busy with RL, I was reading as many MCR fics as possible and then maybe watching some video clips and cruising the net for some MCR backstories - I had no idea the Paramour Mansion thing was actually canon! Audra's excellent One Night at the Paramour didn't read the same way when I realised. I was like 'oh' - and, I don't know, looking for pics. And stuff.

But you know how it is when you get into a new fandom. You need to inhale it for a little while... until you sorta absorb it in your system and then things calm down a little. The early stage, always so exciting :-)

Something else I love is finding that some of my favourite people on the flist have been into MCR for some time, even writing fics... seeing familiar faces in a new fandom of yours is always very cool. It's a bit like deciding to join a club IRL and discovering some of your friends have been members for some time. Makes things even more friendly your first days there; you don't feel alone and you know who to talk to. Awesome :-)

But. Okay. Because I can talk about something else. I finished my latest Night fic! I have an official new installment to be posted as soon as my miracle worker beta [ profile] starwatcher307 does her magic with it :-) To think that I wrote around 9,000 words of that fic in a couple of days and then the last 1,500+ in a couple of months? Well, my muse, he's not called Little Shit for nothing. Still, it's done \o/

I didn't have time to watch the new Numb3rs and I never mentioned last week's episode, did I? I quite liked it - especially some scenes between the characters, like the David-Charlie scene, or the David-Colby ones. And then there was that ending which was l.o.v.e. That show has some of my favourite endings ever ♥ ♥

There, see? I can talk about something other than MikeyWay and Gerard and Frank and Ray and Bob \o/

Except for a last minute mention... did you know there was a bandom version of my beloved SPN Big Bang? Don't answer that, I know you do. Except I, Mousey Mouse, didn't. And now I'm like 'omg!' Bandom! Big! Bang! In May!

Of course, between the bandom big bang and the spn big bang, I might have to stop having a social and familial life. Oh, well, a fangirl gotta do what a fangirl gotta do, right? I'm sure my family and my friends will understand!

PS: I've uploaded 2 MCR icons, neither of which has Mikey in it. This pains me. It really does.
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Would someone please tell my internet connection that disappearing on me is very dangerous for my health - physical and mental - and that it should stop doing it? Why, oh why do you hurt me so, Livebox! You've been such a good girl all this time, why the sudden rebellion? *clings*

Anyway. So. Is anyone out there watching New Amsterdam? I know I shouldn't expect anything from that show or its future - or the lack thereof - but I'm quite enjoying it. In a Moonlight kinda way? Well, I think it's better than Moonlight but then it's not exactly difficult to be better than Moonlight, so I don't know... NA is ridden with cliches but I don't care... and I really like John, Omar and Eva, which is always the clincher for me. Give me a show - good or lame - with characters I can believe in, and I'll watch it. And if you give me some nice character dynamics, I'll keep watching.

Speaking of which, I want to say something about Johh and Omar, which will be spoilery so I'm cutting this. )

Yes, I can ramble about shows even when they're less than stellar and probably doomed to a quick death; it's a gift.

I promise I won't write the fic I mentioned under the cut though. Plus, if I have to write in a new fandom - one of my beloved one shot thing - it'll be T:TSCC, anyway. I had this little scene that popped into my head the other day... I'll keep it stored somewhere for future reference. Plus² if I have to write something, I think it'd better be the first/last section of my latest Night!fic.

And this has nothing to do with anything, except I'm still talking about TV, so I'm not completely off topic, they're airing s4 - I think it's s4 - of Gilmore Girls at the moment, and whenever I watch the opening credits and see Jared Padalecki followed with Milo Ventimiglia, it feels like reading a RPS AU fic of sorts. Makes me smile each time.
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Oh, dude, I love the internets! Teh funny is always a click away! Okay, are you familiar with the Llama song? Or the Dalek song? Cause now we have the Sammy song! And man, it's just perfect. It's way too funny. And hot too because, okay, looking at a llama or a dalek isn't that interesting, but looking at Sam? Is definitely nicer :-)

The Sammy Song - technically, with spoilers for the whole show. )

Tonight I watched The Sentinel on W9 while working on my TS fic. I like me some nice themed evenings like that :-) I've also been sending a gazillion mails to [ profile] starwatcher307 with all kinds of 'I think if I changed that word it would be better' and 'what if I just changed the order of those lines, wouldn't it be nicer?' and 'I added a dot here because it makes such a big difference!' Aren't you glad you're not my beta? ;-)

Hey I've heard about a challenge that was made for me. It's the 500 Tv Show Episodes in a Year challenge. When I heard about it, I was like, 'what, there's a challenge that talks about my life? Awesome!'

So just this evening/night I watched *counts* two episodes of Buffy - "Becoming" pt2 and "Anne" - two episodes of TS - "Love and Guns" and "Attraction" - and one episode of Terminator: TSCC. And last night I watched two episodes of Ugly Betty - "Four Thanksgiving and a Funeral" and "Lose the Boss." And that was just in two days. And I wasn't even consciously trying to focus on tv or anything!

Of course, no-one could even dream of beating [ profile] greedy_dancer at the moment since she sorta inhaled, what, 110 episodes of The West Wing in a week or something? Wonder how many episodes you've watched as I'm typing this *is curious*

ETA: OMG! The Black Donnellys just premiered on Virgin17 tonight! Kevin! Tommy! Jimmy! Oh I missed you boys. And it'd seem the network will air the twelve episodes. That's awesome beyond words!
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I watched Addams' Family Values last night and omg! Baby!Charlie! Well, baby!DK. I'd seen pictures of him in the film before, but it was the first time I watched it and awww! And he looked younger than his age, too. It's really weird - though a lot of fun - to think of Charlie and Larry in N3 after seeing them in Addams' Family Values.

Nothing new under the sun here. I was speaking with a Random Stranger Guy yesterday who was saying he was going to enjoy being unemployed but, like I told him, I can't wait to find a new job myself because I've been officially off work for less than a month and I'm already feeling bored with that endless-weekend thing. It's not cabin fever because I'm rarely at home and when I am, it's because I wanted to, but still! Taking a decision you felt was good for you is one thing; accepting the consequences is another story *pout*

Oh, well.

Onto funnier things, now. I'm still writing my TS fic, which fills me with glee. Who knows when I'll be writing something new, right? Hmm? No, no, I promise I'm an optimistic IRL :-)

And speaking of writing, here's a little meme about writing. Even when you write, you can still talk about writing? Gacked from [ profile] turps33.

Writing meme )

PS: I watched Friday's Night Live on Wednesday and it made me cry! That's not a good sign when a show makes me cry. It means I'm becoming attached to the damn thing, argh!
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Yesterday was a good day: because a) I slept in and stayed home all day and b) I wrote a fic!


Well, to be precise I started the fic, it's not finished yet, but it makes me giddy all the same because it's a Night fic and I'm already 3.660 words into it and since it's a Five Things type of fic and I only wrote two of those five things so far and since I'm hoping to have all parts more or less equal in length, it means I'm aiming at a 9100+ word story and this would be a great start for 2008 *nods*

It's the second Five Things fic I write and I really like that kind of theme, I have to say. The difference being that my SPN fic was five different little stories in one and this TS one is one story told in five parts...


Oh a meme. I couldn't sleep last night - it sometimes happens when I write a new fic, even when I'm done with it for the day I still have the story in my head and it feels weird just going to sleep right after it. One of those things, I guess - and so decided to do a little meme just to pass the time.

Only it took me ages to do it because I sorta got engrossed in the whole thing and, now, there's just no way I wouldn't share it on my LJ. Took me to long to just throw it away *nods*

Tv Meme - with scenes and quotes and stuff. )

Okay, now that it's out of the way *checks time* Methinks I should go and try to start doing some packing for this weekend, start on the vaccuming I wanted to do before leaving, that sort of thing...

French Posse Weekend, dude! Finally! [ profile] babycakesin, [ profile] moimoietmoi, [ profile] greedy_dancer and I will be in Lyon later this afternoon to meet with [ profile] french_hobbit and [ profile] crazybutsound. We'll invade the new Starbucks that opened there and raise a lil hell :-) We're gonna have a blast! *bounces*

ALSO! Today is the day when The Esu knows if Teh baby is a lil girl or a lil boy. So, yeah, mucho excitement for today *bounces some more*
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Less than an hour ago I was ready to faceplant into my bed but I feel less comatose now \o/

Today at work was Christmas lunch + our department Christmas party. I'm so stuffed that it's not even funny but it was totally worth it! Though between you and me, fasting til Christmas Eve would be a very good idea *nods*

The Christmas spirit lived on when I got back home as I found two cards - thanks go to [ profile] babycakesin and [ profile] whitevanilla *kisses both* - and! A notice that a parcel was waiting for me at the post office, where I headed right away. Twas from the ever so wonderful [ profile] aswanargent. I was smiling like a loon when Post Office Lady gave said parcel to me but I couldn't help it. I squished it and only let go when I got back home. The presents are under the tree and I'll wait til Christmas Eve to open them. Thank you so much, Karen! *loves*

And now a little meme. Okay so at first I had no intention of doing the Year in Writing meme then I thought, what the hell, you did write in 2007 so you're gonna play too, Mousey! As it happens, it's a bit less pathetic than I thought. Don't laugh! Mind you, if you're one of those writers who wrote, like, 150 fics in 2007 you might feel sorry for me, I don't know. I guess I'm just happy I wrote at all? That's pretty much what I say every year when I do this meme, don't I? But it's still true :-) So, anyway, let's see. This year, I wrote *counts* ten fics:

Numb3rs: Cast the Shadow of Your Burden Behind You

The Sentinel: Part of the Sizzle | Night!Sentinel: Two Hundred Dollar Worth

Supernatural: Next Stop: Green River County | Four Times Sam Wanted to Strangle Dean (And One That He Didn't) | 4.00 AM Knows All My Secrets | Our Darkest Sky Wide Open | Last Refuge of the Complex. The meme is about the fics that you 'wrote', not that you 'posted', right? So I added Last Refuge. Cause I wrote it, QED.

Traveler: Heavy Taboo

Jeremiah: What Does God Have to Say, Now?

Know what? I think I love my titles. Which is a good thing as sometimes it takes me almost as long to write the fic as it takes me to find said title. Of course, sometimes the title is what gave me the inspiration to write the fic... there are no rules, really.


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