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My program for the night? Watch that video of Brendon dancing and flailing and being, you know, Brendon, so many times that I'll have the images imprinted on my cornea! Or something. Oh, Brendon, how so awesome?

And I totally deserved some Panic related present because today was hard! So I was back at work and it was a bit of a long day. I'd forgotten how tired the flu made you. I mean, obviously it's not mono (or How Mouse Has Been Reading [ profile] audrarose's Latest Awesome J2 Fic) or anything serious, but still, very tiring.

Also, there was an accident in St Michel, so the C line was shut down. Problem is, that's the one and only line that goes to Choisy. I had to take a gazillion connections then a bus to make it home. But I travelled with a young woman who - when she heard I was heading to Choisy - asked if she could stay with me because that's where she was going as well and she wasn't sure how to make it there, and we ended up talking about books and anime and it was a lot of fun.

Hey, I saw that Slumdog Millionaire has been released? That is the film inspired by the - oh, so wonderful - novel by Vikas Swarup, right? I ask because it does look like it, except I was pretty sure the main character was named Ram Mohammad Thomas in the novel and I see that he doesn't have the same name in the film? I don't know why but it confuses the hell out of me. Also, I wonder what else has been changed, and will I enjoy the adaptation?
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They aired the last two episodes of the fourth season of Numb3rs last night, and on second viewing I can confirm that "When Worlds Collide" is one of my favourite N3 episodes. It's still behind "Uncertainty Principle" or "Sniper Zero" - then again, there's no universe for me where those two episodes wouldn't be at the top of the list - but WWC is still in the Favourite N3 Episodes list.

I'm more than ready for S5 to start now. I was before, sure, but I'm a getting a bit more impatient. Especially as I read about a nice spoiler for 5x01 - when I'm itching to click on the SPN spoilers that call my name all over the flist, I click on N3 spoilers instead. It makes the wait bearable :-)

But as usual around this time of the year, it seems like 99,99% of my excitement is focused on Supernatural. I always have the feeling it might be a bit ridiculous how excited I am at the prospect of the season premiere but I can't help it. It's SPN! Dean and Sam and Bobby and, obviously, with the way S3 ended, there's no way I'm not dying to see what happens next *bounces*

To keep with the fannish glee; I finally saw all the MCR pics that had the flist sing from joy and I'm most certainly seconding everyone's opinion; they were all kinds of awesome. And it made me smile to see Mikey playing with his Sidekick on so many of the shoots, even in the middle of practice with the guys. I do understand better why that detail always finds its way in fics. It's not even a detail fanon-wise, at this point, but you know what I mean. Oh, Mikeyway! Then there's FOB Mixtape of Love, of course.

And I've found a sequel to Stuck on Delete (J2), as well as two updates in 'verses I adore, namely Sex Corps 'verse (the 'verse is Jeff/Jensen but the prequel has Jensen being fucked by many people) and Kept 'verse (Jeff/Jensen).

Sometimes fandom? Is a bit like Christmas :-)
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As part of my job I'm working on different projects and some of them put me in contact with a bunch of people from other universities in Paris. I had my first meeting with most of them today. For the record? I kinda really hate being in the middle of a crowd when I don't know anyone. Being the newbie that I am in the department, I had to do the whole First Meeting thing, obviously, but it's not an easy thing for me *makes face*

I did make an effort, though, and mingled and, in the end, the three girls in the group kissed me goodbye all friendly-like but, just - I so didn't feel at ease. It's a good thing I was with another co-worker, Quiet Guy, who happens to be even more reserved than I am when faced with unfamiliar faces.

Without the slightest segue; am still reading my way through Big Bang stories and last night I read one that I absolutely loved, namely Stuck on Delete. It's a band!au and it pictures a damaged!Jensen in a way that I completely lapped up. It was more subtle and edgier than many stories I read... less cliched in the way it was treated. Which isn't a criticism as I happen to love all kinds of broken!Jensen but just to say that, sometimes, a characterisation will be a tad different and it's always of the good :-) Jared is all kinds of awesome too in that fic, I had a blast reading it, so I'm pimping :-)

And on the subject of Jensen Ackles and all; the more I think about it, the more I want to go the Ten Inch Hero screening in London. Then again, if I could, I'd do every single con/screening/whatever that is related to SPN and J2 so I guess it's not saying much :-)

I see people talking about all those cons in the States and it always makes me so envious, dude! Here's to hoping I'll go to Asylum next year and that either/both our boys will be there too *fingers crossed*
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One of the perverse effects of workdays flying by is that a Wednesday actually feels like a Thursday because, dude, you've done so many things right from the start that, surely, you've skipped a day somewhere. So when it's really Thursday, you're tired like a Friday. And when Friday comes, well, you're just really tired.

Except today I accomplished next to nothing; you know those days when you can only do your job if you get some answers from other people? Well it was one of those. It's like I've been in a relay race all day... and I'm still waiting for my team to pass the baton to me. It happens sometimes. Monday should be fun *makes face*

But let's not anticipate, for now the weekend has officially started and that is good \o/ Lined up for tonight - since [ profile] enigel abandoned me yesterday morning and I'm the sole inhabitant of Teh Flat once more - are some fics to read.

I haven't read that much of the Big Bang I'd tabbed, after all, but I've seen a story that should hold my interest, namely Do I Seem Bulletproof to You?

The summary attracted me right away; it totally looks like my kind of fic. I mean, hooker!Jensen, bodyguardprotective!Jared, what's not to love? And it's written by [ profile] fleshflutter, too, so I just have one thing to say; hell yes!

I also have many, many chapters of [ profile] dsudis's Epic Numb3rs Fic to catch up with and I cannot wait because that story is so deliciously dark and twisted! Very painful and intense read.

They should keep me busy for all of tonight. Though I'll try not to go to bed too late - or early, depending on the POV - because I need to be in good shape tomorrow for the Parisian Pride. It's that time of the year again and I'm all kinds of excited. I so love that event! Hope it won't rain. Or be too hot. Yeah, I'm a demanding Mouse, I know :-)

Oh! And I found out the other day that The Hoosiers will be at the Bataclan in November. The Hoosiers! My favourite new band! Still behind MCR, I mean, of course. I just need to find someone to go with me now! Or bribe someone. Something!
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Badly Written, OTT Romance Novel of Doom has been read! God, the first one was a bit eye-roll inducing but at least it was well written - that is, I read fics written a hundred times better pretty much every day on the flist but it was readable - but the second one was a nightmare! But I defeated it and finished it and now it's behind me and it is a happy time indeed \o/ Just need to finish writing the blurb now.

Also, did you know that after knowing a man for one single week, it's apparently okay to say 'yes' when he tells asks you to marry him in six months time? I mean, that's totally appropriate behaviour. And, when you think of it, yes, why would you want to, you know, actually know someone before accepting to marry them? Imagine the time you'd save if you just got engaged after a single week!

But, okay, I said the novel was behind me now so shutting up *zips it*

My reward for persevering till the bitter end was new Bandom Big Bang fic. I picked the Bob/Mikey/Frank Mafia AU because a) hi, have you seen the pairing? and b) I can't resist mafia stories... I think it's the Italian in me. It's like The Godfather; I was such a fan of those films when I was a kid. It totally reminded me of my family. Minus the head-bashing, killing people part, that is. But, yeah, mafia stories with the family loyalty thing always get to me. So when I saw the synopsis, I was totally there! And I was inspired because the fic is all kinds of awesome ♥ ♥

Oh, and I'm eating chocolate while reading the fic, isn't that just the best way of reading a fic? Or the best way of eating chocolate, depending. I'd originally bought said chocolate to welcome the Romanian delegation of one that will arrive at my place on Saturday, except I can resist everything but temptation so the chocolate has been, let's say, sampled. I'll totally buy some more before you arrive, [ profile] enigel, though, promise :-)
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Just finished reading Pennies and Colder Fountains and wow. Just, wow. Stories like that are the haunting type. I love it so much when that happens... Some fic writers are so talented! I can't even ever feel jealous, only a little bit in awe of people who can write like that.

I felt the good writing even more keenly than usual because not a hour before I read that story I was working on the free-lance job - so much work for a job I'm not even sure I'll get and that is driving me crazy in the process, I really must like pain! - where I'm supposed to read two novels and then write the... synopsis blurb? The one you find on the back cover, know what I mean? That part of the book has a specific name in French but I realise I'm not sure what's the English equivalent.

Anyway. I have to read and then write the synopsis and that's actually all kinds of awesome as job goes... except for the fact that those novels belong to a category I just don't read. Ever. The kind of badly written, OTT straight romance where the women aren't complete till they met a man. Tall, dark, manly man, of course. Who will protect them and feel possessive blah blah blah.

Rambling about stereotypes and how they don't necessarily annoy me depending on whether we're talking slash or not. It got a bit long, maybe, so I'm hiding this because I'm nice like that. )

Which er, biggest diggression ever because what I wanted to say is! If you're a MCR fan in general, of Frank/Mikey in particular and if, for reasons unknown to man and that don't need exploring at this juncture, you haven't started reading [ profile] bandombigbang yet, then you totally have to go and give the fic I recc'ed above a try. Just, make sure you have free time on your hands. And also lights in the house. Cause you'll be creeped out. Unless it's just me and I'm a wuss but zombies, dude, it never gets not terrifying.
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I'm filled with glee tonight! I have some awesome recs for you guys.

Okay so yesterday was my birthday - had an awesome evening - and I got some fannish pressies in the form of fics, which, it always makes me feel all tingly inside when someone wrote something with me in mind *is egomaniac sometimes*

So I got two of them written for me in two of my favourite fandoms; [ profile] maaaaa wrote me TS with Take a Cha-Cha-Cha-Chance and [ profile] turps33 wrote me MCR with A Foggy Phantom.

And what happens when two of your friends write stories just for you? Angels sing and kittens are born. That's what. It's like I got the best of two worlds; Maaaaa's fic is delicious kinky - spanking, you can't go wrong with that, I have such an insane amount of love for that particular kink, especially when it's done well and Maaaaa is a pro at it - and Terri's is deliciously sweet, and I'm in love with her MCR voices.

Go on and read if you feel so inclined. I'm totally not being a mean person and keeping those fics for myself. I'm spreading the love; because we're all worth it!

And OMG something else that filled me with glee tonight? Frank/Mikey Manifesto of Awesomeness and L.O.V.E!. Seriously! Like I was telling the genius that wrote it, I almost wanted not to be madly in love with Frank/Mikey already so that I could read that manifesto and see the light and change my mind! Oh it was so glee-inducing!

Also! [ profile] crazybutsound, remember when I was talking about the guys on stage and Frank making Mikey fall over and then grabbing his legs and spinning him? The vid is in the manifesto! Well, it seems like everything is in it, really ♥ ♥

There were some extracts from interviews and there's one that I had to re-read a couple of times because omg the adorableness and dorkiness of it!! Which of the band mates is most likely to accidentally stick a fork in a toaster... )

I mean, I remember reading a fic like that - except IIRC, it was Gerard giving advice to Brian about how to take care of Mikey and how Brian promised not to let Mikey 'electrocute himself, set himself on fire, strangle himself on his hoodie strings, or otherwise injure and maim himself in any way during the course of their cohabitation'... and now it's actually canon. Oh, Mikeyway!

Actually, all the interviews were love; like the one where Frank explains how much he missed Mikey when he wasn't there... hee guys! ♥

And this has nothing to do with the rest but it made me happy too so I'll include it here; I've downloaded the audiobook of His Majesty's Dragon so, now, I can listen to it whenever I want, wherever I am! Technology is such a beautiful thing :-)
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The other day [ profile] turps33 and I were talking about dark and gritty fics - as we're wont to do - and she was talking about some of her latest reading, namely a MCR prison AU. Prison AU being one of my kinks, I gave it a try and, yes, it was very good. It wasn't waycest though and then I thought, hmm maybe I could try that?

So let's say I hypothetically thought of maybe trying some Gerard/Mikey cest? Would you have some stories to rec me? And if I asked for bottom!Mikey, would that work? I have no idea what kind of pairing dynamic that one might have... if it even has one, so I'm just asking... [ETA: Hmm okay so make that bottom!Mikey or bottom!Gerard, I'll take both, after all.]

Then again, you know how your first fic in a fandom will shape your taste or your leaning sometimes? So that prison AU is Frank/Mikey and Bob/Gerard… I quite enjoyed the way those pairings were portrayed so I suppose I might want to dabble in those pairings as well. I mean… are they a rare occurrence or not? Dude, I know nothing here, help me out a little, plz?

Incidentally, if you wanted to send me some MCR songs, I wouldn't say no :-) I already have The Ghost of You. Oh and also You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison... which, combined with my reading of last night, sounds pretty fitting lol

Oh and I also read [ profile] velvetjinx's Panic at the Disco fic - Brendon/Jon. And, okay, why did I read a fic in a fandom that is alien to me? I mean, I know the names of those guys thanks to the bandom raving that is going on all over my flist but I never got into it, so why? I have six words for you: double penetration, toys, rimming, felching, fisting. That's her warnings. Suffice to say that in my world those aren't so much warnings as they are incentives, and they were just impossible to resist ;-)

And since I've donned my pimping hat; I meant to talk about the webcomic [ profile] greedy_dancer mentioned recently; Khaos Komic. It's about gay boys, gay girls, transpeople, about love and friendship and accepting one's self and accepting others too… it's funny and touching and sweet and sexy and hot and just fun. I love it. Give it a try, maybe you will too :-)

And next time I will talk about Numb3rs and New Amsterdam *is determined*
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... si tu veux que ton grain ait du poids.

That's the dicton du jour - the saying of the day? October 4th, what a lovely date, isn't it? It's the anniversary of the first run of the Orient Express, of the adoption of the flag of Bermuda and Snoopy's first appearance. October 4th is also the day the launch of Sputnik I happened. As well as the day the Fifth Republic of France was established.

Oh. And it's also the day WE GET OUR WINCHESTER BOYS BACK!

Ha, you so hadn't seen it coming, eh? I'm so smooth, dude \o/

The episode was offered by iTunes so some of you have already watched it, I've heard? I'll wait impatiently til Saturday to watch it myself as Sandrine is picking me up after work tomorrow and then spending the night at Teh Flat, it's the HSM Night, remember? My nephew will be with her; we'll have a cosy night, the three of us. I can't wait :-)

Speaking of great stuff; I've just read my Very First Pushing Daisies fic! It's Five Ways the Piemaker Doesn't Kiss Chuck. Yes, it's Chuck/Ned. Which, for those not in the know, means it's het.

Pushing Daisies is the new show that made me add yet another ship to my Ship List, right next to Lilah/Wesley and Dexter/Rita and, okay so I can't remember the other ships on that list right now but I swear I have more than just those two! Or three if you count Chuck/Ned.

Anyway, awesome show. Awesome ship. Awesome fic!
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Hey, I was going through some old entries and I realised I've been living in Teh Flat for three months. My first trimester \o/ I know we're not even in October yet but ever since I moved in I've been anticipating the moment when I'll be doing my very first Christmas decorations here. It's gonna be such a gorgeous time! I'm dreaming about it already :-)

Speaking of dreaming; I dreamt of SPN last night. A whole premiere of my own making. One thing was really weird though and the dream!me kept wondering about it is that Dean didn't have the same voice. And I don't mean he was dubbed in French by someone else than Fabrice Josso but that his English voice was different - which also means I dreamt in English? That is, it was English inside the dream, i don't know if it truly was.

I have no idea what my subconscious is trying to tell me, apart from the fact that I'm extremely excited and impatient for s3 to start, which, hi, I already knew that, thx.

At least, I won't have to wait too long for Prison Break - tomorrow, whee! It's going to be brilliant starting all the weekly downloads again *bounces*

Oh and unrelated though still about tv. Well, cinema. They were filming at the Sorbonne today and The Cellie and I saw Ramzy. Eric was in the vicinity but we missed him. It was awesome seeing all the cameras and stuff... so okay they forbade us from entering some area even though we were, you know, working and we needed to go there, but we didn't mind waiting a bit. Seeing a film crew shooting a scene is a lot of fun :-)

No wait, a last thing. Which doesn't have anything to do with the rest. Well, it does have something to do with SPN. It's a Jeffrey/Jensen/Jared that has to be the Hottest and Sexiest story I've read in a while. If you know the fandom, you'll understand what a huge compliment that is. I only have one word: double penetration. Okay so that's two. But if you're into it? Well, apparently Jeffrey and Jared are too! Go and enjoy with them *eg*

ETA: Hee omg! Here's another one; Sam/Dean/Chris Kane, this time. If you had a couple of braincells left with the first fic, be prepared to lose them all after reading that second one!
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Lazy Saturday morning in the go. They're my favourite kind of mornings, really ♥ ♥ Next in the program, getting ready to meet up with Babycakes and some of her family for her B-day picnic in Paris - if we find each other. You never know with those big parks. I'll let you know how it went :-)

I see that the Desktop meme has been resurrected? Perfect little meme for a lazy saturday morning, imho. So here is mine. It was supposed to be temporary until I got my previous desktop back from Clark and then, as it often happens with me, I kinda got used to it so it's still here.

And still on the theme of screencaps and all; I've played with Firefox skin/themes last night and now it looks like this )

I love it, it's sleek and blue and lovely *is a happy dork*

Speaking of happy; this morning I've read some of the hottest fics I've read in a while - haven't commented yet so I shouldn't be recc'ing them so soon, but I'll do it later, promise. 1. Pancakes where you have 'Jared, Jensen, Chris and Steve doing naughty things. Together.' 2. Man in the Mirror which is a Dean/Jensen to die for - I'd also advise you to read the fic that comes before that one, namely Reflections of You which is Sam/Jensen and contains rimming and fisting *dies* 3. Needs and that one is J3 with spanking.

Hmm, maybe I should have said I was having a lazy and kinky saturday morning?

Which reminds me that I don't have a 'kink' icon anymore; will have go look for one soon *nods*

PS: Do you think I'll find the time to finally catch up with all the shows I've downloaded this week? I'm behind everything omg!
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I've started watching Supernatural in Italian last night - loves her multilingual DVDs - and they gave a nice voice to Papa. I'm a bit jealous. Why couldn't we get a nice one too? *pout*

Yesterday was a pretty productive day, me happy. The Mom and I went to the flat and we cleaned and swept and dusted and it now looks like a flat ready to be moved into \o/ Afterwards I went to the mall and took care of the electricity thing - still have to take care of the GDF thing, though, damn privatisation - so I'll be able to use the computer when I'll move in. And the fridge and microwave and light and just about everything else that is really er, essential, of course! It's not as if I was, like, focused on the computer/internet thing only *cough*

Today is Mother's Day here so The Sis and BIL will come over for a cozy little lunch - nothing unusual, admittedly, but the difference is that there will be presents at the end of the meal - and this afternoon we might go back there to work on the furniture. Things are still progressing nicely ;-)

Oh and also today I might have to start packing? Norway D-2, flist. I apparently have a problem assimilating the concept. But I need to start thinking of what I'll bring with me and everything or else Tuesday morning I'll be a little bit in trouble.

Speaking of vacation, seems like I'll go to Croatia in August, too. I know, dude, this year is made of awesome all around; it kinda boggles my mind as well *blink*

I started the entry with SPN related stuff, I'll end it the same way. I've discovered a series I'd never heard of and it is also made of awesome so I'm pimping it here; Where Sam and Dean Leave Off and We Begin by [ profile] runedgirl. It's J2, and something I really enjoy is that we see them working on the set. She hasn't created a tag for the story so that's the latest installment with the previous parts linked there.

Oh and [ profile] katikat, did you see? Someone wrote a J2 inspired by Ouran High School Host Club! It's been tabbed, I'm really curious to see how the writer deal with it *g*
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I'm back to work tomorrow. And I can't even find it in myself to feel bad about it or anything. I think when the weather is as good as it has been the past week, just about everything looks sweeter to me, work included. Now let's just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow! *fingers crossed* I've become quite used to going out in jeans and tank top sans coat, I have to say *nods*

So. I had a lovely weekend. I saw the French Posse Bis - I guess I should find another nickname for you girls but for now you're stuck with that one - on Saturday morning. First, Starbucks - duh! - then... Miss Cookie got herself a tattoo! And between [ profile] angeliksmall who was on her way to get her tattoo and [ profile] ephyse and [ profile] daiyaa raving about theirs, I actually considered - for the very first time in my life - getting one myself.

I find tattoos insanely sexy - well, I'm not a big fan of the huge ass tattoos, admittedly, but the smaller ones, I find quite often really sexy. My favourite places for them are the nape of the neck and the small of the back. Except I always thought that if I ever got ink myself, I would want to be able to look at it, so aforementioned places would be perfect on the future new girlfriend, for instance, but not on me. And then I saw [ profile] ephyse's and [ profile] daiyaa's own tattoos, on the inside of their wrists and oh yeah they're awesome! If I ever got one, I think that's where I'd want to get it. Except I might be a wuss but it does feel like a painful area to have a tattoo - and the story those two told about the whole tattooing thing? Didn't exactly encourage me lol But. Anyway. I'll think about it *nods* I know what I'd want written btw; Wincest is the best. In small font. In Elvish.

What? I could totally want that!

Incidentally, because fanfic imitates life; someone started a new J2 AU verse which I'm quite smitten with already. It's [ profile] incompletework2's tattoo 'verse, where the boys are tattoo artists. And yes so I might like big ass tattoos in fics.

Unrelated now. Warnings in fandom is a pretty hot issue, to include them or not is a topic that seems to always pop up... But there's something that we never really talk about, it's the expectations one might have when reading them. And the other day I was pretty disappointed when an author warned about 'rough sex' because that's exactly what I was in the mood for - and okay so I'm kinda always in the mood for that - and after reading the fic, well, I'm still waiting for the 'rough sex' to happen. It kinda left me hanging *pout* Though it never fails to amuse me how someone's version of rough sex will be someone else's version of tame and sweet. Still, it totally was false advertisement omg!
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Mouse's Flat #5453: which I'm cutting even though I know you just have to skip if you're not interested, anyway. )

Okay, so now that it's out of the way, onto the fannish. I meant to ask for the longest time and I always forget: how many of you use a account? To rec fanfics, that is. Cause I have one and now that I've figured out how the whole network thing works, I wouldn't mind having more people linked there. It's amazing how you always seem to find fics you've never heard of before, no matter how many of them you already find on LJ. I've found some great fics I'd have missed otherwise thanks to [ profile] walkawayslowly being on my network, so if you're reading this and you're interested, let me know?

And also, here is my account. Fics only, sorted out by fandoms, pairings, genres, kinks, stuff like that... I have to say I just love and I'm completely smitten with their bundle tags *is a happy dork*

Admittedly, most of the fics I have linked so far are SPN and SPNRPS - though you do find other fandoms - but I have so much fun with J2 fics - or J3, for that matter - that I can't help it. Sometimes it feels like I'm bulimic; I always want more of that pairing. There's also many different genres; from the dirty and raunchy to the smoochy and sweet, that I don't know where to start, sometimes *g* It's also the fandom that turned crack!fic into an art, and I'll always be grateful for that *loves*

Speaking of crack turned into art? Remember the clueless!J2 that I've recc'ed some time ago? Well, [ profile] miss_begonia posted the second part and it's even more fantastic than the first part, which is saying a lot. And so hot you'll melt!

In conclusion, J2 is one of my happy places. Like whoa! ♥ ♥ Nothing new here, I know, it's just that sometimes, you really feel the love even more than usual, know what I mean? And today seems to be the day *g*
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Life and timing are sometimes pretty funny. So. This evening, after work, I went with The Esu to the mall - it's The Mom's birthday tomorrow so we needed to buy her presents - and as we're wont to do when we go to Belle Epine, we found our way to Virgin. Out of nowhere I decided that I needed to buy the Clueless DVD because that film is one of my favourites - no matter how many times I am mercilessly mocked for thinking so - and I only have the tape. Which I needed to remedy, obviously. Alas, I was quite unlucky and they were out of stock - see if I care, though, amazon is my friend - so I came back without the DVD, right?

I was all sad and stuff because, of course, now I really had to watch it and then I got home, went on-line, cruised the flist and DUDE! What did I find? This!! Unequivocal Sex Invite by [ profile] miss_begonia, a J2 homage to Clueless! I mean, seriously, what are the odds?

I started reading and I already love the fic with the passion of a thousand fiery suns - Jensen as Cher. Jared as Josh. Chad as Tai! Etc etc... Mind you, if you've never watched the film, I'm not making a lot of sense but heeee trust me, it's bloody terrific and I can't wait for part 2 *bounces* I usually never pimp something before I leave a feedback, I think it's bad manners not really fair but I'm making an exception here. I'll comment, though, that's a given. Just, I thought I'd pimp the story asap, and that's now...

And I've also just finished watching The Black Donnellys 1x05 and I'm still full of love for that show. Quick review, spoilers ahead. )

So yes, the love is still going strong *squishes TBD*
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I've read my first Black Donnellys slash this morning! Written by [ profile] poisontaster. Bless! It's Kevin/Tommy, the pairing I kinda love already, even though, yes there was only one single episode blah blah blah. If you've seen the pilot, you might understand why this is the pairing I'm going for first. Though technically I wouldn't mind some OT3 in the future which would include Jimmy, cause more fucked-up'ness is always a nice element in a pairing, right? :-)

Unrelated now. Today was a nice mail day as I received [ profile] babycakesin's parcel of goodness. Two episodes of L&O:CI and the first two episodes of S60. She's completely obsessing over the latter - which makes my interest in The Black Donnellys a bit amusing somehow. In a bad way, of course, Babycakes! Don't hit me! - and since I was curious about it I asked her. She doesn't think it's my kind of show and I kinda trust her on that one but I'm just too curious. And you never know. But it does feel like it's gonna be like The West Wing; I do recognise that it's a fantastic show, it just leaves me cold. We'll see...

But anyway, I watched L&O:CI at least - "The War at Home" and "Brother's Keeper" and my reaction goes along the lines of 'oh, Bobby!' Man, that was deliciously angsty and he broke my heart in tiny little pieces and I want more! And I'm still enamoured with Alex. So okay on the shallow side, I love the way she looks but I especially love how smart and tough and confident and sarcastic she is and how a good friend to Bobby she is too, even when he's not exactly ready to let her help him. Oh how I love that show! I can't wait for amazon to deliver the first season *makes grabby hands*

And since I'm on the subject of shows that I love even though I don't usually mention them here: so I've been watching Veronica Mars the past weeks since M6 started airing it and even though the French dubbing isn't really making me happy, I can't help but sorta, you know, falling in love with it all over again? VM is the girlfriend I never imagined going out with because she's not really my type, except she seduced me and I fell for her and we had a torrid affair for a while, just sex, nothing really more, though it was really good, and then we went our separate ways. No hard feelings, you know? But apparently when she comes back to visit, I want to sex her up again. Who would have thought?
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Today is all kinds of special, flist! It's the birthday of the ever so lovely and funny and so very kinky [ profile] turps33! So the Best of Birthdays to you, sis! *hugs & kisses* Who would have thought that a little mail exchange in a ML one day would turn into a years long friendship? I love you to bits and can't wait to meet you in May. I'm looking forward to seeing you even more than I am Jensen. Yes, I love you that much! lol But seriously, you're the best, sis *hugs* Also er, you'll get your card and stuff late. Because I'm lame like that? And also because it's a sort of tradition and everything? *cough* Could I be more sorry?

Last day before I go back to work eeeep! *bounces* I hope I won't be too dead tomorrow :-) Especially as we'll go and visit C-Girl after work to finally meet her baby girl for the first time, so I won't get home immediately. I'm having a very lazy day today to celebrate the whole job thing - chilling with the family, reading, surfing the net, that kind of stuff.

Hey something funny. So yesterday I saw the French Posse Bis and at one point we were talking about Chris and Dylan Bruno and I was telling [ profile] angeliksmall about the Dead Zone episode where the latter guest starred and guess what episode aired several hours later? Yes, that one. Forget about Sam and his visions, I totally beat him at being a psychic! Also I didn't know it was Chris Bruno who had directed the episode... twas a nice bit of trivia. And it was also fun seeing Colby I guess that's a spoiler, so cuty-cut )

Speaking of fun! [ profile] surrealphantast pimped an hilarious Star Wars parody. Meet Chad Vader, the younger, less charismatic brother of Darth Vader, who is the day shift manager of a grocery store. I'm still laughing. And it's the first episode in a series of six ♥

To give you an idea, here a little sample. From the ep where Chad gets himself an apprentice.
Chad Vader: *to one of his employees* I sense potential in you. I shall take you on as my apprentice, Jeremy, and together we shall decimate the competition and conquer the food retailing industry!
Jeremy: *wide eyed* That would be awesome!
CV: *brandishes lightsaber* Yes, it shall be awesome!

And since I'm in pimping mode, [ profile] angeliksmall is an artist and she draws chibi!N3. She just posted a comic strip with little!Charlie and little!Don that will make you melt. And check out also her Don/Charlie Kiss right after that. You'll melt too, only for completely different reasons *g*


Jan. 25th, 2007 09:30 pm
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So, I'm still in Vitry. I had a wooooonderful and relaxing day today. First I slept in and then I spent the whole day cruising the internets and reading - Lost Souls is really awesome and intense, I'm so glad I followed Azh's advice - and I also watched some Chinese tv - freebox tv is l.o.v.e. Then The BIL came home from work and he'd bought me some donuts! Almost the same kind you get in Dunkin Donut, which made me squee. It was so sweet of him ♥ ♥ ♥ It was also pretty yummy *smacks lips*

I'll go back to Choisy tomorrow but I'm enjoying my fake!holidays :-) Also, this morning when I woke up, it felt a bit like a trip down memory lane... like all those times we slept at my grandparents'. Obviously the decor is different but it's still the same, anyway... and the big garden was a lovely sight, too.

On the fannish side; I think it was [ profile] sori1773 who recc'ed a Batman/Flash series. Even though I'm not into comics, each time the Justice League airs I try to catch it - I say try because they have the tendency to air that series on the weekend too early in the morning - and my faves are Batman, Superman and the Flash. So I decided to give it a go and I was inspired, the story was brilliant! Made me want to see the whole thing all over again, too. Or read the comics, actually. I might have sent an email to someone about that *looks not so innocently in [ profile] sockich's direction*

If someone has some Batman/Flash or Superman/Batman - or Batman/Superman, I don't know which way the pairing goes - to rec, I would love to hear about it, btw...

And onto SPN now. First, mandatory SPN squee because today is Thursday which means tomorrow is SPN Friday, wheee! Second, did you know of [ profile] dudemeter? Cause I didn't but I'm glad [ profile] red_tanger mentioned it because it's just the kind of obsessive funny things fans do and that I adore. And then someone did an awesome vid about that habit of Dean's - and dude it's all kinds of brilliant. I love that show and its fans ♥ ♥
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Went to the hairdresser with The Esu yesterday - yes, this is a family outing, when we can't stand our respective haircuts anymore we all go together - and I asked for a little lightening of my hair so now it's back to a lighter tone - it's not dyed, just ligthened. And I say 'back' because I was a blonde when I was a kid and then it darkened as I grew up and now it's a bit less dark blonde. Melikey. Afterwards we went to the mall where we all treated ourselves with some DVDs - I'm finally starting my Friends DVD collection, starting the last seasons because they're my favourites - and then we were hungry for a raclette so we bought everything we needed for that and we did a little Raclette Simpsons session. Ie, we stuff ourselves with aforementioned raclette while watching The Simpsons. Dude, awesome day+evening. I was going to sleep over at their house but since I had stuff to do this morning, I took a raincheck.

Now I'm home and seeing how windy and rainy it is outside, I have no intention of going out again today, nah uh. I'm gonna stay inside and read some and try to finish my [ profile] j2_otpathon story - YOU GO MOUSE!

Speaking of SPN. [ profile] sockich linked us to Jensen Touching the Dot and I cannot.stop.playing.the.clip! He's just too fucking adorable for words - the laughing in the second part just makes me squee and melt each time and I love the hand-to-the-nape-of-the-neck gesture. Is Jared touching the dot too?

And then there's the Supernatural In the Park vid made by [ profile] hay1ock which is hilarious... when Supernatural meets South Park. It contains spoilery clips through s2, just in case...

ETA: Ohh and today was a great mailday! [ profile] sockich, I've received the CDs, thank you, I'll definitely include some DA watching today, and [ profile] enigel I loved the goodies, thank you! *kisses you both*
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I know that some people who already have 100+ icon slots say they wouldn't know what to do with more icons but, man, I know what I'd do with more slots... use more icons! Which is my way of saying that this is a GIP. Look! The Mouse is using a Jared icon! No, this lj hasn't been hijacked by someone else, this is really me *waves Starbucks fidelity card to prove it's her*

It's all [ profile] tya_rc's fault. See, she's been sharing a ton of Jared & Jensen interviews; individivual ones as well as Jsquared ones and so I've been catching up with a lot of clips I haven't seen so far. And the Jared... well, I already knew he was sexy and funny and all kinds of awesome but this time I really paid attention and after a while I thought to myself "self, isn't it a bit sad that you haven't a single Jared-on-his-own icon?" Which it was. A bit sad, I mean. So I went hunting et voilà.

Speaking of J² clips and stuff... does anyone remember the SPN Christmas thingie they did last year? Don't remember whether it was a commercial of some sort or a promo thingie or whatnot. All I know is that it was for Christmas and that there was snow and the boys... as Dean and Sam, I mean. Well, I think so. Dude, don't ask me why I haven't downloaded the clip and be done with it at the time, okay? But anyway, if someone knows what I'm talking about here? And do you know where I could find it? Or maybe I just should go over YouTube and spend all afternoon going through the Jared-Jensen clips. Wouldn't be so bad, if you ask me :-)

And to end this entry, since it's the season for sharing - 1. Two Christmas songs I've been listening to this morning: Olivia Olson - All I Want For Christmas Is You & Barenaked Ladies with Sarah McLachlan - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen | YSI links and 2. One RPS rec. [ profile] janissa11's super power AU RPS series - it's all kinds of brilliant. A bit edgy and angsty and sweet and always very well written. I'm hooked.

ETA: Oh, oh! [ profile] aswanargent, I've just received your card and your pressie! The latter being under my Christmas tree, now. THANK YOU *hugs*

ETA2: Er okay, that card business? So my first batch has been sent last week and some of you are receiving them, but batch the second will arrive late. As in, they might not have been sent yet - they've been picked up and written but they're, like, still home *cough* I'm SORRY omg!


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