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The fannish is strong with me these days, flist! I'm caught up on Arrow and as of last night on Vikings as well \o/

Incidentally, has everyone fallen for Vikings, yet? Maybe not everyone, admittedly, but suddenly my flist is filled with Vikings squee when there was almost none just last week and it's a bit amusing how so many people on my flist (including me, obviously) seems to be falling for the show at the same time. I most definitely approve, as you can imagine :)

As I was saying in an email I wrote last night, I'm facing a sort of dilemma now, though, pairing-wise. See, after watching the premiere I was pretty convinced that the OTP was, in fact, an OT3 - one which happened to be both incesty and riddled with UST - talk about an explosive combo, too - namely Lagertha/Ragnar/Rollo with Rollo obviously wanting to fuck the hell out of his brother.

Then Athelstan came in the picture - hee, Athelstan ♥ - and there is no way this sweet little dude is not getting defiled by someone. Anyone! Only, another OT3 appeared in the show and even though I love the idea of Lagertha getting her very own harem (she just seems like the kind of woman who would love a bunch of boys to rule over, don't you think?) I don't know what to think of the Lagertha/Athelstan/Ragnar OT3 because, well, who's fucking Ragnar, now? I'm all for pegging fic, don't get me wrong, but still, I liked the idea of Rollo and Ragnar and now and I'm pretty sure Fandom will be all over Ragnar/Athelstan. Well, even the show itself seems to enjoy the idea, so ;)

Also, I think Lagertha might be my new tv!wife. Omg, I have so much love for Lagertha! What a kick-ass character! So confident, so fierce, so unashamed about her own sexuality - love to see Ragnar and Lagertha being playful with one another... or playfully rough. Or, you know, just rough, period ;) I'm using my brand new Athelstan icon - courtesy of me girlfriend, hurray to her - but I'm in dire need of a Lagertha one as well.

In related news, I'm keeping the good work going - in terms of catching up on shows - and I'm dedicating tonight to Person of Interest. I've decided to watch the show properly, meaning I'm back to square one, I've just watched the premiere. Watching 1x11 made me want to get back to it but what really closed the deal was [ profile] talitha78's newest vid, namely this Finch/Reese vid of awesomeness. [ profile] shadowhuntress is the one who recc'ed it and she described it wonderfully, so I'll steal her words: "if you watch the show, it'll warm your heart, and if you don't watch the show, it'll make you want to start!" :)
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After seeing this adorable .gif of an interview with Fassbender and McAvoy, I realise I must have (well, I hope?) a lot of photos, interviews and vids to hunt down and catch up on!

If I'm thinking about McAvoy on his own, I've started catching up, already, mind you. Case in point, I went to bed at 4.40AM last night because I watched Children of Dune in one sitting. Cookie abandoned me to go to sleep at one point, pff sleep? What is this sleep you speak of? Though I guess I could have gone to bed a little bit earlier but then one thing leading to another I found myself at the [ profile] 1stclass_kink meme, taking great delight in reading all the prompts that were posted and I felt compelled to add some of my own, as I'm wont to do. Before I knew it it was past 4.30AM. Time flies when you're having kinky fun!

Admittedly, going to bed so late wasn't that smart a move. Especially as I got up this morning at 8.30AM so that I could start working on my paper early. I'll gladly admit that working on approximately four hours of sleep wasn't the easiest thing to do but then the articles I'd selected included gems like "... growth of stories featuring previously taboo subject such as underage sex, incest and real person fiction (RPS)" and, you know, all of sudden my brain was 100% connected lol

Also, I just realised that all those years spent reading slash fan fiction and kinks? Was just RESEARCH! For the class I've been taking this year in general and for the paper I'm writing at the moment in particular. As Cookie said when I showed her the quote and explained to her how we've been doing academic work on fan culture all these years, "Congratulations to us!" :-p I should totally keep taking that class next year, that way I'll be able to justify all those nights spent reading fics instead of sleeping \o/

Now it's 4.00PM and I'm done with my paper for today, Cookie has woken up from her long nap (she's been sick all week long and is slowly getting better) so we'll see if we're doing something tonight. In any case, freedooooom!
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I'd planned on doing a little SPN marathon tonight but due to technical problems, said plans were thwarted. Too bad because we were really into the whole idea of catching up with the show. Especially as I found out we had a few less episodes to watch than I thought. I'm not sure we could have finished the season overnight but it'd have been close. That is, if I'd managed to stay awake through it all, I feel tired all the time these days - I have no idea why. Never mind, we'll try again tomorrow night.

What prompted the idea was, funnily enough, school. Today was the first of a four-day weekend and I spent a good part of it working on my media sociology paper. Thing is, doing research on websites dedicated to a show you're behind is quite dangerous. You never know when you're going to be facing some spoilers. And seeing I've managed to remain spoiler-free till this day, despite being on LJ and, even more dangerous, on Twitter and Tumblr, I'd have found it ironical and sad - ok, and annoying as hell - if I got spoiled while working on a paper for school. So I thought, hey, what nights are for, if not for catching up with your favourite shows, right? I know I've said I'm tired all the time these days, I've never said the decision to do a marathon was smart.

It didn't work out, anyway. Instead we watched Fast & Furious 4, which Cookie's brother got me for my birthday (♥). It actually was my first time watching it, can you believe it? I enjoyed it immensely. And that's totally unrelated - or not - but I'd never realised how flexible Brian was! I'm referring to that scene when he's on his back and he wraps his legs around Dom's head. I bet Dom loves bendy!Brian A Whole Lot ;-)

Speaking of Dom and Brian, I've watched more of [ profile] talitha78's vids and her Mmm Papi vid was quite entertaining :-p

Oh, and on the subject of slash, if things go according to plan, we'll go and see X-Men: First Class tomorrow evening. I can't wait!
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Oh the joy of being a woman when you're woken up around 5.00AM by cramps! Today is a day to stay home wrapped in comfy clothes with a warm bottle to keep you company while you're staying in bed and/or on your couch and reading fics as well as watching tv. But alas it's not possible *pout* I have a busy morning at work, though with some luck it'll be quiet in the afternoon so I'll be able to leave early and rush home and do a whole ball of Nothing. I can't wait!

In other exciting news... there isn't any ;-) I had a very nice weekend. I didn't study as hard as I'd planned but I guess I needed a little break. I spent Saturday evening at my sister's, chatting in the sun, sprawled on their new swing seat, sipping at my goddaughter's fake-coffee. Then it was pizza and ice-cream for dinner. Definitely the kind of dinner for that kind of day, imho :-) Then on Sunday I had the laziest morning I had in a while, omg.

I did wake up early but kinda never left the bed? Not till late, anyway. The sun was shining and a little breeze was making it warm but not too hot in the bedroom and I read fics and took my breakfast in bed and read more fics. The theme was Kink, apparently; it was like a kink fest that morning: d/s, spanking, orgasm denial, daddy kink, dirty talk, humiliation kink, pain kink, watersports, gangbang, cross-dressing etc. Just awesome :-) Then because I couldn't spend the whole day in bed, I got up and got ready to head to Paris in order to meet Cookie, who'd spent the weekend at [ profile] rosengirl's for a little (well, not so little, actually) SV marathon.

We had ourselves a delicious afternoon tea sitting in a park and savouring those cupcakes from Berko ). In case you're wondering, they tasted as good as they looked. Or even better yet because I sometimes think cupcakes look weird.

Anyway. In the evening we watched the new DW. I liked it well enough but it felt like an appetizer and we're going to really have fun times with what comes next. This new series sure knows how to keep us on our toes! I mean, all of them do, but it feels like this one plays with ours head even more. As I keep saying, I'm just so smitten with Eleven, Amy and Rory! They really brought me back to the show ♥
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Just got home from the theater; I met with [ profile] greedy_dancer after work to see Prince Caspian, which I really enjoyed. Plus, a film is always even more enjoyable in the company of another slasher. We were having a blast with all the Peter/Caspian subtext and innuendos and whatnot that only a slasher will see.

I told her that I definitely knew what I was going to do once back home and I do plan on hunting some Narnia slash. If anyone has recs, I'm all ears. Also, I mentioned to GD a poll I'd seen recently on LJ meant to decide who people thought topped in the Peter/Caspian relationship and after watching the film, I have to say it's not an easy question.

My first reaction was to say Peter but after further thoughts I'm not sure it would be that obvious... so I think - and coming from me that's kinda huge - that they might switch. Though I have a preference for Caspian bottoming, anyway *nods* Edmund is bottom all the way, btw, but then again he's my fave, so...

Oh and er... is there any slash involving the General? Just, you know, out of curiosity.

Changing the subject; I had a fun afternoon at work today. With a couple of my coworkers, we modelled for a couple of shoots. Yes, I'm a model now \o/ Sorta. Okay, not really.

I mentioned that we're working on Big Project #1 at the moment, right? We need some posters/ads for it. Graphic Lady decided to take some photos she'll use on one of her posters and in order to so she needed students to sit for it.

Except this time of the year, there's no students left at the uni, so she enlisted a bunch of us to play at being all student-like... If she doesn't mind fake!students in their late-twenties instead of real!students in their not-even-early-twenties, who was I to argue? Especially as it meant I was out of the office for some time and even out of the building later on as she wanted some exterior shoots. Like, students studying on their laptops in Teh Great Outdoors, you know? Twas fun :-)

Oh and I still don't have a desk - it's been ordered but hasn't arrived yet - or anything but I now have my laptop and a desktop, so naturally I decided to give them a name. Then it came to me.

Fact One, Desktop is much bigger than Laptop. Fact Two: Desktop is plugged in Laptop. Conclusion: Jared is Desktop and Jensen is Laptop! So obvious omg! Therefore I called the entity J2 \o/ Now that my computers have name, I'm sure I'll do even better work ;-p
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My Romanian Delegation of One arrived safe and sound. There's something really satisfying about meeting with an lj friend for the first time, starting chatting right away and sorta never stopping. I'm always nervous before meeting someone from LJ - what if we don't get on as well IRL as on-line, what if we don't have anything to say to each other, what if she doesn't like flesh&bone!me? 'What ifs' right and left and, why yes, I know I'm paranoid sometimes - so it's always a relief when things go well :-)

Now [ profile] enigel is watching BSG and I'm, obviously, updating my LJ. We're good fangirls *nods*

And! Completely unrelated. Seen at [ profile] admiralandrea's LJ, Gun Oil Lube, 'the premium, condom-safe lubricant that keeps a man's most important weapon well oiled. If the military issued a lube, this is what they'd distribute with the condoms and artillery.'

[ profile] enigel and I were totally cracking up and also! Someone has got to write me a Sam/Dean Gun Oil Lube fic. Someone has to! And, okay, so I could do it, except if someone wants to actually read the fic before January, 2009, it'd be best if someone else took care of it. Just a thought.

I can so see Sam fucking Dean using that particular lube... and then each time they'd clean their guns - their other guns - they would get hard. Or harder than usual. Like Pavlov's dog.

Or does that story already exist? Cause if it does, linkmelinkme!

Oh and I know I still have comments to answer re: my poll but apparently it'd seem most people don't really have a strick top/bottom policy. As for those who checked 'depends on the fandom', I'd be curious to know what type of dynamics for which fandoms... Yes, I'm nosy, I know. I'm sorry, too. Sorta ;-p

ETA: Heee omg how come no-one told me there was a brand new Firefox extension for! *tries new add-on*

Take 2

Jun. 12th, 2008 09:18 pm
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This morning I signed my contract so I'm now officially hired at the Sorbonne. I handed in the two blurbs I wrote for the Romance Novels of Doom. Then I got back to work and I hired out another camel and a snake charmer.

I feel all accomplished today \o/

Completely, 100% unrelated; so one of my favourite slash topics is Top/Bottom: Who's Pitching and Who's Catching? Because I'm one of those people who have a 'strict' top/bottom policy... which is still the same, my favourite character has to be the one taking it. That's it, no complicated theories, no deep reasons. Favourite character = bottom.

On his back, on all fours, against the wall, bent over the couch, straddling one's lap, in front of a whole audience, with a dildo, I don't care, as long as he's the one getting the deep dicking. As they say *cough*
And after discussing that topic with people here and there, I know that I'm not the only one being kinda anal about it - pun intended if you want to be that way.

So. If you have a couple of seconds to waste spare and feel like it, would you mind indulging me and filling that poll?

[Poll #1203944]

And to those who wish I'd included a 'seriously, dude, don't you have better questions to ask?', my answer is 'obviously not!' \o/ Plus. That is a very important question in my world *nods solemnly*
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Wow. Just had one of those Omg So Unproductive day at work. You know the kind I'm talking about; you kinda feel guilty in retrospect but, dude, was it ever awesome! Especially for a Monday. Even my dad wasn't into it, which, him being the workaholic that he is, is saying something.

And now I'm home and I plan on catching up with my fic reading. I have a gazillion tabs opened in different windows... I used to just 'restore tabs' but now I save the whole session, and my inner control freak is having the time of her life with those different windows; so I have a window full of MCR tabs and then another one with SPNRPS tabs and then another one with SPNFPS and, well, being anal can be fun sometimes. Also, how did I do before? *blink*

And I'll start with some MCR het. Because, see, the funny thing with the SPN and MCR fandoms? Is that they made me love het. Or, say, it's not that I ever disliked het, it's just that it's not my thing.

Then SPN happened and even though I'm all about Sam/Dean or John/Dean or even Bobby/Dean or, really, Everyone/Dean, I started reading some het... except for the fact that usually, it's pegging fic. Because, seriously, is there anything hotter than a girl pegging Dean? Well, maybe a girl pegging Dean while Dean is blowing Sam .. before Sam gets his turn and fucks Dean blind. And in case you're worrying about the girl, she got all the action she wanted; it's a well known fact that Sam and Dean both know how to use their tongues. Among other things.

Anyway, am digressing. What I was going to say that is if I do read het in SPN, it often involves pegging - not always, just often. But then MCR came in the picture and though I'm all about Gerard/Mikey and Frank/Mikey and Bob/Mikey and Everyone/Mikey and Gerard/Frank and Bob/Frank and, well. Yeah *cough*

So even though MCR slash makes me very happy, I've started reading some fics involving Alicia and ohhh but I totally love that girl! So I have a couple Alicia/Mikey lined up for me. And not even Alicia directing girl!Ray and girl!Mikey into some hotfemmeslash - which was insanely hot, btw - but girl!Alicia/boy!Mikey, ie, like, real het! I know, that's huge!

I broaden my horizon all the time. Fandom is awesome like that :-)
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Oh, Starbucks, my home away from home! Love of my life! How I missed you! Or How Mouse Went to a Starbucks and Ate a Cheesecake after a Hundred Years Going Without. Or maybe slighly less, but it certainly felt that long to me! Tbf!Rissy thought I sounded quite porny while I was drinking my beloved Caramal Macchiato and even pornier yet when I started eating my cheesecake but, dude, more than 40 days without the latter! It truly was orgasmic *blissful look*

Yeah, okay. Moving on!

Something I love about the SPN fandom? Both RPS and FPS. Among many things, mind. Is how some kinks that are usually considered really kinky in some fandoms are kinda the norm here. I'm thinking of rimming, if you want me to spell it out. In the SPN fandom, Jared and Jensen or Sam and Dean seem to really love rimming. Actually, they seem to just love putting their tongues/mouths pretty much everywhere. To my utter satisfaction, don't think I'm complaining :-) But it's so much fun. So in some fandoms the rimming will be a bit out of the ordinary whereas in SPN, it'll just be part of the smut, nothing special per se ♥ ♥

And because I love changing the subject. Part 2 of the Icon meme.

Icons for Cathybites )

Icons for fluterbev )
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The return to reality is always a bit difficult. For the past week, I'd gone to sleep with the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore, I was sleeping in shorts and a light tank top. Last night, I went to sleep with the sound of trucks and guys yelling at each other in the background, under a blanket because I was freezing my ass off. Welcome back to Choisy-le-Roi, Mousey!

I'm so glad that I still have a week off because I really don't feel like going back to work right now *nods*

I had a quiet evening last night. I planted myself on the couch and found an episode of Poltergeist: the Legacy, a Nick centric one. Of course I watched it. Because sometimes, you can't not watch P:TL, right? And watching Nick drive in his car at the beginning, then seeing him in the episode, I was struck by the thought that, wow, Nick and Dean? Would make really good friends, I think. I can totally see them hit off; be it slashy or not, come to think of it. We all know Dean belongs to Sam, but, still, I can see it... before the brothers embarked on the cesty road, I think Nick and Dean made good fuck buddies. They genuinely cared for each other and always loved the sex because they knew it was just that, sex between two friends.

I'm curious now, is there any Supernatural/Poltergeist: the Legacy crossovers out there? *ponders*

Then I went to bed and watched Kyle XY, which I really enjoyed. To think that, back then, I only tried that show because I loved the whole Kyle KY association I'd made when I first saw the title! And now I go into withdrawal if I don't have my Kyle XY fix every week. Life is funny like that *g*

And speaking of shows; they were airing Oz on HRT2 and I've managed to catch it three nights in a row and hee I was reminded me of how much that show rocks! I can't wait to get my hands on the DVDs *makes grabby hands* Also, boy was it ever violent! There was Prison Break on the telly last night and I couldn't help but laugh because hee they're so sweet in that prison! *cooes at Fox River inmates*

I've also watched a couple of episodes of Out of Practice and I would love to see more because I just can't resist the lure of Christopher Gorham, even if it's a sitcom. I remember hearing about the show when it aired but I never got around to download a single episode because, well, I don't know, I had other stuff to download, I guess? But I wouldn't mind now. And also, it made me want to watch Jake 2.0 all over again...
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Am listening to Sounds of the Sixties on the BBC radio; thus starting my day at work in a pretty good way :-) God, I'm so in love with the internets, where you can listen to programs from all over the world and pick the theme you want according to your mood. Ah, internet, between us it's a love story that goes unabated ♥ ♥

Hey did you hear? Ten Inch Hero should be at the Festival de Cannes. Clea DuVall and Jensen Ackles in MY country! So okay I have no idea who would come but just - let me dream a little, okay? *dreams* Oh yeah, that was good!

Still on the subject of Ten Inch Hero, [ profile] littledrop linked me to a pretty brilliant review on it and after reading the post, well, let's just say that if I already wanted to see the film before, it's nothing compared to now :-) Hee Jensen! I have the feeling it'll be one of those 'feel good', funny films I enjoy so much and I can't wait! I do hope it'll be released in France. I mean, even if it's not it won't stop me from getting my hands on it - one way or the other, though sometimes you really want to contribute financially. Or something. It's just that I'd love to see it on a big screen here. Even better yet, if I had to pay full price for the ticket? I wouldn't complain at all! Because Jensen is worth it *nods* And Clea as well.

Speaking of those two... Still no Clea/Jensen pegging fic where Jared-could-be-holding-down-Jensen while Clea fucks him? Oh! And maybe Jared would talk dirty to Jensen as well? Voice low and rough because he's so turned on... Oh God! Please, someone write it? Just to think that this story doesn't exist makes me sad. Still, I have faith, someone is bound to write it. Right? *pleading look*

And! Today! SPN is back, wheeeee! I can't wait to see the boys again *clings* And I have no idea of what will happen - I think I don't even know the title. Yay, surprise!
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"En se servant des nombres on peut résoudre les plus grands mystères qui soient." Whee I'm watching "Point d'Origine", ie the pilot of Numb3rs in French!

Okay so first impressions... )

Oh and I love how words like 'mon frère', 'frangin' or 'papa' resonate so much more strongly in French than they will ever do in English.

Hee Numb3rs! On my telly! *dies*

[ETA: It's "Uncertainty Principle" now and I'm liking Charlie's voice a bit more already. He angsts well in French too. Yeah okay, it'll work, methinks.]

Still about tv. [ profile] crazybutsound? I've received the DVDs, thank you ever so much! So I now have all of Criminal Minds. As it happens I also have the first three episodes of The Evidence but I'm not impressed. I mean, I guess it's a good show, but I don't care about the actors and the characters so *shrug* But thanks all the same, now I'll know what people are all taking about :-)

Criminal Minds was love though. Nothing new exactly but I was finally able to see the bigger picture and oohhh I LOVE THOSE GUYS!

Why I Love the Show )

Why I Love the Characters )

On the slash front... I think Reid is joining my slut!character list as I quite enjoy the idea of him with Gideon, Hotch and Morgan. I'm an equal opportunity Reid slasher *nods* Also, and this is brand new, I'm slashing Gideon and Hotch as well. I don't think I really ever had TWO pairings for a same show. I know, one could argue that I have three pairings - or more if you consider I'm quite partial to threesomes - with Reid, but that's one pairing: Someone/Reid. Here I'm adding another one, Gideon/Hotch. I'm broadening my slash horizons, dude! And I can even go further, I quite like the idea of John Blackwolf/Hotch. But that's another story, I guess *cough*
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Sometimes you think you've read it all - though seriously, I don't understand why we feel that way sometimes. Well, not in a fandom like TS in any case, it's not as if there were only twenty fics fighting for our attention over there, right? - and you realise how wrong you are when you stumble upon a fic that has to have been written million years ago? Or say seven years ago. But whatever. I've just read Nothing On for the first time and awww but that fic was perfect! It was bantery, sweet, fun, sexy and hot. It even had a tiny wee dose of angst, solved pretty quickly and just - yes, 100% Jim/Blair, right? :-)

Speaking of reading TS, I've read The Lamp and that fic is a little gem. Too cute for words and so much fun - pretty smart as well, actually. I just love those out-there-plot-bunnies that fucking work. Makes me want to re-read Bewitched, Bedazzled and Bewildered as a matter of fact. Oh and buy the Bedazzled DVD come to think of it.

Now flist, want to know what the French Posse and I had planned for last night? We had another go at our Gay Night. Did GD, SAM and The Mouse finally make it to their lesbian club of choice? Did they even go as far as leave GD's place? Did they have hot and dirty sex right there on the dance floor?

Well, see, if you're interested you just have to click on the cut to have the answer; if you're not, you'll be able to ignore it altogether. )

And okay so you might think this has nothing to do with Jim and Blair? But look - just picture Blair dragging Jim to a nightclub. Maybe Jim lost a bet, maybe they performed a hot and lazy sixty-nine and the first one to come had to accept to spend a night in the location of the winner's choice? And Blair did that thing with his tongue and Jim lost it. So Blair picked that gay club he's been wanting to go with Jim for ever; and here in the dark, Jim finally accepts that a dancing and sweaty Blair might be good enough to enjoy himself and he'll touch his sexy babe and they'll have hot and dirty sex right here on the dance floor.

Except before that, he'd have to dial down his hearing, like, all the way down - down to normal level that is, or lower even - because the VOLUME IS CRAZY! Oh and the vibrations created by said volume? Would either drive him crazy in a bad way or drive him crazy in a good way...

So, see? Totally a Jim/Blair post all the way!
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Ah the Oscars nominations have been announced. And lo! Brokeback Mountain has eight of them! Yes, I'm filled with glee over this ;-) I just loved the movie more than I ever thought I would - I mean, I really wanted to like it but it certainly exceeded any kind of expectation I had - from the acting to the cinematography and I'm really happy it got nominated not once, not twice but eight times *bounces*

And also cocorico! Two French movies made it to the list too! Hail to Joyeux Noël and La Marche de l'Empereur. I made a count of the films I've seen that have been nominated and I counted eight of them. Not bad for me.

Unrelated now - well, maybe not but it's big screen v. small one - [ profile] goldatamera shared a spoiler for Supernatural 1x20 and seriously! ) This will KILL me! They'd better not mess up with that one, believe you me *fingers crossed*

Unrelated again; after talking about Prison Break to Terri, I had to watch a couple episodes and I'm wondering something; dude, I'm now incapable of deciding whether something is a spoiler or not. I don't think it is, but lj land traumatised so okay, I'll cut the thing. )

And finally, I don't think I'll participate in either [ profile] sentinelsecrets or [ profile] ts_ficathons after all. The prompts don't talk to me. And I know, what about a challenge blah blah blah, well I'll see if something percolates before the last day of 'signing up', but I'm not even sure I like the prompts so you see my problem :-) But being a reader can work too - and maybe even for a Harlequin challenge, who knows?

Oh and speaking of TS! Did you see? Over at scifibrain, they made a little list of the Top Twelve Slashiest Couples and Jim/Blair is #1. Well of course the boys are number 1 but that's still sweet to see lol
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Didn't sleep well last night and since we're working all night tonight, I have the feeling tomorrow will be spent in a daze. My cousins will join us by then but they'd better not expect too much from me *rubs eyes tiredly* Though I'd better be awake enough at 9.00 pm let me tell you because la Trilogie du Samedi - though why they stubbornly keeps calling it the Saturday Trilogy since there're only two different shows represented now is beyond me - will become interesting again thanks to a new season of The Dead Zone. Then it'll be followed with Kingdom Hospital, which I'm not too sure about but, well, it's still Stephen King so I'll definitely try it.

In honour of the new season airing tomorrow, I decided to read some TDZ slash. And see, I thought I'd sorta forgotten about my love for Bruce/Johnny and I was all about Walt/Johnny now but I realised that no, I'm still deeply in love with the former as well. So, really, the best thing would be if people catered to my whim and finally wrote me Bruce/Johnny/Walt. QED. I can see it from here actually; first time, Bruce and Walt would fight over Johnny to finally come to the realisation that three isn't always a crowd and really, what is better than a Johnny sandwich? Nothing, that's what. So they would turn their alphamale'ness - because this is me we're talking about here and of course they would both go all alpha male on Johnny - and hot sex would ensue. I'm just sayin'.

Oh hey, I don't know why but the RPS has been all over my flist lately and a new pairing emerged from one thread in the form of Ackster! And I know, I usually roll my eyes about all those pairing names which I kinda dislike but I'll make an exception for that one! Besides, it's been decided after a serious and, yes, scientific discussion with [ profile] turps33 so I think it's a valid one.

Anyway, what the hell I am rambling about this time? Well I'm rambling about a little comment porn picturing Victor Webster and Jensen Ackles getting it on a red truck. I mean, it's car pr0n! And you don't know who the hell Victor Webster is? Okay dude, obviously [ profile] turps33 isn't one of your best friends, but hey no worries, I'll just direct you to this post where you'll get to meet teh Webster. And if you scroll down, you'll even get some backstory for the comment porn that our [ profile] kennedy_bowman wrote here and here.

Isn't that absolutely wonderful? Rhetorical question, thanks.
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Technically, I guess this would be a meme for January, but I'm not sure I'll finish any new stories before then, so let's say it's safe doing it now. Blaired from [ profile] dsudis.

The Fics I Wrote in 2005 meme )

It does make me smile because [ profile] dsudis, the girl I gacked the meme from - which btw, I cut in half. Er, I mean the meme obviously, not the girl - wrote 42 stories the past year, one of which was a 50.000 word novel. Boggles the mind, I know lol But thing is, I'm happy I can write, period, so I'm satisfied with my work *g* Also for the record, Even Trade is +11.000 words and for me that's a lot *nods*

Still, I definitely wouldn't mind writing more... we'll see how it goes in 2006 ;-)

Speaking of fics. For the Numb3rs slashers on my flist who dig OT3, [ profile] penguingal and [ profile] schnaucl wrote a third part in their Don/Charlie/Coop series.

And see, this is another thing I adore in Numb3rs, how we have two canon varied threesomes to work with, and here I'm talking about Don/Charlie/Coop and Don/Charlie/Edgerton. People write them on a regular basis, too, which makes my heart sing *happy sigh* Also, we have [ profile] spikedluv who promised told us she would write a nice OT3 Numb3rs fic soon - and was curious as to who her flist would like to see Don and Charlie in a threesome with. Cue to poll where I picked Edgerton because... because it's Edgerton? Yes.

And I also developped my answer a bit because I wanted Spikedluv to have all the info she needed - and because I'm anal like that, I'm pasting the thing on my LJ, too. )
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I tried to post the London pics to my LJ... and the process almost drove me mad. There is a phantom picture that just does not want to fucking disappear and it's driving me NUTS! So I'm taking a break. Technically I know I could just do without that pic but no! Saint Paul2 is supposed to be a pic of Saint Paul and not of Starbucks and I won't admit defeat and forget about it so I'll just go back to it later and dammit the right pic has better be where it's supposed to be! [/crazy Mouse]

But it's okay cause I went to my happy place, namely [ profile] ts_secretsanta, and read the two stories that have been posted already. The first one was nicely hot and contained spanking, which you know, is kinda my kink so it definitely worked for me *eg* I mean, I think I could sometimes read bad!fics if only to get the spanking thing - and, well, when I say "think", what I mean is I know so because sometimes... you just need to feed your kinky side. But when it's nicely done... ohh the joy!

Then there was the second one, Bridge Over Troubled Water and wow! When I think of Jim and Blair's relationship, this is how I see it. There's also a languid quality to the fic and they're so much in love and just - I loved that story :-) Also yes, TS might be the only fandom where I truly enjoy a smut scene even when my top/bottom dynamic has been reversed. I adore Jim, see?

So I was feeling a lot less crazy better by then. That's when I checked my mailbox and felt even better cause I finally received my s/m romance book, yay! Babycakes? When your amazon parcel will arrive, I'll know it's from you and I'll be able to put it under the tree without having to ask mom to check what is inside, which will save me from the whole "Okay maman, look what is inside the parcel. If it's a book with a naked man on his knees in front of a leather clad man holding the kneeling man's leash in his hand... then you can tell me it's the book I ordered. If not, don't tell me, it's Babycakes' present for me. Thanks!" Although I wouldn't have minded cause the whole family knows about my kinky tastes so she wouldn't have been surprised in the slightest ;-)

And I received Descendants of Darkness v.3 which is yay as well. Also, for the record, as much as I love the anime - and I so do - the manga is quite special because it's so much more graphic *loves*

Now... I need to get ready as I'm doing a friend a favour and I guess my comfy clothes [my house uniform as I call them] are nice and dandy but not the kind of outfit one would like to wear outside. In public and all *cough*
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Went to the movies with tbf!Rissy after class - we finally saw Wallace & Gromit : the curse of the wereabbit. I feared this would become a new Cursed Movie but no. Me happy :-) There was also a trailer for HP and I might have squeed a little because now I can say "I saw two members of the cast, you know!" And wow *happy sigh* Oh, speaking of the French premiere - remember when I mentioned a group being dressed up? Here they are. They look good, don't they? And I hadn't realised there were only two Gryffindors, btw *g*

Changing the subject now - I watched Supernatural 1x08, woohoo!

Supernatural 1x08 - Bugs )

In case you were wondering, I really liked that episode *is happy*

Also, while I was capping some scenes, I got a little carried away and er - okay, you can't blame me for this [warning: pic semi-heavy and incest fullblown-heavy]:

Sam Is Dean's Pimp )

Everyone Knows Sam and Dean Are Doing It )

Dude! I love Supernatural so much!

And btw, please! Does anyone know where I can find [downloadable or just watchable] the preview for next week's episode? Because I was friendsfriend surfing and I read something about it and ARE WE TUESDAY YET? And since we're not - I would love to watch The Scene again and again and again at least once. So is it possible? TIA.
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First - and before I kill you with my squee - GIP! Because a) Kaamelott owns me these days b) I suddenly discovered a certain love for text icons and c) that episode killed me with its awesomeness and it cracked me up like crazy.

Second SQUEE, peope, SQUEE! I? committed wrote fic today! Of the Special Hell persuasion: its original title was Special Hell Fic for I'm so clever and witty. It's not Sam/Dean though, sorry, but it's definitely Don/Charlie - boy is it ever! It's 2.390 words of Don/Charlie, even. Well, so far - I haven't sent it to the Beta Extraordinaire, yet. I need to sleep on it, then tomorrow I'll see if I still like what I wrote *fingers crossed*

But dude! I wrote a fic, wow *blink* As soon as I saw we had a new Numb3rs community, namely [ profile] numb3rsflashfic - which hi! Pimpity pimp, guys, it's a flash fic comm! With weekly challenges. For Numb3rs! Wheee - I told myself: "Self. You need to write something. Now!"

And I did *does the victory dance* The first challenge provoked an immediate response, which I didn't use in the end. Turns out too many people had the same lol But it was okay because my muses weren't put off and they gave me something else *loves Muses*

And there is smut! And Introspection and Angst. Again *shrug* See, I haven't the slightest problem with incest fics - obviously - it's not even a guilty pleasure for me, it's only pleasure. But even then, I never forget that the characters are brothers - which as incest goes? Is kinda the point - and that it's Taboo and Wrong. At least for us, now. Anyway, I don't forget and my characters don't forget either and as a result we have Angst and stuff.

Also, something funny? It's usually Don and Don only who ends up having Big Issues and who has a hard time accepting things. He's the one overtly angsting, whereas Charlie - though conflicted as well - usually goes with the flow. Maybe it's because of Don's Big Brother status? And come to think of it, isn't this a trend in the fandom? *ponders*

Anyway, I wrote a Numb3rs story this afternoon, yay! *is proud*
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Still no torrent for the new Supernatural - how come we have to wait more and more these days for our fix? Life is unfair *sigh* Still have "Skin" to watch, mind you. I was going to yesterday and found myself watching Ghost Whisperer 1x04 instead. Don't ask. Thing is, I'm not downloading watching that show except Sean Maher was in the episode and since I've been in a Firefly mood lately, I thought it would be nice to see him in another role.

Now, watching a show dealing with dead people leaving their loved ones behind to go on - this week? Wasn't exactly the brightest idea I've ever had. But, well, these days I have tears in my eyes at the weirdest times so... But anyway, Sean Maher was great - and actually, I kinda liked the whole thing. I mean, I was expecting something So Very Bad, but it was okay. Not the kind of show I would obsess over, but I might give it a try again. Besides, I just love ghost stories. Also, if someone is watching Ghost Whisperer? Could you tell me who Spoiler I guess )

Saw this in [ profile] oceana_'s lj and though it doesn't seem to be a meme, I'm still Blairing it from her:

In a Perfect World:

  • I would find more bottom!Dean stories. Come on people! Sam fucking Dean doesn't appeal to you? Against the wall, in a dark alley, in the car [well, Dean would be real flexible, I just know it] on the car [rough and dirty sex on the bonnet/hood] on the floor of their motel room or hey! In a bed! Yes. I can't write these days or else I would participate, I swear! Why don't you all aim to please me?

  • People would cut every single meme containing a pic or a table. I'm obsessed with those meme/quizz because they have the tendency to kill my layout *is selfish too, see?*

  • Torrents would appear yesterday!

  • And finally, because this post isn't disjointed enough: Numb3rs recs!

    Invisible by [ profile] spikedluv - kid!fic, therefore, gen fic. When I think of Don and Charlie's childhood, that's exactly how I picture the brother relationship. Then Always by [ profile] spikedluv again. Gorgeous and damn hot story - slash this time, very Don/Charlie. See me smile ;-) Then Watching You by [ profile] dollydani because apparently I love Colby just fine when he's loving Charlie *cough* Finally Almost by [ profile] penguingal because Coop was a great character and he's even better when he's fucking the brothers. Edgerton and Coop? Are the best guest characters ever! They need to come back and have sex with the Eppes boys more often. Just my opinion, of course.


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