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Oh, wow, I just found my most favourite J2 vid ever! That vid is a bit like 42; it's the answer to pretty much everything. "I don't understand why anyone would like J2 so much!" Clearly, you need to watch I Fell in Love! "What's the deal with those Jared and Jensen dudes, anyway?" Here's I Fell in Love! "Why does the sun shine today?" Because of the vid I Fell in Love! "When do angels get their wings?" Whenever someone watches I Fell in Love!

I think this will be what I watch whenever I feel under the weather. That and Dancing!Brendon *nods* Between those two vids, I should never feel down ever again!

Changing the subject, I had me a lovely weekend. Friends oriented on Friday night and Saturday, and family oriented today; perfect combo, imho. I also managed to do some work and watch the new SPN. I feel very accomplished \o/

Speaking of creepy things - that would be SPN - I've seen many My Bloody Valentine reviews on my flist and I finally went and checked whether the film would be released in France; turns out it will be! Colour me surprised. I don't know why but I thought we wouldn't get it. We'll have to wait till the end of April, but we'll get Jensen on the big screen too!

Mind you, I'm still not sure I want to go and see it in a theater. I mean, I'm the kind of viewer who almost always suffers from a series of heart attacks when watching that kind of film - the crap factor doesn't even enter the equation, they scare me anyway! So I'm not sure I'll survive the stress of watching MBV outside the relative security of my own home. Where I can, you know, hide my face in a pillow or just stop the film in order to take a breather? I'm a wuss, there's no way around it. I mean, House of Wax freaked the hell out of me, so. Yes. A wuss.
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Yesterday was both extremely lazy and extremely productive: extremely lazy because we didn't set a foot outside - well, I did go out to buy some breakfast but it barely counts because it took me all of five minutes - and extremely productive because we did watch a lot of tv.

Let me think *counts on fingers* We started with SPN 4x07 - which I really enjoyed, that season rocks like a rocking thing that would rock a lot. The End - and decided to keep with the Jensen Ackles theme by watching Ten Inch Hero, which heee omg! So cute! Cute and funny and cute. I bought the DVD right after we were done. Couldn't resist.

Also, it was funny at the end with that spoilery comment ).

Anyway, that was how we started our saturday tv marathon. After that we watched an episode of Ghost Hunters with eureka!Colin Ferguson as the guest investigator. That show is kinda cool but if I were to watch it on my own, I'd be freaking out too much. It's the kind of show I need to watch with someone else *is a wuss*

After that, it was Merlin 1x06 - meaning after two little days [ profile] crazybutsound was up-to-date with the show, nice! I think I also managed to insert one episode of Pushing Daisies in there, plus a couple of The Simpsons and one episode of Futurama.

And after a lifetime of hearing about it, I finally, finally saw Latter Days. Yes, it's a very cute film. Also, the Mormon thing made me think of Brendon and whatever reminds me of Panic of the Disco is always of the good, so.

Lastly, it was time for the new Merlin, so we watched that. New Merlin always makes me so happy! Even if I thought we were deprived of a pretty slashy scene at the end. )

Merlin, aka The Show Where Slash Is Hidden Everywhere. And Not Even Hidden That Well!

Now, off to get dressed then out of the flat and off to Paris for some afternoon in the big outdoors.
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As part of my job I'm working on different projects and some of them put me in contact with a bunch of people from other universities in Paris. I had my first meeting with most of them today. For the record? I kinda really hate being in the middle of a crowd when I don't know anyone. Being the newbie that I am in the department, I had to do the whole First Meeting thing, obviously, but it's not an easy thing for me *makes face*

I did make an effort, though, and mingled and, in the end, the three girls in the group kissed me goodbye all friendly-like but, just - I so didn't feel at ease. It's a good thing I was with another co-worker, Quiet Guy, who happens to be even more reserved than I am when faced with unfamiliar faces.

Without the slightest segue; am still reading my way through Big Bang stories and last night I read one that I absolutely loved, namely Stuck on Delete. It's a band!au and it pictures a damaged!Jensen in a way that I completely lapped up. It was more subtle and edgier than many stories I read... less cliched in the way it was treated. Which isn't a criticism as I happen to love all kinds of broken!Jensen but just to say that, sometimes, a characterisation will be a tad different and it's always of the good :-) Jared is all kinds of awesome too in that fic, I had a blast reading it, so I'm pimping :-)

And on the subject of Jensen Ackles and all; the more I think about it, the more I want to go the Ten Inch Hero screening in London. Then again, if I could, I'd do every single con/screening/whatever that is related to SPN and J2 so I guess it's not saying much :-)

I see people talking about all those cons in the States and it always makes me so envious, dude! Here's to hoping I'll go to Asylum next year and that either/both our boys will be there too *fingers crossed*
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Heee I'm downloading Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor audiobook! Survivor! Which will be sitting on my HD and fake!ipod soon! ♥ ♥ So okay it's more or less crawling right now but it's getting better by the second so in my download, I trust \o/

I'm so incredibly, madly in love with that novel! Chuck Palahniuk is a genius, it was love at first read. I've ordered Lullaby and Choke over at amazon just now; I did find them at Gibert Joseph but alas I didn't like the covers, wheareas Amazon offered me a larger collection to choose from, including the Vintage one which I love. It's not that I judge a book by its cover, exactly. Except when I kinda do. What can I say, a pretty and/or interesting and/or original cover will go a long way.

Also, I met with a couple of my friends after work today and I was showing Survivor to Michel because I had the feeling it was the kind of books he'd enjoy and I was right, except he's already a fan of Chuck Palahniuk so it was old news to him. Still a) I was right, so I felt kinda smug and b) I know where to borrow some other titles.

And Chuck Palahniuk reminds me of [ profile] frayen because I think she's the one who mentioned a bunch of his books and made me want to try them so first, thank you, mate, for the awesome rec and, second, a Happy Birthday to you! *kisses*

Changing the subject, does anyone know where I can find the entry talking about a possible screening of Ten Inch Hero in London? I think it was in London. I know a couple of you have linked to the original post but I'm behind my flist again and I'm not sure when I read it or who mentioned it so, help, please?
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Hee today my flist has made me a VERY HAPPY FANGIRL! Why? Because I've been waiting for ages to see an actual clip of the Ten Inch Hero film and my dream finally came true! It's all over my friends page - I guess it is on yours too - and I'm just happily joining the bandwagon because some things need to be shared again and again. And again.

In an attempt to make the number of views increase, I'll give you the YT link, if that's all right with you? Go here to see the Awesomeness That Is Jensen Ackles in Ten Inch Hero.

It's Priestly! With his tattoos and his blue mohawk - and I don't even like mohawks - and his piercings and his kilt being all kinds of awesome. Oh, Jensen, I love you, dude! I really cannot wait to see that film. Sad thing is, I'm not even sure we'll get it in Europe. It'd be such a sad state of affair if we didn't. Though it wouldn't stop me from getting my hands on it. NOSIREE! It's just that, for once, I really wouldn't mind paying to see a film in theater. I'd actually be thrilled to do so!

Oh and I'm liking Tish a lot already, too. No, seriously, they have to distribute Ten Inch Hero all over the planet, ok? Please pretty please?

Incidentally, if, like me, you feel like watching that scene over and over again, I've downloaded the file from YT then uploaded it over at MegaUpload; it's here if you want to grab it.

Oh and I've written an SPN fic last night! It's just really weird because I'm not sure how to end it. It's pretty short - 1000+ words - and it was supposed to be a Five Things kinda fic. Except when I was writing #3 I realised that the fic wanted to tell another story. So it changed direction... and then it completely veered off the path again and now I'm just trying to understand how I'm supposed to finish it. There's just something, I don't know, 'off' with the story and I need to figure out what it is before I can wrap it up *scratches head*
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Sam, GD, I checked and we haven't missed the French Posse's second anniversary yet, we actually met - well, GD and I already knew each other but we understand each other - on the 27th. Dude, two years! Well, soon :-)

Something else that makes me reaaaally happy right this minute is the SPN s2 gag reel video that I've seen here and there on the flist. Hee I adore Jensen's laugh! And Jared cracks me up. And do people actually see the gag reel as something they can be spoiled over? ) Too cute for words! Oh boys, how are you so awesome? HOW?

And I've also watched the first seventeen minutes of the Prison Break S3 premiere and that show is Crack Extraordinaire! I can't wait to see the whole episode. Hopefully I won't abandon that new season after a couple of episodes. We'll see. And I still don't believe a second that no-one would try to get into Michael. I mean into Michael's pants. That's just surreal, really.

And speaking of which. Sorta. So what did it take for me to finally buy my very own first comic issues? Two things: a) a pretty persistent and enthusiastic friend who talks about comics pretty much all the time on her LJ *wonders if [ profile] sockich will recognise herself* and b) a gay superhero. Guess I just needed the right motivation or something? Yes, this is my bias talking, so what? *sticks tongue* So as of today I have the first issues of Midnighter. There, I said it :-)

PS: I'm slowly pimping Pushing Daisies to everyone who has ears and is unfortunate enough to be near me \o/

ETA: Dude! Those aren't new Jensen pics? Seriously, I've never seen them, okay? I know about the trip to Japan but not the pics... Believe me, I'd remember!
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Am listening to Sounds of the Sixties on the BBC radio; thus starting my day at work in a pretty good way :-) God, I'm so in love with the internets, where you can listen to programs from all over the world and pick the theme you want according to your mood. Ah, internet, between us it's a love story that goes unabated ♥ ♥

Hey did you hear? Ten Inch Hero should be at the Festival de Cannes. Clea DuVall and Jensen Ackles in MY country! So okay I have no idea who would come but just - let me dream a little, okay? *dreams* Oh yeah, that was good!

Still on the subject of Ten Inch Hero, [ profile] littledrop linked me to a pretty brilliant review on it and after reading the post, well, let's just say that if I already wanted to see the film before, it's nothing compared to now :-) Hee Jensen! I have the feeling it'll be one of those 'feel good', funny films I enjoy so much and I can't wait! I do hope it'll be released in France. I mean, even if it's not it won't stop me from getting my hands on it - one way or the other, though sometimes you really want to contribute financially. Or something. It's just that I'd love to see it on a big screen here. Even better yet, if I had to pay full price for the ticket? I wouldn't complain at all! Because Jensen is worth it *nods* And Clea as well.

Speaking of those two... Still no Clea/Jensen pegging fic where Jared-could-be-holding-down-Jensen while Clea fucks him? Oh! And maybe Jared would talk dirty to Jensen as well? Voice low and rough because he's so turned on... Oh God! Please, someone write it? Just to think that this story doesn't exist makes me sad. Still, I have faith, someone is bound to write it. Right? *pleading look*

And! Today! SPN is back, wheeeee! I can't wait to see the boys again *clings* And I have no idea of what will happen - I think I don't even know the title. Yay, surprise!
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Joe's Apartment Mouse's Flat #5452: I'll finish with the peeling off wallpaper thing today and then we'll be ready to put the new ones, whee! I worked pretty well yesterday, me happy :-)

Incidentally, I'd brought Charlie with me this time - I wanted to see whether I'd be able to steal the internets from one of the Neighbour Persons. As a welcome back to the neighbourhood, see? I got four connections, one of them unprotected. Alas, it was so weak that I couldn't do anything with it. I just have one thing to say; that was so inconsiderate!

And during my break - I was at the flat from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm - I watched some House. What better way to stay motivated, eh? So that was of the good :-)

Then last night, I finally watched the Life on Mars finale and, dude, it definitely made an impact! It was so PERFECT! Spoilers for Life on Mars 2x08 )

Oh and did you see the Ten Inch Hero poster that has been circulating today? JA in eyeliner, always a lovely sight :-) I've also just seen another pic of Priestly and though I'm not a fan of facial hair - goatee or sideburns, sideburns especially - I'll forgive them because it's Jensen Ackles! On a big screen! And he'll rock, as usual *nods*

ETA: Oh God! [ profile] cathybites just killed me dead with a RPS suggestion re: the film. Words like 'Clea/Jensen pegging' and 'Jared holding Jensen down while Clea fucks him' had been pronounced and now I'm dying to read that fic! And also? Dead from the visual, period.
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Went to the hairdresser with The Esu yesterday - yes, this is a family outing, when we can't stand our respective haircuts anymore we all go together - and I asked for a little lightening of my hair so now it's back to a lighter tone - it's not dyed, just ligthened. And I say 'back' because I was a blonde when I was a kid and then it darkened as I grew up and now it's a bit less dark blonde. Melikey. Afterwards we went to the mall where we all treated ourselves with some DVDs - I'm finally starting my Friends DVD collection, starting the last seasons because they're my favourites - and then we were hungry for a raclette so we bought everything we needed for that and we did a little Raclette Simpsons session. Ie, we stuff ourselves with aforementioned raclette while watching The Simpsons. Dude, awesome day+evening. I was going to sleep over at their house but since I had stuff to do this morning, I took a raincheck.

Now I'm home and seeing how windy and rainy it is outside, I have no intention of going out again today, nah uh. I'm gonna stay inside and read some and try to finish my [ profile] j2_otpathon story - YOU GO MOUSE!

Speaking of SPN. [ profile] sockich linked us to Jensen Touching the Dot and I cannot.stop.playing.the.clip! He's just too fucking adorable for words - the laughing in the second part just makes me squee and melt each time and I love the hand-to-the-nape-of-the-neck gesture. Is Jared touching the dot too?

And then there's the Supernatural In the Park vid made by [ profile] hay1ock which is hilarious... when Supernatural meets South Park. It contains spoilery clips through s2, just in case...

ETA: Ohh and today was a great mailday! [ profile] sockich, I've received the CDs, thank you, I'll definitely include some DA watching today, and [ profile] enigel I loved the goodies, thank you! *kisses you both*
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Man, we've had busy days in the past weeks at work - as it turns out, my Update From Work entry was one of a kind - but today beat it all. As a result the day flew by, which is always of the good :-)

Unrelated - is it true that Jensen Ackles will go to the Starfury convention in May in the UK? Because okay so the Asylum convention that I'm going to? You know that JP is listed as one of the guest stars, don't you? Which is Just Fine with me because Jared Padalecki! But even though The Ackles wasn't on the list, I couldn't help but think that maybe if I believed hard enough, he would join his buddy, see? Except if there's another con in the UK just a week after the Asylum one or something and The Ackles is going there, does it mean that they, say, split up? One took the Asylum con and the other the Starfury one? Or does it mean that maybe they'll kill two birds with one stone and actually surprise people as each will make an appearance to the other's convention? Cause, dude, JENSEN ACKLES! And also Prison Break is the second show represented at the Other Con.

It's pretty bad as a matter of fact because if it's the former, I'm sorta thinking something along the line of 'can I, like, afford to go to both conventions?' Would that be in the realm of possibilities? Wouldn't that be Seriously Unreasonable - Insane even? But...JENSEN ACKLES, okay? It blows my mind to know he might be there... it's like a one time opportunity to see him, maybe. And did you know that I kinda like the guy? Because I kinda do.

Still haven't watched PB 1x04, it's a curse, I tell you. And now I also have the GA season 2 finale sitting on my HD because I couldn't wait anymore and had to see it. There's no talking to me when in I'm that kind of mood *shakes head*

On a last note, I'm always asking for songs from my flist so I'm giving back a little instead of always taking: different songs, different styles, starting with my latest infatuation, How to Save a Life - The Fray. Then One song that makes me dreamy Brothers on a Hotel Bed - Death Cab for Cutie. Two songs that always put me in a good mood, Put Your Records On - Corinne Belay Rae and Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield. And one that always makes me want to dance, No Tomorrow - Orson.
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Just got home, put the tv on, flipped through channels and heard a familiar voice and I was like, Jensen Ackles' dubber! And yes, SV was on so I'm... well, no, I'm not watching Smallville, I'm watching Teh Ackles. Big difference! World of difference. Oh man, those eyes. Those lips! Dude, I'm totally straight for him *sigh*

Okay, moving on!

So hey apparently I'll be vacationing away from Choisy for a certain period of time very soon - for maybe a week, maybe ten days or maybe two weeks. The details are a bit sketchy still but I should be away, anyway, for at least a week. And I thought back to the last time I left for such a long time? It was six years ago - hey, time flies. So first stop should be near Royan at Family Friend's and then we'll be staying in Duras at my cousins' - maternal side of the family.

To give you an idea, look at this map - scroll down a bit, see Océan Atlantique? Look a bit on the right, there's Royan, we'll be staying near that city. As for the second location, look down a bit more, see Aquitaine? On the right is Lot et Garonne, that's here. Duras is a small village though so it's not indicated either.

Here ends your French geography class for the day *bows* And I promise it's the last time I do it!

Looking at the map - wouldn't it have been a lot of fun is the Winchestercon uk had actually been held in the city of Winchester? Talk about a sweet name for a city *g*

Changing the subject now; message to the French Posse, remember the site I linked to a couple of days ago, the one with all the anime themes? Man, I just realised they had several versions of the opening theme of Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or - original title Taiyo no Ko Esteban - and one of them is in Breton! lol Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or en Breton, totally cracks me up. Wanna compare? Here is the French version and here is the Breton one.

PS: Why do I love M6? Try to guess - tonight program is Numb3rs x2 then Nip/Tuck followed by Sex and the City and Scrubs and Queer as Folk UK \o/

PS2: Wait, but tonight is also La Nuit des Etoiles? Might have to reconsider my telly night, then, as The Esu and I might want to go out to look at the sky. We'll see whether it's worth it or not, ie if it's too cloudy we won't see anything, anyway. [ETA: Ou alors je me trompe d'évènement.]

PS3: Oh oh! First Prison Break preview on M6! Lincoln telling us his name and saying that he'll be dead in four weeks. Awesome!
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About the match that we won last night? Something that just cracks me up in those commentaries is how very slashy they sound sometimes: 'And look at the pretty boy' or 'The problem is there's not enough penetration to let us in' and my favourite, in French cause it just rings better in French 'Il devrait essayer de la mettre plus profond' *cracks up*

Speaking of which, I watched Devour yesterday and hey, it was cool! I'd braced myself for something horribly bad but it wasn't that painful. And Jensen Ackles is just too pretty and too angsty and too... Jensen Ackles for me not to love that flick, anyway. God, I'd totally cheat on my girlfriend with the guy if I could, you know? I'll just have to keep that a secret - or promise to let her watch lol

And because disjointed is teh awesome: [ profile] fluterbev asked her flist to tell her why we love TS so let's bask in the TS love for a while. I positively love The Sentinel because it gave me one of the slashiest canon couple ever. Seeing Jim and Blair interact with each other in the show is a joy to see and sometimes it's painful but it's always worth it because, in the end, it's all about friendship. And love. And sex, let's not forget the hot and dirty monkey sex those two have going.

I love TS because it gave me my real first fandom, ie the first one I actively got involved in. It's also the fandom I feel the most comfortable in. I know it might sound a bit ironical considering I barely talk about it these days but it's true; despite the mini wanks and the intolerance some ts fen display on a regular basis, it's still the #1 fandom that feels like home to me and I just adore it. So there :-)


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