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Spring holidays still going strong and still being very kind to me. Today's program, SPN Marathon Take 2. [ profile] angeliksmall and [ profile] greedy_dancer are on the way, junk food has been purchased (sugary and salty) and our favourite beer will be in the fridge soon enough. We should be all set. We'll see how many episodes we succeed in watching but we're going for nine, ie from 5x11 to 5x19. With some luck, we'll be ready to watch the last episodes with the rest our respective flists :-)

So, hey, I promised to myself when I went to see Kick Ass that if I ended up enjoying the movie I wouldn't do any kind of lame-o puns on the title but I'm breaking my promise because the film really lived up to said title! It was seriously awesome and it certainly made for a great ride! I can't wait to get my hands on the DVD now. I was hoping we'd get to see the trailer for The Losers but alas it wasn't meant to be. I don't even know when the film will come out in France, it's a sad state of affair, that.

Unrelated, I've had a lot of fun adding prompts to the Kinkmeme #6 over at [ profile] aianonlovefest and having even more fun reading others'! Even if a third of the prompts I'm tracking are filled, I'll be a happy AI fangirl :-p

Oh, dude, having all those chocolate-y goodness in front of me makes me want to dig in... but I must be strong and wait for the girls to arrive, right? Right *is strong*
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You learn something new everyday! So the huge embarrassment squick GD and I share? Is also called the motts! And! We share the squick with Gerard. He explains it all wonderfully here. We were reading and going "yes, yes, that's it exactly!"

I always thought it was funny that one of my kinks is sexual humiliation but one of my squicks is "the motts". It's one of the reasons why I usually can't watch many programs on tv; I too often become so embarrassed by and for the contestants and/or people being interviewed that I can't watch it!

Also, I was thinking about Twilight some more today - it's the FP's fault, in the mails we exchanged all day, Twilight featured a lot - and I think my embarrassment squick might be one of the - many - reasons why I didn't like it? Ok, so the pseudo-plot and the acting were just awful, but what if it made me sorry for the actors? Like, my subconscious was certainly very busy cringing and cringing some more at the idea of actors having to play in the film and having to try and deal with the crappy roles they were given and the clichéd dialogues and everything?

I don't know. I'm just trying to rationalise the whole thing... Please someone tell [ profile] crazybutsound to stop traumatising us with Twilight? lol Hey, Jem, I mock because I love. You, I mean, not Twilight ;-p

Quiet evening at home tonight. [ profile] greedy_dancer and I are watching Bones and going "ewwww" and "yuuuk" every now and then. It's a little gross at times. But pretty cool, I think I'm definitely getting into the show. And ohhh but I love Angela! She's so hot and just awesome all around *approves* I also really enjoy the dialogues; they crack me up. I'm glad I got the DVDs :-)
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The Good: pretty much the whole weekend?

We spent all of Friday night watching MCR media. If it had MyChem in it? It was good for us! Interviews, video clips, the infamous Life on the Murder Scene, whatever was MCR related - even from afar, like the episode of LA Ink with Frank.

We basically basked in MCR's awesomeness from around 8.45 PM to 3.00 AM. Rosie was a warrior - you can ask her whatever you want about MyChem, she'll probably know the answer, even though she didn't know a thing about them before Friday afternoon.

Saturday was pretty much dedicated to shopping and strolling all around Lyon. The weather was so nice! Sunny and warm - hot, even. In the evening we went to the yummiest Japanese restaurant I've ever been to. From the decor to the food, it was pretty much perfect.

Sunday meant the market in the morning followed with the lazying around at Starbucks.

The Bad: the painful trauma that was Twilight.

After the restaurant, we headed to Rosie's, and Jem made us watch Twilight. As it goes, she'd been talking about it for ever and we wanted to be good friends and watch it with her... I think we all learnt a valuable lesson that night; wanting to please your friends? Is not always a good idea!

Most.Awful.Film.Ever. I'm not even joking. Some films are so bad they turn out good, right? This one was just... bad. Look, I don't even have the words, ok? Jem kept telling us that we'd feel differently if we'd seen it in the right setting, ie in a theater on the big screen and, yeah, I guess we would - I'd be even more upset to have paid for it! The only redeemable thing about the film is that it ends at one point? And even that, it certainly takes its time! Nothing happens in Twilight! Even Bella's sentences never finish! No, wait, there is something; a lot of sighing and a lot of cringe-worthy bad acting.

We came to the conclusion that the only way to watch that film is with your mates, because you can make up your own dialogues and run your own commentary all along. Otherwise, the badness would kill you. Dead.
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Work was funny again today; I had to deal with "prags" for the second time since June. People must wonder why I always have this little smile on my face when I mention the word but, come on! We're organising a little seminar and we're inviting the university's prags. How could I not smile? They should be happy I'm not giggling stupidly!

Changing the subject. Everyone should have a friend who knits. Because when you have a friend who knits, they do adorable - and practical - stuff like this )

[ profile] crazybutsound made me my very own mp3 cozy! And it's the cutest cozy ever! I just want to hug it and kiss it and squeeze it and call it George!

And now she's knitting me a book cozy ♥ ♥

Also? She's totally doing it on her volition! I'm not, like, using her as my knitty slave or anything *wide eyes of Pure Innocence*

Plus, we're watching Christmas Cottage as I type this, so it's not as if she didn't have something sweet to listen to/watch while she's being all knitty, right? Right.

Speaking of, that film is just adorable. Cheesy and Christmassy - or is that an oxymoron? - and we're both enjoying it a lot; it's the kind of sappy I find irresistible - I can't help it! Plus! Jared, who's awesome. And a leftie! And Richard Burgi with a porntache! This, in particular, delights Jem to no end. That, and Jared/Tom's woolly hats and mittens and scarves and jumpers. What's not to love?
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Just got home from the theater; I met with [ profile] greedy_dancer after work to see Prince Caspian, which I really enjoyed. Plus, a film is always even more enjoyable in the company of another slasher. We were having a blast with all the Peter/Caspian subtext and innuendos and whatnot that only a slasher will see.

I told her that I definitely knew what I was going to do once back home and I do plan on hunting some Narnia slash. If anyone has recs, I'm all ears. Also, I mentioned to GD a poll I'd seen recently on LJ meant to decide who people thought topped in the Peter/Caspian relationship and after watching the film, I have to say it's not an easy question.

My first reaction was to say Peter but after further thoughts I'm not sure it would be that obvious... so I think - and coming from me that's kinda huge - that they might switch. Though I have a preference for Caspian bottoming, anyway *nods* Edmund is bottom all the way, btw, but then again he's my fave, so...

Oh and er... is there any slash involving the General? Just, you know, out of curiosity.

Changing the subject; I had a fun afternoon at work today. With a couple of my coworkers, we modelled for a couple of shoots. Yes, I'm a model now \o/ Sorta. Okay, not really.

I mentioned that we're working on Big Project #1 at the moment, right? We need some posters/ads for it. Graphic Lady decided to take some photos she'll use on one of her posters and in order to so she needed students to sit for it.

Except this time of the year, there's no students left at the uni, so she enlisted a bunch of us to play at being all student-like... If she doesn't mind fake!students in their late-twenties instead of real!students in their not-even-early-twenties, who was I to argue? Especially as it meant I was out of the office for some time and even out of the building later on as she wanted some exterior shoots. Like, students studying on their laptops in Teh Great Outdoors, you know? Twas fun :-)

Oh and I still don't have a desk - it's been ordered but hasn't arrived yet - or anything but I now have my laptop and a desktop, so naturally I decided to give them a name. Then it came to me.

Fact One, Desktop is much bigger than Laptop. Fact Two: Desktop is plugged in Laptop. Conclusion: Jared is Desktop and Jensen is Laptop! So obvious omg! Therefore I called the entity J2 \o/ Now that my computers have name, I'm sure I'll do even better work ;-p
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I was just talking about the Yamakasi film with [ profile] carodee - a film based on Parkour - and I mentioned the first scene because it was shot in Choisy-le-Roi and we Choisyens are quite proud of that little fact. That is, us who know the film. Whatever. And then I thought of the good ole flist. I can be nosy about where you guys live and in case you are too, you can catch some glimpses of Choisy in that first scene.

Also, if you like the whole Parkour thing, you might want to check it out. )

Unrelated, I know I said I was kinda over J.J Abrams, but I guess I'll make an exception for the new Star Trek film that will be released next year. I saw the trailer and it made me shiver a little. Nothing happens in that trailer per se... and yet it's so intense and just, I don't know, it hooked me. Some people definitely know how to make a good trailer, that's for sure! Now, obviously, maybe the actual film won't work, but at least that little glimpse was all kinds of awesome.

Star Trek will always hold a special place in my heart; you never forget your first, as they say, and ST:TOS was definitely the first series I fell in love with. I just love that I can say I was already a fan of the show in primary school...

And as I always say, it never fails to amuse me that my 'kinks' - I say 'kink' because I'm not talking about sexual kinks, just those themes that work for you, no matter what - already ran deep at the time; my favourite episodes were the ones where Kirk got hurt. And my favourite part of the show was the dynamics between Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Obviously I didn't have words for it at the time but my taste for good character dynamics and the edgier part of a storyline was firmly set, even back then. Go Mouse-That-Was!

Oh and I got paid today! MONEY! I treated myself with a threadless hoodie - first hoodie I've bought in oh, a million years? Yeah. Next hoodie I'd love is a MCR one...One day, dude!

And er, I was describing the hoodie as Asian-like when it's actually African-like lol It's still beautiful but now that I see it for what it is, I wonder how I actually saw... what I originally saw *blinkblink* Whatever, I love it to pieces and can't wait to wear it!
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The French Posse left Monday Morning. I know that those weekends shouldn't be a weekly occurrence because they would lose their 'special' feel but still, they're so awesome that it's always a bit weird when it's over. The flat certainly seemed big all of a sudden. No [ profile] crazybutsound and [ profile] greedy_dancer and [ profile] moimoietmoi and [ profile] french_hobbit anymore. So much space for ole lil' me!

On RL, non-fangirl standards, I suppose we kinda did nothing. But on a fangirl point of view, we had a busy weekend! Starting on Thursday night for [ profile] crazybutsound and me. Then the rest of the French Posse joined us on Friday... well, that is, a series of bad luck prevented [ profile] french_hobbit from joining us on that day but we won't dwell on that because it wasn't one of our finest moment *cough* She did arrive on Saturday, though, so all wasn't lost.

Basically we only left the flat on Sunday for a little Starbucks outing. We also went to very exciting places like Ikea or La Redoute. Because we are just that WILD \o/

But apart from that we just stayed indoors. Mostly in the living room; three on the couch, one on the armchair and one on cushions on the floor. That was our headquarters. Well, we'd migrate to my bed every now and then when my DVD player would act up in the living room but that's pretty much all the movement we did all weekend lol

We watched a lot of telly - catching bits and pieces of different programs - and some specific stuff. We started with Being Human then moved onto films. The first one was stressfull and depressing - albeit gorgeous - and it's a good thing we started with that one because, wow, not exactly light material. I'm talking about Enduring Love, for those reading this.

Then we watched Boy Culture which is a film you should all watch because a) queer film b) very sexy story c) very gorgeous characters d) adorable storyline e) funny moments f) hot scenes and g) see a b c d e and f.

To prove how great Boy Culture was; throughout the whole week-end and even when we were watching tv, we would always pass Charlie around - sounds dirty, eh? - and always go on-line, check our mails, look for stuff we wanted to share with the others. Boy Culture began and we were still going on-line then suddenly Charlie was put aside because there was no way we wanted to risk losing a minute of it. That's how good it was!

Because the internet is All Kinds of Awesome, we downloaded Stardust and watched it too...

On Sunday, we got up a bit late - well, Jem and I went to bed at 6.00 AM on Thursday, then we all met Morpheus at 3.30 AM the rest of the days, so... - and left the house, as I said earlier.

And once back home we watched High School Musical - which was so funny! - and Mean Girls. Yes, with Lindsay Lohan. Well, dude, I really enjoyed that film. Very funny and cute.

And of course we chatted and goofed around and talked about LJ and fandom and slash and the mysteries of the universe and shared links and just did what fangirls do ;-) Oh and we ate. A lot. A lot of junk food too. I'm totally eating salad all week!

Jem posted some pics, including two of my fridge. Why do I love my fridge? - Because it's slashy and it has dirty scrabble/crosswords on it )
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My weekend? Was all kinds of awesome. I just love having people staying at Teh Flat; and when those people are one [ profile] babycakesin, well, it just triples the fun :-)

Friday night was a double bday celebration at tbf!Sandra's - hers and my sister's - as per tradition so that's where we spent the evening/night. When we got home she looked at my DVDs - as she's wont to do - and decided to give Dead Like Me a try.

It was a success. So, on Saturday, we mainlined all of season 1. I realised it'd been some time since I mainlined a complete season. Plus, I'd bought the box set some time ago but hadn't got round to watch it all, so I guess it was overdue.

Dead Like Me is such an fantastic show! Bryan Fuller is a genius, really. I mean, one has to be to create shows like Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies. I'm always completely enchanted with his stories. And his characters.

I adore those shows that make me fall in love with not one, not two but all the main characters - and maybe one or two secondary too. And that's exactly how it is with DLM. I love them all. George and Mason and Rube and Roxy - boy, do I love Roxy! I guess I love Roxy as much as I love Mason... and I even care about Daisy - she looks so proper and prissy and then she'll be telling you all about that time when she blew so and so; it cracks me up. That and her cons. And let's not forget Reggie or Joy.

I mean, after a while I even started to love Delores. No kidding, I was even missing her a lot when we didn't see her for a while. She just - she's lame and has all those lame habits and quirks, but at the same time she genuinely cares for people and she's always there to help you if she considers you a friend and there's nothing better than this. You go, Delores!

Mainlining Dead Like Me wasn't all we did on Saturday, though. Late afternoon, we went to the cinema to see Bienvenue Chez les Ch'ti - first time for me, second time for Babycakes. Hence my subject in ch'ti, btw. Aw, it was great! It's a very cute and funny film with endearing and touching characters and I loved it to pieces. I'm really glad it's doing so well.

As for today, well, we actually kept with the Bryan Fuller theme since we watched six episodes of Wonderfalls. I guess we just needed one more little Bryan Fuller fix :-)

PS: I have no Dead Like Me icons, so I'm using that one instead because it's pretty appropriate.
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Update on the job hunting front. Well, zero. Or else you'd have seen a squeeing post somewhere along the line, as you can imagine :-) The last replies I got - whenever I do get a reply, which usually just doesn't happen, and how I hate that, when they don't give any kind of answers - told me that my background and profile were interesting even if it didn't get me any appointment. Still, the very last reply I received - ie today - said that they'd keep in contact because said profile did interest them and if something new came up, they'd get back to me. Not that I'm expecting anything per se, but it's still nice to know.

I mean, as I see it, I can either look at the negative side, ie still no job so what do I care if they did find my CV interesting, or look at the positive side, ie at least a couple of those negative answers mentioned that my profile was interesting and so maybe one of these days I'm gonna interest someone enough that they want to give me my chance *nods*

Unrelated now. I went to see P.S. I Love You with [ profile] moimoietmoi on Saturday and aww but I loved it! I'm such a sucker for that kind of stories. I mean, I'm always talking about dark fics and how the darker the better, but I also happen to be a marshmallow inside so give me a love comedy anytime and I'll just be gone! And P.S. I Love You was just the sweetest and so touching and funny and just, yeah, really sweet.

And don't even get me started on Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character. Omg! Most adorable, cutest, sweetest and sexiest character ever! Dude! ♥ ♥ Also cutting this in case it spoils it for someone )

I also really enjoyed the soundtrack. Which, incidentally, I'm listening to the atm. I mean, the torrent was there, you know?

Changing the subject again; I had no idea Moonlight would be so easy to pimp. I mean, I pimped it to [ profile] crazybutsound first, with success. Then on Friday, Sam and I watched the first two episodes and she liked it enough to want to see the rest. So that's two successful pimping stories for a little show that is far from being stellar but which, yeah, is entertaining and all kinds of fun.

I also realised that I was still behind with that show so I caught up with it and, dude, being French, 1x12 really cracked me up. Next time I watch a documentary on the Revolution, I'll have a thought for Moonlight, promise ;-)
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I had a great weekend; Sandrine and I finally saw Hairspray on Saturday night and we loved it! It was such a feel good film ♥ ♥ It was actually a bit difficult staying on our seats, we would have loved to dance in synch with the characters. Speaking of, I'm not sure who was my favourite, they were all awesome.

I went and got myself the CD as soon as we got out of the theater. Another consequence of having seen Hairspray is that both Sandrine and I apparently have to see High School Musical now. We might even have kinda planned a HSM night in the next couple of weeks, too. Oh, Zac Efron, what are you doing to us?! I'm going to make my sister really happy, believe you me, when I'll ask to borrow her beloved DVD.

Also, checking out Zac Efron's profile over at imdb I found out he played young!Simon in Firefly? Hey, I didn't know that. That's a really nice piece of trivia, imho *nods*

There're two other films I wanna see now. Shoot 'em Up which should be seen next week with the French Posse and Waitress... which I'm still trying to find someone to go with. Funny thing is, each time I see the trailer for that film, it makes me want to go and watch for the 14512th time the Pushing Daisies premiere. And then it'll make me think of Dean and his 'bring me PIE' moment. All in all, pretty nice words association *g*

Speaking of Dean-o, the promo for SPN 3x01 has been released and I'm debating with myself whether to watch it or not. I know that I prefer to go into SPN - and other of my shows - 100% spoilerfree, but what did I say about the promo, again? Cause I can't remember... No, honestly! Do I want to give it a go or not? Decision, decision *bites lower lip*

Hey, Prison Break s3 starts tomorrow, right? It's not next week, is it? Because this is all pretty exciting! I love back-to-school-tv time!

PS: Bah merde, alors; Sandrine et moi on a été bien inspirées de pas aller à Belle Ep' samedi après-midi ! Y a plutôt intérêt à ce que ça devienne pas une habitude, on traine toujours à Belle Epine, nous !
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Transformers was seen today. I thought the film was OTT, cheesy, kinda lame and so very cliched but a) I wasn't expecting anything different, really and b) hee the autobots were so awesome that I didn't even really care too much. Plus, you're not supposed to take that kind of film seriously, so it's okay. Anyway, back to the autobots – though Optimus Prime was all kinds of awesome, my favourite was Bumblebee. Love you, 'bot! They all looked shiny and cool and I really loved them. Twas fun :-)

Also, how many familiar faces were there in that film! There was PB!Sucre! Las Vegas!Danny! And hee there was even Andrew!Buffy! Etc etc...

And now for something different, I offer fic. In a fandom that's sorta nonexistent, ie the show was cancelled after only eight episodes but, you know, sometimes the Muse decides to play and you just have to shut up and write what he wants, so here is my Traveler fic:

Title: Heavy Taboo
Pairing: Jay/Will/Tyler
Rating: R
Word Count: 5100+
Summary: It's two weeks after the ending of "The Exchange" - trying not to be too spoilery here - and the boys have to pick up the pieces of their relationship.
Spoilers: The whole season.

Thanks go to [ profile] starwatcher307 who's always there to help me with my fics, even when she has no idea about the fandom she's reading *kisses*

Traveler – Heavy Taboo )
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Before Friday, the last time I'd gone to the cinema was months ago, ie months. I apparently quite made up for it because in the course of the last three days, I went to the cinema three times :-)

Friday night, my cousin came over and we went to see Ootp, which I absolutely loved! Also, watching the film after having read book 7 is quite the experience. I'm hoping to go and see it again, in English this time. Then on Saturday La Globule and I joined The Esu and we went to see The Simpsons. Man, we laughed our asses off - incidentally we adopted the Spider Cochon song and made it our new personal hymn. It was really awesome because the four of us are big Simpson fans so I really enjoyed us going together. And today I went with [ profile] moimoietmoi to see The Invisible - finally an English version in the midst of all those French ones - which I really enjoyed too. I wanted to download the film but - ironically enough - I could only find the French version, which isn't what I'm looking for.

Oh and little!Sammy Winchester plays in the film! I was like 'I know that kid, I know that k- OH that's LIL SAMMY!'

Speaking of things I've seen; I've caught up with the last two episodes of Kyle XY and the ending of "Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish" made me go "noooo wtf, man!" and I can't wait to see where this is going. As for "Free To Be You and Me", it rocked and I love Kyle XY for being openly, canonically gay friendly ♥

Next in line will be Pushing Daisies because I just know I'm gonna love it and I see that people in the flist are already falling in love with it and I can't wait! *bounces*

Lastly, some time ago [ profile] darkfan tagged me for one of those music meme and I've finally come around to do it so here are some of my Favourite Songs: Tears Dry On Their Own - Amy Winehouse | Brothers on a Hotel Bed - Death Cab for Cutie | Madeleine Bas-de-Laine - Tété | Half an Acre - Hem | How to Save a Life - The Fray | Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? - Fall Out Boy | Everything - Lifehouse | Breathe Me - Sia | YSI links.

Something I really, really want? Is to write a fic and use one of FOB lyrics as a title. Each time I listen to their songs I tell myself this sentence or that one would make for a brilliant title... I'll see about that. One of these days. Seeing I'd kinda need a fic to go with aforementioned title, that could take some time *cough*
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I've just watched "All Hell Breaks Loose" pt 2 and there are no words for how happy Supernatural makes me. Just, no words, okay? In case it's not clear enough, I loved the episode aka spoilers for SPN 2x22 )

Yes. So much love for that show *happy sigh*

In other news: I saw Zodiac yesterday and really enjoyed it. I knew I'd like Jake Gyllenhaal and I was right but I wasn't expecting to enjoy another actor so much, namely Mark Ruffalo, whose portraying of Dave Toschi truly got to me, I thought he was awesome. So anyway, I'm glad we got to see that film :-) And also now I need to read Robert Graysmith's book *nods*

And now, off to [ profile] sentinel_thurs to do my mody job *hurries*
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Am listening to Sounds of the Sixties on the BBC radio; thus starting my day at work in a pretty good way :-) God, I'm so in love with the internets, where you can listen to programs from all over the world and pick the theme you want according to your mood. Ah, internet, between us it's a love story that goes unabated ♥ ♥

Hey did you hear? Ten Inch Hero should be at the Festival de Cannes. Clea DuVall and Jensen Ackles in MY country! So okay I have no idea who would come but just - let me dream a little, okay? *dreams* Oh yeah, that was good!

Still on the subject of Ten Inch Hero, [ profile] littledrop linked me to a pretty brilliant review on it and after reading the post, well, let's just say that if I already wanted to see the film before, it's nothing compared to now :-) Hee Jensen! I have the feeling it'll be one of those 'feel good', funny films I enjoy so much and I can't wait! I do hope it'll be released in France. I mean, even if it's not it won't stop me from getting my hands on it - one way or the other, though sometimes you really want to contribute financially. Or something. It's just that I'd love to see it on a big screen here. Even better yet, if I had to pay full price for the ticket? I wouldn't complain at all! Because Jensen is worth it *nods* And Clea as well.

Speaking of those two... Still no Clea/Jensen pegging fic where Jared-could-be-holding-down-Jensen while Clea fucks him? Oh! And maybe Jared would talk dirty to Jensen as well? Voice low and rough because he's so turned on... Oh God! Please, someone write it? Just to think that this story doesn't exist makes me sad. Still, I have faith, someone is bound to write it. Right? *pleading look*

And! Today! SPN is back, wheeeee! I can't wait to see the boys again *clings* And I have no idea of what will happen - I think I don't even know the title. Yay, surprise!
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Had an appointment to the Assedic this morning - that place cracked me up. You go there and tell Mrs Agent you have an appointment. She directs you to an area of the big hall with chairs in front of a tv screen where you're asked to 'Look at the Video that Explains Everything You Need to Know About the Assedic System'. It's a stupid clip that says the same thing over and over and over again with a maddening background music that makes you want to kill someone. Then you're given a ticket with a number on it and asked to sit on another chair thirty centimeters from where you were. Then it's your turn and you go to this little office where you're asked lot of questions about your past jobs, then you're told that you'll have to contact another agency that will then contact Agency #1 back to let them know you were a good girl and did go and see Agency #2.

Oh and I'm now exactly like a parolee; by the end of the month, I need to contact my parole officer Agency #1 to let them know what's going on with my life. If I don't, the State Will Know and then they'll eradicate my file! And I won't have any money. Strangely enough, that's the one point I did remember in their video. My ANPE appointment is on Wed, btw; I can't wait! *is ded by sarcasm*


Then I went to see Hors de Prix in the afternoon with Sandra and I liked it well enough. Technically it's a comedy but I thought there was a lot of angst too and it was quite sad in some places. Thankfully it all ended well - as a romantic comedy should - and so it was nice. Mind you, the fact that I only paid 4.50€ for the ticket might have helped a little. You're usually more indulgent when you didn't have to pay full price.

Something amusing is that throughout the whole film, I couldn't help but think of how the story would make a great J2 AU story. I kept putting Jensen in Irène's place and Jared in Jean's. Dude, one of these days, I'll take that step and write a J2 fic. One that I'll post, I mean :-)

Anyway, I kept thinking of Jensen and Jared and it just made me smile. I'll admit it might have been because this morning I kinda swam in a sea of J2 AU thanks to [ profile] janissa11's last post. I had to hunt down some fics to rec her and I couldn't not re-read some of them et voilà. Which also brings me nicely to the fact that we now have a Big Damn SPN RPS AU List thanks to her ♥ ♥
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Dude! Last night I dreamt that someone had their baby and this morning when I checked my mail, I'd received a message from one of my Former Colleagues telling me that she'd had her daughter this morning at 3.54 am *is a Seer omg* Man, this is so cool! The Other F-Colleagues and I will visit them next week *is excited*

Onto the fannish: I could write a real review on Heroes but somehow I just want to say AND THE PETRELLIS WIN AGAIN! If you know of the Petrellis, you'll know what it is that they won again. Incidentally, as much as I worship the Winchesters, they have a lot of to learn from the Petrellis. And speaking of our SPN boys - my 100% spoiler free policy has been shot to hell this season; I've checked out the stills for 2x14 and DUDE! Yes, that's all I have to say about it. And I'm, of course, extremely impatient for tonight's episode. Except apparently I'll have to wait till Saturday to watch it instead of Friday because we're doing an FP Slumber Party over at [ profile] greedy_dancer's with [ profile] moimoietmoi and we'll watch the episode together and it's all kinds of brilliant because watching SPN on your own isn't half great as watching it with other fangirls, but eek waiting a whole day to do so? Is gonna be torture!

The second episode of The Dresden Files didn't do anything for me. Twas weird, actually. I still have that latest Psych to watch. Plus one 'episode' of Mythbusters that I downloaded last week.

I've also been reading a lot of Batman/Superman fics the past week - thanks for the recs, I've kinda fallen in love with [ profile] jen_in_japan's stories - and thanks to [ profile] sockich I now have Justice League and Superman/Batman sitting on my HD and all of that contributed to my purchasing the DVDs of Superman Returns and Batman Begins. Easy, thy name is Mousey. It's funny because I've always thought Batman rocked better, considering he has no superpowers to speak of and thus is the real superhero, but I fell in love with the Superman films when I was a little kid - and never really got into the Batman ones - so seeing Superman Returns was truly awesome. Sandrine was right when she told me back then that I could watch the film without real fear. She's the one I trust about Superman, it's our thing. Also, my favourite Superman was always the hurty kind with the Kryptonite so I let you guess what my favourite part of the film can be ;-)
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Just got home from the theater where La Globule and I went to see Casino Royale. We've been wanting to see it for, like, a month and half - since it was released in France - and we never had the time. So today, after a good session of lazying around, we decided to be strong and left the couch. It was worth it, too, as I loved the film. It's a huge compliment coming from me because I'm not a James Bond fan at all. But this James Bond - I really enjoyed :-) And, dude, he has the most gorgeous eyes! So blue and shiny. It made me think of Jim and Blair and those shots they loved to make in TS where their eyes looked so bright it almost hurt... Daniel Craig could give them a run for their money.

Oh, that first pursuit? I think the guy is actually French - a Yamakasi, too. Twas cool *g* Well, if I'm not mistaken. Though the whole scene was great even if he isn't French, of course! [ETA: Ha ha! I was right - Sébastien Foucan is his name. And apparently he was part of the Madonna concert we've watched yesterday where he did some of the stunts... Fancy that. Oh look, here is a YouTube link of the aforementioned pursuit.]

Now, I just wish I could watch it a second time; in English. My cousin would have killed me if I'd even thought of asking for the original version so we saw the French one and now I long for the original. Oh well, next time *shrug*

It's funny going to the cinema on January, 1st - people all look sleepy and a bit subdued.

But anyway, the film rocked and I'm happy I finally got to see it :-) It was a nice way to spend the day, too - lazying around in the morning and going to the cinema in the afternoon. Just perfect *g*

PS: I've opened my mailbox today after a couple of days without doing it and [ profile] iscaris, I've received your card, thanks!

PS2: Hey [ profile] sockich? So you're using euros as of today?
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Had a shitty night: I couldn't go to sleep before 4.00 am. My back has been acting up again and so it hurts like a bitch. Hurts when I move, hurts when I breathe. And in case you're wondering, a human being breathes a lot to, like, stay alive or something.

As a comfort film I picked my brand new acquisition, namely The Goonies. They aired it on Monday and I missed the first half and I promised myself that I'd buy the DVD so that I didn't have to wait for a new rerun - I don't remember the last time I'd actually watched The Goonies on the telly. And so I went to the mall with The Sis yesterday and bought it \o/ There are no words to express how incredibly cute that film is! I mean, I remember liking it a lot when I was a kid - I think I still have the novel somewhere in my bedroom, too - but I'd forgotten how cute and adorable it was! And the kids... with their little faces and their little voices and their kids' laugh and they way they're always grabbing one another when they're scared and stuff, oh dude! ♥ It also never fails to be funny to see Mikey and think of Samwise Gamgee.

So anyway, I watched the film and then I watched it again with the commentary on. Twas awesome seeing the actors all grown-up! So it's always a bit difficult following what is being said during those commentaries when you have a bunch of people doing aforementioned commentary but it was awesome, anyway. Pretty funny too, they definitely made me laugh a lot, which in turn hurt a lot because laughing is worse than breathing, but what can you do? They seemed to have so much fun reminiscing and things. I'll try seeing it again when I'm not hurting *nods*

Today I'll take it easy. I'm thinking some snuggling-in-bed while watching... hmm, either Grey's Anatomy s2 or Kaamelott Livre III - thank you again, Père Noël :-) No wait! If laughing hurts as much today as it did yesterday, I'd better not watch Kaamelott, that wouldn't be a wise move at all! So Grey's Anatomy it is... or Le Roi Soleil. Did I mention I was spoiled this year again? *g*

PS: [ profile] improperlydone? I've received your card! Lovely envelop, too, with our lovely J² smiling at me - thanks, you're a doll *g*
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I'm enjoying my Lazying Around icon so much! I don't need a subject when I have that *pets*

Spent the afternoon with one of the best friends yesterday and among other things we saw Little Miss Sunshine at Bercy Village - in Paris - and oh! What a gorgeous and sweet and so very funny film that was, wow! Can't wait for the DVD to come out because I need to watch it many times!

I'm debating going to see Le Parfum now because even though I loved the book when I read it - first year of high school, takes me back! - I really wonder how they dealt with it, considering it was all about smells, scents and odours.

Then today far niente - well, almost, but at least I got to do it inside the house. And I also found the time to do some not!tv watching, namely Numb3rs was watched and Robin Hood - new version - was discovered.

So okay Robin Hood? Didn't exactly make a strong impression. As in, I don't think I'll download the rest, though I know one should always give new shows a second chance and sometimes you do need a couple of episodes before being hooked but, well, sometimes you just don't feel like you want to bother, right? So I suppose I'll give it a miss. It's not as if I didn't have a ton of tv shows to follow already anyway *cough* In particular as I also downloaded the premiere of Dexter and you never know what might come out of that one.

Numb3rs made up for the RH mini fiasco though :-) Spoilers for 3x03 Provenance )

Unrelated now - dude! I thought that the SPN Complete S1 box set R2 came out tomorrow but apparently it was last week omg! I can now get my pretties, hee!
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First day at work over and done with \o/ So far, so good. The first software I had to use was really easy, tomorrow we'll work on a new one - more complex as it deals with accountancy but I'm determined to survive! For the record, working inside the walls of the Sorbonne? Is just wonderful!

TF1 aired "Grave Danger" last night and it was my first time watching it - my reaction? ) Talk about powerful television.

I'm not into that fandom but I think I'd love to read some post-Grave Danger slash... if you have some recs? Warrick/Nick or Gil/Nick or, hey, a OT3 combo?

I also downloaded and watched Camp Daze aka Camp Slaughter for it featured Matt Dallas and since Kyle XY, he's one of those few actors I'd waste an hour watching bad television for and, wow, I wasn't disappointed lol Okay that film? No let's start with the beginning, you know the whole 'so bad it was good' idea? Well Camp Daze... it, like, transcends that theory. Before watching the film I thought it was a bad horror one, then while watching I changed my mind and decided it was a parody. I checked and, yeah, Imdb says it's comedy/horror and it makes sense because there's NO WAY it wasn't done on purpose. It just - even the audio quality sucks! I'm not kidding!

And yet. And yet oh I had SO MUCH FUN watching that one! I have the feeling that I wasn't supposed to laugh so much if it's supposedly a horror movie as opposed to a comedy but, at the same time, and considering the whole 'done on purpose' theory - well, yeah, it was hilarious! And Matt Dallas' eyes were as gorgeous as usual, which doesn't hurt. See for yourself )

Something else that doesn't hurt? Well, someone on the Imdb message board saw it too. Their post header: "Anyone notice any homoerotic nuances?" To which I say, OMGYES! Sometimes the film read like gay porn. Cheesy 80's gay porn - or is that an oxymoron?

[ profile] frayen picspammed more of the film if you're curious.


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