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Omg why can't I go to sleep at a reasonable hour?! I always hate myself after a while. I've felt like a zombie at work all day. Though, technically, I did go to bed before 2.00AM last night, just like I wanted, but turns out 1.50AM doesn't make such a big difference! Still, it was before 2.00AM. Small steps and all that.

In the spirit of spreading the XM:FC love, I'm sharing this Erik/Charles fanvid. It only lasts 28 seconds but those are 28 seconds of pure, unaltered, joy. I'm usually not a fan of fast pacing in fanvids but it worked for me anyway. And another one, based on an accoustic version of All You Need is Love

And! To prove that I can talk about something else than XM:FC - with difficulty maybe, but I can - here's a little picspam. You know the meme when you post a picture of what's inside your bag? This follows the same principle, only the pictures come from my mobile. I have many photos stocked over there - my BIL is always mocking me because I'm always taking pics of, well, everything - and I'm gonna share a selection taken last week. Guess it could be a sort of A Week in the Life of Mouse kinda thing. Inside the cut, around a dozen of pics )

I know, XM:FC was mentioned at one point and a picture of James McAvoy sneaked in. Guess they're never really far from my mind these days, it can't be helped :-p
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Back from Asylum and from the UK, where I had the most amazing time! After talking with some girls at the con and scanning the flist when I was at [ profile] yami_tai's I know that for many it was a bit of a/complete nightmare, but Tai and I were lucky to have a complete different experience so as far as I'm concerned, I had the best of time :-)

Registration on Friday took all of ten minutes for us and our packages were as they were supposed to be. Then again, we only had the autographs so it might have helped. Speaking of, overall I think we queued for a grand total of 1h30? Like, for both sessions. And because we didn't spend all our lives in the - endless - queues, we basically saw all the panels, minus one - and it was repeated on Sunday so technically we didn't miss it at all. We were also lucky to always have good seats in the panel's room, without ever queuing to get in. Seriously, everything ran smoothly for us ♥ ♥

And the panels! Omg, so good! I remember having a great time at Asylum1? But it doesn't even compare. Every single panel we went to was fantastic. Like, the one with Jared and Jensen was just perfect - I swear it was like watching all those con vids on YT! I was squeeing inside (and ok outside) the whole time. Misha was insane and insanely good (god that man is CRAZY! But in such a funny way). Fredric Lehne started his own panel with a folk song turned SPN song which set the tone, it was a delight. Richard Speight Jr was a lot of fun. Samantha Smith, Amy Gumenick and Matthew Cohen were adorable and so passionate about working on SPN.

And then! Omg, and then there was (Charles) Malik Whitfield and Gabriel Tigerman, who are my new favourite guests at Asylum! Ok, after J2 and Misha but they were so fantastic. If you ever have the opportunity to see them at a con? Run, do not walk, and buy the tickets! A) They have wonderful chemistry and b) they're absolutely hilarious. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I'm not exaggerating at all, btw. I had no idea what to expect with those two guys but that was the most delightful surprise of the con ♥ ♥

So, in conclusion, Asylum made me insanely happy. I still cannot believe I actually saw Jared and Jensen live! At the same time! And Misha! And now I can also say 'hee omg I saw Malik and Gabriel in the flesh too' *bounces*

Ok, I'll try to write a report later - though this time I'm not promising anything - but in the meantime, here're some pictures: ASYLUM YAY! aka How I Managed to Make a Selection of a Dozen Pics. )
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It had to happen, [ profile] angeliksmall and I were back at work yesterday. It could have been traumatising after two blissful weeks of holidays if not for the weather offering us a belated Christmas present in the form of... SNOW! It finally snowed a) enough that it stuck to the ground and b) when I was there to see it. It made me insanely happy :-) I was even happier that it actually snowed all day. So in the morning, on my way to work this is what I could see )

Then for lunchbreak Cookie and I went to Bercy Village, where they have a park. Sadly the park was closed - for security reasons so maybe not 'sadly' - but we could still take some pics )

We also had our first Starbucks of the year )

After work, we decided to go to St Michel, where I took a couple of pics. They're not the best but they'll do because it's a bit of snowy Paris and that could never not be pretty, anyway )

And! Before any meanies decide to mock us for being so happy to have such ridiculous little amount of snow, bear in mind that Paris and its suburb aren't the Alps or Canada or Russia etc. We have to be happy with what we have. Whenever we have it. So plz not to be mocking us :-) Plus, there's always less snow in Paris than in its outskirt so it was awesome that there was any, really. And today it's still all white because we're having minus temperatures so it hasn't melted yet *iz happy*

Oh! And [ profile] morgan32? The SPN magazines arrived yesterday! Such prettiness of the glossy page persuasion with so many lovely details about the show etc., wow! Thank you again for letting me adopt your copies *kisses* Cookie have been ogling them all night yesterday. Well, when she wasn't busy drooling reading her brand new Batman comics, that is ;-)
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Happy New Year, flist. Hope you had a nice NYE. Mine was spent in Normandie with the usual suspects - parental unit, teh esu, godfather, aunt, cousins. We left on Wednesday morning and I abandoned them all there today as I had to be back in Choisy.

I didn't get snow but we had some lovely cold weather - warmest tempeature being 0°C - and the landscape was gorgeous.

Since I've been bitten by the picspam bug, here's another one )

As I said, no snow, but I still had some white :-) Actually, it might have been -4° when we got there which, fine, it's winter, it's supposed to be cold outside - I was beaming myself, if you want to know, I'm such a winter child! Even though I was born in May, that's not the point - only problem is, it was winter inside the house as well.

Temperature inside when we got in? 1°C. We kept gazillion layers in order not to turn into popsicles before the house got warm. Everyone was worried about Little Bit being cold but I think Chiara was the one who was the most comfortable among us. I just love that pic. )

We had a lovely NYE, good food, wonderful company, many hours spent playing boarding games. At midnight we added some more layers and went to the beach as BIL wanted to play with fireworks. Twas awesome.

On Thursday, we strolled along the - deserted - beach in the morning and went to Cabourg in the afternoon, where we ate at a gorgeous little coffee house. Rémi was like 'it's not a Starbucks, Alex, will you survive'? Which, fyi, yes I did!

Some more pics - of Cabourg this time )

All in all, I had a fantastic couple of days away from Choisy ♥ ♥

And now I'm back home. My friendspage tells me that, should I want to catch up with it, I'd have to reach skip=350 which, uh, is a bit scary so I think I'm just going to give up before I try. I'm too lazy right now, anyway.
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Uni and Big Top being over, today was my first day of vacation! Saying it was a beautiful day would be the understatement of the century :-)

I spent most of it with [ profile] angeliksmall and her almost unbearably cute nephew. Program was : lunch + Christmas market at la Défense, then detour to Bercy Village where we visited some more shops before having a break at Starbucks. Then we had a little stroll in the park. After that, off to our respective homes we went. All in all, a great day was had :-)

Christmas markets are love, and the best stalls of all? Are the one with the food. I'm apparently in a very piscpammy mood these days because here come some pictures I took )

And on fannish news, fandom gave me one of my Christmas wishes! I was dying to see a video of Brendon recording 20 Dollar Nose Bleed - well, I was dying to see anything related to Brendon recording that song - and what do I find on my flist but a video of just that! Oh, fandom, you make my dreams come true, I love you so ♥ ♥
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Despite work being a bit crazy - it was like Boss Man couldn't bear the thought of not seeing the lot of us for two weeks and wanted to keep us all as long as possible with him - I had a great week and I've been in a very Christmassy mood all along.

Cookie helped a lot cause we had ourselves some lovely and/or fannish and/or christmassy evenings as she spent three nights at my place. Or was that four? Anyway, she lived at my place more than at hers. Thus, I'm sure, convincing Nosy Coworker that we are, indeed, together, as she thought - never mind the fact that she doesn't even know Cookie's sexual orientation in the first place. But apparently being a friend of mine means you're automatically a lesbian by association. And if we're friendly? Then we're A Couple. QED.

It made us smile to hear about the news and we're both playing it like we are indeed together that way. The secret is to keep a straight face - ha! - when we talk about 'romantic dinner' and stuff like that. It makes for a lot of fun :-)

Anyway, back to the Christmassy activities - in picspam, cause I love picspams.

First it was Christmas lunch at work )

Then we went to W&H Smith where I bought my - first - Christmas presents and we made a detour to see the the beautifully illuminated Galeries Lafayette. )

And there was one evening when we wrote our Christmas cards while watching Christmas films. )

All in all, it was great :-) Also, to keep with the theme and because [ profile] babycakesin asked for a pic of my Christmas tree, here it goes: my tree and a bit of the decorations that go around it )

And since I was talking about cards - mine have been posted yesterday, btw \o/ - I received a bunch of them so a heartfelt thank you to : [ profile] katikat, [ profile] strippedhalo, [ profile] turloughisere, [ profile] babycakesin, [ profile] moimoietmoi and [ profile] yami_tai! Checking my mailbox is always so delightful this time of the year! ♥ Also, Tai! The pressie arrived at my parents', thank you again!!

Tomorrow is Last Big Top so, right this minute, I'm 98% on holidays for two weeks! Pure bliss :-)
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I just received an email from [ profile] yami_tai telling me she'd made it home safe and sound. The weekend we had was fantastic, but next time she definitely needs to stay longer!

Friday night was The Hoosiers' gig. It was great. The last time I went to a concert I must have been, oh, seventeen? So it was a looooong time ago. After the concert was done, I couldn't imagine why it'd taken me so long to do that again. I totally need to find myself more gigs to go to *nods*

The Hoosiers were fantastic - even though they arrived a bit late and Tai was ready to go and see the managers and tell them that 'hi, we could have stayed home and watched the new Supernatural instead of being at a venue waiting for a band to show up', but they arrived and they started singing and everything was forgiven ♥ ♥

Then, on Saturday, it was Camelot with [ profile] angeliksmall and [ profile] jedicathy. We took the train in the morning and off to Pierrefonds with us.

It doesn't have anything to do with anything, but I was nice enough to bring with me and share between the four of us the last four Krispy Kreme doughnuts that were left from Tai's Boxes of Doughnut'y Awesomeness. How awesome was she, btw? When I went to pick her up at the station on Friday, she welcomed me with two boxes from Krispy Kreme! *loves*

But, anyway, back to Pierrefonds. I enjoyed our day so much! First because it was a day away from Paris and its suburb, away from the noise and pollution and second because HI! MERLIN PILGRIMAGE, dude!

Beween the four of us we took, well, I don't know how many photos we took, but let's just say a lot. What follows is a sample of them.

If you're into Merlin and decide to click, you'll find many familiar places. If you're not but enjoy castles, you might be interested too. )

See why I loved that day so much? :-) Cathy and Cookie had a gig that same night so we said goodbye after being back in Paris - must have been a bit short of 7.00 PM?

Once back at mine, Tai YouTube'd for a bit and we found some of the clips Cathy and Cookie had mentioned earlier that day, namely two videos of Catherine Tate's show, John's a Gay Man Now, one with none other than Colin Morgan and the other without. They were hilarious!

And! We watched both the new SPN - omg, what kind of deal did Kripke make to ensure that this season would be so fantastic! - and the new Merlin - the episode was brilliant! It feels like the episodes get better and better with every week. And after watching those two episodes all I can say is OMG IS IT NEXT WEEK YET?
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I saw my mom today and she got me a pressie; some Home Stickers for my kitchen [damn link doesn't want to cooperate, my stickers are letters] I saw those stickers last week or so but was going to wait to buy them and, sneaky mommy that she is, she got them for me :-)

She made me laugh the first time she saw the stickers - we were together - because she was like 'you're not going to put 'ass' on your wall, are you?' Which I promised I wouldn't. My slashy fridge is enough, the rest of the kitchen will stay 'clean' ;-)

I can't write 'ass' anyway, there's no 'a' or 's'. I could write 'cock', though. Just an observation, is all.

Speaking of... okay, speaking of nothing, I'm not even sure why I thought about that, but I'm rethinking going to Asylum. I have some expenses that weren't planned for the flat - basically the sum I have to pay has sorta tripled - so I'm thinking I could try and save the money I haven't paid yet for the hotel room... Not that I wouldn't love to meet with the Wincon girls again or see some of my LJ buddies - technically that'd be the main event of the con right for me now - but I'm just trying to see how to proceed, exactly. I'll see.

On non-RL news, now; not that you'd know but this entry is basically a GIP in disguise. Because [ profile] crazybutsound had made me tons of MCR icons and if I could I'd spam you with a list of what is in my fridge just so that I could show off my brand new icons :-)

Also, between the 600 MCR pics she gave me plus the 32 I found here and there, including at [ profile] turps33's - from 0 to 632 in a couple of days, that's dedication - I've had the best of time ogling them. Some I love for obvious reasons. Well, obvious to me, at least )

And then there's pics like this one which I absolutely love too but couldn't exactly tell you why. I just do. Oh, Mikeyway! )

Which reminds me. I usually develop a new kink with each new fandom I fall in love with - the whole 'sniffing' with TS, car!sex with SPN - and MCR is all about Mikey's hips. Just one of those things *shrugs*
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Two Starbucks in two days; I like that. And it's a good thing I had my cheesecake yesterday because I was so stuffed today that I could only get myself a hot drink. It's always a sad state of affair when the Mouse one can't eat cheesecake *nods solemnly*

Hey, I did mention that, apart from work which is annoying me, everything else was Just Fine in my life? Well, it's more than fine even because, guess what? My sister... is pregnant! I repeat, Aurélia is pregnant! *is still in awe of the news*

We've known for a little while but were waiting to officially make the announcement. And we finally can say it!

How did she tell us? She bought a little baby thing for each of us - Henry, ie the Future Dad, the parental unit, my godfather & aunt and me, obviously - and gave it to us, leaving us to squee and cry a little from sheer joy, we're a sensitive bunch, what can I say?.

Here what she gave me )

Saying we're overjoyed would be the understatement of the century, as you can imagine :-) I'm already making a list of all the things I wanna buy and then thinking of the first sonograms and just, God! A baby! In my little sister's body! Wow.

And speaking of family, it's been some time since I played over at [ profile] teh_everyday so here's my new contribution, family related.

Favourite possessions - plural instead of singular but whatever )

Sadly, I don't have anything left from my paternal grandmother but I haven't lost hope that I I will one of these days *nods*

PS: Note to self, don't forget to set back the clocks tonight/tomorrow!

ETA: Dude! There's Le Jeu des Damnés Devour on NRJ12! Devour! On my telly!
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1. I'm not a Threadless virgin anymore! I just ordered two shirts. I guess I couldn't resist the back-to-school sales. I've been wanting to get a Threadless shirt for some time now and this was the perfect opportunity. Plus, after the day I had at work, it was only fair I treated myself with something nice *nods* I got that shirt and, after GD and Sam promised to protect me from having my head kicked by people, I decided to cave in and buy that one too. Apparenlty the French Posse is sponsorised by both Starbucks and Threadless from now on :-) [ETA: Erm, just in case? If you haven't read HP6, don't click on the second link, okay? Eeek omg see? I'm already paranoid about that shirt spoiling innocent people! Damn lol And, ok, so there're spoilers for many stuff on that shirt.]

2. It's been some time since I added a new not!motto to my List of Not!Motto but as of yesterday I have a new one and it's "I cannot physically open this window!" Just thinking about it makes me giggly *giggles* It'll go right next to "Hello, my name is Carlos. You make me so hot" "I can kill you with my brain" "Maybe he wanted to go camping" and "Don't talk with your aura" just to name a few.

3. Completely unrelated but [ profile] angeliksmall wanted to see Dean and I realised I've never picspammed my computer, so This is Dean )

Dean and the computer desk that goes with it, aka my fandom shrine - there're some sketches you can't see, too bad cause one of them is a gorgeous Jim/Blair sketch [ profile] ximeria made for me a couple of years ago.

Tis funny, the whole flat is actually pretty much fandom free but for that area.
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Okay so first, my weekend. Was quite hectic and tiring - we left at 8.00 am on both days and got home at 9.30 pm. Add to that another hour to wrap everything up - but things went well. I also really enjoyed the show as it was a medieval show; with a tournament between four knights – both camps fought for Excalibur. My favourite knight was Arthur’s companion, Mélian d'Elis; he was the group’s woobie as he was always beaten up and always quite treacherously, too, as the Dark Knight and Igor, King of the Vikings – I kept calling him Sven in my head – always hit him in the back and stuff. Woobie!

Anyway, it was great. I 'saw' the show seven times – as much as you can see it while working over there – and I loved it each time. There was a little ‘incident’ though when during the falconry act, the eagle decided to take a hike and instead of going from point trainer-a to point trainer-b, it decided to pay a little visit to the audience, causing a hundred heart attacks in the process. It did it once on the first showing on sunday and twice on the second one… so Dad decided to, maybe, ask for a change during that part *cough*

As for the funny things you see when working there – there were two shows in the same area. The medieval show where my team worked and the other one where my BIL's team worked. At noon everyone ate at the same place but since the artists didn't have the time to change before the next showing they all kept their costumes, so in the same room were Mary Poppins eating next to the Dark Knight, sitting himself close to Pocahontas who was chatting up with an Elf Prince.

Dude, Big Top is always fun :-)

And second, DEXTEROMG! Or How I Watched The Season Finale and Died. Spoilers for Dexter 1x12 – Born Free )

And last night, I did some caps because I knew I’d want to share some Dexter goodness. Twelve Born Free caps inside. )

In conclusion. Best show in the world! I don’t think I didn’t enjoy a single episode. Not even kidding. Each new ep seemed to be better than the previous one and I’m so sad to see the show go. I don’t even want to know when we’re supposed to get the second season, it’ll be too far away anyway.

Also, if Michael C. Hall doesn't win the golden globe I'm gonna cry! I wish Dexter could win every award there is on this earth. The End.
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I've just watched Heroes 1x10; one day that show will KILL me by the sheer awesomeness of it, I just know it.

Spoilers for Six Months Ago. )

I couldn't resist and had to watch the promo for next week and it gave me goosebumps and all! It also made me want to cry because argh! No new episode til the new year after 1x11? *wails* But before those spoilers, two little caps - that way it'll make a nice separation of brother goodness :-)

Two caps of the Petrelli brothers - because... just because, actually. )

Spoilers for the promo inside - well, about That Line )

Oh RL wise, they've lit the decorations in Choisy! So I'm thinking it might have been a test more than anything because they weren't all working and they usually are, but pretty and shiny Christmas lights were on when I got home *loves*
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Had a lot of work to do today and no motivation to do it. Btw, thanks to Sam for saving my sanity in class tonight - hail to gmail chat *cough* All day long, I just couldn't wait to get home. And I also couldn't wait to watch the new Dexter. That show owns me like you wouldn't believe. Each episode is pretty much a long squee fest. And "Father Knows Best" was definitely a prime example.

Spoilers for Dexter 1x09 )

And some screencaps too )

Does anyone know where I can watch the promo for next week? I'll try over at YouTube if needs be but I didn't have that much luck for the previous one. Also, still no news on how to access the bloody showtime website when you're not from the US of A? Because it really grates on my nerves being unable to visit that website just because I don't live over there. So fucking what, man, gimme access to the site!

And still on the subject of Dexter - did you know that we'll get a third book? Because I didn't and when I found out I was all excited! A new Dexter novel! In July, though, which is a lifetime away, but still!

Unrelated #1 - I caught up with Heroes last night and that show keeps being all kinds of brilliant! I love that it's moving fast enough that we don't feel like we'll die of old age before things start to come together but slow enough that we're still sitting on the edge of our seats and craving the next episode to finally get the new twists and turns.

Oh and also, I think Masi Oka and Milo Ventimiglia appeared on tv somewhere? Does anyone know in what show and whether I can find it on-line? To download or watch - maybe on YouTube again - cause I'd love to see them. Thanks.

Unrelated #2 - to the French on my flist who have cable? SPN is premiering on TF6 next week.
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Had a lovely Saturday - just the kind that the doctor would have ordered. So I did see The Prestige with [ profile] moimoietmoi and [ profile] greedy_dancer and oh my, the film was brilliant! I'd love to see it again, and I caved in and ordered the novel sooner than planned. Can't wait to receive it! Then we went to Starbucks, as we're wont to to. All in all, a great day was had :-)

Then today I did some work, lazed around and watched Numb3rs - spoilers for 3x09 Waste Not inside )

And since I mentioned Charlie's expressions - here are five caps of some of those )

No Don picspam, sorry, guys, it was about all Charlie this time *g*

PS: Oh yeah and I forgot, thanks to the lovely [ profile] sockich I'm now in possession of Dead Like Me and so I watched the first three episodes and that show rocks/rocked! I'm going to enjoy watching the whole thing :-)
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Oh man! Have you seen those pics of Jensen Ackles? And what about that one?! )

The icon that goes with it - courtesy of myself [I realised I preferred the original colouring so I made one myself] - has been called AU hustler!Jensen. Because, seriously!

I didn't have the time to watch "In My Time of Dying" again today - just got home - but I intend to do just that tonight. After the new Numb3rs that is. Also, I've been thinking of the premiere a lot today - had to talk about it to Sandra - and I'm so happy with the way they dealt with the whole thing that I'm still giddy about it. Cut because I have the feeling it'll become less general and more spoilery. ) In conclusion, that premiere really exceeded all my expectations and I'm still completely in love. More than usual, I mean :-)

I'm debating downloading the promo for next episode that I've seen on my flist now... I think I want to go into it completely spoiler-free, without even the slightest bit of knowledge about it, but at the same time... oh the temptation! We'll see if I can resist lol

Oh and back to Numb3rs, btw, the ficathon has gone live and you can find some of the stories already posted over here. Lots of goodies in perspective :-)

And this has nothing to do with anything but I was watching The Simpsons just now and there was a song that I really like but don't have anywhere on my HD so I was wondering if my ever so helpful flist could come to my rescue once again, please? It's California - I think - by Phantom Planet. Thanks in advance.

Okay now, off to check the flist a little, then tonight when I'm back home again Numb3rs followed with Supernatural and then if I feel awake enough, I'll try Jack and Bobby - hopefully I'll like it as I have the whole season sitting on my HD.
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Today being bank holiday - you should all move to France for the month of May, we have bank holidays all the bloody time during that period - I decided to celebrate it by a) not opening a single competitive exam book and b) going with The Cous to the cinema to see X-Men 3. We actually tried last night but man it was packed so we couldn't, but today was a success, yay!

Quick thoughts about X3, ie spoilers alert, okay? )

Something else I love about the X-Men films is how - among other things - you can read it as a metaphor for homosexuality all the time. And the third one had a lot of those elements as well. It wasn't done on purpose, was it?

[ETA: If you go see the film, stay until the end of the credits, there's something there. We couldn't so we missed it and it's very sad but, since we're going a second time on Monday, we'll remedy that.]

Completely unrelated now - I don't know if everyone has seen them by now but I've just discovered those pics this morning and they're worth being shared a million times anyway.

Click and admire the Hotness that are Jared and Jensen. )

Images credited to, as well as [ profile] extracookie who shared them first.
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Look, "Devil's Trap" is haunting me. I'm possessed or I don't know what! I think a little exorcism is needed in the form of a little picspam. Which, btw, I wonder how many piscpams this episode will provoke lol But I know I couldn't resist either ;-)

Devil's Trap piscpam - mostly Dean, okay I admit )

I'll be able to rest now. Maybe *twitch*
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There's a repeat of John Doe on W9 and yesterday was the first three episodes - oh how I missed that show! I was also relieved to see that John Doe was still John Doe and not Lincoln since - no offense to Linc the Sink - I love John more than I will ever love him. So it was a relief. Knowing how it'll end, seeing Karen and Digger for the first time is always a bit painful and this time was no exception.

I've never thought of looking for JD slash - though I guess I'd be disappointed, anyway? - but this time, watching the fond looks exchanged between Frank and John, I couldn't help but picturing them in bed: John curious about his own orientation, Frank only too happy to oblige, then Frank slowly fucking John who would at first talk and talk about human physiology and male reactions to stimuli, before he would be overwhelmed, shut up and let Frank work his magic on him. Lovely *happy sigh*

Oh and for a bit of trivia, it amused me to realise that John Doe and Don Eppes have the same voice.

Still on the subject of Dominic Purcell, I watched this week's Prison Break. I don't have a lot to say except for one or two little things )

Dude, okay so apparently I had more than 'one or two things' to say about the ep. I'm sorry, okay?

Oh also - here are the two last pics of the Picspam meme. For [ profile] moimoietmoi and [ profile] enigel who respectively wanted to see the view from my kitchen and from the room where I hang around a lot, which would be Clark's room ;-)

View from kitchen and from Clark's room )
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1. Remember how May is the Merry Month of Masturbation? Well, say hi to [ profile] mmom; a multi-fandom community that will give you a masturbation fic every day in May. Isn't that awesome? Finally some wank that is worth it ;-) It'll make for a nice change from the annoying and boring wank we see in fandom all the time.

2. [ profile] midnighta shared a lovely Numb3rs pic yesterday and I'm sharing as well with you because - you'll understand why if you click on the thumbnail, I think *nods*

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3. I've watched the new Prison Break and that show, I love it to pieces!

Prison Break 1x18 - Bluff )

Now, as usual, I'll need to find the trailer for next week's episode.
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Going to sleep right after watching a couple of Criminal Minds eps isn't exactly the smartest move I've ever made. I mean, watching SPN at night might, eventually, be a bit creepy but you can at least rationalise better. Like, you know there's nothing in the closet - no boogeyman or anything. Hey, I'm not even in the closet, so... But with Criminal Minds, it's different I swear and when I hear creepy noises coming from the stairs - those stairs are evil they creak all the bloody time - I can almost picture the guy.

He's a white male between twenty and thirty years old, since he's coming to my house he's confident and certainly smart, he might feel under appreciated in his work place, and maybe in his life, period. He's coming at night so maybe he has a steady job during the day and after one hell of a stresser he decided to go and kill all the Mouses of the world! Then, of course, I just decide that his MO is to bore people to death? Because that's definitely less painful than some of the things I see in the show *shudder* I did dream of CM but nothing awful. Thank you oh subconscious of my heart.

Now though, I woke up with the "Le Papa Pinguin" by Pigloo in my head, in a loop - and this? Could be my stresser because I swear I'm having murdering thoughts right this minute.

Something that might comfort me is the knowledge that M6 is airing The Sentinel again! I don't know how long that will last, but in the meantime, I'll certainly enjoy it :-) Two episodes, I believe, starting with the pilot. So I'll bask in Jim/Blair love, and I'll wait for Jim to slam Blair against the wall and feel him up on their first meeting in what can be qualified as a very beautiful alpha male courtship ritual.

Okay I just realised - I was waiting for the Numb3rs torrent to appear but wasn't yesterday's episode a repeat? I think it was. I think I'll go and watch SPN, then. I feel a little craving for the pretty boys ;-)

Okay bis, SPN has been watched. 1x19 - Provenance in bullet points )

And two caps of a scene I quite enjoyed )

And dude, Dean calls Sam 'Jared' at one point! 'Jared, take a look at this' - someone mentioned it and when I listened to the scene again, yeah, it totally does sound like 'Jared'. It's not even the first time a real first name slips in the show. [ETA: After deliberation - the subject demanded a lot of attention - it might seem like it was, in fact, not 'Jared'. But we might just decide to go with 'Jared' anyway. Reality and truth are overrated *nods*]


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