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Hello, flist. It's 10.00AM and I'm awake, for no reason that I can understand after going to bed past 4.00AM. I'm lazying around in bed, typing this with some Frank Sinatra on - perfect music for a lazy and cozy morning - because less than six hours of sleep isn't enough to be up and about, imho. So I'll be staying in bed for a little while longer and maybe treating myself to a breakfast in bed. Poor Cookie isn't there to share it with me as she had to run some errands. I feel for her.

Happy New Year, you guys! Hope you had a good NYE. Mine and Cookie's was low-key and just the kind that we enjoy. We had two friends over, we cooked our meal together, we exchanged our Christmas presents (I have two more John Irving books in my collection!) and then spent the evening/night eating and playing Guitar Hero and BuzzIt. Because we are wild, you see :-) They left around 3.00AM, we cleaned up a bit so that the place was clear when we'd get up - which does make you rejoice when you do! - before puttering a bit on-line, as you do.

Sad thing, though: because we were playing games all night, I couldn't watch the traditional NYE documentary on the Crazy Horse that they always air every year past midnight. Sad thing, like I said! No gorgeous and bendy naked dancers to welcome the new year ;-) I'll try to see if I can watch it on-line, mind.

Ok, I started this last night and I'll post it now, before I go and help myself to some leftover tiramisu made by Sandra #Yummy

I snagged it from [ profile] loki_dip - behind the cut, the 2011 review meme )

Well. That was a happy and satisfying review. Let's hope the one I do in 2012 is of the same vein :-)

Hmm. Listening to Sinatra makes me crave some White Collar. Quick, to the kitchen, prepare everything then eat while I watch Peter and Neal's antics :-)
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One more White Collar marathon done, one! Or it'll be once "Out of the Box" ends, which will be in... ten minutes, give or take. I don't know how many times I've watched the first season but I'd guess around four times. Which is funny when I think of how I'm always so busy... guess the secret to have a busy fannish life truly is not to sleep at night. Anyway, [ profile] greedy_dancer is now up-to-date with White Collar and everything is all right with the world :-)

[ profile] moimoietmoi and I also have been watching Adam Lambert and Kris Allen videos all night; we had a gazillion tabs open in our browser and as soon as we were done with a vid (and done with squeeing and cooing and giggling at the adorableness and awesomeness that are those guys) we'd immediately follow with another one. And there are many videos of them! So a good time was had by us all \o/

Ok, now, there's been this Shuffle Fic meme going around and because [ profile] greedy_dancer is a bit addicted to it, she begged asked us to play. Sam did already so now it's my turn. Obviously if you want to play, be my guest.

Shuffle your recs however you choose and post the first lines (or first few lines) of the first twenty-five fifteen fics that turn up. Have other people guess the fic and author in the comments.

1. He's kind of perpetually lost now, because that's just how amnesia feels--like being lost all the time, like walking through a fog that never lifts, because there's no context for anything, no categories or boxes, no way to filter the world down to a manageable size--but in this case, he's actually lost, and it's almost a relief.

2.Somehow they end up doing Warped again. Bob doesn't know all the details, but he's pretty sure it's Gerard's fault.

This way for the rest )

I realised one of my answers can be found in GD's own meme but what can I say, thre three of us keep reading the same fics. It's a miracle that there weren't more identical answers here ;-)
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Oh, how I love that period of the year! Sure, I'll be back at work on Tuesday and that's never really a reason to celebrate - though I don't even mind that much, especially as due to renovations, I'll only work part-time that first week \o/ - but it's also back-to-tv season for my favourite shows so that's reason enough to be happy. I caved and watched the latest (only?) SPN s5 promo that has been pimped all over and I loved what I saw! Then there's Merlin, which I'm so excited to watch again (I've been in a Merlin mood for the past month, it's been fantastic) and then Glee! Those are the three shows I'm really craving. I know I'll add others (I mean, maybe) but I'm pretty focused on those atm *bouncebounce*

Also about tv, though a bit different. So it'd seem I'll be at the Raw Invasion Tour in November, after all! Omg! So, yeah, the show has been sold out (in record time) for Paris but while waiting for yesterday's show to start on the telly, I found out that they toured in Lyon too! And the French Posse has some members there! So I'll invade [ profile] crazybutsound's space for a weekend and we'll go to the show. No, she's not even a fan of WWE. She's just crazy enough to want to come with me lol Isn't she the best, though? *kisses*

And changing the subject again (though I'm back to SPN with that one), the Wallpaper meme has been resurrected again and I always participate, even though I always have the same desktop. Some people apparently change several times a week. I don't. Like, ever? Well, no I do change my wallpapers, just... once every two year or so? I'm a girl of habit, what can I say lol

So, anyway, here's Charlie's (laptop) desktop. And I know, Charlie has a Dean wallpaper? Well, Charlie used to have a Charlie wallpaper but things change and, sometimes, wallpapers do too! I have Jared and Jensen looking very hot on the PC and Jensen looking very hot on the laptop. Perfect.

My wallpaper, let me you show it. )

And I'm supposed to explain in five sentences why I use that one, which ha! I can do it in less than five! Because Jensen is just unbearably pretty on it. The end.
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Hero Corp is rubbing off on me, I believe; I think I'm developping my own kind of superpowers! I just have to look at someone and they will give me what I want. Like, yesterday? We were having lunch with a couple of co-workers and P. was eating an orange... it smelt really good and I was looking at it and thinking of maybe trying the puppy eyes on her so that she gave me a slice? And that's when she looked at me and, just like that, without a single word exchanged between us, she offered half of her orange to me! I think from now on I'll call myself Captain Yeux Doux \o/

Still on the subject of work; Cookie and I are turning our department into TV Show Central. There's been some nice exchange of dvds the past few days; I burnt Being Human for J. who also got T:TSCC s1 via Cookie. I lent my copy of Pushing Daisies to P. who, in turn, gave me the first season of The L World. Nice!

Unrelated now; a little meme. It's Friday, I'm home and the weekend is here, a meme is just perfect for lazying around.

From [ profile] crazybutsound | People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

And I guess I should tag people, if only to see see what their answers to #18 would be, but whatever...

The usual meme where you speak about yourself. A lot. )

And now, off to read Panic and J2 fics; always a very relaxing way to end the week, methinks.
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Could anyone try to think of a better way to start a new week than starting it with yet another transport system strike? Because I could! It's pretty innovative and different, though, I'll admit. Start it without a strike \o/

Not that it ever occurred to those damn unions, obviously. It's getting old, you guys, really old. It could be a French drinking game! Take a shot whenever we talk about strikes. Everyone would be rolling under the table very fast!

See my - traditionally, wintery - icon? I thought I'd wait a little before using it, when something incredible happened yesterday that made me change my mind. It snowed! I repeat, it snowed! We had snow! In Ile-de-France. In November! I don't even remember the last time that happened.

It wasn't enough to stick but s.n.o.w! I saw it fall from the sky and it made me insanely happy :-) It also cracked me up because just a minute after it started snowing I got a call from my sister who wanted to make sure I'd seen it. And five minutes later it was a friend of mine who'd called for the same reason. So cute!

Something else I thought was cute - though it's 150% unrelated to the above - is the "prnt scrn" meme. I think I have a thing for that kind of picspams. I love them the same way I love watching at photos of people's homes... Just, you know, in a non-creepy way!

Okay, moving on! The meme! 1. Prnt Scrn your current desktop / 2. If you have a browser open, Prnt Scrn / 3. If you have open, Prnt Scrn / 4. If you have a music player open, Prnt Scrn / 5. Pick a folder, open it - wait for it - Prnt Srcn.

Because I don't have issues about showing what's inside Dean :-) )

And a last thing! Unrelated yet again - though there was some Merlin hidden in that meme so I can pretend it doesn't completely come out of left field - [ profile] ghyste found a beautiful, and oh so accurate, way of describing Merlin and the way it's basically the Tale of The Epic Love of Arthur and Merlin. "The slash," says she "isn't so much subtext as romping around right there in the open with its pants down". If that's not the cutest way of putting it?
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This morning I: slept in, took a long leisurely bath, read some deliciously kinky fics and wrote some more of my Merlin story. Cozy and relaxing and fannish morning - just perfect ♥ ♥ Going out later this afternoon is going to be a bit difficult, methinks.

Oh and I've been ogling this. Dude, Live In Chicago/A Picture With Books Deluxe Limited-Edition. Deluxe Limited-Edition! With the "96-page hardcover book entitled 'A Picture With Books.' It features Polaroids taken during the band's 2008 world tours" - I was wondering whether I really needed that book when I read how this deluxe edition was a "must-have for any diehard Panic fan." Clearly they're talking about me! I'm giving myself till tonight to cave in decide what to do. |ETA: A thought occurred to me, they do ship to Europe, right?]

Now, for something different, a little meme. I'll admit to being a bit nosy; I always enjoy those memes where people talk about their lives. So to make myself feel less guilty for the nosiness, I play too. That way it's more a matter of give and take. The universe and me, we like balance!

Meme that tells you all kinds of details about the everyday life of the one who took it. )

And I'm adding this last line only because I'm not sure I like ending an entry on just the cut. So consider this an LJ quirk of mine - no ending my entries on an lj-cut if I can avoid it.
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Oh, Starbucks, my home away from home! Love of my life! How I missed you! Or How Mouse Went to a Starbucks and Ate a Cheesecake after a Hundred Years Going Without. Or maybe slighly less, but it certainly felt that long to me! Tbf!Rissy thought I sounded quite porny while I was drinking my beloved Caramal Macchiato and even pornier yet when I started eating my cheesecake but, dude, more than 40 days without the latter! It truly was orgasmic *blissful look*

Yeah, okay. Moving on!

Something I love about the SPN fandom? Both RPS and FPS. Among many things, mind. Is how some kinks that are usually considered really kinky in some fandoms are kinda the norm here. I'm thinking of rimming, if you want me to spell it out. In the SPN fandom, Jared and Jensen or Sam and Dean seem to really love rimming. Actually, they seem to just love putting their tongues/mouths pretty much everywhere. To my utter satisfaction, don't think I'm complaining :-) But it's so much fun. So in some fandoms the rimming will be a bit out of the ordinary whereas in SPN, it'll just be part of the smut, nothing special per se ♥ ♥

And because I love changing the subject. Part 2 of the Icon meme.

Icons for Cathybites )

Icons for fluterbev )
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I watched Addams' Family Values last night and omg! Baby!Charlie! Well, baby!DK. I'd seen pictures of him in the film before, but it was the first time I watched it and awww! And he looked younger than his age, too. It's really weird - though a lot of fun - to think of Charlie and Larry in N3 after seeing them in Addams' Family Values.

Nothing new under the sun here. I was speaking with a Random Stranger Guy yesterday who was saying he was going to enjoy being unemployed but, like I told him, I can't wait to find a new job myself because I've been officially off work for less than a month and I'm already feeling bored with that endless-weekend thing. It's not cabin fever because I'm rarely at home and when I am, it's because I wanted to, but still! Taking a decision you felt was good for you is one thing; accepting the consequences is another story *pout*

Oh, well.

Onto funnier things, now. I'm still writing my TS fic, which fills me with glee. Who knows when I'll be writing something new, right? Hmm? No, no, I promise I'm an optimistic IRL :-)

And speaking of writing, here's a little meme about writing. Even when you write, you can still talk about writing? Gacked from [ profile] turps33.

Writing meme )

PS: I watched Friday's Night Live on Wednesday and it made me cry! That's not a good sign when a show makes me cry. It means I'm becoming attached to the damn thing, argh!
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Yesterday was a good day: because a) I slept in and stayed home all day and b) I wrote a fic!


Well, to be precise I started the fic, it's not finished yet, but it makes me giddy all the same because it's a Night fic and I'm already 3.660 words into it and since it's a Five Things type of fic and I only wrote two of those five things so far and since I'm hoping to have all parts more or less equal in length, it means I'm aiming at a 9100+ word story and this would be a great start for 2008 *nods*

It's the second Five Things fic I write and I really like that kind of theme, I have to say. The difference being that my SPN fic was five different little stories in one and this TS one is one story told in five parts...


Oh a meme. I couldn't sleep last night - it sometimes happens when I write a new fic, even when I'm done with it for the day I still have the story in my head and it feels weird just going to sleep right after it. One of those things, I guess - and so decided to do a little meme just to pass the time.

Only it took me ages to do it because I sorta got engrossed in the whole thing and, now, there's just no way I wouldn't share it on my LJ. Took me to long to just throw it away *nods*

Tv Meme - with scenes and quotes and stuff. )

Okay, now that it's out of the way *checks time* Methinks I should go and try to start doing some packing for this weekend, start on the vaccuming I wanted to do before leaving, that sort of thing...

French Posse Weekend, dude! Finally! [ profile] babycakesin, [ profile] moimoietmoi, [ profile] greedy_dancer and I will be in Lyon later this afternoon to meet with [ profile] french_hobbit and [ profile] crazybutsound. We'll invade the new Starbucks that opened there and raise a lil hell :-) We're gonna have a blast! *bounces*

ALSO! Today is the day when The Esu knows if Teh baby is a lil girl or a lil boy. So, yeah, mucho excitement for today *bounces some more*
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Less than an hour ago I was ready to faceplant into my bed but I feel less comatose now \o/

Today at work was Christmas lunch + our department Christmas party. I'm so stuffed that it's not even funny but it was totally worth it! Though between you and me, fasting til Christmas Eve would be a very good idea *nods*

The Christmas spirit lived on when I got back home as I found two cards - thanks go to [ profile] babycakesin and [ profile] whitevanilla *kisses both* - and! A notice that a parcel was waiting for me at the post office, where I headed right away. Twas from the ever so wonderful [ profile] aswanargent. I was smiling like a loon when Post Office Lady gave said parcel to me but I couldn't help it. I squished it and only let go when I got back home. The presents are under the tree and I'll wait til Christmas Eve to open them. Thank you so much, Karen! *loves*

And now a little meme. Okay so at first I had no intention of doing the Year in Writing meme then I thought, what the hell, you did write in 2007 so you're gonna play too, Mousey! As it happens, it's a bit less pathetic than I thought. Don't laugh! Mind you, if you're one of those writers who wrote, like, 150 fics in 2007 you might feel sorry for me, I don't know. I guess I'm just happy I wrote at all? That's pretty much what I say every year when I do this meme, don't I? But it's still true :-) So, anyway, let's see. This year, I wrote *counts* ten fics:

Numb3rs: Cast the Shadow of Your Burden Behind You

The Sentinel: Part of the Sizzle | Night!Sentinel: Two Hundred Dollar Worth

Supernatural: Next Stop: Green River County | Four Times Sam Wanted to Strangle Dean (And One That He Didn't) | 4.00 AM Knows All My Secrets | Our Darkest Sky Wide Open | Last Refuge of the Complex. The meme is about the fics that you 'wrote', not that you 'posted', right? So I added Last Refuge. Cause I wrote it, QED.

Traveler: Heavy Taboo

Jeremiah: What Does God Have to Say, Now?

Know what? I think I love my titles. Which is a good thing as sometimes it takes me almost as long to write the fic as it takes me to find said title. Of course, sometimes the title is what gave me the inspiration to write the fic... there are no rules, really.
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Still speaking about, guess what? Yes, work. )

Anyway, onto non-work news.

I'm behind many things - Dexter, the last two Heroes, Prison Break, Chuck - but I'm up-to-date with Pushing Daisies because there's no other way for me to be as far as this show is concerned. It's my feel good show at the moment and it's a bit of magic on my telly and I cannot get enough of it ♥ ♥

If I had to make a list of all the things I enjoyed in that episode, it would be endless. I think another reason why I adore that show so much is that it's full of details. It's all about the details. And I'm a detail whore. Pushing Daisies is made of big things and a million of little things and it makes me incredibly happy!

Oh and I apparently never posted my response for the 7 Icons Meme even though [ profile] turps33 had picked some for me to play with. Well, in the meantime I deleted one of those icons - great timing! - so I'm one icon short but whatever.

What about those six icons, then? )

Why, yes, I could ramble about icons for hours and hours!
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God, people, I'm bored! So bored that I want to cry! Getting bored at work is horrible because you can't do anything to alleviate the pain. Well, apart from checking the good ole flist, that is. Thank God for small favours!

So out of boredness I bring a meme; it's all [ profile] crazybutsound's fault for tagging me. And work's for being boring. Oh and mine for enjoying talking about myself :-)

Rule: Each player lists 8 facts or habits about themselves; the rules of the game are to be posted first. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people. Dude, if you a) are bored, b) wanna talk about yourself or c) both, consider yourself tagged, okay?

8 Fact or Habits About Me )

Oh and a ninth fact about the Mouse; I have Doctor Who s3 in my bag! The ever so lovely [ profile] sockich sent me the season and the parcel was waiting for me at the post office and I went there before heading to work this morning and it's in my bag right now \o/ Thank you again, Kaja *kisses*

I have so many things to watch that I might never come out for air, I swear :-)
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So Veronica Mars s3 turned a lot of people off the show? It sucks because I've just watched the premiere - M6 has aired the three seasons back to back - and I've liked it a lot and now I wonder about the rest. If people like [ profile] greedy_dancer and [ profile] sockich, whose taste I usually share, gave up on the show, chances are I will, too - though of course you never know. We'll see, I guess.

Forgot to talk about "Hollywood Babylon", btw! I finally watched it and really enjoyed it. I just love how SPN is the kind of show that can either make me cry or make me laugh my ass off, depending on the storyline. And I adore those shows that can laugh at themselves, too. Spoilers for SPN 2x18 )

Though I still can't believe there're only four episodes left for this season! Oh SPN don't leave me! *clings* And I haven't watched the promo for next episode so don't spoil me or anything, okay? Just in case...

Oh and I've seen the VisualDNA meme around and wanted to try it. It was eerie how accurate some of the stuff they said about 'me' were *blink*

Here is my response )
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Friday! Weekend! Oh how I longed for that day all week, and it's here! Nothing can beat Fridays \o/

Today was the finale of Veronica Mars s2 and since I'd never watched it before, there was no way I was going to miss it. So I made sure that I'd be home. Or okay that's a lie, what happens is that my plans with tbf!Rissy after work were cancelled. Still, I didn't complain because it meant I was home for the episode. Wow. That was some finale, all right! So many twists all around.

Also, Veronica/Logan being one of my ships, I need to ask what exactly happens to them in season 3. Spoil me?

And, of course, today also means Supernatural Friday, wheeeeeeee! The ep finished downloading and it's waiting for me. I'm curious about it - I mean I am on principle but I also want to know whether I'll be on the side of 'underwhelmed' or on the side of 'hey it was awesome!' Usually the divide isn't that obvious so I wonder what the fuss is about.

Still on the subject of SPN. [ profile] janedavitt did a little Alphabet Meme where you 'describe something, anything in 26 words, in alphabetical order.' I went with Dean because, well, this is me we're talking about? ;-) Here is my response:

Abandonment. Brother. Cocky. Damaged. Efficient. Family. Gorgeous. Handful. Impala. Jest. Killer. Loyal. Motherless. Naughty. Obedient. Protective. Quest. Rock. Sacrifice. Tired. Unity. Vulnerable. Warrior. Xrated. Yearning. Zero tolerance for evil.

I've seen some pretty clever responses where the girls actually made a couple of linked sentences with the words, thus writing a sort of drabble out of the whole thing. Dude, that's all kinds of brilliant because I already had trouble finding some words for a couple of the letters. For some others I had a plethora of ideas. Like the 's' for instance where I thought of Sam. Soldier. Solitude. Salt. Slut etc... But I had to pick one and so went with 'sacrifice.'

PS: Am watching Pirates of Silicon Valley and it's all kinds of brilliant! Bill Gates v. Steve Jobs! Johnny Smith v. Doctor Carter! History of Apple and Microsoft! ♥ ♥
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Updating from work; I truly feel comfortable now, don't I? Or it might have to do with all the contracts that refuse to cooperate and thus are making this afternoon workload pretty annoying. So I'm taking a preemptive break. My equivalent of 'fag break' - I don't smoke, granted, but I do have an addiction of the livejournal kind so it's the same thing.

Speaking of getting comfortable at work; I've made my desktop my own, finally. Jensen desktop, toolbar on the side, soothing colours; I can now work properly :-) I'll see about organising the icons later *nods* Oh and when I turn the computer off, Dean and Sam are there to say goodbye, melikey *g*

My Cellie was like 'hey who's that guy? He's pretty.' Dude, yes, he is. Incidentally, things are going well with her, so it's another thing to be happy about.

Unrelated now, I've seen a meme that I thought was pretty nice since it's about pimping the favourite fics among those you've written. Which is always nice, imho, especially considering how it sometimes feels like you're supposed to dislike your own fics. I never understood that one...

So okay my Five Favourite Stories - 2 TS - 1 SPN - 1 Numb3rs - 1 Heroes )

Something I'd love now? For the muse to whisper some TBD bunnies to me. Man, I'd love to write something for that show *nudges muse*

Okay so I started writing this at 1.35pm and it's now 4.50pm, which means the day is almost over and I'll go home soon \o/ I have "God is a Comedian" waiting for me and Heroes that I still haven't seen. I can't wait! *bounces*
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I feel like I'm slowly but surely going back to Screwed Up Sleeping Schedule time! This is what being unemployed does to you... except, well, it's not as if I ever went to bed early even when I was working. Or yes but say 1.00 am was considered early by then.

I should at least try to be in bed... snuggled up good and start a new book, I'm thinking either Smoke and Shadows or Lost Souls. Not that I think either book will put me to sleep but at least I'll be already in bed and tucked in and everything. Could be a first step, at least.

Yeah, anyway, right this minute I'm here and I was thinking of giving you some lovin', flist. It's the Comment to This Post, and I'll Tell You Exactly Why I Enjoy Having You on My Friends-List meme. So... well, just what the title says, all right? I've played a little when people did it on my flist and it's not fair only receiving lovin' so I'm giving away a bit too.

I'm also sharing the song I mentioned in my last post, namely Half Acre by Hem | YSI link. It's one of those songs that makes me feel even more zen than usual. Though admittedly lately I haven't been as zen as I usually am but that's another story. When I listen to that song, it's as if the world slowed down a little bit... Can't really explain it better than that. Or let's just say that I adore it and maybe you will too *g*
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It has been ages since I've watched Les Guignols de l'Info so I don't know if that's a recurring theme or not but hee they did a reference to Prison Break! Chirac having tattooed the map of his house on his wife's back lol Dude *shakes head*

Okay so this is it; the last day of 2006 and as per tradition here is the Year in Writing meme )

My fic resolution for 2007 would be to try playing with challenges a bit more though I'm not holding my breath. I'd also like to write longer stories but, here again, as long as I write, I'm happy so it's not necessary necessary. It would be grand, though, I admit :-)

RL wise... I have a big project in 2007 and I'm hoping I'll achieve it. I also need to find myself a new not!resolution. The one I did last year went well. I wanted to really go back to reading actual books and I did. I listed them all as I finished them and I read thirty-seven novels. It's still a lot less than I used to read Before Internet but I'm still happy because there was a time when it felt like I didn't read any novels anymore, only fics, and it was seriously starting to annoy me. Last year I still read many many fics - duh! - but I also read novels and it was of the good. Oh, and I also made sure to read more French novels - or novels in French, depending - because for a time it also felt as if I only read in English and that was a bit ridiculous. So there *g*

So tonight. It'll be The Parental Unit, The Esu, La Globule and me. We'll celebrate the New Year and my cousin's birthday so we'll double the fun :-) Mum and I went shopping this morning and methinks it'll be a real feast tonight! We'll start the cooking soon enough - it's always fun cooking together, I like that *g*

Hope everyone will spend a lovely New Year celebration - or already did, depending on which side of the world you live in :-)
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CBS finally got with the program and uploaded the preview for the Numb3rs season finale ) And okay, sometimes, the actual episode doesn't measure up with the preview but I do have hope that it will and I'm all excited and impatient about it *bounces*

Now onto the SPN news that everyone and their flists must have heard by now; season 2 is a go, YAY! Jared and Jensen even told us so, being their adorable selves, as per usual - thanks to [ profile] estrella30 for the transcript.

Also, I watched a clip of the interview and they look knackered; I felt tired just looking at Jensen Ackles *pets him* And okay, I don't know if that's the only version of the interview that's going around - it's not the actual interview but a clip of the telly with the interview on - but that's the first download I grabbed so I uploaded it in case it is the real thing: Jared and Jensen interview - zip file.

And the Odd Habit meme, resurrected by [ profile] sockich.

Five Odd Little Habits of mine )

And on a whingeing point: feels like I'm coming down with something as it hurts like hell to swallow, which is just typical as a) I'll be out all day tomorrow and b) I'll work this weekend *rolls eyes* I guess if I do fall sick, I'll snuggle in bed after I'm back from my errands and do an SPN marathon tomorrow and a little Numb3rs one this weekend. Nothing can beat that kind of medicine, right? :-)
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I truly am a wuss - I was cruising some urban legends sites just now, in particular the creepy ones, and I kinda totally freaked myself out *shudder* It also took me back to middle school when Gaëlle, a friend Sandrine and I have in common, used to tell us all about urban legends. She usually did it during 'permanence' which was also tough because we were supposed to be as silent as possible and Sandrine and I would gasp and startle each time... but man, it was always so good. It did make sleeping those nights just a tad difficult but whatever :-) Hey now that I think back of that time, the three of us had quite the Storyteller Society going on. Sandrine watched a lot of films which she would tell us about afterwards - in details, or else it wasn't worth it - and I was in charge of the tv shows and sometimes books: I remember when I was reading Pierre Bellemare, I would tell the stories I'd read to them - and some other friends as well. Oh and I also remember talking about the last episodes of Tales from the Crypt that I'd watched. I had quite a few followers, then. Hee sweet memories :-)

Enough tripping down memory lane. Here are two little memes I've been asked to do. I said why not, because, you know, why not?

1. List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same. If you want to play, just do it, people.

1. Megan [Numb3rs]
2. Terry [Numb3rs]
3. Elle [Criminal Minds]
4. Garcia [Criminal Minds}
5. Veronica Mars [Veronica Mars, duh]
6. Original Cindy [Dark Angel]
7. Max [Dark Angel]
8. Glory [Buffy]
9. Tara [Buffy]
10. Dean [Supernatural]

What? Straight girls always tell us all about how they would go gay for so and so, and I couldn't go straight for Dean? Dude, this is Dean we're talking about, all right? I totally could. For one night? Or maybe two. Yeah.

[ETA: I can't believe I forgot Faith from Buffy omg! So Faith is 10b. There.]

2. If you leave a comment requesting a quick analysis, I will respond to you about the following:

1. I'll respond with something random I like about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you. Or tv show, might be easier for me.
3: I'll name something we should do together.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me (or just me).
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you. I'll try anyway.
6. I'll leave you a quote that is somehow appropriate to you. Ditto
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
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Today was such a gorgeous day! It filled me with glee because I woke up feeling just fine so I could do my errands and as soon as I set a foot inside the house again, I put some shorts and planted myself in my little garden for a long sunbath: book + sun? Is heaven. Also I put some sunblock on - as white people go I'm pretty white so it's a must - and I've been smelling like summer and beach and vacation, hee I love that smell! *sniffs self again*

Unrelated now. I was over at [ profile] turps33's lj the other day and I played with the Letter meme. She gave me the letter 's' and I finally found the time to write my responses so here they are.

S is For )

If you want to play too? Comment on this entry and I'll give you a letter. Then you'll write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation as to what the word means to you and why. Ten or less, who cares about rules?

And now, off to download Prison Break 1x20. How many episodes are left, btw? God, they're going to stop airing SPN, Numb3rs and PB all at the same time, aren't they? That'll kill me for sure!


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