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I thought I might not come back in time to watch "Sniper Zero" tonight, which would have been SAD but I did it! And Edgy sounds really nice in French too *approves*

Okay people, so I went to the mall this afternoon with The Esu and La Globule - that's my cousin's nickname - and as of today I own a Box Set of Shame. Like, I bought a certain box set of a certain season of a certain show which, okay, I never really thought I would own but, apparently, you can always sink lower.

If you tell me what kind of Box Set of Shame you own, I might tell you what I bought. Or you might be very astute and find what it is. Like, I don't know, maybe what comes next will give you a clue?

Because, see, today I had time to watch the Charmed finale and dude! I loved it! And okay so Charmed is like the crackiest of crack!fic, all right? But it was nothing compared to the finale; it reached some new highs, I swear. And the ending? Oh the ending, God! But I just - it rocked. In a cliched-OOT-crack-saccharine Charmed kinda way *loves* And this is an actual spoiler )

Also, [ profile] turps33? Did you know that your Victor played in Charmed? I'm just sayin'.

Back to Numb3rs:

Charlie: [à Alan] Et en plus s'il y avait le moindre danger, Don me laisserait pas y aller, tu le sais très bien.

Alan: [à Don] Il faut que tu sois conscient que Charlie ne peut pas te dire non [...] Il est toujours en quête de l'approbation de son grand frère, que son grand frère le veuille ou non.

Don: [à Charlie] Pourquoi, parce qu'Edgerton t'a dit quelque chose ? Tu n'as rien à prouver ni à lui ni à personne, tu es très bien comme tu es.

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It's done; the last of my beloved show - bar one - has gone on hiatus. It's a difficult fangirl time that begins, let me tell you *wipes eyes*

Numb3rs season finale )

Onto something different: when you see this, post a quote from Supernatural in your Livejournal. Pass it on.

Okay so when I saw this, I got all torn up inside because I didn't know what to pick. I was able to shorten the list to three quotes and then to two, including the following:

Dean: I need you, Dad.

But since we we can only pick one quote, I'll go with the other, namely:

Dean: (to Sam) For you or Dad, the things I'm willing to do or kill, it scares me sometimes...

There :-)
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Man, the UK makes the sexiest, most gorgeous promos for their shows, ever! I mean, the Lost promo was a thing of beauty and now, with the Supernatural one, well, they just became my favourite promo makers. It's so classy, so arty [in a good way, I mean] and yeah so sexy. Why can't the Americans do the same? I guess they don't like subtlety as much as the English do :-)

And hee today is tuesday! Meaning that today is teh "Scarecrow", woohoo! Well tomorrow for me but still, it's Supernatural Tuesday! Which in a twisted kind of way reminds me that I still haven't downloaded the new Stargate so I'll have to do that soon *nods*

Unrelated now. You know that I don't take resolutions for the New Year but let's pretend I had taken one? It would have been to read more actual books this year - also, I thought it wasn't too big a not!resolution so it might be doable. And following that not!resolution, I'm now starting my third book of the month, so there's still hope for me. Let's just hope I'll follow the program *tries to look determined* Hey [ profile] dont_callmebabe? I finished Mysterious Skin and it was brilliant! I'm thinking of getting the book for myself now :-) I'll also watch the DVD asap cause I'm curious to see what they did with the story.

Finally, another 100% unrelated subject. The third season of Kaamelott - Livre III in Kaamelottese - started last night and of course I wasn't there and only came back for the very last episode, ie the tournament one but it's okay because a) I could have missed the whole thing and b) a bit of Kaamelott is better than no Kaamelott at all which actually is another a) in disguise lol But still.

I was laughing my ass off at what I saw and I have the feeling the third season is going to be a blast too - not that I had any doubt, mind! Case in point, the following scene which killed me dead because man, it was pure Gauvin and Yvain. Also, I know le Père Blaise et Calogrenant were there, but I'm not sure who said what so don't take my words for it as such, all right?

Alors sérieux, je sais pas trop où on en est avec les spoilers pour Kaamelott mais au cas où, je vais placer la scenette derrière un cut. )

Man, I have so much LOVE for my French show *hugs Kaamelott* Also, classy: new outfits, new haircuts - and hey, new credits? Impressive *nods*
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Had the laziest day today. Just to give you an idea, I didn't set a foot outside. I was supposed to as I had a meeting with The Best Friend Sandrine but it was cancelled. So instead, I chatted the afternoon away respectively with Babe and Babycakes and er, that's it *cough* Well, The Esu did make an appearance so I had to leave Babycakes but it was still inside-of-the-house-activities so it was still pretty much lazying around. Then Trilogie du Samedi which means *cough*Charmed*cough* followed by Tru Calling, then a little of L&O: CI - it's an episode that always breaks my heart - and I'm now watching a rerun of Buffy while chatting with Babe again. Yeah, LAZIEST DAY EVER!

Back to Buffy now - it's "Flooded" which I love because Geeky Trio, yay! I also know that everyone in the fandom hates with a passion season 6 and season 7 but I usually don't care what the fandom might think so I? Love those seasons *is also a huge Andrew fan* And yes, I do love the infamous Geeky Trio in particular. Speaking of which? I bring two scenes with them. Both from "Flooded" - transcript found here.

Spéciale décidace à [ profile] dont_callmebabe, btw ;-)

First scene with the Geeky Trio )

Then the second one which is a favourite of mine )

That second scene? *laughs* Cracks me up like you wouldn't believe *gasp*
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I'm thinking I'd like some whine with my cheese - if you could indulge me just for a moment? Thanks. My sleep pattern is completely screwed up and I'm, well, tired of it. Last night I went to sleep around 3.00 am. I? Had to get up at 6.45 am - I'll let you imagine how well that went. I'm feeling light-headed all day long and it feels like I'm living in a cotton-wrapped world all the time. I know why I can't sleep - still, I'm tired of the whole thing *sigh*

Okay, whining over *waves hands*

Tomorrow is the release date of the Complete First Season of The Dead Zone on DVD - technically, I know that buying the box set isn't going to be my brightest idea but sometimes you just need to spoil yourself, know what I mean? So methinks I'll treat myself with a new box set soon. Tomorrow even, if I have time to make a detour to the mall. And seriously, the timing is perfect since with all the DZ talk I've seen on LJ lately, I was craving some little DZ marathon ;-)

I still haven't watched Lost 2x04 - and as a matter of fact, I haven't even watched 2x03. I have to admit I have been more excited about both Numb3rs and Supernatural... maybe I'll finally rectify it today. Can't abandon my shiny show, right? I wasn't impressed by 2x02 but I have no intention on giving up on the series at this point.

Unrelated now - next week should be nice. First, Serenity is coming out and second, the Kaamelott cast will hold a signing session in Paris! According to [ profile] french_hobbit's smart theory, the whole team should be there. We can only hope now *fingers crossed* But dude! That would be so Very Awesome!

Speaking of Kaamelott: reason #25412 Why I Love Bohort - because he's so the woobie of the Kaam-verse. )

Bohort! *hugs tight*

PS: [ profile] yami_tai? I finally read the new chapters of Haru wo Daiteita and I have no words either! *melts with you* And have you read the newest chapter? It's a raw version so it's not as if I could understand exactly what was happening except for Is that a spoiler? Okay just in case. )

ETA: Guys! Take a look at [ profile] kaamelott's new look - we now have a header and an icon and all *feels so proud* There's also a girl who created her lj only to be able to join the comm - I mean, DUDE! Best compliment ever *preens*
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Had one of those OMG So Very Lazy days today. It wasn't even supposed to be that way but because of Teh Strike - this is France for you - I had most of my plans for the day cancelled so just decided to hibernate - sorta - and stay home. Twas a brilliant idea too since [ profile] babycakesin called me and if not for Teh Strike, I wouldn't have been there! Thank you Annoying Strike, you certainly had some redeeming qualities :-)

Since I - apparently - didn't have anything better to do, I played over at [ profile] dont_callmebabe's LJ after she asked us what our favourite book cover for HBP was, ie which country has the best one. So I found this site which offers quite a lot of different book covers and in the end, I found two favourites for the sixth volume: as previously established, favourite #1 is still from the United Kingdom - the adult edition. Favourite #2 is from Ukraine. Actually, I like all the Ukrainian ones.

OH Stargate S7 is airing again! I've been trying not miss "Full Circle" and "Fallen" and of course... that's exactly what happened *sigh* I arrived right in time for the briefing scene in "Fallen" and admittedly it has one of my favourite moments. )

But! I missed the Blue Robes of True Hotness and that's just so very sad *cries* Oh and I missed nekkid!Daniel which is so very sad too, of course but, I mean - BlueRobes!Daniel *dies*

It also never fails to amuse me how in the same episode I have Blair talking to Daniel. Well, sorta. Jonas is dubbed by the same actor who dubs Blair in TS so when I close my eyes, it almost sounds like all those SG/TS xovers suddenly became reality ;-) Only I'm missing Jim's voice, of course. Well, you can't have everything, right? Anyway, I imagine that Jim is busy somewhere - then I imagine all the hot sex scenes once he's back with Blair... and then I imagine Jack and Daniel joining them and boy is it getting hot in here or what?
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Had a pretty busy day: went to school, ran some errands - most of them school related - got some news - bad and good, and speaking of the good, congratulations again [ profile] moimoietmoi! I received your text message and might have bounced after reading it *g* - and oh! I also watched the eclipse this morning - lovely :-)

On the fannish front: I finally watched Lost 2x02 and er, well, can't say I was impressed. I mean, you know how sometimes an episode works - admittedly regarding Lost it's kinda the norm - and sometimes it doesn't? That one didn't. I might have started tidying my room while watching it at one point, even *cough*

Two things though - which actually don't even really matter plot wise )

Yeah, that's all - I mean, I'm not saying nothing happened or anything, it just - I don't know, it didn't speak to me that much this time *shrug* Though wait, the last ten seconds or so? Ie the very last scene? Definitely woke me up - holy shit! Is it next week yet, is it? *bounces*

I'm now waiting for my Desperate Housewives download to complete - 95% woohoo. I'm quite impatient to watch because Richard Burgi is in that one. And I'm so very glad because apparently he'll come back several times throughout the season and you can't ever have too much RB :-)

Oh and another woohoo to the release of the Desperate Housewives DVDs in December! I know what I'll ask le Père Noël, yay! *starts her Christmas list*

Finally, Kaamelott Quote of the Day:

Karadoc et Perceval : *à Arthur*
On en a gros!

Which actually is kinda mean of me cause without the proper context and all - doesn't really mean a lot. But Henry and I have been saying that quote to each other all of yesterday and I couldn't resist.

ETA: 'tain, Alexandre Astier m'éclate même quand il est pas en Arthur! En parlant de Kaamelott: "J’aime casser les genoux aux préjugés historiques. Dans Kaamelott, Arthur est sans noblesse et sa quête est réduite à une formalité administrative et poussive. Kaamelott, ça aurait dû être Le Seigneur Des Anneaux, mais finalement bah... finalement, non." Trop fort lol
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Forgot to wish a happy birthday to [ profile] greensilver yesterday. Sorry, girl, and a Happy Belated Birthday to you. Hope you had a fantastic day *hugs*

Since I never sleep, I watched Numb3rs 2x02 early this morning last night. Do some of you remember how even though I enjoyed the episode last week, there was something that felt off to me? Well DUDE! Nothing felt off this time, NOTHING!

Numb3rs 2x02 - Bettor or Worse )

Oh that was good *beams*

And to keep with the theme:

#1: Some quotes from the episode by [ profile] spikedluv.

#2: A little tag for "Bettor or Worse" by [ profile] spikedluv again. Don/Charlie warning...

Totally unrelated now, the Kaamelott Quote of the Day - we so need a Kaamelott quotes comm around here!

Yvain : [sur le sujet de la future campagne militaire qu'il devra faire]
Je refuse d'aller me battre pour soutenir une politique d'expansion territoriale dont je ne reconnais pas la légitimité.

Dois je ajouter qu'Yvain est le beau-frère du roi ?
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So I watched the premiere of Medical Investigation last night - with my BIL, via MSN. Twas fun - and as expected I wasn't blown away by it, but it was okay enjoyable. The characters are all pretty cliched but why not? I guess I'll watch it again. And Christopher Gorham is awfully cute. Also, I was wondering, is there MI slash out there? Just asking.

Numb3rs is downloading as I speak - hail to Saturday rituals - and I'll watch it tonight as soon as I'm back. I couldn't help read some reviews though. I usually wait until I've seen it for myself before clicking on the cuts, but this time I was curious to see how people had reacted to that second episode - seeing so many fans were ready to "quit" on the show just after one little episode - and it seems the reviews were more positive.

I'll also have to remember to download the season premiere of Without a Trace... Lost has been downloaded btw, so it's okay.

And to keep with the Tv Addict theme, more Kaamelott squeeing:

Kaamelott rambling - spoilers, donc? Euh bah oui. )

Also hey! There's slash in Kaamelott. Sorta. Okay so not really. Enfin Bohort a bien fait parler de lui, disons :-) J'ai choisi ce sketch pour cette raison et aussi parce que j'adore le genre de situation où d'un seul coup tout dégénère:

Kaamelott - Le Chevalier Femme )

PS: Eeek read this! "A l'occasion de la sortie des premiers DVD Kaamelott (l'intégrale du Livre I), trois journées "Dédicace" avec l'équipe de la série auront lieu en Octobre et en Novembre à Paris et à Lyon ! Nous vous donnerons bientôt plus de détails !" Boy! Paris and Lyon! Aren't we lucky, girls? *beams* Hope I'll be able to go, that would be such a blast :-)
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Still haven't downloaded Lost 2x02. I know, what the hell am I waiting for? Well I've been busy with RL so there. I think I'll download it after I'm back tonight but if it's not over and done with tomorrow morning when I wake up, ie when I'm about to start my Numb3rs download, it'll have to wait! Yes, Numb3rs comes before Lost *is so strict omg*

Also, did someone hear something of interest concerning Booth (Bones) in the coming episode/episodes? Yes, I'm talking about a spoiler here. Seems someone from my flist heard something that might be of interest but since she didn't tell us what yet, I'm asking here in case someone knows what she was talking about :-) It could end up being a nice incentive for me to download more. Except it seems the show is going on hiatus? Dude, I wasn't that interested to begin with, if it disappears so soon, I'm not sure I'll even remember it come November *cough*


On Kaamelott news now: j'ai donc commencé à faire chauffer mes nouveaux DVDs et j'ai comme l'impression qu'ils ne sont pas près de prendre des vacances! J'ai bien essayé de me trouver un Episode Favori mais à chaque fois c'est pas un titre d'épisode qui me vient à l'esprit mais tout une liste: "Heat", "Le Chevalier Mystère" - j'ai transcrit l'épisode en entier, faudra que je le tape plus tard - "Le Fléau de Dieu", "Codes et Stratégies" - enfin vous voyez le genre lol

Also, for a) [ profile] babycakesin who doesn't know the show yet b) those who do and want to squee with me and c) everyone who's brave enough to click on the tag knowing there's French hidden behind it, here some Kaamelott quotes and longers excerpts - in French. Donc en fait, je sais même pas pourquoi je commence mon cut tag en Anglais. )

Dude! I love that little series beyond the telling of it *cuddles*
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Dude! Life on-line is full of surprises, wow. So last night I had a craving for some nice M7 slash - happens to me every now and then. Don't know why it happens, it just does. I chose at random and picked The Years Between by TrueEnough which turned out to be wonderful. So it definitely put me in the mood for more. Anyway, I'm cruising the site, poking around and I find this "Download" section at the bottom of the page and I'm thinking, "hey nice, I'll download some vids" - vids are the next best thing when you can't watch the show, right? So I click and holy shit Batman they're not vid downloads! Nope. They're episode downloads! Well okay, there's just one but still! I couldn't believe my luck, really. I thought it was a sham or something - yes, I'm Fox Mulder's lost sister, that is, the other one, why do you ask?

So I did download the episode, namely "One Day Out West", and turns out it wasn't a sham or anything - it was the real episode. I, Mousey Mouse, watched an episode of The Magnificent Seven. Boggles the mind.

My impression? Boy westerns crack me up! You gotta love a genre where stereotype isn't just a word, it's a way of life and where predictable lines aren't even a way of life, they're... well, there's no word for what they are. Well, it's a western, anyway. Though if you think I didn't like what I saw, you'd be mistaken. I did like it - plus hey, I was a fan of the movies when I was a kid, though that doesn't mean anything, granted - and it was really good finally seeing Vin and Chris and the others in the flesh - well, you know what I mean. I sure wish WhoeverUploadedTheEpisode uploaded more now because it's tough when you had a taste of something and you know you might not taste it again.

Also, I just love how Vin and Chris seem to always find their way into each other's space. I mean, one scene you have the whole gang Doing Their Thing, the next everyone left except for Vin who's suddenly standing close to Chris. Or you'll have a scene with the whole gang Doing Their Thing and the next, everyone left except for Chris who's suddenly standing close to Vin. Theirloveissopositional.

Unrelated now, a little meme: "Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have less than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between 50 and 75 interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over 75 interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much":

Here be meme )

Oops okay, can't finish, Desperate Housewives starts soon and er, I need to eat and all.

Though wait, I was watching Kaamelott just now and I love that series so much omg! It cracks me up like you wouldn't believe. Leur jeu de balle, là? J'en pouvais plus! *is still laughing*

Et un petit extrait de l'épisode d'avant:

*Chevaliers assis à la Table Ronde*
Chevalier JeSaisPlusQui: Moi j'avais fait vœu de pauvreté.
Roi Arthur: Et?
C JSPQ: Bah avec le blé que je me faisais, j'arrivais pas à concilier les deux.

Ca m'éclate! lol
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Today is not just any other day. First because it's the birthday of the kinkiest girl on my flist - and how much do I love her for that! - namely [ profile] stalecorruption. I hope you won't ever change because reading your entries is one of those little joys in life. I hope this year will give you bloodplay and jackass kinkiness and tatooed!boys dirty sex and, well, just everything your naughty heart can desire - oh and lots of joy and happiness IRL too! *kisses*

Second because today was my last day at the Hôtel des Finances... so I'm now on vacation, yay! I have quite a lot RL stuff to do but it's still vacation!

Awww I think I just melted! So the tv is on and I'm not exactly paying attention to what program I'm not-watching - so okay it's Koh-Lanta, aka French Version of Survivor, and it's a sequence where the participants are allowed to watch video tapes of their families and stuff. The remaining five are all standing close to each other and all and watching the tapes and it's Alexis' turn to see the video that was made for him and it was from his boyfriend! And he was introduced as "compagnon d'Alexis" and the guy is calling Alexis "mon coeur" [sweetheart] and feeling all teary because he's missing him and Alexis is getting all teary too and TF1? I think I love you for not being a bunch of jerks and actually not giving a damn about including a love message from a man to his male lover. I mean, they could have chosen his parents or something, but they picked the boyfriend. That was sweet. Also one day, I won't even feel the need to point out that a channel did that kind of thing because it'll be normal, but that day hasn't arrived yet, so there. Also, Alexis' job? Is "psychic", well okay "clairvoyant" but seriously, isn't that cool? It's the reason why he was my favourite participant. I mean, if I watched that stuff, of course *cough*

Speaking of French tv and gay stuff - I was supposed to watch my Men in Skirt movie yesterday but I got caught up in the comments game on LJ and remained glued to my computer. I had the tv on though - as I'm wont to do - and Deux heures moins le quart avant Jésus-Christ - because the French can't pick a short title for a movie to save their lives - was my background sound.

It's a silly peplum parody and there's this scene which never fails to make me smile: Ben-Hur Marcel goes to that club totally ignorant of the fact that it is, in fact, Babylon a gay club and thinks every guy in the place is actually part of a conspiracy he thinks he's supposed to stop - he was enrolled against his will, btw. He has this kinda funny conversation with Jules César in disguise - who's gayer than gay here and wants some anonymous sex with little leather gladiator boys - where César thinks Ben-Hur Marcel is a virgin who came for a little ride, and Ben-Hur Marcel thinks he's talking with one of the conspirators: cue to aforementioned funny chat aka where I prove that innuendo and quid pro quo won't ever get old for me, even in oldish French movies and I won't apologise, dammit! En français, par contre, sorry )

And in case some foreigners clicked under the cut - actif/passif is the French equivalent of top/bottom, which, obviously, is why that line is funny. And "en être" is a way of saying someone is gay without saying the words.

To keep with the theme - eeek! Embracing Love [Haru wo Daiteita] vol 1 is ready to be pre-ordered! How beautiful is that! I'll order it via amazon but since there was no pic, I linked to the AnimeCastle site.
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OMG! They're airing The Sentinel again! And they didn't warn me first? How could I miss that *gasp* There's something rotten in the kingdom of French TV, I'm telling you. I caught the very last minute and squeed like a squeeing thing, then pouted like a pouting thing because damn, I had no idea TS was back on the air. But see, you can always trust M6, Network of the Never Ending Reruns *g*

Jim and Blair are back on my TV, yay! Hopefully it wasn't just a one time thing and they're here for the duration. I mean, M6 and TS have an... interesting relationship where they air the thing then stop, then resume it, not always at the first episode or not always where they left it. But well, who cares? It's back!

On a different note, in honour of Jacques Villeret, famous French actor who died yesterday, here one of my favourite scenes ever where he played Pignon, which incidentally is also a cultish scene - so it's not just me *g* Taken from Le Dîner de Cons:

Brochant: Il s'appelle Juste Leblanc.
Pignon : Ah bon, il n'a pas de prénom?
B: Je viens de vous le dire : Juste Leblanc. "Leblanc", c'est son nom, et c'est "Juste" son prénom.
P: ...
B: Monsieur Pignon? Votre prénom à vous, c'est François, c'est juste?
P: Oui
B: Et bien lui, c'est pareil. C'est Juste.

*laughs* This scene is pure genius. There are lots of lines which are absolutely awesome and hilarious in the movie, but that particular scene is my favourite ever.

Now back to coding more stories for Sentinel Thursday. Believe it or not, but the archive was finally updated *g*

Also, can I say how much I enjoyed the communal squeeing I saw on my flist last night during/after Prometheus Unbound? Man, it was so sweet! I can't wait to see the episode now though, seriously *is excited* And best thing is? I fucking have the episode on CD!! I didn't have time to watch all the CDs the brilliant and saint [ profile] lerefuge sent me yet because the past month has been quite hectic and busy and stuff, but I won't have to wait forever to watch it omg!!!
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Torture is seeing the latest episode of Lost up for grabs and having to wait for the wmv file because the mpg is just too big, you know? But I'm nothing if not patient so I'll survive. Maybe.

So anyway, to make the wait more bearable, I did a TVseries Quote meme, as per [ profile] babycakesin's orders. She wanted one, I live to serve her, so I obeyed - life can be fairly simple sometimes, see? If you want to play as well? It's inside.

TVSeries Quotes meme )

Now I'm going to read my flist and try to resist the lure of the spoilers - though I don't think it'll be a problem since as time passes, this spoiler-free thing gets easier and easier *g*
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Wanna know something weird? Yes, rhetorical question as usual. Something weird is that yesterday was No Lost Day... and I didn't even really notice. No, seriously. I remember telling myself Wednesday night that that treacherous Bachelor special had robbed us of our beloved show for the night but on Thursday? I woke up and did all I had to and when I came back home I was all excited about my DVD finally finding its way to my mailbox and I just didn't really pay attention that we hadn't had our Lost fix, indeed. It's only when Babycakes mentioned how weird it'd been for her that I realised that yes, I should have gone into withdrawal or something - except, well, I didn't. Weird.

Speaking of Jim Henson's The Storyteller? Out of the - apparently - nine tales the Storyteller told us throughout this series, I remembered three in particular - two of which are in this first volume. When I realised they were there I was all bouncy. I have to say for the record that I've always had good tastes, even when I was a kid, because this series? Is really brilliant - and I also love how they play with the setting of the scenes, in particular the Chinese shadow plays, which I've always been a fan of. Actually, it reminded me of another series, Les Contes de Grimm, where all the stories were told using Chinese Shadows - boy did I love that one too! Hey French Posse, remember those series?

And today I've been a good student so after catching up with school work, I decided to be a good net junkie too. I coded the stories for the latest challenges at ST and [ profile] turps33? I sent them all to you except for the 67th which will come later. And I also archived my latest TS at my site. I won't tell you when my last update was btw - that was scary! Feeling all accomplished can be nice, I'll grant you that *g*

Oh and while I was coding my little heart out, I listened to the [audio] episodes of Les Aventuriers du Survivaure which I downloaded a couple of days ago and boy it's awesome! Maybe not exactly as hilarious as Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk but seriously it cracks me up - a Star Trek parody with some SW and other sci-fi movie references - among other things - thrown in the midst? Is too good to miss! I just adore that kind of thing, I can't get enough of it.

Here a little sample for the French Posse :

ET: Nous savons qu'ils vont tenter de nous tendre un piège. Elaborons un piège dans lequel ils tomberont au moment où ils vont tenter de nous le tendre.
Johnson: Et que se passerait-il s'ils savaient que nous savons qu'ils vont nous tendre un piège?
Sabrovitch: Ils nous tendraient un piège à leur tour sans doute.
ET: Oui c'est possible c'est vrai.
Johnson : Et nous tomberions dans le piège qu'ils nous auraient tendu alors que nous leur tendions le piège dans lequel ils étaient censés tomber pendant qu'ils nous tendaient eux-même un piège. Et nous serions... piégés.

This kind of humour always kills me lol Of course, with the right context it would sound funnier - because just the outrageous accents they're all using are funny on their own, but it gives you an idea, at least *g*
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My cousin Martine was supposed to spend the night, but she cancelled and will come tomorrow only, so here I am, spamming my LJ - isn't it cruel, huh? *g*

So, some little things - pointless, random, you know the drill, right?

First, my badge of honour, courtesy of [ profile] rohandove, who initiated the thing :

I'm afraid you can't really understand the importance of the Great Comment Experiment unless you were there, but I was, and it was grand *solemn*

Second, for [ profile] yami_tai, I bring The Cucumber Quote. I have too many quotes on my LJ already, so instead of including it directly, I'll just post it here. But it deserved to be memorised, really, so there, Tai *g*

Michael: I knew how to put a condom on a cucumber before I knew how to drive.
Ben: Well ya know, I was gonna ask you out tonight but now I'm not so sure.
Michael: Why not?
Ben: Well...Michael, a cucumber is a lot to live up to.

Third, huh, I'm afraid I sorta neglected the J/D ficathon. Yeah, I got distracted - who would have thought vids could have so much power?? It boggles the mind. Back to the ficathon though, I'm thinking I'll read the stories step by step; there're too many of them, anyway, at one point it felt like I was gathering all story-lines in one weird fic, and it was just wrong on so many levels *shakes head* Sometimes you have to be reasonable and take a break *g* Some people on my flist were surprised to realise that there is such a thing as 'reading too many J/D', and somehow I see their point now lol
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Okay so let's try *again* to post the rest of the entry I previously posted-- obviously.

You know how when you speak about one of your favourite shows to someone who doesn't really know anything about it, you usually suddenly have this urge to read fics or watch episodes or find vids or whatever afterward? That's what happened with Oz.

I've been talking about it with [ profile] iscaris two days ago, and linking her to some videos... and I ended up watching every one of those vids on the C5 archive. Damn, those files are just the *best*! It's like they used every important scenes with Toby (or any other characters, but I was watching his files) and put them on the site. Incredible! From the snogging, to the servicing other men, to the branding, to the tender scenes... everything is there! It's like watching the essence of Toby. Perfect *sigh*

Also, since I'm talking about favourite scenes... I joined a new comm a couple of days ago, [ profile] goodenough4me, because you know, you never have enough of them-- and thanks to [ profile] dissident_dream, I now have the transcript of my favourite scene in QaF UK, which incidentally is also one of my favourite scenes ever *happy sigh*

The It was good enough for me Scene )

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this one *melts* I need to get this episode DVD, it'll be the next QaF DVD I'll get *nods*

Okay, I need to leave for the uni now-- but before I leave. I wanted to say something to [ profile] princess_bunny :


I received the new card.... damn, you know how to pick them, don't you? I'm going to put them all together, they'll look so beautiful! Now, if only I sent yours! lol Actually, I have several things to send :

To Do List, aka Things To Send List :

- the Spike booklet to [ profile] angellemyst
- the card to [ profile] princess_bunny
- the first volume of Kizuna to [ profile] yami_tai

I didn't forget any of you, promise *g*
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This is a GIP that I'm trying to hide behind a post- ush.

Terri and Babycakes asked me about my new obsession, namely Andrew Wells, and since it's pretty new, I couldn't really tell them that much- although, even when I don't have a lot to say, I succeed in writing a lot, that's just one of my sekrit powers *eg*

Anyway, I went hunting tonight and found some funny quotes, and somehow, they're just perfect to show why I like Andrew so much. I just picked some at random, I mean, there're way more, but I couldn't paste the whole site, could I? Don't answer that.

Found at Funnel Cakes and Flying Monkeys for the most part, and a transcript site.

Geekest geek that ever geeked, here be Andrew and his Super Villain buddies )

And people wonder why I love him so much? *sigh*

And now - I never realized Warren/Andrew was, you know, canon?

It's not subtext anymore, right? )

Wow... Warren and Andrew, Warren/Andrew - canon subtext turned text. At least, definitely from Andrew's angle. Manipulative!Warren, hurt!Andrew - love me some canon angst *eg* It's putting this pairing under a brand new light - one I just love *nods*

A last thought (if you're lucky *g*) Billy Elliot is such a beautiful and wonderful movie! I mean, I knew it, I'd heard so much about that movie when it was released, but I never got around to see it, and finally tonight I did. Gotta get the DVD.
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The "Oz" fandom is definitely welcoming! My new listsibs are just so nice, and helpful and enthusiastic... I already got several offers to get some episodes, on tapes or CDs. How nice is that, I'm asking you *g* I won't forget the very first offer though. I'm always baffled by other people's generosity toward virtual strangers *g*

I also was given the URL of a site where I found transcripts, and I have now in my possession the whole show minus four episodes. I mean, how cool is that? Granted, it's not the real thing, but transcripts are a step closer to the stories, the characters, in some way a step closer to the the spirit of the show, know what I mean? My imagination is working like crazy with each new line I'm reading, this is *brilliant*!

And speaking of what is said in "Oz", how can I resist a show where I can find a combination of dialogs like this :

(From "The Tip")

Robson: Hey, c'mon, wake up. Get up for a second.
Beecher: No.
Robson: C'mon.
Beecher: Fuck you.
Robson: Suck my cock. C'mon, man, suck my cock. C'mon, suck my cock, prag.
Beecher: Fuck you. (Robson hits him.) All right, all right.
Robson: Get up. Let's go. C'mon, let's go.
Beecher, OK, ok.
Robson: C'mon, bitch

With soliloquy like this (it's Hill speaking, in "Losing your Appeal)

Boy meets girl. Boy gets laid. What makes us want to fuck somebody? Is it the color of their eyes, the shape of their legs, the spike of their heels? Or is what the poets tell us, that there's something deeper. A shared loss, a longing to find someone who knows the depth of our sadness. Some people search their whole lives for that someone. Some find them, some don't. Some fool themselves into believing they're in love. And in Oz, most times, the illusion is better than the reality.

Nice, uh? I'm still making my way through the transcripts, I downloaded them all this afternoon, and I started reading them, but some things, you have to savour *g*


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