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I opened my "LJ Entry" draft and saw that I'd started writing an entry a whole week ago. It actually stopped mid-sentence, wtf.

Ok, and now, I wrote what's above yesterday. I'm thinking it's a good thing I have to eat at my desk today as it'll give me the opportunity to sit down and finally complete this post. Else I'm afraid I'll let two more weeks go without a single update.

It's not even as if I had nothing to tell you about! Admittedly mostly about random stuff but still. For instance, I did go and see Snowpiercer with the FP and I loved it. And, ok, Curtis, Edgar, they were great, yeah, but I was completely smitten with Grey. We must see him, what, three times? Sometimes never more than, say, fifteen seconds? But some characters just make an impression on you, no matter how long their screen time. As a consequence, I suppose I'll have to give a try to the new version of The Musketeers? Plus, rewatch The Borgias, since that's where I saw Luke Pasqualino for the first time.

Since my last entry I also officially hopped on the Sleepy Hollow bandwagon. So I'm watching it every week instead of waiting till the season is over and mainlining the episodes.

And! Last but not least, my weekend. So I had a great one, it included family time, friends time (spent most of my Sunday with [personal profile] crazybutsound, which is always awesome) and... STEPHEN KING! I actually saw Stephen King live. He made his first official visit to France (and Germany, apparently) last week, and his tour included a fan event in a big theater in Paris. And I was there!

It was absolutely fantastic, I was in fan-heaven, seriously. He had us all under his spell. We got to hear him talk about his writing, his inspiration, his career for around 1h30. He was so interesting, enthusiastic, funny, touching and witty! I mean, obviously he's a wonderful storyteller and it showed, he knows how to work a crowd without even really trying. Which is funny because he's such a simple guy. He started with this whole speech about his and most people's fear of the dark and he went to talk to us, the audience, telling us how we would eventually go back home, in the dark, maybe alone and one never knows what can happen! He went on about this study that states that out of a thousand people (exactly how many people there were in the theater) 5% forget to lock the door on their way out. He added that since we must have been pretty impatient to see him, chances are it was more than 5% that night. And so, it was possible that someone, or something, had gotten in. And most of the time, those scary people loved to hide either in a shower or under your bed and, you know, not to scare us or anything but those things happen! People were laughing and applauding and squeeing and that was just around five minutes in the show! Definitely a great start :)

There was also a reading, which means I had Stephen King read the first two pages of Doctor Sleep to me (and a thousand other people, whatever!). I just had a blast ♥
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Hello, flist! I was ready to post an entry about my awesome weekend in Normandy with the family and then about my day at work and how I am ever so impatient for the two upcoming bank holiays in November but then! Then this happened: JGL! In the flesh )

To make a long story short, we found ourselves near the cinema where the premiere of Don Jon (or a second "premiere", I'm not exactly sure) took place and were able to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt with the rest of the crowd. He was absolutely lovely ♥ ♥ I still can't believe our luck ;)
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I'd like to tell you about my day. This morning, I woke up - not without difficulties, I might add; getting up is never the best part of a work day but lately it's become a real challenge - showered, got dressed and got out of the house with Cookie. I woke up too late to have breakfast so I brought one of our Starbucks tumblers to work with me. Then I worked: no crises to avert, no problems to solve, just regular work, which was ok.

Pretty ordinary day, right? Right. Then THIS HAPPENED )

Aka Fassbender's Shame premiere.

Here's the longish story )

Short story: we went to the Shame premiere, waited till Michael Fassbender arrived and then just basked in his sexiness and charm. The man is just the cutest, he took the time to sign many autographs, accepted to pose with several fans so that they coud get their pictures with him and was a really good sport; he was adorable.

Some pictures of our evening )

Can you believe it? We actually went from an ordinary, everyday day to seeing Michael Fassbender in the flesh ♥ ♥ And just because Cookie saw a poster for the premiere in the street #Fate

[ETA: Cookie posted her own entry and she was nicer to the couple of other people that we saw as she mentioned and posted pics of them as well as Fassy.]
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Unexpected 'actor sighting' happened yesterday! Jem and I were at Shakespeare & Co, browsing for a new book to buy, and I did a double-take when I realised Ethan Hawke was standing next to me! If you've been to Shakespeare & Co or if you've ever watched Highlander, you'll know that the shop is small and everyone is always standing close to everyone else, so it was funny (and quite the surprise) to see him like that. Ethan Hawke in the flesh. Nice! As it turns out, we found out that one of the books on the shelves was his. I had no idea the guy was also a writer! You learn something new everyday.

While at St Michel, we also spent some time in one of those little 'postcards/posters' shops and I was reminded of how much I enjoy it when people on my flist offer to send postcards, so I bought four, meaning that if you want a postcard from me/France, you have to let me know in this entry and I'll send them your way. First come, first served, as they say.

Today is so sloooow! There're only four of us left in the department, the whole university is deserted, and I can't help but wonder what the hell I'm still doing here *sigh* I cannot wait for Friday to come. VACATIONOMG! *longs for Friday*

'What the hell are we doing here' was a leitmotiv this weekend, actually. Jem and I kept reading all those comic con reports, watching all the comic con pictures, and weeping because omg, why couldn't we be in San Diego too?! From tv shows to bands, it felt like my favourite fandoms were represented there. Damn, it almost hurt to read the reports. Except I couldn't keep away because I love reports. And pictures. And reports with pictures. And let's not forget the vids.

I've been also quite excited because we've been getting so many new stuff about Panic! From the little show they did to the video they've been shooting. And I love that when it's not Spencer who's busy pictwitting pictures of Brendon, it's Shane and Zach doing it - with pictures of Spencer as a bonus. Which we don't get when he's the one taking pics, obviously. So it's awesome that Shane and Zach join in the fun :-) They're the best fanboys ever &hearts ♥ Please to never be stopping posting pictures, ok? Thxbai.
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2. Went to Le Salon du Livre this afternoon with [ profile] moimoietmoi and [ profile] greedy_dancer to get our respective Neil Gaiman books signed by, well, NEIL GAIMAN obviously *g* [ profile] azhureheart, [ profile] angeliksmall, [ profile] rosengirl and two of their friends joined us in the queue to see the master and WE ALL GOT OUR BOOKS SIGNED! We saw Neil Gaiman, dude. For reals. He's a charming guy :-) And he had his leather jacket. Just as a side note *cough*

Wanna see what he said? )

So now my copy of American Gods isn't just one of my favourite books, it's also one of my most precious books! For it was signed by Neil Gaiman!

We also saw Alexandre Astier - stayed a little bit to see his interview - Roger Hanin and many, many other famous people... who were actually famous for other people cause we didn't know them. In any case, WE SAW NEIL GAIMAN! Speaking of Alexandre Astier - [ profile] angeliksmall is a sweetheart; she got Kaamelott: Au coeur du Moyen Age and had it signed for me by Alexandre Astier and hee you're just the best, girl! *kisses* We also found the - one and only - queer lit stall and Sam and I each bought a novel. In French! Most, like 99,99%, of my queer lit collection is in English. Nice change.

1. Watched "Heart" this morning and isn't that title So Very Perfect? I'll start with the spoilers for SPN 2x17 here so magic cut it is. )

Finally, here I am again with the requesting song and all, but does anyone have the song that they played at the end and would be willing to share it with me? Tia!

Also I knew I'd heard that song before, in another show, and it came back to me. [ profile] katikat, if there's one person who might know what I'm talking about it'll be you; it was used in an episode of The Hat Squad. Does it ring a bell? The scene, I mean. It was in a flashback... pretty sad, too. I don't remember which ep it was but, dude, I must have seen that single season once, what, thirteen years ago? Still, I remember loving the song the first time I heard it. Twas nice hearing it again. Even nicer that, now, with the internets, I might finally get to save it on my HD :-)
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I saw Bernard Werber at the book signing yesterday *twirls* I went there straight after work [5.00 pm], met with Sandra in front of the store [5.30] bought the book and started waiting in line. At 6.05 he made his appearance and, before the signing, we had a forty-five minutes interview we him, which was awesome. That man is so interesting it's not natural. Then he started signing his books and something else that has to be said about the guy is that he's incredibly sweet. He talks to people all the time. He doesn't just, you know, take your book, barely look at you, sign the thing and basta. No. He talks to you and smiles at you and even if technically he's here on a job, you don't really notice it, you know? His agent, now, never forgot and she would sometimes press him to go quicker and stuff and what I love is that he always apologised to his readers when she did. Awesome dude!

Something else that is awesome is that he remembered me from last time! Okay so he remembered my name but whatever! So it was finally Sandra's and my turn and Sandra wanted a pic with him, so I took it, then she wanted a pic of BW alone so he stood up and struck a pose and then I gave my book and told him which name he was supposed to sign it for and he was like 'didn't we meet already?' I think I did the 'widened her eyes' thing and Sandra and I said in perfect unison 'oohhh bonne mémoire!' which was definitely it 'good memory, here, my man.' Then he told me he remembered my name and woohoo for original names sticking to people's memories! In particular when they happen to be some of my most favourite authors ever *g*

I got home around 9.15 pm and I was kinda tired but I couldn't stop smiling :-)

I didn't have the time to watch Heroes though as I could start the download only after my return and even though the torrent went faster than usual I didn't feem like waiting til 2.00 am to watch the ep so it's sitting on my HD and waiting for me to get home tonight. It's also something to look forward too so I'm okay with it. Sad thing is that I'm kinda behind on Prison Break now. Need to remedy that. After Heroes, though.

Something else to look forward to today is that yesterday a student promised to bring us pains au chocolat this morning. I knew working Au Chèques was gonna pay off lol He'd better keep his word because The Girls and I are counting on him! *crosses fingers*
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Today was a Great Day! Why? Because I got to meet one of my favourite authors *bounces* A couple of days ago I was cruising Bernard Werber's official site which told me that he was going to do a signing this Saturday in Paris; Sandra and I being huge fans of him - I'm proud to say that I was the one who converted her, btw - there was no way we would miss it, right?

So that's how Sandra and I found ourselves waiting in front of Les Deux Magots café at 3.00 pm this afternoon to meet with the guy. And okay, about Les Deux Magots? It's a very famous Parisian café - it's what we call a literary café? - where people like Paul Verlaine, Mallarmé, Oscar Wilde, Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir or Hemingway - just to name a few - used to hang out in their times. Neat, uh? Not exactly a practical place for a signing but classy all the same.

There was another author with BW, but I have no idea who the guy was - I actually felt sorry for him because people kept coming for Bernard Werber... but, dude, it's Bernard Werber, of course he wins at popularity *loves*

So anyway, we were there and he was there and I'm now the proud owner of a signed book! Les Thanatonautes - one of my favourite books ever, maybe the favourite of my books, is now signed! This is huge, people! He also drew a little picture for each book and I got a little angel. *cherishes her book even more than before* Oh and I have four little pics )

I also want to say that if I get pneumonia, it'll be because of Bernard Werber; I left the house and it started raining so hard that my clothes got soaked; I spent the whole afternoon freezing my ass off but, well, it was for a very good cause, right?

And then I came home, put on some comfy, warm and dry clothes and planted myself in front of Numb3rs. And, well, I don't have a lot to say about the episode. )

Actually I'm more interested in the season finale. I've heard some stuff that definitely interested me. Can't wait for CBS to give us the preview *waits*

Unrelated now: I've downloaded a song that I adore and thought I'd share with you because it's actually a slashy and pretty funny song. It's in French though, so you'll have to take my word for it :-) Hey French Posse, do you remember Benoît and his Tourne Toi song? Man, Sandrine and I kept singing it at one another back in the day. It always cracked us up.

For the non-French speakers among you; it's a dialogue between Benoît and a friend of his. She asks him about the previous night, he answers: and his little story is quite funny and pretty hot if you picture the whole thing in your mind ) Cute, don't you think? lol

Benoît - Tourne Toi There're two versions of the song but this one is the best since it's a bit more explicit :-)
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Lost my connection last night and just got it back omg! *clings to the internets* I was quite busy and out of the house most of the day today though so I didn't feel its absence too keenly.

Second part of the day was quite mundane - though lovely - but the first part was quite original since I met King Arthur and part of his court, whee! This, of course, warrants a little picspam *g* I'll also turn to French since it's about a French show and French actors and all.

Alors ! Je replace dans le contexte: lundi, en me baladant sur le site officiel de la série j'apprends que l'équipe de Kaamelott fera une seconde séance de dédicace aux Galeries Lafayette ce vendredi. Etant donné que j'avais loupé la première dédicace au Virgin des Champs, je me dis que cette fois ce sera la bonne. Foi de Mousey, je serais de la partie.

Et effectivement... j'y étais :-) Et évidemment, j'ai pris des photos et tout ça.

Donc, étaient présents Anne Girouard, Alexandre Astier, Simon Astier, Franck Pitiot et Thomas Cousseau. C'est à dire - pour ceux qui ont encore du mal à mettre le nom des acteurs sur les personnages - qu'on avait en face de nous Guenièvre, Arthur, Yvain, Perceval et Lancelot. Belle équipe, pas vrai?

Séance dédicace de l'équipe de Kaamelott aux Galeries Lafayette )

Enfin tout ça pour dire - je suis CROQUE ! *chérit son coffret nouvellement dédicacé*


Nov. 9th, 2005 12:27 am
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You won't EVER believe what I did this afternoon! I went to the French premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I SAW DANIEL RADCLIFFE and CLEMENCE POESY and they SIGNED something for me and dude! Actors... in front of me. Signing stuff - eeek!

[ profile] dont_callmebabe did a great recap of our day but I can't not include it in my own journal, of course. The pics are hers though - thanks for letting me snag them *g*

Here's how it started )

And here's how it went - with pics. )

That was so fucking awesome, wow *beams* Talk about an original and fun day! Too bad I can't scan my autographs atm, but I'll try asap. I want to brag some more lol Babe? I'm so fucking happy I decided to go with you *hugs self*
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I'm trying to stay coherent for the next minutes - just in time to write this post in a way that will make it possible for everyone to understand, but OMG it's really difficult because what happened is just so fucking awesome I'm still high just thinking about it!

I'm going to tell you right away and then I'll try to go with the details, all right?

All right.

*takes a deep breath*




*opens an eye*

*takes a deeper breath*

Okay, I'm good, I'm good. Let's see if I can recap the evening for you.

How The Most Mundane Evening Turned Into A Dream For Mousey Fangirl Mouse )

I mean I saw Sam Raimi, Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire without even the smallest warning *THUD again*

Oh and we also saw Veronique Genest and Anthony Kavannagh btw *g*

I'm still high, guys, high - it was so fucking unexpected! I mean, it was as if I were meant to see them tonight - as if everything converged toward that point! Movie got cancelled and was replaced by bowling. I didn't even want to go bowling but decided to follow after all. On a spur of the moment we decided not to go and changed our plan to head for Paris instead, and BAM, the cast were there!!!

*points short passage above* That was the long story short btw lol

Wow... this was such a blast - I still can't believe it *sparkling eyes*
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First, like I said in a previous post, those pictures aren't perfect or anything. They're not like, clear shots of the guys' face, so don't expect any miracle, and you'll be fine *g*

Still, I think they're good enough so that I can look at them and have a silly and mushy smile tugging at the corner of my lips lol Plus, [ profile] yami_tai told me they were nice, so there *g* And really, the more I look at them, the more I think they're great lol

Also, since I'm a good lj user, I'll put all the pics behind cut tags *wink*

#1 - When we first saw the guys appear on stage )

#2 #3 #4 - The Auction )

#5 #6 - Two shots with AT and MS side by side )

#7 - MS putting on a show )

#8 - MS on his Knees )

ETA: I made the pics smaller than the last batch. I think it's just a little easier like this.

SG Con

Dec. 2nd, 2003 03:51 pm
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Hey guys! I'm back... and I survived the Con. Whoo! Okay, so due to some events out of my control, I couldn't kidnap MS, after all. Next time, baby *g*

Here my not so little report. I was kinda surprise at how long it was - and I didn't even detailed it that much!

Okay, let's quickly talk about the very bad stuff so we can concentrate on the good stuff )

And here said good stuff, because like I said, there's no way I'd let it spoil my fun - Ch1 : The Beginning )

Ch 2 : My Favorite part - the Q/A session )

Now, on a last last note, Sunday was also great for another reason. I actually got to meet great people, including (and I was pretty excited about it beforehand anyway) [ profile] alinewrites and her daughter - and I was so not disappointed! They're great, both of them *beaming* I also met another girl who happened to share a lot of common points with me - that was funny. The a-social girl that I am also talked with lots of people, british people in particular - and it just felt great *g*

Also, after the Con, I joined some of my listsibs from TS-French-Loft at a restaurant, and I had a really time with them, even if a little short. I really hope I'll get to meet them again, and this time that I'll be able to stay with them longer *g*


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