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You guys, things are a-changing at work and it's heading in a direction I never really wanted. Now, I need to reconsider everything and see whether things might end up to my advantage in the end and hope for the best outcome for me. Why must (good) things change, argh!

Since work decided to be a dick, let's play a little avoidance game and focus on the positive.

Life at my parents' is going well (unsurprisingly, it's just that some things bear repeating ;)) I don't know if it's some kind of psychic parental superpower but since we "moved" here, Cookie and I have been going to bed (and, in fact, to sleep) before midnight! Damn, even when they're not doing anything, they're good. Also, we made a quick detour to our flat on our way back home and the wallpaper has been removed in the living room so they should start the painting job soon #Excitement

Fannish-wise now. This week is a good week as far as tv goes! White Collar and Spartacus are coming back to us (in fact, WhiCo aired last night, if I'm not mistaken?), which is a good reason to rejoice in and of itself, and! I'm super excited about next episode of Arrow as it seems to be focused on Diggle and Oliver's budding relationship ♥ From what I could gather from the extended promo, the episode tells us all about their first lover's spat over an ex-boyfriend of Dig's! I consider this their "first" row because even though they were at odds in "Innocent Man", I don't think they'd started fucking at this point #ASlasher'sPOV
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Day 2 of Christmas break (the weekend doesn't count - because I usually don't work then - it's really when Monday comes that you realise that something exciting is going on and that your alarm didn't wake you up. Such a beautiful moment ♥). We had ourselves a lovely weekend, which was much more restful somehow than Day 1 of Christmas break because we basically spent the whole day yesterday playing with Ikea items and turning the guestroom into a real study; that is, we moved stuff around, got rid of some others and installed our brand new desks \o/ Admittedly, ours has nothing to do with, say, Charles Xavier's kinda study but, well, we have desks, right? :-)

Don't think I (or she) mentioned it on LJ (she always means to update and then doesn't) but Cookie went back to school to study Arts - same system as me, ie distance learning. She enrolled at the same university where we work :-) Each of us wanted to have our own student-y territory, so yesterday we went to Ikea to purchase the desks we'd seen on Sunday (Ikea, or one of people's favourite place to visit during the weekend? lol) Between the visit to the store (which took ages omg), the delivery, the assembling of the desks, the disassembling of the old desktop desk, the moving around of some shelves, the putting things in their new place, the cleaning up, the putting things away in the basement and the throwing away of the trash, we were busy from 12.00PM to 12.00AM We were so sore in the end omg! lol

But! It was all for the good cause because we totally love the result, we felt very accomplished; there's still a lot of room to move around and we both have our respective space to work and it's pretty neat. The couch and the remaining bookshelves don't match anymore, colour-wise, but we'll take care of that in the upcoming months so let's ignore that little detail :-)

Let me reveal a sekrit, I love it when people post pictures of their homes, even if it's just to show off their new lamp shades (we happen to have a new shade in the kitchen, as a matter of fact!) but I always feel a bit of a voyeur so that's why I put pictures of my own place up there, for all - so inclined - to see. So that I can peek inside your own places without feeling guilty of never reciprocating ;-)

In other words - a couple of pictures of our study :-) )

There you go :-) Today's program is: some work - sitting at our new desks \o/ - contemporary arts for Cookie and literature for me. Then! Some Christmas shopping in the afternoon and we'll end the evening - if we have the time - with Hugo before getting back and catching up on Once Upon a Time. We're all up-to-date with American Horror Story (I still can't believe how much I enjoy that show!) and we've heard some good stuff about OUaT so it's time to catch up and see what we missed since the last episode we saw :-)
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[Sorry if you're seeing this twice. Twas supposed to have been posted last night but there was something weird about it]

Homework for our Italian class tomorrow is done \o/ We're now relaxing in front of the fourth series of The IT Crowd. Better late than never. I'm always talking about Community when I want to pick a show that makes me laugh out loud (or TBBT, though I haven't watched an episode in quite some time) but I should add The IT Crowd when I do because that show is hilarious too! Only sad thing about it is that, due to its being a British show, it has very few episodes per series, which means once you start watching, you're done with your marathon Way Too Quickly. But such is life.

Unrelated (I hereby declare this entry Random Central), the other day we saw those little... apparently teh internets tells me the English name is almost identical to the French one so, we saw those little colocynths (which, for the French part of my flist, if you've seen Pénélope Bagieu's latest strip, you'll understand why I found it kinda funny. Great minds think alike, I guess) in a flower shop and even though we don't celebrate Halloween in France and, therefore, don't decorate our houses, I thought we could do some seasonal decorating anyway, so we're autumning the flat up a little. We might add more but for now, there. Don't they look cute? )

And! Since I was taking a picture, I took another one. Of our DVD stock. You know, the ones (duplicate) we're selling so that we can get new bookshelves? This is just the Region 2 collection - minus the fifteen DVDs/boxed set we already sold the past week. )

Nice, eh? It's a lot of fun, actually. Whenever Miss G logs on to her gmail account she's all excited because maybe we sold something new? And usually, we have! Our business is doing real good lol
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I had to bail out on work this morning due to, well, being a girl, I guess. As a result, it's 9.24 AM and I'm still in my pink pyjamas, snuggled up on my couch with a plaid and a hot water bottle for company, doped up on the good drugs and sipping my beloved ricorée milk in my Supernatural mug and eating madeleines. So I'm thinking, you know, life isn't so bad right now.

Even though my apartment is out to get me these days. So last month my boiler died on me (and leaked in the process) and today it's my beloved wooden floor that decided to go FUBAR. What, don't I spend enough time home, is that it? I don't give the place enough attention so now they're acting up? Please to be stopping soon! My bank account can only stand so many renovation and replacement. Especially this time of the year *sigh*

Since I'm staying home all day, I'll try and catch up with my shows because turns out I still haven't done that. I'm starting to get ridiculously behind everything (but for TBBT) - I'm not even sure how many FlashForward episodes aired? Two? Three? It's a sad state of affair but that's how it is.

I'd also like to finish the book I'm reading (non-fiction book, go me! It's been ages since I read a non-fiction book, but that's gonna change this year *iz determined*) so between that and tv, I should be nicely busy doing non-busy stuff. Mind you, I might have to post-pone some of those activities because when I'm doped up on the good drugs, I tend to doze off easily so... we'll see.

Oh, hey, it doesn't have anything to do with anything but you know when you hear a new word or learn something new in tv, RL, wherever, chances are you'll see the new word, new whatever right after that? So yesterday I was doing a little translating for work (and how awesome was that, btw?) and I came accross a chapter about educational technologies where B.F Skinner was mentioned... I believe it was the same Skinner that Sheldon talked about in Monday's episode, right? So, thanks go to BBT for making me go 'hey I know that guy and at least one of his theories!' :-)
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I saw my mom today and she got me a pressie; some Home Stickers for my kitchen [damn link doesn't want to cooperate, my stickers are letters] I saw those stickers last week or so but was going to wait to buy them and, sneaky mommy that she is, she got them for me :-)

She made me laugh the first time she saw the stickers - we were together - because she was like 'you're not going to put 'ass' on your wall, are you?' Which I promised I wouldn't. My slashy fridge is enough, the rest of the kitchen will stay 'clean' ;-)

I can't write 'ass' anyway, there's no 'a' or 's'. I could write 'cock', though. Just an observation, is all.

Speaking of... okay, speaking of nothing, I'm not even sure why I thought about that, but I'm rethinking going to Asylum. I have some expenses that weren't planned for the flat - basically the sum I have to pay has sorta tripled - so I'm thinking I could try and save the money I haven't paid yet for the hotel room... Not that I wouldn't love to meet with the Wincon girls again or see some of my LJ buddies - technically that'd be the main event of the con right for me now - but I'm just trying to see how to proceed, exactly. I'll see.

On non-RL news, now; not that you'd know but this entry is basically a GIP in disguise. Because [ profile] crazybutsound had made me tons of MCR icons and if I could I'd spam you with a list of what is in my fridge just so that I could show off my brand new icons :-)

Also, between the 600 MCR pics she gave me plus the 32 I found here and there, including at [ profile] turps33's - from 0 to 632 in a couple of days, that's dedication - I've had the best of time ogling them. Some I love for obvious reasons. Well, obvious to me, at least )

And then there's pics like this one which I absolutely love too but couldn't exactly tell you why. I just do. Oh, Mikeyway! )

Which reminds me. I usually develop a new kink with each new fandom I fall in love with - the whole 'sniffing' with TS, car!sex with SPN - and MCR is all about Mikey's hips. Just one of those things *shrugs*
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Hey, I was going through some old entries and I realised I've been living in Teh Flat for three months. My first trimester \o/ I know we're not even in October yet but ever since I moved in I've been anticipating the moment when I'll be doing my very first Christmas decorations here. It's gonna be such a gorgeous time! I'm dreaming about it already :-)

Speaking of dreaming; I dreamt of SPN last night. A whole premiere of my own making. One thing was really weird though and the dream!me kept wondering about it is that Dean didn't have the same voice. And I don't mean he was dubbed in French by someone else than Fabrice Josso but that his English voice was different - which also means I dreamt in English? That is, it was English inside the dream, i don't know if it truly was.

I have no idea what my subconscious is trying to tell me, apart from the fact that I'm extremely excited and impatient for s3 to start, which, hi, I already knew that, thx.

At least, I won't have to wait too long for Prison Break - tomorrow, whee! It's going to be brilliant starting all the weekly downloads again *bounces*

Oh and unrelated though still about tv. Well, cinema. They were filming at the Sorbonne today and The Cellie and I saw Ramzy. Eric was in the vicinity but we missed him. It was awesome seeing all the cameras and stuff... so okay they forbade us from entering some area even though we were, you know, working and we needed to go there, but we didn't mind waiting a bit. Seeing a film crew shooting a scene is a lot of fun :-)

No wait, a last thing. Which doesn't have anything to do with the rest. Well, it does have something to do with SPN. It's a Jeffrey/Jensen/Jared that has to be the Hottest and Sexiest story I've read in a while. If you know the fandom, you'll understand what a huge compliment that is. I only have one word: double penetration. Okay so that's two. But if you're into it? Well, apparently Jeffrey and Jared are too! Go and enjoy with them *eg*

ETA: Hee omg! Here's another one; Sam/Dean/Chris Kane, this time. If you had a couple of braincells left with the first fic, be prepared to lose them all after reading that second one!
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Guess where I'm updating this from? Yes, Teh Flat! I've spent my first night here last night actually :-) I officially took possession of the place at 6.00 PM when the Big Move ended. Man, when the family left and I found myself alone in my new home it felt weird! A wonderful kind of weird, mind, but twas weird all the same. Still is; I wonder how long the feeling will last *ponders*

Oh, and obviously the connexion is running :-) I'm using Charlie atm, Clark is still at home but he'll join me soon *longs for her Clark*

I've already started putting away my books and DVDs - as I suspected I'll need new shelves for the latter - but I was a bit too tired last night and I was away all day today so many things are still packed but I have time now that I'm here so I'll work on that this week *g*

And hey, wanna see my fridge? It's a slashy fridge )

I mentioned being quite nostalgic of those magnetic letters months ago and how I'd love to have some for my fridge at my place and a couple of days later my sister had bought some for me ♥ ♥ When the date of the BM approached, I decided it was time for them to see the light of day.

I could have chosen many things to put there - will do as the mood strikes, I guess - but then I remembered [ profile] greedy_dancer telling me this would make a perfect tattoo for me and I couldn't resist :-)

As for some fannish things to end this, I watched a bit of Poltergeist: the Legacy last night - shut up - and I'd forgotten how young Nick looked! He was so baby-faced back then. Not that he looks old now but he's different. Also, watching the show again did bad things to me because all of a sudden I was thinking it would be a good idea to get the DVDs... even though I could never stand Derek, btw. And yes, I did use 'good idea' and 'poltergeist:the legacy dvds' in the same sentence, I'm just that wild! But I can't help it, I never missed an episode when they first aired it here...

Oh dude! I just reminded myself that this was, in fact, my very first fandom. The fandom that taught me what fanfiction was; the very first archive I ever discovered was a P:tl one, the very first - gen - story I ever read was a P:tl one *embarks on a little trip down memory lane*

*gasp* Omg! I have the urge to go and re-read the No Son of Mine trilogy! [ profile] babycakesin! Remember Beijing and that time when I told the whole story to you? I kept interrupting my storytelling for fear of boring you to tears and you kept asking for what happened next and I kept going and going and it was just so awesome!

Ok, now I feel all verklempt *is all verklempt*
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The last two nights have been spent packing my stuff... the Big Move is gonna start today. So surreal, guys! I'm not sure yet whether I'll actually move in the flat straight away because there's a little problem to solve with my wooden floor - typical that it would happen, like, three days before the BM - but one thing is certain, the furniture will be all assembled by tonight and my things will be in their new home too. The question remains whether I'll join them, is all.

Incidentally, yesterday after work The Sis and I went there to start assemble some stuff and when we were working on the TV unit and I couldn't help but think of the whole 'insert tab A into slot B' thing and it always reminds me of Jim and Blair. I don't know why of all my slashy pairings they're the one associated with it but there you go... The tv unit is really great, btw. Just in case you were wondering? I think it's pretty cozy&zen *loves*

I've also put something on the fridge, which I'll share with you as soon as I can because it's the kind of thing only my flist would understand. Well, I translated the line to my sis and she thought it was pretty cool and amusing but she doesn't have the same attachment we would have around here, so...

Anyway, I might be back tonight. Or not. Also, I might have internet at home. Or not. I mean, I'm supposed to; Internet Guy said it should be ready by the time I'm in but I know how it works, so I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out I have to wait a whole week. Or more.

In any case, if I do move in and if my connexion isn't working, I'll still say 'hi' from work :-)

PS: I've started sending out my new snail mail address to some of you guys but it might also be easier to do a little announcement here so, okay, if you had my old address and want the new one, give me a shout and I'll send it your way? Mind you, if you use the old one I'll still get the mail but, well, might be nice if it comes straight to my new place? So, anyway, just let me know, all right?
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As of this morning, I have electricity at the flat! And I only waited two hours for the guy to show up, too. The appointment said 'anytime between 8.00 am and 12.00 am'. They even asked me if I was okay with that when I made aforementioned appointment and, dude, do I have a choice? No. So don't ask me if I'm okay with it because the question implies you'd actually give me a precise hour if I'm not, which you're not going to. But anyway, I just planted myself on my couch in the middle of my living-room and I read. Awesome time, if you want to know :-) And so now it's done, I have electricity. I'll be able to watch tv and use the computer use the microwave and the fridge etc... \o/

Then later this afternoon, I'll go with The Mom and do some groceries - non-food stuff like for the cleaning and washing and it just makes me smile because I'm pretty excited about it and just - getting excited over grocery? Is kinda pathetic, maybe, except! It's still really early in the game when you're doing your own groceries for the first time - as opposed to groceries for the whole family in a home that isn't solely yours - and it is cool and amusing. Also, I'm taking advantage of the excitement now 'cause know it'll become a chore soon enough ;-)

And just now I've watched the s2 premiere of Kyle XY. Oh Kyle, I missed you so! *tackleglomps* Quick spoilers for 2x01 - The Prophet )

And now I need to get those slashy thoughts off my chest. )

Sorta unrelated but not; I know how everyone is always talking about how CKR is always guest starring in just about every show under the sun but I think he has a serious rival in Martin Cummins. The guy is everywhere too. I guess those two actors are like the 'proverbial' black little dress; they go with every show.
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I've started watching Supernatural in Italian last night - loves her multilingual DVDs - and they gave a nice voice to Papa. I'm a bit jealous. Why couldn't we get a nice one too? *pout*

Yesterday was a pretty productive day, me happy. The Mom and I went to the flat and we cleaned and swept and dusted and it now looks like a flat ready to be moved into \o/ Afterwards I went to the mall and took care of the electricity thing - still have to take care of the GDF thing, though, damn privatisation - so I'll be able to use the computer when I'll move in. And the fridge and microwave and light and just about everything else that is really er, essential, of course! It's not as if I was, like, focused on the computer/internet thing only *cough*

Today is Mother's Day here so The Sis and BIL will come over for a cozy little lunch - nothing unusual, admittedly, but the difference is that there will be presents at the end of the meal - and this afternoon we might go back there to work on the furniture. Things are still progressing nicely ;-)

Oh and also today I might have to start packing? Norway D-2, flist. I apparently have a problem assimilating the concept. But I need to start thinking of what I'll bring with me and everything or else Tuesday morning I'll be a little bit in trouble.

Speaking of vacation, seems like I'll go to Croatia in August, too. I know, dude, this year is made of awesome all around; it kinda boggles my mind as well *blink*

I started the entry with SPN related stuff, I'll end it the same way. I've discovered a series I'd never heard of and it is also made of awesome so I'm pimping it here; Where Sam and Dean Leave Off and We Begin by [ profile] runedgirl. It's J2, and something I really enjoy is that we see them working on the set. She hasn't created a tag for the story so that's the latest installment with the previous parts linked there.

Oh and [ profile] katikat, did you see? Someone wrote a J2 inspired by Ouran High School Host Club! It's been tabbed, I'm really curious to see how the writer deal with it *g*
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Finally sat down and took the time to watch the premiere of Traveler and ohhh I really liked it! I'm gonna have a lot of fun following that show this summer - which, btw, they'd better not pull a Black Donnellys on me this time!

Jay, I'm already enjoying your character a lot! Very good first impression, mate, I have to say *applauds* His friendship with Tyler? Is a joy to see already; them boys are absolutely lovely together. They might not be brothers but the loyalty between them is fantastic. As is the chemistry, btw. I'm also really curious about the whole Will thing. I wouldn't mind lots of flashbacks with the three of them *nods*

I'm hoping we'll get to see a lot of Profiler Lady. As well as of not!Henricksen - I promise I'll learn their names soon. The guy looks like the kind of badass we sometimes love to hate. Or just hate, it depends on what he does to the boys!

I have the feeling they'll drive me crazy with the mysteries and the twists, but I'm ready for the ride, so bring it on, guys!

And you, flist? If you're looking for something new this summer, you might want to give Traveler a go. Just a thought :-)

Speaking of new shows and all, I found the novelty I'll be impatiently waiting for, namely Pushing Daisies. The trailer completely won me over, I'm sold. From the look of it, it's going to be a funny, quirky, sweet, touching, bittersweet show and if I like the actual show as much as I did the trailer, it should be pretty awesome :-)

Unrelated now; I have a phone line at the flat! And the internets too! Well, it's not there right this minute, but it should be by the time I move in. I just couldn't stand the thought of moving in an internet-less flat, know what I mean? So I took care of it all during lunch break. Now, er, I think I need to go and take care of the whole electricity contract, or else it won't do much good lol I'll go tomorrow, then *nods*

ETA: Ha! Jay is Luc from Tru Calling! I knew I'd seen the guy somewhere. Except I thought it was just because Matthew Bomer reminds me of Sean Maher.
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Yesterday was a complete waste of time - if I'd known how it'd go, I'd have gone to the signing at Album and get autographs from Jeph Loeb, Mark Miller and Zachary Quinto, believe me! - but today made up for it. The Dad, The BIL, Teacher Boy and I all went and retrieved the furniture for the living room, so now it's at the flat \o/ We followed with some more errands, all necessary but it was like running a marathon this morning.

After that they dropped me at the polling station where I voted. The rest of the family - except for my dad who can't vote - went to their own polling station - which happens to be my sister's and my former primary school, ah sweet trip down memory lane - et voilà.

Now I'm home and I have every intention of not leaving the house again; it's lazying around time!

Last night's SPN was "Home" and "Asylum". Those two episodes won't ever not be brilliant - they give me the same thrill even after the 4512th viewing. I was bouncing quietly on my bed right before The Phone Scene because it's one of my Most Favourite Scenes in SPN. I still prefer the original version but the French one didn't disappoint, and poor Dean did sound choked up too so I could use my 'oh, Dean' without problem. And then I squeed again with the last scene except that I had to cut this because it's a spoilery comment about Home, in case some of you don't actually know s1 )

And I truly am falling in love with s1!Sam. I don't know if the reason is that I've found a new appreciation for s2!Sam and therefore am seeing Sam under a different light now or if it's because of the dubbing *blink* In any case, I'm enjoying him a lot more than I did the first time around. I haven't changed my mind regarding a lot of his behaviour towards John or Dean, but still...

Okay and now, off to read in the garden. I finally finished Le 5ème Règne by Maxime Chattam - which read like a badfic to me, the kind where you have no idea why you keep reading, except maybe you'd like to know how it ends so you keep going, even though it kinda sucks - and am starting Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie. I'm definitely behind in my novel reading but I'm still reading so it's okay, I guess...
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Mouse's Flat #5453: which I'm cutting even though I know you just have to skip if you're not interested, anyway. )

Okay, so now that it's out of the way, onto the fannish. I meant to ask for the longest time and I always forget: how many of you use a account? To rec fanfics, that is. Cause I have one and now that I've figured out how the whole network thing works, I wouldn't mind having more people linked there. It's amazing how you always seem to find fics you've never heard of before, no matter how many of them you already find on LJ. I've found some great fics I'd have missed otherwise thanks to [ profile] walkawayslowly being on my network, so if you're reading this and you're interested, let me know?

And also, here is my account. Fics only, sorted out by fandoms, pairings, genres, kinks, stuff like that... I have to say I just love and I'm completely smitten with their bundle tags *is a happy dork*

Admittedly, most of the fics I have linked so far are SPN and SPNRPS - though you do find other fandoms - but I have so much fun with J2 fics - or J3, for that matter - that I can't help it. Sometimes it feels like I'm bulimic; I always want more of that pairing. There's also many different genres; from the dirty and raunchy to the smoochy and sweet, that I don't know where to start, sometimes *g* It's also the fandom that turned crack!fic into an art, and I'll always be grateful for that *loves*

Speaking of crack turned into art? Remember the clueless!J2 that I've recc'ed some time ago? Well, [ profile] miss_begonia posted the second part and it's even more fantastic than the first part, which is saying a lot. And so hot you'll melt!

In conclusion, J2 is one of my happy places. Like whoa! ♥ ♥ Nothing new here, I know, it's just that sometimes, you really feel the love even more than usual, know what I mean? And today seems to be the day *g*
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Joe's Apartment Mouse's Flat #5452: I'll finish with the peeling off wallpaper thing today and then we'll be ready to put the new ones, whee! I worked pretty well yesterday, me happy :-)

Incidentally, I'd brought Charlie with me this time - I wanted to see whether I'd be able to steal the internets from one of the Neighbour Persons. As a welcome back to the neighbourhood, see? I got four connections, one of them unprotected. Alas, it was so weak that I couldn't do anything with it. I just have one thing to say; that was so inconsiderate!

And during my break - I was at the flat from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm - I watched some House. What better way to stay motivated, eh? So that was of the good :-)

Then last night, I finally watched the Life on Mars finale and, dude, it definitely made an impact! It was so PERFECT! Spoilers for Life on Mars 2x08 )

Oh and did you see the Ten Inch Hero poster that has been circulating today? JA in eyeliner, always a lovely sight :-) I've also just seen another pic of Priestly and though I'm not a fan of facial hair - goatee or sideburns, sideburns especially - I'll forgive them because it's Jensen Ackles! On a big screen! And he'll rock, as usual *nods*

ETA: Oh God! [ profile] cathybites just killed me dead with a RPS suggestion re: the film. Words like 'Clea/Jensen pegging' and 'Jared holding Jensen down while Clea fucks him' had been pronounced and now I'm dying to read that fic! And also? Dead from the visual, period.
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So. I read the news last night and Jared Padalecki isn't attending Asylum, after all. To say that I'm disappointed would be quite the understatement but what can you do, right? That's the problem with conventions, til the last minute you don't know whether you'll be disappointed or elated. We'll only get one half of the infamous J2 *sigh* And even that, we'll have to wait and see if we do...

Nicki Aycox is taking Padalecki's place but I can't say I care, no offense meant. I didn't even care about her character so... As recurring characters go, I'd have much preferred to see Jim Beaver, if you want to know. But still, she'll make some fangirls happy, in the end, as long as someone is happy... Admittedly, what would have made it all better would be if JDM had taken JP's place but I guess that's just not possible.

As for the SV part of the con, man, I so don't care about it that when they announced the other two cancellations, I was like 'who's that?' Yeah, I can't say I paid attention to the SV cast. Ooops? The only reason Eric Johnson kinda rang a bell is that I read a fic yesterday - Re-Cast by [ profile] ladyjanelly - where he played Dean in SPN instead of Jensen Ackles.

But anyway back to JP - I guess it was too good to be true so the cancellation had to happen *sigh* There's even a part of my brain that never really believed it, you know? This was so big, man! Jared and Jensen together? The universe wasn't ready for that much hotness on our side of the pond, it seems *pout* It sucks because it's not as if conventions happen that often around here. I mean, more in the UK than in France, that's for sure - where they're sorta non-existent here - but it's nothing like in the US so that was a one time in a lifetime great opportunity. I'm just - I'm not mad at JP or anything, but I'm just disappointed.

But, okay dude, shutting up now.

Am still completely behind in my tv watching. Didn't have the time to watch anything last night. I won't say I'll catch up tonight, though, that way I won't jinx myself *nods*

Oh and I worked at the flat yesterday afternoon! I peeled off the wallpaper in my bedroom. Well I didn't finish but there's only one wall left. I'll go back today and work on the rest. I felt quite accomplished after that :-)
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1.I had a Very Important Appointment yesterday after work and as a result I sorta have my own flat! It's been months in the making and that's it, it's official now! I'm actually going back to the sources since it's where I grew up. It's pretty much brand new, I'll just have to do some minor renovating, which I'll start next week - new wallpaper for the bedroom, stuff like that - and then it'll be ready for me to move in! I won't be ready before a couple of months, though, I sorta need furniture and, well, everything you need to live in your home but I'm thinking this summer at the latest :-)

The timing is pretty nice, too, since I took four and half days off for Easter break - what with Monday being bank holiday, it means I'll go back to work on the 16th, which seems a lifetime away so yay! vacation! - so I'll be able to work at the flat during my break. Things are going even faster than I expected, it's all so exciting!

2. Hey, The Cellie invited me to La Nouvelle Star [French Idol] on Wednesday. She had one spare ticket and thought I might enjoy coming with her and her friends. I had other plans already so I declined but I thought it was very sweet of her... I've been invited to the next show as well, though I don't think I'll be able to go either. I usually never watch La Nouvelle Star but Teacher Girl is a fan and so I've been following the first castings from afar... I might even have watched one episode on my own volition and everything.

3. I've just finished watching The Black Donnellys - yes, I'm home btw, this afternoon was my 1/2 day off - and I loved the episode, no surprise here. Vague spoilers for The Only Thing Sure )

I just can't come to terms with the whole cancellation thing, that show is so bloody awesome! Kevin, what will I do without you now? *cries* And what of the rest of the family! And Nicky! I loved Nicky - it's the Italian side of me that can't help being attracted by mafiosi when they're on the telly, it's like a compulsion - and his voice *sigh*

4. Some good news re: another of my favourite under-appreciated shows - except that one wasn't pulled off the air : season two of Kyle XY should premiere on June, 11th? I'll be in Norway by then but it'll be a nice thing to come back to *g*


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