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Remember my last post and my intention to resurrect the Week in the Life meme? Let's forget I ever mentioned anything, shall we? I kept not posting and, after two weeks, I can't muster up the same enthusiasm. I will get around to do the meme again in the future as I am a fan of that type of meme (I'll be honest and admit that I enjoy watching the pictures you guys share with me even more but I do enjoy doing the sharing as well) but let's forget about it for now.

I will not completely go back on my word, though, as Cookie, my BIL and I were lucky enough to grab tickets a couple of months ago to the Star Wars: Identities exhibit held in Paris, where we had a blast! Imagine fans going through 200 original costumes, props, models, and pieces of artwork. I'm certain you can ;) Add to that videos dealing with topics such a psychology, anthropology and sociology but all based on the SW characters - that was pretty fun. Also fun was the quest all visitors went on. At the entrance we were given a bracelet (and an earpiece to listen to the many audio information) that we connected to those interactive stations, like a video game of sorts. We were asked to create our own SW character; our origins, our abilities, our values and so on and so forth. At the end, there was this room where you would connect your bracelet for the last time and they displayed on the wall said character, before asking you your email address where they sent the character's profile.

Onto the pictures now )

Fantastic, innit? After that we went on another quest as we thought we'd try to go to Burger King for the first time since it (re)opened in Paris in December (the queue has been insane and we haven't had the opportunity to go yet) but alas we failed as we didn't even find where to park the car lol We were ravenous at that point so we decided to abandon our quest and just go back home and find ourselves a McDonald. This time we succeeded ;)

By then we went our separate ways and Cookie and I got home. I then proceeded to give a try to two new (for me) shows, namely Star-crossed (which is brand new as it just premiered) and Banshee. I started with the former and followed with the latter and er, that was definitely a different kind of experience lol I had some trouble getting into Banshee at first before something clicked, around the twenty minute mark, and I want more now. So I'll investigate.

In the evening, we headed to my parents' for our POI Night as we try to make ourselves available every Tuesday so that we have dinner and then watch the show together. My dad usually misses the dinner part but he tries to be on time for the beginning of the first episode, which is lovely ;)

So that was my Tuesday. Pretty neat, if you ask me :)
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I had two eventful days, people. In the most beautiful way, though, as we have a new member in our family as of yesterday!

Killian, my brand new nephew (son of one of my closest cousins), was born yesterday morning at 11h16, precisely ;) Everyone was pretty excited, as you can imagine, and last night actually kinda felt like Christmas as the whole family gathered at my parents' (barring the new mom and baby Killian, obviously) to celebrate. It was such a joyful evening ♥

I couldn't wait to meet him, which was done this afternoon (after a lovely brunch with a couple of friends. I love me some brunch!). He is absolutely tiny and gorgeous and tiny and just so new, I'm always in awe of a newborn's "newness", know what I mean?

It's exciting to know we'll have three kids at Christmas this year instead of two :) Incidentally, my nieces were very excited about this new cousin of theirs, I can't wait for them to grow up together ♥

On the fannish side of things. Cookie is working tonight and I'm not (obviously) so I'm having a night on my lonesome. I treated myself with the latest two episodes of POI; can't write a review yet but just one spoilery comment ) and now I'm in front of France4, the network that airs Doctor Who.

They're doing a DW Special tonight, which makes me very happy, as you can imagine :) They're airing "The Name of the Doctor" as I type before broadcasting, like many other countries, "The Day of the Doctor". I am so excited at the idea that I'll be sharing the experience with many, many other fans around the world! Worldwide broadcasts are love ♥
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Hello flist. Hope you had a great Christmas if you celebrate and a good start of the week if you don't. I got home tonight from three days spent in Normandy with my parents, godfather and aunt, after having a wonderful Christmas on Monday (since we celebrate Christmas Eve) with the whole family and an equally lovely Christmas day on Tuesday with the in-laws. I was spoiled on both days and got some awesome gifts, among which a couple that reflected my most recent fannish loves, namely The Hobbit and Jeremy Renner :-) I got the Hobbit edition of Monopoly (which is funny as I got Cookie the BBC Sherlock Cluedo game), Thorin's key on a keychain as well as an issue of Hawkeye, a mug with chibi!Hawkeye doing the Renner stretch and a "Let's stretch bitches" tshirt ♥ ♥ My aunt also gave us some very pretty origami bookmarks that actually come right from Japan. Don't you think I have the prettiest bookmark in all the land? ).

My goddaughter also spoiled me when she fell in love with (the French version of) Misty Mountains. My cousin Rémi went to the see the film in French and we were talking about the song and at one point we visited YouTube to listen to the different versions. Chiara heard the song and even though she was a bit wary of it at first she asked to listen to it a second time when I told her how much I loved it and why and promptly fell in love with it as well as the story that goes with it. Throughout the whole night she kept asking to a) see where Santa was (we always check the NORAD Tracks Santa website on Christmas Eve) and b) listen to "la chanson des nains" ie the Dwarves' song. We also found a version with illustrations and by the end of the night she could recognise Gandalf and Bilbo. As a matter of fact, after she opened her presents, she was mighty curious to see what the rest of us had received and when she saw my Monopoly board game she squeed and went "oh, it's the song I love" #Score We'll make a geek out of her yet! And, hopefully, an avid reader #FingersCrossed

After the Christmas festivities, we went to Normandy with the parental units and had a jolly time together. We even managed (not that it was that hard to convince them) to bring my mother and aunt to see The Hobbit, which they loved #ScoreAgain! It was my and Cookie's fourth time but first time in French and we really enjoyed that version too. Also, we finally saw the film in 2D, so that was great. Here are a couple of pics of our weekend )

We're now back in Choisy with still a whole week of vacation ahead of us. We're planning on a quiet weekend for a start. And maybe a fifth viewing of The Hobbit ;-)
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Flist, what is better than a four-day weekend? Ok, I know, a five-day weekend or a whole week etc. I concede the point. But two days off work following a weekend is pretty nifty, too :-) I love the month of May in France ♥ I've had a busy time; I had a lovely sleep-over at my BFF on Friday night, I spent most of Saturday with her. Sunday morning was studious as I worked till 3.00PM; After that it was time to go vote before heading to my parents' where The Esu and Cookie - who was at her mother's before that - joined us. My nieces are growing so fast, it's insane! I can't believe Chiara will be 4 next month and that, in two months, Emma will be 1. Where does time go?? Emma isn't walking yet - so far I'm the one holding the record in the family \o/ - but it's clear it won't take her too long to do it and she loves it when you hold her by the hands and have her "walk" around, her little legs can't go fast enough, it's the cutest thing #SmittenAuntie

Oh, [ profile] snailbones? I took a pic and thought I'd dedicate it to you. Look, now you're getting a new pic of my foot as well as my niece's - aren't you glad? )

That was our weekend. This morning I studied some more and we'd planned on going to Paris in the afternoon to a shop that customises t-shirts, but Cookie wasn't feeling well then I turned into a zombie and fell asleep on the couch and in the end we stayed home.

We'll make sure to have our t-shirts for the Parisian Pride, though. I've been wanting one for years and since we'll be going to Pride in June, this year is the year when we'll make it happen. I've decided to be both LGBT'y and fannish as I'll be wearing a white shirt with "Likes Girls" written on it à la Glee :-) I'm also thinking of adding a quote at the back, with maybe a rainbow above it. The quote would say "Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth". It's from the Bible and, Idk, isn't it fitting? If I do it, I was thinking of adding it at the bottom of the shirt, at the back, so that it's actually more for me to know it's there than anything... Anyway, I'm undecided, we'll see :-)

ETA: Hmm, I saw a tweet just now that might have changed my mind. Now I'm thinking of a shirt with "Likes Girls" on the front, no change here, but NO8 on the back. Shorter and to the point. Well, I have till I'm in the shop to decide, I guess.

Anyway! Completely unrelated but I'm a bit excited because I found out that Henry Jenkins will be doing a lecture in Paris in May and I'm really hoping I'll go. I might have squeed a little when I saw, especially as I've been using his work a lot when writing my papers for my sociology of media class, so to be able to attend one of his lectures would be like meeting a BNF \o/
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Right after work, Cookie and I went to a new library that opened near our workplace and we studied there for two hours, go us! We're planning on going there on a regular basis (we'll return as soon as tomorrow, as a matter of fact) as we kinda fell in love with the place and the atmosphere. It's much more modern than Ste Geneviève (the one I picspammed some time ago) but it still manages to be cozy and when you're sitting at the big desks, you don't feel like you're sharing the place with a gazillion other students. I think we'll keep Ste Geneviève for the weekends and the new one for the week.

We got back around 8.15PM, I did a load of laundry, I cooked our dinner then tomorrow's lunch and I think I totally deserve to be relaxing in front of Castle now, Y/Y?

This weekend was very busy too but unlike last weekend (or the next) it was fun all the time: afternoon tea with [personal profile] greedy_dancer at [personal profile] moimoietmoi's (SAM always has yummy treats for us when we have afternoon tea at her place) followed with dinner at my parents'. Then on Saturday we had The Esu over with my nieces for our second raclette of the year (hopefully not the last) and late afternoon we went to the mall, hoping to get our hands on new clothes since it's the sales at the moment. Which I did, score!

And! In between everything - well, it was before everything as I did it on Saturday morning, to be exact - I suddenly had an idea. What if I uploaded my SPN fics over at AO3? I have no idea where the idea came from, but I realised I had very few of my fics in general and none of my SPN fics in particular (remember when I used to write fic? Back In The Day) archived there and I thought it might be a good idea to do some saving. Especially as I don't even have a single of my (own!) stories saved on my computer any longer. Or anywhere else, for that matter. I used to have them all stored on my HD when I had computer!Clark and computer!Dean then they both died, I stopped writing altogether, and I sorta forgot that I didn't have any trace of my stories anywhere but on my LJ.

So far, I've uploaded one SPN fic but I'll add more whenever I have the time/remind myself to do it. I'm also downloading and saving them all (for keeps) via the site - thank you Download button :-)

PS: it has nothing to do with anything but omg, White Collar D-1(+1)
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Hope everyone who celebrate had a wonderful Christmas *hugs*

Christmas Eve (the 24th is when when we celebrate Christmas here) was fantastic. It was spent at my sister's with the usual suspects and two new family members, namely Cookie, who was with us for the first time and my niece Emma who was spending her very first Christmas, period ♥

We did our traditional team cooking and "created" new appetisers, the entrée was a novelty as well, the idea came from my aunt who suggested we tried a crème brulée au fois gras - it was very different and very delicious. Our main dish was roe deer with, as it happens, no side dish as my mom thought that my aunt was bringing the vegetables and my aunt thought it was my mom lol But turns out it wasn't such a bad thing because we had salad with the meat and the meal ended lighter than it would have been, which was of the good. Especially as it meant we could get at the cheese part of said meal without feeling like we were on the verge of exploding and, even more importantly maybe, that when it was time to savour the assorted desserts, traditional bûche de Noël/yule log + ice cream'ed yule log + almond paste + macarons + the traditional clementines, we could basically take a piece of each :-)

While waiting for midnight, ie for Santa to come and deliver his presents, we played crazy dart and passionate Trivial Pursuit games - I dare say it was epic! Then midnight rang and we woke up my goddaughter - who was, as you can imagine, Extremely Excited all day - and aww her little face when she saw the presents under the tree and she realised that Santa had come ♥ ♥ We distributed the presents among us all and then just looked at her opening hers - like the crazy stalkers we all are lol She kept squeeing and telling us what toy Santa had brought her and then displaying it for all of us to see. Sis filmed the whole scene, to which I say, I love technology!

After everyone had squeed over their own presents, my BIL suggested we played some Wii and omg! We just couldn't stop afterwards lol Those Just Dance games are so addictive. And so hilarious when playing in multiple players mode. Also, dude, we totally burnt some of the calories we'd ingested that same evening ;-)

Anyway, it was awesome. We went to bed around 4.00AM only to get up at 9.00AM because Cookie and I were doing the second part of the celebrations at the in-laws', ie at Cookie's mother's place, with her brother and cousin. Which, the calories I burnt when playing Just Dance? Were absorbed again thanks to the raclette we ate. And the crêpes that followed said raclette. Well, one of the gifts that Cookie's mother received was a crêpe maker, we had no choice but to christen it, right? Right!

After that, we headed back to Choisy where we spent the evening at my parents' and ate our third Christmas meal of the weekend and, to my delight, there were snails on the menu this time. Score!

And now it's past 10.00PM, we're back home, listening to some Christmas songs and waiting for the DW Christmas special to download so that we can end our Christmas weekend as any DW fans should :-)
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I spent a lovely evening with my dad for some father-daughter time at one of his friend's restaurants - posh enough that it was a change but not enough that you felt ill-at-ease; loved the decor, and the food was delicious *has happy thoughts about her frisée aux croquilles d'escargots et noix - and yes, escargots = snails* Just him and me ♥

He showed me something that was absolutely adorable. So my dad is the worst person to shop for. The worst. Whenever it's time to buy him a present, you can be sure there will be stress involved because it's always Very Complicated. Last year, for Father's Day, we bought him something that he did like - because after so much stressing out, there'd better be some good results! - but I'd also decided to add a little gift a bit more personal; I'd dedicated many evenings beforehand to cutting papers into little pieces on which I'd written little notes before folding said pieces of paper and wrapping them around brown sugar. Then I bought a nice little jar where I put said sugar and gave it to him. It was a sort of second-degree gift as I kept feeling like I was back in primary school when you create simple & easy homemade gifts for your parents, but at the same time I did enjoy doing it for him because I knew he would enjoy it too - my dad is sentimental like that. And enjoyed it, he did. Tonight was a result of that gift, actually, as some of the notes are "vouchers" for a cinema, a restaurant etc. It'd been some time since we had dinner outside together so that was a nice "excuse" ;-)

Anyway. We were waiting for the entrées when he told me he was going to surprise me. He opened his wallet then took something out of it which turned out to be the notes, all neatly stapled together! He actually kept them all and put them in his wallet ♥ Then he searched for one of those "restaurant-vouchers" and wrote "Done" on it before adding the date. Just. How adorable is that?? I always say that my sentimental and sensitive side - some would say 'cheesy' at times, so be it - comes from him, not my mother, and he keeps proving it to me ;-) #SweetestDad

I meant to write and post a late entry for [ profile] pod_aware Day 1, a sort of companion piece to the original theme "Why I podfic" and do a "Why I Listen to Podfic", since I'm not a podficcer; offer a little perspective from the Other Side (ie Those Who Listen) but you'll only have this RL, self-centred entry instead. And I'm not even sorry :-)
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The weather is depressing this week; it's hot and sunny! I'm sorry but this is not on! It's almost October, I want to start wearing my autumn scarf and my autumn mittens! They're looking at me all sad and wondering what the hell is going on! I sympathise, scarf and mittens, I wish we could go out together again! #LongsForCrispWeather I'll use my favourite autumn icon to protest against the whole thing *nods*

Something else that is depressing - ok, not so much 'depressing' as it is annoying - is the whole university enrolling process. Is it a nightmare in every university in the world? Or is just in France? Or maybe just in Paris? I was hoping for some answers today but nothing, nada, rien. Complete radio silence. And you'll see that once they answer me, it'll be to tell me I'm past the deadline! This is so frustrating. I don't know why it has to be so complicated *sigh*

Anyway. Last week was quite hectic but this weekend was a bit more restful. Lots of family time - couscous Saturday evening with the parents and two of my cousins, then homemade lasagna on Sunday - my dad makes delicious lasagna - and the same cousins plus The Esu plus an aunt and an uncle. Quiet and relaxing. Ok maybe not so quiet, there were twelve of us, but definitely relaxing anyway and just lovely. My goddaughter is a riot and my niece is growing up so fast ♥

I also went to see Warrior on Saturday and I had a blast. The film was nothing like what I expected, which is good as I wasn't really expecting anything, I guess? Just to be entertained and see Tom Hardy be awesome and kickass on screen. So no surprise here, he was fantastic and kickass, yes, but he was also heartbreaking and so moving! I loved the whole cast. Well, the whole film gave me ALL THE FEELINGS. There, I think that should sum it up nicely :-) I'll definitely buy the DVD when it comes out. In the meantime, though, if someone has a link to donwnload it, I'm all ears! Tia.


Sep. 23rd, 2011 01:08 am
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This will be short because I'm knackered but I did it! Today I defended my thesis and I passed! Well. Technically, unless I completely messed up either/both thesis or/and oral presentation I was certain to pass and get my degree because I only needed to get 50% at the presentation to validate the whole year, but the real stake for me was elsewhere as I really hoped I'd get at least 70% so that I could be allowed to keep going, ie do a Master 2 next year. And I actually got better than 70% so I graduated with High Honour \o/ Or whatever the non-French equivalent might be ;-)

Anyway, heee I passed! I was so happy when I was told the result that saying I was beaming would be an understatement lol Being proud of yourself is a wonderful feeling ♥

Now the Real Fun begins, though, as I'm supposed to start on the paperwork that will allow me to enroll for the infamous M2 but seeing how late my thesis defense happened, I might have some difficulties. In other words, I'm afraid it's going to be a nightmare. Good thing I thought ahead and contacted some professors already. I won't start from scratch. Let's just hope it helps!

And unrelated but tonight at my parents' we watched some of the Super 8 films they did Back in the Day and omg, it was awesome. I saw their wedding - they looked so young and it was moving to see so many people that have died since then looking so young and healthy and just so happy - I saw my Christening. Then a Christmas and two birthday parties (my sister's first and her third) It was weird because Chiara looks like my sister when she was the same age but I realised, seeing myself on films, that she also looked like me. It was uncanny. Though not that surprising, I suppose, when you consider you often - not always, I know - look like your siblings yourself but still, watching on me on screen and seeing my goddaughter was quite the experience.
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Work is deader than dead today - I knew it wouldn't be particularly busy (Friday after bank holiday? In July, even? Slim chance of that) but I thought a couple of my co-workers would be there, except it's past 10.00AM and I'm still the only one present so maybe they took the day off, after all. I wish I hadn't given mine back, btw, but there you go. At least it's all quiet.

Speaking of bank holiday, I had a lovely day. Very relaxing. We slept in, I lazed around in bed while Cookie watched the Défilé - our traditional military parade - and then we went our separate ways; she met with her mates to see HP7 and I spent the afternoon at my sister's. Emma is - so far, at least - a quiet baby and Chiara seems completely smitten with her, it's the cutest thing. We had waffles and Nutella for our little afternoon tea, I talked with my sister, played with my goddaughter, hold my niece, it was just very relaxing :-)

Back to the Défilé. Every year, an army is invited as "guest star". This year, it was the Overseas Territories, and the French Polynesia troop made quite an impression, especially when they performed the Haka. In case you'd like to see it, it's here. Oh, and someone posted the the fireworks under the Eiffel Tower in its entirety; the theme was musicals.

Fannish wise, we're caught up on both White Collar and True Blood. I really enjoyed both episodes, White Collar first ). And then onto True Blood ) [ETA: Damn. I apparently screwed up the cut for TB and I only just noticed, sorry!]

Apart from that, I've downloaded the premiere of Falling Skies and Alphas. I'm not expecting much of either of them, much less Alphas - an American show about superheroes? Chances are it won't be Misfits - but I never expect much of Summer shows except for them to pass the time, so. Besides, I have White Collar and True Blood for the good stuff. No, wait, there's another show I'd like to give a go that seemed cool, Franklin & Bash. Just need to find a download.
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Mother's Day has been celebrated with our respective mothers, as well as Chiara's birthday. Presents were given away, some more presents were received (YAY birthday lasting a bit longer \o/), food and cakes were eaten and time with the family was spent.
We're now back home, waiting for our Japanese food to be delivered before we start the latest Doctor Who. Great evening to end a great weekend *nod*

Said weekend wasn't the laziest, but we did have a lazy Sunday morning before we left to have lunch with my parents. We watched a couple of episodes of Law & Order: UK (it's so nice having Jamie Bamber's real accent back ♥) and a couple of vids.

Vids that I feel compelled to rec to you guys because it'd be a crime not to. They're both fantastic and, I realise, quite practical. Because from now on, whenever I'll be asked to explain why I enjoyed The Eagle so much and/or why I'm such a big fan of White Collar, I won't start writing a 2000 word-essay, I'll just link to those vids. Who needs long discourses when they have Mykonos to show the nobleness and gorgeousness of Marcus and Esca, and Tonight I'm Fucking You to show the world how much Peter and Neal love each other. If you know WhiCo even a little bit, you'll agree with me when I say that the eyefucking in that show has always been a joy to see and I'm sure you'll be happy to know that it's one of the focuses of the vid. I know, you all want to click on the link, don't you?

Anyway, if you're a fan of either/both shows and haven't seen those vids yet or if you've never watched either but often felt some curiosity, run, do not walk, to [ profile] talitha78's journal and download. The Peter/Neal vid made me clap my hands in delight, it was so much fun and pretty and cute ♥ ♥ The Eagle one made me want to watch the film again, the lure of Marcus and Esca is, as always, Extremely Powerful.

RL heavy

May. 28th, 2011 12:58 pm
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You're warned :-) I had the best evening yesterday for my birthday. As per tradition we celebrated it at my parents' with The Esu. Cookie and I had done the groceries the day before and we cooked together (me in my mother's apron, which must be even older than I am lol). My goddaughter was excited as hell all evening, she was a riot, telling me there were "LOTS OF PRESENTS FOR YOU, Marraine" (marraine = godmother) every ten minutes, with some "but you don't know what it is because it's a secret, shh" thrown in. She would break into songs every ten minutes "Joyeux Anniversaire, Marraine!" and I melted every.single.time.omg! ♥ ♥

Then it was time to eat and she was all "now we give Marraine her presents?" She asked at the appetizers, again when the entrée came and when it was the main dish - she just couldn't wait lol When it was time for the cake AND ALL THE PRESENTS she sang again, louder, with everyone and just squealed while running like the wind to bring me the presents, one by one, and squealed some more when she realised there was one more to hand me. It was just the sweetest thing seeing her so excited like that. Then she helped me blow the candles and, of course, open the presents. She was flushed from excitement and she was concentrating so hard when opening said presents. Three-years-olds are a just a hoot.

Anyway, that was just another fantastic evening spent with the family :-) And I was spoilt rotten omg!! Chiara wasn't the only who felt like squealing when the presents were brought lol The Esu got me the Karaoke Revolution Glee Wii game (heee!), my parents an external hard drive and the cutest (and most practical) picnic basket - just like in the films! It's gorgeous. And Cookie got me many things; A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin (which she offered me in the morning, she couldn't wait go give it to me actually, it was fun to see lol), Adele's 21 CD and Law & Order:UK series 1 & 2. Spoilt.rotten, I'm telling you ♥ ♥

Of course there were also the many LJ messages, FB notifications, mails, texts and phone calls - so thank you all again for the bday wishes :-) Checking one's messages on one's birthday is always a joy *hugs*

As for the rest of the weekend, we'll keep with the Family theme. It's Mother's Day tomorrow in France; we'll celebrate it today with Cookie's mother, then tomorrow we'll have lunch with my parents and in the afternoon we'll follow with my goddaughter's birthday party at The Esu's. This weekend is family all the time, celebrations all the time. What's not to love, right?

Hope you'll have a great weekend, too, flist.
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Omg I'm so fuuuulll! Cookie and I spent the evening at The Esu's to celebrate Candlemas and I shouldn't have eaten that last crêpe - it's always the last one that is a problem, isn't it? - but I can never resist temptation. Especially when it's filled with Nutella. So even if I might regret it tonight, it was totally worth it! It felt like forever since I'd seen my goddaughter, too - mind, it always feels like 'forever', even if it's just been a week. She's growing up so fast, it's insane. She's speaking better and better, is doing all those "big girl" things and she's just a hoot to be with. Whenever she starts singing one of her favourite cartoon songs, with the choreography to go with it, I just melt.

And I don't know if I mentioned it here, but my sister is pregnant! In July, Chiara will have a little sister or a little brother. Everyone is pretty excited, as you can imagine :-) Even Chiara who's telling everybody about the "Baby inside Mommy's belly" and how "Little sister/Little brother is Chiara's friend". We're hoping she'll be as excited when said baby is born ;-)

Speaking of being excited, I was pretty impatient to see the new White Collar (I promise I rank my future niece/nephew much higher than an episode of White Collar; it was just for the segue!) and it most definitely lived up to my expectations. The Peter-Neal scenes filled me with glee and these spoilers made me incredibly happy )

Show, never change, ok? Oh, and is there a trailer for next week's episode?
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The Walking Dead 1x02 has been watched tonight. I could have done it yesterday except that Miss G wasn't home and she forbade me to watch it without her. Apparently, it amuses her a lot to see me freak out and squeal in fright and hide behind pillows. As it happens, the second episode was slightly less stressful than the premiere was. Not that it wasn't as good, though, but I almost didn't hid behind aforementioned pillows (or hands) at all. Take that, Mocking Miss G!

After that, some more Merlin it was. Back to series 2 for tonight, because chronological order is so overrated! [It's the very last scene of "Lady of the Lake" and awwww, such a sweet moment! ♥]

Changing the subject; I've had a very satisfactory day at work today. I've felt very accomplished. Also very grateful to fandom. Turns out I had to do some HTML tweaking for one of my projects and the only reason why I decided to learn some basic HTML Back in the Day was because of my fics and Geocities. So thank you fandom and then later LJ for making me learn something that is now useful in my job. Actually, I'm glad I'm the kind of geek who got interested in blogs and social networks of different persuasions because that's also something that I now use for professional reasons. It actually amuses my parents to no end "So your hobbies are now part of your job? Who'd have thought?" Not me, dude. But I'm definitely not complaining!

Oh! And speaking of the parental unit. My dad managed to get four free tickets for Bharati thanks to a guy he knows. I'm absolutely thrilled because we've been wanting to bring my mother to that show for the longest time and we're finally going to do it \o/
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I'm working on a translation that is kicking my ass! It's always very sad when you're forced to face your own limitations *pout* Ok so I'm not worried as such and I know I'll defeat it in the end, but let's just say it's a good thing I still have a couple of days before handing it in because it's not really presentable yet. I'm taking a break right now because I'm going to punch something if I don't and I like my furniture just the way they are. I decided to watch last week's NCIS:LA because I realised it'd been some time since I was in the company of G, Sam and the whole team. I know I'm even more behind SPN but SPN isn't a show I watch to relax exactly and I'm not in the mood so to speak. I might take advantage of the two weeks off work I'll have in April to catch up for good. Oh and wait, did FlashForward come back or not? I really need to investigate.

And because I'm in that phase where I need to make at least one reference to my latest obsession per entry -> I'm still in an AI8 kick, still listening to the albums in a loop and still reading Adam/Kris like mad, still enjoying the whole thing. Speaking of enjoying, Adam looks good in a kilt! *loves twitter*

I even regret not having fallen for them in time to download the episodes last year. I've never watched American Idol, American or French version (one of the reasons is that I usually find that kind of program way too Mottsy for me, I can't enjoy them) but if I'd known, I'd have made an exception for Adam and Kris last year *sigh*

Unrelated. I've seen my nephew this weekend and I had the honour of getting yet a new nickname. Well, not really a "nickname" but mine is a name that little kids always have problems pronouncing - it's the "x", it always gives them trouble - so they make up their own version of it. My sister called me "Assa" when she was really little and my cousins all had their own versions too. It's my nephew's turn now so I've beeen christened "tata/aunt Alekla"... which I actually find more difficult to pronounce that the real thing but there you go. Now I'm wondering how Chiara will say it... except, of course, in her case she won't actually have to use it, saying "Marraine" should be easier. Unless the "r" gives her trouble, mind...
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On Friday, a quiet evening was had at home with Cookie, where baking was done for her not!birthday on Saturday. I refuse to call the little party we had at my place her birthday party because the actual date of her birth is on the 29th, which is not the 27th by any means, and since celebrating a birthday early is Wrong, I cannot, in good conscience, call it a bday party. Except she didn't care, apparently? And went as far as laughing in the face of my superstitions. Oh, Cookie, why so cruel?!

Saturday morning was quite domestic too as more cooking was done, as well as some heavy cleaning - windows opened to let the warmth of outside get in the flat and Panic singing in the background, and, I don't know, sometimes, domesticity makes me feel so good inside.

The whole day was pretty fantastic - then again, what time spent with fanpeople isn't? I knew half the guests and got to meet Cookie's other group of friends and they're a funny and witty and lovely crowd. Twas awesome finally meeting them :-)

They all left early evening and Cookie and I were left with enough to feed an army - I'm not even kidding. I don't think I've ever seen so much food in my kitchen. My poor fridge must have been a bit freaked out, it's not exactly used to being filled like that.

Which, btw, how come you always cook, bake and bring too much food in events like that? Is there a law somewhere that states that when you organise that kind of festivities you have to have triple the food you'd actually need? I'm baffled. Our poor, uneaten compound salad! It made me so sad, dude. But it was, like, epic? Even after begging bribing forcing asking the girls (+1 boy) to try it and them being nice enough to humour us, there was just too much of it left.

As for today, I spent the afternoon at the parental unit's and lazed around and sunbathed and it was all quiet and nice ♥ ♥ Even got to see The Esu and Chiara on my way home as they were paying their own little visit to the parents.

And now, I've just (re)watched Panic's Live in Chicago and I feel all squeeful because that's just what those guys do to me. Fill me with glee :-) There're many parts I love but there's this one with Zach that never fails to make me laugh: when he's all "Does anyone know where Brendon is?" right before their first show. I suppose losing one Brendon Urie right before a show would be a bit of problem. Oh, Zach


May. 28th, 2009 08:17 pm
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Omg! Work killed me today, killed me! In the eat-at-your-desk, leave-mucho-later-than-usual way. It killed me and my plans for the evening too. Here's a question for you: where I am updating my LJ from? Answer: not the Grand Rex where the French Premiere of Terminator: Salvation is happening, with the cast!

But I can't even be that upset, I needed to stay late due to my going away tomorrow and work being crazy atm. Plus, I think today craziness just made up for yesterday's awesomeness and the fantasticness that is going to be Asylum so, it's only fair?

Because, yes, I had such a great day yesterday! Not just en famille, but at work too. I have the best co-workers ever. And the best Cookie there is too, she's just so good to her friends ♥ ♥ It started with my co-worker P giving me Rochers Suchards and a customized lil box of cappuccino and just - that was so sweet! And! I had a little party at work! They all sang Happy Birthday and then there was homemade chocolate cake - Cookie again - and champagne and a gorgeous card they all signed, and the music in the background? Was Panic at the Disco! Can you say 'perfect'? ♥ ♥

In the evening I went to my sister's with the parental units and my cousin Martine where my BIL had dressed the table in the most beautiful way and there I got flowers - white orchads and roses - and then because my sister is the sweetest and wanted me to have something to unwrap on the actual day - we're doing this huge party next week so I can't say I was complaining about the no-pressie on the 27th but, hey, I was complaining even less when they handed me the gift lol - they got me an Efélant plushie or Heffalump for you non-French dudes. Plushie I'd been coveting ever since I bought it for my goddaugther, a whole year ago. So, yeah, I was pretty thrilled lol

I'd have had something to open, anyway, cause [ profile] babycakesin knitted her little fingers off for me and made a kick-ass little handbag. Having friends who knit is!

Between Asylum and the bday, I can say this week rocks my world :-)
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Played Wii all afternoon yesterday with Mom and Sis, it was awesome! So much fun, but also? Tiring! After a couple of hours it felt as if I'd gone through an intensive session at the gym - well, intensive for me, maybe, I don't know :-p And today, my left arm hurts like hell, that thing is dangerous! My sister warned me this would happen but as it was my very first time playing with a wii, I thought she was just joking. Guess she wasn't? I really can't wait to get my own wii, now *bounces*

I had a very lazy morning today and watched the new Supernatural, which I really enjoyed! My one complaint though? Spoilers for 4x12, obviously - of the kinky kind )

Oh, I also liked how TPTB were all another spoiler ) Sometimes TPTB are funny in the way they deal with things.

Having said that, I did enjoy - with no sarcasm involved - that spoilery moment ) As well as the ending )

I feel so incredibly lazy, you guys! I think I'm gonna have a Me day. Feels like it's been forever since I had one of those. So I might stay home all day and just catch up with the flist, read fics and keep on reading Assassin's Apprentice, which I finally started the other day. I understand [ profile] greedy_dancer and [ profile] moimoietmoi's love for it now, it's a compelling read!

ETA: Cravings are so awful! So I'm watching Sex and the City, the movie, and Carrie keeps going to Starbucks and suddenly I have this craving for a slice of cheesecake + grande white mocha! And I'm just way too lazy today to go there on my own *sadface*
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Happy New Year, flist. Hope you had a nice NYE. Mine was spent in Normandie with the usual suspects - parental unit, teh esu, godfather, aunt, cousins. We left on Wednesday morning and I abandoned them all there today as I had to be back in Choisy.

I didn't get snow but we had some lovely cold weather - warmest tempeature being 0°C - and the landscape was gorgeous.

Since I've been bitten by the picspam bug, here's another one )

As I said, no snow, but I still had some white :-) Actually, it might have been -4° when we got there which, fine, it's winter, it's supposed to be cold outside - I was beaming myself, if you want to know, I'm such a winter child! Even though I was born in May, that's not the point - only problem is, it was winter inside the house as well.

Temperature inside when we got in? 1°C. We kept gazillion layers in order not to turn into popsicles before the house got warm. Everyone was worried about Little Bit being cold but I think Chiara was the one who was the most comfortable among us. I just love that pic. )

We had a lovely NYE, good food, wonderful company, many hours spent playing boarding games. At midnight we added some more layers and went to the beach as BIL wanted to play with fireworks. Twas awesome.

On Thursday, we strolled along the - deserted - beach in the morning and went to Cabourg in the afternoon, where we ate at a gorgeous little coffee house. Rémi was like 'it's not a Starbucks, Alex, will you survive'? Which, fyi, yes I did!

Some more pics - of Cabourg this time )

All in all, I had a fantastic couple of days away from Choisy ♥ ♥

And now I'm back home. My friendspage tells me that, should I want to catch up with it, I'd have to reach skip=350 which, uh, is a bit scary so I think I'm just going to give up before I try. I'm too lazy right now, anyway.
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From what I could see on the flist, looks like many of you had a lovely Christmas. I did too :-)We had a great time with the cooking first - homemade appetizers, foie gras, stoked salmon, then stuffed capon with veggies to go with it. Cheese and salad and then the bûche/Christmas cake to end it all. We all took turns in the kitchen, as usual, and my godfather and cousin Rémi were quite inspired when they dressed the foie gras plates - look for yourselves, doesn't it look pretty and very cute? )

We savoured our dinner and when midnight struck it was time to open our presents. We were all spoiled: doubly in my case as I had gifts from the whole family, of course - Kaamelott Livre V! Pushing Daisies! A Starbucks mug! Duma Key etc. - but also from [ profile] yami_tai, [ profile] aswanargent and [ profile] angeliksmall, so THANK YOU to the three of you again for the wonderful pressies. I'll have a nice book to read thanks to Tai and the shawl I got from Karen is absolutely gorgeous! So warm and cozy and just too pretty for words! And, Cookie got me Merlin, dude! That is, the DVDs, we all know Merlin belongs to Arthur :-)

So, anyway, Christmas was awesome. Also, Julien's reaction when he read my sister's card telling him Henry and her wanted him as a godfather for Chiara's? Was even better than expected! He started with a heartfelt 'hell yes' before reading the card to us and then he started to choke up and he cried. Next thing you know, my aunt and mother and cousin Emilie and sister and I were all crying. So we're a bunch of saps, so sue us! We were all so happy for him because we knew he really wanted to be Chiara's godfather... that was just lovely. Afterwards we kept calling each other marraine and parrain because we're not just saps but dorks as well.

Of course each time I called Julien parrain, my own godfather would be 'yes?' and I would be like, no I was talking to Juju. Fun times! lol

I slept at my parents' with the rest of the family and we all had a lazy Thursday together. Then I got back home and lazied some more. One needs peace and quiet to wind down from the Christmas high, you know?

Oh! And on Thursday we ate the Christmas pudding [ profile] yami_tai had offered my parents when she came last month and they liked it, Mom especially. I can't say the same, but I was happy someone got to appreciate the English food lol So thanks, Tai :-)

And apparently I'll keep with the lazying today as the two friends I was supposed to meet bailed out. So I'll stay home and watch the Doctor Who Christmas special instead *nods*


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