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On Friday, a quiet evening was had at home with Cookie, where baking was done for her not!birthday on Saturday. I refuse to call the little party we had at my place her birthday party because the actual date of her birth is on the 29th, which is not the 27th by any means, and since celebrating a birthday early is Wrong, I cannot, in good conscience, call it a bday party. Except she didn't care, apparently? And went as far as laughing in the face of my superstitions. Oh, Cookie, why so cruel?!

Saturday morning was quite domestic too as more cooking was done, as well as some heavy cleaning - windows opened to let the warmth of outside get in the flat and Panic singing in the background, and, I don't know, sometimes, domesticity makes me feel so good inside.

The whole day was pretty fantastic - then again, what time spent with fanpeople isn't? I knew half the guests and got to meet Cookie's other group of friends and they're a funny and witty and lovely crowd. Twas awesome finally meeting them :-)

They all left early evening and Cookie and I were left with enough to feed an army - I'm not even kidding. I don't think I've ever seen so much food in my kitchen. My poor fridge must have been a bit freaked out, it's not exactly used to being filled like that.

Which, btw, how come you always cook, bake and bring too much food in events like that? Is there a law somewhere that states that when you organise that kind of festivities you have to have triple the food you'd actually need? I'm baffled. Our poor, uneaten compound salad! It made me so sad, dude. But it was, like, epic? Even after begging bribing forcing asking the girls (+1 boy) to try it and them being nice enough to humour us, there was just too much of it left.

As for today, I spent the afternoon at the parental unit's and lazed around and sunbathed and it was all quiet and nice ♥ ♥ Even got to see The Esu and Chiara on my way home as they were paying their own little visit to the parents.

And now, I've just (re)watched Panic's Live in Chicago and I feel all squeeful because that's just what those guys do to me. Fill me with glee :-) There're many parts I love but there's this one with Zach that never fails to make me laugh: when he's all "Does anyone know where Brendon is?" right before their first show. I suppose losing one Brendon Urie right before a show would be a bit of problem. Oh, Zach
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Sometimes you win at life, and sometimes you don't. I think tonight was a demonstration of the latter. I was meant to go and see a play after work (the amateur-but-as-good-as-professional kind of play) and we got lost. Which is even more frustrating as we were all good to a certain point and then... we weren't. I suppose the bright side is that it was held at Montmartre so we wandered around and, yes, it was lovely, meaning all wasn't lost, but it was still annoying. So close and yet so far *pout*

Changing the subject. I had a lovely weekend. Went to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday (my, how fast do they grow up! I can't believe Lucas will start kindergarten in September) and had a blast with tbf!Sandrine and a couple of her friends. Then on Sunday I was all domestic and shit as I did some laundry and some cleaning (my life, so glamourous sometimes).

And! I set up the Wii Fit and played for an hour. Dude, how awesome is that game? My favourite parts are the Hula Hoop and the Steps, I think. Though the Yoga part is pretty nifty too; I totally kicked ass at the Tree Posture \o/ I have very good balance, my Wii Trainer and the Wii Board both told me. They can't lie, right? Right!

I felt fine this morning, just a little sore but nothing painful as such, but as the day went, it started to hurt more and more. Co-Worker A. was asking me if it really works and if we really feel the aches in our body afterwards, and I now can tell her that 'hell yes it does and we definitely do'!

I also bought the Ultimate Band game (it was so cheap, how could I resist?) and as soon as I know how to play correctly, I'll create my own band. Which I'll call Summerlin [/bandom+wii addict]

And in non-wii related news; Cookie and I passed the little exam we took last week :-)
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Because I can be incredibly easy - and easily entertained - I still can't believe that I get to hear Brendon singing in my telly whenever the Coca Cola ad is on! I had no idea Open Happiness was for the commercial, so imagine my surprise when I realised this was Brendon singing on my telly the first time I saw the ad!

Well, technically, I didn't see the ad that first time - not really. I was readind a fic with the tv on in the living room. Even though I was pretty focused on the story, the part of my brain that is apparently connected to Patd 24/7 realised Brendon was singing on aforementioned telly, so I sprang from my chair, slid to the living room and squeed at the screen, even though aforementioned ad was over. I almost gave Cookie a heart attack in the process. I am sorry for that, but I explained the commotion and she totally got it. Plus, she almost gives me a heart attack whenever she catches something Batman and/or Joker related, so.

Oh, so interesting story brought to you because the ad was on not five seconds ago :-p

I had a lovely day with tbf!Sandrine, her boyfriend and my nephew today. We brought him to a kid show which omg, was rubbish! But it was the kind of bad that turns hilarious, so we had a good time - just not the way we expected. Then again, Lucas had a blast so that's the only thing that counts. After the show we had a little stroll at the Buttes Chaumont park - it was such a gorgeous day, sunny and just gorgeous - before stopping at a little café. If that's not a great day, I don't know what is :-)

Unrelated, I'm reading Duma Key at the moment and I absolutely love it but man, it stresses the hell ouf of me! Which, yes, it's supposed to and I'm happy it does, but still... if I listened to myself I'd just go and read the last pages so that I knew how it's gonna end stop stressing out.

Hey, I just did the math and I've been a fan of King's for the last 17 years - or 18 if you consider I'll turn 30 in May. That's nice :-)
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This morning I: slept in, took a long leisurely bath, read some deliciously kinky fics and wrote some more of my Merlin story. Cozy and relaxing and fannish morning - just perfect ♥ ♥ Going out later this afternoon is going to be a bit difficult, methinks.

Oh and I've been ogling this. Dude, Live In Chicago/A Picture With Books Deluxe Limited-Edition. Deluxe Limited-Edition! With the "96-page hardcover book entitled 'A Picture With Books.' It features Polaroids taken during the band's 2008 world tours" - I was wondering whether I really needed that book when I read how this deluxe edition was a "must-have for any diehard Panic fan." Clearly they're talking about me! I'm giving myself till tonight to cave in decide what to do. |ETA: A thought occurred to me, they do ship to Europe, right?]

Now, for something different, a little meme. I'll admit to being a bit nosy; I always enjoy those memes where people talk about their lives. So to make myself feel less guilty for the nosiness, I play too. That way it's more a matter of give and take. The universe and me, we like balance!

Meme that tells you all kinds of details about the everyday life of the one who took it. )

And I'm adding this last line only because I'm not sure I like ending an entry on just the cut. So consider this an LJ quirk of mine - no ending my entries on an lj-cut if I can avoid it.
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Slow day at work today. Tomorrow is bank holiday and many people took their Monday day off so that they could have a four-day weekend. No such luck for [ profile] angeliksmall and me, but I don't mind that much. I'll admit that this morning was a bit difficult - I sorta had a problem with my alarm clock and I'm pretty sure I only started to really wake up when I was in the train on my way to work - but a) I'll sleep in and laze around tomorrow and b) seeing that so few people are here, we don't have as many stuff to do as usual. And we can take our time doing it. Which is why I'm writing this entry and Cookie is, wait a sec *asks her* ha! She's writing hers lol

I had a nice weekend and did everything I'd planned - Starbucks was visited (twice), shopping was done (I bought the cutest kilt - I just need to be in the mood to wear skirt+boots now) and Quantum of Solace was seen. I liked it. It was entertaining. And Daniel Craig rocks in that role. Then again, I'm not a James Bond purist, so that might be why I enjoyed the two new films in the franchise.

Merlin was watched, too. "The Beginning of the End" was another great episode. I'd say I'm enjoying that show immensely but it would be a bit redundant? Oh, what the hell, hee I'm enjoying that show so much! So much that it made me write a fic, remember? That's pretty remarkable. I'm 2250+ words into it, btw. Actually, the first chapter is done and if I suddenly found myself facing writer's block again, I think I'll be able to post that part. It works on its own.

As I see it, it's a bit as if I'd decided to bake a cake with several layers and only ended up doing one. The cake would still be good - that is, to my taste - and not look stupid so if I realised I had nothing left in the kitchen to do the rest, I'd still serve it. Because one layered cake can be good, too!

Well, that's my story - literally, I guess lol - and I'm sticking to it :-)

Oh, and D-4 before [ profile] yami_tai arrives in Paris! We'll be busy girls: Friday night is The Hoosiers concert, then on Saturday we're planning on going to Pierrefonds with [ profile] angeliksmall and [ profile] jedicathy for a little Merlin pilgrimage.I'm hoping we'll get some nice pictures. Let's just it won't rain! *fingers crossed*

That'll make it my third Fangirl weekend in a row. I swear my other friends are gonna think I decided to trade them for a more fannish version of them lol
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It's ridiculous how tired I am these days! I'm hoping it's just a stupid phase and I'll feel less tired as November arrives because if I'm already this tired when I still have free weekends, what is gonna happen when Big Top starts and I start working 7/7 all of December? *glares at stoopid body*

[ profile] turps33, you'll be happy to know we started talking about Big Top with my sister the other day. Our schedule is all set. And it'd appear it'll just be The Esu and me this time; no big crew made of pretty much ever family members my dad can kidnap find. It'll be weird just being the three of us under those big tops when we're used to being around eight but hey we'll make do :-)

I'm really sad though because we used to have this show with Merlin and Arthur - awesome, fantastic and gorgeous show with horses and knights and wizards and duels and whatnot - and we're not doing it anymore and it is very sad because I thought it'd have been really fitting, what with Merlin being all the rage and all that.

Speaking of Christmas - Big Top = Winter = Christmas, for those not in the know; SPN is going to spoil us tonight! First because, from the trailer, it should be a great episode, and second because of the little thing they're going to offer us after the episode if I got it right?

SPN, the gift that keeps on giving! ♥ ♥

And on the subject of gifts; it'd seem the Sex Corps 'verse has been updated so yay, pressie! And I see a new story in the Daddy Kink 'verse has been added so I'll go and have some Daddy kinky fun over there too! Oh, LJ, you're such an endless source of fannish entertainment! *kisses*
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What a week! I know it's only Wednesday but it feels like I've worked six days instead of three. Work is crazy at the moment. Poor [ profile] angeliskmall, for all newbie that she is, hasn't been spared at all either - to give you an idea, today, and even though we're just one office appart, we barely saw each other.

To add insult to injury I was sick as a dog yesterday - it started at work then just got worse as I got home, and I had a miserable almost-sleepless night. It's funny how your brain makes you forget about certain things; I didn't remember feeling that bad for a long while. I'd have called in sick today except for the fact that I needed to be at work because of the whole crazy-work theme of the week. Never let it be said that I can't be professional!

I'm finally feeling better this evening, though apparently that thing we call 'eating' isn't gonna happen, after all. Oh, well, tomorrow?

And! I haven't read a single fic since Tuesday, or is that Monday? So to remedy that, I just went and paid a little visit to [ profile] dotcoms_refresh, I've tabbed every single PATD fic they offered. I can only hope I'll find something to my liking. Sometimes you'll tab a gazillion fics, almost salivate at the thought of all those awesome stories waiting for you, only to find yourself with fics that are either bad or just not your thing. It's always a very sad state of affairs *nods*

Okay so now I'm gonna call a couple of my friends because I haven't seen a single of them so far this week - which is just wrong - then I'll see what my flist has been up to those past few days, then I'll OD on slash. Well, for as long as I'll be able to keep my eyes open, that is. So, let's say, not for long? Oh and The Mentalist 1x03 aired apparently? So I guess I'll make a stop at mininova too.
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I slept 2.5 hours last night. Considering I didn't exactly sleep that well all of last week either, I can tell you I'm not really awake today; it's gonna be a long day, I think.

Even though I'm tired, I think I'm starting to feel better than I did last week - Christelle's funeral was on Friday and though I can't say it helped me come to terms with what happened per se, some things take time so I'll just wait it out.

I've been feeling a bit out of sorts for obvious reasons and have been trying to distract myself with fannish stuff, with more or less success this weekend. Even watching SPN felt weird at first because I kept thinking about how I'd been so excited and impatient for Friday, 19th to come, how it was all SPN Day before last week and how suddenly it became Christelle's funeral. One of the things I have the most difficulties with in Life is how everything can change and be turned upside down in just a second. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to that aspect of it.

Anyway. I watched 4x01 and it was even better than what I expected, I absolutely loved it. No review but spoilers inside all the same. ) Speaking of, [ profile] veronamay spotted something I'd missed and I'm quite grateful for her attention to details; what a wonderful touch that was.

In conclusion, Kripke still has it!

Still on the subject of SPN; I saw this here and there on my flist and couldn't resist making my own. Here's my SPN fancode:


And I think I just found a new t-shirt I'd like made for me. It would be perfect; SPN related and geeky.
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The pope is in Paris at the moment (today and tomorrow, then he'll go to Lourdes to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Apparition of the Virgin there - well, in Massabielle, same thing - and here ends your French trivia for the day) and, not to sound inappropriate or anything, but it was hell!

Some stations were closed and when they weren't, streets were, and if they weren't, then there were so many people that it was just impossible to walk. And, of course, I had to be in St Michel to replace Admin-in-Chief who couldn't attend a reunion at the Sorbonne. Which, actually, the meeting? Was a load of fun. Who would have thought that Big Name University People had such a great sense of humour?

Friday 12 also means it's a week exactly till new SPN for the Downloaders Among Us, whee! I'm officially starting the countdown, because a week is nothing. I'm going to be vibrating all of Thursday, I just know it! And then on Friday I'd better not have anything unexpected happen at work because I don't wanna be held hostage and have to stay longer than planned.

This is exactly what happened yesterday, incidentally. I stayed an hour longer to help SexyGeeky Girl. Then - of course - RERs were all messed up - not the pope's fault, this time - and then they changed the destination of the train I did take, meaning I found myself far, far away from Choisy. I thought I just hadn't paid attention but a bunch of guys were in the same predicament, so I think they just didn't announce the change of direction. So I was home at 7.45 PM instead of 6.00 PM. Nothing too traumatising per se, but I had a hectic day at work and just couldn't wait to be home. That is, at the parental unit's 'cause I'd planned on paying a little visit to my mom.

Yeah, no, no need to tell me, the excitement of my life sometimes, it's barely bearable. I know.

Oh and unrelated but I have a facebook account now. I gave in to peer pressure; that is, the pressure of my friends from the Sorbonne. They told me they'd created a group just for 'us' and I couldn't bear the thought of not really be part of the 'us' so I sorta created my account. They were thrilled. At least it's easy to make them happy :-)
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I had a lovely week at work but it doesn't mean I wasn't thrilled to see the weekend knock on my door - if only to be able to sleep in. I've been quite bad with going-to-sleep-at-non!ridiculous-hour all week so, yes, I was pretty eager to sleep till late. Which I did ♥ ♥

Incidentally, I dreamt of Starbucks. Pretty long dream, too. I think it's because I met with a friend last night - the one from Belgium who's quite curious about it - and we meant to go there, only it was closed... in the end we went to a Japanese restaurant - third time for me this week, but Japanase restaurant is a bit like Starbucks, I can't really resist the temptation :-)

Surreal moment of the evening was when Aline started talking about Prison Break 4x01. I'm usually the one who's always downloading stuff before everyone - among my RL friends, I mean; it was a nice role reversal. I downloaded the file as soon as I got home; she made me curious.

I have a quiet weekend ahead of me, which suits me just fine as I feel all mellow. This afternoon I'll go to the parental unit's with my sis - which is good timing as Dad just called me to tell me that I'd received a package from Amazon which means SPN S3, wheeeee! - and in the evening I'll meet with tbf!Sandra to see The Accidental Husband. Because JDM is love and I'll go and see every one of his films till the end of the time! So there :-)

And I think I'll spend all my Sunday reading PATD. I've just checked the latest [ profile] dotcoms_refresh edition and tabbed every single panic fics that was linked. So, you know, that'll be my Sunday program, I think. Last night I watched many patd media and it was pretty awesome to hear the boys talk about their music and the way their songs were written and there's this part which I thought was interesting when Ryan talks about the whole My Words/His Voice combo, the importance and complexity of that particular dynamics, and how things were pretty stressful between him and Brendon at the beginning because of it. I also loved how he talked about Brendon's voice; it's always sweet when band members praise the others' talents :-)

It's also a lot of fun when you realise that a particular theme you read in fics is actually canon. It always makes for strong(er) stories when you find out.
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This morning was nicely busy at work and it flew by. Let's just hope the rest of the day will follow the same principle. I love me some nicely-busy-though-not-chaotic days very much. I also love that I can listen to music on my computer in my office... and I love jiwa for allowing me to create my own little PATD playlist ♥ ♥

A coworker of mine brought me a lesbian DVD today. Just like that. I mean, we were talking about cheesy films and Disney cartoons yesterday at lunch and she said she'd lend me Finding Nemo because I hadn't seen it. This morning she announces 'okay, here is Nemo, as promised. Oh, and a little something for you' and then proceeds to hand the lesbian DVD to me. I might have blinked at her and then squeeed a little when I realised what the DVD was about and then expressed my gratitude like a dork but, I don't know, random acts of generosity? Always fill me with glee. I mean, she didn't buy it for me, but she still gave it to me. For no reason. I think it's nice :-)

And in case someone thinks it might have been some sort of blatant courtship, she's married with two kids so, you know, not so much.

So I never flaunt my being gay at work, or elsewhere for that matter, but nor do I hide it, so unless my coworkers are under a strict rule of avoiding any kind of topics that could reveal one's sexual identities, there usually comes a time when I just talk about girls and my preferences. But I have to say I wasn't expecting someone to give away gay films :-p

Do you think if I mentioned my love for d/s someone would buy me a nice collar, maybe?

Unrelated now, my being kidnapped by the patd boys yesterday - I read fics till 2.30 AM, I sorta hated myself a little this morning; then again, so worth it \o/ - and not cleaning my flat might come back to kick me in the ass today; I talked to a friend of mine this morning and since she was a bit down I invited her to come over tonight. I'm afraid she's going to mock me mercilessly for the state of my flat. A solution would be to get home real fast so that I can do some cleaning. I'm usually pretty good with this, I don't wanna lose my record *pout* Though if I have to lose it, might as well has been for patd!
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Oh I had such a great day! First, I slept in. Till 11.00 AM! Mom was like 'yes, but did you go to sleep at 3.00 AM?' Which, Mom, do you know me well! Except this time I went to sleep at midnight, so that was early, ha!

We went to the Terracota Army exhibit in the afternoon - wow, it gave me such a rush to see the soldiers for real, and not just through my tv screen. It was absolutely fantastic! Afterwards we went back to the parental unit's place for a cup of coffee - cappuccino for me - and headed to Ikea with my dad after that; I picked stuff for my kitchen and when we got the check-out they didn't let me pay ♥ ♥ But their awesomeness doesn't stop here for they invited me to what is becoming 'our' Japanese restaurant, where we had delicious food. I love my parents so!

I just got home and I'm ending the day quietly; cruising the flist and tabbing fics. I think I'll start with that Panic kink ficlet (with art!) which is being recc'ed right and left :-) [ETA: Omg! Corset piercings! My new favourite kink *fans self*]

Oh and also, I've seen the First Line meme pretty much everywhere. I started doing it then realised that I preferred my last lines to my first lines, so I thought I'd go with those instead. Pretty much the same meme, right? Just in reverse. Sorta.

Post the first last line from your 25 of your most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

Here they are )

As for the pattern, I don't know... what about the fact that the very last line is usually a sort of conclusion to the penultimate one? It's not just the last line that is important but what comes right before it. They really go in pair.
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For the past four days I was away in Normandie and I did nothing but rest, read, rest some more, walk along the beach, stroll in little towns, sit on the beach, read again, eat a lot, and spend time with my family. Definitely my kind of vacation.

In case some people need visuals; this is where I spent most of my time )

With some visiting, like Caen, for instance )

But, well, yeah, basically I was always here )

Then yesterday morning, before leaving for Choisy, we got a call telling us someone had broken into my parents' office - which, wow, they so didn't need that - and then when I arrived in Choisy, I received another call telling me my goddaughter was in the hospital!

Cue chills running down my spine. Turns out Chiara had a very strong allergic reaction to the new milk she was given and, well, things got scary very quickly. Sis kept her cool and did everything she was supposed to but she got the scare of her life. The paramedics helped Little Bit right away and everything was back under control soon, but the hospital preferred to keep her overnight. I had my sister on the phone early this morning and Chiara was just fine, sleeping like, well, a baby :-) They'll bring her back home later in the day. All ends well, we'll just have to be careful about the milk and other milk related products for some time, and hope we won't get a repeat performance.

I have no idea what was up with yesterday, but there was something in the air, apparently.

After four days away I'm skip=24122 so I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to tackle the flist, I have to admit. I'll definitely hunt down the fics - hail to newsletter - but for the rest, I don't know *is a wuss*
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Omg what did they do to! They changed everything! I didn't know they were going to change everything! I couldn't prepare myself before they changed everything! Couldn't try to gently ease myself into the idea that we'd get a new look *freaks out*

Can we get rid of the 'top 10 tags' and the 'all tags'? And is there a way to have the 'view in cloud' again? I loved that one. And what about the 'unbundled tags' bundle? I so need it!

I so hate changes *pout* Yeah, okay, so I'll get used to the new look - and forget about the old one, I'm sure - but I need to get through the first stage of mourning the older one first, is all.

Oh! There's a storm! Thunder! Rain! Fresh air! Omg, today was so incredibly hot - without a real sun - and sticky and just omg so gross! The office was a sauna, the outside world wasn't better but it was nothing, nothing compared to the trains and buses. God, it felt like an oven in there.

Went to see my sis and Chiara after work and the Little Bit was all cranky due to the heat and kept fidgeting and doing those 'omg i hate life right now, come on do something, dude!' faces but I think we were all in the same situation. So Sis and I watched Secret Story and criticised and mocked Laurent and Samantha. Criticising and mocking real!tv contestants is a good way to channel your agressivity due to the heat, I found out.

Then I got home and the Very First Thing I did was take a shower. A cold one. I almost passed out from the sheer pleasure that gave me ♥ ♥
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I know I cry easily in front of the tv but Cold Case is helping me break some kind of record, really. Feels like I'm in tears at the end of every single episode *wipes tears*

I'm still mourning the lack of Cold Case DVDs, btw, and will always do. It's also incredibly ironic that one of the things that makes this show so good, meaning the soundtrack, happens to be the same thing that prevents it from being released on DVDs. Life, it's funny sometimes.

Anyway. I had such a quiet and lazy weekend! After going out every day of the week after work last week, I wanted some Me time and I certainly got my wish. Awesome :-) I did run some errands but it was quickly done. I also took the time to finally do all the cleaning and vacuuming Teh Flat desperately needed. Plus some laundry and ironing.

The excitement of my life, I can barely stand it sometimes, dude!

Know what? It always amuses me that Once Upon a Time, I started using 'dude' in reference to Hurley in Lost - I thought it was an amusing and cute word and I just started using it. At the time it was 100% associated with Hurley. Now it's all about Dean and Dean only. Funny thing.

And speaking of SPN; La Trilogie du Samedi now? Numb3rs followed with Supernatural. You'd think I bribed the network or something :-) Summer hiatus might be on in the States but between N3, SPN, Lost and Cold Case every Saturday and Sunday, I do have some nice tv over here too. Sure, it's in French but I'm part of the minority that can watch dubbed shows without wanting to commit suicide. Most of the time, that is ;-)
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Orgasmic moment of the day; when I took a cool, oh so blissfully and heavenly cool shower right after I set foot in the flat. Seriously, it felt like one of those smut scenes where the characters get home and start taking their clothes off as soon as they close the door while still walking till they reach the bed and have dirtyhotsex.

It was the exact same thing. Except I was on my own. And I jumped into a shower instead of a bed. Oh, and I didn't have sex. Also, I was trying to banish any kind of thoughts that had 'hot' in them, anyway. God, it's so hot these days!

And maybe not 'orgasmic' exactly but still happy-making thought; I just realised that next week is the release date of The Black Parade is Dead - well, if they don't delay it again, of course. I'm so going to celebrate New Payday with some MCR goodness! *can't wait*

And to keep with the happy theme; I'm going to grab the croissant [ profile] enigel bought for me yesterday, treat myself with a little ice cream, and then read a couple of SPN Big Bang. There're two stories I've been wanting to try so I think I'll go and pick one *likes that plan*

Happy thoughts, indeed :-)
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Am having a slow day today at work, which, dude, so not complaining! Certainly not on a Monday, when it's always better to be eased into the new week gently. So I'm all for that, really. And especially as last week was quite hectic and the rest of the upcoming week should be as well. Again, I'm not complaining because, in this case, hectic means that the days fly by. And there's nothing better than realising that oh, wow, it's almost 5.00 PM already and when did that happen?

Still, it's nice when things slow down a little :-)

So. Past week was quite busy. As was the weekend. Of the very good and fun kind of busy, and under a wonderful - albeit sometimes a bit too scorching - sun. Am working on my tan again \o/

Am ridiculously behind on everything fannish though. I've tabbed a gazillion Big Bang and non-Big Bang fics but I have to admit that seeing all those tabs aligned and waiting for me is almost overwhelming. But, hey, am not a wuss so I'm not going to be scared away or anything!

It'd also seem that a couple of premieres 'leaked' so I'll have to save all those links I see pop up here and there. And when do the Summer shows start, again? I want me some Summer tv... Is there anything new coming, btw?

Wow, I'm so out of the loop, dude *blink* Better stop here or I'll freak myself out and scar me for life *runs off*
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Obviously the best way to start a new week would be not to have go to work, but I think starting a Monday with warm pain au chocolat just out of the oven and a cup of yummy capuccino does go a long way to make things sweeter, anyway. That and the fact that we have Summer back today. Those little facts put me in a good mood this morning :-)

Then I realised that we were the 9th, meaning that it was time for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang to go live, and then I realised that [ profile] bandombigbang had gone live already and just - yeah, BEST MONDAY EVER! Between RL and Big Bang, I wonder when I'll have time to sleep. Except, rumours have it that sleep is overrated so I might just stop sleeping.

So anyway that was my Monday morning. As for my weekend, it was great and fun and busy. Among other things, I went to see Sex & the City with two of my girlfriends on Saturday and I really enjoyed it. Enough that I was thinking of getting the DVD halfway through it and thinking of downloading the film while waiting for the DVD to come out.

If anyone knows where I could find a nice copy? I've seen some torrents but I didn't want to go through the hassle of downloading it and get a crappy screener in the end. If you have a sekrit link that you could share with me? Maybe off-lj if you prefer? At mouse.a at ? Tia.

I got home late on Sunday, worked a little - because having fun is nice but you need to be reasonable every now and then - then rewarded myself with my weekly dose of Criminal Mind on the telly - two episodes every sunday night. Thank you, TF1.

Meaning that I've finally seen "The Big Game" and "Revelations". I really liked that two-parter, but there's something I with we'd gotten at the end - spoilers for the ending of 2x15 )

ETA: Does anyone know where/if I can find transcripts of the Jared & Jim q&a sessions from the Dallas con? I know where to find vids, but are there transcripts out there?


Jun. 6th, 2008 02:39 pm
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Today is a day to celebrate! First it's my LJ-versary, my 5th. I've been here for five years, dude. It sounds like a lifetime! I mean, a lifetime on the internets, where things always seem to go so fast and not last that long. Then again, I'm not the kind of person who gets easily tired of something they like, so it's not that surprising I'm still here considering the amount of fun I have on LJ-land :-)

Second - well, it actually comes first in terms of RL importance but since I'm updating my LJ, I thought it was only fair I mentioned my LJ-versary first :-) - I got the job at the Sorbonne! And the head department did have the last word as I'll get the salary he 'promised' me I'd have. Greatness! I didn't turn venal or anything, plus I know it's still not a lot, but it was definitely music to my ears.

So, anyway, I'll keep working in the family business - I always hear Dean's voice when I say those words, which is why I always do. Say them, I mean - for the upcoming week, and then I'll start at the Sorbonne again on the 16th.

Let's just hope it won't end the same way as last time! *fingers crossed*

And! I wrote fic last night! 1000+ words - for now - of a TS fic that is not, I repeat that is not, set in my Night 'verse. I know, I almost gave myself a heart attack. It's still an AU, though, but it's not totally my fault. It started out as a response for the 'literary figures' challenge over at [ profile] sentinel_thurs and the novel I picked made my Jim/Blair AU, so it's the novel's fault. Not mine. But hey next year when I write, like, my next fic? I might actually write canon! I mean, I'm sure stranger things have happened! Or will.

I'm having a hell of a time with the tense though. Which usually doesn't happen. Most of the time I'll use past tense, except for when the fic wants to be written in present tense. If that's what it wants, it's more than fine with me. And that's how that one started right away, no conscious thought on my part, it just happened, except the rest of the story keeps going from one tense to the other and it's simply driving me insane!

Also, I know it's never a good thing to publicly mention the working title of a fic because those not!titles have the tendency to stick to the story - case in point my Night 'verse which was never meant to officially become the 'Night' 'verse - but the title of this story is - I'm warning you, it's a mouthful - They Say The Future Is Out To Get You (You Know That I Won't Let You Fall).

I told you it was a mouthful. It's just that I've been listening to that song in repeat while writing the fic and it kinda makes sense within the context of the story so, yeah.
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I just checked [ profile] snailbones' LJ and I was right, it's Friday \o/ Oh how I've longed for that day *rolls in the fridayness* My plan for tonight... snuggle on the couch, cruise LJ, watch some TV. And because I want to treat myself with something nice to eat, I'm making salmon with pilaf rice *smacks lips* My weekend is starting out in style :-)

A couple of friends asked me to go with them tomorrow to a manga festival held this weekend but they want to be there for the opening at 9.00 AM and er, no. I mean, why so early? On a Saturday! If I go, I'll meet with them later. Read, early afternoon. And come to think of it, I might not go at all because thing is, I have some work lined up for me to do and since I'm not home on Sunday I might not have the time *ponders* I've applied for a couple of free-lance jobs and one of them answered and I've been asked to do a little test!work... I was thinking of starting this weekend...

Whatever, I'll see in what kind of mood I am tomorrow; right now I just feel all mellow and lazy. Let's just kick back and relax *kicks back and relaxes*

Also I wanted to see if I could play with the Five Songs meme so I asked [ profile] turps33 a letter and she gave me 'H'. I don't have five songs beginning with that letter but four, so four songs you'll get:

Half an Acre - Hem | How to Save a life - The Fray | House of Wolves - My Chemical Romance | Hindi Sad Song - Moulin Rouge

Nice choice, sis! First two songs are two of my favourite songs and MCR is kinda my favourite band. Though I know it might come as a shock to you.

To those interested; all are YSI files. Tell me if you have problem downloading any/all of the songs. And if you want me to give you a letter, ask away.


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