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Woke up early Saturday morning, made tea, watched a couple of BookTube videos and treated myself with three books. Not a bad way to start your day, if you ask me ;)

For those who have been on my flist for a long time and know about my seasonal activities, Big Top is upon us. Meaning I and other members of the family helped out at he family business and worked this weekend. I actually started writing this entry yesterday morning but didn't have time to post it then and only got home around 3.00AM this morning, so. Business as per usual this time of the year...

I say "Big Top" but it's been years since actual big tops were used... nowadays, the shows happen in other indoors venues and the time when we would watch as the big top was set up seems far away. Once up, they always looked so big, so festive. And the atmosphere was very peculiar; I still remember going backstage watching as the artists put on their makeup and costumes or did a quick last-minute rehearsal before taking the stage, I remember walking around tigers, lions, elephants and other animals before they did their numbers, being fed waffles and cotton candy all day... there were so many smells all around, so much noise. It was a lot of work and we ended the weekend absolutely knackered but, you know, it was also so much fun.

Not that traditional circuses don't exist anymore, of course, there are many of them still going around the country (small ones and very famous ones), I just mean that the performances and shows "we"'ve been working with for the last couple of years are different now. The spirit is still there, though, of course. After all, the whole point of those type of shows this time of the year is to share some seasonal/Christmas' spirit, meaning we spent our weekend in the middle of decorated trees, listening to Christmas playlists, meeting up with the Père Noël and being surrounded by magical creatures. We also ate candies... a lot of them.

Not a bad way to spend your day, when you think of it. Except for the working part and the long hours but, hey, it used to be every weekend of December, this time around I'm only helping out one weekend. Besides, now it feels like we're officially on our way to Christmas \o/
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I've downloaded the multifandom Celebrate, cause that's all I know video when I saw it on my flist a couple of days ago but I've only just now watched it and aww, it's such a great vid!! Makes you want to dance and sing along and cheer whenever you see one of your favourite shows pop up on the screen; 100% happy making.

It also reminded me that I was behind way too many shows at the moment *has shame* But we'll be on holiday in two weeks, we'll totally make up for it! Miss G and I have already planned an SPN marathon on the first day of our vacation, so go us \o/ And tonight we'll catch up on Merlin. Community, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead will have to wait, I'm afraid, but we haven't forgotten about them.

Onto RL. First Big Top weekend went well. In between two shows on Saturday, I had lunch right next to Santa Claus. I'm sure he was just taking a break to say hello to the kids in the audience before going back to the North Pole, though. Children around the world needn't worry, I'm making sure the big guy doesn't get too distracted by his activities on the side ;-)

Speaking of Christmas; yesterday was my BIL's birthday so we celebrated it at The Esu's and my goddaughter (yes, more than usual, shut up) when I had her in my arms and she started singing Petit Papa Noël (maybe the most popular Christmas song in France?) to me, her little head on my shoulder. Omg, if I could just bottle up those moments, I would ♥
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Snooooooooooow! Enough that it's covering the streets and the roofs and the cars already! And it's just the beginning, apparently. My office is on the 8th floor and the show is very pretty from here, especially as it's still snowing and I can see the snowflakes dancing madly through our big windows :-)

Speaking of winter (I've had the rest of this entry typed since Monday, better late than never, I guess): it's been weird not Big Top working this year but also good. First because it gave me time to study (which is the reason why I bailed out this year) and second because the last time I didn't work in December was ten years ago (actually I was nineteen the first time - I was a kid omg!) and, sure enough, it's awesome having those weekends free! I've divided my time between studies in the mornings and afternoons, followed with fun stuff in the afternoons and evenings. I can be organised. And disciplined \o/

And still Speaking of fun stuff. My place has been prettied-up!

Tree! Decorations! )

Changing the topic. I've been in a White Collar mood ever since they aired 1x07 and now I'm in the mood for some White Collar (cliched) holiday fics. What about one with Neal pretending he'll spend Christmas with a million pretty people at this huge party he's been invited to because he's Neal Caffrey, thank you very much, when, in fact, he'll spend it all alone; except he's not fooling anyone so Peter and El tell him to shup the hell up and all but kidnap him so that he spends the festivities with them. Neal keeps whining about domestic couples being domestic while happily setting the table and playing with Satchmo and annoying Peter. Then there could be some quiet angst about, I don't know, him reminiscing about past Christmases or Kate or whatever, and Peter and El would make it all better. Oh, and then Peter would fuck him. The end. Just, in the fic, it'd totally flow and make sense and be well written, of course *nods*
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One of the reasons why I quite enjoy this job I have? The schedule. I don't have to be at work before 9.00 AM. And if by chance I were to arrive at 9.15 AM? It wouldn't be a problem either. So why am I in my office since 8.00 AM this morning? Because the universe hates me? Maybe. Or maybe because we're waiting for an important delivery - today is Teh Big Move where most of us are going to swap offices, so exciting! - and someone had to be there at 8.00 AM. Someone being either [ profile] angeliksmall or me. She wanted to sacrifice herself because she knew I'd be tired from Big Top Weekend #1, I told her I'd do it because of the two of us, I'm the one living closer to the university. So here was I at work an hour before the regular hour.

Not complaining too much, I'm taking that time to cruise the net. I can't start on my work, anyway, because we started moving stuff on Friday and I'm actually stealing someone else's desk as I type this - all my stuff is in a little box, and the desk I used has been given to someone else. Mine will be waiting for me later on. Exciting day, I'm telling you!

Actually, I'm thinking I could try and work a little on my Merlin fic? It's horrible, I'm at the last chapter, it's been started and everything and RL being what it is, I still haven't finished it. And now I'm like 'omg what if writer's block strikes again'? *has fear* So I'll try today and if I can't, I'm hoping once I'm caught up with Merlin it'll all go easily and I'll finally be able to write "fin" at the end of the story.

So, hey, my weekend. Big Top? Went really well. And we sold candy floss again \o/ Except you tend to forget how to do the spinning if you haven't practiced in a while, so we had to practice before being able to sell the stuff and the training? Is always so much fun! I think at first we had more candy floss on us - in our hair, on our shirts, everywhere - than on the actual little stick :-p

Oh, and upon our arrival at the big top, we were greeted by a - real live - camel. And I got to caress a snake. Fun times! Plus, we did well and at the end of the weekend we were tired and sore but happy, so it's all good.

And! Omg! I bought my Christmas tree. There won't ever be a time when I won't find the time to buy my Christmas tree, Big Top and crazy schedule or not. Also! I downloaded Folie à Deux last night - I'll buy the CD, that's a fact but I didn't want to wait - and I can't wait to listen to it all. I also think I might start with one song in particular - just a hunch.
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Victory! I finally managed to meet up with [ profile] whitevanilla and her lovely sister after work \o/ It was so good seeing her again. She was a doll and suggested we went to a Starbucks but they were packed so I decided it was just fate and thought it might be better to go to a bakery instead, so we had our hot drinks - yummy milk with vanilla - and pastries at Paul's.

Twas a nice way to end the day. Though admittedly today at work was far from being traumatising. Cookie and I even had time to have a lightsaber fight in my office - courtesy of our co-worker J who lets us play with his iphone whenever we want! Also? Iphones are made for dorks!

Wanna hear something ironic now? It snowed again this weekend in Ile-de-France. Where was I when this happened? In the south of France. Where it didn't snow a single snowflake. But the truly ironic thing? Is that Antibes is, like, an hour drive from the mountains. And real snow. An hour drive only! And because the weather was rotten - it basically rained cats and dogs all weekend - we had to stay at my friend's flat and couldn't go. So here I was, just an hour drive from the mountains and the snow - I could see them from the window! - unable to go, when it was snowing at home. Life, it hates me sometimes.

But whatever, we had a great weekend at my friend's. Tbf!Rissy and I hadn't seen her and her kids in way too long and it was grand. Also, five-year-olds and seven-year-olds are a hoot. Oh, and I had my first Christmas decoration session on Saturday evening. With Christmas songs as background music. Just after having hot chocolate in the Christmassy mugs I'd bought for the kids. And myself. So yeah, definitely my kind of program :-)

Like I said, it rained pretty much all weekend but we still managed to visit a little on Saturday before we just gave up and went back home. Our clothes were soaked. I thought we'd all get pneumonia, but turns out I'm a bit of a drama queen because nothing of the sorts happened. So, anyway, I took some pictures of the old Nice - we landed there - and I'm sharing three of them under the cut, for those who like that kind of thing.

Old Nice )

And it's December today! They lit the decorations in the streets in Choisy! And I ate the first Kinder from my Kinder advent calendar. And our Big Top has been put up this morning so Big Top season is officially on! And we have our first Big Top weekend this weekend so I can also officially say goodbye to my weekends for the next three weeks! But I don't care because it means it's Christmas season ♥ ♥
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It's ridiculous how tired I am these days! I'm hoping it's just a stupid phase and I'll feel less tired as November arrives because if I'm already this tired when I still have free weekends, what is gonna happen when Big Top starts and I start working 7/7 all of December? *glares at stoopid body*

[ profile] turps33, you'll be happy to know we started talking about Big Top with my sister the other day. Our schedule is all set. And it'd appear it'll just be The Esu and me this time; no big crew made of pretty much ever family members my dad can kidnap find. It'll be weird just being the three of us under those big tops when we're used to being around eight but hey we'll make do :-)

I'm really sad though because we used to have this show with Merlin and Arthur - awesome, fantastic and gorgeous show with horses and knights and wizards and duels and whatnot - and we're not doing it anymore and it is very sad because I thought it'd have been really fitting, what with Merlin being all the rage and all that.

Speaking of Christmas - Big Top = Winter = Christmas, for those not in the know; SPN is going to spoil us tonight! First because, from the trailer, it should be a great episode, and second because of the little thing they're going to offer us after the episode if I got it right?

SPN, the gift that keeps on giving! ♥ ♥

And on the subject of gifts; it'd seem the Sex Corps 'verse has been updated so yay, pressie! And I see a new story in the Daddy Kink 'verse has been added so I'll go and have some Daddy kinky fun over there too! Oh, LJ, you're such an endless source of fannish entertainment! *kisses*
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Last week didn't deliver Pushing Daisies and it was sad, but because the universe can't keep being that mean to us, we got our Pushing Daisies fix today \o/

Spoilery bullet points for 3x06 - Bitches )


Unrelated now, how do I know Christmas time is approaching? The decorations in the streets - unlit as of yet, it's too soon - or the cold? It's part of it, yes, but I was thinking of something else; a) [ profile] turps33 talking about SeSa and b) Winter Job aka Big Top time showing its head. Big Top launches in two weeks... and for three weeks we won't have a single day off *makes face* It's only for three weeks, though, and it's part of December, right?

Lastly, Kaamelott mention of the day - I finally reached the last episode of the last season on DVD so I'll stop rambling about it now - Perceval makes me melt sometimes:

"Mais moi, je m'en fous des honneurs, rien à péter. Le Graal aussi, rien à péter. Moi, c’est Arthur qui compte. Moi, je suis pas un as de la stratégie ou du tir à l’arc, mais je peux me vanter de savoir ce que c’est que d’aimer quelqu’un."

Perceval doesn't give a damn about the rewards or even the Grail, only Arthur counts for him. He might suck at the whole strategy or archery thing but at least he can proud himself on the fact that he know what love is. Perceval! ♥ ♥ I adore the Arthur-Perceval dynamics in Kaamelott! I really do!

[ profile] babycakesin? I uploaded the ep over at YSI if you wanna grab it? Kaamelott Livre IV - L'Habitué.
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Big Top is over for us this year. Wednesday were the last two showings. I had to take a day off work to work there, oh joy *rolls eyes* But it was made all better because Wonderful Boss Lady, seeing I was sick and getting more tired as day passed, actually offered me my Thursday. Twas Christmas before Christmas, woohoo!

So yesterday, I slept-in – pure bliss! – and then The Sis and I went Christmas shopping. Yes, finally. We bought everything in one afternoon, too. We win at Christmas shopping \o/

And… I introduced my sister to Starbucks! Hear this; they opened a Starbucks at the mall in Thiais! We have a Starbucks at my mall in the suburb! I honestly didn’t think it would happen. Not where I live. But they did it *dies* And so we went there… and my sister kinda fell for it *wins at Starbucks too*

Oh! And this has nothing to do with anything but I watched the last two episodes of the first season of David Nolande and a) it rocked and b) we had canon slash jokes.

Slash Scene – in English, because I wouldn’t do that to you. Not that I think that many people are interested in David Nolande but WHATEVER *smiles* )

Anyway... I’m at work today for my last day… and apparently celebrating by surfing the net \o/ I’m so gonna miss that job, guys! I won’t ever find another job like that *wails* I need to find something else, though for the meantime I’ll enjoy the next two weeks - vacation! Sleep-in! Lazying around! Pure joy! And, well, of course CHRISTMAS ON SUNDAY HEEE *bounces*

Did I mention we were going to do it at home, after all, btw? Cause we are. Guess my aunt kinda lost her Christmas spirit - or she never had it in the first place - and she didn't feel like doing it at her place, so it's back to ours. It fills me with glee because I'm totally into it - in case it wasn't clear enough - and so we'll enjoy the preparations as well as the actual celebration, so it's good for everyone. It also means we'll be home on the 25th where we'll keep celebrating, so it's truly just perfect how it all turned out *g*
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Okay so first, my weekend. Was quite hectic and tiring - we left at 8.00 am on both days and got home at 9.30 pm. Add to that another hour to wrap everything up - but things went well. I also really enjoyed the show as it was a medieval show; with a tournament between four knights – both camps fought for Excalibur. My favourite knight was Arthur’s companion, Mélian d'Elis; he was the group’s woobie as he was always beaten up and always quite treacherously, too, as the Dark Knight and Igor, King of the Vikings – I kept calling him Sven in my head – always hit him in the back and stuff. Woobie!

Anyway, it was great. I 'saw' the show seven times – as much as you can see it while working over there – and I loved it each time. There was a little ‘incident’ though when during the falconry act, the eagle decided to take a hike and instead of going from point trainer-a to point trainer-b, it decided to pay a little visit to the audience, causing a hundred heart attacks in the process. It did it once on the first showing on sunday and twice on the second one… so Dad decided to, maybe, ask for a change during that part *cough*

As for the funny things you see when working there – there were two shows in the same area. The medieval show where my team worked and the other one where my BIL's team worked. At noon everyone ate at the same place but since the artists didn't have the time to change before the next showing they all kept their costumes, so in the same room were Mary Poppins eating next to the Dark Knight, sitting himself close to Pocahontas who was chatting up with an Elf Prince.

Dude, Big Top is always fun :-)

And second, DEXTEROMG! Or How I Watched The Season Finale and Died. Spoilers for Dexter 1x12 – Born Free )

And last night, I did some caps because I knew I’d want to share some Dexter goodness. Twelve Born Free caps inside. )

In conclusion. Best show in the world! I don’t think I didn’t enjoy a single episode. Not even kidding. Each new ep seemed to be better than the previous one and I’m so sad to see the show go. I don’t even want to know when we’re supposed to get the second season, it’ll be too far away anyway.

Also, if Michael C. Hall doesn't win the golden globe I'm gonna cry! I wish Dexter could win every award there is on this earth. The End.
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Second Big Top weekend has been survived. There were monkeys this time. La Globule and I were all kinds of paranoid; we were certain the little lights of our fluos plus the lights on our little Christmas hats would annoy and/or intrigue aforementioned monkeys and they would jump on us and, like, kill us or something? But nothing of the sort happened. There was also this comic duo that just killed us every time they did their act; they made us laugh like crazy each time we saw them. There were five showings throughout the weekend, we saw them do their stuff five times, with the same result.

Still haven't had the time to watch "Croatoan". I thought I'd watch it on Friday then we had some work to do for Saturday and then I thought that it didn't matter, I'd get to watch it on Saturday as a reward and we're Monday and still nothing. Well, maybe tonight? Supernatural followed with Dexter. Maybe.

One thing is sure - well, hopefully - today, after work, I'll put up the Christmas tree and and all the decorations inside and outside the house, wheee! It will finally be all christmassy. Twill be good :-)

I also bought some Christmas cards during lunch-break. Dunno when I'll send them - I'm usually late with that kind of things - but at least they're bought! Well, some of them *cough* Not a single christmas present has been purchased though but that's nothing out of the ordinary. I see people get all stressed out over the fact that they haven't done all their Christmas shopping and it makes me smile because in this household? Doing it three days before Christmas is actually 'early' ;-) No stressing before that... We haven't even shared our lists. Though come to think of it, maybe we should just try to do something about that soon? Yes.

Unrelated now, after the news about Jensen going to Asylum - wheeomgJensen! - I had, for the first time, an actual J² scene popping up into my head! I have no idea whether I'll turn it into something - I've never really thought of writing RPS myself, but if the RPS wants to be written, well, you never know *g* Having said that, I also started a little "Night" ficlet - wanted to give the boys a break for Christmas and write something sweet, or as sweet as this 'verse allows - but I haven't added a line since last week, so I don't know. Maybe I'll feel freer to write as soon as I'm less tired and Big Top is over and stuff *g* Again, we'll see!

PS: Speaking of the con; to those who're going? [ profile] frayen created the community that goes with it, namely [ profile] asylum_con... I've been so jealous of all those people going to conventions and having their own communities, and now I can play too!
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First Important Big Top weekend is over. Not the Most Important, but the one that really says we're back in business - last week was just an appetiser. No funny story to tell this year, though - for now, that is. No bear deciding to take a hike for no reason, for instance. Sadly, there was no candy floss either - being of charge of the candy floss was So Much Fun last year. Alas this year there's none at all. There is chocolate and other junk food, mind you. We're also provided "food" in between two showings, so in lieu of lunch the past two days we got offered pains au chocolat and croissants and candies and yeah, chocolate. Hmm, maybe not exactly the healthy kind of food? But definitely the yummy kind :-)

No wait, I got to sell one of our little fluos to a Snowman Man who played trumpet in a band of Snowmen Men. Quite a funny sight it was, too *nods*

As stressful and tiring the whole Big Top thing is, it does mean Christmas to me and so I'm firmly in Christmas mode right now. I also got to savour my Kinders - the ones in my advent calendar. Know what? Come to think of it, maybe that's a lot of chocolate for one person? I'll survive, though, I'm sure *g* Also, I've seen several people on the flist talk about advent calendars and how they're too old for them now and, dude, so happy I never got the memo because not having my advent calendar? Would be sad! Or hey, maybe I did get the memo and just threw it away? Could be a possibility *g*

So anyway, we're in December, there're decorations and talks of Christmas IRL and on my flist and then I remembered that DUDE! I have my very own Christmas tradition here. On my journal, I mean. Do some of you remember my little Christmas songs turned NC-17 songs? It's that time of the year again! And because I decided not to be lazy this year, I even added two mores songs. Aren't I nice? Don't answer that!

Hmm do you need to add ratings to that kind of stuff? Just in case: NC-17 and kinky themes behind the cut. Also, vile corruption of Christmas classics?

Twelve Days of Xmas )

Sleigh Ride )

Have Yourself a Kinky Little Christmas )

Lick the Balls )

And one would say this doesn't have anything to do with the rest of the entry, except they would be wrong because each new episode of Dexter feels a bit like Christmas, so let me just say that I can't wait for tonight tomorrow's episode!
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Second weekend at the Big Top over and done with and I'm knackered. I also hurt my knee and walking is a pain. Guess it had to become a new tradition or something. And er okay, [ profile] dont_callmebabe? I swear I'll try not to cancel on you for the second time in a row and I'm thinking it might be just fine tomorrow after a good night sleep and everything but right this minute? Walking is kinda hell *pout*

I'm so tired I'm not even sure I'll catch up on the flist. That should tell you how tired I am. But I had this entry ready to be posted so it's all cool *g*

Because flist, it's time to talk business. See, I have an lj Christmassy tradition: the past two years in December - or maybe just the last one, which means it would become a tradition now, which seriously is not the point anyway, so I'll just shut up now - I've been posting two NC-17 parodies of Christmas songs - made by yours truly - and thing is it's now time to do it again. Woohoo!

So I'm thinking those who a) have been around my flist for quite a long time and b) actually remember I posted those songs the previous years - which wow if you do? I bow to your incredible memory! - might feel a little tired of them but a) I am not tired of them at all - seriously, they make me giggle even now - and b) I have new people on my flist so it'll be new for some people anyway.

Though wait, there is something new this year, ie thanks to my layout I can use colours so the songs will have a Christmas tone. Dude, if that's not one hell of a change, I don't know what it is *blink* Also for those in the know, you'll see that Sleigh Ride is kinda TS oriented - you just need to not miss the reference :-)

Without further ado:

Twelve Days of Xmas )

Sleigh Ride )

Speaking of TS - well, I did mention it and all - [ profile] lit_gal did one of the most brilliant icon post ever! She did TS icons which she posted - and when she did, she also told the story of Jim and Blair using aforementioned icons and just - go, read, it's awesome *g* Beware though - technically it's also spoilery :-)

PS: Numb3rs 2x10 has been downloaded and will be watched, well, asap though maybe not tonight cause did I mention I was knackered? And this should also tell you how tired I am because DUDE! Me not watching a new episode of Numb3rs? Sounds surreal.
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Hey, the girl painfully walking with crutches over there? Is me! *waves with a blue crutch, almost loses balance, stops waving* The strained muscle - make that strained muscles defeated me yesterday afternoon and I had to steal the sis' crutches. I had the choice between hers or Henry's because see, those two are real pro as far as broken bones or strained muscles are concerned. It's like a gift. A gift that they shared with me this time apparently - or something *g* I should be walking normally again by Thursday or Friday... which basically means I'll be ready to go right for Weekend of Madness #2 - and this time? We have two more showings. I'm sorta worried about the aforementioned muscles, I'll admit. But we'll see. Maybe they'll remember the forced 'training' of last weekend and they'll be fine *crosses fingers*

I received my first Christmas card, today *g* Twas really lovely. Since I didn't fill any poll going around my flist, I'm really curious as to how many spontaneous cards I'll receive myself *g* Also, I didn't even buy mine yet, so to everyone who I'll send the cards to --I made a nice little list-- if you receive them after Christmas, don't be surprised *cough* I'd originally planned to go and buy them on Monday but huh... I sorta couldn't leave the house after all, so it'll be for later this week, hopefully. Though I'm not worried yet and you could all receive them in time.

Speaking of Christmas, yesterday I downloaded the most famous Christmas song around here, namely Petit papa Noël, which is the song every little French knows --or the chorus at least-- and I thought I'd share with you because... well, just because. The song has been translated in lots of different languages so you may already know about it, mind, but the French version is the original and everything. Worth giving it a try if you're in the right spirit *g*

Okay so don't laugh, but the first version I found is performed by Roch Voisine. Well, that download was first to complete so I picked that one lol The second one is the original song, by Tino Rossi. It goes back to 1946 or something like that. I included that one because the style is really endearing... it's pure 30's-40's and it always makes me smile.

And this has nothing to do with anything but is it Lost Day yet? Isitisitisitisit?

PS: Damn, but Jim looks so bloody hot on those mood icons!! And lookie, the big guy knows how to pout too!


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