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I promise I'm not going to talk about the snow forever and ever but we've had more snow this weekend than we had in a long time and it's sticking and it's actually started snowing again this morning (still is as I'm typing this - apparently, they've forecast some more during the week), which is an event as it usually doesn't happen around Paris. I'm just... very excited about it ;)

Snow was a hindrance yesterday, though, if you wanted to go anywhere by public transport or by cars, which means that we had to cancel the afternoon tea we'd planned with The Esu and family friends but turns out it gave Cookie and I the opportunity to spend an afternoon strolling in the park near my parents' place (said park were closed, admittedly, but parts of the fence were missing so that's where people got in *cough*) and it was like being transported miles away! I had hearts in my eyes the whole duration of our little stroll, I swear, it didn't feel like we were in the suburbs of Paris. There were few people so it felt as if we were alone in the world, though there were people sledging in some parts of the park and we even saw two dudes with snowboards lol

We walked for around two hours and it was magical *happy sigh* Then we got home and had a mini-afternoon tea with my parents (don't think I've mentioned it, btw, but we're staying at theirs' for a couple of weeks as we're doing some renovations in our flat). It wasn't the whole menu we'd planned (with carrot cake and Kaiserschmarrn) but we still treated ourselves with some of it, meaning biscuits, chocolate, mulled wine for my parents and Cookie and milk with whipped cream on top for me. The fire crackled in the fireplace, the garden was all white, the snow was still falling... it was such a perfect kind of Sunday ♥

Today is faring as well for me as I took the day off (to make up for my working on Saturday). I read a bit in bed this morning and I'm now back to my New Favourite Place in the House, ie in front of the window, facing the garden, while I'm typing this. Life? Is good ;)

As I'm wont to do, here be some pictures of our little stroll - you'd never believe this is Choisy )

Now, I think I'm going to resume my second watching of Arrow. I've started last night and my love for Diggle/Ollie grows exponentially with each viewing. Rewatching those early scenes between the two was a delight; it's clear that Oliver understands, even if it's just guts instinct at this point, that he needs Diggle and I love that Diggle gets to him so quickly. If someone needs a boyfriend who will, at the same time, not take any of his shit but still try to take care of him, it's Oliver Queen! And diggle is definitely the man for the job ;)
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First things first, a Happy Birthday to another long-time LJ friend, [ profile] admiralandrea. I know life hasn't been treated you well, lately, I hope you'll have a nice birthday, or at least a quiet one *hugs*

Not that long ago (as in, an entry ago?) I mentioned my giving Arrow a try, based on [ profile] yami_tai's recommendations. Well, I don't know if my having no expectations allowed me to enjoy the show more than I would have otherwise, all I know is that really enjoyed it!

As I'm wont to do, I sacrificed sleep for two nights (sleep is always the first casualty, isn't it?) and mainlined the show. Meaning, I'm now up-to-date with it \o/ I have a new guilty pleasure show, yay! So, yes, said show is flawed and ridiculous at times but not so much that it derails me from the story. Besides, more than the plot, my entry in a show is always the character-s and turns out I kinda like everyone in that show, both individually and together. I love Ollie and his vulnerability and anger (he brings angst to a whole new level; boy, is that boy angsty!) and his daddy and mommy issues, Diggle and his badass, competent and no-nonsense self, Moira and her classiness and shadiness, Thea and her witty, loyal and bitchy personality, Walter and his clever, calm and determined self. And then Quentin and his bitchiness, Tommy and his sweetness. Laurel and her courage. And let's not forget Felicity, I'm quite smitten with Felicity too!

Then, there're the characters together. Like Ollie and Dig, for one thing. Oh, Ollie and Dig ♥ I love how Dig never really takes any shit from Oliver and how Oliver, as difficult as it is for him, trusts him. Case in point, this spoilery bit ) Incidentally, Dig and Ollie remind me a bit of Peter and Neal. Dig is clearly very fond of Oliver, the way he smiles at him when he's amused or frustrated with him - or both! - is very Peter-like.

I also love the Queen family - Walter included. I quite enjoy the antagonistic relationship between Oliver and Quentin as well.

Speaking of, even though I'm a fan of Dig/Oliver, I can see Oliver with pretty much every man in the show. There. New little black dress acquired for my fandom wardrobe ;-)

Completely unrelated. It snowed in and around Paris last night; as a result, this morning everything was white and pretty and silent and even though I had to wake up at 6.00AM and knew I had a whole day of work (infamous exam proctoring ALL DAY LONG) I was happy. Snow just makes me happy :-) I was out of the door early enough that there was basically noone on the streets so the snow was pristine, it was just me, white prettiness all around and the sound of my steps on the snow ♥

Here be some pics - of Choisy - Bercy Village (Paris) )

[ profile] snailbones I wanted to take some pictures of the St Michel neighborhood in the snow for you, I was hoping for a break of an hour or something, alas I only had around thirty minutes so couldn't #SadFace
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I'm on my couch, in the dark except for the soft glow of the christmas tree - and the screen from the laptop, I guess - and I'm watching the snow fall through the window. The only thing missing is a fire in the fireplace. Or, you know, a fireplace :-) Though I have one of those DVDs, it's better than nothing. I just wish the smell of the burning logs could come from the screen. But at least I have the sound ;-)

Speaking of sound; coming home was so lovely tonight. It's been snowing enough that there's enough snow on the ground for our steps to make this distinct and so sweet sound, you know? I put the ipod away so that I could listen to it properly all the way. I was delighted :-) Also grateful for my new scarf, it's so much warmer than the one I had till a couple of days ago. Whenever I put it on me I feel like I could get lost in it (it's quite long) but this is what I liked about it and it sure keeps me warm *loves on scarf*

I'm just hoping my sister and Cookie won't have too much trouble on the road since they're still in Paris. Hopefully it won't be the same kind of horrid mess it was last week *fingers crossed*

This feels like the kind of evening for Christmas films. The cheesiest, the better. Though it's more or less a pleonasm, mind. I'm thinking Christmas Cottage? So that we can have some Jared Padalecki with our cheese? Yes.

I mean, sure, we're still behind The Walking Dead but somehow, it wouldn't be the same thing! lol

And because I need to wait for Cookie to get home before starting the film, I might catch up on Community on my own first. Then if she's in the mood, Christmas Cottage it'll be.
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I know not everyone around here has a Twitter account (or even wants to) but let me tell you that Twitter has a nice sense of humour. If you're not familiar with it, whenever you follow someone, meaning when you add someone to your reading list (I know, we all sound like stalkers on Twitter but after all, we do follow people's tweets so.) it suggests some other people you might be interesting in following/reading too. As I found out today, turns out that when you add the Dalai Lama (or the twitter of his office), Twitter suggests Leonard Nimoy as a possible interest lol I don't know what it says about Twitter. Or Leonard Nimoy ;-) With all due respect, of course!

Unrelated, I've been sick as a dog this week; I went to the doctor after work tonight and the verdict is both tracheitis and bronchitis. Somehow I feel totally validated in my feeling miserable all this time. The Doc signed me off work tomorrow which delights me to no end - I'm knackered. Then I'll be counting the days till both Work & Big Top are both over and then, on Monday, I'll be on holiday for two glorious weeks ♥

Christmas break is my favourite time of the year *happy sigh* I'm so ready for it. [ profile] nicelyobsessed and I did our First Christmas Tree Together last week, btw, which was all kinds of awesome :-) This is our tree )

She also took several photos of the snow last week (as well as some more of the decorations in the flat), which she posted over at her LJ here.

She forgot that one, though, which I find very pretty. It's the contrast between the white of the snow and the red of the traffic light. Twas taken at the station (at Choisy-le-Roi): Read more... )

Ok, now, I'm gonna have what I call fannish comfort-food (because characters always have that kind of meal when they're sick in fanfic): chicken soup with a toast. If I can swallow it #Suspense
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I had an interesting day! Spent the whole afternoon (well, from noon to 4.00PM) in casualty to keep company to one of my co-workers who had earned a trip to the hospital after slipping on the ice-covered concrete right in front of the university. They let her out in the end and she's ok but that was definitely not her day. Many people fell today, admittedly, including yours truly. I hurt my foot and tonight my neck is hurting as well - though the culprit might be the uncomfortable seats in the hospital, I don't know. See if I care, though, because I have tomorrow off. Which is a Very Good Thing.

After the "excitement" of the afternoon, we're having a quiet evening. We have White Collar in the background (I had a sudden craving for Neal and Peter and El and Diana and Jones) and we're officially starting on our (on-line) Christmas shopping. Funny thing is that my sister is also doing some on-line shopping apparently as I've received some text messages about Miss G's Christmast list :-)

We watched the series finale of Merlin this week. I enjoyed the last two episodes up to the climax... which I actually found anticlimactic, so the Big Moment disappointed me a bit. But everything that happened before made me very happy. I'm really looking forward to the fourth series. Wonder what they have in store for us. And whether we'll ever get an episode where this happens )

Speaking of what writers have in store for us, I've seen some spoilery photos and a trailer for White Collar 2x11 and heee so we're entering spoilery territory here ) Should be a lot of fun :-)
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I wanted snow in Ile-de-France (Paris and its suburb), didn't I? I got my wish! It started snowing at noon and it hasn't stopped. I was pretty excited, though also a bit worried because you know how it is in cities where snow has been absent for years... it just has to snow, say, 5cm and everything is paralysed. I crossed my fingers real hard all afternoon so that the way back home wouldn't prove too difficult... and it went better than I feared. Twas a bit epic and I did wonder whether I would have to pull a Bear Grylls at one point and wear my socks over my shoes to stop me from slipping, but I was spared the indignity of that method so YAY :-p I'm just glad I'm not driving, though. It looked a bit too apocalyptic for my taste.

Also, because we're still not that used to getting a lot of snow in December around here, our concentration was pretty much shot to hell this afternoon *cough* Who needs shiny objects to distract them? Fluffy, white objects falling from the sky is more than enough!

I wish I'd been able to play hookie today, I'd have gone to Saint Michel and taken photos of the neighbourhood: Notre-Dame, the Panthéon, the Luxembourg garden... it must have looked gorgeous, all white and wintery *loves winter*

And it doesn't have anything to do with the above, though one could say the news were a bit like Christmas before Christmas; the FP will be seeing My Chemical Romance again in March 2011 ! They're coming back to Paris! This is nothing short of a miracle... we'll have seen them twice in one year! Well, if there's no problems and we can get the tickets on Friday, that is *is ready*
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Apparently it was -4(°C) when I got home but it felt much colder. I think they should add some precision re: windchill because it had to be colder than that, I was freezing! And I have no idea why I didn't wear my (brand new, cheap but still deliciously warm) winter boots today like I did yesterday, because the snow might have melted in Paris but it was still there in Choisy, both this morning and this evening, and I really hated myself for having picked my converse instead *stabs self* We should get some more snow over the weekend and I decided that my boots are my new best friends, I won't abandon them again!

I don't know if it was the cold or what but on the way I got this craving for greasy food so I treated myself with a kebab. Meringue yesterday, kebab tonight; apparently I have cravings I can't resist this week!

I ate it in front of the tv and they're airing Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman and Sliders? Dude, it felt like I was thirteen all over again! And because the universe is funny sometimes the L&C episode had Jim Beaver as a guest star! Talk about coincidences. I mean, of all the episodes I could have caught, I had to find the one with Bobby :-)

Guess the day was sponsored by SPN because last night I had a dream that featured Sam and Dean. It was actually the show finale and, man, it was absolutely awesome! I was sad to wake up because I would have loved to see the whole "episode".

Anyway, the rambling above isn't why I felt like posting. I felt like posting to celebrate the fact that my weekend finally started, wheeeeeeeeee \o/
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Since tradition says I have till the last day of January, I'm still on time to wish you all a Happy New Year. Hope 2010 will treat you well *kisses*

The weather has made me very happy this year (again) and I've seen snow more than once so far. And if the weather dudes and dudettes keep their promises, I should be even happier either tomorrow or the day after *fingers crossed*

Changing the subject except not; I don't think I mentioned it but I went to Normandie for a couple of days last week (rang in the new year there, actually) and we got snow! So, for the first time in my life, I saw a snowy beach. It was just a fine layer but snow! On the beach! Lookit. )

And this morning, Cookie and I had to be at the Panthéon-Sorbonne for a meeting and when we left, it was snowing! In ten minutes the ground was all white. It didn't last, alas, and it didn't snow again the rest of the day (though I'm totally hoping it will again between tonight and Friday) but it was still a pretty show. By 6.30PM everything had disappeared where we work, but the suburb being colder than Paris, we still have snowy surfaces in Choisy so yay!

Anyway. I'd taken my camera with me this morning (in case of snow) so here some pictures of St Michel in white )

Pretty, isn't it? It was just a thin layer of snow here too, but I thought it sufficed to pretty the city up even more.
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Snooooooooooow! Enough that it's covering the streets and the roofs and the cars already! And it's just the beginning, apparently. My office is on the 8th floor and the show is very pretty from here, especially as it's still snowing and I can see the snowflakes dancing madly through our big windows :-)

Speaking of winter (I've had the rest of this entry typed since Monday, better late than never, I guess): it's been weird not Big Top working this year but also good. First because it gave me time to study (which is the reason why I bailed out this year) and second because the last time I didn't work in December was ten years ago (actually I was nineteen the first time - I was a kid omg!) and, sure enough, it's awesome having those weekends free! I've divided my time between studies in the mornings and afternoons, followed with fun stuff in the afternoons and evenings. I can be organised. And disciplined \o/

And still Speaking of fun stuff. My place has been prettied-up!

Tree! Decorations! )

Changing the topic. I've been in a White Collar mood ever since they aired 1x07 and now I'm in the mood for some White Collar (cliched) holiday fics. What about one with Neal pretending he'll spend Christmas with a million pretty people at this huge party he's been invited to because he's Neal Caffrey, thank you very much, when, in fact, he'll spend it all alone; except he's not fooling anyone so Peter and El tell him to shup the hell up and all but kidnap him so that he spends the festivities with them. Neal keeps whining about domestic couples being domestic while happily setting the table and playing with Satchmo and annoying Peter. Then there could be some quiet angst about, I don't know, him reminiscing about past Christmases or Kate or whatever, and Peter and El would make it all better. Oh, and then Peter would fuck him. The end. Just, in the fic, it'd totally flow and make sense and be well written, of course *nods*
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Oh, Winter, how you spoil me this year! I was greeted by a lot of snow when I opened my shutters this morning. Snow! Twice this year! Unbelievable.

Alas, and ironically enough, even though it snowed more than it did last month, it didn't last at all. Silly weather decided to rise early in the morning so it all melted away fairly quickly. Last month it lasted a whole week, this time, not even a day. Still, snow will never not make me insanely happy so YAY! SNOW! Of course, it screwed with public transport but, whatever. Besides, it's not as if we weren't used to it. Not the snow, I mean, but the messedup!public transport.

Changing the subject; I had a busy weekend and thus still haven't watched the new SPN. Can you believe it? So I need to remedy it and watch it. That and the new Being Human, which is downloading as I type.

Then, I'll need to make a choice; new tv or new chapters of Assassin's Apprentice? Tough decision! I hear Fitz and the Fool calling me and it is compelling.

I just don't know what I want with that novel; either rush through it and finish the last half of it or just pace the reading and make it last. Mind you, I have the other two volumes sitting on my To Read bookshelf - plus the first volume of the Tawny Man series that I bought yesterday - but it's just, you only have one chance at reading a book for the first time, know what I mean?

So, anyway, I'm torn.

Oh, and omg! Countdown officially started this morning: D-5 before London+Avenue Q with the French Posse! It's gonna be such a blast! *bounces*

PS: Icon doesn't have anything to do with this post but after seeing Panic's latest performance (Florida concert), I've been completely FILLED WITH LOVE FOR BDEN! Yes, even more than usual. Yes, it is possible! I have an endless supply of love for my favourite guys, I surprise even myself sometimes! Oh, Brendon! Oh, Panic! ♥ ♥
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It had to happen, [ profile] angeliksmall and I were back at work yesterday. It could have been traumatising after two blissful weeks of holidays if not for the weather offering us a belated Christmas present in the form of... SNOW! It finally snowed a) enough that it stuck to the ground and b) when I was there to see it. It made me insanely happy :-) I was even happier that it actually snowed all day. So in the morning, on my way to work this is what I could see )

Then for lunchbreak Cookie and I went to Bercy Village, where they have a park. Sadly the park was closed - for security reasons so maybe not 'sadly' - but we could still take some pics )

We also had our first Starbucks of the year )

After work, we decided to go to St Michel, where I took a couple of pics. They're not the best but they'll do because it's a bit of snowy Paris and that could never not be pretty, anyway )

And! Before any meanies decide to mock us for being so happy to have such ridiculous little amount of snow, bear in mind that Paris and its suburb aren't the Alps or Canada or Russia etc. We have to be happy with what we have. Whenever we have it. So plz not to be mocking us :-) Plus, there's always less snow in Paris than in its outskirt so it was awesome that there was any, really. And today it's still all white because we're having minus temperatures so it hasn't melted yet *iz happy*

Oh! And [ profile] morgan32? The SPN magazines arrived yesterday! Such prettiness of the glossy page persuasion with so many lovely details about the show etc., wow! Thank you again for letting me adopt your copies *kisses* Cookie have been ogling them all night yesterday. Well, when she wasn't busy drooling reading her brand new Batman comics, that is ;-)
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Could anyone try to think of a better way to start a new week than starting it with yet another transport system strike? Because I could! It's pretty innovative and different, though, I'll admit. Start it without a strike \o/

Not that it ever occurred to those damn unions, obviously. It's getting old, you guys, really old. It could be a French drinking game! Take a shot whenever we talk about strikes. Everyone would be rolling under the table very fast!

See my - traditionally, wintery - icon? I thought I'd wait a little before using it, when something incredible happened yesterday that made me change my mind. It snowed! I repeat, it snowed! We had snow! In Ile-de-France. In November! I don't even remember the last time that happened.

It wasn't enough to stick but s.n.o.w! I saw it fall from the sky and it made me insanely happy :-) It also cracked me up because just a minute after it started snowing I got a call from my sister who wanted to make sure I'd seen it. And five minutes later it was a friend of mine who'd called for the same reason. So cute!

Something else I thought was cute - though it's 150% unrelated to the above - is the "prnt scrn" meme. I think I have a thing for that kind of picspams. I love them the same way I love watching at photos of people's homes... Just, you know, in a non-creepy way!

Okay, moving on! The meme! 1. Prnt Scrn your current desktop / 2. If you have a browser open, Prnt Scrn / 3. If you have open, Prnt Scrn / 4. If you have a music player open, Prnt Scrn / 5. Pick a folder, open it - wait for it - Prnt Srcn.

Because I don't have issues about showing what's inside Dean :-) )

And a last thing! Unrelated yet again - though there was some Merlin hidden in that meme so I can pretend it doesn't completely come out of left field - [ profile] ghyste found a beautiful, and oh so accurate, way of describing Merlin and the way it's basically the Tale of The Epic Love of Arthur and Merlin. "The slash," says she "isn't so much subtext as romping around right there in the open with its pants down". If that's not the cutest way of putting it?
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First I wanted to say thank you to GD because last night she posted about how it was snowing and thanks to her I opened the volets blinds and could watch the big, fluffy snowflakes fall and make Choisy-le-Roi all white. Everything is still white today actually and this morning when I woke up I was happy to feel better enough to leave the house and all because staying in when snow is there? Would be torture! Man, SNOW! I'm so happy *is filled with glee*

Speaking of my being sick yesterday; so I stayed in bed pretty much all day and I surfed via Charlie and watched my favourite comfort movie, namely You've Got Mail. That movie was so made for me! Internet, mails, bookshop, starbucks! What's not to love?

I also read, including an incredible fic. Well two; the first one, The End Is The Beginning Is The End by [ profile] la_folle_allure, is the retelling of all the episodes, Wincest flavoured, and is absolutely brilliant. The second one, Worth Keeping, by [ profile] dhvana is incredible. It's - brace yourself - a Drew/Dean fic, in other words it's an Elisabethtown/Supernatural crossover. Yes, you read right.

Now, the crossover, as original as I think it is, isn't what is incredible per se. I mean, if you were so inclined, you could write Spongebob/Supernatural with Spongebob/Dean as a pairing and hey, no problem. Sure, you would have to be specific and explain why Spongebob was cheating on Patrick and what the hell was Sam doing, not keeping Dean close, but whatever, if you want to write that one? Go ahead. So what is incredible about [ profile] dhvana's story is the fact that it worked. I mean, I read it out of sheer curiosity... and I got hooked and read it til the end and yes, I did like it. That was quite impressive, to make that kind of crossover works because I would never have thought of Elizabethtown as good crossover material for Supernatural :-) I guess you just have to be a good writer to pull if off. Mind you, I'm not saying it'll work for everyone, but it did for me.

And finally, rejoice flist for [ profile] rhianne has fallen for SPN - yes, I'm proud of that one! Not only has she fallen for SPN but she's the kind of girl whose artisty mind has to do something with a new addiction it seems and, as a result, we now have a new Supernatural songvid in the neighbourhood. And believe me, Rhianne does some of the best there is out there. I'm still in love with her Sentinel ones.

Anyway, go and download, it's a beautiful vid! Incidentally, she dedicated it to me and man, I feel kinda special and all now *preens*

Now, if only my SPN download could complete *wills it to go faster* I'm not sure I'll be able to watch it before laaaaate tonight anyway, what with today's program... but it'll be worth the wait, right? *bounces*
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Had a pretty family oriented day today as three members of the Famous Five spent the night - I spent the whole morning playing Sims2 with Rémi and the afternoon doing Other Things with the three of them.

I also had a nice surprise. It snowed all day! I mean, Rémi and I woke up to a regular city and were sulking when it suddenly started snowing and it kept going and going, whee! Huge, fluffy snowflakes that turned the city white - gorgeous! Sadly, snow turned to ice at one point and tomorrow everything might be back to normal but still, I did have my snow today. And boy was it cold, too!

Back to our morning activities, namely Sims2. Jim and Blair's relationship is developping rather nicely as there were Kisses and Cuddles. And I took snapshots of the whole thing, which I'm going to share with you because - well, because? Yes.

Once upon a time, there was the Ellison-Sandburg sim!household )

Yes, I am having a lot of fun with that game, can you tell? :-)


Dec. 27th, 2005 11:35 am
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It's snowing! The Weather People announced snow for today pretty much everywhere in France - except the South - and they were right! It's snowing, wheeee *bounces* Hope it'll keep snowing and that it'll settle, at least for a little bit. They also said we would have a pretty cold week - minus temperature and all - so maybe? YAY!

I've bought the Narnia soundtrack yesterday only to find out it wasn't the real one. Woe! And I can't even get a refund or exchange it *pout* But okay, something I won't exchange now is the new presents I got yesterday. Because Christmas was so not over! I got two new DVDs *hugs them* And [ profile] turps33 got me some of the shiniest presents ever! Another bondage bear - I'm starting a collection, guys, it's official - as well as a Spank Me notebook which is just the cutest thing EVER! I love me some Ann Summers goodies. But! The best thing? Is that she made me a slashy calendar! She did! She took a regular calendar and turned it into a slashy one with each and every one of my favourite pairings! It's so fucking incredible that I've been ogling it a lot since yesterday. I can't wait for Saturday so that I can use the January - Sam/Dean page! That woman rocks so much that there's no words to express how much she does *hugs sis tight*

And I also received other parcels or cards, so HUGE thanks to [ profile] cain1999, [ profile] crazybutsound and [ profile] hearsawho *kisses* Dude, that was one hell of a good mail day, wasn't it? :-)

Unrelated now, two Numb3rs recs - kid!fics, which means kid!Don and kid!Charlie not Don and Charlie raise a kid together, btw. I know terms sometimes differ from a fandom to another. Anyway, the first one is by [ profile] raeyashi and the second one is by [ profile] emmademarais. Kid!fic is one of my kinks - I love them, they're always too cute for words. And sometimes there is angst as well - I'm thinking LittleDanny in particular - and it's heaven too *g*
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Wheee, Babycakes just sent me the pics she took when she came home in December/January *g*

It's the most mundane pics, but they're special because puh-lease... snow and New Year's Eve *g* We don't have enough snow on Ile-de-France, so we get high on it each time it does snow. I love living in the suburb of Paris, but I get jealous every winter when I hear about all the other areas in France that are crawling under snow *pout*

Yes, this is just the front of the house, but when it snows, you have to immortalize everything *g )

This is my white garden - hello, white garden *g* )

Oh look at that - fancy table that one *g* )

Thanks Babycakes, I'd almost forgotten about those pics lol *kisses*


Jan. 29th, 2004 12:38 am
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It's snowing again! Big fluffy wonderfully beautiful white flakes- everything is white already!!

It snowed four times this month - FOUR!

AH! And Weather Guys were saying temperatures would get higher today? Take that, Weather Guys from hell!



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