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I had an interesting day! Spent the whole afternoon (well, from noon to 4.00PM) in casualty to keep company to one of my co-workers who had earned a trip to the hospital after slipping on the ice-covered concrete right in front of the university. They let her out in the end and she's ok but that was definitely not her day. Many people fell today, admittedly, including yours truly. I hurt my foot and tonight my neck is hurting as well - though the culprit might be the uncomfortable seats in the hospital, I don't know. See if I care, though, because I have tomorrow off. Which is a Very Good Thing.

After the "excitement" of the afternoon, we're having a quiet evening. We have White Collar in the background (I had a sudden craving for Neal and Peter and El and Diana and Jones) and we're officially starting on our (on-line) Christmas shopping. Funny thing is that my sister is also doing some on-line shopping apparently as I've received some text messages about Miss G's Christmast list :-)

We watched the series finale of Merlin this week. I enjoyed the last two episodes up to the climax... which I actually found anticlimactic, so the Big Moment disappointed me a bit. But everything that happened before made me very happy. I'm really looking forward to the fourth series. Wonder what they have in store for us. And whether we'll ever get an episode where this happens )

Speaking of what writers have in store for us, I've seen some spoilery photos and a trailer for White Collar 2x11 and heee so we're entering spoilery territory here ) Should be a lot of fun :-)
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I finally plucked up the courage to watch the pilot of The Walking Dead - good thing Miss G was with me, I couldn't have done it on my own omg #IsAWuss - and it stressed me out in places, no lies, but I loved it nonetheless. When talking about the show the other day, [ profile] moimoietmoi described it as 'very human' and I agree, it is - which is quite ironical considering the show deals with zombies.

I've never read the comic book so have no idea what is in store for us (if they follow its storyline, I mean) but I think I'm in for the ride. As long as I have my pillows to hide behind when it gets too scary for me, I should be all right :-p

Last night was less stressful tv-wise as we did a mini Merlin (series 3) marathon... we're now up to 3x06, I think. It felt good getting back to Camelot! It had been too long since we'd followed the show. And I think I'll ask Miss G if she fancies some more Merlin tonight. It should balance things out nicely - scary flesh-eating zombies story followed with epic love story between a king and his sorcerer. Yes. [Though, first, Italian homework!]

And for some unrelated news, we're looking for a show to see when we'll be in London at the end of January and apparently Wicked should be playing at the time, so we might be looking into that *fingers crossed*
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I love Mondays that don't feel like Mondays ♥ I think they should never feel like Mondays. It's the least they can do, seeing that we can't start the week on a Tuesday, right? Mondays owe us a little, imho.

Without the slightest segue: last batch of the Top 5 meme.

I. Top 5 SPN drawings, top 5 Dean's lines and top 5 bandom black and white photos for [ profile] angeliksmall. Here )

II. Top 5 castiel moments, top 5 panic songs and top 5 Arthur/Merlin moments that proove that they sleep together for [ profile] jedicathy. Here )

Wow, I want to watch Merlin all over again now! And I'm craving series 2 even more than before.
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Omg, you guys, I'd forgotten the sheer joy of writing a fic! Forgotten the pleasure of turning words into sentences into scenes into paragraphs into chapters! The flow of words on the screen, the scenes taking a life of their own as they start to fill the page, I'd forgotten how wonderful it all was! But thanks to Merlin, I've been reminded and it is good :-)

I decided to close the file and take a break, though, when I wrote 'kink' instead of 'king' one time too many, as well as "boyband" instead of "boyhood". I think my subconscious was trying to tell me I was starting to tire a bit. Or it was trying to tell me it wants me to read maybe bandom and/or under-age kinky fics. I'm still not sure.

And look at the reward I got for writing one more chapter to my fic: Panic at the Disco Live in Chicago DVD trailer! Heee boys! Heee documentary! *wants* *that is, even more than before* I still haven't ordered it, btw, would you believe it? It's just that I can't decide - limited edition or regular edition? I know it sounds like it's a no brainer but sometimes I create dilemmas even though there should be none. I need help!

Oh and speaking of DVD of Awesomeness and, in this case, of Merlin'ness - someone posted some teasers for the DVD extras and I cannot wait for the complete 1st series box set to be released! They are going to release the whole series in one box set, right? I don't want the two volumes! I want one shiny box set to gather them all! Except in order to have that, it means the first series has to be over and I refuse to think of that time when we won't have brand new Merlin on our tv every week!

Unrelated now. My brand new favourite thing to do atm? Wait to go from 11.59PM to midnight and watch the universe change right before my eyes. Or, if you want to be un-poetic, wait for gmail to change my 'planets theme' picture to the new one. I'm totally smitten with my theme, it's so gorgeous!
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I just received an email from [ profile] yami_tai telling me she'd made it home safe and sound. The weekend we had was fantastic, but next time she definitely needs to stay longer!

Friday night was The Hoosiers' gig. It was great. The last time I went to a concert I must have been, oh, seventeen? So it was a looooong time ago. After the concert was done, I couldn't imagine why it'd taken me so long to do that again. I totally need to find myself more gigs to go to *nods*

The Hoosiers were fantastic - even though they arrived a bit late and Tai was ready to go and see the managers and tell them that 'hi, we could have stayed home and watched the new Supernatural instead of being at a venue waiting for a band to show up', but they arrived and they started singing and everything was forgiven ♥ ♥

Then, on Saturday, it was Camelot with [ profile] angeliksmall and [ profile] jedicathy. We took the train in the morning and off to Pierrefonds with us.

It doesn't have anything to do with anything, but I was nice enough to bring with me and share between the four of us the last four Krispy Kreme doughnuts that were left from Tai's Boxes of Doughnut'y Awesomeness. How awesome was she, btw? When I went to pick her up at the station on Friday, she welcomed me with two boxes from Krispy Kreme! *loves*

But, anyway, back to Pierrefonds. I enjoyed our day so much! First because it was a day away from Paris and its suburb, away from the noise and pollution and second because HI! MERLIN PILGRIMAGE, dude!

Beween the four of us we took, well, I don't know how many photos we took, but let's just say a lot. What follows is a sample of them.

If you're into Merlin and decide to click, you'll find many familiar places. If you're not but enjoy castles, you might be interested too. )

See why I loved that day so much? :-) Cathy and Cookie had a gig that same night so we said goodbye after being back in Paris - must have been a bit short of 7.00 PM?

Once back at mine, Tai YouTube'd for a bit and we found some of the clips Cathy and Cookie had mentioned earlier that day, namely two videos of Catherine Tate's show, John's a Gay Man Now, one with none other than Colin Morgan and the other without. They were hilarious!

And! We watched both the new SPN - omg, what kind of deal did Kripke make to ensure that this season would be so fantastic! - and the new Merlin - the episode was brilliant! It feels like the episodes get better and better with every week. And after watching those two episodes all I can say is OMG IS IT NEXT WEEK YET?
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Slow day at work today. Tomorrow is bank holiday and many people took their Monday day off so that they could have a four-day weekend. No such luck for [ profile] angeliksmall and me, but I don't mind that much. I'll admit that this morning was a bit difficult - I sorta had a problem with my alarm clock and I'm pretty sure I only started to really wake up when I was in the train on my way to work - but a) I'll sleep in and laze around tomorrow and b) seeing that so few people are here, we don't have as many stuff to do as usual. And we can take our time doing it. Which is why I'm writing this entry and Cookie is, wait a sec *asks her* ha! She's writing hers lol

I had a nice weekend and did everything I'd planned - Starbucks was visited (twice), shopping was done (I bought the cutest kilt - I just need to be in the mood to wear skirt+boots now) and Quantum of Solace was seen. I liked it. It was entertaining. And Daniel Craig rocks in that role. Then again, I'm not a James Bond purist, so that might be why I enjoyed the two new films in the franchise.

Merlin was watched, too. "The Beginning of the End" was another great episode. I'd say I'm enjoying that show immensely but it would be a bit redundant? Oh, what the hell, hee I'm enjoying that show so much! So much that it made me write a fic, remember? That's pretty remarkable. I'm 2250+ words into it, btw. Actually, the first chapter is done and if I suddenly found myself facing writer's block again, I think I'll be able to post that part. It works on its own.

As I see it, it's a bit as if I'd decided to bake a cake with several layers and only ended up doing one. The cake would still be good - that is, to my taste - and not look stupid so if I realised I had nothing left in the kitchen to do the rest, I'd still serve it. Because one layered cake can be good, too!

Well, that's my story - literally, I guess lol - and I'm sticking to it :-)

Oh, and D-4 before [ profile] yami_tai arrives in Paris! We'll be busy girls: Friday night is The Hoosiers concert, then on Saturday we're planning on going to Pierrefonds with [ profile] angeliksmall and [ profile] jedicathy for a little Merlin pilgrimage.I'm hoping we'll get some nice pictures. Let's just it won't rain! *fingers crossed*

That'll make it my third Fangirl weekend in a row. I swear my other friends are gonna think I decided to trade them for a more fannish version of them lol
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Yesterday was both extremely lazy and extremely productive: extremely lazy because we didn't set a foot outside - well, I did go out to buy some breakfast but it barely counts because it took me all of five minutes - and extremely productive because we did watch a lot of tv.

Let me think *counts on fingers* We started with SPN 4x07 - which I really enjoyed, that season rocks like a rocking thing that would rock a lot. The End - and decided to keep with the Jensen Ackles theme by watching Ten Inch Hero, which heee omg! So cute! Cute and funny and cute. I bought the DVD right after we were done. Couldn't resist.

Also, it was funny at the end with that spoilery comment ).

Anyway, that was how we started our saturday tv marathon. After that we watched an episode of Ghost Hunters with eureka!Colin Ferguson as the guest investigator. That show is kinda cool but if I were to watch it on my own, I'd be freaking out too much. It's the kind of show I need to watch with someone else *is a wuss*

After that, it was Merlin 1x06 - meaning after two little days [ profile] crazybutsound was up-to-date with the show, nice! I think I also managed to insert one episode of Pushing Daisies in there, plus a couple of The Simpsons and one episode of Futurama.

And after a lifetime of hearing about it, I finally, finally saw Latter Days. Yes, it's a very cute film. Also, the Mormon thing made me think of Brendon and whatever reminds me of Panic of the Disco is always of the good, so.

Lastly, it was time for the new Merlin, so we watched that. New Merlin always makes me so happy! Even if I thought we were deprived of a pretty slashy scene at the end. )

Merlin, aka The Show Where Slash Is Hidden Everywhere. And Not Even Hidden That Well!

Now, off to get dressed then out of the flat and off to Paris for some afternoon in the big outdoors.
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Merlin pimping was a success! We watched the first three episodes in a row last night. I wanted [ profile] crazybutsound to watch 1X04 too but it was close to 1.00 AM and because I'm quite tired these days, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. So we admitted defeat and went to bed.

I promised her we'd watch Slashiest Episode Ever and Let's Have a Threesome - respectively 1x04 and 1x05 - tonight, though, which is what we're doing. We're now at 1x05.

Incidentally, and to make sure we're on the same page, I asked Jem if she agreed with the fact that 1x04 was slashy and she went "hell yes!" Then again, I don't see how you could say it wasn't. I'm impatient to see her reaction when Arthur and Merlin decide to spice their sex life up a little and try the Threesome Experiment! *is excited*

We're keeping SPN for tomorrow. I know it sounds like a blasphemy but I'm pretty tired and I want to be 100% awake for that. So.

Tonight was very sweet, actually. [ profile] crazybutsound joined [ profile] angeliksmall and me after work and we had ourselves a nice little Starbucks - which was a nice reward for us because it was another hectic week. Oh, and I got a Venti instead of a Grande after they screwed up my order. It doesn't have anything to do with anything but life is full of small pleasures like that :-)
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I was just watching Panic's Shout cover - a live in San Diego, maybe? - and I don't know why I do this to myself. Whenever I see a vid of them live I feel this insane craving and I just want to BUY A TICKET - in capital letters, just like that - and go seem them! Except it's not possible at the moment and this makes me sad!

Thankfully, panic slash is here to comfort me. I always feel better afterwards. Slash really is like chocolate - it makes everything better. So good for the soul.

Changing the subject - I just got a couple of mails from [ profile] yami_tai filled with Merlin goodies, so that's why - I was in the mood for some Colin Morgan yesterday so I watched DW 4x10 "Midnight". In DW we had a bratty, rebellious, black-nailed, sullen!teenager, which was quite the contrast compared to cute and dorky Merlin. Actually, just seeing Colin Morgan with 'modern' clothes made all the difference lol

Something funny about Merlin - the fandom to be precise? It'd seem that it's not so much a reading fandom as a vid-watching fandom for me. Which is definitely a novelty because even though I learnt to enjoy vids, fics will always come first. Except in this particular case, apparently. So far, I've watched several vids but I haven't really read stories.

Oh and I'm so jealous because Colin Morgan and Bradley James will be at the London Expo this Saturday and I won't! I'll try not to pout too much. Though, [ profile] yami_tai? Don't be too surprised if you receive a text message on Sat going something like this 'I hate you so much omg!' because I'll know you're attending the Big Gay Love panel. Just ignore me, the feeling will pass quickly, all right?

I think I need to do a little pilgrimage to Pierrefonds myself. I always dreamt of going to Picardie! Okay. So. Maybe not. But now I want to!
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I'm writing this at 23h33 - 24-hour-clock speech just for you [ profile] glitterandlube - but I'll wait till it's midnight to post it so that I don't have two posts on the same day. I have issue with that. Which is very odd as a) I love it when my flist is spammy because it means I'll have more to read and b) since I like an even number of comments on my posts, you'd think that having 2 entries instead of 1 would also make me happy. But no. I can't explain it, okay?

Anyway! Why am I writing another entry so soon after the previous one? Two reasons! No, three reasons, but the first two are the important ones.

Reason #1 - this is addressed to the Merlin lovers on my flist who might have missed it, and to all those people who might be a bit curious about Merlin - because we Merlin lovers never shut up about it and, btw? We're not sorry - and need a little push. Said push could be this vid. Absolutely lovely! And spoilery, I suppose, as it obviously uses scenes from the episodes that aired so far but, well, it's a vid, so...

As for the choice of song? I'll admit I was a bit skeptical at first because, okay, there's all kinds of 'you're so oooh' and 'so aaaah' 'doodidoo' and also 'you came into the night and stole my heart' and other kind of harlequin, cheesy lyrics, but! It's pure genius. And it totally makes me want to dance. And it so works! And now I cannot.stop.listening. And watching the vid. Oh, yes. Arthur/Merlin is almost unbearably cute.

And speaking of, Merlin has the cutest facial expressions! One of my favourites is at 2:08 - not that I, like, checked or anything. It's pretty subtle but I'm smitten with it.

Reason #2 - I watched SPN 4x05 and boy! So brilliant! Spoilery flailing behind the cut )

In conclusion, I want to hug that episode and squeeze it and call it George! Oh, and I might have read next episode's summary? And I'm a little bit IMPATIENT to see it now *grabby hands*

Reason #3 - I forgot I wanted to ask something in my previous post. Would anyone have Rock'n'Roll Train by AC/DC and be willing to share with me, please? Tia!
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So apparently SPN is back on my tv and I didn't know? Isn't it a little sad that I sometimes know the US!tv schedule better than I do the French one?

Anyway, yesterday was "Croatoan" and "Nightshifter". Yes. I know. Those episodes aren't supposed to follow each other. Don't ask - it'll be better for everyone's sanity.

Watching that scene in "Nightshifter" when Dean is on the phone with TheOtherCharacter - just in case it's a spoiler - I had to smile because if the US version likens Dean to Clyde and Sam to Bonnie, the French version has a different point of view. Turns out, they agree with my vision of bottom!Dean as what we got is "You never have Bonnie without Clyde" - and in this particular scene and because of the way the dialogue is done, it's clear Dean is Bonnie.

My love for bottom!Dean? Completely validated by the French dubbers \o/

Not related to SPN but still tv related. Yesterday at 7.00PM - 7.00 PM here, meaning 6.00 PM in the UK - I had a thought for the Merlin fans across the pond, because they were watching 1x04 and I had to wait. But lo! The torrent I was waiting for finally appeared this morning, so before I went out I was able to squee over the utter slashiness that was that episode; which title might as well has been The Epic Love of Arthur and Merlin. Which, ok, could just be the title of the show, period, but there you go.

Spoilery comments about Merlin 1x04 )

In conclusion, still enjoying that little show :-) Also, since I still don't have a Merlin icon yet, have my kaamelott!Arthur icon instead *points*

Back to the subject of brit!shows, what is it I hear about TPTB recasting Mitchell and Annie in Being Human? We were talking about that kind of thing at Connotations last week with [ profile] davidbrider and I remember how against it we were. Damn, I'm so disappointed! I'll try the show once it airs and can only hope it'll work out but damn... it won't be the same thing.


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