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My day didn't start in the best way but it certainly got better in the afternoon. I was supposed to spend the whole day with the French Posse but an unexpected call from one of The Best Friends and a bit of an emergency changed my plan quite a bit - add to that the fact that I only slept four hours and I wasn't exactly in top form. I still managed to join the French Posse around 4.00 pm and I was finally able to relax. By then, only GD and Rosie were left but hey, it means we could snuggle on the bed without being crammed like sardines, right? :-) Anyway, I'll see the rest of the FP tomorrow since we're all going to the movies in the afternoon :-)

Back to our program today: we watched Equilibrium and Sharpe's Eagle. I enjoyed both and was particularly happy to have finally seen a Sharpe movie as it was one of those Urban Legend thingie for me. Equilibrium rocked as well, in particular the slash that went with it *cough* My plan for the night? Read the Equilibrium slash Rosie recc'ed us.

Hey guys - remember the Numb3rs summary I linked to yesterday? I was reading it again I'm obsessed with it, so sue me and I suddenly realised the date it's supposed to air: november 25. Which means? That I won't be able to watch it! Why? I'll be in LONDON! Which okay, isn't exactly something I'll complain about because hi! LONDON! But still... I'll have to wait until I'm back to France on Monday to download it, which means I'll watch it on Tuesday! And you know, not that I'm paranoid or anything, but if, say, the file disappeared or something by the time I'm back? Would someone be willing to MegaUpload it to me? Because if I can't watch that episode? I'll DIE! Minimum.

Also, in preparation of my upcoming trip to the UK, I've been doing some homework. So I've been listening to the BBC radio see? And er, don't think I'm still listening to The Archers cause I'm absolutely not but if I were - which I repeat, I'm not - I think I would want to know where Ian and Adam are... and what happened to them and whether they're still in love and why they're not in the storylines these days. But like I said, I certainly don't listen to The Archers anymore *cough*

Lastly! I've been in a Jensen Ackles kick lately - in case it wasn't obvious - and I suddenly remembered that hey! I could just watch my Dark Angel DVDs, right? Which I did and awww! Younger!Dean Younger!JA is so pretty! And I might like his haircut even better in Dark Angel. I think I'll have to cap some Alec scenes *nods* Also, it always makes me smile when I go back to Dark Angel because I love Logan but could care less about Tony in NCIS and really, it's a great proof that Michael Weatherly is a good actor *g*

Oh! A real last note. Cold Case was on last night and of course I watched it and Simon Banks was in it! Yeah okay Bruce A. Young but you know what I mean. He looked so fucking different!
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Still no torrent for the new Supernatural - how come we have to wait more and more these days for our fix? Life is unfair *sigh* Still have "Skin" to watch, mind you. I was going to yesterday and found myself watching Ghost Whisperer 1x04 instead. Don't ask. Thing is, I'm not downloading watching that show except Sean Maher was in the episode and since I've been in a Firefly mood lately, I thought it would be nice to see him in another role.

Now, watching a show dealing with dead people leaving their loved ones behind to go on - this week? Wasn't exactly the brightest idea I've ever had. But, well, these days I have tears in my eyes at the weirdest times so... But anyway, Sean Maher was great - and actually, I kinda liked the whole thing. I mean, I was expecting something So Very Bad, but it was okay. Not the kind of show I would obsess over, but I might give it a try again. Besides, I just love ghost stories. Also, if someone is watching Ghost Whisperer? Could you tell me who Spoiler I guess )

Saw this in [ profile] oceana_'s lj and though it doesn't seem to be a meme, I'm still Blairing it from her:

In a Perfect World:

  • I would find more bottom!Dean stories. Come on people! Sam fucking Dean doesn't appeal to you? Against the wall, in a dark alley, in the car [well, Dean would be real flexible, I just know it] on the car [rough and dirty sex on the bonnet/hood] on the floor of their motel room or hey! In a bed! Yes. I can't write these days or else I would participate, I swear! Why don't you all aim to please me?

  • People would cut every single meme containing a pic or a table. I'm obsessed with those meme/quizz because they have the tendency to kill my layout *is selfish too, see?*

  • Torrents would appear yesterday!

  • And finally, because this post isn't disjointed enough: Numb3rs recs!

    Invisible by [ profile] spikedluv - kid!fic, therefore, gen fic. When I think of Don and Charlie's childhood, that's exactly how I picture the brother relationship. Then Always by [ profile] spikedluv again. Gorgeous and damn hot story - slash this time, very Don/Charlie. See me smile ;-) Then Watching You by [ profile] dollydani because apparently I love Colby just fine when he's loving Charlie *cough* Finally Almost by [ profile] penguingal because Coop was a great character and he's even better when he's fucking the brothers. Edgerton and Coop? Are the best guest characters ever! They need to come back and have sex with the Eppes boys more often. Just my opinion, of course.
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    Not that I want my journal to turn into RL central but The Best Friend Sandrine is pregnant! We - note how I say "we" though I'm obviously not her husband - were waiting for the official result and it came today and it was positive! After last week, it's the kind of wonderful news I needed. Also, I might become a godmother for the first time so er yeah, definitely happy about the news ;-)

    Now on the fannish front. The LMFA Committee - we don't joke around in the Sentinel fandom, do we? - started sending their notifications re: the award and it seems that out of the several stories by yours truly that were nominated - yes, it was a nice ego booster, thanks - one got enough nominations in the end to qualify for the LMFA ballot. So! For the first time ever, I'll be one of the authors in the list! Sure, if you dislike the idea of fic awards you won't care at all but dude! My "Night" series got enough nominations to make it to the official ballot! My baby! *hugs tight* No, it doesn't change anything re: my loving my fics and all but yes, it's quite lovely all the same *g*

    Speaking of TS fics: [ profile] spikedluv strikes again and offers us two gems stories for the price of one here - be warned though, the hotness might kill you ded. I also realise I have lots of fics to read, in particular lots of Don/Charlie as it seems tons have been posted the past week. Lovely *g*

    Btw no new Numb3rs this week? Is it one of those fucking annoying hiatus? Or is it just for one week? One thing is sure though, it sucks!

    Also, while trying to find out when Numb3rs was gonna air exactly on M6 - not that I'm obsessed or anything - I wound up cruising the W9 site and read about that series they aired, namely Odyssey 5, and discovered that Christopher Gorham was in it! Though with a different haircut than in Jake 2.0 or Medical Investigation - again, not that I'm obsessed or anything - and since I kinda really like the guy, I suddenly got curious about the show. Now I'm pretty sure I read about it somewhere on my flist, I'm thinking [ profile] estrella30's LJ? But anyway, I tried to find a torrent for it, found one for the entire series but it wasn't in good health so no real luck here... In any case, I found another show I'd like to try - no matter how bad it might turn out to be in the end because, let's be honest, I can't say I heard that much about it and it usually doesn't bode so well for a show. But whatever.

    PS: Just realised one of my newest icons was pretty perfect for this entry - well, the TS part of it, obviously - so GIP ;-)
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    I broadened my er, media horizon last night - as you do. Thanks to [ profile] anglepoiselamp who uploaded the first two episodes of Northern Exposure for me for her flist, I was finally able to see the series everyone was rambling about. I remember when I got into Numb3rs - it felt like you couldn't have one without the other mentioned at least once. Everyone was raving about it and about Joel and I was quite curious to see the infamous series - and okay, quite curious to see Rob Morrow in that role, I'll admit *g*

    Well I saw ;-) My first thought was omg he's so young! I mean... not that he looks old now - far from it - but just - he really looks young in Northern Exposure. Or different, if you will. Joel? Isn't exactly Don.

    So I come bearing a little visual aid because I know it's always more fun with pics. Guys? Well, those who don't already know him, obviously. Say hello to Dr. Joel Fleischman )

    And speaking of comparisons and differences and all... to all of you Don lovers, ie to all the lovers of the "tight jeans and rolled up sleeves" - I think that's one of the things you love so much, right? - well you'll notice that The Look... wasn't exactly there either. Case in point )

    Ah the nineties... there's something special about them, isn't it? lol

    Haven't watched the two episodes yet - only the beginning of the pilot but I liked what I saw already. Poor Joel *shakes head*

    And two other pics - for all the nostalgic around here: that one because I like the way it looks. )

    And dedicated to [ profile] turps33, the - infamous?- moose. )
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    Reason Why I Love LJ #14526: because this is the only place where you can innocently go through your flist and suddenly find yourself in front of a Certain Post about bukkake and penguins - I'm not even making that up. Also, as if it wasn't enough, this is the same place where you follow links that are being offered and suddenly? You know how to say footjob, sexual intercourse, titfuck, handjob and female orgasm in Japanese - and because we all need to know how to say those things, here the - supposedly correct - translations: ashikoki, nakadashi, paizuri, shiofuki and tekoki. Now, I never studied Japanese and the only words I know come from anime so, like, if those terms are wrong? You can tell me. At this point, I'm even wondering whether not knowing how to really say "footjob" in Japanese would be a bad thing.

    Didn't have time to download Lost - but it's okay, I was kinda totally immersed in my Kaamelott episodes and some of them are re so fucking hilarious that I kinda choked at one point. It's just - well, you'd need to watch the thing, really but I LOVE KAAMELOTT MORE THAN EVER omg! I need to make caps! And best thing is, I won't even have to make up insane dialogues to go with them - Kaamelott has all the material needed *loves crazy show*

    Speaking of shows - so there's another show premiering this week, namely NIH: Alertes Médicales aka Medical Investigation and I can't say I was that impressed because, well, I've never heard of that series and it usually doesn't bode that well for it but then I was watching the promo and dude! Christopher Gorham is in it! And I mean, okay so I'm seriously not expecting to be blown away by the show - like not at all - but I'll definitely try it at least, because Christopher Gorham! And it'll be over soonish anyway seeing there's only one season? Hex seems to be almost over as well - though it just started - but know what? I'm kinda pleased because I'm hoping counting on Numb3rs taking the place of one of them so... *lits candles*

    Unrelated #1: Cold Case keeps breaking my heart. Tonight's episode was so sad!

    Unrelated #2: I watched read the latest episode story over at [ profile] ats_nolimits and they're breaking my heart too! They're killing me!

    So hey, today I learnt how to say dirty words in Japanese, I laughed at the insanity of Arthur and his buddies and I got my heart broken in tiny pieces with tv and fandom - what a great day!
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    I need some help, guys. I've been neglecting my site for, well, quite a long time now, and I realised I was kinda fed up with it anyway. As it happens, I think I'd like to change my host/server/whatever - so if you had some web hosting site to rec? Free - I won't pay a dime for something like that, just no - and sans pop-up. Anyone, please? And if you could link me to the place where I can subscribe, it would be fantastic too. Ta!

    The next months should be quite busy as far as downloading is concerned, Clark will have a lot of work *pets him* Case in point *points below*

    September 13: Bones - I mean, please! The two lead characters are named Temperance and Seeley! Temperance and Seeley. And I'm perfectly aware that I might be the only one to think there's something funny with those names but just - Temperance and Seeley! I don't know, there's something really... special about that to begin with. So I think I'll download the premiere... also, I'm curious to see Angel David Boreanaz in another role.

    September 21: Lost - right, I don't think I even need to develop that one, do I?

    September 22: Criminal Minds - Sounds pretty interesting, and I love Mandy Patinkin. Oh and er... I think I want to kick something: Criminal Minds has been picked up by TF1 already! The show hasn't even fucking premiered in the US and it's already been bought! Non mais je rêve! I mean, I'm really glad they did, seriously I am but - and I'm sure you saw it coming - what about Numb3rs! I'm so going to e-mail Etienne Mougeotte and tell him that yes, I'm so very happy he's buying shows so early but he has to set his priorities right! Numb3rs first and then, he can buy whatever else he wants. Damn.

    September 23: Numb3rs - wheeeeeeeee!

    Speaking of Numb3rs - we're a little more than two weeks away from the season premiere and I'm already harassing you with it, boy sometimes I feel for you - there's a new fic in the neighbourood! [ profile] dsudis did it again, she wrote another little gem. It's called 314 X2R, it's Don/Charlie, it's incest - obviously, but some things bear repeating - it's porny and it has fast cars... don't tell me it's not a nice teaser!

    PS: Being on vacation is pure heaven! Also, just checked and school starts a week later than I thought, ha!
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    My "Avalon" pt2 file is downloading slowly and I'm debating whether to click on the spoiler cuts or not, which amuses me to no end because I clearly remember the entry I posted last week in which I was talking about how I never went spoiler-free for that series and had no intention of starting now so give me the spoilers already. But since I found a new love for that season - and considering I never fell out of love with SG, it's saying something - I'm thinking it would be fun to get into each new episode relatively spoiler free. So I think I'll try that for awhile. See how it works out *is determined... sorta*

    Anyway, back to my Top Five meme, which was a load of fun, really - sometimes those meme are just brilliant.

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Charlie Moments )

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Poltergeist: The Legacy Moments )

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five candies )

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five TS moments ).

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Daniel Jackson moments )

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Internet-Related Memories )

    [ profile] enigel - Top Five Stargate Episodes )

    *sneaks a peek at download rate* Yeah, I think it's safe to say I'll watch the episode only after I return home. Well, it's okay, I'll have something more to look forward to today *g*

    *off to read flist without clicking on the SG cuts*

    ETA: Am I being haunted with P:TL or what? There's Nick Boyle Martin Cummins in today's episode of Jake 2.0.
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    The weekend is here! And it's actually a four-day weekend for me cause I have Monday and Tuesday off *loves* Oh and I also have tendinitis - on my right wrist, so it's not that bothersome - which doesn't have anything to do with the rest, but whatever, it's true. It also means I'm taking forever to type this entry but my hand is wrapped in such a way that I can still type so hi! Am typing!

    And today being Friday also means that tomorrow is Sci-fi Saturday, yay! I fucking can't wait for "Avalon" pt 2 *hugs self* As well as "Valley of Darkness" *bounces*

    But anyway, the entry I'm taking forever to type. I played with the Top Five meme and wound up being obsessive-compulsive about it, so apparently the answers made it to their own entry.

    [ profile] moimoietmoi - Top Five Worst Series I Ever Watched )

    [ profile] turps33 - Top Five Kinks )

    [ profile] french_hobbit - Top Five Mysteries in Lost )

    [ profile] misanthrope7842 - Top Five Sentinel Moments )

    [ profile] yami_tai - Top Five Fangirly Moments )

    And since I rambled quite a bit, er, maybe I'll stop now *cough*
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    Thing the first, I hate you FMA - aka How I Watched Episode 25 ) Life for a fangirl can be so sad *sigh*

    Btw? FMA fans out there? Is there a FMA slash archive that you could link me to, please? Thanks.

    Thing the second - now, this doesn't have anything to do with anything, but I'm already going into withdrawal regarding both Lost and Numb3rs - not that the thought of going through the old episodes doesn't please me, cause it does - please me, I mean, and I do foresee some frantic and happy watching when I'll have the CDs in my possession but I really want new material to focus on, I miss the thrill of the discovery and er yes, I'm talking about a tv show here, but you know what I mean, it is thrilling... just a different kind of thrill than a truly thrilling er... thing *frown* Or something?

    Thing the third - you know you're completely, totally and truly drained when you don't even have the energy to make a detour from The Place to the mall and buy the Angel S5 DVDs you've been dreaming about for, like, ever, or you know, at least a month, even though OMG we're finally the 16th today and yes, it did come out on DVDs for real this time. But that was how exhausted I was this afternoon, and now that I think of it, my mind still feels like it's wrapped up in cotton wool *rubs eyes with fist* But know what? *beams all of a sudden* It just makes me even more pleased that I wrote my SenSecrets story yesterday cause I don't think I'd have been able to do it tonight *had to mention how she finished her SenSecrets fic so early once again...* And I? Won't mention it again, promise.

    Thing the fourth - as incredible as it sounds, weekend to London might have been put on the table once more. My my, Rissy and I might even succeed in going after all. I'm sure stranger things had happened *g*
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    I found Blair's long lost brother! No wait.. a former lover! Yes, a former lover sounds better - for several reasons. First, because the 'lover' part brings up some nice and hot imagery, second because everyone knows that Blair belongs to Jim now, so we can only talk about a former lover here - QED.

    So who the hell am I talking about? No, it's not Daniel, thank you very much. I'm talking about Declan Dunn... jock!geek extraordinaire.

    Mysterious Ways started yesterday and I never ever miss a new series so, of course, I watched it and it was okay, I enjoyed it well enough. So I don't think I'll worship it or anything because a) technically it's just another version of Mulder and Scully, ie the believer and the skeptic - or so it appeared in the first two episodes, though if Peggy keeps on being skeptical after what she saw already, I'm going to think she's even more narrow-minded than Scully [and no offense, btw, I really loved Scully myself] and no one can beat Mulder and Scully, of course and b) in theory, Declan isn't supposed to be the kind of character I'm attracted to, ie he's too big, too muscled, his jaw is too square, he looks a bit too much like a jock. In theory.

    Because having said that, it turns out that I enjoyed those two episodes because a) I love supernatural stuff, period and b) I enjoyed Declan really much because, what can I say, I just can't resist geeks! And that guy? Is as much a geek as Blair is, which should tell you a lot about him without me needing to develop, right? He even has the same enthusiasm, and I could almost picture the geeky and hot and enthusiastic and playful and dirty sex those two had when they were younger. Oh and huh did I mention Declan is actually a professor of anthropology? Because if I didn't, I really should have! So yeah, he's a professor of Anthropology... and even better yet we get to follow some of his classes and we learn some pretty cool stuff while doing so. Like another version of Sesame Street lol

    Another geek I fell in love with is Miranda. She looks so weird and smart and everything, she's cracking me up! Actually, I really liked the whole Peggy-Declan-Miranda dynamic... they're cute together and make a good team. Sorta like Geeks R Us. No, really.

    So yeah, to make a long story short. I watched a new series, liked it well enough, and found a former lover of Blair's, which just made the story and character even more interesting somehow *shrug*

    Oh and speaking of Blair - I saw that the LMFA Winners have been announced. And I don't know why we're always so impatient to read the results when in truth, anyone who knows their way around the fandom just a little bit could actually give the names of the winners way in advance lol Still, congrats to the winners - and the nominees because being nominated is already a reward in and of itself. If you like those awards, I mean, of course *g*

    PS: This has nothing to do with anything but let it be said for the record that I decided to fast until, say, New Year's Eve because last night's Christmas meal seemed even better than the Christmas Eve's one and my stomach is now hating me lol But damn, it was so good and the table was so beautiful, it was just impossible to resist! *glassy eyes* And if I want to survive the meal on New Year's Eve, I'd better fast... or something lol
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    Ohhh there's Charlie O'Bannon in tonight's Without a Trace, and he's all grown-up and he looks all confident and he's a jerk, and wow where has my sweet and multi-phobic Charlie gone? *g* And there was Em's lover, George Schickel, in tonight's Navy NCIS.

    I love when shows collide, did I already tell you? *g*


    I was wondering, do you think they're offering some icons or badges over at [ profile] ship_manifesto with the slogan 'I'm [ profile] ship_manifesto's bitch' or maybe 'I'm [ profile] ship_manifesto's pimp'? Because see, I'm going to pimp it again - and you can bet I'll do it again in the near future, so yeah.

    [ profile] lamardeuse and [ profile] misanthrope7842 posted their essay on Jim/Blair and it was really great *g* I love reading about my boys, and I love the idea of people not into the fandom reading about them and being showed how much they love each other and how beautiful they are together - makes me all tingly *g*

    ETA: The ending of Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? was just chilling - I don't even know if it would be considered a spoiler but I'm pulling a Fox Mulder and being paranoid, hence the cut, and boy look at that, it'll take you longer to read the title than to read the actual content of said cut  )
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    I came back from the uni in time to see that today's TS episode was Second Chance- which means that we got to hear one of the best lines in TS - nd maybe one of the best lines ever [/drama queen] - from Jim himself:

    Jim: *talking to someone who's threatening to hurt Blair* Touch him and you're dead.


    "Touch him and you're dead" - I'm not making that up, it's canon, it's protective!CanonJim. Isn't it just a beautiful line? Someone is threatening his man, and he's going all alpha *glassy eyes*

    It's just too good to be true *purrs*

    Oh, on another unrelated note. A new show is airing atm, The Guardian. I watched some episodes, and even though I know I'm not going to obsess over it, I like it well enough, and today's episode, "The Men from the Boys", was particular good.

    I love how shows aren't afraid to deal with what used to be complete taboo: here we had a young boy living in the street after he fled from different foster homes where he got raped on a regular basis, and whoring himself to survive. His only hope is to be fostered by a gay couple, but of course, prejudice being so strong, no judge (even a gay one btw) wants to accept it. In the end, it's only because Nick decides to fuck the law that Ethan can live decently and can hope for a happy future with the - very loving - couple.

    Ethan's mom was particular disgusting. Her husband kicked their son out of the house when he learnt he was gay, and she never tried to have him back. Oh well, yes, she said Ethan still had a home if he forgot his bad habit. And when she finally decided to interfere in his life, it was to ask that Ethan would NOT be fostered by the gay couple because she didn't want him to live with *that* kind of people. The worse is that she claimed to love her son - and to be a good Christian as well. Really sad person.

    Speaking of Nick. He seems like an interesting bloke, but he just looks so sad all the time.

    Anyway, I will have to see where the other episodes lead me *g*

    Why me!

    Sep. 13th, 2003 08:22 am
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    I really can't believe how much I'm getting into Yu-Gi-Oh, I swear! When it was first aired here, I thought it was a little stupid, or maybe not stupid, but just not to my tastes. Then, some weeks ago, I started watching it, and now *sigh* Now, I'm practically waiting for the show to begin every Wednesday and during the weekend! Life is so unfair.

    This is for [ profile] phoenix_burn : hear this, today episode revolved around our beloved Kaiba, and we learnt some interesting things about his and Yugi's past lives - not kidding here. And you want to know something? Bondage!Yugi is great, but wait to see him as Pharaon!Yugi because he's not bad either. No need to say, Kaiba is great as well as this Sorcerer guy *purrs*

    Of course, I think Bondage!Yugi will always be my favorite *g*

    Ah, Stargate: Infinity is starting. Let's watch the thing, then.


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