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Still sick - the kind of annoying cold that is pretty low in the hierarchy of colds but makes you feel like crap. I think I'm gonna bail out on tbf!Sandrine tomorrow night. The bright side is that it means I'll be able to get home right after work and download the new SPN first thing and watch it on Friday instead of Saturday, which is of the good.

I had myself a nice tv night last night. And by 'tv', I mean I finally caught up with a couple of my downloads.

I watched The Fall - finally - and ohhh I loved it! Lee Pace was fantastic in that role and little Catinca Untaru was absolutely perfect - they both worked so well together! Their scenes looked so genuine - did they ad-lib a lot, I wonder? The film was like a fairytale and I was completely under its charm. I bawled my eyes out a couple of times but that's a very Mousey thing to do when watching tv, so...

I also watched N3 5x01 and I have one thing in particular to say - which is a spoilery spoilers that spoil )

And because I wasn't OD'ing on enough tv, I caught up with T:TSCC - I really enjoyed 2x05, for some spoilery reasons )

Lastly - this has nothing to do with anything - I finally got myself a new desktop for my work's computer. One that is fannish but not too 'in your face'.

My Shiny - well, it's dark but whatever - SPN Promo desktop )

[ profile] ramoniciu made it. Nice, isn't it? I love how sneaky this wallpaper is, like, 'Yeah so it's all black, what's the dea- OHHH, HI BOYS, Hiii!' Those SPN promos are love ♥ ♥
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They aired the last two episodes of the fourth season of Numb3rs last night, and on second viewing I can confirm that "When Worlds Collide" is one of my favourite N3 episodes. It's still behind "Uncertainty Principle" or "Sniper Zero" - then again, there's no universe for me where those two episodes wouldn't be at the top of the list - but WWC is still in the Favourite N3 Episodes list.

I'm more than ready for S5 to start now. I was before, sure, but I'm a getting a bit more impatient. Especially as I read about a nice spoiler for 5x01 - when I'm itching to click on the SPN spoilers that call my name all over the flist, I click on N3 spoilers instead. It makes the wait bearable :-)

But as usual around this time of the year, it seems like 99,99% of my excitement is focused on Supernatural. I always have the feeling it might be a bit ridiculous how excited I am at the prospect of the season premiere but I can't help it. It's SPN! Dean and Sam and Bobby and, obviously, with the way S3 ended, there's no way I'm not dying to see what happens next *bounces*

To keep with the fannish glee; I finally saw all the MCR pics that had the flist sing from joy and I'm most certainly seconding everyone's opinion; they were all kinds of awesome. And it made me smile to see Mikey playing with his Sidekick on so many of the shoots, even in the middle of practice with the guys. I do understand better why that detail always finds its way in fics. It's not even a detail fanon-wise, at this point, but you know what I mean. Oh, Mikeyway! Then there's FOB Mixtape of Love, of course.

And I've found a sequel to Stuck on Delete (J2), as well as two updates in 'verses I adore, namely Sex Corps 'verse (the 'verse is Jeff/Jensen but the prequel has Jensen being fucked by many people) and Kept 'verse (Jeff/Jensen).

Sometimes fandom? Is a bit like Christmas :-)
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] charli_macboyd! ♥ ♥

Oh, noes! W9 is airing Charmed! Which means I won't be able not to watch it whenever I'm home at the right time. It really is like a compulsion. And those evil tv persons decided to air it from the very beginning so I'm in for weeks and weeks of losing cool points because of my watching the show. Damn you, Charmed, damn you *fist of rage*

Well, hopefully the whole bandom thing will make up for the Charmed thing? *fingers crossed*

Speaking of which, omg [ profile] crazybutsound? I can't wait for you to be here on Thursday so that we can watch your Life on the Murder Scene DVD because I've seen icons and stills of it and now I want it! Though I promise those were just a couple of pics, so I'm pretty much 99,99% 'unspoiled' for the real thing. Please be arriving soon, Thursday? *begs*

Oh and why can't I find the video clips of The Sharpest Lives on YT? What I got was a mash up or just the song without the actual clip. So okay I could just try with different keywords or just look elsewhere but, well, why not use your flist when you have one, right? So if you have links, be my guest. The Sharpest Lives and/or Famous Last Words and/or House of Wolves, too. Tia!

And this morning, while I was waiting for the Plumber Who Never Came - my life, it's so exciting sometimes! - I watched the latest Numb3rs and that episode was really cute and funny. I'm trying to convince my muse that we need to write a fic where Don is turned on by something that is spoilery - and incesty, too, incidentally ) and goes to town, so to speak. Also, how cute were Don and David again with the spoilery bit, I guess ). Very cute *nods*

PS: I meant to ask. Do the MCR guys have a habit of sitting on each other's lap? Or is it just one of those things that have been adopted by the fandom and hence will happen on a regular basis in fics? I mean, is that canon or fanon? This is a serious question, btw! Enquiring minds want to know.
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Hello FLIST! Do you know what today is? Today is Monday 18 September, which means that Numb3rs comes backs in FOUR DAYS! So I paid a little visit to the CBS site and they have a picture on the front page and OH CHARLIE! You look so cute I cannot stop watching. The tilt of your head, your little smile, your HAIR! I'll finally go back to loving you and your hair at the same time. Thank you for that! *loves*

Wanna see too? )

Dude, I have an awful doubt, that is a new pic, right? Cause a) they wouldn't do that me, would they? and b) I couldn't have forgotten something from Numb3rs, could I? I knew about the hair but it didn't look so perfect, so...

Also don't go to the site if you don't want to be spoiled about the premiere but since I obviously wanted to I didn't have any problem with it and someone wanna click here and discuss about a certain spoiler re: that season premiere, please? )

There was something in the trailer I wasn't so keen on - though I'll wait to see how they deal with it exactly - but even if I don't like it at all, who cares when they give me this! *points to cut above*

Oh and wait, isn't Criminal Minds coming back too on Wednesday? Oh boy!

On a personal note now; I'm really happy with myself today because I did something I really wanted to do - took a day off to do so - and the results I got exceeded my expectations \o/

PS: Gary Hobson in GA!
PS2: Hmm doesn't it sound a bit like Dr McDreamy is dubbed by the same guy who dubs Sam in SPN?
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Last month I was sleeping with Babycakes and it was great, you know? But last night I slept with a fan and just - okay, Babycakes? Would it really make you sad if I, like, dumped you to marry my fan? Because seriously, it was heaven to have cool air caressing my skin all night long and I think I'm in love.

Or in other words, it's so fucking hot that we might not survive the summer. The end. What baffles me is that the heat we have now is still nothing like the Canicule yet and it's still a bit unbearable. How did we do back then when the temp' was up to 50+C? How? Right now, I'd love to have an authorisation to stay home all the time. Each time I'd have to go out, I'd wave my little card and go back to my fan and the cool air that only exists in its - albeit small - perimeter.

Yeah anyway. So. I watched two more episodes of Grey's Anatomy Monday night and I'm so getting into it! I'm back to feeling meh about Meredith though - her and Whatshisname... McDreamy guy? So I'm feeling meh about them both, which is kinda ironical, considering. I'm still madly in love with Izzie and George, though, and I really like Bailey, Burke and Cristina.

I'm also almost sorry to have been spoiled for the second season finale but at the same time, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing. Still, I was trying to find a GA icon - and, btw, how difficult is it to find an icon with just Izzie and George on it *sigh* - but there were too many spoilery icons over there so I had to give up. Speaking of s2, it seems like TF1 will air it right after season 1, which is just awesome. They've been doing that a lot the past month and it makes me very happy. Like Numb3rs for instance, we got s2 back to back with s1 \o/

And since I'm on the subject of Numb3rs, can I express two wishes for season 3? Hee season 3, man! Yeah anyway wish #1 please please cut Charlie's hair? Let the curls but cut his hair? It's too long now and I really wish they gave him a haircut that looked more like the one he had in s1 [/selfish] and wish #2 that Edgerton comes back again! And I know which episode should be his... 3x09. Oh and wish #3 I want a flashback with kid!Charlie and kid!Don *stamps foot*

Lastly, a little rec because it's been some time since I did one. [ profile] iscaris's One for the Road - it's Don/Charlie with some Cooper/Don, it's 12.000 words and it's absolutely brilliant! Go on, try it, you might fall in love with it like I did myself :-)
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Hee flist! I found a job! Or the job found me, whatever. I had an interview this morning and they said I was in. It's a CDD so it won't be a permanent one but it does mean that I'll be employed from September to December - and since the Winter Job starts mid-november and lasts 'til January, it also means I'll have a salary till 2007, it's a thing of JOY, people :-)

Also wanna know where I'll work? Cause it's awesome *bounces* I'll work... at the Sorbonne! Yes, the oh so famous and beautiful and classy and historically charged university omg! So okay, as long as I don't have the contract in my hot lil' hands, signed by all parties, I'm not stopping from crossing my fingers because you never know what might happen but still, I'm quite excited!

And something else incredible - I, Mousey Mouse, bought a skirt. As in, not jeans. Yes. SAM, Rosie, remember when I was whining that I couldn't find the kind of skirt I wanted? Well that was then, cause I found it today. I'll have to warn the whole family and assorted friends when I'll wear it for the first time though as - tbf!Sandrine's wedding excluded - they haven't seen me in a skirt since *counts* Around twenty years? Or more. But man a) it's so bloody hot that I thought it would be a good idea and b) I've been in the mood for a little change for some time so there.

For something a little less boring now - well, if you're into Numb3rs, or else it'll be as boring, mind you - I've just watched the original, unaired pilot of the series. Hee it was fun! The same but so different. Don wasn't Don, Alan wasn't Alan, Terry wasn't Terry. Charlie was Charlie but without Teh Curls, Amita was Amita but with glasses and Larry - Larry was Larry, as well as David who was David.

The spirit was the same, though the brother issue was a tad more emphasised from the start maybe. Not!Don wasn't so bad at all, but much more... reserved than our!Don? I don't know, our!Don is a pretty passionate man, not!Don sounded and acted in a more subdued way somehow, I think. He didn't suck, nor did not!Alan but man, they're not our Big Brother and Daddy Eppes, you know? *hugs current cast* I'm glad they changed some of the maths sequences though because I love the ones we have in the 'real' show but they were too much in the original one; like they were all over the place with quotes appearing on the screen at all times and stuff. Also that pilot seems to expose so many things, wow. As if they wanted to say it all in forty-two minutes.

Oh and a quote I loved from not!Alan to not!Don [about Charlie] "He's still trying to solve that problem he's been working on since high school... How to impress his big brother." Which, I know, isn't a new quote per se but I love that they knew what they wanted to do with the Eppes family from the start, even from the faux!Numb3rs :-)

A little football ref now: I'm rooting for both France and Italy so yesterday should have been a good day since Italy won against Ghana but seriously? I thought Ghana played and fought so well that I was almost disappointed that they didn't win, or at least score once. Hopefully I won't have that kind of traitorous thought later this afternoon when Les Bleus play!
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I thought I might not come back in time to watch "Sniper Zero" tonight, which would have been SAD but I did it! And Edgy sounds really nice in French too *approves*

Okay people, so I went to the mall this afternoon with The Esu and La Globule - that's my cousin's nickname - and as of today I own a Box Set of Shame. Like, I bought a certain box set of a certain season of a certain show which, okay, I never really thought I would own but, apparently, you can always sink lower.

If you tell me what kind of Box Set of Shame you own, I might tell you what I bought. Or you might be very astute and find what it is. Like, I don't know, maybe what comes next will give you a clue?

Because, see, today I had time to watch the Charmed finale and dude! I loved it! And okay so Charmed is like the crackiest of crack!fic, all right? But it was nothing compared to the finale; it reached some new highs, I swear. And the ending? Oh the ending, God! But I just - it rocked. In a cliched-OOT-crack-saccharine Charmed kinda way *loves* And this is an actual spoiler )

Also, [ profile] turps33? Did you know that your Victor played in Charmed? I'm just sayin'.

Back to Numb3rs:

Charlie: [à Alan] Et en plus s'il y avait le moindre danger, Don me laisserait pas y aller, tu le sais très bien.

Alan: [à Don] Il faut que tu sois conscient que Charlie ne peut pas te dire non [...] Il est toujours en quête de l'approbation de son grand frère, que son grand frère le veuille ou non.

Don: [à Charlie] Pourquoi, parce qu'Edgerton t'a dit quelque chose ? Tu n'as rien à prouver ni à lui ni à personne, tu es très bien comme tu es.

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Next week is gonna be a busy week download-wise. Prison Break on Tuesday, Supernatural on Friday and Numb3rs plus Hustle on Saturday - heee my babies are back! *hugs them tight* It's like a family portrait, I have everyone at the same time!

Also dude, I've watched the promo and holy shit Numb3rs! Spoilers for All's Fair )

I watched The Lakes - it's the kind of show I'd say isn't my cuppa tea and then bam! I suddenly start to be interested in the characters, anyway, and I end up riveted to my screen waiting to see whether Bernie will commit adultery with Father Matthew, and if Peter will find out, and what will happen after John did what he did, and if Lucy will get her revenge... I'm so easy, it's pathetic!

Then again, there's John Simm in that series, and that alone would have caught my attention, you know? He is love! I already knew, mind, but some things bear repeating *nods*

I also had fun watching the show because I recognised some familiar faces. Peter - Paul Copley - played Reg Cole in Life on Mars, which was fun enough but that's not even the best.

This is the best. )

British tv is so very incestuous - no wonder I love it so much lol

And this pic is just a random one, cause I love me some John Simm smile )
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Technically, I guess this would be a meme for January, but I'm not sure I'll finish any new stories before then, so let's say it's safe doing it now. Blaired from [ profile] dsudis.

The Fics I Wrote in 2005 meme )

It does make me smile because [ profile] dsudis, the girl I gacked the meme from - which btw, I cut in half. Er, I mean the meme obviously, not the girl - wrote 42 stories the past year, one of which was a 50.000 word novel. Boggles the mind, I know lol But thing is, I'm happy I can write, period, so I'm satisfied with my work *g* Also for the record, Even Trade is +11.000 words and for me that's a lot *nods*

Still, I definitely wouldn't mind writing more... we'll see how it goes in 2006 ;-)

Speaking of fics. For the Numb3rs slashers on my flist who dig OT3, [ profile] penguingal and [ profile] schnaucl wrote a third part in their Don/Charlie/Coop series.

And see, this is another thing I adore in Numb3rs, how we have two canon varied threesomes to work with, and here I'm talking about Don/Charlie/Coop and Don/Charlie/Edgerton. People write them on a regular basis, too, which makes my heart sing *happy sigh* Also, we have [ profile] spikedluv who promised told us she would write a nice OT3 Numb3rs fic soon - and was curious as to who her flist would like to see Don and Charlie in a threesome with. Cue to poll where I picked Edgerton because... because it's Edgerton? Yes.

And I also developped my answer a bit because I wanted Spikedluv to have all the info she needed - and because I'm anal like that, I'm pasting the thing on my LJ, too. )
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I'm feeling a little melancholic today - it's the date, I know - so I decided to stay home and focus on my happy place, which I decided - totally at random - would be Numb3rs. And when I say it was randomly picked? Yes, I'm lying.

Though wait, today is a nice date for someone so a Happy Birthday to [ profile] hearsawho. Hope you'll keep your SG love for a long time to come, you're like a beacon of positivity in a fandom that usually loves to thrive on negativity *hugs*

Back to Numb3rs now. I saw the preview for "In Plain Sight"! I finally saw it, yay! CBS site? You do suck, but sometimes you get with the program, so thank you. Also, I cannot wait for that episode, it's going to be brilliant! Also also Potential spoilers for the preview )

Hey guys, do you sometimes go back to your tv reviews? I do that sometimes - in particular the very first ones cause I'm always amused to see the Very First Reactions to a show. Like, was it love at first sight or did I have to try several times? This isn't a meme, but let's pretend it's one, gacked from er, well okay me *sigh* So I paid a little visit to my Numb3rs tags and found the very first entries I wrote for that series:

For 1x01 )

For 1x02 )

Though these are samples, the first reviews weren't that long yet anyway. It seems I waited until 1x08 to do one that required a cut. Oh and at the time I wasn't slashing the brothers at all. I even asked myself at one point whether it was possible to fall for a "gen pairing". Gen.pairing. Dude! *is amused* But anyway, when I go back to those first reviews, I realise that a) I totally got the brothers' well er, number and b) it truly was Love At First Sight.

And because a pimping job is never done - or because even as a fan you sometimes miss stuff. I share - with their creaters' permissions - my four favourite vids [RapidShare links for three of them - unlimited downloads]

Numb3rs vids are here - they'll contain spoilers for pretty much all of s1, btw )

They're all absolutely gorgeous. And I dare you to look at me in the eyes and tell me you're not even the slightest interested in those brothers or this series. Come on I DARE YOU!

And finally, two clips from 2x06 - "Soft Target"

Don and Charlie during the CalSci scene
Don and Charlie during the dinner scene
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First - and before I kill you with my squee - GIP! Because a) Kaamelott owns me these days b) I suddenly discovered a certain love for text icons and c) that episode killed me with its awesomeness and it cracked me up like crazy.

Second SQUEE, peope, SQUEE! I? committed wrote fic today! Of the Special Hell persuasion: its original title was Special Hell Fic for I'm so clever and witty. It's not Sam/Dean though, sorry, but it's definitely Don/Charlie - boy is it ever! It's 2.390 words of Don/Charlie, even. Well, so far - I haven't sent it to the Beta Extraordinaire, yet. I need to sleep on it, then tomorrow I'll see if I still like what I wrote *fingers crossed*

But dude! I wrote a fic, wow *blink* As soon as I saw we had a new Numb3rs community, namely [ profile] numb3rsflashfic - which hi! Pimpity pimp, guys, it's a flash fic comm! With weekly challenges. For Numb3rs! Wheee - I told myself: "Self. You need to write something. Now!"

And I did *does the victory dance* The first challenge provoked an immediate response, which I didn't use in the end. Turns out too many people had the same lol But it was okay because my muses weren't put off and they gave me something else *loves Muses*

And there is smut! And Introspection and Angst. Again *shrug* See, I haven't the slightest problem with incest fics - obviously - it's not even a guilty pleasure for me, it's only pleasure. But even then, I never forget that the characters are brothers - which as incest goes? Is kinda the point - and that it's Taboo and Wrong. At least for us, now. Anyway, I don't forget and my characters don't forget either and as a result we have Angst and stuff.

Also, something funny? It's usually Don and Don only who ends up having Big Issues and who has a hard time accepting things. He's the one overtly angsting, whereas Charlie - though conflicted as well - usually goes with the flow. Maybe it's because of Don's Big Brother status? And come to think of it, isn't this a trend in the fandom? *ponders*

Anyway, I wrote a Numb3rs story this afternoon, yay! *is proud*
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Still no torrent for the new Supernatural - how come we have to wait more and more these days for our fix? Life is unfair *sigh* Still have "Skin" to watch, mind you. I was going to yesterday and found myself watching Ghost Whisperer 1x04 instead. Don't ask. Thing is, I'm not downloading watching that show except Sean Maher was in the episode and since I've been in a Firefly mood lately, I thought it would be nice to see him in another role.

Now, watching a show dealing with dead people leaving their loved ones behind to go on - this week? Wasn't exactly the brightest idea I've ever had. But, well, these days I have tears in my eyes at the weirdest times so... But anyway, Sean Maher was great - and actually, I kinda liked the whole thing. I mean, I was expecting something So Very Bad, but it was okay. Not the kind of show I would obsess over, but I might give it a try again. Besides, I just love ghost stories. Also, if someone is watching Ghost Whisperer? Could you tell me who Spoiler I guess )

Saw this in [ profile] oceana_'s lj and though it doesn't seem to be a meme, I'm still Blairing it from her:

In a Perfect World:

  • I would find more bottom!Dean stories. Come on people! Sam fucking Dean doesn't appeal to you? Against the wall, in a dark alley, in the car [well, Dean would be real flexible, I just know it] on the car [rough and dirty sex on the bonnet/hood] on the floor of their motel room or hey! In a bed! Yes. I can't write these days or else I would participate, I swear! Why don't you all aim to please me?

  • People would cut every single meme containing a pic or a table. I'm obsessed with those meme/quizz because they have the tendency to kill my layout *is selfish too, see?*

  • Torrents would appear yesterday!

  • And finally, because this post isn't disjointed enough: Numb3rs recs!

    Invisible by [ profile] spikedluv - kid!fic, therefore, gen fic. When I think of Don and Charlie's childhood, that's exactly how I picture the brother relationship. Then Always by [ profile] spikedluv again. Gorgeous and damn hot story - slash this time, very Don/Charlie. See me smile ;-) Then Watching You by [ profile] dollydani because apparently I love Colby just fine when he's loving Charlie *cough* Finally Almost by [ profile] penguingal because Coop was a great character and he's even better when he's fucking the brothers. Edgerton and Coop? Are the best guest characters ever! They need to come back and have sex with the Eppes boys more often. Just my opinion, of course.
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    Joyeux Anniversaire, SAM! Comme voeux d'anniversaire, je te souhaite de mener à bien tous tes projets... et de continuer à trouver tout le slash dont tu peux rêver. Comme ça, je pense que j'ai fait le tour :-) J'espère que tu passeras une super journée *kisses*

    Now. I watched Supernatural 1x02 last night )

    The reason why I'm getting into Supernatural? Is the similarity with Numb3rs. And I know, what similarity? Apart from the fact that the main characters are brothers who are so easily slashable there's nothing even remotely similar with those two shows but see - to me - both of them follow the same pattern in a way, ie they both have pretty basic premises, cop show for the former and fight-against-demons for the other but they have this little Special Ingredient which makes them more interesting - and yes, the brother thing is kinda the key element.

    I'm not saying Supernatural is like Numb3rs because, well, Numb3rs is Numb3rs and is a category on its own and everything - who could beat the Eppes!family, anyway? - but though I like the freakyness that is Supernatural, what I'm really looking for when I watch the show is the interaction between the brothers, so that what makes me link the two of them together.

    So hey [ profile] wistful_fever? I don't know if brother!kink is an interest yet, but it should definitely be lol

    Lastly, Lost is downloading atm - albeit real slowly. I'm not surprised, mind you but at this rate, the download will be complete right in time for me to go out tonight. Oh well, I'll have something to watch after I'm back...

    PS: What the hell did I talk about on my LJ BBT - Before BitTorrent?

    Numb3rs in TWO days omg!
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    You can't see me but if you could, you would see the air of accomplish-ness that surrounds me. I've been quite busy the last two days but I got what I wanted - and if you knew how universities work around here, you'd appreciate how incredible it is, so yay!

    Another yay is for Supernatural 1x02 tonight - make that tomorrow for me. Hee slashy pretty brothers fighting evil!

    But I'll admit - cause it'll come as a surprise for you all, I know - that my #1 fangirl thought these days is NUMB3RS IN FOUR DAYS OMG! Yes, with caps and all - in neon lights even. And I'm saying four days cause I'll get to see the episode on the 24th instead of the 23rd, thanks. Man... I'm a happy fangirl, already :-) The countdown started early this month but now it's almost there! At my door... or on my HD and just - eeeek I can't wait! Though in reality I will have to wait because I won't be home on Saturday so I'll need to be strong all day *braces self* Of course I'll start the download as soon as I wake up *thinks of setting alarm clock at 6.00 am because Numb3rs is worth it*

    Completely unrelated and for the record: Little Daniel universe is crack! The angst and the cute mix in the most compelling way. I knew I like kid!fics before but now... whoa.

    And argh! The SAM [aka [ profile] moimoietmoi] just reminded me that I missed Kaamelott today *sobs*
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    Oh la la, guys! I think I'm gonna cry from joy! M6 bought Numb3rs! Read this: "La chaîne parie également sur le succès des séries internationales Medium, Numb3rs, Tru calling, Hex et Mes adorables voisins." OMG! I always knew I could count on M6 *tackleglomp* I have no idea when it'll air though... they said 2005/2006 but who cares! Numb3rs is coming! I knew my frantic search would pay off *sparkling eyes*

    Speaking of M6 - was I dreaming or was that the new season of Kaamelott yesterday?? I mean, we saw les Jumelles du Pêcheur! We've never seen them before, only heard about them - a lot. I know Alexandre Astier promised us we would finally meet them in the new season... and they were here! So new season? *bounces* Please tell me it is!

    Back to Numb3rs now - as if I ever wandered far *rolls eyes* - do you think CBS is trying to tell us something? Cause I sorta watched the promo a lot and I think some of the writers might be aware that Don and Charlie are more than just your common item - If you find incest so appalling that even a stupid joke about it squicks you - don't click. Also, if you click, don't worry, no spoilers inside. At all - unless you didn't want to know that the show is about an FBI agent and a math genius, of course - in that case... wow, I don't know what to say. )

    Don't look at me like that! And anyway, I warned you it was stupid. Also? I'm sick! Be nice to me *puppy dog eyes*

    PS: To think there was a time when I thought I wouldn't ever use those tags *shakes head* Life is funny, really.

    ETA: [ profile] penguingal posted a Don/Charlie fic with a bit of Coop/Charlie for good measure that worked for me pretty well *eg* Wanna give it a try?


    Sep. 5th, 2005 04:34 pm
    castalie: If you know who made this icon, please tell me so that I can properly credit? Tia (Default)
    My day yesterday was spent sleeping the sleep of the sick - I hibernated all day, with some waking sessions where I would cruise LJ for a little while before going back to sleep - sleeping is something I do pretty well on a good day, so when I'm sick? I'm unbeatable! But anyway, I doped myself and slept pretty much all day. By 9.00 pm I was feeling slightly better and it was a good thing too because hey! I had ER and Third Watch and Cold Case - eek, it was the pilot! Though where is Scotty? When does he appear, then? - to watch and I didn't want to miss that.

    It also means that this morning I woke up quite early, still congested - I'm reminding myself of all those fics where Blair is sick and Jim keeps monitoring him and stuff which awww! - but with my head free of that cotton wool feeling. I did cancel my get together with The Best Friend Rissy though - which means that The Island will be for another time - cause I didn't feel like going out but I was still feeling better... and quite awake. So apparently, I decided it was the perfect time to work on my new site. So I did. And know what? It's done! It went faster than I thought. I still wanted to kick something when I suddenly realised I'd coded something wrong just before I was practically done, which means I had to go back and re-code the thing on each page which argh! But I put my Donjon de Naheulbeuk CD and it made me giggle and time flew by and the re-coding worked like a charm.

    Anyway, my new site - is free of pop-up but not of ad. At first I couldn't see anything else, in the end, I wasn't even noticing it anymore - so whatever. I went for a minimalist look - au revoir background, au revoir tables, au revoir pretty much everything. I wanted something clear and simple, so I went for it. Kinda like the result *pets self* [ETA: Back to geocities for now.]

    Onto something different now, eeek look at that! The promo for the second season of Numb3rs! New bits of New Numb3rs! *dies* Must watch again and again and aga- *re-dies* Is it the 23rd yet, is it is it is it?

    Onto something different #2, French Posse, did you see?

    [ profile] dont_callmebabe decided to organise a Fierté Slasheuse 2 already - well I know cause I was on MSN with her when she did [/brags] If my ear infection leaves me alone by then, I'll be happy to join the group - besides I've never been to a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing though I always wanted to - so anyone else around here is interested?
    castalie: If you know who made this icon, please tell me so that I can properly credit? Tia (Rin-kun / me)
    Dude! I wasn't feeling that well yesterday so at 7.30 pm I snuggled up in bed - in my Home Uniform aka Comfy Clothes - to watch some TV, fell asleep without my noticing - well, you know what I mean - and woke up this morning at 8.30! Still in my Comfy Clothes because sadly, pjs don't appear out of nowhere and they actually need my cooperation to be put on - but anyway, wow... the last time I did something like that? Well er, I don't even remember. Oh and I had today off btw, so my not waking up wasn't a bad thing at all. But seriously that was something. I felt kinda under the weather all day actually so just stayed home. Bliss.

    Without the slightest segue - does anyone know when exactly the second season of Numb3rs should premiere? Cause I've read about two dates now, september 9 or 23 - both in september though, so I should survive. The former sounded valid - and not just because it was, you know, earlier than september 23, which delighted me, though for my not!started Numb3rs Ficathon story, the 23 would be better, of course *cough* - but the latter seems to stick now. So, anyone?

    I've also read a synopsis of the premiere and wow... that was such a bad and boring one! I mean, seriously, it ended with "Larry, Charlie and Alan are also in the episode" - talk about an interesting and enticing summary. Not. But hey it's okay, it's not if I needed anyone to encourage me. I mean omg is it september yet? *bounces* Also, I think it's the first time I'm a tad anxious about a new season airing because I so don't want them to mess with my beloved show! Please tell me they won't change the recipe, please? I mean, it won't have the same flavour if they do and I just don't want to taste something new! Sure, I totally got into the new dynamic of Stargate s9 but I'm not sure I'll enjoy changes in Numb3rs.

    Anyway, I still can't believe we're so close to the new season *is excited*

    And this has nothing to do with the rest - except that this is the reason why I chose that icon and btw? Those brushes and stuff are! - but hey! It seems there's a sequel to Please, Save my Earth! If it's old news to you, just ignore me, thanks. It's named Moonlight that Surrounds Me and see, I don't know whether I'll want to read it or not, but it's PSME so I'm still definitely intrigued.
    castalie: If you know who made this icon, please tell me so that I can properly credit? Tia (Together / frostedmagnolia)
    Dude! Today was so incredibly busy. But it's totally flown by so yay ;-)

    For the record? The 100 icons thing is even better than I thought it would be *hugs them* I finally have DZ icons! And I even have a Stephen King one! I mean, one could argue that having The Dead Zone featured in my userpics means I already had, but it's different. So I now have a book-quote icon and this is awesome! Anyway, I'm having fun... funfunfun!

    In all the excitement - yes, I am still talking about the 100 icons, thanks - I still managed to do Other Cool Stuff yesterday, meaning that I a) re-re-re-re-watched "Manhunt" and b) finally got to see "I, ET" - will wonder ever cease ;-)

    Re "Manhunt", I have some observations to make - because apparently I can't talk about Numb3rs just in passing, I need to get into it a little more.

    So. Numb3rs rambling here )

    Man... rambling about Numb3rs feels so good!

    On a different note. Like I said, I watched "I, ET" and I really got into it. Got into it so much that today during lunch break I might have sorta kinda bought the first box-set of season 1 *cough* [ profile] oceana_? I might hate you a tiny bit, too *nodnod*

    I have a question btw... it might totally have no importance whatsoever - though since I'm 100% spoiler-free, I have no idea whether it is just a tiny detail or actually relevant - but I'm curious about it. So, is Dargo - or D'argo. How is it spelled, anyway? - a teenager? I mean... is he supposed to be an adult or not? And like I said, I have no idea if it's even something that is addressed for real or not, but I can't help it, I just keep asking myself the question, so anyone?
    castalie: If you know who made this icon, please tell me so that I can properly credit? Tia (Daniel's Holy Pout / yami_tai)
    My "Avalon" pt2 file is downloading slowly and I'm debating whether to click on the spoiler cuts or not, which amuses me to no end because I clearly remember the entry I posted last week in which I was talking about how I never went spoiler-free for that series and had no intention of starting now so give me the spoilers already. But since I found a new love for that season - and considering I never fell out of love with SG, it's saying something - I'm thinking it would be fun to get into each new episode relatively spoiler free. So I think I'll try that for awhile. See how it works out *is determined... sorta*

    Anyway, back to my Top Five meme, which was a load of fun, really - sometimes those meme are just brilliant.

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Charlie Moments )

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Poltergeist: The Legacy Moments )

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five candies )

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five TS moments ).

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Daniel Jackson moments )

    [ profile] babycakesin - Top Five Internet-Related Memories )

    [ profile] enigel - Top Five Stargate Episodes )

    *sneaks a peek at download rate* Yeah, I think it's safe to say I'll watch the episode only after I return home. Well, it's okay, I'll have something more to look forward to today *g*

    *off to read flist without clicking on the SG cuts*

    ETA: Am I being haunted with P:TL or what? There's Nick Boyle Martin Cummins in today's episode of Jake 2.0.
    castalie: If you know who made this icon, please tell me so that I can properly credit? Tia (Guns or Logic / dubhartach)
    Before I even start could I state for the record that OMG THE HEAT IS GOING TO KILL ME! Kill me I tell you!

    Okay, now that it's done, let's change the subject.

    I watched Numb3rs just now, "Uncertainty Principle" - #2 on my Favourite Episode List [#1 being the infamous "Sniper Zero", of course] - and I have an observation to make. Well maybe not so much an observation as a plea for help.

    *clears throat*

    Dear PTB,

    Please release the DVDs soon pleasepleaseplease OMG PLEASE? The CDs I used to burn the illegally downloaded episodes of your oh so wonderful series are starting to get sick! I watched them a tad too much I'm afraid [except that I could argue the point and say that one couldn't ever watch Numb3rs too many times] and it's starting to show. Also, when I say "illegally" as if it were a bad thing? That's not how I see it at all because hi! There are no DVDs available yet and the show doesn't air in my country so a) I'm not making you lose money because there's no money to lose at this point and b) I'll actually make you earn more money cause technically, if I hadn't torrented Numb3rs I wouldn't have even fucking known of this series and I wouldn't want to spend my money for the DVDs now, money that will go right in your pocket, right? Right. Anyway, I need aforementioned DVDs pronto. So you take care of that, thank you kindly.

    And anyway I'll stop downloading stuff from the net when They'll stop selling blank CDs and Divx players, kthxbai.

    Yeah anyway back to "Uncertainty Principle", that episode is still good beyond the telling of it even after the 54th viewing - so many moments or scenes I just love to pieces )

    Is it time for season 2 yet? No? Well we're back to the DVDs thing, aren't we? *is impatient*

    No wait, speaking of season 2, I meant to ask... does the new season of Battlestar Galactica premiere in July?? Cause that would be so awesome! SG and BSG back at the same time? Oh goodie! So is it true?


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