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I'm really, really enjoying the new arc in this season of Supernatural, wow!

Spoilers for SPN 3x04 - Sin City )

I'm sooooooooo enjoying the ride! I LOVE YOU SPN!

Incidentally, I'm waiting quite impatiently for the icons to pop up because the pretty, it was strong in that episode! Yeah okay as usual, so sue me *g*

Oh and I watched the last Prison Break as well and I think my favourite scene was spoilery bit )

Okay now, off to - finally - watch Chuck 1x01. I meant to do it but I think it's the Tango scene that made me think I should maybe hurry and try the show before the end of the century.
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I'm not really at my best today; my back is still hurting, I woke up with a cold and I'm still thinking about yesterday's news. As Wesley would say, sometimes you need to wallow.

Except not really because today isn't just about the no-so-great, so let's accentuate the positive. [ profile] crazybutsound and her brother arrived at Teh Flat safely. It was years since I'd last seen Jem so it was really good seeing her again, and her brother is all kinds of cute and funny too. And don't think I'm obsessed with hair or anything but his reminds me of Charlie's, so it was a nice touch.

They left earlier to meet with a friend and then they'll be heading to their Decaydance concert - FOB, Panic! Etc etc... I guess I'll find two over-excited fans when they'll get home tonight ;-)

Unrelated now; it seems today's theme is Resurrecting the Love for Abandoned Shows. First Lost, then Prison Break. Thing is, s3 Lost really is all kinds of awesome and now I have this urge to get my hands on the whole season so that I can mainline it in one sitting - or two, but you know what I mean - instead of having to wait Monday for new eps. And then this morning [ profile] tya_rc linked to the promo for PB s3 and, dude, it made me bounce and squee. I felt like September couldn't come too soon. I think I'd forgotten how very cracked that show is!

And apparently Faf Larage is the official singer for everything Prison Break? So we had the Pas le Temps rap song of his for s1 and now we have C'est pas ma Faute for s2. But I have to say that the song kinda caught my interest because there were many scenes that looked pretty interesting... as a result, I'm thinking of trying s2 again. Yes, I'm easy, what else is new?
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Got some nice news today - Big Top time doesn't begin on Saturday as I thought but on Sunday. I've got a whole free day that I didn't think I'd have. To celebrate, tbf!Rissy is bringing me to Disney Village - as opposed to Eurodisney itself - on Sat for some Christmassy things. Well, hopefully they'll have started with the Christmassy things. In any case, it'll be a day away from Choisy and it's always nice :-) Then on Sunday, Big Top time begins; also meaning that I won't have a single day off til, what, Christmas Eve? Yes. Ha, and I thought I was tired before? The next four weeks should be interesting! After Big Top time and Regular Job time are both over and Classes are on Hiatus, I'll treat myself with a whole week of Big Nothing, mark my words *nods*

Anyway, onto the fannish things. Just watched Dexter and it might sound a bit redundant but hee New Favourite Episode! Man, that show is so fucking good I want to hug it and squish it and call it George! Spoilers for Dexter 1x08 - Shrink Wrap inside )

And since I'm apparently in picspam mood these days - four caps of the episode. Three pics of the Ads of Awesomeness and one of Dex that I just love: Lookit Lookit. )

Also omg look! I have a shippy icon! I repeat, I have a shippy icon. An icon! Of my ship! As in het pairing!

PS: Even though I've kinda totally stopped watching Prison Break, I couldn't not download the last episode after I heard about Something and seems like someone has read a lot of fanfics! Not that I'm complaining, mind you, because that was great *pets Michael* Also, PB is pure crack. I knew that when I was watching before, but going back to the show after a time really brings the point home, believe me lol Can't wait for the next episode now, unless the show is going in hiatus already, too?
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I don't know what to do with myself today. I'm feeling melancholic this weekend; tomorrow is my grandfather's death anniversary and though the date of his passing away is on the 15th, in my mind the day he left us is also today as it was on Saturday and I can't help but think back of where we were a year ago... it's like I'm in two places at once, here and there. I know the feeling is gonna pass and it's not as if I didn't think of my granddad a lot on a normal day, anyway, I miss him on a regular basis, think about him or my other grandparents a lot, but the first anniversary is always the hardest so I'm a bit sad today.

Since my plans with one of the best friends have been cancelled I'm staying home... I've read a bit - I'm starting the Thursday Next series recc'ed by [ profile] audrarose in one of her entries, except I kinda started with the third book. In any case, it promises to be all kinds of fun, and all kinds of brilliant too - I've watched the third episode of Dexter - man, I'm falling for it a little more each time, they'd better not cancel that show! - as well as an episode of Prison Break - don't know which one exactly, it's the one where this happens? Yeah. ). And now I'm watching a new repeat of Hustle on M6 and afterwards I'll watch the new Numb3rs.

Yes, tv shows are the equivalent of comfort food, totally. As for tomorrow I'll have brunch with the FP so that'll be lovely too; it'll make me focus on good things instead of bad ones...

Unrelated now, though it's also something good: we got our new batch of wood this morning - it was hell to put away but worth the effort as we're now ready for many beautiful fires in the fireplace. Autumn is here!

PS: LJ is usually quiet on the weekends but with, like, half of the flist having left on both Winchestercons, it's eerily quiet. Can't wait for them to come back with their gazillion squeeing reports...
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[sings] Pas le choix faut y aller, oh oohh, dis leur que j'ai pas le temps, on fait des plans pour s'en sortir / J'ai pas le temps, mon espriiit, vise ailleuuuurs [/sings]

Argh, I have the bloody song stuck in my head since last night! But the worst is that it's definitely growing on me. Faf Larage, I so hate you!

Okay so Prison Break? Has its very own French opening credits. Seriously it did surprise me because they just don't do that anymore, add their own touch to an opening credits. But apparently PB was an exception so we got our very own version. A rap song. With lyrics! Yeah, I don't know either. But it must have some addictive qualities because did I mention the singing since last night? *sigh*

As a matter of fact, I even tried finding the file on-line but it's proving to be quite difficult so, for now, I haven't been lucky, but thanks to YouTube we can still have a little fun. So. If you want to know what the French opening credit is about, you can! Note though that this isn't the aforementioned opening credit per se, it's the clip video that was made for the song, for it is a real song, sung by Faf Larage. The video does have clips from the actual show, though. No, seriously, it's all kinds of fun, go on, have a look. If you're brave enough!

[ETA: [ profile] sockich came to my rescue! And since I'm mean that way, I'm going to share the song.]

And speaking of having a look, omg I'm torn! So there's a new SPN s2 promo going around and this is torture! I mean, I want to remain spoiler free but is a promo really spoilery? I mean, they usually show you stuff that just never happens the way you think and, like, WHAT DO I DO? But I'm thinking, okay, I succeeded in not clicking on any of the gazillion cuts my flist made so far that pertained to s2 - which, btw, those cuts? Thanks, I love you for that *g* - so why break the cycle now, right? Why do I torture myself so? *wails*

Oh, back to Prison Break last night? I'm enchanted because in the course of the three episodes, Michael was called 'gueule d'ange' 'beau gosse' and 'beauté' - I think the nicknames will work for me, though I'm hoping 'beauté' won't be used that much because it just doesn't ring the same at all *makes a face* But 'gueule d'ange' and 'beau gosse'? Yeah, I'm all for that.

Oh bis, JDM was on the telly last night! I had a monster headache and went to bed early but couldn't sleep so I put the tv on anyway and there were two guys speaking on the screen and I immediately recognised one of them cause it was PAPA WINCHESTER! Yes, just like that. The series is one that really doesn't do it for me - The Handler - but I couldn't not watch because that kind of guest star makes it all better. Or not, but let's just say it was a good thing he was on so many scenes...
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I see you're getting a lot of love today but you totally deserve it, you're one of fandom's little ray of sunshine and that's one of the many reasons why I love you ♥ ♥ ♥

And now, PRISON BREAK FINALLY STARTED! Sucre just called Michael 'gueule d'ange' - dude, that's a lovely way of calling his cellie *approves* Can't wait to see what they'll have T-Bag call Michael, unless they keep 'gueule d'ange', of course...

I adore when French!tv and American!tv air the same show at the same time, I get a weekly double dose of my favourite fixes and it's always love.

Speaking of love, did you see? SPN might premiere a little earlier on-line. How does it work in that case? Is it downloadable and all? [ETA: Sadly, it'd appear that SPN magically disappeared from the list *sigh*]

Back to PB - one of my favourite lines from the pilot just happened : "Votre notion de l'amour est la plus déroutante que je connaisse." Works for me too *nods*

PS: Had my first Starbucks in three weeks this afternoon. Sadly, it was too hot for my usual drink but still, Starbucks ♥ ♥ And tomorrow I'm going again, but with [ profile] moimoietmoi this time *happy sigh* Oh and I bought a new Gaiman, namely Anansi Boys. My Neil Gaiman collection is growing nicely :-)

ETA: Oh dude! I'd missed the opening of the premiere and it's ep 1x02 now and wtf did they do with the opening credits? lol Wonder who decided they needed to do that *blink*
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Does guilty pleasure fic mean anything to you? The stories you know are bad - well, that you see as bad, it doesn't necessarily mean it's true - but that you can't stop reading? It's like crack... or a train wreck, whatever! You read and read - and you know it's OTT and oh so very OOC but you don't care! Maybe when a new part has been posted, you tell yourself that no, this time you'll be strong, the fic is crap - you bloody know it - and you won't go back to it but you just cannot resist and, in the end, you hurry and devour it. You know, those fics? Well, there's a huge list of them in that thread - it's a post of sharing *g*

The funny thing is that I've read a lot of those that are mentioned lol I do have a certain taste for outrageous fics now and then, what can I say. I know they're bad... but I just read them. Mind you, I'm not - and don't think I'll ever be - in Terri's league as far as loving bad!fic is concerned, but still ;-)

It's not that I feel guilty about reading them, though I guess I should lol Whatever ;-) Though hey, bear in mind that crack is also in the eye of the beholder: just because someone thought a fic was pure crack doesn't mean it is - also, someone's crack!characterisation will be someone else's dreamt one, so really, it's just a matter of taste...

Unrelated now; I watched Prison Break 1x15. I thought it was a bit anti-climatic at first. I mean, I liked it well enough but I wasn't bouncing on my seat... then it got interesting. But I guess it might be because I'm a bit sick.

Prison Break 1x15 )

The file ended quite abruptly - I actually thought I had the ending missing, though it's apparently not the case - and now I'm trying to find the preview for next week's episode.

[ETA: Shiny screencaps of some of my favourite scenes in the episode over at [ profile] zsuness's lj - spoilery.]

Also let me vent about something for a moment; because of an oversight on my part, my most important project of the year might be in jeopardy and I CANNOT believe this is happening. When I found the three stamps - stamps - on my bed, the ones I knew had been included in my file, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. If the whole thing goes down because of three wee stamps I'm going to... well, lose a whole year, that's what *sigh*
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I'm having a splendid weekend, guys :-)

First, I met with a new lj!person yesterday; the lovely [ profile] whitevanilla. She was with a friend, so technically I met with two new people but only one of them was a lj!person, so... And oh but what a wonderful time I had with them both! I'm always a bit nervous about meeting someone from lj because, well, it's not so much that I want them to like me that I want us to like each other. I mean, getting on well with someone on-line is already great enough but I want the friendship to go well IRL too - and so far, I've never been disappointed.

So it was another lj success story )

Second, because the internet is mysterious and absolutely lovely, I was able to download Prison Break 1x14 today! *dies* I could have waited... I made it that far, so what was two more days, right? But the file was there! And I can resist everything but temptation so in the end, I caved in. Also, I was pleasantly surprised because the quality was actually pretty good. And in case you were wondering? The episode was LOVE.

Quick thoughts about Prison Break 1x14 )

I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff, but I guess I'll watch it again later, anyway :-)

And now, off to watch Hustle! I love me some nekkidness *eg*
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Message to SAM - and everyone else who's into Prison Break and would have missed it - if you haven't already, go and download the Prison Break special over at omg! Unless, of course, you want to remain 100% spoiler free because if that's the case, better wait til Monday - or Tuesday for us.

I was already excited about the new episode but now? Now I need to find a brand new word because 'excited' doesn't even begin to cover it! Oh la la, those guys know how to tease, argh! I was bouncing on my seat and it wasn't even the actual episode yet! They're good *wide eyes* The second half of the season is going to rock so hard *bounces*

There's a lot of things I've been hoping to see in future episodes and seems like I'll get my wish - including this - spoilers, obviously )

It'll be grand, I'm telling you! So to conclude; IS IT MONDAY YET, IS IT?

Also, I won't ever ever get used to the commercial break madness that American TV has going. It's insane! The PB special itself lasted around twenty-six minutes... I stopped counting the breaks after the fifth one. I always whine at having to download my beloved series but, between you and me, I'm happy to do so because I would go mad if I had to watch them live and go through the gazillion commercial breaks. Something else I don't understand is the insistence to talk about sixty-minute drama show when, in fact, an American episode never last more than forty-two minutes. How can you count the commercials as part of the actual episode? Just one of those things, I guess?

Oh and lastly - promise - an hilarious picfic: Life on Mars - Sam and Gene do Monty Pythons Argument Sketch.
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Ah the Oscars nominations have been announced. And lo! Brokeback Mountain has eight of them! Yes, I'm filled with glee over this ;-) I just loved the movie more than I ever thought I would - I mean, I really wanted to like it but it certainly exceeded any kind of expectation I had - from the acting to the cinematography and I'm really happy it got nominated not once, not twice but eight times *bounces*

And also cocorico! Two French movies made it to the list too! Hail to Joyeux Noël and La Marche de l'Empereur. I made a count of the films I've seen that have been nominated and I counted eight of them. Not bad for me.

Unrelated now - well, maybe not but it's big screen v. small one - [ profile] goldatamera shared a spoiler for Supernatural 1x20 and seriously! ) This will KILL me! They'd better not mess up with that one, believe you me *fingers crossed*

Unrelated again; after talking about Prison Break to Terri, I had to watch a couple episodes and I'm wondering something; dude, I'm now incapable of deciding whether something is a spoiler or not. I don't think it is, but lj land traumatised so okay, I'll cut the thing. )

And finally, I don't think I'll participate in either [ profile] sentinelsecrets or [ profile] ts_ficathons after all. The prompts don't talk to me. And I know, what about a challenge blah blah blah, well I'll see if something percolates before the last day of 'signing up', but I'm not even sure I like the prompts so you see my problem :-) But being a reader can work too - and maybe even for a Harlequin challenge, who knows?

Oh and speaking of TS! Did you see? Over at scifibrain, they made a little list of the Top Twelve Slashiest Couples and Jim/Blair is #1. Well of course the boys are number 1 but that's still sweet to see lol
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I don't wanna go to work tonight. Like, I seriously don't. The bright side is that since it's a week-day it'll be a short night and the soirée should finish around 1.00 - 1.30 am, so I know it'll go quickly, but still *pout* Admittedly, I'm also telling myself that tonight's vestiaire will pay for my Dead Zone s1 box set later this week. As for the tips - if we get some, of course, you never know - it might pay for a new Neil Gaiman, so yeah.

Unrelated now, you know, I'm not going to squee in advance for this Saturday program with the French Posse because it'll only bring bad luck but if I were to squee about it all? You would hear it from very far because omg! Brunch at Starbucks, Brokeback Mountain showing, invading GD's territory to chat and goof around and maybe watch some slashy things? until it's time to go to our girl bar and finish the night at Babylon the club? Is just way, way too cool to stay completely silent. French Posse Day! Gay Night! Wheeee! But like I said, I won't squee or even mention it, so you won't hear any of it, sorry.

Speaking of Bad Luck, I watched Prison Break 1x12 and 1x13 last night - only two episodes, I am strong, wow - and seriously! Actually - and I'm totally ready for Babycakes being the only one who'll get the reference. And btw, BABYCAKES IS BACK OMG! - it made me think of Igor from L'Empire des Anges and how luck is real important for him. I was thinking that even though Michael is a) so very smart and b) so very motivated he wouldn't have made it to Igor's commando des Loups because for Igor there are three essential elements in life, namely skill, work and luck, and if you don't have the last one, you're no good for him. Well dude, I think that Michael would have been evicted right from the start. My poor woobie! I was joking with [ profile] ringwench about how Prison Break could have been retitled Murphy's Laws 101 but I realise I was actually 100% serious.

Prison Break Random Thoughts - 1x12 & 1x13 )

Something that I won't have to wait for two months now, is the new SPN. Heeee "Faith" tomorrow tonight! I promised myself I wouldn't click on the cuts. Nope. I will be strong and I'll just wait for my download to complete and then I will squee and melt and die of happiness. That is, die harder than I already did for "Scarecrow" *bounces*
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Man, I'm feeling the Prison Break love right now. Which will be a source of amusement for me for a long to come, I think. I mean, when the show premiered back in august, I watched the pilot because the two magic words 'prison' and 'brothers' had been pronounced but, well, I wasn't overly impressed. I thought I would still try the second episode though because I knew Michael had a lot of potential. Turns out I didn't feel like watching the new ep in the end and after a while I just forgot about it. And that was it. I gave up on the show.

Well believe me when I say I totally made up for it last night! I watched the eleven episodes [ profile] moimoietmoi burnt for me in one go. Yeap, I started with the pilot - like I mentioned in my last post - and then watched the second episode and er, sorta didn't stop. It was 8.00 am when I finished my marathon. Seeing what time it was I didn't think it would be a good idea to sleep but two hours later my alarm clock woke me up - so apparently I dozed off without meaning to.

I'm so hating myself today because my mind feels like it's wrapped in cotton wool. I've had a fucked up sleep schedule lately and I'm pretty sure I should have been reasonable but fuck reasonable, I was falling for a show, that's important too [/crazy tv addict]

Obligatory - spoilery - random thoughts about Prison Break )

Eee! Prison Break 1x12 downloaded in little less than three hours! *loves* Let's download 1x13 now *is happy*

Finally, so my SPN gen fic? Has been finished for three days and I'm going to send it to my beta soon. And I was wondering, would someone - an spn!person that is - want to have a look at it? To tell me whether they think it's in character and all? And I know, what might be IC for someone might not be for another but I don't think my beta is into the show and I'd like someone who knows about it to give me their impression, anyway. So it's gen, it pictures daddy!Winchester and Dean on their first mission after Sam left for college and it's 3500+ words long. Oh and it's not a John bashing fic - in case it makes a difference :-) TIA.
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Yesterday was nicely busy but I did find time to watch Prison Break and The Dead Zone like planned.

My first thought when I watched Prison Break? Wow, Toby wasn't in Oz for more than, what, a day and he has already found himself a rapist and an owner... Michael? What did you find! Nothing! The boy is so slow - then I realised that no, I wasn't watching Oz at all. But seriously, I wasn't expecting anything the likes of Oz - I mean, Oz is Oz and Prison Break is... not. But I could get into it - scary words, I know. My problem is that there seemed to be only alpha men in that show and, well, alpha males are nice and dandy - after all, I love nothing more than Jim or Jack going all alpha on Blair or Daniel - but they're not the kind of characters I'm attracted to, see? So I was, like, okay but who am I supposed to root for here? And then Michael started growing on me. The man has Issues, that's for certain, and talk about living under pressure! Poor little guy. I had problem downloading the second episode so had to start the downloading from scratch - which was kinda annoying - but when I woke up it was finally at 100% so I think I'll watch it today after I'm back home. And I'll see if I want to follow the show.

I also watched "Saved" [tdz] and I really liked it! I just love Spoilers ) So anyway the whole thing worked pretty well :-) I also can't get enough of how Johnny's lovers Walt and Bruce are always there, no matter what. I mean, one moment you have Johnny trying to solve the problem and having some difficulties doing so, the next he called his men to the rescue - how sweet is that? I think I need a tdz OT3 icon!

Lastly, eeeek Tru Calling premieres tonight! Eliza Dushku! In my telly! For forty-two minutes! *loves* And even better yet, the DVDs have already been released - last month or maybe two months ago - so if I fall in love with the series, I won't have to wait to get the box set! Should I do a pre-emptive icon strike? I think I should.

No wait, lastly - for real. So in order to show [ profile] estrella30 that she is, in fact, not alone in the Questionable Tastes department, I'll quote a little line from a very silly show that I don't follow per se but which always cracks me up when I watch it, namely Samantha, Oups! - it tells the burlesque daily life of an "almost" normal girl and her friend, namely Samantha and Chantal - and in case you're wondering, yes, they're played by men. I guess I'll cut the rest because, well, I shouldn't push it *cough* )

What can I say? She cracks me up!

PS: Saturday Sans Stargate - so weird *sigh*


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