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Christmas came and went, and it does so so fast, doesn't it? I hope everyone who celebrates did enjoy every moment of it and had a lovely time with friends or family... or on their own!

I had the most excellent weekend myself and came back with lovely new memories (there was so much baby holding time omg ♥). Also a stomach filled to full capacity and some lovely presents ;)

We've always been a family in love with Christmas (my sister, cousins and I are fortunate enough to have wonderful memories of our childhood Christmases) and we've always enjoyed celebrating it even after we lost the last of our grandparents and before Chiara was born (the eldest of my nieces and nephews) but, admittedly, ever since the kids came to our lives, we've had so much fun teaching them the traditions we grew up with... and so much fun re-creating the magic surrounding this time of the year. With five young children with us now (well, Nolan and Eloïse are obviously too little to even know there's something happening but you know what I mean) we're having the time of our life ;)

Which, look what one of my cousins found for the assorted nieces and nephews )

Aren't those bags the cutest? We were pretty jealous and are thinking of asking the same for the adult members of the family lol

Anyway. I had a lot of fun, is what I'm saying. And could fast for the remaining of the week, really ;)

I meant to post this last night but I was so mellow and chill that this was almost too much effort for me lol I could only snuggle on the couch and watch the Sense8 Christmas special. Again. Oh, I enjoyed that episode so much! Two minutes hadn't passed that I was already smitten. And I basically never stopped. So many awesome, moving, hotter than hot, beautiful, sweet, funny moments in one single episode! Sense8 is one of the best shows to have ever graced our digital screens, imho. It is such an ode to human connection, to love and friendship, to resilience, to kindness, strength, tolerance, it's such a beautiful exemple of diversity and representation. The action scenes are all kinds of awesome, the plot is pretty cool and original. As for the sex scenes, you guys? There are no words to express how gorgeous (and hot) they are. No words ♥

Netflix does have some brilliant original series. Next in line, The OA, which sounds extremely intriguing.
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Cookie and I have finally done our (long overdue) rewatch of Sense8 over the past week and the love? Only grew stronger. This is the show I will rec till my last breath! It's gorgeous and poetic, it's beautifully shot, the premise is original, the narrative different, the cast is diverse and beautiful, the characters interesting, moving and likeable. It's a show that surprises you, keeps on your toe, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you wince, makes you gasp sometimes. It will also make you clap your hands in delight IRL. Or maybe it's just me but there're a couple of times in the show when I physically clapped my hands, I was so happy with what was happening on screen. Cookie and I legit pause the show on a regular basis to go "this is so beautiful!" "how poetic is this show, seriously!" I have hearts in my eyes when I watch Sense8, I truly do.

Another thing that might be of interest to you, the sex scenes? Are are some of the hottest and sweetest (usually both) that I've seen in a long while.

In no order (although re-reading this as I edit, I realise it's somewhat in chronological order for some of them), some of the scenes that are the reasons why this is one of the best shows around or scenes that just made me go <3 Spoilers, obviously )

So, yes, that lol It might seem a longish list but I think I could cite every single scene in the show, every interaction between the characters, every quiet moments between them, even fight scenes ;)

On another subject, I've just received a mail from Bookdepository telling me my last order has been dispatched, meaning I'll get The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves in my mailbox soon! I read The Raven Boys last weekend; a friend of mine had lent me her copy some time ago and I decided to get to it after seeing two mentions of the book in a matter of a few days. Thought it was a sign that I should give it a try. I didn't really know anything about the story, I wasn't expecting anything and the book got me, hook line and sinker! I'm copy/pasting my GoodReads review of Book 1 here - it's a general review, btw, it doesn't contain any spoilers )

On Sunday I actually tried to buy my own copies but the two (English) bookshops that I tried failed me so I turned to Bookdepository. I bought the first two books and now regret not having purchased the third one as well but hey, next time :) [ profile] spikedluv, you've read The Raven Boys recently too, haven't you?

Tv-wise, I haven't really caught up with any of my shows. I did watch the Supergirl premiere though and really enjoyed it. I don't know yet if I'll tune in every week but I think I'll download it at some point and maybe marathon it.

Speaking of marathon, I was cruising Netflix the other day and found my way to From Dusk till Dawn (the tv show). I've watched the first four episodes while doing other things and this isn't a show I'll become a fan of (don't even know if I'll keep watching, to be honest) but I'll say this, the height difference between the brothers (or between Seth and basically every person in the show) is enough to keep me slightly interested for now ;)
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I had the feeling I hadn't posted in a while but to my defense, the past couple weeks have been pretty busy; I've gone to Pride, I've been away (Toulouse for work, Lyon for pleasure, I'm going away this weekend again, and again in two weeks) and I've had almost no quiet evenings at home when I was back.

Then when I finally had some downtime, I was busy watching Sense8 with Cookie. I actually meant to dedicate a whole post to the show and wax poetry about it by making a list of my favourite scenes. Or, say, try to list those scenes that filled me with glee to the point that I had to clap my hands IRL to let some of my happy feelings go. To keep them inside would have been bad for my health ;) So I might do that, share the love with you. Which, btw, hope many of you have watched/are watching/intend to watch Sense8? And, hopefully, those who did/do enjoy-ed it as much as I did. If you want to share your favourite moments with me, btw, be my guest!

Speaking of tv, this weekend [ profile] crazybutsound pimped Penny Dreadful to [ profile] greedy_dancer and me and I'm enjoying it a lot too. Not to the extent of Daredevil and Sense8 but I did feel the need for "just one more episode?" when we had the opportunity and I did a mini binge watching last night. I'm now up to S02E02. Even though I love Vanessa and Ethan, my favourite is Frankenstein. That dude is so messed up, I can't resist him! Plus, he's basically begging for someone to rein him in. Be it sexual or not, I don't even care, at this point. But, please, will someone top the hell of that boy?? He needs a firm hand. Preferably on his ass.

Anyway lol

In other RL news, I got the results for my Masters and I passed the first year; I did really well, too, which did wonders for my ego :) And rewarded all the hard work I did all year long :)

What else, what else. Oh, I could tell you how happy today's weather made us all as we've had scorching heat the past week and a half and, just, I'm not made for 40°C+ temperatures. Also, when the wind blows, it should never be hot air. That is plain wrong!
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We have ice cream, we have Sense8, obviously our weekend is off to a great start :) I'd originally meant to work on my penultimate assignment but I needed a break so ice cream (omg, I actually wrote "scream" instead of "cream" here, definitely an interesting slip of the tongue - and one that should tell you all you need to know about how I feel about those two last assignments lol) it was. I actually feel much more awake now than I did when we left work so thank you ice cream and thank you Sense8!

Which brings me to the next part of this entry, is anyone else watching Sense8? Cookie and I are officially addicted (we haven't watched the whole series yet, we're at episode 6 so, should you want to talk about it, please no spoilers).

If you haven't heard about the show, it's another Netflix original series which tells the story of eight strangers, all living in a different part of the world, who share a connection with one another, both mentally and physically; they can communicate with each other, feel and taste what the others are feeling and tasting, they basically live the same experiences as those they're connecting with. They know each other without having ever met before and share a bond without knowing why. Also pretty cool and useful (although very confusing for them at first), they can use one another's skills and knowledge. It's all very cool. Although, as I said, very scary for them at first as none of them understand what's happening.

The one problem I see with Sense8 is that picking a favourite character is near impossible; from Will to Nomi passing by Capheus, Kala, Wolfgang, Sun or Lito and Riley, there's something to love and enjoy with each of them. Their stories are touching and I just love them all. And let's not forget Neets or Hernando and, yeah, you get my meaning ;)

So, anyway, you follow the eight of them and try to figure out what the deal is and where this is all going. It is very mysterious, obviously. Fair warning, though, the show - at least the beginning - is pretty slow. The pace picks up around episode 3 our 4 but it's more on the introspective side than your typical action packed narrative. It can take you by surprise. As far as I'm concerned I find the show compelling and engrossing - also a lot of fun, there are some very fun and entertaining moments in Sense8, believe you me. Each episodes lasts 55 minutes, meaning around 13 minutes longer than your regular tv show episode but, seriously? I don't see where the time goes!

Something else that is worth noting is that, in terms of race, gender and sexual orientations, Sense8 definitely decided to try and do it right. I won't say too much for fear of spoiling some aspect of the show but let's just say that it is doing good in terms of representation :) Yet another thing that might be of interest to you (or a warning, depending), Sense8 isn't shy when it comes to sex and nudity. Make of that what you will :)

Anyway, if you're looking for something new to try, why not give it a go? With some luck, you won't regret it ;) You can watch the trailer here.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I haven't forgotten Daredevil and my love for it hasn't abated. With my schedule being what it is, we didn't have a Daredevil night at my parents' for the last two weeks or so but as soon as I'm free, we're going and treating ourselves with a healthy dose of Matt, Foggy, Claire and all the others ;) In the meantime, there's fic, thankfully!


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