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I guess it was just a matter of time before I caught one of the two bugs that have been flying around here the past month. But I can't complain too much, if only because as far as the timing goes, this isn't so bad; I'd rather be sick now than at the end of week when we'll be heading off to London! Now, let's just hope Cookie isn't next in line, it wouldn't do for her to get sick in a couple of days omg. We might have to sleep in different rooms till our departure. And stop snogging till it's safe to do so again. I mean, it'll be tough but it's for the good cause, right? Did I mention we're spending four days in London at the end of the week?

I took advantage of my staying in bed all morning to (finally!) catch up on Community. It was high time I went back to Greendale, wasn't it? The Christmas episode might have been the most glorious Christmas episode in the history of Christmas episodes. So original and different and awesome ♥

I've been in a 'marathon' mood lately, I guess. Case in point, Cookie and I mainlined Supernatural on Saturday, we're up-to-date now! It felt so good getting back into the show. Even though, yes, quick spoilery comment )

So that was our Saturday. Sunday was more outdoorsy as Cookie and I treated ourselves to a Japanese restaurant, before going to the theater and see Karigurashi no Arietty. I liked it well enough but it won't be one of my favourites. Still, I'm happy I saw it.

Now back to my book. When it's not about sleeping, being sick is all about watching tv and reading, right?
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So summer is over, isn't it? I can tell because it smells like autumn, especially in the evening - which is a smell I love - the roasted chestnuts street vendors are back near the subway exits (it always smells so good and delicious when I pass before them), the leaves started falling on the ground... Oh, and it's cold! I started wearing my "autumn" scarf (the one that [ profile] crazybutsound made for me); chances are I'll add gloves soon because my hands are always cold and I hate that. The "no-heating-yet-in-buildings" is a bit annoying, though. At home I can add layers and snuggle up in fleece blankets, but I can hardly do that at work. Sadly. Still, I'm not complaining because YAY COLD! I love it so ♥

And, of course, most of my shows are back and new ones are starting so that's a clear sign that summer is over :-) I've watched the SPN season premiere and I'd written a little review but I lost it in the ether and I'm too bummed about it to write it again - about losing the review I'd written, I mean, not about the episode. I liked the episode, as painful as it was to watch for reasons you'll get if you've watched it.

I also gave a try to Hellcats because shows/filmds that deal with cheerleading squads are one of my - numerous, admittedly - weaknesses. So basically having Bring it On turned into a tv-series or, if you will, having a cheerleader-version of Glee was too good to miss. I don't know yet whether I'll watch every week but I'll definitely download and maybe make a marathon out of it. Here's a vid of the cheer at the end of the second episode, just because.

Oh and something unrelated but that needs to be said... Inception? As awesome the third time as it was the first. And apparently I'm more than ready for a repeat performance. For the fourth time, yes. Bring it on!
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Because I'm always quick to point out the things I've done wrong or should have done but didn't, I'd like to take this entry as an opportunity to congratulate myself for a weekend very well used. I left the flat only once Saturday late afternoon to pay a visit to my mother (who was babysitting my goddaughter so I got to see Chiara as well) but apart from that I stayed home and studied from Friday night to Sunday evening; I read books and took notes, read articles and took notes, listened to lectures from Yale (hee so awesome!) and took notes, then I outlined my (second) essay, wrote down some stuff and read some more. In conclusion, I read and took notes all weekend long... me! So proud!

Actually, I might have read a bit too much - I know, shocking concept but I almost out-read myself, I swear. There were the school books and the articles and then I finished The Graveyard Book and since Amazon had delivered my last purchase, I started and finished Deviations: Domination and then I started Where the Wild Things Are, the version written by Dave Eggers. That was a lot of reading. Twas pretty cool :-) I think I would go mad if I were to stay home every weekend to do that but being reasonable and studying when you're supposed to does make you feel good! I totally need to write that down *nodnod*

And speaking of being reasonable, I worked well on Friday and rewarded myself as planned, meaning I watched SPN 5x22. Only thing I can say, goes behind the cut in case it gets spoilery )

So, anyway, this is it, no SPN till Back to School TV time. Summer hiatus is always so tough on us *pout* But at least I have July to look forward to with the return of White Collar. Also, I think I'm going to give Southland a try. Oh! And I watched the latest Doctor Who and I'm soo enjoying that new series! I'm smitten with Eleven and Amy, and I really like Rory, too ♥ ♥
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I totally found the solution to clear up my schedule and find time to catch up with my shows! Be sick (another cold), cancel Saturday plans et voilà; Supernatural and FlashForward and White Collar have been watched \o/

So I watched SPN 5x10 and spoilery reaction inside )

We'll have to wait till January for the rest, now? SPN, you do kill me all the time! I watched the promo for 5x11 and I'm quite impatient to see what the actual episode will be like *bounces*

I also watched White Collar 1x05 and that show continues to be the cutest thing. I'm completely in love with the Pete-Elizabeth-Neal clan. In some scenes, it feels like Neal is Pete's unruly and annoying little brother, but one that Elizabeth and Peter love anyway, because they know he's good people - they're just waiting for him to be good all the time, is all. some other stuff, which I'm hiding in case it gets spoilery )

And something else I love? How Neal is smaller than Peter! I mean, I always thought the guy was really tall because in Traveler he looked like a giant next to his pals but here he's the one looking up and just, yay! My size difference kink, let me show you it :-)

FlashForward now. It made me so happy! I'd been waiting for that backstory since the show premiere and it was even better than I thought! Spoilers for FF 1x09 )

I know there were other story-lines but er, I sorta focused on theirs, sorry - so this was a 100% biased not!review. It happens.

As for now *checks clock* I have some time before heading off to Paris so I'll catch up with Glee *nodnod*
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Had an awesome weekend and I'm having a quiet (fannish) Sunday evening; I watched SPN 5x02, caught up with Glee (I still hadn't watched 1x02 and 1x03, how wrong was that?) and I'm planning on watching Merlin 2x01 and then finishing The Big Bang Theory s2.

SPN, first. Hee how much am I loving this new season? AWHOLELOT! I'm going to enjoy the ride, oh yeah. I love SPN so much, I'm always impatient and a bit anxious before a new season starts because I don't want to lose interest, but with the way things started with those two first episodes, I don't see that coming anytime soon, thank you Kripke!

Speaking of, another 'thank you, Kripke' for this particular spoiler re: 5x02 - followed with other spoilers )

Oh, SPN, you make my heart sing... by breaking it into million little pieces. Never change! ♥ ♥

Another couple of ♥ ♥ for Glee which is rocking my socks off (wish me luck getting them back on! [/TBBT ref] Here's (yet) another show where I love everyone - they're all cracked-up in the head and I love them for it. Ep 1x03 in particular made me fall for Kurt and Mercedes even more. I'm crossing my fingers so that the show doesn'g get canned. Whenever something "different" comes up, I fear for it. Hopefully, this won't be another Pushing Daisies *fingers crossed*
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I had my moment of fame and glory last night during a tv show blind test that was one of the games we played at tbf!Sandrine's birthday party. I had the highest score with a total of 20/18 - I actually missed one opening theme but got additional points for finding titles in, like, two seconds flat? But I'm sorry, there are no known (or unknown) universe where I wouldn't recognise the ST:TOS opening theme, even if it's just one note! Guys, you'd have loved being there.

I got home this morning, cleaned the flat (it sorta really really needed it? Well it's done now \o/) and then OD'ed on tv shows ♥

SPN was watched first. And, ok, let me start with something that pretty much has nothing to do with anything? Except for how it's my duty (or my compulsion... maybe 'compulsion' is more accurate) to take note of every single time when SPN canonically agrees with me regarding my beloved Dean Is A Bottom theory. And, boy, this time? They went above and beyond! Spoilers for Sympathy for the Devil; don't click if you haven't watched the episode yet )

And some other comments - not having to do with bottom!Dean, promise. Couple of comments )

In a completely, completely different genre now. Omg, I'm so in love with TBBT and the gang (all of them, but with a special mention for Sheldon, cause hee Sheldon!), there are no words for it! Sitcoms are in a category of their own, so my love for that show is different from my love for, say, SPN, but I've started mainlining the second season and it's been glorious :-) The ending of "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" had me laughing so hard that I was crying and I couldn't even see what was happening on the screen anymore. I remedied that by rewinding the scene, oh, a million times? Approximately, yes.

I meant to ask. I think photoshoots were done at Comic Con with the cast posing as Superheroes... I didn't really pay attention at the time but now regret not doing so. Could someone send me a link please? Yes, I'm lazy, sorry. And tia.
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I love Mondays that don't feel like Mondays ♥ I think they should never feel like Mondays. It's the least they can do, seeing that we can't start the week on a Tuesday, right? Mondays owe us a little, imho.

Without the slightest segue: last batch of the Top 5 meme.

I. Top 5 SPN drawings, top 5 Dean's lines and top 5 bandom black and white photos for [ profile] angeliksmall. Here )

II. Top 5 castiel moments, top 5 panic songs and top 5 Arthur/Merlin moments that proove that they sleep together for [ profile] jedicathy. Here )

Wow, I want to watch Merlin all over again now! And I'm craving series 2 even more than before.
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So. My Awesome French Posse Weekend? Isn't exactly happening as planned, as in it's not happening at all? Yes. Cramps 1 Mouse 0 *sigh*

It means I had to watch SPN 4x21 and 4x22 on my own. Man, SPN finales? Always make my heart beat faster. Literally. Who needs to go the gym when they can just watch the last episodes of a season of Supernatural ♥ ♥

Dude! I only meant to talk about a couple of things re: 4x22 and it turned longer than planned. Oh well. )

Oh show, you never fail to make me the happiest of fangirls ♥ ♥

It's official now, it's hiatus time *pout* No Dollhouse - good news is that we should get a second season \o/ - and no Supernatural... Hiatus, why are you always so mean to us?
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Tradition being tradition, here's your annual (well, I think I didn't do it last year but whatever) lily of the valley. For those not in the know, it's a French tradition on May, 1st meant to bring you luck.

Never let it be said that I don't take good care of you, flist!

Today being bank holiday - May is ridden with them in France, it's so my favourite month after December :-) - I spent it entre filles, meaning with Mom, Sis and Goddaughter - goddaughter who's now sitting on her own and crawling on her hands and knees.

She also discovered that hands are amazing things to have attached to your arms because they do all kinds of stuff! She recently found out that when you move your fingers a certain way, you can wave at people - both hands! Then left hand only! Then right hand only! - and, my, how funny it is when people wave back! And it's also pretty cool when you use aforementioned hands to hand out stuff to people, especially when they say 'thank you, Chiara' in that funny voice and give the toys back; how could anyone resist playing that game as much as possible? Not her, that's for sure!

And I just love her smiles: there's the cute one and the gorgeous one and there's this one, pretty recent, which has to be the dorkiest smile that ever graced the face of a baby. She cracks me up whenever she uses it.

That was my day :-) And then I got home and watched SPN 4x20 and it made me happy because I was hoping for a great episode and it delivered. Spoilers for 4x20 )

I just cannot believe we're two episodes away from the end of the season! It's insane! And also scary because omg what has Kripke planned for us?! I mean the boys. I mean, everyone *vibrates in anticipation*

Oh and unrelated now, so I don't think I mentioned it but I have a dreamwidth account. I haven't talked about it because I'm not using it - I just like having accounts in case something happens, like, an evil overlord deciding to annihilate LJ - but because I know some people are dying to play over there, I thought that maybe someone would like some invite codes? I actually just realised I had invite codes. So if you want one, just ask. I have five, I think.
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Unbelievable but I finally caught up with the two latest SPN episodes last night and omg! Someone needs to teach me a new way to say 'SPN killed me and I love season four beyond the telling of it' because I fear I sound like a broken record but, just, I can't not say it. It's true ♥ ♥

This season breaks me in the most delicious ways and I love it more each time. And it felt damn good to be back to watching SPN after being behind for, like, three weeks? More or less.

Changing the subject; working for the NTIC department is a lot of fun. Seriously. We're organising a new seminar and one of our tasks is to spread the news all around, using all kind of ways, and one of them? Is twitter! We have a twitter account dedicated to that little event. If that's not all kinds of awesome, I don't know what is :-)

PS: I successfully pimped My Chemical Romance to one of my co-workers and now I'm trying to pimp Chuck Palahniuk to him. A pimp's job is never done, dude.
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So. After I mentioned Nickelback in an earlier entry, [ profile] babycakesin told me I should watch their Savin' Me video clip because she had an inkling that it was my kind of video. Because I trust her, I watched said video and turns out she was right, it's most definitely my kind of video! I loved it :-)

And also, has anyone made a Castiel/Dean vid with that song? Please, say yes? *begging look* Because my mind is all about Castiel/Dean when I'm listening to it. Seriously -> "Heaven's gates won't open up for me / With these broken wings I'm fallin' / And all I see is you / These city walls ain't got no love for me / I'm on the ledge of the eighteenth story / And oh I scream for you / Come please I'm callin' / And all I need from you / Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin'" Wouldn't it perfect for them?

All these Castiel musings finally made me go and upload a new icon *points* It was high time, I know. And that's also when I realised that LJ was being sneaky and cuckooing my icons! It replaced my Rin-kun icon by a random Bear icon. I was like WTFNOT!POLARBEAR?

LJ, dude. I'm not like so many LJ users in the land, I practically never ever scream at you, I never call you names, when you screw up with entries and comment notification I just patiently wait for you to put everything back together - because you always do - I never threaten to leave you for supposedly greener pasture - because I would be a big liar that lie if I did - but please, oh please, not to be messing with my icons! Icons are the love of my LJ life! Incidentally, I'm still waiting for you to do the whole icons à la carte thing. Then, LJ, I'll love you even more!

And completely unrelated but 2009 will apparently be Epically Fannish and expensive. The FP is going to London in February to see Avenue Q. Then in March, I'll see Fall Out Boy live. In May it's Asylum 3 and - if I still have a job and enough money by then - July will be for the Merlin fancon. Pretty awesome year in perspective, isn't it?
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It's ridiculous how tired I am these days! I'm hoping it's just a stupid phase and I'll feel less tired as November arrives because if I'm already this tired when I still have free weekends, what is gonna happen when Big Top starts and I start working 7/7 all of December? *glares at stoopid body*

[ profile] turps33, you'll be happy to know we started talking about Big Top with my sister the other day. Our schedule is all set. And it'd appear it'll just be The Esu and me this time; no big crew made of pretty much ever family members my dad can kidnap find. It'll be weird just being the three of us under those big tops when we're used to being around eight but hey we'll make do :-)

I'm really sad though because we used to have this show with Merlin and Arthur - awesome, fantastic and gorgeous show with horses and knights and wizards and duels and whatnot - and we're not doing it anymore and it is very sad because I thought it'd have been really fitting, what with Merlin being all the rage and all that.

Speaking of Christmas - Big Top = Winter = Christmas, for those not in the know; SPN is going to spoil us tonight! First because, from the trailer, it should be a great episode, and second because of the little thing they're going to offer us after the episode if I got it right?

SPN, the gift that keeps on giving! ♥ ♥

And on the subject of gifts; it'd seem the Sex Corps 'verse has been updated so yay, pressie! And I see a new story in the Daddy Kink 'verse has been added so I'll go and have some Daddy kinky fun over there too! Oh, LJ, you're such an endless source of fannish entertainment! *kisses*
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So apparently SPN is back on my tv and I didn't know? Isn't it a little sad that I sometimes know the US!tv schedule better than I do the French one?

Anyway, yesterday was "Croatoan" and "Nightshifter". Yes. I know. Those episodes aren't supposed to follow each other. Don't ask - it'll be better for everyone's sanity.

Watching that scene in "Nightshifter" when Dean is on the phone with TheOtherCharacter - just in case it's a spoiler - I had to smile because if the US version likens Dean to Clyde and Sam to Bonnie, the French version has a different point of view. Turns out, they agree with my vision of bottom!Dean as what we got is "You never have Bonnie without Clyde" - and in this particular scene and because of the way the dialogue is done, it's clear Dean is Bonnie.

My love for bottom!Dean? Completely validated by the French dubbers \o/

Not related to SPN but still tv related. Yesterday at 7.00PM - 7.00 PM here, meaning 6.00 PM in the UK - I had a thought for the Merlin fans across the pond, because they were watching 1x04 and I had to wait. But lo! The torrent I was waiting for finally appeared this morning, so before I went out I was able to squee over the utter slashiness that was that episode; which title might as well has been The Epic Love of Arthur and Merlin. Which, ok, could just be the title of the show, period, but there you go.

Spoilery comments about Merlin 1x04 )

In conclusion, still enjoying that little show :-) Also, since I still don't have a Merlin icon yet, have my kaamelott!Arthur icon instead *points*

Back to the subject of brit!shows, what is it I hear about TPTB recasting Mitchell and Annie in Being Human? We were talking about that kind of thing at Connotations last week with [ profile] davidbrider and I remember how against it we were. Damn, I'm so disappointed! I'll try the show once it airs and can only hope it'll work out but damn... it won't be the same thing.
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I watched SPN 4x02 and I'm so full of squee and glee over that show right now that I absolutely cannot concentrate and write a review. I'm so in love with those two episodes it should be declared illegal. As for my love for Dean? It can grow even more; I didn't think it was even possible! Oh, Dean! Heee, I missed saying that the past months! ♥ ♥

I just have one thing to say about this character whose name sorta looks like mine if you don't read it right, so I'll just say, something spoilery, which I'll cut )

Non-spoilery this time, but did Jared become taller or something? I swear my size-difference kink was all over the place in that episode.

Completely unrelated now. Something surreal happened today; I wrote 412 words worth of Panic fic. Not even kidding. I'm done with trying to write fics - it just never happens anymore - but writing those words down was pretty fun anyway. Also really weird because I don't write RPS, you know? Except when I do, obviously. Though technically there might be no pairing involved here. Anyway, it'd seem I'm still capable of writing something that is not LJ related. I didn't think it was possible anymore so that was delightful.
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I slept 2.5 hours last night. Considering I didn't exactly sleep that well all of last week either, I can tell you I'm not really awake today; it's gonna be a long day, I think.

Even though I'm tired, I think I'm starting to feel better than I did last week - Christelle's funeral was on Friday and though I can't say it helped me come to terms with what happened per se, some things take time so I'll just wait it out.

I've been feeling a bit out of sorts for obvious reasons and have been trying to distract myself with fannish stuff, with more or less success this weekend. Even watching SPN felt weird at first because I kept thinking about how I'd been so excited and impatient for Friday, 19th to come, how it was all SPN Day before last week and how suddenly it became Christelle's funeral. One of the things I have the most difficulties with in Life is how everything can change and be turned upside down in just a second. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to that aspect of it.

Anyway. I watched 4x01 and it was even better than what I expected, I absolutely loved it. No review but spoilers inside all the same. ) Speaking of, [ profile] veronamay spotted something I'd missed and I'm quite grateful for her attention to details; what a wonderful touch that was.

In conclusion, Kripke still has it!

Still on the subject of SPN; I saw this here and there on my flist and couldn't resist making my own. Here's my SPN fancode:


And I think I just found a new t-shirt I'd like made for me. It would be perfect; SPN related and geeky.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] simply_fly_away! Here's to a happy and fantastic day *cheers*

The software I use for most part of my job is on strike this morning... Not that I'm heartbroken over the fact but it does give me a valid reason to take a break and sneak in on LJ. Actually, seeing that many people I need to call are on a real strike today and those who aren't on strike are always 'out of their office for the moment', I'm not exactly overworked right this minute. Thank God for internet because after a while I'd get bored out of my mind.

Oh, hey, have you seen? Seems like the first spoilers for s4 have started already? I'm torn, seriously. On the one hand, I still believe being spoiler-free is all kinds of awesome, on the other - and seeing how 3x16 ended - it would maybe help my sanity to just have an inkling of what could happen in s4... except it might make things worse? Or not. Eek I don't know omg! I guess I'll just keep ignoring the spoilers... and wishing I wasn't a spoiler-free kinda fangirl.

Ohhh the coffee machine guy is here! I'll be able to get my cappuccino again; he's my hero! Actually, he is my hero because he's also into traditional medicine; he heals with his hands. And when he can't heal, he soothes the pain away. He's a great and interesting guy. Come to think of it, I totally should ask him about my back...

Anyway, am digressing. No wait, still on a RL note, I'm still waiting for a) my goddaughter to arrive - anytime soon but so far she's good where she is so... and b) for the Sorbonne to call me, though I know there's still a week to go but I'd love to know now because see, someone else offered me a job. It's an interesting job but it's half-time and for three months only, so I'd say 'yes' only if I didn't have anything more interesting financially elsewhere. Meaning I need to know about b before I can say anything to the woman.

I was sure I would get that kind of offer... it's a sort of universal law, isn't it? For months you'll be waiting for a positive answer and once you get a job interview, you have another offer. Now the one thing that might cause a problem is the timing. I'd hate to lose both offers because of it.. I think I'll just wait a couple more days - I'm well within the deadlines - and then I'll call people and ask around. Take things in hands as much as I can *nods*
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I watched 3x16 again - no, I don't know why I do this to myself, either - and I just noticed something. Entering spoiler territory now )

I think I've heard that season 4 would start early September, is that correct? Because now I'm all set on September, so if it's October, it'll be a bit of a shock. Also, now that Summer Hiatus is upon us, I'm craving things like the SPN magazines and the companion books. I even want the tie-in novels! A little. I guess my body is acknowledging that I'll go into withdrawal soon and wants the equivalent of fannish methadone to make things easier.

And since I'm talking about tv. A time I absolutely love is when we get the Fall schedule. I always have a lot of fun going through the grid and selecting my watching for next year. The selection goes like this:

Shows I'll keep watching are - no surprise here, I think: SPN, Numb3rs, Pushing Daisies and Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

New shows that I'll 1. definitely try: Dollhouse - I've been waiting forever for that one 2. probably try: The Mentalist - sounds like a non-comic!Psych - and The Listener and 3. maybe try: The Ex List and Kings.

There's also Fringe but I think I'm a little over JJ Abrams' shows, so I don't know if I'll even start that one. Unless I do. You just never know with tv temptation.

The weather has been pretty rotten today and I decided to stay in so I just lazed around. As a result I caught a bit of a program on Idf1 and ohhh Dorothée! Ariane! Jacky! Patrick! I didn't watch the show but seeing them on the telly again was quite the trip down memory lane. Man, Le Club Dorothée was so the show I grew up with *is nostalgic*
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... si tu veux que ton grain ait du poids.

That's the dicton du jour - the saying of the day? October 4th, what a lovely date, isn't it? It's the anniversary of the first run of the Orient Express, of the adoption of the flag of Bermuda and Snoopy's first appearance. October 4th is also the day the launch of Sputnik I happened. As well as the day the Fifth Republic of France was established.

Oh. And it's also the day WE GET OUR WINCHESTER BOYS BACK!

Ha, you so hadn't seen it coming, eh? I'm so smooth, dude \o/

The episode was offered by iTunes so some of you have already watched it, I've heard? I'll wait impatiently til Saturday to watch it myself as Sandrine is picking me up after work tomorrow and then spending the night at Teh Flat, it's the HSM Night, remember? My nephew will be with her; we'll have a cosy night, the three of us. I can't wait :-)

Speaking of great stuff; I've just read my Very First Pushing Daisies fic! It's Five Ways the Piemaker Doesn't Kiss Chuck. Yes, it's Chuck/Ned. Which, for those not in the know, means it's het.

Pushing Daisies is the new show that made me add yet another ship to my Ship List, right next to Lilah/Wesley and Dexter/Rita and, okay so I can't remember the other ships on that list right now but I swear I have more than just those two! Or three if you count Chuck/Ned.

Anyway, awesome show. Awesome ship. Awesome fic!
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I didn't update yesterday so I'll start with a Happy belated Birthday to [ profile] simply_fly_away. Hope you had a fantastic day, girl *kisses*

Isn't it a bit sad to think that, that's it, my three Most Favourite Shows have gone on hiatus and this is the beginning of weeks/months sans Supernatural, Numb3rs and Heroes? Summer hiatus, you're tough!

Mind you, I treated myself with a lovely SPN marathon on Monday night; I started with "All Hell Breaks Loose" as planned. Then had to watched the first finale so I picked "Devil's Trap" and then I had to see again what went on before so I watched "Salvation" and then it wasn't enough so I moved on to "Dead Man's Blood". Yes, I went backwards. It happens.

Watching those episodes again; it made me fall in love with the three Winchesters all over again. Yes, IT'S POSSIBLE! I apparently have an unlimited love supply as far as those three go. When I think I've reached a peak, the love, it grows some more. Just one of those mysteries that don't have any explanation, I guess.

Oh, and a scene I can't.get.enough.of in "All Hell Breaks Loose" - one of the many, but this one seems less 'obvious, maybe? Is spoiler for the ending of SPN 2x22 ) It lasts, what, two seconds? It's nothing big compared to other Big Scenes, like when Dean says/does something really big, or Sam does, or Papa or whoever. It's just a tiny scene but, I don't know, I'm sorta mesmerised by the way Dean says that line... it's his face and his look. And the eyes, too. Yes. I just love it when a sorta non-assuming scene will really get to you.

And I also watched "How to Stop an Exploding Man" and, wow. No real review, but that ending? Killed me ded. Oh, Heroes, how will I cope with the wait? IS IT VOLUME WHATEVER YET omg?

Also, it never fails to amuse me to think of Kring and Kripke engaging in a competition to make of their sibling!characters the Most Cestuous Pairing Ever to Have Graced our Television.

Though all jokes aside, I'm just happy some writers decided to write - male - siblings who love each other and aren't afraid to show it or downright say it ♥ ♥
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Before I start with my rambling; let me wish the Happiest and Best Birthday to a beloved member of the French Posse, [ profile] french_hobbit! Hope you'll have a fantastic day, girl *kisses* I wish we could see more of each other because GD, Sam and I really miss you when you're not around but c'est la vie, I guess? *kisses some more*

Today is bank holiday so no work for us, whee! I'm seeing tbf!Rissy and if everything goes according to plan, we'll go and see Zodiac. I say 'if everything goes according to plan' because a) we usually have the worst luck as far as going to the cinema and seeing the film we originally wanted go and b) today is the day Zodiac comes out so I'm pretty sure it'll be packed. We'll see *fingers crossed*

Oh hey, have you seen those pics from the different Q&A at Asylum? I don't know what kind of camera [ profile] patsie had and where she was sitting exactly but I don't think I've seen better - and more gorgeous - pictures of Jensen Ackles & Co, wow ♥ ♥ [ profile] ninjetti75, if you haven't seen those entries, run, don't walk, and fall even more in love with your the man! And when I said Allison Mack is gorgeous? You'll see for yourself that I wasn't kidding. Not that it'll be anything new per se but still...

I watched Heroes yesterday. I liked it well enough, I just love how the show messes with our heads but I wasn't, like, killed ded by the thing. Still, I can't wait for the finale. And also, is that a sort of spoiler? I think it might be. ) I adore them together ♥ Speaking of Heroes, I've heard about the spin-off and the voting and I guess I'll watch it too because I'm curious about it. And if non-Americans can vote, I'll certainly try because chances are I will find at least one character to root for and wouldn't it be nice if they did join the original cast? Could be fun. Well, I guess so, we'll see how it turns out, anyway.

And speaking of Renewal of Love, SPN s3 is a go, woohoo! I couldn't wait for it to go official. Oh, boys, never leave us omg! *clings* I can't believe tomorrow will be the last episode before months. But I so cannot wait for it because the last episode was pure hell! Oh, Kripke, you magnificent bastard! *worships* Hey, since apparently Asylum 2 will be all about SPN - hee A2! All SPN! - wouldn't it be awesome if Eric Kripke and/or Kim Manners were there too? Well, if we get either/both Jared and Jensen, I mean. Or! Papa as well! Dude, a fangirl can dream, right?


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