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You Don't Go to Hell for a Being a Lesbian or a Slasher. Only for Being Lame

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Birthdate:May 27
Hello there *waves*

Before reading or friending my journal, some little tidbits of information, to do with as you will :)

  • I'm French, thirty-something, I work full time and I went back to school to get brand new degrees because... I still had a couple of free hours that I could fill? Idk. I'm enjoying it, though, so there's that ;)

  • I've been on LJ for more than ten years now. Feels like a lifetime.

  • My journal (be it LJ or DW, I crosspost) is a mix between fannish and personal content. I'm not as active as I used to be but I do try to keep posting because I think those journals are the best platforms to engage with other fans.

  • I'm a slasher and love reading fic (yes, I know, what a shocker). I also have a tendency to fall for news shows on a regularly basis and when it happens I also have the tendency to wax poetry talk about them at length. I'm passionate about what I enjoy but I'm pretty sure you know the feeling ;)

  • You are most welcome to add me. No need to ask, though if you want to say hello when doing so, be my guest.

  • You can also find me on Twitter, Tumblr and Pinboard.
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