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Angélique and I did something pretty exciting last week... we booked our honeymoon to Japan. Honeymoon in Japan all booked, I say! We'll be going in April and will be staying in Tokyo for 5 days then we'll go to Osaka where we'll stay for another five days. From there we'll visit Kyoto and Nara (I mean, as well as Osaka, obviously) before going to Hiroshima and then staying in Miyajima for a night. We're so incredibly grateful to our families and friends who contributed to make this trip a reality. We're blessed ♥

To be completely honest, this does not compute lol It feels surreal. I suppose we'll start believe it when we land in Tokyo - or during the 11h30 long flight ;)

Speaking of trip abroad, I'm going to Germany tomorrow (all the way north, not far from the Danish border) for three days. So it's for work but still, trip abroad! If the project works out, there might be other trips through Europe planned in the next two years: Sweden, England, Denmark and Netherlands. It is a pretty exciting project ;)

In other news... I've started, mainlined and finished season 1 of The Good Place, which I absolutely looooved (hence the binge watching, obviously). I was overjoyed to realise season 2 had started right when I decided to watch s1 :) So now I'm waiting with the rest of you fellow TGP fans for new episodes to be released. I've also started watching ST:Discovery and am enjoying it so far. I'm not obsessed with it (yet?) but it's so good having new Star Trek around (although, as I keep saying, Star Trek Continues has been filling the void in the most wonderful way for quite some time and I'm not over that version yet!).

I'm (already) behind on Lucifer but I've watched the two episodes of Lethal Weapon that have aired so far: I really enjoyed the season premiere but then I watched 2x02 and it was just a joy to see - so much fun! Oh, Lethal Weapon, I never expected to fall for you so hard (or at all) but fall, I did. I was hoping s2 would be as good as s1 and I'm thinking with such a strong start, I shouldn't be too worried :)
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Writing this entry on a lovely Sunday morning. The whole weekend has been splendid which is perfect as it's Angélique and I noces de coton, ie our first anniversary ♥ A year already... wow. We're treating ourselves to a fancy and historical restaurant in Paris called Le Train Bleu: it opened in 1901 and was built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, later on it was classified as Historic Monument (in 1972, the Internet tells me). We're pretty excited!

Otherwise, the week has been pretty busy with work and social outings. Oh, cool thing about work! I'll be heading to Germany mid-october for the first meeting of a European project which I'm involved in. The meeting is in Kiel, north of Germany (not that far from Denmark) and the next ones (over the course of three years so, you know, plenty of time for things to change) should be held in England, Holland and Denmark. I so approve of this ;)

Fandom wise... nothing much has changed since my last entry. Except, no I did finish Game of Thrones s7 (best season of the show as far as I'm concerned, I absolutely loved it) and I've just started The Good Place, as in I watched the pilot. Right now, I'm pretty obsessed with Lethal Weapon as season 2 premieres on Tuesday *__* It's going to be a bit tough having to wait a whole week between episodes. Last year, I came to the show rather late, meaning the whole season was at my disposal so I basically watched the whole thing in a matter of a few days but I suppose it'll make the experience more intense that way and well, longer lasting. Which is a good thing, actually.

To make a long story short, I'm just happy to have LW back real soon *clings to bosom*

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday too.

ETA: Omg! I'd totally forgotten that ST:Discovery premiered tonight! Please, let me enjoy that new series as much as I do ST:TOS, I'm so looking forward to getting into a new ST storyline. (Although, I'm still enjoying Star Trek Continues and will continue (ha!) to do so, no matter what)
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Massive hugs to those on my flist who are having a rough time at the moment *hugs*

My week has been a bit intense (nothing negative, though). As it happens, I handed my Master's thesis on september, 1st (right on time, too) and yesterday was the Big Day. I left for Poitiers on Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning, I faced the three members of my jury as well as 27 other students and I defended aforementioned thesis. (I wasn't expecting such a crowd, to be honest, I thought it would be just the jury and me, talk about a shock when I entered the room lol).

But it went well. And since it was the last thing I needed to do (to pass) to get this brand new degree, well, it's done, I've graduated :) I mean, I don't have the diploma in my possession as of yet as it's too soon, obviously, but still. Yatta! It feels kinda weird, to be honest. What am I going to do with all this spare time omg? I know what I'm going to do, I'll finally start getting classes to get my driving licence - this is the next item on my To Do list for now. Also, I'm about to start my third year of Italian classes early october too. It's ok, I won't get bored, I think ;)

Speaking of not getting bored, I need to finish GoT s7 (I'm halfway through) and start The Expanse s2. Then once Netflix releases it, I'll watch The Good Place (I've heard some good things about it, I'm intrigued now) and, of course, on the 26th, Lethal Weapon comes back to our screen.

Definitely not getting bored, indeed ;)
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Enjoying your job and having awesome coworkers go a long way when you go back to work after four long weeks of vacation. It had to happen, though, right? Back to the grind I went this morning - aren't I clever, btw, going back on a Thursday instead of a Monday ? I mean, it's already the weekend tomorrow \o/ No, I know, lucky would be the correct term, ok ;)

The day went smoothly at work, my coworkers and I decided to eat out for lunch, none of us had anything urgent to deal with, it was a pretty chill day, I approve! I approve all the more that I've been a bit upset with my thesis as I'm actually facing some problems with it. In my last entry I was hopeful and, when it comes down to it, satisfied about how it was going, not so much now. It's all the more frustrating that it's almost done but I'm at a loss as what to do to fix the problem I'm currently facing, and fixing it in time, too! And if don't find a solution, well... Damn results *shakes fist at them*

You know how it is, it's nothing serious, especially in the grand scheme of things, but it's still damn annoying (and disappointing).

Anyway, I'm having a relaxing evening to make up for the somewhat aggravating thesis-situation. I'm watching Lethal Weapon for the umpteenth time because it never fails to make me happy :) Plus, it's always nice to do a rewatch before a new season comes up (I can't wait for Sept. 26, btw! Especially after that little trailer they released. Oh, those two. One of the best bromance on tv at the moment ♥). Oh, and I saw that the second season of The Expanse is being released on Netflix next week. Great news too. Then there's Fall tv and the return of many of our other shows and, of course, the discovery of many new ones. Always an exciting time for us fanpeople ;)
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I've enjoyed this week quite a lot for a very simple reason: I'm usually back at work at this date. But this year around, I decided to go back later and, well, to know I should be back to the Real World makes this last week even sweeter :)

Not that I'm being idle or lazy, mind. Since I came back from our little trip to Duras, I've actually gone to the library every day to work on my thesis, as I decided to try and see if I could finish it this summer (story of my life lol). Truth is, staying motivated to get a new degree isn't always easy when you don't need said degree per se. (Let's not even take into account I'm a master procrastinator). I mean, it could maybe possibly get useful in the future but it's not necessary as such since I'm already doing the job and, thus, I've already acquired the experience. But I wanted some more theoretical knowledge and I felt like getting a degree would, I don't know, legitimise things a little more. Idk.

Then again, I love the whole studying thing, so there is that ;) Friends and family call me the eternal student and I suppose there is some truth in that. I mean, I basically never left school as I work at a university and my job deals with pedagogy and the learning process and designing learning environments. So, possibly some truth in that ;)

Anyway. So I've been working every day and hoping that it'll pay off in the end (the end should be near as I have to hand in said thesis sometime in September). Fingers crossed that I can reach the finish line in time and get this Master's degree soon *fingers crossed*

Anyway lol Thankfully, I haven't dedicated all waking hours to writing (or I should have but I didn't? Ahem). I've also started and finished two shows: the first one being Riverdale, which I'd never really planned on watching, to be honest, the second one The Defenders, which is the exact opposite. I couldn't wait for Netflix to release it. I've also managed to get out of my reading slump and tentatively started reading again: I'm in an Agatha Christie's kick at the moment. It's actually a lot of fun because I've read a ton of Christie when I was a teenager but at the time I only read in French, therefore it feels like I'm rediscovering her work now that I've (finally!) decided to replace those books and purchase the English version. It's a re-read with a twist, if you will.

Back to the shows. Any of you have watched The Defenders? What did you think? I enjoyed it. Daredevil still remains my favourite show of the lot (and I have a feeling it always will) but I did get into that new addition and I had a lot of fun with the vast majority of the characters. Slight spoilers about two of the sidekicks )

It was nice to see a group of heroes not instantly bonding. It created quite an interesting dynamics. And some very funny lines. Jessica, especially, killed it with hers and it was a lot of fun having a character point out how ridiculous the whole situation is sometimes, while still being deeply involved in it ;) It's like you can laugh with her but you're definitely in for the ride, just like she is.

Another thing I enjoyed is how into Luke/Danny the show was? I mean, it truly felt like The Defenders, as a show, was shipping Luke and Danny. Hard. In any case, their scenes together were cute! Speaking of, so I didn't enjoy Iron Fist (actually didn't watch it) but I thought Danny was endearing in The Defenders; maybe because none of the others let him get away with some of his more annoying traits? In any case, I thought he was adorable in several scenes (although, Matt Murdock is and will always be the Most Adorable as far as I'm concerned). The fight scenes were pretty cool too (I've been spoiled by Daredevil in that regards so was really looking forward to them in The Defenders).

Anyway, not getting into the show in details but I thought they'd done alright with the whole thing (not an easy feat mixing those four characters, their sidekicks, their storylines etc.) and I will definitely watch the second season if we get one (do we already know, btw?).

Mind you, for now, I'm sorta obsessed with Daredevil season 3. Like, omg, give it to me NOW!
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Hello, guys. It's already mi-August and I feel like I haven't been home a lot since mid-July.

The month of July was quite an emotional rollercoaster for me: there were some very lows and some pretty highs, some upsetting moments and some happy ones. Come to think of it... I suppose it's been a sort of intense Life Digest, in short :)

Mid-July has been all about The Positive, though. I've been on a four-day trip to Dublin with my sister (you know, our Yearly Sisterly Adventure to a European capital), which was followed, two weeks later, by a four-day trip to Stockholm with my wife. Two countries in less than three weeks, pretty amazing :) I already knew (and loved) Dublin but it was my first time in Stockholm and I had a blast, it's a beautiful city! Plus, the weather was gorgeous so it was perfect. We're already planning on going back in the upcoming years, maybe during Autumn/Winter to see another side of it.

After that, it was family time: four days in Normandy with the in-laws followed by a week with my parents, sister, nieces, godfather and aunt, cousins and nephew (quite a whole bunch of us, really) in Duras, in Lot-et-Garonne (South East France), to visit another whole bunch of cousins. We talk over at Whatsapp pretty much every day but it'd been a couple of years since we saw most of them so I was really impatient to get there. Plus, being on vacation in that place is so sweet: (usually, it was rather cloudy this time around) gorgeous weather, gorgeous countryside, gorgeous villages, absolutely delicious terroir food... We came back yesterday: back to the city, the concrete and the noise.

I hope you've all been well. Or if you're going through a rough patch that things get better soon *hugs* I'm afraid I haven't checked my flist in quite some time and I feel a bit guilty over it, but now that I'm back in Choisy, I'll try to make up for lost time. Sometimes I wish I had an LJ Buddies Whatsapp group because this is a platform I use kinda All the Time ;)
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Hello, flist. How was your week? Did you go through a heatwave too? Did you spend aforementioned week ranting over the weather? In addition, did you also rant over public transport apparently unable to handle a little heatwave? Did you use some of your spare time to think about and hate a little on all those people who have AC at work/at home? Because that was basically how we spent our week. That and sweating a lot. And feeling like we were going to die in our offices. We were not happy bunnies. I mean *points to screencap*

34°C at almost 11.00PM. Wtf?

Ok, useless weather rant over ;) Besides, the temperatures finally started to go down a little on Friday, which was perfect timing because Pride was on Saturday and I'm not sure our "Pride crew" would have participated if the weather hadn't cooled down a bit. But it did, and we went, and it was awesome as usual, albeit shorter than usual as Cookie and I had to attend my niece's Emma rhythmic gymnastics end of the year show (2h45 spent in an overheated gymnasium surrounded by noisy families, you guys. What you wouldn't do for your kids!).

Changing the subject now. I've seen this meme over at Twitter and I thought it was pretty fun. So it's a variation of Bingo, where people create their own Bingo cards so that people can see how many boxes they can check themselves. Even without playing the game, just creating the cards is a lot of fun as it generates a sort of ID card that sums you up *points below*

When going to new places where we don't know anyone, we should totally distribute those bingo cards so that people can learn some little things about you right away ;)
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I don't know about you but we've been having such gorgeous weather lately! It's been incredibly sunny and already super hot. (Which, admittedly, we're hoping we won't get another heatwave when Summer is officially here). In the meantime, it's been tank top, shorts and sandals all weekend. We've actually hid from the heat on Sunday afternoon and decided to go the cinema to keep cool. Second film in three days, as it happens. On Friday night we went to see Wonder Woman (I absolutely loved her character. As for Chris Pine, I'm not a fan at all but I guess he was ok). Then on Sunday we chose the Queer as Folk historical/fantasy AU, namely King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ;) Guess the theme of our outing was Characters Who Refuse to Stay Down and Will Kick Your Asses.

I'm feeling rather mellow today and am looking forward to my week. The last time I meant to do a My Week in Pictures, it was an utter failure and I feel it'll be a repeat if I make a new attempt but should I have done it, it'd have gone something like this: tonight is Movie Club Night at work (one of my coworkers is a huge movie fanboy and seeing most of us in our department enjoy movies and tv shows, he decided to create a Movie Club. We're leaning towards classics - so far mostly French but we're adding foreign films to our list. It's quite a pleasant way to spend time with your coworkers). Then tomorrow is another bday celebration, Wednesday I'm hoping to try a new restaurant (one of those temporary hipster restaurants that open in former stations or other abandoned areas; you can have a drink, eat, play pétanque, watch films in the open air, listen to live music etc. It's super hipstery but it sounds pretty chill and fun). Thursday is my Italian class (the less said about it, the better, my teacher is absolutely useless, it's quite the disappointment) and Friday I'm seeing a Canadian friend who's staying in France for a little while. We're going to Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde, the geek bar I mentioned in my last entry.

There, there are no photos to go with my activities but now you know everything ;)

Oh, and fannish wise: I've finished season 1 of Lethal Weapon. The love only grew stronger with each new episode ♥ As for the finale, be still my heart! What an emotional rollercoaster! I'm so in love with that show (Am re-watching it all at the moment as I still haven't left the "Need a Dailyy Dose" phase).
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Before I begin... the world is crazy. The world is crazy and violence is everywhere: it feels like a day can't go by without some awful news from some part of the world. Be it Manchester, Kabul, Minya, London recently, as well as so many other places... sometimes it feels like you can't keep up. Thinking of everyone being affected by those events *hugs*

Ok, back to your regular schedule. Guys. I didn't mean to stay off LJ for so long! Sometimes you don't realise how much time has passed until you're back. A whole month? Ouch. Even worse yet, I think I owe people comments, sorry. I've had some busy weeks, is all. Plus, the weather has been insanely summery and there's been a lot of trying to assimilate as much of the sun as humanly possible, including a three-day weekend by the sea in Normandy.

A mix between RL and fannish life; I've had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with [ profile] loki_dip last week. It had been ages since we last saw each other and I was so happy to finally get to spend some time with her again. I brought her to Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde, near place du Châtelet, a geek bar I encourage you all to visit if you spend some time in Paris. It's very chill and welcoming. We had drinks and desserts then we had a little stroll and ended up sitting by the Seine to keep on chatting (and waving at tourists sailing on the Seine). Great weather, great company, twas perfect ;)

Fannish wise now. Netflix, which I usually love with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, has let us all down and cancelled Sense8! I was so sad! It's such an important show sharing incredibly positive messages of love, tolerance and diversity. I've rarely been as moved by characters as I've been by those characters. I've cried, I've laughed, I've "awwed" and whooped so many times. I was into it! The premise was interesting and original, the delivery so clever, the acting point on. I'm actually mad we won't get more of them. I'm still hoping that we'll get at least a Christmas episode so that they can wrap things up but I suppose it's just wishful thinking.

Thankfully, I was able to "drown" my sorrow in another show. And I didn't really see that one coming, I'll be honest. When Lethal Weapon came out last year, it kinda fell off the radar for me. If you ever talked about it, I wasn't really paying attention. Fast forward a couple of weeks ago when one of the major French tv networks aired the show. People around me started talking about, my parents watched from the get to and didn't stop and I'd sometimes have it on the background... not really paying attention except for when I was paying attention and going "Yeah, those dudes seem ok" "Oh, ok, that was funny" "Alright, that was moving".

Then "something" happened (and I, for the life of me, couldn't pinpoint what it was) but I decided to give it a proper try. So I downloaded the first episodes. Just to see, right? "To get it out of my system" or something. Ha! Famous last words. I fell in love with it. Those assholes have fantastic chemistry, the cast is great, everyone is super cool, the show is in turns funny and extremely moving and the action is just ridiculous enough that it's a lot of fun. Like, it works. I already knew Clayne Crawford from Rectify but as Riggs? Oh man, I absolutely love him. Same thing with Murtaugh and, basically, everyone in the cast. Damn you all!

Also, I might have brought Cookie down the rabbit hole with me, as in I talked her ears off about the show, she decided to give it a try, if only to shut me up, we sat down on Saturday so that I could show her the pilot and... we mainlined the first ten episodes in one afternoon/evening. Yeah. Today we're halfway through the season and I'm busy catching up with the AfterBuzz Aftershow episodes and, maybe listening to interviews and podcasts. Don't send help, though, I'm happy where I am ;)
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Another three-day weekend begins \o/ I'm finally feeling better than I've felt for a whole month and a half and it feels so good! I'm still taking it easy and staying home, though - except for voting tomorrow, that is. I got a an umpteenth new treatment last Wednesday and I've been promised that in two weeks time, I should feel good as new. I'm hoping this time around, it'll actually work ;) Thank you for all the lovely messages lately, flist *hugs*

In addition to my health finally getting with the program, the week has been pretty exciting as far as Fandom is concerned. They released the trailer for The Dark Tower and for The Defenders on the same day. That was almost too much excitement for me to handle. And then on Thursday, they gave us a new Sense8 s2 trailer and it gave me chills!

Then, obviously, the new season was released yesterday and my excitement was off the charts! Sense8 is one of those shows Cookie and I watch together and we decided to (try and) make it last so we only watched the first two (I mean, 2x02 and 2x03). It was tough but we stuck to the plan. Also we still hadn't watched the latest Lucifer episode so that helped, we watched it afterwards.

Those two episodes were so good! So different from the beginning of season 1 in terms of pacing but still 100% Sense8 in the beautiful messages of love and acceptance and unity that it never fails to convey. Also, obviously, the Cluster has reached a new stage in the way they interact and it showed perfectly. Those two episodes were fast paced and clever and always so touching and, oh, those characters... words cannot describe how much I love those characters. Also, the directing is always spot on. They way they go from one character to the other, it always flows. The last time, they gave us Creating the World, a Behind-the-scene featurette showing us how they managed the whole Cluster deal and I'm hoping we will get one for this season as well because I feel like it could be even better than the last one. Anyway, all that to say, I have the feeling this season is going to be even more epic and intense and beautiful than the previous one ♥

PS: I don't do politics on my LJ but wish us luck for Sunday, guys! Second and final round in the presidential elections ) Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a long day!
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Happy First of May to you, flist - last year, our May bank holidays happened mostly over the weekends, which is always a source of crankiness for us, but we're back to having long weekends this year around so I'm hoping it's a sign that the month will be a pleasant one ;)

This is my annual and traditional offering of lilies of the valley for good luck for the remaining of the year, dear flist.

Also, whenever I do this post, I have a thought for Maaaaa, and it's always sweet to think of old friends :)

I'm having a very chill day, which started off with American Gods, which made me very happy. Even though I know it's never a good idea, I couldn't help but have high expectations for the tv adaptation. First because American Gods is one of my Most Favourite Novels of All Time and I've been waiting for so long for the series to exist, second because I trust Bryan Fuller quite a lot and had high hopes that he wouldn't mess it up - or allow others to mess it up.

And the premiere didn't disappoint. The actors are on point, the visual is exquisite (then again, it's Bryan Fuller we're talking about here) and I feel like the tone of the novel is well respected. So far, things are purposely made to be confusing, which is par for the course with these mythical and whimsical creatures, and it does make it easy to relate to poor Shadow who's definitely not having a good week. (I'm happy with him, btw. Shadow is also one of my Favourite Characters and I really wanted to like the tv!version and so far so good. He's not "my" Shadow, but I'm already liking him). I'm really curious to see where this is leading, how they're going to deal with the whole story (there are a couple of scenes from the novel that I'm dying to see) and even more impatient to meet all the other gods. I'm thinking we're in for a treat ♥

Oh, and completely unrelated but I totally forgot to mention it in my last post: they showed the trailer for King Arthur: Lord of the Sword at the GotG2 showing yesterday and, obviously, I knew that Charlie Hunnam played Arthur but I had no idea Aidan Gillen played in the movie as well. Imagine my surprise when I saw him appear on screen. You guys! Stuart Alan Jones and Nathan, together again!
Wow ;)
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Today I was very bold; I decided that the level of pain I was in was low enough that I could risk an outing and so we went out! It had been a while. We'd tentatively planned on going to the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 so that's what we did \o/ The movie was so much fun! And quite touching too. (The first one got me teary, this one made me cry. Admittedly, I'm known for crying easily when I'm watching something so...). Baby!Groot is almost too adorable to bear, seriously *__*

(Also, re: the subject of this entry: I wonder if we're the only ones who have this variation of Groot's original phrase? I mean, I think in most languages, the translation is still "I am Groot" but in French it's a bit different...).

This whole adventure tired me out though, so I'll take it easy tonight and chill. Plus, the weather is turning grey and windy, meaning it's the perfect weather for blanket and tea and a bit of reading (I think I'll pick The Raven King which has been sitting on my bookshelves for ages) and fic and the latest episode of The Originals (now that I'm back to watching the show every week).

Speaking of shows, it's a great week for me: American Gods premieres tonight, Lucifer is coming back tomorrow and Sense8 season 2 is released on May, 5th! So many shows to look forward to in such a short amount of time! ♥

Hope you're having a pleasant Sunday too, flist!

Semaine 6

Apr. 28th, 2017 02:52 pm
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Oh, you guys, I'm doing something so exciting tomorrow! A friend of mine is coming over and we're going to have ourselves a little afternoon tea! Social activity! Ok, so still indoors but, you know, friends! Coming over! Oh, the excitement.

In other words, health situation is better than it used to be but still not ok. There has been improvement although the pain is still significant; I worked from home a couple of days last week as well as on Monday and then called my GP who had pity on me and gave me the rest of the week off. What a relief too! I'm not looking forward to going back to work next Tuesday (Monday being a bank holiday) but I'm hoping things will have improved even more by then. I'm seeing Second Doc again on Wednesday, anyway, so we'll see what he has to say about the whole affair.

As soon as I'm up and about, I think I'll do a Week In Your Life in Pictures meme (or a version of it) to celebrate. Right now, my days look like this )

[ profile] mustangcandi is doing it at the moment and not only does it bring back nice memories of LJ meme from back then, it's a type of post I enjoy immensely. First, because it's always a lot of fun seeing what you're up to and second because nothing is ever as mundane as one thinks and it's always interesting how even when you think you're just posting a picture of, say, the subway or a grocery store, it'll usually be pretty exciting for people outside of your country :)

Hope you had a pleasant week, flist, and that you have nice plans for the weekend. ("Doing nothing" is, of course, an acceptable answer lol)
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I'd completely missed the date but turns out LJ is an adult now! (Well, in France and other countries where you reach the age of majority at 18, I mean). I kept seeing those LJ statistics and, as you do, I had to look for my own which is when I found out about LJ reaching a milestone. As for me, as it turns out, I've been on the platform for 13 years, 10 months and 12 days. Meaning, I've been a part of this community for almost fourteen years. Fourteen.

I'm not going to lament about all that we lost in the past years (or cry over the drastic change LJ has been through very recently), things are as they are and there's not a lot we can change, at this point, but fourteen years, you guys! I was there during the Golden Years of LJ! I remember when LJ was this talkative, vibrant and active community and when Fandom was thriving here. I think I'll always remember it fondly. I've met so many wonderful people here and made such long-lasting friendships. Imagine that some of the people I met early on are still reading this today, some of them are still among my best friends, some of them were at my wedding... one of them even became my wife! ♥

Oh man, I found myself reading old posts (like old posts) and I think I'm going to do that for the rest of the evening! (Since I had to cancel the Sense8 showing at the SériesMania Festival because of Pain *sadface*)

Speaking of trips down memory lane, I saw something on [ profile] loki_dip's journal the other day that reminded me of good ole memes from Back Then and I don't think I could find a better time to post it than now :) "Take a screenshot of your desktop". So here's mine - I changed it recently. I'm fairly sure it'll come as a surprise to pretty much no-one who's been reading my LJ lately (yes, it's a Legion one)
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Latest news on the front for those who asked... the treatment didn't work as it should have so I had to go back to my GP and ask him as politely as possible to "PLEASE GIVE ME STRONGER PAINKILLERS, OK?". Which he kindly did. I have another week of treatment and earned myself an appointment with another doctor next week and IS IT THURSDAY YET? Because I'm ready for the whole ordeal to be over. A whole month of this? A month and four days next week? Way.too.long.

The silver lining is that I'm on holiday this week so at least I don't have to go to work and I can stay either in bed or on the couch... and rage against the fact that I'm on holiday and staying either in bed or on the couch. The weather is so gorgeous, too *shakes fist*

At least, I have my shows to keep me company. So I've watched Legion (duh) as well as Downton Abbey all over again. Then as I was rewatching some Afterbuzz Aftershow episodes (I discovered that YT channel when I got into Legion, I really love what they do) I found my way to their The Originals videos, which reminded me that I was super behind on that show. So I downloaded the last episodes of season 3 as well as the new ones for season 4 and proceeded to binge watch them. Which, in turn, made me crave some old episodes so I've visited good ole Netflix and rewatched season 2. You know how you sometimes forget how much you enjoy a show? That happened with The Originals. It's such an entertaining show, filled with drama and mayhem and betrayal and grand gestures of love and did I say drama? So much drama. It's quite Shakespearean, really. And when you enjoy stories involving dysfunctional families, it feels as if The Original was written for you. I mean, the Mikaelsons, right? ;)

Anyway, that's what I've been doing, mostly. Watching tv and sleeping. I'm hoping the new treatment will kick in quickly and I'll be up and about because I'd like to enjoy my holiday a little! Especially as we've planned on attending a festival in Paris dedicated to tv shows (all free, too, how cool is that?) and we're supposed to go to a showing of Legion on Friday (obviously I've watched the show already *cough* but it should be fun watching the premiere on a big screen and being among other fans). Next showings are Sense8 (season 2 premiere) and American Gods (show premiere) next week. Pretty exciting as you can imagine :)
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You know how you sometimes have a specific entry in mind and you can't really make yourself write another entry because you feel like you need to be "disciplined" and do that one first? Alas, said entry is super long, meaning it takes you forever to type it down and then a hundred years have passed and you still haven't completed it and you feel like you never will and it's ok, seriously, do yourself a favour and post something else already, you know you want to squee about Legion!

So that was me the past weeks. Plus, I've been "plagued" by something annoying health-wise that is 100% non-threatening and non serious at this stage but about 150% painful. I'm in my third week of daily almost constant pain and seeing I'm someone who's fortunate enough never to have been through a serious illness, someone fortunate enough not to ever have faced chronic pain, this is starting to Get Very Old Indeed. I've started my treatment on Monday and cannot wait for it to start kicking for real. I'm always grateful that I'm in good health but never more so than those past couple of weeks when I've been thinking of those people who are in pain constantly!

Anyway. As David would say, it's ok. I'm pretty. I'm loved. I'm in good health otherwise, it'll pass. Let's talk about things that I've been enjoying lately. Namely Legion. David Haller. Dan Stevens.

In case it wasn't clear enough from my last entries, I've been in a Legion mood ever since the show premiered (incidentally, if you want to talk about the last two episodes with me, be my guest! I enjoyed the season finale immensely but episode 1x07 has a very special place in my heart. It did things we rarely see in shows and I was!). With each new episode, my love for Dan Stevens has grown exponentially. And, you know, I always loved Matthew in Downton Abbey but I never really thought about what Stevens had done after he'd left the show. Until I discovered Legion and spent way too much time on YT watching interviews and clips and whatnot. Now, I'm like, wow, that man did all the things!

I'm at the stage where I want to consume everything that has to do with this actor. Among other things, I've downloaded The Guest and A Walk Among the Tombstones (because why not, right?) and am downloading Sense and Sensibility. I haven't seen Beauty and the Beast yet but I plan to (I was supposed to go see it tonight with my nieces but I felt too rubbish to, so I had to cancel although, when you think about it it wouldn't really have counted because the girls don't speak English yet and therefore we would have seen the dubbed version, so) and I'm currently moaning over the fact that we haven't a release date for The Ticket. I downloaded (and listened too many times, although is there even such a thing?) Evermore. As I was going through one YT video after another, I found out he'd narrated Murder on the Orient Express and Frankenstein (among other books) so I had to purchase those audiobooks, didn't I? (I mean, how could I even resist? Two of my Most Favourite Books read by The Dude I'm Obsessed With At the Moment? Please). What else? Oh, yes, I have a Legion sticker (ok, two) on its way and I might have asked for a certain t-shirt worn by David in Legion for my birthday. Just, you know, maybe. And I've changed my desktop. As you do :)

In conclusion, Dan Stevens.
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Coucou ! Apparemment aujourd'hui commence la semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie, du coup je me suis dit que j'allais poster une petite entrée en français pour changer. (Et comme je suis sympa, je vais mettre une petite traduction dans les commentaires, histoire de ne pas perdre les quelques personnes qui se trouvent encore encore dans le coin) On aurait été dix ans en arrière, j'aurais bien tenté de lancer un meme, tiens "Ecrivez une petite entrée dans votre langue maternelle" mais bon... ça c'était avant.

J'espère que tout le monde passe un bon week-end ; le mien est placé sour le signe du "hygge". La FP est à Tours pour l'un de nos week-ends traditionnels chez Rosie et le temps étant tout gris, on a prévu de ne pas faire grand chose (bon, j'admets, ça ne change pas de nos autres week-ends, en réalité lol) : là, on est toutes encore en pyjama, sur le canapé, fauteuil et autres gros coussins avec des plaids à écouter une playlist "Samedi matin pluvieux" tout en papotant tranquillement, chacune avec son ordi, sa tablette ou son smartphone. La FP, toujours connectée ;) Autre programme de la journée, un peu de shopping et retour à la maison pour boire du thé, préparer et manger des gâteaux (enfin, les filles, pas moi, du moins pas avant dimanche, Carême oblige) et regarder des séries. Dans la liste de ce que l'on veut regarder : Legion (je vous laisse deviner qui a fait la suggestion), Guardians of the Galaxy, The Bletchley Circle, Halt and Catch Fire et Guardians of the Galaxy. Ah et hier soir, GD et moi avons regardé un épisode de The Great Pottery Throw Down, que j'ai trouvé plutôt sympa, je dois dire.

En résumé, le week-end s'annonce bien ;) J'espère que c'est le cas aussi pour vous *bisous*
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I have this massive entry in the making, which I started typing on Sunday but all I have to show for it is, well, the idea of it lol See, I wanted to post something that had nothing to do with Legion so that I could pretend, even for a little while, that the show hadn't completely ruined my life and I wanted something "quick and fun" to make sure I didn't wait too long between two updates.

The result is far from satisfying because a) I'm still in the process of typing aforementioned entry (spoilers: we went for a walk around the Marais in Paris on Sunday and I thought it could interest some of you to follow me around, so I took pictures as we walked around - as a sort of vlog kind of thing, if you will, only not in a video format) and b) here I am about to squee about the latest news about Legion *ahem*

But first, something that made me happy today (the "neuf" part of my subject): Cookie and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. We treated ourselves with dinner in a "fancy but relaxed" Italian restaurant and it was delicious. (Half of my family being Italian, I've grown up with my grand-parents' amazing Italian meals and all those tasty dishes that my aunts always made whenever we had a family gathering - as they still do, I mean - which made me very picky when it comes to Italian restaurants, but this one came with recommendation and it didn't disappoint). So that was an absolutely lovely evening; and the owners were sweet enough to put a candle on each of our desserts because they knew we were celebrating our anniversary <3

And! Cherry on top, I came home to the news that Legion has been renewed for a second season. I'm so happy! It's so frustrating to know that we only have three episodes to go, at least I'll know we'll get more next year. I'm a very happy fan right now :)
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(If you happen to be learning French, be aware that this is not a grammatically correct sentence... so plz not to be using it lol) Aforementioned grammatically incorrect sentence is brought to you by Legion. Because it never fails to confuse the hell out of me and because I come back each week, craving a new episode all the while knowing they'll keep on messing with my mind! Legion, you bastards! But don't stop! As long as you deliver in the end, mind. I do hope the writers know exactly where they're going with all of this. Because it could be quite disappointing if they're just stringing us along.

And oh, do they mess with our minds! Case in point with last week episode when we are entering spoilery territory now )

Hee, new Legion tonight+1. Can't wait to download the new episode tomorrow \o/

Possibly, I'm a little excited lol It might also be because of work. Today has been quite hectic (I'm actually taking a little break, which is why I'm writing this from work) due to the organisation of tomorrow's event. We're doing a little Open House event to present our new learning space and to talk about what we intend to do with it. Speaking of, [ profile] turps33, behind the cut, one of the cookie cutters we designed and printed in 3D and the sablés (biscuits?) that my boss baked and shaped thanks to it. Because, well, that's what it's for, right? lol Our Cookie Cutter Made From Thin Air )

And I don't have a picture of it but a co-worker also printed a door wedge. Which we're currently using to block our office door. I swear we'll be using the printer for educational projects. But we need to train first, ok? lol
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This post is dedicated to [ profile] snailbones: I'm posting a quick little entry to prove to you that I am still here ;)

I'm in a very good mood today. I got some wonderful news yesterday, the sun was shining this morning (a bit less now but it's not raining so there's that) and work is a lot of fun as my coworkers and I have doing a little training in 3D printing today. This morning it was all about the theory and how the software we'll be using works, this afternoon we'll start sketching our own designs (think small, tiny, unassuming objects, let's be humble lol) and then printing them out and see if we didn't mess it up ;) Tonight I have my Italian class, which, admittedly has been a bit of a disaster this year (we're all pretty disappointed by our teacher and his "teaching" method... basically he talks all the time and tends to forget we're here to, you know, learn new things such as grammar and tenses and whatnot. The two times when he really got to teach us something we didn't already know, it was because we insisted we learnt something new. I'm not even kidding) but at least I'll get to see my pals there so... also, tonight I'll get to download the new Legion ♥ Omg, I'm so smitten with the show! It's confusing as hell, you never know what's real and what's not, you follow the most unreliable character that ever was but it's so much fun! And the acting is great. And! Tomorrow is Friday, the weekend is near! This is what I enjoy the most about Thursdays... they're full of promises ;)

I also feel good because last night I went to church for Ash Wednesday with Cookie and a family friend and going to church never fails to bring me peace and joy. It also means Lent started, a period of the year I enjoy a lot; it's a time to take a step back from certain things, to regroup a little, to think about faith in a way I usually don't do and, idk, I just love the introspective part of it, as much as I like the sense of community that it brings.

Anyway! It's been a lovely couple of days, is what I'm saying :) Hope you're having a great time too *hugs*


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