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I don't know about you but we've been having such gorgeous weather lately! It's been incredibly sunny and already super hot. (Which, admittedly, we're hoping we won't get another heatwave when Summer is officially here). In the meantime, it's been tank top, shorts and sandals all weekend. We've actually hid from the heat on Sunday afternoon and decided to go the cinema to keep cool. Second film in three days, as it happens. On Friday night we went to see Wonder Woman (I absolutely loved her character. As for Chris Pine, I'm not a fan at all but I guess he was ok). Then on Sunday we chose the Queer as Folk historical/fantasy AU, namely King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ;) Guess the theme of our outing was Characters Who Refuse to Stay Down and Will Kick Your Asses.

I'm feeling rather mellow today and am looking forward to my week. The last time I meant to do a My Week in Pictures, it was an utter failure and I feel it'll be a repeat if I make a new attempt but should I have done it, it'd have gone something like this: tonight is Movie Club Night at work (one of my coworkers is a huge movie fanboy and seeing most of us in our department enjoy movies and tv shows, he decided to create a Movie Club. We're leaning towards classics - so far mostly French but we're adding foreign films to our list. It's quite a pleasant way to spend time with your coworkers). Then tomorrow is another bday celebration, Wednesday I'm hoping to try a new restaurant (one of those temporary hipster restaurants that open in former stations or other abandoned areas; you can have a drink, eat, play pétanque, watch films in the open air, listen to live music etc. It's super hipstery but it sounds pretty chill and fun). Thursday is my Italian class (the less said about it, the better, my teacher is absolutely useless, it's quite the disappointment) and Friday I'm seeing a Canadian friend who's staying in France for a little while. We're going to Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde, the geek bar I mentioned in my last entry.

There, there are no photos to go with my activities but now you know everything ;)

Oh, and fannish wise: I've finished season 1 of Lethal Weapon. The love only grew stronger with each new episode ♥ As for the finale, be still my heart! What an emotional rollercoaster! I'm so in love with that show (Am re-watching it all at the moment as I still haven't left the "Need a Dailyy Dose" phase).
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