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Hello flist. Hope you had a great Christmas if you celebrate and a good start of the week if you don't. I got home tonight from three days spent in Normandy with my parents, godfather and aunt, after having a wonderful Christmas on Monday (since we celebrate Christmas Eve) with the whole family and an equally lovely Christmas day on Tuesday with the in-laws. I was spoiled on both days and got some awesome gifts, among which a couple that reflected my most recent fannish loves, namely The Hobbit and Jeremy Renner :-) I got the Hobbit edition of Monopoly (which is funny as I got Cookie the BBC Sherlock Cluedo game), Thorin's key on a keychain as well as an issue of Hawkeye, a mug with chibi!Hawkeye doing the Renner stretch and a "Let's stretch bitches" tshirt ♥ ♥ My aunt also gave us some very pretty origami bookmarks that actually come right from Japan. Don't you think I have the prettiest bookmark in all the land? ).

My goddaughter also spoiled me when she fell in love with (the French version of) Misty Mountains. My cousin Rémi went to the see the film in French and we were talking about the song and at one point we visited YouTube to listen to the different versions. Chiara heard the song and even though she was a bit wary of it at first she asked to listen to it a second time when I told her how much I loved it and why and promptly fell in love with it as well as the story that goes with it. Throughout the whole night she kept asking to a) see where Santa was (we always check the NORAD Tracks Santa website on Christmas Eve) and b) listen to "la chanson des nains" ie the Dwarves' song. We also found a version with illustrations and by the end of the night she could recognise Gandalf and Bilbo. As a matter of fact, after she opened her presents, she was mighty curious to see what the rest of us had received and when she saw my Monopoly board game she squeed and went "oh, it's the song I love" #Score We'll make a geek out of her yet! And, hopefully, an avid reader #FingersCrossed

After the Christmas festivities, we went to Normandy with the parental units and had a jolly time together. We even managed (not that it was that hard to convince them) to bring my mother and aunt to see The Hobbit, which they loved #ScoreAgain! It was my and Cookie's fourth time but first time in French and we really enjoyed that version too. Also, we finally saw the film in 2D, so that was great. Here are a couple of pics of our weekend )

We're now back in Choisy with still a whole week of vacation ahead of us. We're planning on a quiet weekend for a start. And maybe a fifth viewing of The Hobbit ;-)
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Am still deeply immersed in that time-consuming, sleep-depriving stage when I want to inhale every piece of media related to Renner ever known to fangirl. So far The Bourne Legacy has been seen a couple of times (ok, so it was three times, so what?). Avengers was watched again (I don't think I'll ever not get bored when watching it but at least I have one more character I enjoy seeing, so it makes things less painful) and then we moved onto Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (thanks go to those enthusiastic commenters who made me download the film). I need to get my hands on The Hurt Locker now, even though I know it will be a different kind of experience.

Watching the films also means I've been forced to basically go live over at AO3 the past week - and lose some sleep but, hey, a fangirl gotta do etc. I started with TBL fandom which didn't really deliver. Then moved onto the Avengers fandom which delivered a bit too much? lol SO MANY FIC omg! I have so many Clint-fic (ha, I wrote clit-fic - I'm sure it'd be a lot of fun too!) tabbed and still so many more to tab, it's almost a bit intimidating. So I took a break and decided to visit the MI:GP fandom. Over there, I found enough fic to satisfy my craving without feeling like I was about to be crushed. So I'm busy reading Ethan/Will slash atm.

And let's not forget the interviews! I now know all about how Renner Should Never Be Trusted to Babysit Your Kid and I've laughed myself silly at his Resting Face story (around the 06:00 mark). Then there was the whole Let's streeetch bitches story. Also, did you know, whenever Renner is nervous he does some lunges and sometimes? He pops a couple holes in his pants! Which, incidentally, made the little bit of intel shared by Tom Cruise about the Renner Stretch all the cuter ♥

Though, wait, to prove that I can talk about something else than Renner. I didn't mention bringing my goddaughter to the cinema For The First Time, did I? Sis, Cookie and I did that on tuesday night as there was a Cinderella (Disney) night in a gorgeous theater in Paris. We brought Chiara there and oh, man, it was such a sweet, lovely moment! She was awed at Everything and enjoyed herself so much (even though she knew the film by heart). We had a lot of fun ourselves, admittedly, it had been ages since I last saw Cinderella. And it was made even sweeter to see it with Chiara :-)
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Cookie is busy having fun at both JapanExpo and ComicCon France today (nothing close to the real Comic Con, mind) while I'm not. My only comfort is that Deadline of Hell was yesterday and it went well and now I'm freeee! Well, I foresee another week of fixing the remaining problems but after that I should be able to breathe a little and go back to appreciate my job. I can't wait :-) To celebrate, I almost ate my weight in ice cream last night! Ok, gross exageration here, but I certainly ate more than was reasonable. And it felt good ;-) As Savage Garden would say, I believe junk food tastes so good because it's bad for us #Yummy

I'm happy because I've almost caught up on Suits (I know, I know, there haven't been that many episodes - but falling behind can start early on in the season, believe you me!) and as of yesterday I'm up-to-date with True Blood. As far as TB is concerned, I'm afraid I have been less than impressed with what I've seen so far. I could do with some Pam&Eric edits even though, let's face it, said edits wouldn't last more than two minutes? It'd be woth it, though. I'm not giving up on the show yet but I lost some of my enthusiasm. It's ok, though, at least I have Suits - what a promising start ♥

And then there's WhiCo which keeps on filling me with glee even before it started. Like with that latest clip from the premiere, especially the bit at 2:18. It lasts less than fity seconds but it gave me ALL THE FEELINGS ) I sound like a broken record but I CANNOT WAIT, ok? Is it the 10th+1 already??

Oh, unrelated but I wanted to share something that amused me - and pleased me. So I was watching the beginning of Snow White with my goddaughter the other day (she was all snuggled up against me and I can't get enough of those moments ♥) and came the part when the dwarves realise that the monster they believe is hiding in their bedroom is, in fact, a woman. I hadn't watched Snow White in ages so didn't remember the dialogues and I was taken aback at Grumpy's first reaction when he sees who's on the bed. His line is so incredibly misogynistic and disrespectful I couldn't believe my ears! I immediately told Chiara that Grumpy was being mean and disrespectful and no-one should ever say that kind of stuff about women (or little girls). She turned to me and then agreed and turned her attention back to the telly and told Grumpy off and then told him she was going to make him a "girl and then he'd see!" So you never know what's going on in the head of four-year-olds but I chose to believe that she was advocating the whole "walk in someone else's shoes before you start judging and being a dick to them". Genderswapping is an efficient way to teach dicks what it's like to be on the receiving end of sexism, right? You go, kiddo, you tell 'im!

I so want my nieces to grow up knowing they'll never be 'less than' just because they're women #GoalInLife

Incidentally, this made me want to go and see Brave even more than before. I also saw a Merida doll that looks both cute and fierce with her bow. I might get it for Chiara. Just because ;-)
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Hope everyone who celebrate had a wonderful Christmas *hugs*

Christmas Eve (the 24th is when when we celebrate Christmas here) was fantastic. It was spent at my sister's with the usual suspects and two new family members, namely Cookie, who was with us for the first time and my niece Emma who was spending her very first Christmas, period ♥

We did our traditional team cooking and "created" new appetisers, the entrée was a novelty as well, the idea came from my aunt who suggested we tried a crème brulée au fois gras - it was very different and very delicious. Our main dish was roe deer with, as it happens, no side dish as my mom thought that my aunt was bringing the vegetables and my aunt thought it was my mom lol But turns out it wasn't such a bad thing because we had salad with the meat and the meal ended lighter than it would have been, which was of the good. Especially as it meant we could get at the cheese part of said meal without feeling like we were on the verge of exploding and, even more importantly maybe, that when it was time to savour the assorted desserts, traditional bûche de Noël/yule log + ice cream'ed yule log + almond paste + macarons + the traditional clementines, we could basically take a piece of each :-)

While waiting for midnight, ie for Santa to come and deliver his presents, we played crazy dart and passionate Trivial Pursuit games - I dare say it was epic! Then midnight rang and we woke up my goddaughter - who was, as you can imagine, Extremely Excited all day - and aww her little face when she saw the presents under the tree and she realised that Santa had come ♥ ♥ We distributed the presents among us all and then just looked at her opening hers - like the crazy stalkers we all are lol She kept squeeing and telling us what toy Santa had brought her and then displaying it for all of us to see. Sis filmed the whole scene, to which I say, I love technology!

After everyone had squeed over their own presents, my BIL suggested we played some Wii and omg! We just couldn't stop afterwards lol Those Just Dance games are so addictive. And so hilarious when playing in multiple players mode. Also, dude, we totally burnt some of the calories we'd ingested that same evening ;-)

Anyway, it was awesome. We went to bed around 4.00AM only to get up at 9.00AM because Cookie and I were doing the second part of the celebrations at the in-laws', ie at Cookie's mother's place, with her brother and cousin. Which, the calories I burnt when playing Just Dance? Were absorbed again thanks to the raclette we ate. And the crêpes that followed said raclette. Well, one of the gifts that Cookie's mother received was a crêpe maker, we had no choice but to christen it, right? Right!

After that, we headed back to Choisy where we spent the evening at my parents' and ate our third Christmas meal of the weekend and, to my delight, there were snails on the menu this time. Score!

And now it's past 10.00PM, we're back home, listening to some Christmas songs and waiting for the DW Christmas special to download so that we can end our Christmas weekend as any DW fans should :-)


Sep. 23rd, 2011 01:08 am
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This will be short because I'm knackered but I did it! Today I defended my thesis and I passed! Well. Technically, unless I completely messed up either/both thesis or/and oral presentation I was certain to pass and get my degree because I only needed to get 50% at the presentation to validate the whole year, but the real stake for me was elsewhere as I really hoped I'd get at least 70% so that I could be allowed to keep going, ie do a Master 2 next year. And I actually got better than 70% so I graduated with High Honour \o/ Or whatever the non-French equivalent might be ;-)

Anyway, heee I passed! I was so happy when I was told the result that saying I was beaming would be an understatement lol Being proud of yourself is a wonderful feeling ♥

Now the Real Fun begins, though, as I'm supposed to start on the paperwork that will allow me to enroll for the infamous M2 but seeing how late my thesis defense happened, I might have some difficulties. In other words, I'm afraid it's going to be a nightmare. Good thing I thought ahead and contacted some professors already. I won't start from scratch. Let's just hope it helps!

And unrelated but tonight at my parents' we watched some of the Super 8 films they did Back in the Day and omg, it was awesome. I saw their wedding - they looked so young and it was moving to see so many people that have died since then looking so young and healthy and just so happy - I saw my Christening. Then a Christmas and two birthday parties (my sister's first and her third) It was weird because Chiara looks like my sister when she was the same age but I realised, seeing myself on films, that she also looked like me. It was uncanny. Though not that surprising, I suppose, when you consider you often - not always, I know - look like your siblings yourself but still, watching on me on screen and seeing my goddaughter was quite the experience.

RL heavy

May. 28th, 2011 12:58 pm
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You're warned :-) I had the best evening yesterday for my birthday. As per tradition we celebrated it at my parents' with The Esu. Cookie and I had done the groceries the day before and we cooked together (me in my mother's apron, which must be even older than I am lol). My goddaughter was excited as hell all evening, she was a riot, telling me there were "LOTS OF PRESENTS FOR YOU, Marraine" (marraine = godmother) every ten minutes, with some "but you don't know what it is because it's a secret, shh" thrown in. She would break into songs every ten minutes "Joyeux Anniversaire, Marraine!" and I melted every.single.time.omg! ♥ ♥

Then it was time to eat and she was all "now we give Marraine her presents?" She asked at the appetizers, again when the entrée came and when it was the main dish - she just couldn't wait lol When it was time for the cake AND ALL THE PRESENTS she sang again, louder, with everyone and just squealed while running like the wind to bring me the presents, one by one, and squealed some more when she realised there was one more to hand me. It was just the sweetest thing seeing her so excited like that. Then she helped me blow the candles and, of course, open the presents. She was flushed from excitement and she was concentrating so hard when opening said presents. Three-years-olds are a just a hoot.

Anyway, that was just another fantastic evening spent with the family :-) And I was spoilt rotten omg!! Chiara wasn't the only who felt like squealing when the presents were brought lol The Esu got me the Karaoke Revolution Glee Wii game (heee!), my parents an external hard drive and the cutest (and most practical) picnic basket - just like in the films! It's gorgeous. And Cookie got me many things; A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin (which she offered me in the morning, she couldn't wait go give it to me actually, it was fun to see lol), Adele's 21 CD and Law & Order:UK series 1 & 2. Spoilt.rotten, I'm telling you ♥ ♥

Of course there were also the many LJ messages, FB notifications, mails, texts and phone calls - so thank you all again for the bday wishes :-) Checking one's messages on one's birthday is always a joy *hugs*

As for the rest of the weekend, we'll keep with the Family theme. It's Mother's Day tomorrow in France; we'll celebrate it today with Cookie's mother, then tomorrow we'll have lunch with my parents and in the afternoon we'll follow with my goddaughter's birthday party at The Esu's. This weekend is family all the time, celebrations all the time. What's not to love, right?

Hope you'll have a great weekend, too, flist.
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Omg I'm so fuuuulll! Cookie and I spent the evening at The Esu's to celebrate Candlemas and I shouldn't have eaten that last crêpe - it's always the last one that is a problem, isn't it? - but I can never resist temptation. Especially when it's filled with Nutella. So even if I might regret it tonight, it was totally worth it! It felt like forever since I'd seen my goddaughter, too - mind, it always feels like 'forever', even if it's just been a week. She's growing up so fast, it's insane. She's speaking better and better, is doing all those "big girl" things and she's just a hoot to be with. Whenever she starts singing one of her favourite cartoon songs, with the choreography to go with it, I just melt.

And I don't know if I mentioned it here, but my sister is pregnant! In July, Chiara will have a little sister or a little brother. Everyone is pretty excited, as you can imagine :-) Even Chiara who's telling everybody about the "Baby inside Mommy's belly" and how "Little sister/Little brother is Chiara's friend". We're hoping she'll be as excited when said baby is born ;-)

Speaking of being excited, I was pretty impatient to see the new White Collar (I promise I rank my future niece/nephew much higher than an episode of White Collar; it was just for the segue!) and it most definitely lived up to my expectations. The Peter-Neal scenes filled me with glee and these spoilers made me incredibly happy )

Show, never change, ok? Oh, and is there a trailer for next week's episode?
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I've downloaded the multifandom Celebrate, cause that's all I know video when I saw it on my flist a couple of days ago but I've only just now watched it and aww, it's such a great vid!! Makes you want to dance and sing along and cheer whenever you see one of your favourite shows pop up on the screen; 100% happy making.

It also reminded me that I was behind way too many shows at the moment *has shame* But we'll be on holiday in two weeks, we'll totally make up for it! Miss G and I have already planned an SPN marathon on the first day of our vacation, so go us \o/ And tonight we'll catch up on Merlin. Community, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead will have to wait, I'm afraid, but we haven't forgotten about them.

Onto RL. First Big Top weekend went well. In between two shows on Saturday, I had lunch right next to Santa Claus. I'm sure he was just taking a break to say hello to the kids in the audience before going back to the North Pole, though. Children around the world needn't worry, I'm making sure the big guy doesn't get too distracted by his activities on the side ;-)

Speaking of Christmas; yesterday was my BIL's birthday so we celebrated it at The Esu's and my goddaughter (yes, more than usual, shut up) when I had her in my arms and she started singing Petit Papa Noël (maybe the most popular Christmas song in France?) to me, her little head on my shoulder. Omg, if I could just bottle up those moments, I would ♥
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So Inception was (finally!!) seen yesterday \o/ At last! I really enjoyed it and was completely smitten with the whole cast. I was expecting to love DiCaprio and Gordon-Levitt's characters - which I did - but the other actors/characters were a very pleasant surprise. Eames especially. But I loved them all, from Yusuf to Ariadne passing by Saito. And let's not forget Robert Fischer! Anyway, mucho love for the whole cast, like I said.

After the cinema I went to see my sister and goddaughter and I suppose one day I'll get used to her calling me "marraine", but in the meantime I get that little rush of pleasure whenever I hear her toddler voice calling me that.

So that was yesterday. Today I pretty much did nothing: I read and napped and read fic and watched some tv. That's it. I didn't even set a foot outside.

Oh, and the book I read? Dead to the world by Charlaine Harris. I blame the editors for having put Eric Northman on the cover, that just wasn't fair! I can't say I liked it but I didn't hate it either and I read it till the end so it could have been worse. I don't think I'll read any of the other novels in the series... though I'm not 100% against it per se. And sometimes you're just in the mood for an easy and fast read.

Some passages were seriously ridiculous, though. This one taking the cake. I don't find it spoilery as such, but just in case ) I repeat "breasts, which were practically quivering like puppies who wanted to be petted." Who says stuff like that? Well, Charlaine Harris, apparently. Or her characters. After reading something like this, you just want to rush to your Delicious account and find yourself a scorching hot fic and forget all about breasts that quiver like puppies wanting to get petted.


Aug. 17th, 2009 09:38 pm
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Hello from Choisy-le-Roi *waves less enthusiastically than before* Irish trip over, I'm back home. And very sad not to be in Ireland any longer but a) all good things come to an end and b) if I want to go back there one day, I needed to leave, so.

I got home around 6.45 PM and I had no electricity! When I managed to get it back, I tried to switch Dean on and it didn't want to start! Talk about a welcome home *pout* But everything is back to normal now, so all's good!

I wanted to share some of the photos I couldn't the other day; here be photos of Galway, Inis Mor, Connemara, Kylemore Abbey )

And omg! Complete change of subject but I kept in touch with the family and other assorted friends during my trip via phone calls and text messages and whatnot, and my goddaughter walks! We knew it was coming, mind, and I did ask her to wait for me to be back from Ireland before taking her real first steps, but do kids listen to you? Of course not! So she started walking (well, toddling I guess would be a more accurate word) last week. It's the cutest thing EVER. I'm seeing her tomorrow and I just cannot wait! *bounces*

Ok, now, off to download all the pics and videos of Panic and MyChem that I couldn't when I was away.

PS: Hey, LJ's location thingie doesn't really work that well! Ivry is where my sister lives not me! You big liar.
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Tradition being tradition, here's your annual (well, I think I didn't do it last year but whatever) lily of the valley. For those not in the know, it's a French tradition on May, 1st meant to bring you luck.

Never let it be said that I don't take good care of you, flist!

Today being bank holiday - May is ridden with them in France, it's so my favourite month after December :-) - I spent it entre filles, meaning with Mom, Sis and Goddaughter - goddaughter who's now sitting on her own and crawling on her hands and knees.

She also discovered that hands are amazing things to have attached to your arms because they do all kinds of stuff! She recently found out that when you move your fingers a certain way, you can wave at people - both hands! Then left hand only! Then right hand only! - and, my, how funny it is when people wave back! And it's also pretty cool when you use aforementioned hands to hand out stuff to people, especially when they say 'thank you, Chiara' in that funny voice and give the toys back; how could anyone resist playing that game as much as possible? Not her, that's for sure!

And I just love her smiles: there's the cute one and the gorgeous one and there's this one, pretty recent, which has to be the dorkiest smile that ever graced the face of a baby. She cracks me up whenever she uses it.

That was my day :-) And then I got home and watched SPN 4x20 and it made me happy because I was hoping for a great episode and it delivered. Spoilers for 4x20 )

I just cannot believe we're two episodes away from the end of the season! It's insane! And also scary because omg what has Kripke planned for us?! I mean the boys. I mean, everyone *vibrates in anticipation*

Oh and unrelated now, so I don't think I mentioned it but I have a dreamwidth account. I haven't talked about it because I'm not using it - I just like having accounts in case something happens, like, an evil overlord deciding to annihilate LJ - but because I know some people are dying to play over there, I thought that maybe someone would like some invite codes? I actually just realised I had invite codes. So if you want one, just ask. I have five, I think.
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For the past four days I was away in Normandie and I did nothing but rest, read, rest some more, walk along the beach, stroll in little towns, sit on the beach, read again, eat a lot, and spend time with my family. Definitely my kind of vacation.

In case some people need visuals; this is where I spent most of my time )

With some visiting, like Caen, for instance )

But, well, yeah, basically I was always here )

Then yesterday morning, before leaving for Choisy, we got a call telling us someone had broken into my parents' office - which, wow, they so didn't need that - and then when I arrived in Choisy, I received another call telling me my goddaughter was in the hospital!

Cue chills running down my spine. Turns out Chiara had a very strong allergic reaction to the new milk she was given and, well, things got scary very quickly. Sis kept her cool and did everything she was supposed to but she got the scare of her life. The paramedics helped Little Bit right away and everything was back under control soon, but the hospital preferred to keep her overnight. I had my sister on the phone early this morning and Chiara was just fine, sleeping like, well, a baby :-) They'll bring her back home later in the day. All ends well, we'll just have to be careful about the milk and other milk related products for some time, and hope we won't get a repeat performance.

I have no idea what was up with yesterday, but there was something in the air, apparently.

After four days away I'm skip=24122 so I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to tackle the flist, I have to admit. I'll definitely hunt down the fics - hail to newsletter - but for the rest, I don't know *is a wuss*
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Omg what did they do to! They changed everything! I didn't know they were going to change everything! I couldn't prepare myself before they changed everything! Couldn't try to gently ease myself into the idea that we'd get a new look *freaks out*

Can we get rid of the 'top 10 tags' and the 'all tags'? And is there a way to have the 'view in cloud' again? I loved that one. And what about the 'unbundled tags' bundle? I so need it!

I so hate changes *pout* Yeah, okay, so I'll get used to the new look - and forget about the old one, I'm sure - but I need to get through the first stage of mourning the older one first, is all.

Oh! There's a storm! Thunder! Rain! Fresh air! Omg, today was so incredibly hot - without a real sun - and sticky and just omg so gross! The office was a sauna, the outside world wasn't better but it was nothing, nothing compared to the trains and buses. God, it felt like an oven in there.

Went to see my sis and Chiara after work and the Little Bit was all cranky due to the heat and kept fidgeting and doing those 'omg i hate life right now, come on do something, dude!' faces but I think we were all in the same situation. So Sis and I watched Secret Story and criticised and mocked Laurent and Samantha. Criticising and mocking real!tv contestants is a good way to channel your agressivity due to the heat, I found out.

Then I got home and the Very First Thing I did was take a shower. A cold one. I almost passed out from the sheer pleasure that gave me ♥ ♥
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You'd think working in the family business - minus the saving people and hunting things part; as far as we're concerned, it'd be more like 'calling people, selling things', slightly less exciting maybe, though much safer - so you'd thinking working here would allow me a day off on a Certain Day, right? Well, no! How outrageous! And I won't even have the permission to leaver earlier than 6.00 PM either! Such a cruel world I live in, really!

Cruel but also fun, let's be honest. This morning, one of the estimates I sent included the renting of a camel. A real, living, breathing camel. And we received earlier a box containing many candies and other assorted chocolates as a sample for when we'll propose them to our clients. In case you were wondering, they're yummy :-)

And this has nothing to do with candies, except that the characters were extremely sweet and interesting and all kinds of awesome but the Temeraire fans among you will be happy to know that I totally share the love. The past month I've gone through a phase where I just stopped reading - and for no reason because I absolutely adored His Majesty's Dragon as soon as I started it - but I went back to it yesterday and just devoured it.

I have so much love for Laurence and Temeraire! And not just them but also for Harcourt and Lily and Berkley and Maximus and little Roland and many others... Also spoilers )

I'll get my hands on the rest of the series asap! The book I'm reading now is a book I very recently purchased and what made me smile is that I apparently managed to find the only queer book in the whole bookshop, completely by accident, too: the owner was impressed. I was as well :-) Though I told him I had a sort of gaydar for books so it wasn't that surprising.

Okay now, break over, let's go back to the grid.

Though, wait. Anyone noticed how I didn't mention Chiara once in my entry? And how I didn't talk about the fact that my sister and her went back home this morning? I won't even say that my BIL sounded so extremely moved at having her in the house, in her bedroom... he said that the room really became alive when they introduced her to it, that it all made sense somehow, now. Man, he says the loveliest things ♥
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Yesterday was a good day: because a) I slept in and stayed home all day and b) I wrote a fic!


Well, to be precise I started the fic, it's not finished yet, but it makes me giddy all the same because it's a Night fic and I'm already 3.660 words into it and since it's a Five Things type of fic and I only wrote two of those five things so far and since I'm hoping to have all parts more or less equal in length, it means I'm aiming at a 9100+ word story and this would be a great start for 2008 *nods*

It's the second Five Things fic I write and I really like that kind of theme, I have to say. The difference being that my SPN fic was five different little stories in one and this TS one is one story told in five parts...


Oh a meme. I couldn't sleep last night - it sometimes happens when I write a new fic, even when I'm done with it for the day I still have the story in my head and it feels weird just going to sleep right after it. One of those things, I guess - and so decided to do a little meme just to pass the time.

Only it took me ages to do it because I sorta got engrossed in the whole thing and, now, there's just no way I wouldn't share it on my LJ. Took me to long to just throw it away *nods*

Tv Meme - with scenes and quotes and stuff. )

Okay, now that it's out of the way *checks time* Methinks I should go and try to start doing some packing for this weekend, start on the vaccuming I wanted to do before leaving, that sort of thing...

French Posse Weekend, dude! Finally! [ profile] babycakesin, [ profile] moimoietmoi, [ profile] greedy_dancer and I will be in Lyon later this afternoon to meet with [ profile] french_hobbit and [ profile] crazybutsound. We'll invade the new Starbucks that opened there and raise a lil hell :-) We're gonna have a blast! *bounces*

ALSO! Today is the day when The Esu knows if Teh baby is a lil girl or a lil boy. So, yeah, mucho excitement for today *bounces some more*
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I realised it had been some time since I last checked my mailbox so I finally did, and it's a good thing, too, as I found three cards waiting for me. Thanks to [ profile] strippedhalo, [ profile] stacy_l and [ profile] sockich for the pretty and cute cards. Kaja, what you said really touched me, thank you *hugs*

I got my last xmas present yesterday; Sandra offered me a book I've been coveting ever since I saw it at Gibert Joseph, namely Les Années Dorothée.

Apparently the book is a hit as poor Sandra had the hardest time finding it in the stores she visited; they were always out of stock. It doesn't surprise me as such. I mean, a book on the Club Dorothée ! Had to be a hit ;-) It's basically the most famous kid program in France from the 80s to the 90s; I totally grew up with it. Actually the book is much more than just a book on the Club Dorothée; it's more about the whole period around it.

Anyway, it's awesome and I love it to pieces. I told Sandra that my sister would try to steal it from me as soon as she'd learn that I got it for Christmas and, as it happens, my book is safe because guess what she bought today? Yes, the one and only. Thought it was funny. Obviously expected, but funny all the same.

Speaking of my sister; her pregnancy is starting to really show and she's starting to really look like a pregnant woman and, dude, it's all kinds of exciting. Watching her profile has become my favourite hobby of the moment lol

100% unrelated now; there're two vids that The Extended Esu - meaning The Esu + my cousins - and I have been obsessed with lately and I wanted to share because they totally crack me up. In a 'it's realy cool' kinda way as a) the idea is pretty clever and b) the result is cleverly done too.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Hands )

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Bodies )

I have no idea what constitutes good 'view' average on YT but the first vid has been viewed 11,380,660 times and the second one 1,044,008 times. Also, I don't know about the second vid but I saw the first one on the telly a couple of times.
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We have heating at work! I can feel my fingers again when typing and writing and, well, I can feel my fingers, is all :-) The Cellie's feet were hurting the other day, it was that cold in our office - and aforementioned feet were inside shoes and not flip-flops, in case you were wondering.

People kept joking about how the Person in Charge of Paying the Heating Bills must have forgotten them and I was like, 'hi! Person in Charge of Those Bills speaking, this is so not funny, dudes! And FYI, they were paid, thx. I think it's just the universe hating us'. But it's done hating us and it's warm and all here.

I still wish I was home, mind you.

I had a very cosy Sunday. I did go out but not for long and I spent most of my afternoon snuggled on my couch, reading, watching telly and just being all kinds of lazy. I totally approve of that program sometimes *nods*

Oh and I bought a book on scrapbooking. I've been wanting to try my hands at scrapbooking for ages and I decided it was the right time. I also bought some Christmassy stuff to try and make some nice home-made Christmas cards. And if I discover that I have some scrapbooking skillz, I'm also thinking of doing something for my mother, either for Christmas or her birthday... I already know what pictures of my grandparents I'll use and I have an inkling of what kind of theme I'd like to work with. So I might do that *g* We'll see.

Thing is, I'm afraid I've lost my writing mojo - I haven't written a single line in months - so I might as well try to find a new mojo to have fun with, right? Seriously, is there a cure for writer's block? And if you tell me 'sure there is, you should write!', I might cry, I'm just sayin'.

Unrelated, my sister's baby - man, you can't imagine the thrill I get each time I say those words. Or think them - is due at the end of May. My first thought? Omg what if The Baby arrives on my birthday? I'm already losing auntie points for selfish thoughts *cries*
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Two Starbucks in two days; I like that. And it's a good thing I had my cheesecake yesterday because I was so stuffed today that I could only get myself a hot drink. It's always a sad state of affair when the Mouse one can't eat cheesecake *nods solemnly*

Hey, I did mention that, apart from work which is annoying me, everything else was Just Fine in my life? Well, it's more than fine even because, guess what? My sister... is pregnant! I repeat, Aurélia is pregnant! *is still in awe of the news*

We've known for a little while but were waiting to officially make the announcement. And we finally can say it!

How did she tell us? She bought a little baby thing for each of us - Henry, ie the Future Dad, the parental unit, my godfather & aunt and me, obviously - and gave it to us, leaving us to squee and cry a little from sheer joy, we're a sensitive bunch, what can I say?.

Here what she gave me )

Saying we're overjoyed would be the understatement of the century, as you can imagine :-) I'm already making a list of all the things I wanna buy and then thinking of the first sonograms and just, God! A baby! In my little sister's body! Wow.

And speaking of family, it's been some time since I played over at [ profile] teh_everyday so here's my new contribution, family related.

Favourite possessions - plural instead of singular but whatever )

Sadly, I don't have anything left from my paternal grandmother but I haven't lost hope that I I will one of these days *nods*

PS: Note to self, don't forget to set back the clocks tonight/tomorrow!

ETA: Dude! There's Le Jeu des Damnés Devour on NRJ12! Devour! On my telly!


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