Jun. 5th, 2017

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Before I begin... the world is crazy. The world is crazy and violence is everywhere: it feels like a day can't go by without some awful news from some part of the world. Be it Manchester, Kabul, Minya, London recently, as well as so many other places... sometimes it feels like you can't keep up. Thinking of everyone being affected by those events *hugs*

Ok, back to your regular schedule. Guys. I didn't mean to stay off LJ for so long! Sometimes you don't realise how much time has passed until you're back. A whole month? Ouch. Even worse yet, I think I owe people comments, sorry. I've had some busy weeks, is all. Plus, the weather has been insanely summery and there's been a lot of trying to assimilate as much of the sun as humanly possible, including a three-day weekend by the sea in Normandy.

A mix between RL and fannish life; I've had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with [livejournal.com profile] loki_dip last week. It had been ages since we last saw each other and I was so happy to finally get to spend some time with her again. I brought her to Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde, near place du Châtelet, a geek bar I encourage you all to visit if you spend some time in Paris. It's very chill and welcoming. We had drinks and desserts then we had a little stroll and ended up sitting by the Seine to keep on chatting (and waving at tourists sailing on the Seine). Great weather, great company, twas perfect ;)

Fannish wise now. Netflix, which I usually love with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, has let us all down and cancelled Sense8! I was so sad! It's such an important show sharing incredibly positive messages of love, tolerance and diversity. I've rarely been as moved by characters as I've been by those characters. I've cried, I've laughed, I've "awwed" and whooped so many times. I was into it! The premise was interesting and original, the delivery so clever, the acting point on. I'm actually mad we won't get more of them. I'm still hoping that we'll get at least a Christmas episode so that they can wrap things up but I suppose it's just wishful thinking.

Thankfully, I was able to "drown" my sorrow in another show. And I didn't really see that one coming, I'll be honest. When Lethal Weapon came out last year, it kinda fell off the radar for me. If you ever talked about it, I wasn't really paying attention. Fast forward a couple of weeks ago when one of the major French tv networks aired the show. People around me started talking about, my parents watched from the get to and didn't stop and I'd sometimes have it on the background... not really paying attention except for when I was paying attention and going "Yeah, those dudes seem ok" "Oh, ok, that was funny" "Alright, that was moving".

Then "something" happened (and I, for the life of me, couldn't pinpoint what it was) but I decided to give it a proper try. So I downloaded the first episodes. Just to see, right? "To get it out of my system" or something. Ha! Famous last words. I fell in love with it. Those assholes have fantastic chemistry, the cast is great, everyone is super cool, the show is in turns funny and extremely moving and the action is just ridiculous enough that it's a lot of fun. Like, it works. I already knew Clayne Crawford from Rectify but as Riggs? Oh man, I absolutely love him. Same thing with Murtaugh and, basically, everyone in the cast. Damn you all!

Also, I might have brought Cookie down the rabbit hole with me, as in I talked her ears off about the show, she decided to give it a try, if only to shut me up, we sat down on Saturday so that I could show her the pilot and... we mainlined the first ten episodes in one afternoon/evening. Yeah. Today we're halfway through the season and I'm busy catching up with the AfterBuzz Aftershow episodes and, maybe listening to interviews and podcasts. Don't send help, though, I'm happy where I am ;)


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