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After five days away in the UK living in a fannish world and having fun with my friends, I have to say the return to reality - here, work - was pretty rough today. To reward myself for having survived it all I went shopping with Cookie and got myself a pretty dress for Sunday. Oh, and I also bought a skirt. Because I do wear skirts now, I just tend to forget. And I also might have treated myself with the Fast and Furious boxset. Like, 20€ for the three films? Pretty much a bargain. And I totally blame [ profile] yami_tai for this as she's the one who decided Monday night was the night when I would finally see the film. Which I loved. To my surprise. I mean, I did know the F&F franchise via the fics? But I'd never watched any of it. Well, now I can say 'yes, I've watched it' and 'yes, I definitely see the appeal'. Need to find even more fics now.

Also, speaking of tv I watched at Tai's, I found myself a new show!! Sons of Anarchy. They'd sky'ed (British equivalent of tivo'ed?) a couple of episodes and we watched the premiere on Sunday night and insta!love! We watched a second episode on Monday and I officially became a fan. Now I just need to download the rest of the season (13 episodes overall, and I have no idea whether there's supposed to be a second one but whatever, I'll still have 13 episodes of Sons of Anarchy awesomeness!)

Unrelated though in relation to my staying at Tai's; in case you'd think we stayed indoors all of Monday and watched tv all day, you'd be wrong! We actually went outside. In the sun. And had a picnic. And it was grand. I'd never heard of the Vyne Estate but I'm glad I remedied it because I loved it. And it was especially good being out in the sun and in the quiet after the weekend's hecticness. Matt and Tai are geniuses ♥ ♥

Three pics I took there )

And back to Asylum now. So I had two fic related thoughts while I was at the con. Ok, so I might have more but those are my favourites. First. When Jensen told us he'd had lasik surgery, my very first thought was 'oh noes! What about all the glasses kink fics I enjoyed so much? Jared is gonna be crushed!' and I'm delighted to see some people already wrote fics about that particular information from the con. And second. On Saturday night - or Sunday since it was 1.00 AM if you like precision like me - right after we were back to our room from the Disco party (where there was basically no disco songs, not that it stopped Tai and me from dancing but, still, where was the disco part of the disco party?) Tai and me watched an episode of Dark Angel on the telly and guess who was in it? Alec. Which immediately made me imagine a fic where Jared would be watching the episode with a sleeping Jensen by his side and having some ideas. Did anyone write anything like that? I'll have to investigate.
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Due to my Sunday plans all falling through, I decided to have a little Me day and finally catch up with Dollhouse. I think I'd only watched the first two episodes, meaning I was five episodes behind? Guess it was high time I caught up.

Which I did, and I really, really enjoy that show! I also appreciate the fact that it's not just one or two characters I love but pretty much the whole cast. Echo is, of course, my #1 but I really love Boyd and Claire and Mellie - boy do I ever! I might also be lusting after her a little bit? If by 'little bit' one means 'a whole lot' ♥ ♥

I'm quite interested in the Adele-Laurence team, too. As for Topher, he keeps creeping me out a little. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, character wise, but still. Oh, and let's not forget Sierra and Paul and Victor. They don't creep me out at all, mind, I'm just into them too.

So, yes, mucho love for the show in general and the characters in particular :-)

Still on the subject of tv shows; something quite unexpected happened on Friday. So. Contrary to popular belief, there are shows I don't watch. I dare say there are shows I don't watch and can't stand, even. Bones was one of them. That is, I couldn't stand Bones. Which was a bit problematic considering she's sorta the eponymous character of the show? So I never watched it - because yes, I'm one of those strange persons who don't watch something they don't like. Strange concept it'd seem, but that's beside the point, I guess.

Fast-forward to the last month; whenever I was home on Friday night and had the tv on, I'd find myself catching bits and pieces of the season they were airing at the time and to my surprise, I found myself enjoying what I was seeing... Like, I thought Bones was pretty cool and funny and insane and she didn't grate on my nerves at all.

So what did I do? I googled the show, found what season was airing on M6 and sorta ordered the boxset. On Wednesday, when s3 will be released, I'll own it. Strange things do happen!

And unrelated now, though not really because it's about J2, which makes it still about tv. Dude. Those guys love messing with our heads, don't they? They should stop playing with us slashers, except for how I hope they NEVER WILL. We just have too much fun with those boys ♥ ♥
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Yesterday's Unexpected Day Off had the effect of screwing with my sense of time - which, okay, isn't that good to begin with, but that's beside the point - and I felt like it was either Monday or Thursday today when it was, in fact, Friday, which is absolutely delightful because weekend! No more SIFAC for two whole, glorious days [/work ref] SPN!

So I'll have to wait till tomorrow to watch it because I'm seeing a friend tonight, but Friday is never not SPN Day, no matter how long it takes me to watch the ep so yay SPN related happiness \o/

Speaking of, I have another J2 vid for you! Boy, do I ever! It's here, it's fabulous and it made me fall in love with Jared and Jensen all over again! Yes, I know, that happens to me quite often. But that vid, it's another favourite ♥ ♥ Also, it featured many, many laughing!J2 moments and laughing!people is one of my bulletpoint kinks.

Still about tv, though not SPN this time; I - finally - watched Being Human (1x01) and I was relieved because the new cast will do. I'll admit I'm not really convinced by new!Mitchell (for now) - original!Mitchell was just so incredibly awesome, I really miss him - but we still have original!George and I really like the new Annie - even though she's just completely different from original!Annie, less quirky and more, I don't know, hyper somehow? In any case, mucho love for George - nothing new here - and new!Annie. I also quite enjoy new!Lauren. I'll miss Adrian Lester, though.

Just a quick note about George )

I'm not sure when the episodes air; how long am I gonna have to wait till the new episode? Not too long, I hope, the trailer wetted my appetite *makes grabby hands*
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Oh, wow, I just found my most favourite J2 vid ever! That vid is a bit like 42; it's the answer to pretty much everything. "I don't understand why anyone would like J2 so much!" Clearly, you need to watch I Fell in Love! "What's the deal with those Jared and Jensen dudes, anyway?" Here's I Fell in Love! "Why does the sun shine today?" Because of the vid I Fell in Love! "When do angels get their wings?" Whenever someone watches I Fell in Love!

I think this will be what I watch whenever I feel under the weather. That and Dancing!Brendon *nods* Between those two vids, I should never feel down ever again!

Changing the subject, I had me a lovely weekend. Friends oriented on Friday night and Saturday, and family oriented today; perfect combo, imho. I also managed to do some work and watch the new SPN. I feel very accomplished \o/

Speaking of creepy things - that would be SPN - I've seen many My Bloody Valentine reviews on my flist and I finally went and checked whether the film would be released in France; turns out it will be! Colour me surprised. I don't know why but I thought we wouldn't get it. We'll have to wait till the end of April, but we'll get Jensen on the big screen too!

Mind you, I'm still not sure I want to go and see it in a theater. I mean, I'm the kind of viewer who almost always suffers from a series of heart attacks when watching that kind of film - the crap factor doesn't even enter the equation, they scare me anyway! So I'm not sure I'll survive the stress of watching MBV outside the relative security of my own home. Where I can, you know, hide my face in a pillow or just stop the film in order to take a breather? I'm a wuss, there's no way around it. I mean, House of Wax freaked the hell out of me, so. Yes. A wuss.
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A woman held the door for me today in the subway and then another apologised when she - slightly - bumped into me. Polite people make your day brighter, don't they? Then I got to work and was chatting with a co-worker, telling her I wanted a cappuccino but needed to finish sending out some urgent files first, and ten minutes later she brought one to me. Awesome co-workers make your day even brighter!

Something else that makes life beautiful on this grey Monday? My new best friend. Wanna know her name? [ profile] glockgal. No, we don't know each other, we're not part of each other's flists and have, in fact, never talked to each other - apart from the comment I left her - but that's beside the point! She's totally my new best friend and that wonderful picspam of Jared and Jensen is the reason why. Omg! Could those guys be any hotter and/or cuter? I don't think so! *loves on Jared and Jensen like MAD* Soap Box Derby is the new black!

And now, for something different - only not - and because when I fall for a new fandom I can't not make at least one ref in my entry, here's my PATD ref of the day.

1. One - among many, admittedly - good reason to like Jon would be that, well, he's Jon Walker, obviously. But another would be that he used to work in a Starbucks. If that's not an awesome ref, I don't know what is. Also, no-one will be able to convince me that things don't always lead to Starbucks. One way or the other. It's a bit like the Kevin Bacon number, you know? Only Starbucks.

2. And! [ profile] airgiodslv was talking about how Brendon being all "tiny and still and obedient" while people were putting makeup on him deserved its own picspam - to which I say 'hell yes' - and after watching interviews of the band, I think that Brendon being all "tiny and still and focused on his friends when he's listening to them talk" would deserve one too ♥ ♥
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Went away for the weekend again. I think we worked even harder than we did last week, but talk about the satisfaction of a job well done! It is a great feeling and it was worth it :-)

No beach for us on Sunday at all but we did manage to get there on Saturday, in the evening. It was sunny but windy, which suited us just fine as we wanted to fly our kite. It was my first time with one and wow, did I fail at kite flying! lol The kite would stay in the air for, like, twenty seconds before it would crash. And I do mean crash.

I would manage to do some crazy figures before it went down but, in the end, down it always went. Rémi was a pro at it, though. The Mom and Auntie went back to the house - after a good laugh at all our expenses, they were even worse than I was, man did we laugh our asses off! - and it was just Rémi and me for an hour after that...

It was such a beautiful moment! I mean, it was around 7.30 PM, sunny but windy, as I said, and apart from riders galloping close to the sea, there was pretty much no-one on the beach; just Rémi flying the kite, me sitting on the sand, the wind blowing enough to be playful but not biting, the waves breaking on the shore... it was so peaceful! I wanted to bottle up that moment forever. I also wish I'd taken my camera because it made for such a gorgeous pic; Rémi in the foreground, the sea in the background, the kite up high in the sky.... I loved it!

It was also quite inspiring because funny thing is? I sorta wrote a J2 snippet in my head lol First time it happens, I have to say, but Jared and Jensen were the two "characters" that popped into my head when the scene started to unfold. Twas a very sweet scene, toeing the line of sexy while not crossing it. It'd be fun to see if I could write it down for real, now. Not that I will, but it was fun all the same :-)

And completely unrelated now; I watched the trailer for the new season of Pushing Daisies and awww but I love my crazycuteawesomebizarre show so much! Can't wait to have it back :-)
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As part of my job I'm working on different projects and some of them put me in contact with a bunch of people from other universities in Paris. I had my first meeting with most of them today. For the record? I kinda really hate being in the middle of a crowd when I don't know anyone. Being the newbie that I am in the department, I had to do the whole First Meeting thing, obviously, but it's not an easy thing for me *makes face*

I did make an effort, though, and mingled and, in the end, the three girls in the group kissed me goodbye all friendly-like but, just - I so didn't feel at ease. It's a good thing I was with another co-worker, Quiet Guy, who happens to be even more reserved than I am when faced with unfamiliar faces.

Without the slightest segue; am still reading my way through Big Bang stories and last night I read one that I absolutely loved, namely Stuck on Delete. It's a band!au and it pictures a damaged!Jensen in a way that I completely lapped up. It was more subtle and edgier than many stories I read... less cliched in the way it was treated. Which isn't a criticism as I happen to love all kinds of broken!Jensen but just to say that, sometimes, a characterisation will be a tad different and it's always of the good :-) Jared is all kinds of awesome too in that fic, I had a blast reading it, so I'm pimping :-)

And on the subject of Jensen Ackles and all; the more I think about it, the more I want to go the Ten Inch Hero screening in London. Then again, if I could, I'd do every single con/screening/whatever that is related to SPN and J2 so I guess it's not saying much :-)

I see people talking about all those cons in the States and it always makes me so envious, dude! Here's to hoping I'll go to Asylum next year and that either/both our boys will be there too *fingers crossed*
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Sentence of the day 'don't twizzler me', which combined with the actual scene might have to be the cutest thing ever! And let's not forget about the dorkiness of it all, too. Oh J2, you make my heart sing! Never stop being so cute and funny and dorky together, all right? *clings*

Today I checked the first item off my French Posse Weekend To Do list, namely the groceries. I can now feed people! And I'm hoping you girls weren't expecting any kind of healthy food this weekend because I have M&Ms! And Nutella! And Haagen Dazs! And pasta, but that goes without saying because there's never a time where there is no pasta in this house. That is just unthinkable.

Also! After fighting for a couple of hours against the couch in my living room, I can officially say that every single member of the French Posse will have a real mattress to sleep on. That is, I would have found another solution but I bought that couch because of the matress thing so it was pissing me off a little that I couldn't make it work. But I did! With the help of my mother. And without putting the bloody couch apart. Too much \o/

My life, it's so exciting? That sometimes I almost pass out from the excitement!

And because if I don't make a MCR reference I feel a little bereft these days. So, I? Love gritty fics, the one that are painful and raw and that make you hurt. I love them. I read Scenes from a Bus the other day and it was so angsty and so good! I actually paced my reading because I wanted to make it last.

Having said that, I'm a big ole sap inside and so I can't resist fics the likes of Breathless for Blindsides. Bob/Mikey and insanely cute and sweet ♥ ♥

Something else I adore with MCR? Is that I apparently don't have an OTP, my pairings are all over the place: Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, Gerard/Mikey, Bob/Mikey, Bob/Gerard, Bob/Frank and there were also some Ray/Mikey and Pete/Mikey for good measures. And then you have the threesomes, obviously. Or the moresome. Because the more, the merrier *nods*
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Apart from a little scare - Dean refused to turn itself on for a moment - this day is starting out just beautifully. I slept in, for one thing, which is always of the good, and then I cruised the flist while drinking my milk à la ricorée and eating a Nutella sandwich, all lazy and stuff. I love it.

Even better yet, the first thing I found on aforementioned flist? Jared and Jensen: A True Story In Pictures, aka a Picspam of Love. If you haven't seen it already, I'd wisely advise you to head over there immediately as it's one of those picspams that just make you feel really good about life ;-)

Rest of the day will be lazy and nice as I'm heading to a friend's for lunch and then we'll just do nothing. Exactly my kind of program on this fine Sunday. Btw, [ profile] turps33? First Big Top Weekend starts next week; are you happy? *g*

Yesterday was great too. I cooked for my sister and then we joined my Future Cousin In Law and her parents for a little Wedding Dress hunting. Well, it wasn't really hunting as such as she knew what dress she wanted, it was more a 'I'll try the dress and see if it's as beautiful as I imagined'. Which it was, btw, she didn't want to take it off lol It lasted all afternoon, actually, and we had a lot of fun with all the other people in the shop. They would ask for our advice, we would vote, Em - FCIL - tried another dress at one point to please her parents but she'd made up her mind and they knew it so, in the end, she got the dress she wanted. Sis and I were overjoyed for her :-)

Seeing that my sister is already married and Em is on her way, her mother was all over me - not in a mean way, I mean, more enthusiastic - about my own future wedding. And this is where I usually lose some gay points because I just never admit that I'm a lesbian. I'm sorry but I have no idea what kind of reaction I could get - it's only the second time I meet her parents - and though I love kinks I'm not a glutton for punishment so instead of telling that, 'hi, I'm not allowed to marry in this country yet because, see, I'm gay' I just said I was single for the moment - which is true, anyway - and when she tried to reassure me - because, as everyone know, being single is A Very Difficult Situation - I just said I wasn't in a hurry and things would happen when they happened, which is true as well. I'm a happy single woman, I don't see why it's so hard to believe. Or what could be wrong with that.

My sister made me smile though because she was all 'anyway, the important thing is to find the right person and that's that', clear emphasis on the 'person' and I thought it was very cute.

As for the evening, I caught up with Numb3rs finally - I can't help but wish they would do something for Charlie's hair because it looks a bit... I don't know, it just looks a bit and why can't they go back to s1!hair or s3?

Oh and I watched an episode of Criminal Minds and spn!Bobby was in it! What amuses me is that I recognised his voice before I did his face. Twas odd seeing it as a Sheriff when I'm so used to, you know, our Bobby.
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Oh, boy, reading all the Chicago Con reports about Jared and Jensen makes me so happy! It's insane how much I love those guys, seriously. I'm usually a character!fan as opposed to an actor!fan so it's sorta new for me to be so into two actors - I mean, new as in 'ever since I fell for SPN' - but I'm definitely enjoying the experience :-)

I'm reading the reports on LJ and then reading some more over at super wiki. And the pictures! And the videos! That con is like a gift that keeps on giving.

I think that vid is my favourite so far - the Jensen Reaching Out to Jared's Face in a Public Place story.

It also makes me wonder whether I wouldn't change my mind and go to Asylum 2 if it happened that JA decided to go, after all. I mean, going on my own sounds weird but if Jensen went too and if I could be reassured that Jared wouldn't bail out and if I had the money and if there were tickets left - how many 'ifs' in that little equation? - maybe I would decide to go, anyway.

Right now, I'm concentrating on Wincon, though - which is exciting enough :-)

Something else that is exciting is s3 of Supernatural, which I absolutely love. "Red Sky at Morning" isn't a favourite episode per se but it has some moments that made me squee and flail. Aforementioned spoilery moments in bullet points. )
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IS IT FRIDAY YET? Please tell me it is for the love of everything that is slashy! I can't seem to be able to get back into a normal work frame of mind. I absolutely can't. So is it Friday yet? *pleading look*

But! Not everything makes me sad because heee new SPN s2 gag reel! Have you seen the vid [ profile] caramel_maddy made of it? Cause if you haven't then omg you're so missing out, what are you waiting for?

It's so delicious! I feel a bit weird cutting for a *gag reel* but since it is considered a spoiler, I'll cut my squeeing. Here be spoilers about two particular moments. ) This is love :-)

Now I'm waiting for the icons to appear. Oh, and also for the whole gag reel to be released somewhere on teh internets? *waits*

My love for those guys? Cannot be rendered into words. It really can't ♥ ♥

Unrelated now; I watched Kyle XY yesterday and we got a Heroes reference! How cool was that? I loved the first shout-out to Veronica Mars already but the Heroes one was even better - especially the way it was done, it cracked me up. Reminded me of the lovely 'Sweet Lord... of the rings' thing in "Hell House".

ETA: Link for the download of the entire gag reel in the comments - really good quality, too - and hee it's fantastic!
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Sam, GD, I checked and we haven't missed the French Posse's second anniversary yet, we actually met - well, GD and I already knew each other but we understand each other - on the 27th. Dude, two years! Well, soon :-)

Something else that makes me reaaaally happy right this minute is the SPN s2 gag reel video that I've seen here and there on the flist. Hee I adore Jensen's laugh! And Jared cracks me up. And do people actually see the gag reel as something they can be spoiled over? ) Too cute for words! Oh boys, how are you so awesome? HOW?

And I've also watched the first seventeen minutes of the Prison Break S3 premiere and that show is Crack Extraordinaire! I can't wait to see the whole episode. Hopefully I won't abandon that new season after a couple of episodes. We'll see. And I still don't believe a second that no-one would try to get into Michael. I mean into Michael's pants. That's just surreal, really.

And speaking of which. Sorta. So what did it take for me to finally buy my very own first comic issues? Two things: a) a pretty persistent and enthusiastic friend who talks about comics pretty much all the time on her LJ *wonders if [ profile] sockich will recognise herself* and b) a gay superhero. Guess I just needed the right motivation or something? Yes, this is my bias talking, so what? *sticks tongue* So as of today I have the first issues of Midnighter. There, I said it :-)

PS: I'm slowly pimping Pushing Daisies to everyone who has ears and is unfortunate enough to be near me \o/

ETA: Dude! Those aren't new Jensen pics? Seriously, I've never seen them, okay? I know about the trip to Japan but not the pics... Believe me, I'd remember!
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I had no connection at work today; since the software I use to do my job is connected to the network, it was a bit problematic. And I had no internet at all, which sucked a lot. In case you were wondering. All I have to say is thank God for my new mobile and the new plan because I've been texting [ profile] angeliksmall this morning and [ profile] moimoietmoi pretty much all afternoon and those two saved my sanity.

We've been talking about Asylum and getting more excited by the minute. It's so odd thinking we'll be in Coventry in two days! I mean, you're dreaming of something for months and months, it feels like a lifetime away, and suddenly it's at your door! I haven't started packing yet, but I'm doing some laundry so that I have the clothes I want ready for tomorrow - and then I'll pack and all the while I'll be bouncing and squeeing and being generally really happy. Even more than usual ;-)

Unrelated now; I've watched Heroes last night and while it's true that the episode wasn't as intense and quick-paced as the previous one - though who ever said every single episode needed to have the exact same intensity and rhythm? - I really enjoyed it. Super quick comments about Heroes 1x21 - The Hard Part )

Oh, tbf!Rissy just called... a couple of weeks ago she applied for a new - much better, exactly what she graduated for - position in the same company she's working at and she got it. Which, I totally knew she would. I'm so incredibly happy for and so very proud of her but at the same time I'm a bit sad because it means she's gonna move to Bretagne - Brittany - and, well, we're literally living a street away from each other atm so I'm gonna miss her like crazy. I'm really used to having most of the Best Friends and Friends living near, a week doesn't go by without my seeing a couple of them, so when they go away, it always sucks *pout*

ETA: Have you read that J2 interview? Oh, boys, how are you so cute? ♥ ♥
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Am listening to Sounds of the Sixties on the BBC radio; thus starting my day at work in a pretty good way :-) God, I'm so in love with the internets, where you can listen to programs from all over the world and pick the theme you want according to your mood. Ah, internet, between us it's a love story that goes unabated ♥ ♥

Hey did you hear? Ten Inch Hero should be at the Festival de Cannes. Clea DuVall and Jensen Ackles in MY country! So okay I have no idea who would come but just - let me dream a little, okay? *dreams* Oh yeah, that was good!

Still on the subject of Ten Inch Hero, [ profile] littledrop linked me to a pretty brilliant review on it and after reading the post, well, let's just say that if I already wanted to see the film before, it's nothing compared to now :-) Hee Jensen! I have the feeling it'll be one of those 'feel good', funny films I enjoy so much and I can't wait! I do hope it'll be released in France. I mean, even if it's not it won't stop me from getting my hands on it - one way or the other, though sometimes you really want to contribute financially. Or something. It's just that I'd love to see it on a big screen here. Even better yet, if I had to pay full price for the ticket? I wouldn't complain at all! Because Jensen is worth it *nods* And Clea as well.

Speaking of those two... Still no Clea/Jensen pegging fic where Jared-could-be-holding-down-Jensen while Clea fucks him? Oh! And maybe Jared would talk dirty to Jensen as well? Voice low and rough because he's so turned on... Oh God! Please, someone write it? Just to think that this story doesn't exist makes me sad. Still, I have faith, someone is bound to write it. Right? *pleading look*

And! Today! SPN is back, wheeeee! I can't wait to see the boys again *clings* And I have no idea of what will happen - I think I don't even know the title. Yay, surprise!
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Mouse's Flat #5453: which I'm cutting even though I know you just have to skip if you're not interested, anyway. )

Okay, so now that it's out of the way, onto the fannish. I meant to ask for the longest time and I always forget: how many of you use a account? To rec fanfics, that is. Cause I have one and now that I've figured out how the whole network thing works, I wouldn't mind having more people linked there. It's amazing how you always seem to find fics you've never heard of before, no matter how many of them you already find on LJ. I've found some great fics I'd have missed otherwise thanks to [ profile] walkawayslowly being on my network, so if you're reading this and you're interested, let me know?

And also, here is my account. Fics only, sorted out by fandoms, pairings, genres, kinks, stuff like that... I have to say I just love and I'm completely smitten with their bundle tags *is a happy dork*

Admittedly, most of the fics I have linked so far are SPN and SPNRPS - though you do find other fandoms - but I have so much fun with J2 fics - or J3, for that matter - that I can't help it. Sometimes it feels like I'm bulimic; I always want more of that pairing. There's also many different genres; from the dirty and raunchy to the smoochy and sweet, that I don't know where to start, sometimes *g* It's also the fandom that turned crack!fic into an art, and I'll always be grateful for that *loves*

Speaking of crack turned into art? Remember the clueless!J2 that I've recc'ed some time ago? Well, [ profile] miss_begonia posted the second part and it's even more fantastic than the first part, which is saying a lot. And so hot you'll melt!

In conclusion, J2 is one of my happy places. Like whoa! ♥ ♥ Nothing new here, I know, it's just that sometimes, you really feel the love even more than usual, know what I mean? And today seems to be the day *g*


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