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Today has been grey and damp, the kind of weather that makes you want to curl up on your couch either with a good book or something nice on the telly - or both, mind ;) I'm usually not one to stay home all day, I get cabin fever if I don't go out, even a little, and feel like I've wasted a whole day, but today I just didn't feel like leaving the couch at all. Cookie was all "are you sure you don't want to come with me outside??" And, yes, I was sure. Role reversal! So I just stayed home. I was a bit productive as I worked on my parents' site but apart from that I mostly just lazed around online and watched many, many YT videos.

Cookie is now at my parents' (they're doing a Sherlock night and I think she wants to introduce them to Hannibal) and I'm still at home, puttering around on the computer while listening to the rain and watching Pénélope Bagieu talk to me about her favourite bandes dessinées ) - if you speak/read French, enjoy BDs and long for recs, I highly recommend her BD Chronicles :)

Anyway, I feel very mellow :)

I'm thinking of ordering a pizza or some Chinese and then going back to the early days of Arrow, watch the first episodes. It's always fun going back to the first season, see how things have changed... see how Oliver has changed. I haven't tired of it yet ;) And speaking of Arrow, that last episode was so good! Cutting for spoilers ) I know I sound like a broken record but I guess some things bear repeating, I cannot wait for the last episodes.
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I'm having a chilled saturday and enjoying every minute of it! I studied a little this morning, watched some tv and went to the cinema in the afternoon. Hope you're having a good one as well :)

On my way back home I was thinking of the two episodes of Hannibal that are on our schedule for tonight and I realised this week had been a very good week tv wise. Always a reason to celebrate ;)

Let's begin with Orphan Black, which was the lovely surprise of last weekend. I've caught up with all the episodes and am now more than ready to find out what series 2 has in store for us. Confession time, I caved in and watched the sneak peeks BBC America shared.

Then there was The Musketeers, which I kept going back to the past few days. Don't know exactly why... scratch that, I do know, it was after watching "The Good Soldier"; that whole story about Marsac and Aramis... it just kinda filled me with glee. So I'm officially on board ;) Incidentally, I've had the opening theme playing in a loop in my head all day yesterday. And I didn't even mind. Too much.

After that we had Person of Interest. How much did I enjoy that episode, let me count the ways! I might have been kicking my feet in sheer delight as I was watching. As a matter of fact, I was hooked as early as the opening credits! How many shows actually use their opening credits as part of the narrative? Seriously, that's such a clever (and original) move ♥ I'm so smitten with that show. Nothing new at this point but some things bear repeating. One comment or two )

Moving onto Arrow now, which... argh, they sure know how to drag things out, don't they? I was expecting something else for that episode, I'll admit, but I can't even hold a grudge because I did like what they gave us. Sometimes, I feel like Arrow can do no wrong, anyway lol

Lastly, as mentioned previously, I watched the latest episode of Community "App Development and Condiments" and I found it brilliant! So funny and clever, Community at its best, I'd say. Also, if you've seen it, you can find Greendale's social network online, how awesome (and fun) is that? Transmedia ftw!

And now is later and we're watching Hannibal. Ok, that first scene was something, wasn't it? This season is going to be epic!
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Three-day weekend ahead \o/ We're planning on having a quiet weekend: we'll be seeing the in-laws this afternoon, then I'm going to the movies tomorrow with the FP (to see Snowpiercer). As for Monday... well, we'll see what strikes our fancy, maybe brunch followed with a movie? Maybe just a movie? Or maybe we'll just stay home and do nothing, who knows, the possibilities are endless ;)

Something certain is that I'll include some tv watching. I'm on a roll, no way am I getting behind now. I'm doing my Very Determined face right now :) I'm caught up on Arrow; 2x05 was another enjoyable (and so entertaining) episode. Some quick spoilers )

Then there's Haven. I've finished season 1 and I'm on episode 4 (I think) of season 2. Still enjoying it; Audrey, Nathan and Duke make me very happy. I love Audrey so much, she's such a cool character ♥ Nathan and Duke fill me with glee, their relationship is so interesting! It's obvious they share a deep bond while at the same time being at odds. Though I like that their friendship is actually always put on the fore. I just love how concerned Duke seems to be about Nathan's well being all the time; and he's not being very subtle about it, either! I approve, obviously, thank you, Duke :)

I do feel like they're not using the show's to its full potential so far, though. In terms of angst, I mean - so this is a very biased opinion lol It's just that things could get so much more intense sometimes, you know? Just with Nathan's affliction, really. The dude cannot feel anything, as in anything at all, right? At first you only think about the pain factor then you start to grasp the true meaning of this... not being able to feel people's touch? The sun on your skin? Actually, how does it even work? Does it feel like he's walking on nothing? He can't feel the weight of his clothes, the furniture under him when he's sitting, the pen he's holding, nothing at all? It must be like being completely disconnected from the physical world, like being in a vacuum. Seriously, that's just an awful thought. I must be overthinking this but I can't help but think of how that must feel. Or not, as the case may be.

Anyway lol All that to say, still enjoying Haven (seriously, what's the deal with Audrey? That season premiere was so intriguing. Also, I really like the new character - don't know how long she'll be staying but I'm enjoying her role at the moment) and impatient to see what comes next!

Speaking of what comes next, I must catch up on Person of Interest, Downton Abbey as well as White Collar. A fangirl's work is never done :)
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Back from Normandy where I spent some extremely lazy days: there was delicious food, breakfast on the beach, long walks on the beach, a lot of reading and a lot of catching on tv. I even got to spend an afternoon with two of my cousins and visit Deauville, which I'd never seen before. Those few days away did Cookie and me a lot of good ♥

It also did wonder to my tv watching as I'm now up-to-date on Person of Interest, Downton Abbey and Arrow \o/ In fact, I seem to have fallen for Arrow all over again. The four episodes of s2 made me so happy! That new season is promising to be quite awesome and when I reached episode 4 I only craved more so decided to go back to the beginning and watched season 1 again. I had nothing planned for today (apart from a little visit to my parents this morning) so I basically did nothing but mainlined Arrow. It was kinda glorious ;) Seeing the characters evolve, the dynamics change... my love for Oliver, Dig and Felicity has only become stronger, though I still love pretty much every character (except maybe Roy, I could do without him).

Let's talk a bit about POI now. POI, I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand, I am enjoying this third season. A lot. It still has clever plots, cool action, the characters are awesome as ever, on their own or together. But! But, it feels like I've lost something. And I'm afraid it has to do with Finch and Reese. I just feel like there's something lacking with them, compared to the previous seasons. I think it's the domesticity? Or the intimacy... and let's not even talk about Fusco who's been kinda non-existent?

Anyway, I'm confused because, on the one hand, I'm still enjoying POI. On the other, the characters dynamics have changed and I'm not sure I'm perfectly content with it. I suppose it's what happens when new characters become regulars, you have to make some room for them to fit in the plot (and the 40+ minutes that the episode lasts) and it's bound to change some things. Or maybe I just need more time to get used to it all. Besides, "Mors Praematura" did please me in terms of Finch-Reese interaction, so there is that. We're only six episodes into the season, after all...

What else... I'm watching Under the Dome from the beginning as well as Once Upon a Time (second season, that is) as they're airing both in France at the moment.

OH! I finally watched the trailer for XM: Days of Future Past and omg, I'm so incredibly excited! So much happened in that trailer, it gave me so many feelings! As well as many slashy thoughts. Thoughts that included Logan, btw. I'm an Erik/Charles girl through and through but always enjoyed the thought of Logan included too and, well, that trailer... some of those lines were written by a slasher, y/y?

In any case, I cannot wait! ♥
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I survived my gym class! As well as my aquagym class... it was easier than I thought, even. I'm in under no illusion though, I have no doubt that, by tomorrow morning, I'll feel stiffness on top of the already existing stiffness. I've really enjoyed both classes, though, I feel super satisfied :)

Another thing that is giving me satisfaction is that I'm catching up on my shows! Still haven't watched POI 3x02-03 but that's because POI is a show Cookie and I watch together and I'm waiting for her to be ready to sit down and enjoy! Mind you, if it takes too long, chances are I'll cave in and watch them on my own! #Ruthless

I did watch Arrow, though. I started with the s1 recap special, which only made me want to go back to the season finale so I watched it (that ending, guys, still as awesome!) then followed with the s2 premiere. It did not disappoint! What I love with Arrow is how it doesn't sugarcoat the events that occur nor does it really fix things magically (or worse yet, ignore them) from one episode to the next. Having Ollie, Dig and Felicity back on my screen was love!

Then I turned to The Tomorrow People. I was curious to see what this modern version of the show would look like. What it looks like is a new show to fill in my Guilty Pleasure category. I'll tune in when the second episode airs, see where it leads me :) I've also watched The Originals and I'll be following for now - and hoping something spoilery )

Unrelated but I'm looking at our new bookshelves, which reminds me of when I was cruising BookTube videos a couple of days ago, as I'm wont to do, and saw a two-parter with a BookTuber who had invited a guest, namely Alexandra Bracken, the author of The Darkest Minds series. Ever since I started subscribing to BookTube channels, I've acquired some knowledge of YA literature so I actually knew about The Darkest Minds and its upcoming sequel, Never Fade.

Anyway, after watching the videos, I have to say that this Alexandra Bracken is absolutely charming! I love the way she talked and her sense of humour, she looked very together and just sounded very sweet. She also displayed a bit of an evil streak in the way she teased her readers and it made me wonder, would I want to read her series? I mean, I did love The Hunger Games, I'm bound to find other YA books that I would enjoy, right?
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Hey guys, hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a good day. Well, hope everyone had a good day, of course ;)

We celebrated the holiday at my sister's and went on a nice trip down memory lane thanks to the menu she'd picked: when we were kids, we always celebrated Easter with my cousins, godfather and aunt at my grandparents' and we always had polenta with rabbit. My sister thought it'd be nice if we brought back this tradition so that was our meal. Isn't it funny how a simple meal can bring back so many memories? Wonderful memories at that :) Then after we'd all stuffed ourselves with the good food, it was time for the Eggs' Hunt. Watching the little ones run wild searching for chocolate is the best. They obviously had a blast. And we did, too ♥

So that was my Sunday :) Then in the evening I launched Operation Catching-up With Arrow, which was a success. I was four episodes behind, I am no more \o/

I'm happy to report that in my absence (well, you know what I mean) Arrow did not get any less slashy. It only went deeper in showing us the ups and downs, the complexity of a new relationship. For instance, 1x15+ was all about how Felicity meant to prove to Dig and Oliver how strong their relationship is by having them date other people in order to realise, in the end, how much they truly love each other and how good they are for each other. Sometimes you need a reminder.

Speaking of complex relationships and happy couples. I watched Person of Interest 1x11 the other day and awww but Finch and Reese were so cute in that episode! Totally domestic, too. In their own way, obviously ;) I downloaded the episode so that I could watch it all over gain, it was that cute. I think my favourite part is when Reese is talking dirty to Finch and Finch gets all flustered. You know the scene when John is happily explaining to him how to blind someone? ;) Though there was also the Cushion bits which were very cute as well.

Those two are so reserved and yet you can see how much they care for each other, it's pretty sweet to witness :)

ION, today's program - if we manage to leave the flat - is to go see The Place Beyond the Pines then afterwards I'm thinking I might try Operation Catching-Up With Vikings. Wish me luck :)

Speaking of Vikings, have you seen this set of gifs? Do you think all actors are now required to take a Slash101 class before being sent to the world of interviews and panels? In any case, I approve! ;)
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Hey, is it just me or did our little Arrow RomCom decide to spice things up a little by turning our already very hot twosome into an even hotter threesome? I mean, I'm a Dig/Oliver lover through and through but if Diggle thinks he needs Felicity to help him handle Oliver every now and then, to have her, I don't know, tie him down while he's fucking Ollie, who am I to complain?? Oh show, you truly are the gift that keeps on giving, aren't you? ♥

Without the slightest segue. [ profile] greedy_dancer resurrected the Week in the Life meme, which is one of my favourites so I told her I'd follow suit.

Day 1 - Saturday. Just a handful of pictures, I kept forgetting I was supposed to take pics. My bad. )

Day 2 - Sunday. This time I did remember to take more pictures! Shots of Paris behind the cut )

I tend to forget how long it takes to write those entries! An entry with more pics thans text shouldn't take that long lol
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Arrow 1x13 has been watched! Only three days after it aired (+1), [ profile] x_erikah_x, please tell me it's a reasonable delay? ;)

I'm afraid Dig and Ollie still have a long and difficult road ahead of them before they can start with the "and they lived happily ever after" part of their story. Obviously, before Diggle can propose to Oliver, he'll have to solve his issues with his future mother-in-law and help Oliver get over his own mommy issues. Not an easy task. But if they want a chance at a life together filled with many joys and bad guys to shoot at, they have no choice. Good luck, guys! I can just imagine their future family reunions, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays. spoilery spoilers )

Yeah, could be interesting!

Quick comments about the episode )

Here be a little squeeing over the extended promo for next week's episode )

Good thing I still have my Arrow RomCom at the moment because my Assemblée Nationale soap is over; they did examine all the remaining articles and amendments on Friday night (I had to give up around 2.30AM because I was falling asleep on my laptop - I think [ profile] greedy_dancer went to bed around 4.00AM and they were still at it). I did miss it last night, especially as I suffered from a litte bout of insomnia till past 3.00AM, it would have been helpful.

Speaking of the debate, GD RT'ed a fantastic video about Christiane Taubira, our Minister of Justice, the woman who had the leading part in the debate. I wish there were a translation of her quotes here - or I wish I could do it myself but I'd be afraid not to render her intelligence, wit, fierceness and sarcasm well enough - but if you speak/understand French or if you like foreign languages or if you're just curious about the woman I've been squeeing over the past week, I invite you to take five minutes to watch that little best of (I can only imagine how difficult a task it must have been to select those few moments) and get a sample of that woman's awesomeness. In that video she's alternatively moving and assertive, sweet and fierce, and always so incredibly clever and classy. I'm such a fan, really ♥ Five minutes of Christiane Taubira. Can't wait for my #TeamTaubira tshirt to be delivered. I ordered an orange one, GD a green one. Nice :-)
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So, after last week's episode where Dig and Ollie argued about trust, talked about their feelings and finally admitted they were in love, this week's episode showed us how far they went since they solved their issues and how they have, apparently, decided to venture into the wonderful world of bondage! Thank you again, Arrow, thank you

As far as Arrow is concerned, I'm easy. Give me some Dig-Ollie scenes, some Queen family moments, some Felicity and Oliver being cute together and Felicity being her awesome self and I'm happy! Reason why "Vertigo" was another episode I really enjoyed. I even got me some spoilery bit ). Plus, the plot thickens! #SeeEnding What's not to love?

Some general comments about Stuff )

In conclusion: omg, I'll be so sad if they're not renewed for a second season #FingersCrossed

In completely unrelated news - well, those are not news but you know what I mean. Remember how Cookie and I are staying at my parents' for the duration of our flat's renovation? We're actually staying in my old bedroom and even though it's not the same as it was when I left the nest, many of my stuff still remain and I always feel verklempt whenever I look at my video tapes shelves (oddly enough, my dad doesn't seem that moved about them and just want them moved out of the way lol).

Here's a picture of some of them. Video tapes, guys, I know I'm far from being the only one who still feels a little pang when seeing those? )

And this other pic. Taken from a book that my mom read when she was around fourteen (it's a type of Harlequin book, a "historical" novel with mysteries and pirates and whatnot), which is very special to her, because that's where she picked the name of her future daughter, should she ever have one - spoiler, that's me we're talking about ;) To be exact, the main character's name is shortened and she decided this would become my name. See? That's my name! )
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A lover's spat followed by a declaration of love. Arrow, you exceeded my expectations with that episode, thank you. Now to be waiting for someone to write the make-up sex that obviously happened off-screen... anyone, Bueller? Someone asked me why I watched the show, my answer was along the lines of "Why wouldn't I watch a show about the love-story of a kick-ass, noble and hot bodyguard and his even more kick-ass, even hotter and oh, so beautifully damaged client?" Why? o_0

Entering spoilery territory now ) Incidentally, I think that one of the things I enjoy with those two is that they communicate. They talk about what works for them and what doesn't and they try to reach out to the other... basically, when one of them hurts the other's feelings, they talk about it. Shocking, all right!

Wait, back to spoilery territory, sorry, I wasn't finished, after all )

Why, yes, I did, in fact, write a review with some sorta meta about Arrow, of all things. And I would do it all again in a heartbeat, too ;-)

Related to my ode to the slash in Arrow, btw. I've never been one to appreciate pairing names (and don't get me started on those that just don't translate well at all in a non-English language, I'm thinking of Molar - Mohinder/Sylar - which sounds in French like "gob of spit" #Charming) but someone asked if there already were a pairing name for Diggle/Oliver and someone ventured Digger due to Quentin/Oliver being Quiver and, dude, isn't that the most appropriate pairing name you ever saw?

In conclusion: I need more Arrow icons. Including of Felicity. Felicity is absolutely fantastic ♥ She's competent, confident (even when she's clumsy or awkward), she's witty and funny, she takes everything in stride and she's no fool, I love her to pieces. Also, she's hot. Besides, whenever I see her, I want to clap my hands in delight because it's always the same question each time "Hee, what kind of ridiculous cover-story is Ollie going to try this time?" Delightful, I say.
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You guys, things are a-changing at work and it's heading in a direction I never really wanted. Now, I need to reconsider everything and see whether things might end up to my advantage in the end and hope for the best outcome for me. Why must (good) things change, argh!

Since work decided to be a dick, let's play a little avoidance game and focus on the positive.

Life at my parents' is going well (unsurprisingly, it's just that some things bear repeating ;)) I don't know if it's some kind of psychic parental superpower but since we "moved" here, Cookie and I have been going to bed (and, in fact, to sleep) before midnight! Damn, even when they're not doing anything, they're good. Also, we made a quick detour to our flat on our way back home and the wallpaper has been removed in the living room so they should start the painting job soon #Excitement

Fannish-wise now. This week is a good week as far as tv goes! White Collar and Spartacus are coming back to us (in fact, WhiCo aired last night, if I'm not mistaken?), which is a good reason to rejoice in and of itself, and! I'm super excited about next episode of Arrow as it seems to be focused on Diggle and Oliver's budding relationship ♥ From what I could gather from the extended promo, the episode tells us all about their first lover's spat over an ex-boyfriend of Dig's! I consider this their "first" row because even though they were at odds in "Innocent Man", I don't think they'd started fucking at this point #ASlasher'sPOV
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I promise I'm not going to talk about the snow forever and ever but we've had more snow this weekend than we had in a long time and it's sticking and it's actually started snowing again this morning (still is as I'm typing this - apparently, they've forecast some more during the week), which is an event as it usually doesn't happen around Paris. I'm just... very excited about it ;)

Snow was a hindrance yesterday, though, if you wanted to go anywhere by public transport or by cars, which means that we had to cancel the afternoon tea we'd planned with The Esu and family friends but turns out it gave Cookie and I the opportunity to spend an afternoon strolling in the park near my parents' place (said park were closed, admittedly, but parts of the fence were missing so that's where people got in *cough*) and it was like being transported miles away! I had hearts in my eyes the whole duration of our little stroll, I swear, it didn't feel like we were in the suburbs of Paris. There were few people so it felt as if we were alone in the world, though there were people sledging in some parts of the park and we even saw two dudes with snowboards lol

We walked for around two hours and it was magical *happy sigh* Then we got home and had a mini-afternoon tea with my parents (don't think I've mentioned it, btw, but we're staying at theirs' for a couple of weeks as we're doing some renovations in our flat). It wasn't the whole menu we'd planned (with carrot cake and Kaiserschmarrn) but we still treated ourselves with some of it, meaning biscuits, chocolate, mulled wine for my parents and Cookie and milk with whipped cream on top for me. The fire crackled in the fireplace, the garden was all white, the snow was still falling... it was such a perfect kind of Sunday ♥

Today is faring as well for me as I took the day off (to make up for my working on Saturday). I read a bit in bed this morning and I'm now back to my New Favourite Place in the House, ie in front of the window, facing the garden, while I'm typing this. Life? Is good ;)

As I'm wont to do, here be some pictures of our little stroll - you'd never believe this is Choisy )

Now, I think I'm going to resume my second watching of Arrow. I've started last night and my love for Diggle/Ollie grows exponentially with each viewing. Rewatching those early scenes between the two was a delight; it's clear that Oliver understands, even if it's just guts instinct at this point, that he needs Diggle and I love that Diggle gets to him so quickly. If someone needs a boyfriend who will, at the same time, not take any of his shit but still try to take care of him, it's Oliver Queen! And diggle is definitely the man for the job ;)
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First things first, a Happy Birthday to another long-time LJ friend, [ profile] admiralandrea. I know life hasn't been treated you well, lately, I hope you'll have a nice birthday, or at least a quiet one *hugs*

Not that long ago (as in, an entry ago?) I mentioned my giving Arrow a try, based on [ profile] yami_tai's recommendations. Well, I don't know if my having no expectations allowed me to enjoy the show more than I would have otherwise, all I know is that really enjoyed it!

As I'm wont to do, I sacrificed sleep for two nights (sleep is always the first casualty, isn't it?) and mainlined the show. Meaning, I'm now up-to-date with it \o/ I have a new guilty pleasure show, yay! So, yes, said show is flawed and ridiculous at times but not so much that it derails me from the story. Besides, more than the plot, my entry in a show is always the character-s and turns out I kinda like everyone in that show, both individually and together. I love Ollie and his vulnerability and anger (he brings angst to a whole new level; boy, is that boy angsty!) and his daddy and mommy issues, Diggle and his badass, competent and no-nonsense self, Moira and her classiness and shadiness, Thea and her witty, loyal and bitchy personality, Walter and his clever, calm and determined self. And then Quentin and his bitchiness, Tommy and his sweetness. Laurel and her courage. And let's not forget Felicity, I'm quite smitten with Felicity too!

Then, there're the characters together. Like Ollie and Dig, for one thing. Oh, Ollie and Dig ♥ I love how Dig never really takes any shit from Oliver and how Oliver, as difficult as it is for him, trusts him. Case in point, this spoilery bit ) Incidentally, Dig and Ollie remind me a bit of Peter and Neal. Dig is clearly very fond of Oliver, the way he smiles at him when he's amused or frustrated with him - or both! - is very Peter-like.

I also love the Queen family - Walter included. I quite enjoy the antagonistic relationship between Oliver and Quentin as well.

Speaking of, even though I'm a fan of Dig/Oliver, I can see Oliver with pretty much every man in the show. There. New little black dress acquired for my fandom wardrobe ;-)

Completely unrelated. It snowed in and around Paris last night; as a result, this morning everything was white and pretty and silent and even though I had to wake up at 6.00AM and knew I had a whole day of work (infamous exam proctoring ALL DAY LONG) I was happy. Snow just makes me happy :-) I was out of the door early enough that there was basically noone on the streets so the snow was pristine, it was just me, white prettiness all around and the sound of my steps on the snow ♥

Here be some pics - of Choisy - Bercy Village (Paris) )

[ profile] snailbones I wanted to take some pictures of the St Michel neighborhood in the snow for you, I was hoping for a break of an hour or something, alas I only had around thirty minutes so couldn't #SadFace


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